Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 8, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1896
Page 3
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Full Details Gladly Given. A Railroad Official's Experience. THE RAILROADS Wabash Declares a One Per Cent Dividend. M K. EDWARD EDMONDS, long con- Dcotoilwltb railroad construction In Nebraska, writes: "-My heart troubled and pained mo lor 19 ycara. Shortness of breath was tho constant an J most common symptom, license, excruclu:lngpaiu, generally followed any severe coercion. Fiiiutacsa, hunger •nithoutauy appetite; fluttering that made ECO clutch my breast, and pulpltatioa that,often stiiggorotl rae as if I would fall, •wore ircnuvnt attacks. Ajuia, everything •would turn black If I arose from a stooping posture quickly. Slvepiess nights with their T\r ?Vi1 0 c' prostrating unrest wore AM. i.-lU^> KU ia«a---: and I could Restores Health.. leadlasphy- siciuns iind tried ucivor- tisod remedies. They Savoraonoroiief. One of . Dr. Jlllci' ciroui.irs described my cuse so exactly thut I took Dr. Miles' Now Iloart Cure anil I nai now ,1 well man. I hope every ono troubled with hoait disotiso will try Dr. Miles' rotaodios. If they will write •mo personally, i will t iadly Rivo them full details of roy experience," EDW. EDMOSDS. P. O. Box OS. David City, Nebraska. Dr. Mlled 1 Heart Cure is sold on guarantee that first bottle benefits or money refunded. THE Munson Typewriter' Is a Good Machine. PANHANDLE EXPANDS General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. , The directors of 'tflie Wabash have declared a dividend of 1 per cent OD the debenture A bonds. Although the statement this year wJll show ,a surplus of 2 per cent applicable to dividends oii the bonds, the director* consider it conservative to apply but. 1 per cent of this surplus. Last year there was ii deficit of $500,000, so that tlie surplus this year is very gratiTying to tlio dl roctore. STILL SPREADING OUT, The belief strengthen* than die Pennsylvania, company will secure tb.u Clovi-Jand, Akron aud Columbus and make H a part of the Panhandle system. George Saul, once president of ' that iv:id and the Ohio Southern, is sal'J to be phiyin-pt tl-n. Important part iu tlit 1 deal as a matter of retaliation fur tlio nncerinunikMifcjinian.iU'L 1 the Bricc people ousted lilm I'roui the presidency of tho Cleveland. Akron auil Columbus. Mr. Saul is reported to have the I'OLifidtmec of-the Holland bowl holders, and it is •thoujrbt tho bond holders will follow ills advice In 'tlie murtcr. UAILEOAD NOTES. r A high standard of excellence. iluo> users of tbe "Munson" consider It THE [BEST. You will And It n valuable nsalstaut In joiu of* tux. Address for particulars THE MUN50N-TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. 21O-344 TVeat Lake St., Chicago, 111. To the Ladies. Those who are Interested In dermatology should call on Mrs. Strlngham, who to located In the St Elmo building on Broadway and be convinced that dermatology is what every woman of Intelligence anld refinement needs. • It Is conceded by our best mlnda that a beautiful complexion Is a necessity of tbe Nineteenth century, and which clvlilza- ; Uon must.have; and every worthy bus-• band or brother will take interest In tad those .who are suffering from any cutaneous disorders soeh us eczto'a, tetter, freckles, acme, liver spats, birthmarks and superfluous flair are successfully treated, Bright energetic girls ; .wWMng to work for $10 a week should call and sell Mrs. • SMngham's preparations. Catherine StriDgham, DERMATOLOGIST. STATE NATIONAL BANK Tlio Vandalla has dosed its night office at Formosa. Ono -supervisor has been released on each of tho divisions of .tlie Vaudalla. Gouoral Manager Loveo was at Fort Wayne yesterday making an -inspection. .Tohu Hotzuer is at Columbus, Olito, att.eutlliig a meeting of the wrecking foremeu. . J. S. May, superinteudant or t.hc Rich.- mond division of tlio Pambandle, was hero yesterday. Tlie four Peniisyivania Hues handled M Indianapolis last week, 4,3Si cars, 3,040 boing loaded, an increase over tho preceding week ot 73 cars. Business wit-h the-Yaudalla Ls still bo- low its average ton- years past, the road handling, nt Inclianapoiis last week 2,527 ear.