The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 18, 1934 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1934
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~,c-A> Rr •^^^^^••a^ffi8acimaaai±a^t^wf^*^K*YTi^^ ""VyBPAPBl'i jut***.. **« aa***. ^Si^i^rr H LEADER MMffi? 1 * tt8 **»«S "t Si^tfJLfc** 1 *•*•*** P.. status. ^J&*4&* Tf«ar*t Wotk at Meeting Tonight ifttf Bate* -_ «aJ«i are of feed hi the Mal- «•,/ BTenmg at s o'clock in the tsssy 8l tfee e °* aiitfli * --. ft. W. gatyet. ttojX while the ae officer. reaches the ,*aty sale buy- 1 your sate in The 9 f » . I* A. tfatbott, auction Vatt Jai, II: ' Uit Rite* .„. MM, Kilpatrick Held Thursday JTO. Jf. at fihtrttt tlui County Seat ^^A jT "" —•—•»•• »« wu* wuiufig VrUOKf waft do hot attend, rather, than those present, to that it will safer*—— - -•."win fc .being g^ fof :«wo«- WshiW of'th« * committee*! . towwihip, 0, B. Wilson Roll Over $8,000 Per Week 'Si ssyrtgj 5.«£ " a. the » the election, an* -._«. • «.«r v » if v f officer, will be given and plan, for the club'* work during the coming year o«* lined* —TT***»****** *»7 T «iow»n* -.-.. Deer Creek township, Ivan Salmon., Joe MeLain, John Bail! sen. Olenwood township, Claude Dupree, Lewi. o. Rodman H » Pein, Jr. Indian Creek township,' Pontow. "InaraWm" tSwtsnipf R! B, C, V, Sell, Olenn p, Brown —,e«, "Carl - -"••-• w»» . township. Albert Schoening, R. O . Mllle? Charie. •• P l um l r - Penile town.hip" «. B.te«, Shirley Lincoln, w ««y. Rawles *—- -• 'county . projects, in the on twenty-flve include x' >• «« n.. * ot ' rthoi "e and armory, Olenwood lake park Improvement, redecorating the Malvern •chools, graveling streets in Ma™ vern, Hasting., Emerson Hen- dfl S S»rer City, and Paliflo f™?*' M . wel1 *» »«rfaclng ••tSf* 1 C0ttnt y road project.. There are sixteen women alto employed on ten project, in the " G. E. Harman to Hold Big Public Sato In thl. week's Leader i. large ad for o. a. Harman'. , lie sale that he will bold at fiii hom» on thrf W. H, Cramer farm 6K tulle, north of Emerson next Wednesday, Jan. 84. Mr. Har. »«'- health ha. failed him and Jatt. 84 i (3. 8. ttaraan, 4ft miles north of Emerson. Farm **!». 6fffi«KA Cramer, unc- tioneers, \ Jan. S6; * B. Kline estate, three 1 of Walvern aac<loneef ' 3. Widow*, Admn., M. c. c °*« ttlle of , Ray Rhodes. St. Kln ew>n Klindt, H. B. Wilcox. Silver Creek p, j. F. .Wearin of Olenwood . n of Malvern have the wnrf,,.. ara » "" Hillsdale that he recently purchased, .0 will not need the e* tensive farming equipment he hai, hence the sale. on * °' ««* best ., liveatock that will probably be sold thU year NuriejSmitfc .tells Rural County :, to years a resident of southwest Iowa, mention of whose death was made In last weeks Leader, was held Thursday afternoon at i:3o In the Con- Kregatlonal church in Tabor and * a * largely attended by relatives, neighbors, and old friends In Tabor and surrounding towns. Many were present from Maivern, Rah- dolph, and Btrahan who had known her for many years past and loved and respected this good woman. Mrs. Kilpatrlck had spent a long and very busy and useful jjfe In Mills and Premont coun- ti68« The services were conducted by i b .1.£"i or> ^ Rev - * c " Leb «t, as' time for Car Stor. *i« Extended to Feb. i County Treasurer Jndklns say that owing to a taw recently pass ed the time for flung notice of in tent to store your automobile has been ettended to Peb. i, instead Si «,', l< as utlder the old law The wing must be accompanies by affidavit that the car has not been used In 1934. for li.tln* out mre Bj i^sSiSts^sssK^f^.^?^^^ itSdTfHp-i?^ ad B0 »*a*ldm»nt !$&$ ^•"-'WWwatattT* ^j££*~~«*-« '*' ? « Ww f berB pf these township ; >s«!« ?•»««; wi " ¥* Z"*??