The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 7, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1894
Page 7
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w r*' W 5r«<*^ , 1 'Xl'l.^Hrt'tlrtV' ^^.jS'-^ri f tJAttt AKt) WKKKLt. ALL HOME PRINT. Mll oountf that l» punted Ml ftt home and It con- •JtiVmofe loom ana county news than sb» other Mm bsteta IB this eounty, PoWttlS ft COLOM), PtOIW. FHIDAV, DBCEMMB ?, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. T. B, Kail i» In the city the guest of relatives. He will remain over Sunday. Consult the advertising columns of TUB SENTINKL before you buy your holiday goods. Mann's cou?h cute Is a guttanteed medicine to CUM nil coughs and colds. For sttle at the Vnlace drug store. Qeraldice is said to have been one of the most plensing entertainments ever presented in our city. The Occident society will present a very attractive program at »he high school building tomorrow evening. Geraldine tonight at Qermania opera house. You will miss one of the best performances given in our city if you are not present. Will Hawklns.agent for A. W.'Mann'n .cough, and linement medicines.which are ifjr sale at the Palace drug store, was in the city today. Mann's alligator medicine. Is tbe most feene- trating Uneineut in use and therefore will give Instant relief where so eiternul remedy Is needed. For sale at the Fklace drug store. « ot ftetet MM dattwteg otto of * fine i f>r*M«t as they CM get at euoh * low price. Their goods are marked away down and it will surprise yott to eee bow .> the* at* offering them. It yott are thinking of baying a jjreeent you should not Ml to mil add etamine their •took and get prices, tor we feet positive they wilt pteate yon and we know they will save you money by seeing them. In taot their goods are so cheap this year that yott cannot afford to miee .the opportunity of getting an elegant present tor less than halt the money yon could have purchased It with 'before. Call arid eee them before bnying. They wu'dt yonr trade and will make it an object to yon to do business with them. READING OIBOLB. The Teachere'Reading Circle will meet Saturday at 2:30 p. m., at the county superintendent's office. An invitation is extended to all teachers to. attend these meetings. With the change ot time from evening to afternoon it is hoped that the attendance will be increased. PROGRAM. Discussion Opening Exercises Mae Wolfe. Recitation.. I Friday Afternoon Reading* Ifrom Folk Lore EXECUTIVE OOMMMITTEE. CORRESPONDENCE. I Correspondent!, to Insure tbe publication o their letters In tbe weekly, must mall them si ther will reach our office Wednesday.] W. H. S^ith "and bride were tendered a serenade last evening by the Union band. Billy received his frienda .with his old time hospitality and made them feel at home. JE;?W ar« looking for bargain, and •vrtio ia not these hard times, just look carefully over the advertising columns of THE SENTHTEI. and you will learn where they are to be had. Pr. Spaulding. assisted by Dr. Kessler, performed a very delicate and successful surgical operation on Mrs. William Bomberger of Harlan yesterday afternoon at Frank O'Brien's hotel. D. Joyce's lumber office was closed this forenoon in respect to the deceased whose funeral was held at .Clinton. Mr. •Joyce's many friends sadly mourn his loss. Mr. Hinrichs attended the funeral. .The president's message appears on tbe ., second page ot this paper. It will be N tound to be interesting reading and as THB SBNTINKL ii the only paper published in tbe county that we have seen it in, we take pleasure in calling especial attention to it. Bailey & Holland's ad appears in to. day's paper. They want everybody to know that they are on earth and are doing business at the old stand on the south side of Fifth street. They warrant their goods as being of the best quality and will guarantee prices. The Missouri Valley and Deniioo papers have been comparing notes on the number of teams in town last Saturday. Mo. Valley reports 170 and Uenison 800. Pfhaw, that's nothing; last German day Carroll could have made a better showing than the two combined. When you are looking over tbe columns of THE SBNTINBL !