-!, 1,815 beiu'g loaded cars. It is stated that the .American Railway Union wdll take up the case of the Plant system, ou which all employes who are mcmbcns of that organization •have boon discharged. The Pennsylvania operating officials are seriously considering the advisability of doing away with the white light in signaling and using a green light. This is au English practice. Chai'les Plfer and Norman McGee, ot the Vaudalia eugineertog corps, left today for Texas to pro.-poct for positions on, a new railroad there. If not successful they will spend same months touring the West. ' The Wabash earned in June $980,149, an increase over June, 1895, of $24,701. The Chicago & Eastern Illinois earned In June $284,800, an increase of ,?8,900 tMs year. The Chicago & Rock Island comes out with ?1,220,402 for June, an Increase over June, ast year, of ,fS7,801, Charles Shaw, tho youth who. was arrested at Kokomo by Panhandle Dc- tecfclvc Jlatt More, for, dismantling freight cars and selling the iron braces and brass boxing for junk, was taken into the Circuit court, where he plead guilty and weelved a thirty day's sentence and ?10 fine. The lad'is'but seventeen years of age and is the son of respectable parents. Jas. Malosh, hds companion, a, man-led man, plead gulty to the same charge and was sentence to one year .in the State's prison north other exttamo and put too low an estimate ou sliver. The.European nations ieoniposlng the Lathi Union made the ratio fifteen and wne hull' to one, and the owner of silver-here .would not exchange slwteen pounds of .It for a .pound ot gold because he cauld obtain the same thing in Europe for fifteen and a half pounds of his silver. In other words, the quantity of silver Jn a dollar was worth more than 100 cents. Consequently holders of sliver bullion ceas- ed'to sand It to the United States mints and the (Silver dollars previously' coined were hoarded. When the uulnt laws were revised in 1ST3 the provision for free coinage ot sHvor dollars was dropped. This attracted little attention at the time because none of the dollars had been In (ilrcu-latlooi for a geiievatioiu; and, iu frier, only eight millions of them had )een coined from the foundation of the government up to that time. Owing to tho discovery of now mines Hie world's irod'UcMou of silver begun to increase, ud the price subsequently began to de- 'line, and i the European nations were n self-defense compelled to close their «tots against further free? coiungo of the depreciated metal. ' .While silver was high the miaio owners cam! 110- tliiiiig :iibout the inl'iit, but whea It got so low Uwt a pound of gold would buy seventeen pounds of silver in tho market iliose gentlemen began to .clamor for a riwroraition oC tht- privilege of selling to t.ht.' American people'-through tlie uikit at the oJd ratio of -slxteou ro one. It was tjiL-ii Miait fhey discovered that tire not, of 1S73 \va.< a "cdnie." As a concession to them tlio Bland law was passed, under which nearly four hundred million sKyer dollars were coined', tlie treasury, however, -buying the bullion for this purpose at its •market value. In lS90"the Sherman law was passed compelll'nsr tho treasury to buy 140 tons of sliver every mouth and 'isslie -notes Jn payment, this'produced HID panic of 1S!)3, n<nd was then repealed. As a result of the laws we have coined or issued nearly six hundred million dollars to silver. Despite nil those purchases by the treasury the price of silver .steadily.'fell. -Today it takes about thirty .pounds of silver to buy a pound of gold, but tlie free-coinage advocates demand that the government— tlitit Is to say, the people—shall take sixteen pounds of silver as the equivalent o.f a pound of gold, Wlion the 371^ grains of silver that go to make a big dollar, were worth, more than, a hundred cents the mine owners sold their product In Erope. NOTV that 371% grains are worth about 53 cents they insist that tho government shall stamp It into a dollar and shall open, the mints to all the silver in the world at this ratio of "sixteen to one.'' ' . • MUN TON'S Improved Homceopathic RBMHOIfiS. SAVE DOCTORS: FEES WITH' MUNroN'S GUIDE TO HEALTH AND A MUNYON FAMILY MEDICINE CHEST tN THE HOUSE YOU CAN AVOID LONG SPELLS OF SICK•NESS. ' - The Munyon Remedies act instantly giving relief after the first two or three 'doses and effecting a rapid euro even in the most obstinate cases. There Is a separate Muuyon Remedy for ejich disease and eath specific has plain directions, so there cam'be no mistake. 