* station, at the township F Sf, 8tlBg8 ttq a88l « Producer, in rr ^:.SSS ^J2?j*? a «- **« nave'be^mMied 'to^ch , A and hog producer in "- - - - i^Qid ciuv .Market* i^SSS^gg^ fesps^.sTjH? land, and > collecting/date to used in reforestation work. Pictures are being tal f^ Mt * , before W0|lk J « ^«r»« SJSS, JSXjfS, K ss^sr-iffir. was when finished. / < •"' b EJIiott R. 0. Blliott, b»«ei-.knswn j 18 ptonj 2^ft]vfirii "•••-• - •—^•w *v*ti«U| VBDBCl standing, a mare 'and «w y«ar« old, that will scales at 3,600 lb..,ftnd i, "*»? on their/f M t a. « UIWB weighing a little over half M wuch and M-watto aJdTWfi bro^e M you -will find, H» ha. anpthw ouutandlng &*% 9M ^ fh de r;^' 1 *^ «vti«: MH IDS.-JllFBll «*t»l» * .<._L._. •7»"" ---- --- w vj» '«> Town School* Monday; Inspected SS6 Children Nurse Sarah K'Smlth of Des Molne., who hat been in Mill, county \he pMt J f 9 ur week, inspecting children in the rural Stta hf**** M ? nday to con ' school,. Her%lrt "covertng^the flr ft month i. gi^ea below. Twenty - eight .rural schools were visited by tf ur .e Smith and 2^J??!5?»*2 W ----- Methodist minister and mend. Music was furnished by a quar- , ??*! 2?"' Warren Darrah, »n>^ t" le Weat herhead. and Mrs. Ralph Jones, with Blair Wyant as organ accompanist. «A W ?] tti , 1011 ot be autlfnl flowers testified to the Jovlng remembrance of friends and societies. Burial was in the Malvern cemetery by the Bide of the husband and daughters who had preceded ber so many years ago. The pall bearers were B. H. McClure, W. w. Argo, Joseph Dalton, Arthur Mauk, cioyd Hall, and W. P. Wortman, old friends of long standing. The following life sketch was B*VQ0j Evelyn Antrim Kilpatrlck, oldest daughter of Susan and John »TO to ' Was born A *"" n la - 1866 at wabash, Ind. Her parents with brothers migrated to Fre- L. G. Rodman Sc«l. Urgett Crtbi of Com The record for quantity of corn sealed was made for Mills county last Prlday when L o Rodman of Olenwood recorded t».*.« ». w « h Coun tr Recorder wattle M. Brown. Mr. Rodman had sealed up on ! farm , i u8t 19.104 bushels of corn, which entitled him to a loan $8,696, and Mr. Rodman has - -orn than that. It represents three crops. His was the on nutrition M at »:J she gave Other child »ny of the individual Glenwood Fire Department Answers 28 Call, in 1933 The Olenwood Fire Department had a pretty busy time the past year answering calls to fires, averaging better than two each month, or 28 in all. There were nine calls to the ! oun . tr > r ' two to Pacific Junction, ?« 8 % n, " C1 i y ' and the °thers, 16, In Qlenwood. Otto Judkins furnished us the following list showing date, person, and place, and In two case, the temperature: Jan. 9, j, o. Bvans, 7 a. m £??/ !' S e 10p'»«M. 1 a. m.i — ' ' «i-«p*™^—• Stockholders Start Plant for Fair at Meeting Tuesday Enthusiasm Shown for 1934 Prospect*; Officer. Elected Showing more enthusiasm thaa has been apparent in years, stockholders of the Mills County Pair association met Tuesday aft* efnoon for their annual business session. Officers were elected and Plans started for the 1934 fair during the meeting. Most concrete plan from the meeting was for a big presenta* tlon banquet at which the fair jrogram and Importance would be Presented to county leaders. To this will be Invited officers of all four county farm organ!**ions, mayor, of towns, news- >aper editors, chiefs of flr* departments, commercial organIM- ipn presidents, fair directors, board of supervisors, bankers and thers. Detail of fair plan for 1084 was discussed and sentiment of rectors gathered. President Emll Leu presided at the meeting nd Secretary Prank N. Summer, ave his annual report. At the lection the following were named! Emll Leu, president. Henry Buch, vice president. R. W. Mansfield, treasurer. Frank N. Summer., secretary. Directors named and their townships Included: Louis Bass, Rawles; Joe McLain, Deer Greek: Max Benton, Anderson; Shirley Lincoln, Plattvllle; Park McMan- f w, Olenwood; Carl Phelps yons; Mel Kraschel, Qlenwood-' .'