• search of bargains do not forget that Boos & Laugblin's furniture store contains many attractions for the holiday trade. Call and these gentlemen will take great pleasure in showing you their goods and giving, you the lowest prices ever quoted in our city. • The committee appointed bv the council to place tbe building used by ths firemen in better repair is now at work. Bteam heat ha* been placed In the building and several other needed improvements have been made. Our firemen are deserving of a* good meeting place and tbe council acted wisely in granting their request. At a meeting of the school board last night tbe foliowing teachers were reulred forlthe ensuing ternviMiiMi Butiow, Nance, Roderick, Moon, Maclean, Vou- siine and Atkinson. These were Ibo new teachers that began in the schools last fall. AH ibo other* bad been hired for tho year as they bad taught at least one year in tho school. OBRAUUNB. *'Gara|din»" was presented last evening at tbe Qermaoia opera bone* and notwithstanding tbe disagreeablowettbM Ibe audience wna good. (Tbe operetta was presented in a pleasing wad attractive wanow **• * h ' noivwwl opinion of all. In fool, it w«M»eoHb»iuast' tblngs ever presented in our oily and wall m'rlted the support o( our people, yitt ohoraen were very floe and the oos- tuajsawornby tbeladlet»44«4 greatly , totbepleMinf effs«t, Tb» jgasio of the. opera la one of thjfe*tiira*end i*iM««U4rlU»4. Or. rota tfaMhalttdWu where she hat caching tor the pait year, Andy Kirk is feeding a flue car load ot cattle. / Mr. Oslander, the agent, bought hie wit* a fine plabo last week. Miss Minnie Ryan began her second winter term ot school in No. 1 Arcadia ownsbip last Monday. The patron* are pleased with her work. Ed Odendahl ie having a well drilled. Bchwaller, ot Bolelle, ia doing tbe work, Last week one dt Mike Beyer's child- en died of lung fever. About thirty of the young people ot he neighborhood gathered at the home of A. J. Yegge last Tuesday evening and enjoyed themselves at cards and dano ng until the wee hours ot morn. Carroll township's corps of teachers for the winter are Messrs. Madigap, Walling, Qlezs, Dnnk and Misses Ella Morgan, Lizzie Pape, Maggie and Mae Wolfe. - * SNOWBIBD. MT. OABMBIh Mr, Hamill, ot C rrol', wae at tbe Mound last Saturday. Jno. Underberg returned borne las Saturday from Sao county where he bad been threshing corn for Qeo. Deiker. Thanksgiving passed off qnietly am the dance was well attended. At 10:3 enpper was served and after a few we enjoyed hours ot pleasure tbe patty de parted tor their homes. Mr. Pape, one of the old settlers ot Carroll county, who moved to Nebraska is here visiting old friends. Nio Nen,|ot Arcadia township, was visiting friends here last Sunday. Willie Keorke returned borne last Saturday. Joe Mannemann bought a oar load of shelled corn at Onawa and hauled it home. Harry Mnller, of Templeton, wae seen in this locality last Monday. Ben Jasper left last Sunday for a southern trip on bis bicycle. Henry Julio returned home from Nebraska last week. PLBASANT Hlbli. "Grand Pa" Jones is visiting in Dee Moines. James Oillsy baa treated himself to a bran new carriage. T. Barbaa, of Carroll, waa in this vicinity last week bunting quail. Oeo. Dankle brought a load of wire from Carroll last week to fence tbe Young farm. Lowrv bu *v w y re**** to ooogratnlsta himself 00 ibt SHOWN of h|a play, II will agate be printed »bls evwjio« BBvktAsi a«A knvuK An BAA A. lAJMsTsft s%DdwUIM .•WJRVIf HW W"BT^ ^^ W ™ V|I*I|V W W?