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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 2

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
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Saturday, August 3, 1974
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Treasury plan scrutinized By JOHN CUNNffT AP Business Analyst NEW YORK (AP)-Depending upon your point of view, the decision by the U.S. Treasury to borrow $4.3 billion in the open market is either further confusion or greater opportunity. The Treasury is always doing something of the sort, because with a debt burden of $400 billion or so there is the constant need for refinancing. But there's a difference this time. In the past the Treasury issued its notes in minimum units of $10,000. But in this latest financing, scheduled for Tuesday through Thursday of next week, some notes will be in $1,000 units. That means the small investor and small saver can get in on the act, and quite likely collect in excess of 8 per cent interest from Uncle Sam, a higher rate than they can get at any savings institution. That's great, you say, and in the opinion of many, you are correct. But others view the offering as destructive. They say it threatens "the system." The savings banks and savings and loan associations fear they will lose deposits. Their customers, it is argued, will withdraw money from their aV- counts to buy the Treasury notes. While some small savers might sympathize wit!) the plight of the so-called thrift institutions, the} 1 feel even more strongly for themselves. Why should they accept 6 to 7 per cent from" a savings bank if Uncle Sam offers 8 plus? The savings institutions reply: If these same people want to obtain home mortgages they darn well belter save with us. Not that a savings account is a requirement for a mortgage. It's a bit more complicated. Savings tanks and associations are the source of most home mortgages today. To facilitate this role, they are per- milled to offer depositors a slightly higher interest rale on savings. The idea is to assure a flow of mortgage money. Thai technique worked for u long while. Bui commercial banks have become more innovative; through various techniques they have narrowed the savings banks' advantage. Moreover, small investors and depositors discovered the high returns on corporate and municipal bonds, which have no government-imiwsed limitation on the amount of interest they can pay. Now, to the frustration of the savings institutions, the holding companies lhal run some commercial banks are planning to offer notes in small denominations at decidedly higher interest than anything the savings banks can offer. As a re.sult of all this, the savings institutions are losing hundreds of millions of dollars in deposits, reducing drastically their ability to make home mortgage loans. No deposits, no mortgages. (Finl PuOllcjtiw JulyTf, mil FKAZEI VEROASPUILICKHOOLS FRAZEE,MINNESOTA TM School BooraoI lixltsnvlenl Scnool Dii'rict No. !J. Frare*. Minnesota. W5*4 wilt r«eive "sealed oWs" on or befwe l 30 P M. August 12. 1974 al the olfke of Ihe sypef iniendenl ol school! for fhe- following items 1 H.OOO (more or less] V t pound loaves white enriched oread lo tit deliverer daily at needed to me school kitchen. Bids shall ifate price per toal delivered. 2 4.0CC dozen [more or less) Ham burger or weirwf buns to be delivered as needed 10 The high school kitchen B.ds shall state price per dozen delivered . 3 K?00 dozen ("nore o* less} svveet ro'ls lo be delivered as reeded to the high school Kifchen, and or k>*er elementary kilchen. B'cts shall state price per doten delivered 6 tfders may b-d w-e or.more of ine teT.s Ail D as sf-aii oe p'aceci in sealed en ve'.ofM-s piain'y marked -Sealed Bio" BKJS .vli be opened and considered by me school DOd'd a' Ms regular meeting 6u9jsl 1?. '.974 The school beard reserves tr.e rignr 10 reject an^ or all cicis Hos-.t'l viVesland. Clerk School 0 S!r;cT No 23 JAT THE MOVIES Russian beer in short supply MOSCOW (API - A grandiose Soviet scheme to fight drunkenness with an ocean of beer is bogged