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The Perry Daily Chief from Perry, Iowa • Page 1

The Perry Daily Chief from Perry, Iowa • Page 1

Perry, Iowa
Issue Date:

PERRY CTIEF. PUBLISHED By W. H. GALLUP. a consolidation of "Perry Chief." "Perry Pilot" aud "DallM Cea- terGlobe" Hud Its circulation to guaranteed than aiiv paper In the vaunt; or yicintty. It li the official paper of the county, repute the official prouovdlngs At earllast pat- Bible moment, Ti-riup We three moathi; TGa 1.5» per year. j-oa VOLUME XV. PERRY, IOWA, FRIDAY, APRIL, 19, 1889. NUMBER SO. l. i Sw Sm an 1 Ineb J6 1.M 8.W 3 MO .75 1.10 4,08 T.n .76 I.M 1JM 3,25 3.60 5,00 6 ool 1,25 1.T5 S.H) 3,75 fi.OO 17.Ce 10 eoi K.M 2.75 .75 D.50 9.00 17,00 SO 1 col 3.00 4.08 8.00 11. a) 17.00 33.00 regular local eolumnk. It crnts per line each every week. Notices Inserted for mom than one week uileei local pan, Immediately following locale, for one iwerUoo, 9 eto lor two, luerllou, li cents for fourlnsertlonB. THE GOLDEN RULE CLOTHIERS HATTERS A IN FINE GOODS AND LOW PRICES. Onr Aim is, and Always Shall be, to Sell our Friends and Customers as Good Goods as possible for tne Lowest Possible Price, And That ONE PRICE no condition will we deviate from the above. Why? Because it is the right principle in doing business, (do unto others as you wish to be done by) always our motto Invite On.e and. to Come and. Inspect oiaj: Stoclz of Mens', Boys' Childrens' Clothing, Furnishing 1 Goods OUR LINE IS COMPLETE IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. The Golden Rule Clothiers Have Something New In Over Clothing For 2STOT TO SIE333 Entire 105 Opera Block, DORA BROWN, Manager. WAI.TEIl EDMUND NICHOLS, CARDELL jIlCHOLS, All business entrusted to ourcare. will recelvis prompt attcmlon. Olbt-e over L. D. Gamble's Furniture Store, Second PKRUT, IOWA. A. HO YT. ATTORNEY-at-LAW, l-EKRV. IOWA. Will practice In and Federal IJtl- gttiou respecting tut titles in Iowa spuclalty. A. V. BOND, ATTORNEY AT LAW. S. A. CALL VERT ATTORNEY AT LAW, Pes Mollies, Office Building, Iowa. A.J.ROSS.M. D. Physician and Surgeon, Forry, lows. All culls day or nlg-ht promptly responcd lo. E. R. AtKEX, Physician and Surgeon, PERRY, IOWA. Office up-stairs in Commercial Block, L. E. and W. CARDELL LOAN Money Loaned at Six, Bight and Tun per emit On long-or short time, lu large or small am'ts Real, Chattel or Personal Security. bought and iifroueral loan business done. HOWARD BOUSE, General Insurance Agent Office inFred Knell's Jewelry Store. 3d St. A. T. PARKER, The Photographer West Side, PKfiBV, (8 tf IOWA MONEY AT SIX (6) PER CENT. ANNUAL INTEREST. Principal payable In Optional Installment money on fltgt-class City and Country property. Call and get rntos before you nwotiatc. J. W. RtSSELL ro Adel. Iowa. Z. N. FIDLER, (Successor to W. A. Pryor.) AISTRACTOR, LOAN AND REAL ESTATE BROKER, Atatracts urniiifed on nbortnottee, and Iwued on owy terms. Call and HIGH SCHOOL EPARTMENT- 1 Morr.tK KKM.KV, Editors-! HKKTHA CHAPIN, GKOKOK BONIMC. Monthly examination last week. Do not forget the Eppstehi entertnin- ment. Tlie A's are doing excellent wovk in map drawing. Visitors tliis week, Mr. Mcl'eo, llev. Hurst, Mr, Tobey. The botany class are analyzing flowers and tiud it pleasant study. The seniors liaTe had daily experiments the past week in chemistry. We are preparing an Arbor Bay exercise and will plant a Washington tree. Many of tne pupils were disappointed in notboing able to bear J'rof. Monroe's lecture. Harry Souther is on the sick list; also Carrie Forgravo. We hope they may soon be able to bo back aguiti Eppstein entertainment for benefit of school library, Wednesday evening, Agril 21. Admission, children lOcents, adults i5 cents; reserved seats cents. Come out and help us again ou our library. Boone County- MoingoDais having a series of revival meetings. Quite a number of Booaeites are going or have gone to Washington territory. I'rof. Goldthwait, late of the Boone Republican, is said to be a candidate for county superintendent of schools. 