Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on December 28, 1865 · 3
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · 3

Hartford, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1865
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.L 1 ,1 ' ' ' l I ; .-T; ? 9? - . - I 0. S. WEATHEkTRY & OO.'S COLUMN".- i I J-- -n :-n?- .. . Lii J JL1 Li DEUIIIG & SEYHOUR. a" Follow the Crowd! EXCITEMENT COSTIXU1 ptfCES STltAK FOR THEMSELVES. Ives, fur, notwithstanding weather -PC .kforttem. lyriced. we anueipswu COTTONS ..t ami nrmx , rlr(i our customers eured large supply, am. Pw- , . .,, ,, D VANTAGE, - will cn l'ykthe fo'- .1. I livr. k"'1" VARIMVIDE COTTON'S, 25. iSal 3--iuch BBOWN COTTON for Mc. Our PRINTS, 25c, Ourl'tLAlNKS, 2.V. Our COTTON FLANNELS, 3c. yard-wide Heavy Bleached Cotton., 3c. HV ' No Changes, cn 458-- -458 era While oflerir.g CHEAT (ieods, we do But forget IlAR.C.AIN!t In there ME GOODS, nor do the I-WieJ, Bl)e!ve how everJ n,ll,t- WOOL BLANKETS! BEESS GOODS ! Peaa&riif aUMCtS, black and color, for sr. wuithll. 5 i LUPIN'S .MF.KIN03, all colore, (green included), wesl licM tor $1.50. BEAVERS. CASTOR BEAVERS. DOESKIN" BEAVERS, CHINCHILLA BEAVERS. CLOAKS, SHAWLS, kc. I.oOK FOR N CM BEE 53! DICMLNG & SEYMOUR. dec 23 . d V ANTED A situation in a private fam- f i'v, to in geio-ml housework ; god ci'y references jurn!ln .I. Apply at TS Pleasant at. dec 27 3d "IITAiTKD-rA competent person toman- ' ae the detail of selling a new publication by .iits. To one who is well qualified far aucti buslines, al.betal wUrywill be paid. Adlrc K. O. H1BBAKU V JJ , Hr!l .rd. Vnn. dec 27 tfil VAN TED A Kod iron ; city rekroncen f'linreL slrettt. - cook, wpsher and reqnirtx). Apply at Sg dec 27 3d VANTED A situation by a competent ' youiiiftrl, to do gtcond work, or take care of etiMreii ui k private fjiiiiily ; good recMumeDilatinnfl H require!, ln.juiro at o. 13 1 f rk t. dec27 3l CALESMAN WANTED A man who rni- ili?ttaitu the wholecale buineffl. to take the entire charge of or WhoWtale Dry Goods, and Yankee Ho- Hon l(-rtin-nt. Apply in Dori-on to d 27 2d " TALgO" POST. N'OTIC KLTho cTizen ofliartford an d Tlcinitr rc hrrebv notirted . 'bat 1 bave the Aiv-r.ifr8. DeVoUNv CK1,K.BKATE1 BLACK SaU'E. tr tbe cure ot Felona, ltumg and Intlameil ft'in', iiii:b ii warranted to cure. inmellately, Felons in any ftajr3, and will give immediate and permanent relief, r'-r iiunia anrrold Sores, It i eqiinllv effectnal. JAMES U. COLLINS, No. 12 Seymour St. 1 htreb? certify, that I have In a n amber of case of Ft'li'O, employed ibe above Salve, and that it aflorda fteedy relief and a pennanent cure. Indeed, it U a oom-p:et8 .pecinc. ISAAC J. SPEKKT, M. D., dec .7 lmd No. 12 Orove at. Ford 5; Lkvett, Auctioneers. Sale of Government Property. State ok Connecticut, Quartermaster OeneraPs Department. Hartford, Conn., Dec. 27,"J8e5. 7ILL be sold by Public Auction at the ' Lonne,'tirut Slate Arsenal, in Hartford, on the lOthdayof JANUARY, lS.iit lo o'clock, a. m., Ord-uwe and Qiiart jrmanter Stores, ol which the following are oie ol the articled: 1 Springfield Kitlea, hituey Kinj and Bayonets. 