Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 19, 1966 · Page 10
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 10

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1966
Page 10
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10 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1966 • Jacoby On Bridr^e Never Follow Cliches Blindly By Oswald * Jjunc« Jacoby Newspaper Enterprise Assn. All the old cliches of bridge BLVS worth knowing but if you follow them blindly, you'll sleep in the sti-eets. One of the oldest is "Cover an honor with an honor." Of course, there is a conspicuous exception HOSPITAL DIETITIAN 19 KORTH A532 ¥QJ4 • J7 WEST EAST 4k4 AQJIO irg876 ¥K103 • 742 •QJS «AQ953 «10862 SOUTH (D) 4AK9876 VA52 • A8 Xast-West vulnerable { Wert Mortii East Sonih Pass 2* Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V 9 1* 4* to this rule. When your honor is In back of two consecutive lower honors you can and you should always consider waiting and covering the second one. • East didn't know about tliis •exception. He put his king of Jiearts on dummy's jack. It tur- •ned out to be a disastrous mistake. ' South won with his ace and jilayed out the ace and king of ;trumps. Then he played his ace of diamonds, led a diamond to the king and ruffed a third diamond. His next play was a third trump. East won and led a club., ^ The queen of hearts was an en,try to dummy and South's losing heart was discarded on a low diamond. ; If East iiad played low, on the .first heart South would never liave been able to get to dummy 's diamond. He would have lost a heart trick in addition to tlie one trump and two clubs that he could do nothing about. Was It possible that East's failure to play the king could cost his side a trick? It was but only If West had decided to make tte ridiculous lead of the nine from a five or sue cai'd suit headed by the ace. Otherwise, East 's failure to play his king could not lose a trick for his Bide. GOOD S.'MVIARITAN HOSPITAL recently secured the services of Jlrs. Mary Kemper, as chief dietitian and supervisor of the food service department. She is showh here directing Mrs. Kose 3Iasset in salad preparation. Mrs. Kemper received her B.S. Degree in home economics from Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana, and took her internship in dietetics at the Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. After completion of her academic training and internship, Mrs. Kemper received her registration as a member of the American Dietetic Association. Prior to coming to Good Samaritan Hospital, she was chief dietitian at Warren G. Mui-ray Children's Center in Centralia, Illinois, and was also a research laboratory assistant at Purdue University. Mrs. Kemper resides witii her husband, Roger, sales manager for. Funk Brother Seed Company, at No. 5 Edgewood Drive.. -WATCHIXtt TV- TONIGHT 6:00—2 Grand Ole Opry 3 ABC Scope 4-12 News 6 Death Valley Days (color) 6 Porter Wagoner 11 Polka Varietiei 6:15—2 Grand Ole Opry 3 Port Game Show 6:30—2-3 Shane (color) 4-12 Jackie Gleason (color) 5-6 Flipper (color) , 7:00-5-6 Please Don't Eat the Daisies. ^ (color) 11 Route 66 7:30—23 Lawrence Welk (color) 4-12 Pistols 'N' Petticoats (color) 5-6 Get Smart (color) 8:00—4-12 Mission: Impossible (color) 5-6 Movie: Come September. Rock Hudson, GIna Lolo- brigidia (color) 11 Norville Dollar Black And White Or COLOR TV Comes In Better On CABLE TV Phone 242-5684 Today MT. VERNON CABLE TV 1306 Broadway MRS. JEANETTB PASTOM, telephone operator at Good Samaritan Hospital, talks over one of tlie mobile units of the hospital's Citizen Band radio system. Wayne City News Farmer's Share 40c On Dollar WASHINGTON (AP) — The Agriculture Department report- td today the farm share of the consumer food dollar will be be, tween 40 and 41 cents this year, up 2 cents from last year and tht largest since 1958 when it mu 40 cents. The share averaged 50 cents fluring the 1947-49 period. It had BlK)ed to a low of 37 cents in 1963 and 1964. The ' agency predicted, however, that the farm share