Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on July 1, 1974 · Page 11
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 11

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1974
Page 11
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Ph^ \i\ m^mXimKUi, VmAm city, l?lft.. Monday, July 1,1W4 Lavender Gift Shop Offers Numerous Unusual Gifts 1' le Lavender Gift Shop |8801 West Highway 98 >cializes in unusual gif* . Battan furniture, lental merchandise, ^ lerous varieties of fndblown glass and Imost unlimited types of luvenirs from 21 dif- fent countries greet stomers when they ^ ?r the doors of this (ly facinating gift shop, t'he' imaginative gift |ias. of the store are jilly great. The custome jl find chess sets, pain^^s, statues, a collection ^ glass, accent pieces, china and brass, swords, daggers, handcarved wood knick'l<nacks, from tiny animals to large wall plaques that entice the customer to stay just a little bit longer. One unusual gift that is a must for all customers to see is the hand blown glass sail ship. It would be truly a collectors' item in any home. A shelf of hand made birds of startling color and realism is also bound to catch the attention of a person who is just browsing through. Practical items are also on sale at the Lavender Gift Shop. Things like hats and gaily colored and decorated shirts for beach wear are available. There is also a large selection of jewelry, magnetic mice, letter openers, salt and pepper shakers and other small items that make shopping at the Lavender Gift Shop worthwhile. • Originating from all parts of the world, the sometimes decorative, some utilitarian objects are tastefully displayed throughout the shop. The items .stand boldly on the floor or peep down at you from the shelves in colorful and appealing array. It is truly worthwhile for anyone to .stop In at the Lavender Gift Shop and see some of the Items just mentioned. If the Lavender Gift Shop doesn't have that certain thing a customer is looking for, they promise that they will get It. New and unusual Items are added constantly. - A g WIN AT BRIDGE Finesse proves costly luxury I. : Should ill-tempered teens be sent to zoo? By Abigail Van Buren <3) tfM »r ChltHi TrilvM-N. Y. NWM tnt., IM. DEAR ABBY: You discouraged a reader who wanted to acquire a chimpanzee for a pet, saying: "When a chimp reaches sexual maturity, he becomes frustrated, ill-tempered and unpredictable." As an anthropologist-father of three teen-agers, I would like to point out that you can sell a mature, healthy chimp to a zoo for twice what you paid for it as an infant—or take a comparable tax deduction. Thus you have all the rewards of living with an enthusiastic, outgoing, affectionate youngster until he becomes an adolescent, after which you have your investment back as well. On the other hand, your enthusiastic, outgoing, affectionate human youngster also becomes "frustrated, ill-tempered and unpredictable" when he reaches sexual maturity. What then?' Do you know of any zoo that will make a deal? There is much to be said in favor of raising chimps. NEAL KORN: VAN NUYS, CAL. DEAR SIR: That's what I need in my column—more "kom." Paging Malcolm S. Forbes: How about doing a story in Forbes on the tax advantages of raising chimps instead of kids? Or do you think the country has had enough tax-deductible monkey business? DEAR ABBY: Tell "Love Chimps" that, if she reaUy loves them, she will forget about acquiring one for a pet, and she'll leave them where they belong—in the wild. Tell her that the baby chimp she thinks is so cute was pulled off its dead mother's breast. (To capture a wild baby chimpanzee, its mother must be killed!) And please tell her that, if she really loves chimps, she will support her local zoo. Also, if she can afford to contribute a little something to a nonprofit, tax-exertipt foundation, dedicated to study, preservation and propagation of the chimpanzee, to consider the Primate Foundation of Arizona, P. O. Box 86, Tempo, Ariz. Thank you, Abby. JO FRITZ: SECRETARY DEAR ABBY: I told my son and his wife I would be happy to babysit for them free of charge if anything important came up. ll'm a widow who babysits for extra money, which comes in handy these days.) My daughter-in-law told me that a course in