7 Mifmt,M.i,i Killa, 'IV Springtield .Munketo and Bavonets l(f."7 Altered Mcket and Bavoneta. XI Flint Link lu.-keuanil Bavoneta. m Holater PUols, ' 4 Sai.jiera' Miners' Munketoom ltd Cavalry S-tbtv. straight. -Sabre Bayouetfl, J-l i.',ot A'ory Swords with Scabbards, IS. 9 Waist Kelt, Cro Blls, 144 fartridpi Boxes, 1901 aayonet Scabbards, 51 Cap Pouches and Picks, Gun Sluiei, iM Habre BeTuj and Plates, f ! Aruilery Sabre Belts and Plate. leo Pwtol Holster. 5"7 rtrtdtre Formers for Sharps' Rifle, w wormeis ior Binen, 10 Hanmiers for JMickets ljJS Tumbler Screws for .Mufket. o0 Wool Blankets, W Yards lia,k Bhia Cloth, W Pairs Dravers, M Imajitrv Haul, Pair Siockinc., 4T jyrnir 'or iliiskets, . Baw l'nim wuhSti.-k" i Steel KnlTes, S"i Steel Forks, Tin Sionst ll Knansack. 4063 Overeat Strap' M Inn Mess Pans, lur; , 1 i Plnt TlB Cup. lnnrni-met..iLmU and small. lourniiitiera il ,...-. .. 1 Set 2 H ,rU rw"T'.'." P""", andi"u't,7rroc,ltos. tntotbwS'9'.'!1 ""wl " ai.pl pliea- Uarlford , u.u a ievett, Auctiouers. V M A i 1 1 r v ' decITdlf Q. M. General of Connecticnf,. T HE MAMMOTH VARD?QB dec- 34 & rt(i Asylum 8t. E MRS. HENCHY, a Pratt Mir... t ftow ofters her ianie stock of Mrr.iivrDv below cort, consUting of ot X ET BONNETS and HATS, which cmn-kiW Te,r5 d-, AUo- serous Fancy Good, of all iA Ues, please don't forget the place, at MBS. IIKiVCIIET'S. SET ?r".Mre' Henchv has "iatcan be made. tcan b. on nld the best fitting COR- A hteS,Wi,den at Coventry", S1 i ' a DiStPp'!1 rict,of Coventrv. on the m& uda?v ius Freeent. RAmnoi nwi ! ' " " WAA, "ftbe fsSeT l S Hrt, Adminto- Mecrw, Uiaisix"1., deceased: This court triiUlrt of saideaJi "1 and limited for iliS the AmS SSiJ! "i?ib" tl;ir claims against t,i r .Fven of thia nrrti. C ' uw uiat public no-SlW;sl Hariord "Jf adVCTt ""8 in "iewspaper f Ptuc ilrotnost i d-5y. ,OBUn8 eopy thereof on S-Twell0"" 3dw "frotuheeord. Sam l el. Wilsoit, Judge. CLOAKS, CLOAKS! AT COST, And Less Than Cost. JJAVING decided to give up the sale of READY-MADE C I. OA KM, we offer the balance of our stock of READY-MADE GOODS, AT COST, and many of thm XT LESS THAN COST, t ) clese them out. Hereafter, we shall confine our Cloak Buloe8 EX CLUSIVELY to CUSTOM work, which, under the management of MISS BDTTS, will receive the same prompt attention as heretofore. As we need the room new occupied by our Cloak De partment for another branch of our business, we propose to close out OCR ENTIRE STOCK of CLOAKS at prices that will guarantee a speedy sale. G. S.WEATHERBY&GO HILLS BLOCK. dec 28 AMERICAN GIRL "WANTED An Am-erican girl of good character, and who thoroughly understands housekeeping, to go into a family residing in a village near Hartford. To a good girl tne highest wages will be paid. Recommendations required. Address, with real name, A. S. H., Col rant Office. dec 27 tfd SIGNS! SIGNS! THE SUBSCRIBER having had twenty year experience la the art of SIGN PAINTING, now oS'ers graa lJ"cmoiiW, BY LOW PRICES for