Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on May 8, 1946 · Page 3
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1946
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MAT I, 1946. Regular Monthly Meeting Of Postville Town Council The regular monthly meeting of the town council wns held May 3, 1040. at 7:30 P. M., In the council rooms, Memorial Hall, With Mayor M. C. Decr- presiding. All the eouncilmen were present, namely: Fred C. Ruckdaschel, Harold H. Schrocder, Keith GroKit. Glenn Olson and James Overland. Others present were: Eldo Gericke. marshal; H. A. Lnngc, water-, works superintendent; Otto Appel, street commissioner, and L. O. Boucher, town treasurer. The minutes of the meetings held April 5, April 9 and April 17 were read and approved. Upon motion by Schrocder, seconded by Huckdaschel, and carried, monthly report of Joseph B. Steele, Clerk, was approved. Upon motion by Gregg, seconded by Olson, and carried, monthly .report of L. O. Boucher, treasurer, was approved. Upon motion by Ruckdaschel, seconded by Overland, and carried, monthly report of H. A. Langc, Eldo Gericke and Otto Appel were ap proved. The following bills were then a] lowed: General Fund: Eldo Gericke, salary $139.50 George Bursell, labor 8.10 A. C. Webster, services annual report, postage 10.29 Otto Appel, supplies purchased.. 5.85 Postville Herald, publications, advertising 74.77 V. H. Ferris, labor 2.75 Joseph B. Steele, salary, bond premium, postage 33.83 Harper Brush Works, supplies . 14.32 Jack UiVelle, signs 17.00 Al. P. Hummel, abstracts, quiet title action 30.00 Otto II. Fossum. court costs, quiet title action .' 48.95 Robert H. Burling, attorney fee, quiet title action, revenue stamps 103.30 Waterworks Fund: Interstate Power Co., power $132.35 H. A. Lange, postage and express 1.02 National Aluminate Co.. supplies 44.61 Badger Meter Co., supplies 1.23 Interstate Power Co., light 1.02 Sever Fund: John Burrow, salary $115.00 Interstate Power Co., light 2.74 Ted Anderson, labor 3.40 Memorial Hall Fund: Hall Roberts' Son, coal $173.58 Douglass Pharmacy, supplies ... 5.35 Interstate Power Co., light ... 4.07 Grading and Dragging Fund: Lylc Kurdelmcier, gas $ 8.12 Light Fund: Interstate Power Co., street lights $ 93.27 Emergency Fund: Otto Appel. salary $143.80 Upon motion by Schroeder, seconded by Olson, and carried, above bills were allowed as read. Upon motion by Schroeder, seconded THE POSTVILLE HERALD. POSTVILLE. IOWA. PAGE THKEB. by Overland, and carried, the Clerk's bond of Joseph B. Steele was approved. Upon motion by Schroeder, seconded by Gregg, and carried, application with bond ol T. W. Overcen and Mildred Overcen for cigarette permit to sell cigarettes nt The Palm liegin- ning June 1, 1940, was approved and permit ordered issued. Upon motion by Ruckdaschel, seconded by Olson and carried, application with bond of Earl Abernethy for Class "B" beer license to sell beer at Earl's Recreation was approved and permit ordered issued. Upon motion by Olson, seconded by Gregg, and carried, application of Enrl Abernethy for operation of pool tables at Earl's Recreation was approved and license ordered issued. It was moved by Schroeder, seconded by Ruckdaschel, that resolution entitled, "Resolution Authorizing and Directing Execution, Acknowledgment and Delivery of Deed to Real Estate Owned by The Incorporated Town of Postville. Iowa; and Resolution Ap provinw Deed so Executed and Acknowledged" in connection with real estate sold to Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative, Inc.. be adopted. Vote on resolution was: Ayes, Ruckdaschel, Schroeder, Gregg, Olson and Overland; Nays, none. Mayor declared resolution unanimously adopted. It wns moved by Ruckdaschel, sec onded by Schroeder, that resolution entitled. "Resolution Authorizing and Directing Execution. Acknowledg ment and Delivery of Deed to Real Estate Owned by The Incorporated Town of