The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 11, 1934 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1934
Page 8
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"Tribute Paid Ch*f le* Died Jan* 1 TttE MALVfcftK LJABI& MALVtftH, tdWA, MmJARt It, HH Fotinef K«sict«nt Mad Malty Friefcd* rfi Mill* Count? the following tfthflts has been *ent ns concerning Charted yofd who was killed in Omaha Ian. l, when the track he was driving was hit by a train. the fatal truck-train crash In •Omaha on New tears day left in*ny sad hearts in Mills county as both young men in the track were former Mills county boys. Price was a Pacific Junction and Charlie DeFord was of Barttett. Charlie wan a resident «f Mattern vicinity at one time, hating worked at the home of Clark Hilton four years, and while here made many friends who were sorry to hear of his untimely death. Charlie counted his friends by bis acquaintances, his cheerful, *unny disposition winning for him many friends along life's highway, He was always ready with willing hands to help where needed and will be greatly missed among his close friends. His last trip to Malrern, how* «rer, was a sad one, as he was called here at the time of the death of hl« nephew, Oall Van* dershute. After tearing Malrern he went to Omaha where he has since resided. There he met and married Effle Hasel Wilson and to them was born two lorely daughters, Betty, aged three, and Bonnie, now two. Charlie bid his family goodbye in an exceptionally cheerful mood that morning, as the new year had brought him happiness. He bad been promoted beginning that morning, with longer hours and higher wages, and was look- Ing forward to better times than the passing year had given. Little did he know he was saying his last farewell, for shortly after the noon hour fellow workmen brought his family the news - of his death. Besides his family ho leaves his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeFord of Bartlett, four sisters, Mrs. Clark Lybarger of Bhenandoah, Mrs. Bart Harm- «r of Pacific Junction, Mrs. waiter Olenn of Olenwood and Mrs. Bwt Vandsrsrinle of Hastteft* an aged grandmother, Mr*. Satan tteford and many other reUtftes and ft host of friend* Who mourn his patglnr One brother, Freeman, preceded him in death. Born at Bartlett cm Sept. 23 1903, he met hi* untimely death fn Omaha, Jan. i, 1134, aged 30 years. 3 months and 9 days. He grew to manhood at Bartlett and teas a member of the Christian church there, and setfei tot a time in the national guard at Olenwood. Funeral seftlces were feeld on Wednesday in the Hoffman fn- neral chapel at Omaha for friends there and the body was taken to Baftlett where services wete held In the Christian church with burial at Thttrman. Pall bearers wete two uncles and four cousins, George, Charlie Donald, and Glenn Potter, Datid Morgan and Mllo Aitken. An uncle, the tier. Chan. Aitken, had charge of the Berries at BaHlett. Church Loyalty Meeting Jan. 15, Council Bluffs Ministers, Board Member*, Officers of All Denominations Invited Church officers, board members, ministers, and trustees of Protestant churches in Council Bluffs and a surrounding radius of fifty miles hare been Invited to attend a meeting Jan. 16 in the Railroad Y. M. C. A. at 6:30 n. m. to hear Her, George 0. Dowey, director, explain the pur' poses and mechanism of the United Church Loyalty Crusade to be conducted throughout Iowa and Nebraska for a seven weeks period, Feb. 25 to April 8. A dinner will precede the meeting. This Invitation was extended by Rev. M. B. Prlngle, president of the Council Bluffs Ministerial alliance, who has called the meeting in order that laymen of the various churches may hear the Crusade program which many of the ministers heard Rev. Dowey explain at an early December meeting in Omaha. Rev. Dowey, representing the Home Missions council which is comprised of the Home Missions boards of 18 Protestant churches, Public SALE! in the Malvern Sale Barn SATURDAY, Jan. 13 commencing at one o'clock p. m. CATTLE We will have