down by slow construction of breweries and a shortage of storage space and outlets. A few years ago the Kremlin announced plans for 30 big breweries that would flood the country with an additional billion quarts of beer annually. It was part of the fight against endemic drunkenness and built on a theory that Russians could be coaxed from drinking vodka and other potent drinks to beer and wines. The labor newspaper Trud, which keeps an eye on the drinking habits of Soviet workers, promised the Russian people Wednesday that there will be beef-but only if the construction ministries responsible for building the breweries get to work. Many Russians say they would be happy to drink beer, but for the time being the brew, like many consumer products, is in short supply. Even Zhigulevskoye, the beer 'that made the Russian town of Zhigulevsk famous, is hard to find in Moscow. Thirsty Russians in many cities line up to enter the few beer halls and swarm around kiosks that dispense beer in communal glasses. . Trud said that in Rostov — a city larger than Milwaukee — there are only nine beer halls. Things look even worse in Kazan where Trud reported "even during the cold season beer is rare in stores and buffets." A new brewery was scheduled to have opened last December in Kazan, but Trud said that the plant is still not finished. A spokesman for the Soviet ministry governing the food industry conceded that progress at some brewery construction sites has caused alarm. It's enougli lo drive a Russian to drink — vralka. Surfer.. . Occupied by young lovers Willoughby Whitfield (Ken Berry) and Nicole Harris (Stefanie Powers), Herbie the valiant VW eludes pursuers hy setting out to sea in this scene from Herbie Rides Again," Technicolor Walt Disney Productions' ail-new adventures of Herbie, the heroic Love Bug. Helen Hayes, John Mclntire and Kecuan Wynn also slar in this comedy showing through Thursday, at the Fergus Theatre. . IN COUNTYCOU«T PROBATE DIVISION Stale of M : nn«ola. County Ol011«r Tailss. Order for Hearing en Petition lor Probate ol Foreign Will. Li«li1ift« Time loFiltCliimllM lor Heirtaf Thereon In Re EMateOf //orris Joe Browmtein. a'w kno/.n « Marr-s 1. Bro*rf>ste:n, Decedent Authenticated copiw of tr* lasl Will cl ^aid ck<?clerii and of lt>e ^nslrumenl ad rr.ilting ,t to probale in the Superior Court m ihe coyniy ot Pima and trie State ol Arijora having been filed wilh tr* Petition ol Abe Browr.^te^n praying for the alkxvarxe OF said Will in rtvs Covrt and lor the *ppo.nlmeril 0* Abe Bro/,n stein as executor IT IS ORDERED. tne he»r:ng thereof be nad on Aigusl 37th, 197f at 10 00o'clock A M .btlorellvs Cot/rt in the prosaie court room m the court house .n me Cily of Fergus Fa'ls, W-nnesola. mat the time within Y,h r.h creditors of said decedent may file their claims be timiied to 60 days from ihe da'e hereol. and that the claims so filed Be heard on Octooer ?nd. l$;«. at to 00 o'clock A M , oelore tnisco-jri -n ihe prooatecouri room in ihe court rtojse in the City ol Fergus Fails, Minnesota, ano that notice hereol be givtn Of puD'ication of this order >n the Fergus Fa ! ls Daily journal and by ma 'ed notice as provided Cy la^ Dated July ?*1h, \1H Henry Po'k r.gnorn Ju*je (Cojri Sealj Karlins. Grossman. Karhns, Siegel i Brill 512 Bu Iders Exchange 8uild : ng Minneapolis. MN Attorneys for Petitioner. (First Publication JulyW. 1W> FRAZEE-VEHGAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS FRAZEE,MINNESOTA The School Bcardof Independent Scnool District No ?3, Frarfe, Minnesota. S6S44 will receive "sealed b'ds" on or before ; M P.M. August I!. 1971 al ihe olfice ol the superintendent of schools for Ihe following jleins: I. IJ.OOOoallons (mofeor less) No. 1 fuel oil to be delivered lo school owned storage tanks at Vergas, Minnesota and at Fraiee, Minnesota as needed. Bids shall state price per oal'on delivered. 2 5S.OOO gallons (more or less) regular gasoline to be delivered by pump as needed to scnoot buses in the village of Fraiee, Minnesota. B : ds shall state price per gallon less Federal lax and may be fixed price for Ihe fiscal year 1«< 19JS or may be current purrp price less a stared figure. 