• R. Hyde, Indian Creek* Rav Hilton White Cloud; Edwin ffi Silver Creek; Oail Burgoln, In- Rraham; Henry Buch, Center; B. P. Andorsoq, Oak; W. E — Caudell,'] Randolph, Iowa. In J876 she was united in mar- ^^sspiSfyfjgi hafl, .In*nV •"-•- • • • *< WWW Uonntjr£hi.;ii ' testing and y scriptlon. iWh^dT^e* °u SS"t*h */?? **-£•"£? V hrd Will beat< Mw - Hobort Kc.ter.on Mary Ann wa? two ' iKtH*"^ 'JETTr****** ^»wii IV*?teeth^ind'thri>ats. j "" T — r "-»»• lB | r t» toh to report, the l»f defects found* Defective vision Defective teetV """' 1B7 'Befeotive hearing"!" "i Defective throat jij Bv? W lf7* nasal breathlng*ZII 67 Skin disease „ {« Poor posture . """ ;» Nutrition defect'III"!::::" Be "^.SF^ was . 8ent home" with WI -—- WHV^ t «-tUIOU sixteen months. The family moved to the present homestead three and three- tourtha miles northeast of Ra dolph in 1890. There the tor, Pa a. m.;' Peb. north e below s Peb. ! JJJ w * " '• "* § Van Baton - 2:2 <> meeting , below zero. recently * w »*w#»*«7 —--•• -««tw. •»» wuiiiuau mere. DUJ !T«. n?ff* nn Sch o<"»«ng, m >?e that Iowa fairs, ... the prospect, tor 1984 ",f Ut ^ dT . th .^S»«e.tion 4 . A their talented daughter Anna, who wan seventeenTears 7 p May noon. -JST n tn ' ° [^ >*»WW >5.B>»W-».-8p mfv»v fmwfff^f 69! ff9 »».«..,,-.„»,',„,', >4o I '•*W»w w«to.0im.« tap. at $1,86, jfOt wjth^iflp fl j *W^ MUte Ho, ft d Qf !Pi 4»6«rjto, Canada, c» ^"» i P« «, T»Saf, aad Mra. chll-tases of , , —„—« Hom& I ™* •*• •*»*^*»fc* *wn urHYOJy &fv made where contagion ^ e Pted the sudden death of her 'ted and a physician h . u . 8 *>and, Robert Kilpatrick. For ...-MI called, with the fol- thirty-one years Mrs? KUMtrlok -,,„«, findings;. I enjoyed "• • ««»v»ii-4o« Scarlet foyer „„ » death ca s, west of; KnrFDeanT»W^ Mi-a. H. 27, Kenneth Huffman, 12 Store, 4 p m. — ••— wrr*r a"*H» "UJ year., will be on Wound thi. year than for.aoi • r . -_^ •"•f.lW'lH'Mptt*' Uugh Feature Next "Conrention City" Details Riotous Happening. at Jamboree More love tangles than have Jn one P'eture be- her St., noon. June 27, John Johnson, 6:8 p. m,, country, 5. Walter Coffee, country floV m. tyl6 HUBtl Country Aug. 8, R'alpi, Co?, 8:30 p. m Masons to Hold Instruction iftiT Ni ?^nft Circle to I^.Two Day Session, Mftlvern, Jan, 22.33 ' WJlllam8 ional The Masonic of the «-?•-• sr-j* . 4c Circle — Glenwaad, 611- ep City, gmerspn, Randolph, Ts- benefit of District Schpol o< IWtjMjctioft to he held fa |88*2 «Sf|? Wa Tuesa9jr ' J * B ' " « I* 81 "? vm bB tbre « sessions aaoh *.„ cowwencing at 9 ^ *"- ^fore, the church. Mrs. Kilpatrick Wfts deeply interested in the wejfare of each community ln which she made her home, she was happiest when pftality m8 W8S rte Ceuter °* b08 ' .. Hep BOH and daugh.ter-in-1 " Sept. J2, A. C. Buch, 2 a in m Oct. 15, Friedmans. 'if : ao 1 p.^ r< 7> Herndo »' 8 cafe, 8:so ' Commercl *l hotel, s. 6:60 r 7;30 when the latest First National comedy, "Convention City," will start Sunday and Monday Tho many love affairs are said to lead £«%S2B; merrlest 81t ^ ate^K'tL^cSrra countians a week before it opens in Omaha, carrying out Manager £. Z. Henry's policy of providinK his patrons with the best and >west entertainment avsilabie. The plot of the story is unique ana novel, centering about the riotous happenings at the annual .nd" l almb1orM '«»t Atlantic city and painting the cosvenUonisfg s neglecting business meetings in rder to turn play-boys A couple of wives who droo in IfiXDAPTAHlw nn t-\% " ^ to State The jpred WSJ>e W. H. * and .* M l L« th n, b| 5 arlous enranglTmenrs 1 ! oan Blondell, as the gold dig* ing, blonde haired v"wnp,'i,u.L most of the troubles with her roving eyes 8 n4 her siren Me« attending the convention for her by the car load with astrous f esults to their banlsroUs tiSr^SSSS '522B SfebS*^f:^ A8 ^ tricia eilis, R«th pp,,, Herbert, and Hoh%rt For the theater's lltftwat^t^aSS^J? 1 .- of ttra' ' =",'™^« V WM* All are 3ountyi -, .„' Of Msl-1 serioija condi I -:r^Mli l&» ftl»y» leAt^^ftn, <au4«4 to the dUtrlM iid of '«»«»* *W4 *««i^to |5L8! u all thaSTsii ^R.'S'Hr > Bwerton, wST"m.**W*i» StoMMfftBU. ^^rja, 4b§<ftw *^ iWL»?S^»k ^«n, 3&&JP .*** *$f- m^^w^ifi^^i, IK «•» . —^a; tsunhv »^aSf£ra *^*wiiF't^rt >WQ2!iH9tllKiSb» ' avMjtenc* »ore thrills" nd' f Situations than any Mr*, Oor* SsJuOit In SIU*r City ' »W**Ut4 .* »r^

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