several head of good milk cows, some giving milk now and other* to freshen soon. A number of calves of different sizes. HOGS A nice bunch of vaccinated Fall Pigs; Some Stock Pigs; 2 Sows with litters of pigs 10 weeks old, WOOD Several loads of stove wood. HOUSEHOLD GOODS Axminster Rug, U x IZ\ Cable player piano; A lot of other furniture. MISCELLANEOUS 12 Gallon pails of home made Sorghum; Primrose Cream Separator; Large »i*e Butchering Kettle. The usual lot of little stuff. We expect a big sale so be there prompt at one o'clock, ANDY J. BERKHIMER A, Talbott, Auct, Safe Driving Hiaxt By law* Approaching Intersections HO NOT »*HO*«b. W UtMll«llo« M high »p«d »od deptnd *^ TUt U W y ww IU« wd bf »to«, tw U tUo very o4 wu ilio has directed the progress oi Crn- tedes in if metropolitan area* extending from its* Anfef«ft, Ms home city, to New Jersey. He and his associate, Ira D. Vayhffrger completed a C«H»4e ift Minneapolis on Dee. 10. Whereas the ehnrehes tn the Crnstde carry on their program individoally rather than hating an outside speaker or "evangelist" do the wot*, preliminary meetings with rarfont group oft* cers within the churches are held by the director. The program is one of ipirtttra! npltft accomplished by wholesale participation in the various activities of the church by the members themselves. Sheriff* Sale Bfr VIRTUE OF AN EXECtJ- TION directed to me from the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Mills County, Iowa oil a Judgment obtained in said court, on the 22nd day of December, 1933, in favot of Ralph M. Robbins, Et. fist. Mary J. Bobbin* Decld. as Plaintiff and against George E. Lloyd et at as Defeh* dant, fof the sum of $3,633.22 and coats, taxed at $88.63 and accruing costs, t have levied upon the following described Real estate situated in Mills County, Iowa, taken as the property of said Defendant to satisfy said execution to-wit: Part of WH of NEU of Sec. 32, Twp. 72, N. Range 41, West of 6th P. M. More particularly described as follows: Beginning at a point on West line 16.70 chains N. of 8W corner of 8W% of said NE% running thence E. 0.60 chains thence South 82'45, Bast 2.26 chains, thence North 64"E. 119 chains, thence N. 74"E. 1.2? chains, thence N. 86"30'E.1.33 chains. Thence, 8.83'E. 1.16 chains, thence 8.77°26'E.7.15 chains, thence N.32°E,3.70 chains to the Right-of-way of the Wabash R. R. thence with said right-of-way N.69"30'W. 10.60 chains thence W.6.71 chains 8.00.39 chains thence W.00.48 chains to W. line of WV6 of NE% thence 8.00.39 chains, & 40 ft.; thence 8.7% rods to place of beginning, containing 10 acres more or less; also shown as the 8, 39100 of a chain off Lots 6 ft 7 of Churchills Addition to Town of Malvern, & all of lots 8 & 8 H & part of Lot 9 of official plat of irregular Sub-division of Sec. 32, from & after Febr. 26, 1907 at 3:30 P. M. only, and will offer the same for sale to the highest bidder for cash in hand at The Court House In Olenwood, Iowa, on the 16th day of February A, D., 1934, between the hours of 9 o'clock A, M. and 4 o'clock p. M. of said day, com' menclng at 10 o'clock A. M, of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated at Glenwood, Iowa, this 9th day of January A. D., 1934. W. 8. DeMoss, 26-2, Sheriff of Mills County, Attorney and ftft. ff. St. and daughter, Haf» EfSfyn, Teft Saturday on ft trip tftf ettffr the from there on * ttW Mfto ida, fisltlng several points of terest along the Gulf, mtrnfnf in about 10 days to Loaehapoaka, lift., whet* they will spend two week*; returning from there to Hot Springs, Ark., where they plan to spend at least ft month, being gone fit all some two month*. — • Opinion-Tribune. ADDITIONAL LOCAL Mrs. R. W. Mansfield visited friends in Hamburg Saturday. Guy Bhepard of Dnrftngo, Colo, came in yesterday for a visit with Malvern friends and with his mother and brother at Hastings. The L. T. N, club met yesterday afternoon with Mrs. J. R. Hnrst east of town. Mrs. C. £. Hilton and Mrs. Faye Benton were assistant hostesses. Vern crook of the Iowa-No-* braska Light and