3. 5,000 canons (more or less) regular gasoline 10 be delivered by pump to school owned or school leased vehicles as needed in the village ol Frazee, M : nnesota. Bids shall state price per gallon less Federal tax and may be fixed price for 19741975 or may be corrent purrp price less a stated lio-jre. Bidders may bid one or more of me items. AH bids shall be placed In sealed en- velopn plainly marked. "Sealed Bid." Bids will be opened and considered by Ihe school board at its regular meeting Augusl 12.197d. The school board reserves frte righl lo reject any or all bids. Russell Vikesland. clerk School Distrkt No. 23 Actor has flying background By JAY SHAKBUTT AP Television Writer NEW YORK (AP) - If CBS' "Guiding Light" troupers ever decided to wage war on soap opera critics, they'd have no trouble getting their own air force together. They'd just call on Don Stewart. He plays a defense attorney on the daytime series, but once was a Strategic Air Command B47 bomber pilot. He also used to fly single-engine A4 attack bombers for the Navy. A Navy reserve officer, he's currently rated a copilot on four-engine patrol aircraft based at Willow Grove, Pa., where he's carried on the duty- roster as U. Cmdr. Don Stewart, USNR. It isn't a typical background for someone who's a soap opera star, a night club singer and a veteran of summer stock, Broadway and off-Broadway musical comedies. A Navy spokesman here agrees, but says it's all true. Stewart, 37, born in Staten Island, N.Y., and raised in Norfolk, Neb., says he caught the flying bug early in life. "I'd always wanted to be a pilot," he said. "Even when I was a kid during World War II, I wanted them to lower the age limit to eight, which for some reason they were reluctant to do." After college, he became an Air Force aviation cadet, graduated to B47s, and, in his spare time, sang at concerts for kicks. A professional who heard him convinced him to try singing full-time. So when his active duty tour ended, Stewart came back to Fun City and, among other Body found in river ST. PAU1,, Minn. (AP) - The body of a man about 60 was found in the Mississippi River Friday night and police were trying to identify it. They said the man hail no wallet or identification and that all four fingers on his right hand were missing. Food stamps, small change and a key for a bank safety deposit box were found in his clothes, said polii-e. Star of Toma' show plans Galley portrayal By JAY SHARBUTT AP Television Writer NEW YORK iAP) - Tony Musante happened to be sitting in his agent's office in Los Angeles a few weeks ago when the phone rang. Tne caller asked if the star of the "Toma" series was available for a certain role. The agent, Musante recalled, "turned to me and said, 'Do you have any political reservations about playing William Calley?' And I said no, none at all."" That, he said, is how producer Stanley Kramer tapped him for thetitle role in "The Trial of U, Calley," which ABC says probably wiil be aired late this year. No definite date has been set. The drama is based on the court-martial that convicted the former Army officer of killing 22 Vietnamese civilians at My Ui in 1968. Calley now is in prison at Ft. Uaveaworth. Kan. "At this point. I can't say how Many Sizes Fireproof Safely Chest Some Models as Low as . . . $1895 VICTOR LUNDEEN S Ofdce Furniture I personally feel about him," Musante said. "But 1 do feel, regardless of what my opinions are by the time I finish the show, that it's a story that should be told." Musante. whose knowledge of the Calley case is about that of the average newspaper and magazine reader, said he'll spend the next few weeks reading all he can about it to prepare for his role. The actor, a Bridgeport. Conn., native whose only connection wi;h themilitary was as an Army Reserve clerk-typist in the pre-Vietnam era. was asked how he felt when Calley. 