* -f ws)j««^ pmecl, for tb« eut*rUiBwe«t is deasrv- tot »f jrour patrouaf • •»* •• |«www»«i ywuwllM P. Bergar and F. Weatenmeir market ad their bogs In (Hidden last weak. Miss Nellie MoOnrdy waa quite ill on Monday with tonsilitis. Ed Willey, eon of Thai. Willey, ot (Hidden, ia living at tbe homaataad in Plaaaut Valley. The wall at Oarrollton ia a anooaaa at 185 feet and plenty ot water. A wheel will probably be pat up. Parties from Soranton an operating a drag saw in Armstrong's grove. We note nsw people boarding in the home of B. Qratomaon, of Willey, F. Balk, ot Spring Branch, and E. Janes ot Oarrollton, all hearty young man or will bo. No card*. The relatives and friends ot L. Conner will be glad to learn that a oaseaga from Clarinda reports him soone batter. W* learned recently that the Canada thistle., bad gained a foothold in tbe north part ot oar township, It it be the oasa wa are flted. The gilt edged tar dealer down tbe orwk has again become obnoikous to tbe public by poshing in an eilra edition ot imbecile scrawliogi, to raise theqacwtioo of the veracity of our copy, tha Monograph of whloh waa Interfere* wild by bU being toMtuaater at • reoen oatoipteapartT, aodMtoouuob famili •rity breeds tanUmpt we'll dlamlse tha aobjaot OB speolal lines till na«> mrMiiwvsw, Tbtweathsriefloi, is over and the haughty no mot9, Mri. MoCtoy, of Boot*, Is visiting he Mr. and Mrs. Yegg* Binou (• using ttw «M ottamery • BAST L1BBRTX AMD BOOK BUN. Ed Bested is teaching the Eaat Liberty school. Mrs. Henry Figert's sister from Anburn is visiting her this week. John Hinkley is drilling a well for Byron Heath this week. We are gl4kd to state that Byron Stool man is mnob better. His sickness waa caused by a congestive chill. Messrs. Shnbbert and Boroberding shelled new corn for Herman Walters on Monday. Mrs. Andrew Keeler, who wee sup posed to be hopelessly ill in Ootober.bae so far recovered as to be out again. Ed Young has been visiting old friend in this vicinity the past week. W understand that he will return to Colo rado where be baa been engaged in herd ug cattle. Rev. A. M. Elliott will spend tw weeks on Jefferson circuit assisting Rev i. F. Brown in revival services. His nlpit here will be supplied. Thanksgiving waa we believe dnl "aserved in this region. There waa merry party ot yonng folks at L. 1 tarings. Rev. and Mrs. A. M. Ellio pent the day with Geo. Jeffries' family Mr. and Mre.O. W. Sanderson ate turkey id other goodies at Jeaae Mavity's in Qlidden. At tha annual election ot Epworth league officers, J. W. Sanderson was elected president. Vice presidente ,as ollows: Jennie Bell first, Mrs. Cyras Coder second, Loin Smock third, Lizzie Bell fourth, Lucy Jennings secretary and Q. A. Wetter treasurer. J. D. Tedro commonly .known aa 'the Bator Medicine man," who baa tor several yeare traveled in the interests ot tbe Dr. Baker company ot Keoknk is making hie farewell trip. Ha has rarohaaed a farm near Ida drove and will cultivate it in the future. Deo. 4. JIM- BollJsy goods wamwUBg witl» fair *»r, wuflb UM«r IhiB DM wUeip*Uuf. *|M> «M tbi»kt«| ef ft ^^^PBB^^ ^T - ^^^i^ *er»t WiU Mo«l of Ibj ftwra M* iiiltlt itntHrt nriir t?r wy^)«F 'ip*w"^» it-w-w^ VWT Golden Opportunity —AT—. GUILD'S rriMESlRE IMPROVING For want ot room we are compelled to iake a deep cut in prices on cloaks to lose them out. We need the room for ther goods. Everyone knows that •hen Guild doea anything he does not o it by halves. If yon want a cloak for ess than you can buy the material for, NOW 19 YOUR TIME. Children's Cloaks at a mere fraction of tieir value .to close them out. A line of Hisses' Jackets in blue and brown. We lave sold them,at 86.00 but now you can juy them for $3.05. Our Ladies' Coats hat we have been selling at 810.60, you an buy now for $6.19. A good black Jeaver Coat that was sold by us at 87.50 you can take now for $5.85. You will Ind the same reductions all along the ine. This is a big loss to us, but our oss is YOUR CkA-IN, and it will be to rour interest to take advantage of this golden opportunity at Guild's Dry Goods Store. Next door westot PoatoBce. This is the beginning of out Tenth year In the grocfVy tfitile in Carroll. Ii WE ARE STILL IN THE RING AND ARE HW TO 8W W E will let our friends and patrons judge of our popularity, and we wish to extend to them our^m- cere thanks for their liberal patronage during