in 1967 nay drop to an average 39 to 40 cents. FRANCIS FURNITURE no Dewey — i Block North Of Park Avenue Church Mt. Vernon, IlL Quality At The Most Reasonable Prices. The revival closed Saturday night at the Olive Branch church. Brother Richard McCormick was the speaker. to a hospital Sunday ening in Mrs. Zola Stagg was taken to a hospital Sunday evening in the Richardson ambulance. Mr. and Ms. Lester Thomason and sons, Larry and Eddie of Peoria and Mr. and Mrs. .D. Singleterry and children of Salem visited the last of the week with their mother, Mrs. Gladys Thomason and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Solomon of Keenes. Mrs. Gladys Thomason and Mrs. Mary Mc(}romick and son Keith were shoppers in Fairfield one day last week. rs. Myrtle Martin and son, Ray of Clinton, 111., Mrs. Sadie Buchanan, Mrs. Ruby HaUer of near Dahlgren and Mrs. Gladys Thomason visited with Mrs.Amy Trotter of Bluford Saturday morning. Rodney Warren and Ed Mc- (Tromick are in the Fairfield Memorial after being in a car wreck near Fairfield. Danny White was released after treatment with a hand injury. Mrs. Golda Dawson visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Buchanan Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Gray of Sims, Mrs. Cora Hosick and son, Paul of Mill Shoals and Mrs. Emma Meyers and son Alfred of Salem were supper guests of 8:30—2-3 Hollywood Palace n Wrestling 9:00—4-12 Gunsmoke 9:30—2 Movie: Anatomy of a Murder. Jimmy Stewart, Lee Remick. 3 Fractures Flickers 10:00-3-4-5-6-12 News )J Roller Derby 10:15—3 Guestward Ho 4 Movie: Operation Petticoat. Gary Grant, Tony Curtis, Joan O'Brien. 6 Crippled Children Telethon 12 Weather 10:25-12 Sports Final 10:30—5 Tonight Show (color) 9-Cup Aluminum AUTOMATIC PERCOLATOR $^95 2-SLICE TOASTER Thermostat Control CHROME FINISH $095 Open Stock Pce'tterns DINNERWARE 32-Pc. Sets-Service of 6 $795_$g95 _$Q95 S UMMERQ 5c-10c-$1.00 STORE |^ COMPLETE VARIETY STORE 212—214 So. 9th Street • Mrs, Gladys Thomason Monday evening. The Wayne City Indians beat the Cisne Lions Tuesday night at Cisne, 88 to 82. This was their first basketball game of the season. Mr. and Mrs. Noel Gregory and family have moved from Wayne City to R.R. 3 Fairfield. Mr, Gregory is employed by the state. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Williams of Manteno were called home by the death of his brother, Ovid Williams Friday. Mr. and Mrp. Wayne Talbert and son, Richie visited his brother, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Talbert in Mt. Vernon recently. Mr. and Mrs. Mileage Hall and Mrs. Mary Hall visited with relatives in Mt. Vernon recently. Lewis Parker was in ' a car wreck last week but not seriously hurt. He is a patient in the Fairfield Memorial Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Davis visited with Mrs. William Davis and son, Bobby of Salem one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Porter and family of Centralia visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dain Hall recently. Mrs. Rosa Parker is slowly improving. Arthur and Russell Hunt of Beckmeyer spent Saturday night with their, brottier, Sam Hunt and family. They attended church at Olive Branch Saturday night. Several attended the birthday supper for J.E. Gray Thursday night at Belle Pi-airie. Mrs. Bill Davis and Dorothy James were shoppers in Wayne City Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Witters of near Mt. Vernon attend! ed the funeral of Alfi-ed Bi-uner at Olive Branch Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hagel of near Pickneyville called at the home of Mi-, and Mrs. Charley Bailey Friday at Wayne City. They also visited their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rodgers of Fairfield. IMrs. Gladys Thomason, Cor. David And Lisa Movie On WSIU-TV A movie, termed by Time magazine as the best in 1962, will be featured on WSIU-TV next week, along with biographies of Franklin Roosevelt, Adolph Hitler and Theodore Roosevelt. The motion picture, David and Lisa, will be shown at 10 p.m. Monday. Kier