31. was convicted in 1971. "1 personally fee! tha; justice was not dune at the trial." Musante said. "By his own admission. I know the man did kill. Do I think this is right? No. of course not. "On the other hand, I know other people killed at My I^ai in a similar manner. I'm not going to say he's a scapegoat, but it didn't sit well with me that he was one man singled out. regardless of whatever he's like." Musante. who portrayed s cop of many disguises in the since-canceled "foma" series on ABC, said he has no qualms of any kind about portraying Callev. Eye test may detect schizophrenia tendency TUESDAY SPECIAL A MR. QUIK, CRISP GOLDEN FRIES AND A COKE 99 ( QUIK STOP A 19 West Lin coin Ky C.G. McDANIEL AP Science Writer CHICAGO i AH) - University of Chicago researchers claim to have found an eye test that can identify persons prone to schizophrenia before they actually Met sick. Schizophrenia is a severe and widespread emotional disturb- iinre. It involves a retreat from reality with disordered thinking, delusions and hallucination.-:. The Chicago report claims that persons with an inherited tendency toward schizophrenia can be identified with a test involving measurement of eyeball movements while watching a swinging pendulum. The report, by Dr. Philip S. Holzman and his colleagues, appears in the August issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry, published by the American Medical Association. Working with Holzman were Dr. Leonard R. Froctor, Deborah L. Levy. NMcholas J. Ya- sillo. Or. Herbert Y. Meltzer and Stephen W. Hurt. The ability to identify family members whose eyeball niove"- menl* show the same unusual pattern found in schizophrenics means it may now be possible to treat such persons before they actually manifest the disease. Several drugs are available for control of the disease. . The researchers found that (Fjrjt PyW!c»tifln July ?;, IN COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION County ol Otter Taiiss Order lor Hearing on Petition for Adm!»i«n of Will ft Probite in The Mailer Ol The Estate Of ingma/ M. Draxten, Decedent IT IS ORDERED that ihe petition for ad minion of win io probate Hied herein aod any objections IJied thereto be heard go Auvust 201h, 1974,al 10 OOo'Ctock AM by th;s court in the courthouse in ihe City ol Fergus Falls, Minnesota TnaL '' proper, at said ii'rre and place a representative win be appo'nied to ad miniver tne estate, who shall collect a'l assets arxJ fife an inventory tnereof, pay all legal debts, claims, and taxes, and expenses of administration, ana sell such real and personal property as may be necessary and for ihe best interests of tin? estate. Upon completion of ad- minisiration, I/re rep/esefiJdtive snail rile a final account lor allowance and shall distribute ihe estate to ihe persons (herwnio entitled as ordered by the court and do ail otner acts to clow the estate IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, lhat creditors ol decedent file their claims in lH;$ court v/itJun sixty (40) days from Ihe date hereof ano tnat said claims ce heard on Sepiember 25th, 1974, ai 10 00 o'ciocX A.M by tnis court in ihe courtnouse in the City of F-erqus Falls, Minnesota. DaiKJ July 14tn, 1?74 Henry PC I king rvor ri Judge of County Cowl. (Court Seal) Fifclo. Arvesen, Dooono, Lundtcn & Hofl Fergus Falls, Minnesota WS3? Attorneys (First Publication July 20.197*1 IN COUNTY COURT PHOtATE DIVISION F.HH0.41T1! S'aieot Minnesota, County oi Otter Tail ss. Oro>r for Hearing on Petition for 0«wr*l Admififitrjiion. in The Mailer Of Tn* Estate CH William J. Dwyer, Decedent. IT LS ORDERED lh*t the petiCon for general adminisiraiior* filed herein and any ob|eci>ons died triereto be heard on August 13th, 1974, al 10:OOo'clOCk A M. Dy this covrl in ihe courthouse in Ihe City ol Fwaus Fills. MinneMta. Thflt, if proper, at said t.'me and place a re^resenfafi've will be appointed to administer tne estaie, who shall collect all assets and file an inven(ory ihereof, pay all legal debts. cFaJrn;, arid taxes, and expenses of ad ministration, and sell such real and personal property as may be necessary and for fhe best interests of the estaie Upon completion of administration, tne represent a live shall life a iinat account for allowance and snail d-Mribuie the estaie to ihe