1C. you are ailing road Muuyon's Guide to Health; it will .describe your disease and. toll you how to.cure yourself with a 25 cent Munyon Remedy. If you find .that you have rheumatism, take Muiiyou's Rheumatism Cure and your pains and aches will bo gone In a few days. If you luxvc 'stomach trouble take Muuyon's Dyspepsia Cure; for a cold .or a cough, the -Cold Cure or the Cough Cure, and : so ou. No matter what the disease you can be-absolutely certain of » cure if you take the remedy recommended .In the "Guide". When you are in- doubt, a personal letter to Professor' Slunyoo, 1303 Arch street, will be answered, with free medical advice for any disease. At all druggists—25c a bottle. JULY SALE OF Summer Clothing J. D. FERGUSON & JENKS. 322 Market Street. A STRANGE SIGHT. DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CUBED by local applications, as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There-Is only one way to cure deafness and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness ts caused by an Inflamed condition of the mucous Ilninjg of the Eu- stachlan Tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling Bound or Imperfect hearing, and when it Is entirely closed deafness is the result, and unless'the Inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to Its .normal conditioD, hearing will: be desr troyed by catarrh, which is nothing, but .an inflamed condition, of toe mucoua surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. . F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, .75e. Quill Follow a Ship (or the Dinner Sera pi That Go Overboard. A jolly crew is a flock of gulls. I have watched them by the hour flying abreast of the steamer fromi 10 to £5 Jeet from the ship's rail, with even'eye fin the porthole from which refuse of the cook's galley is dumped into the eeo. CeneroJJy, this grateful event takes place just after meal time, nnd a gull will follow a ship ten hours for the sake of one mad dash at the scraps that it expects to be consigned to the ocean. The gull cannot be fooled with anything short of fresh meat or crackers. I have tried orange peel and scraps of pastbonrd. which I tossed into the air or into the sea, but not a bird turned a feather! But if you hold a, scrap of cracker in your hand, j'ou see e*cry bird draw as near as he dares, with n knowing blink' and a turn of the head. Toss it into the air, cud a wild scream issues from JO throats; as many pairs of wings flash in the sunlig-ht; £0 pairs of red or black legs dangle in the air, and the scrap never reaches the seat The -great event is when the dinner scraps go overboard from the galley. Thereto, mod scramble, the air is filled with hoarse cries, the whole flock settles on the water with Uplifted wings, each screaming 1 and flapping in the vain effort to get all there is for itself. The • steamer goes on,.leaving a white, struggling spot on the water in its woke. But presently they start after her again, and with quick, nervous strokes they reach .her side, and sail serenely on with her as before. The most amazing piece of business I ever saw was a gull coolly preening itself with its bill while it was. following in full flight, apparently without an effort. UNDERSTAND We are not closing out to quit business, neither te our stock such as i.3 usually found in closing out sales. OUR GOODS are of BEST MAKE AN NEWEST STYLES. We simply wish to give our cus- . tomcrs an opportunity of buyJng at greatly reduced prices anything they may wish in our imnicu so stock, between seasons. Here are some of the BARGAINS wo propose giving you. ONE FOURTH off onjall Crash Suits. ONE FOURTH off on all Men's and Boys' Pants. ONE FOURTH off on all Summer Coats and Vests, Alpacas, Woolens, Serges. Straw Hats all $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, now $1.00 Straw Hats all 75c and $1. now . *. . • .50 In our Men's dept ws will give you all wool suits as low as $475. $8Vto $15 suits $5.76 to $10.75. We have a line of Men's and Boys' strictly all wool black, clay and worsted suits to close out* at $7 aoo $7.oO all DM Goodui. Half Price, REflEMBER Wo mark our poods iu plain figures, so that any one can tell exactly what they are Kettinjr. S HREWD BUYERS will call and take advsmtajro of Mils sale witlio in delay. It will be to tlie INTEREST .. j OF ALL to uor. i;iiss it. Regular prices-for all goods charged dur- 1 •'• ing t'.iis .sale! . ; , ; . .