Dulles won a best actor award and Janet Margolin won the best actress award at the San Francisco Film Festival. The biography of Franklin Roosevelt will be shown in two parts, at 9:30 p.m. Monday, and the same time Tuesday. The biogi'aphy of Hitler, also a two-part presentation, will be aired at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday. At 9:30 p,m. Friday the station wil feature the biography of Theodore Roosevet. Other highights of the week: Passport 8, conquest of Mt. McKinley, 8 p.m. Tuesday; In Mortal Combat, 10 p.m. Wednesday; Sports Panarama, a review of scores and be- hind-ttie-s c e n e s in Southern Illinois athletic event, 6:30 p. m. Thursday. 11 Movie: People Will Talk. Cary Grant, Jeanne Grain. 10:45—3 Saturday Night Movie: Onionhead. 11:00-11 The Beat 11:30-11 The Jazz Scene 12:15-5 Merv Griffin 12:30--2-3 News 4 Frankly Speaking 1:30—4 Movie: The Young Don't Cry. Sal Mineo, Jamet Whitmore. 1:45-5 Weather 3:15-4 News Father Of Two Is Changing Sex PITTSBURGH (AP) — Ricli- ard Nelson, father of two, has a new name today — Roberta Nelson. Nelson wants to change Ills sex and petitioned Alleglieny County (Pittsburgh) Common Pleas Court to change his name for social reasons. The name change was approved Thui-sday. Nelson, 31, of suburban Brentwood, claimed in his petition that he was advised by doctors to undergo hormonal treatments and surgery for "sex reassignment," Nelson v;as divorced in July. He did not appear in court and was represented by an attorney. i SUNDAY PROGRAM Morning 6:00—12 Christophers. 6:30—12 Big Picture. 6:45—4 Christophert 7:00—4 Big Picture. 6 Faith For Today 12 The teFevre's Show 7:20-2 Credo; News. 7:30-2 Pattern For Living. 5-12 Lester Family 6 Gospel Singing Jubilee 8:00-2 Message of the Rabbi. 4 Sunday Morning 5 Gospel Singing Jubilee n News 12 Singing Time In Dixie 8:15—2 The Answer. 11 Songs of Faith 8:30—4 Faith Of Our Fathers. 6 Paducah Devotion 11 Singing Time In Dixie 12 Herald of Truth 8:45—2 Religious Reporter. 9:00—2 Sacred Heart. 3 Beany and Cecil (color) 4-12 Lamp Unto My Feet 5 Met. Church Federation (color) 11 Big Picture 9:15-2 Catholic Mass. 6 Hamilton Brothers 9:30—2 Peter Potamui (color) 5 This Is the Life 6 Herald of Truth 11 Allen Revival 10:00-2-3 Bullwinkle Show (color) 4 Montage 5 Eternal Light 6 This is the Life 11 The Answer 12 Camera Three 10:30-2-3 Discovery '66 4 Way of Life 5 Atom Ant. (color) 6-12 The Answer 11:00—2 Beany and Cecil (color) 3 Educational 4 Search i Corky'* Coloram* (color) 6 Popeye 11 Third Baptist Church 12 This Is the life 11:30—2 Peter Potemus (color) 4-12 Face the Nation 6 File Six • Afternoon 12:00-2 Linus the lionTiearted 3 Direction '66 4 My Little Margie 5-6 Meet the Press (color) 11 Upbeat 12 Singing Time in Dixie 12:25-4 News 12:30-2 Stingray 3 Oral Roberts 4 Big Red Huddle 5 TBA 12:45-4-12 NFL Today. Philadelphia at San Francisco (color) 1:00—2 Movie: Hercules Unchained 3 Sunday Matinee 5 Wild Kingdom (color) 11 Greatest Show on Earth 1:30-5-6 AFL Football. Buffalo at Houston (color) 2:00—11 Championship Bowling 2:00—Tenn. Tuxedo (color) 2:45-12 NFL Today. Philadelphia at San Francisco (coler) 3:00-2-3 Porky Pig (color) 11 Wrestling 3:30—2 Richard Diamond 3 Tenn. Tuxedo 4:00—2 Movie: Anatomy of a Murder. 3 Allen Revival 4:30—3 Laramie 5-6 College Bowl (color) 11 Shirley Temple Theatre. Randolph Scott. 5:00-5-6 Frank McGee (color) 5:30—3 Lawman 5-6 Telephone Hour (color) 12 News Evening 6:00—2-3 Voyage to the Bottom of the sea. 4-12 Lassie (color) 11 Movie: Love of Three Queens. Hedy lamarr, Robert Beatty (color) 6:30-4-12 It's About Time (color) 5-6 World of Color (color) 7:00-2-3 F.B.I. 4-12 Ed Sullivan (color) 7:30-5-6 Hey Landlord (color) 11 The Deputy 8:00—2-3 Movie: Courtship of Eddies Father (color) 4-12 Garry Moore Show (color) 5-6 Bonanza (color) 11 Focus on St. Louit 9:00—4-12 Candid Camera (color) 5-6 Andy Williams (color) 11 Movie: His Girl Friday. Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell. A girl reporter helps a condemned man escape prison. 