persons tnjjreunto entitled as ordered by ihe court and do alt other acts 10 close the estate. IT IS FURTHER ORDERF.D, tnat creditors of decedent file their da:ms in this court within s'nty (60) days Irom Ihe date hereof arvd tnat said claims be heard on Sepiember 18th, t?74, at 10:00 o'clock A M. by this courl in Ihe courthouse in Ihe City of Fergus Falls. M^rjtesoia. Dated July IVn, 1974. Henry PoUinghorn Judge (Court Seal) Field, Arvespn, Donoho, Lundeen 4 Hoff Fergus Falls, M : nrvew>la WS17 Attorneys Fergus Falls (MM.) Jnnul Sat., August 3,1974 2 IFirit PuWlttlton Jvly T9,1974) FRA2EE-VERCASPUILIC SCHOOLS FRAZEE, MINNESOTA Tr\« School Board 0* Independent StfiooL District Ho. 23, Frazee, Minnew**, $6*44 will receive "setled bids'' on or .before 7:30 P.M. Aug\i*t 12, 1974 at lh* office Of ihe superintendent of unools lor m* following items: Option K mow '/» pints (more or less) Grade A whole homogenized milk in '•> pint cartons to be delivered as needed to the schools in Fraiee. OR Bids shall &t*ie price per '/? pint carton delivered. Option 2. 230.000 ", pinls (more or less) whole milk, ? per cent milk and chocolate milk in */i pint cartons, in a combination to be determined by l^e school, to b* delivered as needed to the schools in Frazee. Bids shall state price per '-i pinl carton delivered. Oplfon 3. 36,000 "Dixie" ice cream cups (more or less) to be delivered asneeded lothe schools in Fraiee. 8kfs shall state price per cup delivered. Alt bids shall be placed in sealed envelopes plainly marked "Sealed Bid." Bids will be opened and considered by the school board at its regular meeting August 1?, I97J. The school board reserves tne right to re[ect any or all bids. Russell Vikesland, Clerk School District No. 23 things, auditioned for a vocal coach. "She said she thought I had a potentially great operatic career," he said,- laughing at the memory. "Little did she know it would turn out to be soap opera." The actor, who sporadically appears in evening TV series and talk shows and says he'd like to do it more often, shifted from the Air Force Reserve to the Navy Reserve in 1963. He wanted to fly jets. But he said only the Navy had jet pilot slots open then. The Navy transitioned him into the A4 Skyhawk and taught him the mystic arts roaring off a carrier and landing on it again in one piece. • Mrs. Thea Docktor services Tuesday Mrs. Thea Dockter, 7-1, Vining, died Friday at the Battle I^ake Nursing Home. Funeral services have been tentatively set for 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Vining Lutheran Church with the Rev. Peter Boe officiating. Burial will be at the Vining Cemetery. She was born Aug. 27,1899 in Folden Township, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kllef Olson. She married Magnus Ahlberg and following his death, married Fred Dockter. She lived in Henning and Vining all her life. She is survived by two brothers, Alvin Olson, Moorhead; Edmund Olson, Vining; and one sister, Mrs. Minnie Lund, Vining. Visitation at the Belmont Funeral Home, Henning. when schizophrenics watch a pendulum swing, their so-called eyeball pursuit of the moving object is halting rather than smooth. These movements can be measured with tiny electrodes attached to the edge of the eye. The difficulty could be related to the mental disorder, the researchers said, or it could also be related to muscular or nerve disorders which might be identified with schizophrenia. 'Mama Cass' service held 1.0S ANGELES iAP) - "It will never be the same," Michelle Phillips said as she left a funeral service for Cass Elliott, the other "Mama" of the Manias and Papas singing uroup. More than 300 mourners gathered at a chapel in the Hollywood Park Memorial Cemetery Friday for the funeral of -Mama Cass." the rotund free spirit whose strong alto voice was the group's trademark, Besides the two "Papas," John Phillips and Denny Doherty. those at the service included entertainers Peter I-awford, Carol Burnett and Sonny Bono. Miss Elliott, 33, died last Sunday in (First Publication July 20,1974} IN COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION Filt NO. 4l»ll Stateoi Minnesota, County ol Otter Tail si. Order for Hearing on Pelition for General Administration, in The Matter Of The Estate CM Jerome Syrwtelien, Decedent. IT IS ORDERED lhat the pelition for general adminiilration Hied herein and any objections liled thereto be heard on August 13th, W4,at 10:00o'clock A.M. by th^s court in tne courthouse in the City of Fergus Falls. Minnesota. That, if proper, at said time and place a represeniative will be appointed to administer tne estate, wto snail collect all aisets and lile an inventory (hereof, pay all legal debts, cla'ms, and taxes, and expenses of administration, and sell sutn real and personal property as may b« necessary and lor the best inter«Is of the estate. Upon completion of adnrnislration. the representative shall tile a ikial account lor allowance and snail distribute the esiate to tne persons ihereuntci entitled as ordered by the court and do all other ads to close the estate. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that creditors of decedent lile their claims in this court within sixty (60) days Irom the date hereot and that said clafms be heard on September lath, 1974, 1974, 10:00 o'clock A W. by Ihis court in the courthouse in the City of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Oaled July Uth, 1?7J. Henry Potkinghorn Judge {Court Sean Nycklemoe, Nycfcfemoe & Nyckfemoe Fergus Falls, Minnesota 5&S3J Attorneys (First Publication July 27,1974} IN COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION FifeNo. 41974 Stateof M'rnesota. County of Otter Tail ss. Order for Hearing on Petition for General Administration. in Tne Matier Of Trve Estate Of Maria Ovwgaara. Decedenr IT IS ORDERED lhat tn'e pelition foe general ad mini si ration tiled nerein and any objections filed thereto be heard on August 20lh, 1974, al 10:00o'clock A.M. by this court in tne courthouse in the Cily of Fergus Falls, Minnesora. Thai, if proper, at said time and place a representative will be appointed to administer the estate, who shall collect ail assets and f.le an inventory ihereof, pay all legal oebls, claims, and taxes, ar>d expenses of ao- rn in i strati on, and sell such real and personal properly as may be necessary and for (he best interests of the estate. Upon completion ot administration, the representative snalt file a final account for allowance and shall distribute ihe estate to ih* persons tnereunto entitled as ordered by the court and do all other ads to close the eslote. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, lhat creditors of decedent file their claims in this court within sixly (60) days Irom the dale hereof and lhar said claims be heard on September 25th, WiU, at 10:00 o'clocX A.M. by this court in thecou/thouse in Ihe City of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Dated July 16th, 197J Henry PoJkingrtorn Judge (Court Seal) Fietd. Arvesen, Oonono, Lyndeen 8, Hoff Fergus Falls, Minnesota Attorneys (First Publication JulyM, 1974] IN COUNTY COURT PROBATE DIVISION Fit* No. 41*19 Stateol Minnesota, County of Otter Tailss. Order for Hearing on Petition for General Administration, in The Matter Ol The Estate Ol Regina M. Houg, Decedent. IT IS ORDERED thai Ihe petition for general administration filed herein and any oblectiom filed thereto b« heard on Au$l>5t 13th, 1974, at 10:00 A.M. by this court in the courthouse in the City of, Fergus Falls, Minnesota. That, il proper^ at said time and place a representative will beappointed to administer the estate, who shall collect all assets and tile an inventory thereof, pay all legal debts, claims, and taxes, and eKpenses of ad- ministraiion, and tell such real and personal property as may be necessary and for the best interests of the estate. Upon completion of administration, the representative shall file a final account for alfowancfr and shall distribute the estate to the persons ihereunto entitled as ordered by (he court and do all other acts to close the estaie, LT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that creditors of decedent file tnelr claims in this court within sixty (60) days from the date hereof and ttiat said claims be heard on September 13th, 1974, al 10:00 o'clock A.M. by this court in the courthouse in the Cily of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Dated July 11th, 1974. Henry Polkinghorn Judge (Court Seal) Nycklemoe, Nycklemoe & NycXIemoe Fergus Falls, Minnesota 56537 Attorneys TELEVISION SCHEDULES KXJB Ch. 4 Saturday Night 6-.30 Hee Haw 7:00 All in Family 7:30 M-A-S-H ' 8:00 M. T. 