• • 7 This Out for Future Reference, VERY CHOICE CIGARS. Are . . . LOGANSPORT. IND. ;O«PITflL • S2OO.OOO J. V. Johnion, President S. W. Ulleiy, Vice President > H. J. Heltbrink, CMhler. DIRECTORS. ' f.W. Johnion. 8. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H/SnidV. . Buy and •»'! Government bonds. 1at.it . Money on personal «ecurlty and collater- . "•!•. IBHUO Bpcclal certlfleateg of d«po»lt« btvrlRgl per cent Intoreit when left one >'•''War; z per cent, per »nnum when dcpo*- v (t*I ilx month*. Boxes In Safety Pepoelt Vaults of this " :k*nk for the deposit of deed*. Insurance 9«Uclei. mortgsgM and ether valluablei, . fanted at from 15.to $15 per year. "SIXTEEN TO ONE." Outline of Pacts Pertaining to the Currency Controversy. | CHAS. L. WOLL, •••• UNDERTAKER w " ' N*.«» Market Street C»H» attended «o pnomptly, day or •Ifht. • ' • • . .: . . ' ' . C«ntr»] Onion and Mutual telephone*. • '• Office, No. 16; Beildenoe, No. 121. WANTED^ 'ANTED: CflirMMn to Mil Slmmond Skirt " «!«!«.i««:-««•!• 'Wi'Wiw: JTO§ New York Herald: "The pure silvei jn the big dolhir weighs about sixteen times as much.as the pure gold in the gold dollar. The exact weights art. 23,22 groins of gold and 371.25..grains of silver. Hence" 10 to 1." . *". ' When the mint was foutnded Hamilton and Jefferson agreed that a pound ot gold In the markets was w.orth about fiCteen pounds of silver ancl accordingly the ratio for tho coinage was first made fifteen to one. Anybody could.bring as much of .either metal he pleased to the mlints amd have It stamped into coins, TUs free and .uallimited coinage of both metals Is called bimetaliUsm, and the country*was said to have a double standard of values. The bullion' in either dollar was Intrinsically, worth na mulch before being coined as it was afterward, but the government's inlnt stamp was a guarantee' of the weight and fineness of the'riietal and made it a legaJ tender. : . ', ,' . . ,. Subsequently it was found-.that, fifteen pounds of. .silver were not: worth ns much as a po.und of goW.-amd 'in/order.' 'to conform to the relative'market value of the nictals.'Gonffresiis aecldea that' the' silver dollar-hei«after.8houid w.clgh" atis;-/ ' : A SUPERBLY APPOINTED TRAIN. Undoubtedly the handsomest trnfn between Chicago ami St. Paul, Minneapolis, tlio Superiors and Duluth is the "North .Western • Dmited," which' leaves Chicago at 0:30 p.' m. daily' via: the North Western Line (Chicago & North Western Ry); Its equipment, which Is entirely now throughout,'and; embraces' Compartment Sleeping .Cars, Buffet, Smofcing and Library Care, standard Sleeping Cais, Dining Cara and ladies' coaches, hns every luxury that •Imagination can conceive or mind, invent for the comfort aoid convenience' of pnasengers. All agents sell tickets via tbe Chltagd & North Western R'y- : For full IniformiaHcMi apply to • agents of 'connecting 1 . Itae, .or address W. ^B.- Kniskerh, G. P. and T. A. Chicago, 111. A Correspondent Tells Hovr They Mft<le for Cheap Sale. "I am informed that a large trade in the. inianufacture of English cigars is carried on, principally in the cost end of London. All the ends of cigars and cigarettes, 'dottels,' chewed 'quids,' etc., are bought at so much per pound from public houses, music halls, etc., besides those picked up in the street. Theso savory morsels are put into a large bath, where a kind of tobacco broth is made.. "In the early autumn, when the chestnut leaves ore beg-inning to turn a golden color, parties are organized who go to wherever they can get a good supply of these'leaves, which ore then put on long wires and immersed in this fllth, for either a long- or short time, ac- ; cording to the requirements of.a strong or inild cigar. These leaves are then rolled into English cigars," . The above correspondent's statement