9:30-4-12 What's My Line (color) 10:00—2-3-4-5-6-12 News 10:15—2-3 Weekend News 4-12 Sunday Big News 5 Dan Devlne (color) 6 Movie: On Moonlight Bay. Dorli Day, (Sordon MacRae. (color) 10:30—2 Movie: Wrong Arm of the Law. Peter Selers, Bernard Jeffries. 3 Movie: Wind Across the Everglades. 4 Movie: Yankee Bucaneer. Jeff Chandler, Suian Ball. 5 Movie: TBA 12 Merv Griffin Show 10:45—11 Movie: Jail Breakers, Robert Hutton, Mary Castle. Three escaped convicts travel to ghost town. 11:45—2 Scope 12:00—2 Outdoor Living 12:15-2 News; Credo 12:20—4 Movie: The Actress. Spencer Tracy, Jean Simmons. 12:30-3 News 1:00-5 News 2:00—4 News Monday Evening 6:00-2 Tales of Wells Fargo 3 Cactus Pete 4-5-6-12 News 8 Antiques 11 PDQ (color) 6:15-4-5 Weather 6:30—2-3 Iron Horse (color) 4-12 Gilligan's Island (color) 5-6 The Monkees (color) 8 Turn of the Century 11 The American West (color) 7:00-4J2 Run, Buddy, Run (color) 5-6 I Dream of Jeannie (color) 8 Science Reporter 11 Of Lands and Seas (color) 7:30—2-3 Rat Patrol (color) 4-12 The Lucy Show (color) 5-6 Roger Miller Show (color) 8 What's New 8:00—2-3 Felony Squad (color) 4-12 Andy Griffith (color) 5^ Road West (color) 8 Passport. Return of the Stone Age. U Movie: Arsenic and Old Lace. Cary Grant, Raymond Massey. A delightful comedy-mystery when two sweet old ladies serve 'spiked' wine to some elderly gentlemen and then hold funeral services in the basement. 8:30—2-3 Peyton Place (color) 4-12 Family Affair (color) 8 N.E.T. Journal 9:00-2-3 Big Valley (color) 4-12 Jean Ai-thurs (color) 5-6 Perry Como's Music Hall (color) 9:30—1-12 I've Got A Secret (color) 8 Biography: Franklin D. Roosevelt. 10:00-2-34-5*02 News 8 Cinema: David and Lisa 11 Alfred Hitchcock 10:15-5« Tonight Show (color) 12 Late Weather 10:20—2 Sports 10:20-2 Sports 3 Untouchablei 4 Weather 10:30—2 Movie: Remains to be Seen. June Allyson, Van Johnson. 4 Movie: The Family Secret. John Derek, Lee J. Cobb. 12 Movie: The Harder They Fall. Humphrey Bogart, Jan Sterling. 11:00—11 Movie: Let's Live A Little. Robert Oim- mmgs, Hedy Lamarr. A female psychiafrist and a yoimg advertising ex- excutive create mental disorder. 11:20—3 Mavei-ick 12:00—5 Movie: Casablanca. Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henried, Peter Laure. 12:05—1 Movie: Road to Zanzibar. Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour. 12:15-2 Movie: Murder on the Bridle Path. Helen Broderidc, James Gleason. 12:20-12 News 12:30—3 News and Weather 1:40-5 Weather 1:50-4 News DAHLGREN Revival Services will begin at the Dahlgren Methodist Church begmning November 28 through December 4 wath the Reverend Carl WilUams of Harrisburg btinging the messages. Revival will continue at Pleasant Grove Methodist Church December 5 through the 11th with the Reverend Roy Hudson of Bellemont, 111., bringing the messages each evening. Revival begins at 7 p.m. each evening with special singing by local talent. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Mickelson and children of Decatur spent the holiday weekend with their mothers, Mrs. Leland Edens £md Mrs. Ann Mickelson. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bradley of Mt. Vernon visited with her mother, Mrs. Leland Edens over the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Dawey Jines and son, Mike spent Thursday in Evansville, Ind., shopping. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Stallings were Friday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Jmes. Louis Miller, who came home last week from the Union Hospital in West Frankfort was taken back to the hospital Monday morning after getting worse again. Col. Vel French of Dayton, Ohio, spent a few days here last French and sister ,Mrs. Nadine Harmon. The World War I Veterans and their wives met Friday evening November 11 in the Odd Fellows Hall here. With each family bringing a covergd dish, the delicious dinner was enjoyed at 6:45 by the group. Special music was rendered for entertainment. P.V.T. John Butier of Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., spent Friday with his