'Tijjs in lias stiuck Uooue. Everybody is trying it. Instruction in music In tbe Boone city schools bas been abandoned on account of economy! The receipts of the Boone postofllce for the past fiscal year was $7,000. which left the government a net balance of $4000 after paying expenses. Hon. A. J. Holmes returned home last week from Washington and has opened bis law office again. A large portion of his time since congress adjourned, has been used in the interest of the river laud Republican. The railway conductors of Boone give a ball on Easter Monday, April liJ. After being in Kansas eight years, John Baum returned from Ellsworth, that state, to his old home in 'copies township and proposes to remain. He has had enough of Kansas. Dr. Kirby Guilty. Tbe Kirby bigamy trial before the District Court of Hoone for nearly all of last week, was brought to a close on Saturday last and tbe jury, after being out two hours, brought in a verdict of guilty. The doctor formerly lived at Angus and Sorry and was well knewn to man? citizens of this vicinity. Transfers of Real Estate. The following are the Keal Estate Transfera for Dallas county, filed during the week ending Saturday preceding the date of this paper, as reported by Z. N. FIDLEK, Abstracter, Real Estate anil Loan Agent, Adel, Iowa. Joseph Clark to Wra II Clark, April '89, nl nwi 16-79-38, $1000. Grace Mount to Henry Alborn, March 28, '89, i i i 1-80-29, $1000. Henry Moorland to Jhn Hauer, March 29, '89, 12-80-26, S3600. Albert Stafford et al to Wm ClarR, April 0, 'S9, si nei and nei net, 1779-28, $2000. Treasurer Dallas Co to Brock, tax nwi rid o-Sl-29, $7.10. Wm A Barnett to Anna Barnett, d. April 12, '89, sw sec and nei swi SlfcMO. Kate Michener to Wm lludrow, April 10, '89, ej nei nwi 17-88-27, $1.50. Kate Michener to Wm Rudrow, April 10, 'S9, wl-40 swi act 7-79-27, Tracie Adams to David Hutchison, d. Jiiinwry 26, '89, lots blk 2 Allen's add. Dexier, $11)00. John 11 Cole to Altha Stiled, December 14, '88, lots 2-3-0-7 and 10 blk 4, South Woodward. SW. Martha Davis to Nella S. Sworp, February 11, '89 lots 9-10-11-12-11-1415 anil 16 blk 26, Wiscotta, $400. Eleazer Johnson to John Willis, October '87. lots 1 and 2 blk 9, $20. Peter McPollaud to Albert Ainley, April lot blk Willis' add Perry, $800. Trustees of Stephen Sebley Kst to Lazza Smith, deed, March 28,89, lots 24-0 and 8 blk 66 and lota 2-4-6 and blk 67. II and Vs add, Dallas Center, 10 Varner and Frona Clark to A Lee. d. March 18, '89, lots 1 and 2 blk 11, Greene's add, Adel, $1200. The area of the four new states, the twoDakotas, Montana and Washington, is 344,300, as great as that of tbe thirteen oriemal states, Vermont and West Virginia thrown in. This is 50 per cent more territory than is covered by either the French republic or the German empire. John G. Whittier, the poet, has written a letter protesting, in the name of humanity and Christiamity, against tbe enforced idleness of convicts in prisons, which, he says, can only result in filling the penitentiaries with maniacs. A man named lliirlbut, charged with maltreating his invalid wife, was whipped nearly to death by a crowd of women at Allegan, Michigan. Nebraska farmers are joining the ma- tority and resolving not to use binding jwine at the present prices. Mrs. Andrew Bubera, of Fergus Falls, we blith to six children on the lOtb. Proceedings of Board of Supervisors, Dallas County. Iowa. AUDITOR'S OFFICE, ADEL, IOWA, Arum is, 1869. Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Called to order by chairman at 11 o'clock A. M. Present, Sheely Swallow and. Brown. Bond of W. D. Raney appointed J. P. Washington tp, was approved. A consent highway in Washington township, known as the Nash and Graney road, was established as petitioned for by Patrick Nash and others. It was ordered by Board that the ceunty build two bridges; one across North Coon river, south of Perry in Spring Valley near L'atrick Gra- nev's; and one across South Coon river in Union at or near Cottonwood Ford, in accordance with petititions on tile. George E. King, being the lowest bidder, was awarded contiactfor the Cottonwcod bridge at Andrews Bros, for Smith Bridge being the lowest bidders, were awarded the contract for the Graney bridge at y(290. Ordered that Boonerille bridge be re- paiied under supervision of II. Board adjourned until 8 o'clock tomorrow. APRIL 16,1889. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Present, Shaely, Swallow and Brown. Ordered that the Auditor be and he is hereby authorized to draw warrant on Soldiers' Belief Fund in favor of Soldiers' Kelief Commission, for $300. Bills were allowed as per register of claims. Board adjourned sine die. J. R. SHEELY, Ch'm. Attest, Wat. ROBERTS, Auditor. BILLS ALLOWED. Bailey gwxH for Brown per diem mileage and com work Col Mills font A rout of hall for teachers' examination Crane Chas, goods for paupntu Wm, wolf scalps 18 Clayton const at Inquest Darls lumber for bridge Oatchell 4 Son lumber and freight for Booueville bridge Golden Ell, Juror at Inquest Barto HooyeWm, assessing Boone tp Haiper anesslng Walnut tp McCracken (messing the town Of Woodward eld 3S alia Porter A assessing Dallas township Hbcxles seven wolf scalps Smith Bll, assessing tp Bauer John. assessing Grant tawnsblp SlmcokeBF, assessing town of Kedfleld Sales Wm, juror at Inquest Swallow per diem mileage and com work Shcely per tllcm mileage and com work Thornton It, Juror at Inquest Barto Whlnnery SI), I' acting coroner at Inquest Barto 13533 00 1328 30 (W 398 SBfift 100 MOV 7000 a oo ffiUO IT SO 71)00 24 00 100 1315 9)30 100 LETTER LIST. List of letters remaining uncalled for the Tost Office at Terry for the week ending Apr. 13, 1639. Gibbons Miss Allie Mitchell Dan Norman Henry 1'ease Mrs Mary Reese Sanders 2 Stoine Aron Wiggin Mra A Persons calling for toe letter please say "advertised" aod data ofthiilist, B. C. WBHTT F. M. C. L. LANE, -DEALER IN Agricultural Implements Wagons, Carriages, Threasliers Etc. Farmers should remember I deal in all kinds of Agricultural Implements, and it will be to your interest to call and examine my goods ancgetprices before purchasing sis where. West Side Triangle, Perry, Iowa. Farm Implements, Having complete! airangements with the McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. for a complete stock of FARM IMPLEMENTS, Wagons, Buggies, Carriages, etc, For the season of 1889, I am in shape to meet CLOSEST COMPETITION. Give me a call when in need of anything in Jthe line of farm machinery and I WILL SAVE YOU MONEY, and make you happy. W. H. CHANDLER, Perry, Iowa. MILLINERY GOODS! For the year 1889, we will not use that old Chestnut by saying that we have the largest stock, and will undersell all competitors fifty per cent in Dallas County, but we thank you for past patronage and ask a continuance of same, and our motto will be to keep a Nice and Complete Stock For your selection, and our great endeavor will also be to please you on Before you buy please call and get prices and see the new goods which will be constantly arriving during the season at The Millinery And Notion Store, OF IttllS. A. C. HASTINGS, WILLIS AVElfUE, NEWSPAPliMflfiCHIVE'

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