Power company was taken suddenly ill last week with appendicitis and was taken to the Edmundson hospital Sat* urday where he was operated on *nd Dr. Pafsons tJce presidency has ft* Mr. Garner's tocaMtary, we wondef whethef ft wonMn't be a fowd around to men fita Httey Loft* and one or two people neater this Free Ffett. The historic brig, Niagara, the ship which Commodote 0. H. Petry used to eat the line of the British fleet and fide to victory in the famous battle of Lake Erie 120 year* age, soon will be restored through ft 26,000 dollar appropriation by the state of Pennsylvania. — (Mt at fctttftftt Cofrt « Wfflt Jh^A^AJtv- #»|XLfe 5sWa:e.«A^ -filfcLll: JfeJU ttiaXtM ' CoBntyv loWtt^ Trcrxn jjvc. if ^ I999> at 8 a. »„ to lafr. t, i»»i, *t 8 i. HI, (Ftrfff d«§4* iM D«t feot ftt f e*. Wm. H. Une to 6. F. feykes fs.t f*m 44% acre* tt It 12 and 13-71-48. W. M. f*ae«ef to 8. B. fJe*n (Q. 6. D.) |t. Lot «; Lt. Lot 6, Bit. |i« Wiftdham's Atfl wood. M. ». twywewd le W. tt. (Q. C. O.) $SOO. tnd. 6-6 Int. in Lots 661 to 666, CLASSIFIED ADS Complete Abstract of title erds for each piece of property ta tliltt County. Mills eMfitjr Abstract OB, (Member of the Amerlain Title Assn. and Iowa Title Assn.) Glenwood, loir*. 4ltb the dfydock at the Naty tafd, Olongapo, P. t, Kris towed there from Chesapeake Bay, a distance of 13,000 miles, the trip took 160 days and nine hours. Mayor Cnrley of Boston says that the pioneer spirit is not dead in America. Hasn't he heard of the new dealt gale — Sated alfalfa hay Leader Want Ads pay and pay. in barn. — Beft Breeding, s2tf. SEEDS AND FEEDS Pot Sftte«>fted clover hay.-^ Otis D. Lewis, Malvern. 26-1. . , twft' SriefTI wrar *faitefn, s ef imi Plain l%6«« 1S8-I. HOQS bo*fi. Lot. an Chestet Whttt I4tf, V&t Btie^BMet Polafid Cnffli male hot*. 4ood cues. = Osa» t. Bflley, Malvern. Sfttf, Pot 8*10—i* head Hamj»hifa gilts, bted for April farro*. ttarry Kettp, ft, & t Mftlvern. MISCELUNEOUS kins, Phone 84, «.Call Aft Pot 8ale«—Good shotgun. Call I 60*2, gtiref City, 2«*i/' the Mftlvern Mill will accept 4 4*9 bushels good corn in we* ,, change tor a 49 Ib. sack ef flour. iitt. EAST LIBERTY East Liberty Methodist Church Our attendance was not very good last Sunday. We are sorry that some are sick and hope that they will all be able to come next Sunday. Complete plans (or the January Church Night supper and pro, gram cannot be announced as yet but will be soon. Watch for the date, Cone to the church service next Sunday at 10. Church school at H. We are having a, new series of lessons now that are in-> teresting and helpful, If you do not have a church home elsewhere we invite you to come here and make this church yours. Jan. 3, 1934. — Miss Dorothy Adams came in from near Pallas, So, Dak. last week ana visited ft few days with her grandparents, Mr- and Mrs. L. Q, Adams, and her aunt, Mrs, M. H- Latchaw. After several weeks spent at home following an attack ot the flu she again resumed her nurses' training in the Mercy hospital }» Council Bluffs Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Ljitehais a»d ivelyft, Mr, »»d, Mrs. L.. & i, and Mte» Dorothy 4daffl» , to Council Bluffs Monday, They visited Kletlj Mm* «f QUa%9o4 wbQ wai ppwftt&4 OB for appendicitis |n the Merpjr bos' - • iftst Friday. They fou»d hu VftWi U G, 8, 4»y i Ml. ayjR&rtf*** Liirt * u : flNWBs JB The primary function of any newspaper is to publish the *new 7 s andL'The s l^aderx|ajke,|, pride in its efforts to fulfill this function sue- V cessfully. Good news, bad news, news of births and deaths, of successes and failures, of people and events — all find a place in The Leader. •, -•' Only with a large staff of correspondents and writers located in the various towns and rural communities of Mills county is it possible to geVall this news. Fifteen correspondents send news letters regularly and in addition The Leader >ta'tt%wprks steadily at the^ ti^k of finding andpi-iriting ail the news, ,-• m A "* ' , -^,U : iy^r ? ,-i- "'" ^p^^ft^s'' * '-•'

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