paents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Butler. Visiting over the weekend In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Neal Richardson and Darlene were: Mrs. Noie Irwin of Peoria, Pvt. Lester Irvin of Fort Knox, Kr., Mr. and Mrs. Ross Horton of Salem, and Mrs. Ruth Karcher and children of Belle Rive. Miss Minnie Lemke and Miss Joan Aydt, who are employed in Springfield spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Lemke and Mr. and Mrs. "Buck" Aydt. Mr. £md Mrs. Rufus Irwin spent the day Sunday in C3iarleston, 111., in the home of the daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Joii North and children. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Traub and Mr. and Mrs. George Wallbaum of St. Clair Shoes, Mich., have recently returned to then- homes in Michigan after spending a wedt's vacation with Mr. and Mrs. Rob Aydt and Mr. and Mrs. ayde J. Aydt and family. They enjoyerf a very pleasant stay on the farm. Mrs. Emma Taft, Ben and Esther Taft of Rochester, ni., spent Thursday in the home of Mr. and Mr. Harry C. Glbbs. Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Adams of Sierra - Vista, Ariz., and Mrs. Helen Brechtefield, of Sikeston, Mo. were recent visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Don Tucker and family. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Cross spent Saturday and Sunday in Danville, ni., visiting in the home of M. and Mrs. Edward Boyd. Mrs. Isabel Collison returned to her home in Wauwatosa, Wis., with her father, Jasper C. Coin. Recent visitors in the home of Mrs. Marie Savage were, Mr. and Mrs. aarence Askew of Emporia, Kan., Mr. and Mrs. Owen L. Savage of Rockford, Russell Dale of Ina.'and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Savage, Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Savage and Mr. and Mrs. Dean Savage. OBSERVING YOUTH APPRECIATION WEEK—The students at Casey Junior High School were honored at this assembly Tliursday morning, In observance of Optimist International Youth Appreciation Week. Tlie Rev. Robert X. Freytag, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, was the spealter for tlie occasion. He Grabs Snake Instead Of Hose PERTH, Australia (AP) — Laurie Spicer decided to move a sprinkler watering the front lawn on his farm 250 miles east of Perth. To save the ti-oublo oE turning off the sprinkler, he ran under it to gi-ab the hose, bend it and stop the flow of water. Spicer grabbed and was about to bend the "hose" when it squirmed violently in his hands. The bonified Spicer found he had grabbed a deadly, 5-foot copperhead snake which apparently was cooling off under the sprinkler. He dropped the snake just as It struck and its fangs went into his boot. He killed the snake with an iron bar. "Lucky for me I was not wearing sandals," said Spicer. Ts'ai Lun, a CThinese, discovered paper in A.D. 105. CLEANING SPECIALS Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday—Nov. 21, 22, 23 Ladies' PLAIN SKIRTS 45« Ladies' SLACKS 45* Ladies' SWEATERS 45« Pick Up and Delivery Service At Regular Prices Only LYNN-ANN CLEANERS 413 Main Phone 242-0456 Mt. Vernon, Illinois TRY OUR BUDGET SPECIAL 8 LBS. $1.50 - REVIVAL - BELLE RIVE MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH Beginning Nov. 21 7:30 P.M. Evangelist Kenneth Holland John Lee Jr., Pastor Everyon* W«lcom«. Effective immediately. INSURED ^ Your savings with us are now insured up to $15,000 by) the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, an agency of the United States Government. Congress has passed and the President has signed legislation, effective immediately, which will provide this additional protection. So now, in addition to sound management and substantial reeerves, you have this added protection (up to $15,000) by a U.S. Government agehcy, when you place' your savings with us. RememiJer, NO ONE HAS EVER LOST A PENNY in a savings account insured by the .FSLiC. Kin F € D C R A GUY WOOD, JR., ExecuHve Vice-President 117 N. 10th Street Phone 242-5200

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