Postville. Iowa; and Resolution Approving Deed so Executed and Acknowledged" In connection with real estate sold to A. B. Cook be adopted. Vote on resolution was: Ayes, Ruckdaschel, Schroeder, Gregg, Olson and Overland; Nays. none. Mayor declared resolution unanimously adopted. It was moved by Olson, seconded by Schroeder. that resolution authorizing M. C. Deering, Mayor, to execute "Application for Federal Aid in Providing Housing Facilities for Veterans and Servicemen" be adopted. Vote on resolution was as follows: Ayes: Ruckdaschel, Schroeder. Gregg, Olson, and Overland; Nays, None. Mayor declared resolution unanimously adopted. On motion the meeting adjourned. JOSEPH B. STEELE, Town Clerk. M. C. DEERING. Mayor. Want Want Ad Rates— 26 cents per insertion up to 25 words when cash accompanies order. Otherwise the rate is 10 cents per line per insertion. An extra charge of 10 cents is also made where replies are to come to this office. Wanted—A girl for waitress at the Thoma Cafe.—25c. Wanted—Johnson outboard motor, 2Mi to B horsepower. Phone 141, Post­ ville.—27p. Wanted—Women for steady or part time work at the Groth Packing Company, Postville. For Sale—Official DDT fly spray; $1.50 a gallon. Less in five gallon lots. Dr. C. M. Morgan. Postville.—27c. Wanted—A Duroc Jersey stock hog. John Evans, R. 1, phone 42-F-72, Post­ ville.—27c. We will again buy live geese and ducks by appointment. Lorencc Rein- hardt.—27c. For Sale—A good 1937 Ford. Reconditioned motor. Call al Phillips 66 Station.—27c. For General Trucking, see Milton Olson, R. 1, Postville. phone through Gunder.—28p. For Sale—Two bicycles. Ask for Mrs. Perryman at the Ricker Mobilgas Station, Postville.—27c. For Sale—Several farms and city properties. J. T. Humphrey, Real Es- state Broker, Postville. CARD OF THANKS. YOUR I0M61*" HIGH** with service from your We -wish to express our heartfelt thanks to friends, neighbors and relatives for their many words of sympathy and kindly acts during our bereavement, the passing on of our beloved wife and mother. We especially thank the Rev. Seamans. the singers, organist, those who brought floral tributes and all who assisted us at the funeral. Harry N. Turner and Family. For Sale—Extra copies of the Mir-or, high school annual, at $2.00 each at tile high school office.—27c. Lost—A man's heavy ruby ring. Reward of $5 offered for its return Bring to Herald office.—27p. For Sale—Shepherd pups, from good heeler stock. Elmer Dottman, lVj miles south of Postville.—28p. For Sale—A formal dress of maize georgette, size 14-16. As good as new. Inquire at Herald office.—27p. For Sale — Johnson 10-horse out board motor; almost like new. Ed Lenth, R. 1, Luana, Iowa.—27c. For Sale—Young Man's tan sport coat; size 40. Like new. Reasonable Inquire at the Herald Office.—27p. For Sale—White Rock spring chick ens. Will deliver in town. A. C. Nesbit, R. 1, Castalia, Iowa.—27p. For Sale—Copperclod kitchen range for coal and wood; white enameled Sidney Livingood, R. 2, Postville.—27p BOY, 17, wonts job on farm. Understands all sorts of form work. Can operate tractor. Inquire at the Herald Office.—27p. For Sale—Hinman pipeline milker, in perfect condition. Pipeline for 20 cows; prize $205. Hartley Enyart, R. 2, Postville.—27p. For Sale—Large baby bed, almost like new; bnthinet and swing. Call 13-R-61, Clermont, or write or sec Mrs. Verni Brandt.—27p. LIVE AND LEARN. At Whlttemore, a housewife has learned a few things about dried apples. After simmering them in water, she put the apples in a pie, was surprised to look in the oven a little later and find the pie about five inches high and still going up. Increased use of farm machines is not the fundamental cause of the increasing size of Iowa farms, in the opinion of Enrl Heady, Iowa State College form economist. He has been making a study of the cause of increase In farm size. ALLAMAKEE COUNTY BANKS TO CLOSE THURSDAY MAY 16 All banks in Allamakee county, will be closed Thursday, May 16, 1946, for the group meeting to bo held that day at Dubnquc. CITIZENS STATE BANK. POSTVILLE STATE BANK. If the brooder house Isn't on clean ground away from old hens, the best procedure is to keep the chicks confined to the brooder house and sun- porch until they are ready to be moved to a range area. I am now prepared to do all kinds of general trucking. Carlyle Anderson, phone through Gunder. Address R. 1, St. Olaf, Iowa.