tallies, says the London Standard, with au incideut which occurred some years ago, when a certain person was charged • with illegally .manufacturing cigars.; His defense was that the cigars he manufactured did not contain a particle of 'tobacco. And, what is more; he proved .his case. His'cigars were made ofi brown paper, embossed to look like leaves, and steeped in tobnccb juice. Sketches of all kinds prepared for decorative and commercial purposes. : ' jrodbauica.1 and prospective draw ings of Etoctrlc, Pneumatic and Agricultural devices prepared for the Paten t office. Designing a specialty. ' ; Claims for Letters of Patent prosec uted. • ; a BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport Loganspofll Wabash Valley Gas Co, Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace. All bills pay- able'at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special—Lowjrates on heaters during the months of May, June. July, August and September. • A CHILD ENJOYS The pleasant flavor, gentle action, and soothing effect of Syrup of'Figs, when In need of a laxative,'and If the father or mother be .costive or bilious, the 1 most gratifying results _follbw Its iise;' so .that It Is tbe. best .family remedy known and ev.ery family should have a bottle; .:• ••:.••• :., . ' -. • v-. .' ' ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Gea Harrison has the fln«st line of bammpckfl In the city. : ' : :' Dr. Bamfleld hos,.flttedhUp offices 'over Ben Mailer's drugvstore. . '.' : •. : . .; 'uly ... | .due ;nfld pnyable at : the M 1 ' on,Pearl street-^. ,-; :.'••;'• A Vlllaite Bell. For more than 20 years the quaintold town of. Bowmansville, Pa., hoa hod what Is known as a'vjllnge bell. It is: swung between two high upright poles and wns paid for by public subscription. The leading 1 , object of its ringing, is to announce to farmers and other working people the time :of day. The first bell ta the morning at Bowmnnsvilie-ia the signal-for the people to arise, and in Bummer most of the residents are out that early. The il -.o'clock, bell announces that it is time to leave the fleldis and' ; prepare .for dinner. At. four o'clock in the; afternoon they prepare! for supper when. the. bell rings. This bell saves the'farmers and town folks the .necessity of providing dinner bells' ;ofthe.ir. .own.- The-people in this vicinr ity.rcly upon it as much as otherfolks do their .tvtitchos and clocks. ... ; PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. .Tbe weu-known^peclallsts' ot Ken. York bave appototo* D. A. HAU1C as agent tortbalreelebcatedSpectMlMWidt Glasses, every pair guaranteed, . , r>. A. HACK baa complete assortment and invites til to satlstr themselves ol tbe great superiority nttheaegoodf.one any manufactured, at tbe store of D. A. HAUK, Sole ac«Bt (or L rinsport Ind. Ro Peddleni Supplied. Rbnnd "tirtp'.'eate to .St. Joaeplii ;$2;' to A SAFE TOPIC. S. P. Sheerin finds it more convenient and less nerve-trying to talk bicycle than to converse on the question of the secretaryship of'. 'the Democratic National committee.~He was quoted in tlie Inter Ocean, Sunday as follows:.... Fond oC all -forms ~ot athletics. He thinks new women and children would be better physically, mentally and nior- ally if they took more outdoor exercise. He'does not,bike, is. sorry he does not TWnks probably he wJlileam thlssua- mor. He wnrmly advocates wheeling. .Bloomers and bloomers', girls he would not dilsciiss. .TuYnklTshort' skirts answer every purpose,-!besides being pretUer. andvinbre .womonlyj;.;;"'.,' .. Tannin, the well-known plasterer, was driving on Broadway near Nineteenth street, his horse became frightened.at:, the noise of an approaching street car and became . unmanageable. It shied and leaped In front of the car, and 'wn§ . po seriously injured that Jt had to be 1 killed.^ The wagon' was also- badly broken. • '.;•'] . . • .. JULY CLEARANCE SALE. : Challias,'2>£c; prints, 3c; fine lOc socks, DC; 15c duck, : C%c;. OCte summer corsets, 27c; 50e shirt waists, 25c; 98c waists, 4Sc; percale dresses, 05c; all silk a-fld velvet capes at half price.—Trade -Palace,'- '.'. ' •-'•••• ;•'" ': '•';••''•""'• ; Don't'.mlaij'.the, giieatest clearancitBale '-'.

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