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Disney 7:00 W. Disney 7:30 Mystery Movie 8:00 Mystery Movie 8:30 Mystery Movie 9:00 Judy Garland 9:30 in Concert 10:00 News-wthr-spts. Sunday Night 6:30 W. Disney 7:00 W. Disney 7:30 Mystery Movie 8:00 Mystery Movie 8:30 Mystery Movie 9:00 TEA 9:30 Police Surgeon 10:00 News-wthr-spts 10:30 Red River Theatre 10:30 Masterpiece Theat 11:00 "Land of 11:00 "The Chase" 11:00 "Sun Down" 11:00 the 11:30 Movie 11:30 Movie 11:30 Pharaohs" 12:00 Movie 12:00 Movie 12:00 Movie Sunday Night 6:30 F.B.L 7:00 F.B.I. 7:30 Movie: 8:00 "Jigsaw" 8:30 Movie 9:00 Movie 9:30 Weekend Report 10:00 Movie: Monday 7:00 CBS Morn. News 7:30 CBS Morn. News 8:00 Captain 8:30 Kangaroo 9:00 Joker's Wild 9:30 Gambit 10:00 Now You See It 10:30 Ix>ve of Life 11:00 Young & Restless 11:00 Jackpot 11:30 Search for Tomorrll:3J Baffle Monday 7:00 Today Show 7:30 Today Show 8:00 Today Show 8:30 Today Show 9:00 Name That Tune 9:30 Winning Streak 10:00 High Rollers Monday 7:00 Today Show 7:30 Today Show 8:00 Today Show 8:30 Today Show 9:00 Name That Tune 9:30 Winning Streak 10:00 High Rollers 12:00 News 4 Today 12:30 As World Turns 1:00 Guiding Light 1:30 Edge of Night 2:00 Price is Right 2:30 Match Game 3:00 Tattletales 3:30 Coffee Time 4:00 Coffee Time 4:30 Beat the Clock 5:00 Tell'the Truth 5:30 CBS News 6:00 News 4 Tonight Monday Night 6:30 Green Acres 7:00 Gunsmoke 7:30 Gunsmoke 8:00 Here's Lucy 8-.30 Dick Van Dyke 9:00 Medical 9:30 Center 10:00 News 4 Tonight 10:30 Movie: 11:00 "Top Secret 11:30 Affair" 12:00 Final Edition 10:30 Hollywood Square 10:30 Hollywood Squares 11:00 Jackpot 11:30 Celebrity Sweep 12:00 Noonday 12:00 Farm Today 12:30 Jeopardy 12:30 Jeopardy 1:00 Days of Our Lives 1:00 Days of Our Lives 1:30 The Doctors 1:30 The Doctors 2:00 Another World 2:00 Another World 2:30 Survive a Marriag 2:30 Survive a Marriag 3:00 Partyline 3:30 Partyline 4:00 Somerset 4:30 Addams Family 5:00 Hogan's Heros 5:30 NBC News 6:00 News-wthr-spts. Monday Night 3:00 Somerset 3:30 Welcome Inn 4:00 Brady Kids 4:30 Mission Magic 5:00 Brady Bunch 5:30 NBC News 6:00 6 PM Report Monday Night Monday 7:30 f'ar'm Report 8:00 New Zoo Revue 8:00 Living Easy 8:30 Good Morning 9:00 Good Morning 9:30 Mike Douglas 10:00 Mike Douglas 10:30 Brady Bunch 11:00 Password 11:30 Split Second 12:00 Dialing Dollars 12:30 Make a Deal 1:00 Newly wed Game 1:30 Girl in my Life 2:00 General Hospital 2:30 One Life to Live 3:00 $10,000 Pyramid 3:30 Movie: 4:00 "High 4:30 Hell" 5:00 Scene Tonight 5:30 AjSC News 6:00 AHssue, 6:00 ZOOM Sunday Night 6:30 Journey to Japan 7:00 Evening at Pops: 7:30 "The Carpenters" 8:00 Masterpiece Theat 8:30 "Clouds of Witness 9:00 Firing Line Monday 4:00 Misterogers 4:30 Sesame Street 5:30 Electric Co. 6:00 Concorde 6:30 Chmielewski Bros. 6:30 Bobby Goldsboro 7:00 Baseball 7:30 Baseball 8:00 Baseball 8:30 Baseball 9:00 Baseball 9:30 Baseball 10:00 News-wihr-spts. 10:30 Tonight Show 11:00 Tonight Show 11:30 Tonight Show 12:00 Tomorrow 7:00 Baseball 7:30 Baseball 8:00 Baseball 8:30 Baseball 9:00 Baseball 9:30 Baseball 10:00 10 PM Report 10:30 Tonight Show 11:00 Tonight Show 11:30 Tonight Show 12:00 Tomorrow Monday Night Monday Night 6:30 Hollywood Squares 6:30 Electric Co. 7:00 Rookies 7:30 Rookies 8:00 Movie: 8:30 "Assassination 9:00 Bureau" 9:30 Movie 10:00 Movie 10:30 Mod Squad 11:00 Mod Squad 11:30 Scene Tonight 12:00 W. W. Entertainmi 7:00 Association of 7:30 Tennis Professional 8:30 Tennis Tour Can't find a good TV program? THl We souid better Try this! The very finest in Stereo & Qiadraptionic Components! PHOTO c 216 WEST LINCOLN NTKR 1 FERGUS FALLS

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