the past nine years and ask for a continuance of the same, which we will try to merit by fair dealing and liberal prices. We have tbe largest stock of groceries ever brought to Carroll. They were bought at the lowest prices. Foxworlhy Bros, shelled corn Tuesday. Tom Churchill and wife will occupy the louse vacated by John Avery. Carroll Market Report COKN-50 l OATH-25C HOGS-$»BO POTATOES—75 BUTTEK-15 EGGS-ISc CATTLE-S2.25 RYE-76 BAKLET-40 FLAX-SI. 10 WHEAT-60 We iutcnd to .give our customers part of the benefit. <{3 Look at cur Prices. X}> The Rnssfan T'rarissiberian railway is going to be of some benefit to the United States if the cable correspondents have not boon at their usual lying tricks. They telegraph that the Amur Steamship company, which is going to connect with the Transsiherian railway in Russia, will land its freight and passengers on American shores ttt the port of Everett, Wash. Everett, Wash., will immediately have a boom if this ia true, and it will be a good thing for the wbqle country. Tho tide of summer tourists will in time set west instead of east, and they will take their outing in Siberia. In Belgium, large families make a living on two acres of ground. It is done by intensive farming, the kind of farming the United States most come to. Belgium for its size is one of the richest nations on the globe. A leading cause of its wealth is the fertility of the soil, and the soil has been made fertile by the Belgium farmers, who have tilled it century after century. We Always Lead, Never Follow, Colorado Potatoes, per bushel I 80 TWENTY pounds Granulated Sugar 1 00 Best Minnesota Patent Flour, per sack 1 00 Best Kansas Patent Flour, per sack 90 NINE cans Baltimore Peaches 1 00 EIGHT " Red Cherries 100 SEVEN " Best California'Apricots 1 00 SEVEN " EggPlums .100 ELEVEN "' Gooseberries ! 1 00 TEN " Blueberries........ ; .100 TEN " Strawberries , 1 00 SEVEN " Green Gages 1 00 Best Lemon Cling Peaches, per can 18 Best Bartlett Pears, per can 18 Queen Olives, per quart 30 union TowmniF. Oyrua Rhodes Is not so well again. Born, Friday, Nov. 80, to MT. and Mrs Blancbard, anon. The meetings at the Star are still going on and will continue aa long as the interest Is good. Mr. John Ayers was hauling his bay Tuesday from the AfoLaugblln land. JMIke Grimm hanled tbe corn he purchased of Foxworthy brothers Tuesday. Most of tbe children in district No. 3 are going to school in adjoining districts Messrs. Tbomssand 1'htlips, of Dedham, visited with Mr. Philips near the Star Sunday. JMVs. Hunt arrived Saturday evening from Iowa Falls, to help In the meeting at the Friends' church. We are Agents for Chase & Sanborn's Celebrated Coffees. "WE solicit your trade and will sell you what you want at prices that will defy competition. Our canned goods are the best standard packed goods in themarKet. Give us a trial and you will come again. isTWe want your trade and with liberal prices and fair dealing we hope to obtain it. Yours truly, E. N. MERCHANT, HERE WE f\R BAILEYS HOLLAND With the Finest Line of GROCER IES in the city and the old reliable SLEEPY EYE FLOUR, thebeit on earth, and TWILIGHT, the best of southern flour, or money refunded. Our TEAS, COFFEES, DRIED FRUITS, CANNED and BOTTLED GOODS can not be beat. Prices and quality guaranteed. South Side Fifth St. BAILEY & HOLLAND HOI, GOODS Open all the Time. do not intend this year to have a formal opening, but we nave been hard at work for several day* and now have everything in shape to - Iwv -^ IS PISE A LOT OF GOODS Aswan ever brought to Carroll, and from now on our Onrtetwa* Noveitie* will be> opwi your inspection, We have purohated as many good» aa we ever did and at about Q HALF TEE PRICE. We have elegant presents for youth and maiden, toya, etc,, in f reft! variety for the little folks, handsome and substantial gifts for father and mother. In short some^lnf to pleaHe everyone, All at prices that will more than please you; they will *z JL"-L'V->.IN

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