—27c. For A MAN WhO IS BuSy- Wanted—Mechanic; also body and fender man. Good wages and working conditions. E. Johnson Garage, phone 118, Waukon, Iowa.—28c. NOTICE —We buy your wool and guarantee highest possible market prices at all times. Write or phone Elgin 3231. Elgin Produce, C. J. Mul- ford.—27p. For Sale—The modern residence of the late Mrs. Annetta Miller in Postville. Possession very soon. Inquire of Harvo Miller, phone 23-F-61, Post­ ville.—28p. Highest prices paid for wool. Bring in your wool and get full government price. A free gift to each person bringing in wool. J. Silverman, Monona, Iowa.—29p. Wanted—A girl for fountain and luncheonette work along with clerking duties. Full time job. Valuable experience. Good wages. The Brueckner Drug Store.—23c. For Sale—Seed Potatoes. Chippewa, Irish Cobbler, Pontiac and Rural New Yorker. One-third off. Now priced at $2.45 to $3.15 per hundred. Luhman and Huebner.—27c. For A WOMAN Who Is Busy A CHECKING ACCOUNT SAVES VALUABLE TIME THANK YOU. I wish to thank my former neighbors and friends who called on me and sent greeting cards while 1 was a patient in the Mason City hospital. I appreciated these very much. Herman Kohnke. Kensett, Iowa. For Sale—A few extra bushels of early varieties of Moew's seed corn; germination 90 to 97'r. John J. Martins, R. 2, Postville.—26tfc. Just received a few sets of Silver Plated Flatware in Community, 1881 Rogers and Wm. Rogers & Sons Silver. W. J. Hanks. Jeweler—27c. For Sale—I still have a few bushels of 379, 353-A and 341 Pioneer seed corn available. Germination 90S. Fred H. J. Thoma, R. 1, Postville.—22tfc. THANK YOU. I wish to thank all who remembered me with calls, cards, fruit and flowers during my recent illness. They were deeply appreciated. Mrs. Harvey Meyer. DIP SWEET POTATO SLIPS TO CONTROL STEM ROT MOTORS—I do all kinds of motor repairing, rewinding and reconditioning. J. F. Hart, at the Electric Motor Shop, phone 272, Postville, Iowa.—6tfc. For Sale—Three lots in east Postville; good drainage and no filling needed; sewer and water. Inquire of Delmar Reincke or Fred W. Groth, Postville—20tfc. For Sale—Case pickup slicer-baler; a team of work horses. 6 and 10 years old; one 1932 V-8 Ford. Bud Broihier, R. 2, Ridgeway, first place north of Bily Bros, clocks.—27p. Postville State Bank We Offer A Complete Banking Service 3E For Sale — A McCormick-Deering corn planter, complete with tongue truck, in excellent condition. Also one F-20 power mower. Falb Motor & Implement Co., Postville.—27c. BIG EARS of deep medium dented kernels. That's Funk's "G" hybrid corn. 95 1 '; germination. CONSISTENTLY GOOD YEAR AFTER YEAR. Louis Benjegerdes, R. 1, Postville.—27c. For Sale—Work Shop, 20 by 40 ft., story and a half high. Contains much good lumber, with three partitions inside. Can easily be remodeled into a home, or barn or other building. Mrs. L. H. Schroeder, phono 192, Postville, 1 Iowa.—26tfc. dealer Bring your Ford "HOME"for service Your Ford Pooler Stem rot is the most serious disease of sweet potatoes in southern. Iowa, says D. M. Coe, Iowa State College plant pathologist. It is caused by a fungus which lives for years in the soil and enters the slips when they are set out. Entry is gained through wounds in the roots and stems. Loss from this disease can be greatly reduced by n simple process of dipping the slips before they are set out. Fur a protective dip, a suspension of wettable Spergon may be used at the rate of 2 ounces to a gallon of water or one pound to eight gallons of water. For Sale—Cabbage, tomato, pepper, cauliflower, celery, ground cherry, huckleberry, aster and other plants. Late tomato and cabbage plants 20 cents per dozen. Mrs. W. G. Bulman, Postville.