landscaping was offered at the high school every Thursday evening for ten weeks and she and my son wanted to take it, so I agreed to babysit while they attended these classes. EAST 4Q103 t Q9874 • AQ5 NORTH (D) 4AK8 fl02 i AJ1062 J94 WEST 4 J7542 f K8 4K10763 SOUTH ^96 V AQ96543 • K5 482 East-West vulnerable West North East South U Pass If Pass IN.T. Pass 4f Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-3f One day, their baby pulled some things out of a desk Jawer. and that/s when I found a reclip? for dancSe lessons-every Thursday night for ten weEks! Soviet Union, China Quietly Square Off I felt so hurt and angry because I had been deceived, so I called my daughter-in-law and told her what I had learned. She laughed as if it was a big joke, then said: "Oh, how did you find out?" I told her the truth, and she said: "Well, we didn't think you'd sit for us if you knew we were taking dancing lessons." And she acted like there was nothing wrong with what they had done. What do you think of this, Abby? And what should I do now? DISAPPOINTED DEAR DISAPPOINTED: I think your son and his wife should be ashamed of themselves. Let them know you will not be available for any more free babysitting unless it's for something important, and for which they can provide proofi By Oswald & James Jacoby Jim: "How about a week where we use nothing but good, old-fashioned, simply bidding and reasonably simply play?" Oswald: "I assume you have some hands in mind." Jim: "As a starter look at this one. North opens one dia* mond. South responds one heart and jumps to the heart game when North rebids one notrump to show a minimum hand of balanced distribution." Oswald: "I assume that dummy's 10 of diamonds holds the first trick and it is up to him to go right after Closed Season On Lobster Harmon W. Shields, executive director of the Department of Natural Resources, reminds everyone of the closed season on Florida lobster which began at midnight, March 31, and will last until Aug. 1. "The lobster are appearing along the northwest coast of Florida In greater numbers than usual," said Shields. He added that arrest citations will be issued to violators by the Florida Marine Patrol and other law enforcement officers. Hoop Tourney The athletic section at the Tyndall base gym will conduct an NBA type One-on-One Basketball Tournament beginning July 15. This will be a single elimination tournament with an entry fee of $1, which will be used to purchase a trophy and to discourage forfeits. trumps. He may make a lot of tricks if a simple finesse works, but if he tries it this time the hand will collapse. West will take his king and lead a club. East will win the trick and lead a diamond for West to ruff. Then West will talte another club and write down SO points on the score." Jim: South's first round heart finesse would be an unnecessary luxury. He should play his ace of trumps first, then entered dummy with a high spade in order to lead a second trump. This would hold the defense to one trump and two clubs which would not be enough to do them any good." (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) The bidding has been: 1 West North East South 14> !• Pass 24 Dble Pass Pass ? You, South, hold: • 654 fKJ 4 3 2 •AQ9743 What do you do now? A-Bid two spades. This bid is not forcing, but you have shown a good hand. TODAY'S QUESTION West bids three clubs which is passed around to you. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Ray Trader Earns Award MSgt. Raymond L. Trader, assigned to the 2021st Communications Squadron at Tyndall, was presented the Air Force's Meritorious Service Medal during ceremonies held last week at the Air Defense Weapons Center. Sergeant Trader was honored for his service whileassigned to the Communications- Electronics Division, %th Bombardment Wing (Heavy), Dyess AFB, Tex., from July 1971 to January 1973. MOSCOW - (LENS) - The Soviet helicopter and its three-man crew that were seized by the Chinese three months ago ought by now to hpve had the Russians frothing at the mouth. At one stage they did give a warning that unless the helicopter were returned the Chinese would have to take the "inevitable conse- luences". But that was in pril: since then the mailed 1 fist has been discreetly withdrawn. Soviet ultimatums have given way to moderately phrased requests for consular access to the crew. Russia has even called in the International Red Cross - the first time it has been involved in a dispute between communist states. And in the Soviet press the inflammatory articles recall- mg alleged atrocities by Chinese troops in the border fighting of 1969 have disap- )eared as abruptly as they legan. This new tactic does not imply any improvement in relations between Russia and China. In the looking-glass world of that contronlation it means just the reverse. That, was illustrated by Russia's recent offer to allow Chinese merchant ships to use what were termed Soviet internal waterways" near the Amur and Ussuri border rivers. These "internal waterways" were in fact disputed territory, and the Soviet offer was conditional on China renouncing its territorial claims. Wnat was dressed up as an olive branch was just a device to enhance Russia's appearance of benevolence LAVENDER 8801 W. Hwy. 98 Panomo City Beach, Flo. Phone 234>3469 OPEN Doily & Sunday Located: 2.3 Mi. \M. of Kothawoy Bridge on U.S. Hwy. 98 Imported A Domestic Gifts CHINAWARI • VVOODCARVINGS • CANDLES RATTANWARE • BRASSWARE •GLASSWARE, MARBLE AND STONEWARE SOUVENIRS • I I "THE MIRACLE OF CHEMISTRY IN FINISHES" DIATRON. • • ATLANTIC METAL BUILDINe SYSTEMS PRE-ENGINEIMD METAL BUILINGS WE DO IT ALL There is a new metal building dealer in Panama City. Call us and find out why an Atlantic Metal Building dealer has more to offer. 234-6648 CULPEPPER CONSTRUCTION CO. INC. P.O. BOX 9367 PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLA. The "Invisible" coah'ng that gives lasting waterproof protection, solving maintenance problems. Good for metal, wood, or masonry. Seven-warranty. NORRIS AUTO PARTS 1429 N. EAST AVE. PH. 769-1478 PANAM/T GENERATOR AND ALTERNATOR CO INC. Wrecker Service. Batteries - Alternator- Generators Starters - Voltoge Regulators Solenoids Carburetors Rebuilt 1604 E; BUS. W 763-3971 lew Moon !• Altolr <5 ^ ST. ANDREWS POWER {.EQUIPMENT CO ^ SALES UERVICE^ . LAWN MOWER REPAIR . HYDROLIC JACK REPAIR . BICYCLE REPAIR . HAND SAWS SHARPENED 2412 St. Andrew Blvd. 785-5525 TOWN & COUNTRY GAS Whirlpool APPLIANCE CENTER FOR MOBILE HOMES Do-lt-Yourself Mobile Home Central Air 3 Ton $599. Includes everything. Free inspection after installation '' 5039 E. HWY , 98 785-1481 OMttt Mobilthomt dtakr in Panama City Panama City's complete mobil* horn* PARTS CEN* TER. New & Us«d mobile honiei, trovai trailtrt.fc campers. PANAMA TRAILER SALES 6034 Hwy. 98 East, 1 miU West of Tyndan Bridge, american parts & GARAGE OF LYNN HAVEN FULL LINE OF AUTO PARTS AUTO SERVICE & REPAIR (Fret fitimetet) (Guaranteed Work) P.O. lOXMO 627 Ohto AvtNH tyiAHmtn, fhrUt 33444 PHONE 2«5 .3t9a MIRACLE PAINT CENTER 403 E. 11 th Street — Gteom Paints Pgnamo City, Fla. p. m GUITARS JJj AMPLIFIERS For All Yovr Mvsko) Aceessoriei And Repairs ^dttz Muua Co. "LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED Notionally Known Band Instruments Top Line Gultors ond Amplifiers PWNE 769-0111 418 HARRISON AVE. MONDAY - SATURDAY 9-5 EVENING APPOINTMENTS ON TUESDAYS CLOSED WEDNESDAY CUSTOM RAZOR & SCISSOR HAIRCUTS VENICELON: FASHION TRESS WIGS AND HAIRPIECES SALES a CLEANED«\STYLED A VIVIAN WOODARD COSMETIC STUDIO •ROLL-A-MATIC HEALTH MACHINE DRYER.REDUCER-MASSAGE DURALASH BY TRAINED SlUlST Phone 763-6261 5147 Eost Hiwoy 98 Parker CALUWAY CYCLE CENTER Introducing JAWA CZ & BENELLI SALES & SERVICE PARTS SI ACCESSORIES FOR ALL MAKES. 144 N. BYPASS HWY. 98 769-4440 BEACH GAS & APPLIANCE CO. Propone Gas Commerciol & Residentiol Quality Service 16002 W. Hwy. 98 Panama City Beach 234-6073 ALLIED VAN LINES "World's lorgesi Movsr 3 lotatiOM t* Siivi •iPanama City • Pensacela •ft. Walton Beach By BONDED TRANSPORTATION, INC. 901.Mulhany Ave. Phone 763-2221 AND FILL DIRT CO. DRAG LINE - DOZER FRONT END LOADER - DUMP TRUCK RENTALS 2504 E. 11THST. PHONE 763-0732 "AIL WORK CONblTiONING MKHANIC ON DUTY GUARANTEED" SMITH'S AUTO PARTS DISTRIBUTORS WAREHOUSE FOR A-R-A AIR CONDITIONING 5728 E. HWY. 98 769^91 CUSTOM BUILT HOMES ADDITIONS-REDMODELING "Plant dr^wn to your specifications" "We also have many to choose from." 2608 Transmitter Rd. Apt. F. Panama City 769-0006 or 769-0094

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