—27c. For Sale—New sportsmen's jackets and coats, fish and game bags, nylon ponchos, pack sacks, utility bags and many other useful articles. Save money al The Thrift Shop. Next to telephone office. Phone 309-W.—27c. FORD SALES AND SERVICE IN' POSTVILLE RUCKDASCHEL MOTORS PKone m SEE US . . for . . ELECTRIC BROODER STOVES PEAT LITTER . . and . . BABY CHICK MASH MEYER'S FOUR-COUNTY HATCHERY Telephone 234 Postville, Iowa We are in the market for wool. Deal with the man who gives you THE HIGHEST PRICE and the BEST SERVICE. Also dealer in poultry, eggs and hides all year around. Call 174-J or 174-M. Julius Geskin, Ossian, Iowa.—27tfc. PERMANENT Sales Position with an old Iowa concern. We need several men in this section of the state. Leads furnished, income $10 to $25 daily. Field training given—car necessary. Excellent opportunity for advancement. See Corliss Hilliard at Commercial Hotel, Postville, evenings ifter 7 o'clock—27p. WalnutGrove PRODUCTS Due to the shortage of feed this year, try and keep your livestock well balanced on WALNUT GROVE MINERALS and see how much faster your pigs will grow, ALSO HAVE A CURE FOR NECRO pigs (hut have black and bloody scours and are not doing well. Treatment Guaranteed, Treatment for coccidlosis In chickens guaranteed. Also have dip, mange oil and wormers. Have all these on hand now. Arthur Schultz rOSTVILLE, IOWA A Sewing Machine in good condition has more trade-in value for that new post-war model. Be ready when they come. Get your machine cleaned and reconditioned now. J. A. Flynn, Calmar, Iowa. Phone Herald Office in Postville—Phone No. 200. For Sale—My entire herd of Shorthorn and Shorthorn-Hereford crossbred cows and heifers. These cows have 10 calves at side and other's are heavy springers. These calves are sired by an Aberdeen-Angus bull, Henry Gericke, five miles east of Postville, Route 1.—28p. Authorities at Iowa State College say that dried eggs-^-dried whites, dried yolks and dried whole eggs— may win a place in the kitchen along with other staples in the future. Advantages claimed for them are: They are economical, convenient, compact, easy to measure out, they don't crack tnd keep almost indefinitely. I I Announcing^ VIBRO-CLEANING A New Car Interior Cleaning Service In addition to servicing, washing and lubricating your car we are privileged to serve you in still another way. We now can vacuum clean your car interior, using a newer, better method —the modern Vibromatic Way. Vibro-CIeaning scientifically removes abrasive sand, dirt and grit from upholstery and floor carpets of your car. Vibro-Cleaning helps you maintain the appearance and trade-in value of your car—insures clean, healthful driving, too! Come in soon for a car wash or lubrication or both, let us add a complete Vibromatic cleaning treatment—it's fast—it's thorough—can be done while you wait. Falb Motor Co. Telephone No. 290 Postville, Iowa Lowe Brothers HIGH STANDARD HOUSE PAINT MlflH STANDARD , CMKAF FAINT Low* Brothers HIGH STANDARD HOUSE PAINT coven solidly mora square feet of surface per gallon, wear* longer and actually qoita lata to use than ohaap painti. And hare ia why I Recognised laboratory teata show that, many "cheap" paints contain aa much aa 638 of water and other evaporating liquid*—and only 37S5 of protective film-forming aolid*. But Lowe Brothers HIGH STANDARD HOUSE PAINT contains 90S of surface protecting, film-forming solids. That's why it costs less to use—why it spreads evenly and savea time and money. Come in for your FREE copy of "Color Keys to Sunlit Homes." Postville Lumber Company H, J. MEYER, Manager Telephone No. 196

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