the next 60 or 360 days. All who may want a good SIGN, in gold, ornamental, or plain, will rind it a money-saving stp to eall at the OLD STASD, iii MAIN STREET. Also, Ornamental Oilt Lettering on show windows, done in splendid stylo, by an artist now In my employ. HOTJSE-PAINTLNG, GRAINING, Ornamental and Plain Paper-Hanging will be done In the best manner. PAINTS, White Lead.French Zino,OU Tarnish, SplriteTurpentine, Glass, Putty, 4 c, &c. A general assortment of PAINT MATERIALS can be had at a small preflt at 522 Main street, dec 19 24dnew W. II. BRADLEY. LOOK OUT FOR THE ENGINE DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP The subscribers are anxious to dispose of their large stuck of CLOTHING FURNISHING GOODS, (BEFORE TAKING INVENTORY, and offer the goods at MUCH LESS than former prices. After 1st January, look out for new firm. CHAS. G. DAY & CO., dec 27 4d 64 and 66 Asylum street. 1865. Closing Sales. TALCOTT OFFER their entire & POST stock at prices that sale. Brown gotten and ui ,,... M-h iw.U tha market value to-day. Come and see a popular Bleached Oo'ton, better than Wamsutta, at a leas i nee. All in want of Ootfc.ns can save money at TALCOTT ft POST'S. CLOTHS AND CASSIMERES. V Gentlemen can find great Bargains in Clotaa and Flannels, the next 30 days. 'T A COTT & POST.- CARPETS, CUSHIONS, CURTAINS, &c. Carpets down, at TALCOTT & POST'S. Specialty In Church Cushions; we defy competition in this branch. Wa Invite churott committees to examine our work, quality and price. TALCOTT de rOS I'. ODD LOTS t-Oornioes, Gold Shades, Paper-Hangings, Shade Tassels, Rope Matting, Mats, Borders, &c. tor a soug. t Also, A BIG PILE OP REMNANTS 1 ' ' TftLGOTT k POST. dec 27 d&w67 RARt OPPORTUNIT Y ' GREAT CLOSING-OUT SALE GAY & GHAL1BERLIH. We call special attention to oor great bargains in the t CloaTc Department. No previous sale to compare with it In this city. Remember our object is to otose our $tock, not to make money. We shall Kive our best attentions to the crowds who -1.1 " . . . ,, ...I-. ; I" T , I, t tl TPJ uany ravOT ns Wltn a call, yueiunc eiu ximinu at PRICES that will certainly SJi,l the goods. I GAY & CHAMBERLIN. dec 27 FOR C R 18 TBA 8 ! W are opening thu week, aa Inrolce ol TARTAN PLAIDS, ol our own importation. IVOKY ItAiriliRUSUES, SHELL DKESSLNG COMBS, DRESSING CASES. ODOR OASES, etc., etc J PHARAOH'S SERPENT, both English and American. ,r t .; i M N AEY & GO. WANTED ! 100 EXPERIENCED BOOK AGENTS To sell a work which la meeting with universal favor among all classes, and selling with astouiridiig rapidity To those who have had a successful experience, a LIBERAL SALARY and expenses, will be paid. For particulars, apply to or eddrem AMERICAN Pt70I.IMINU CO., 148 Asylum street, Hartford, Conn. lmdis 4wl63 dec 1 A bfLEAUlD ASSORTMENT OF C0L0EED AND PLAIN ENGRAVINGS, ARE OFFERED ON SALE AT 2G7 Main Stroot ' AT REDUCED PRICES. We think this is the BEST COLLECTION OF ENGRAVINGS that was ever exhibited in Hartford. The public, and especially the ladies, are resiectful!y requeued to call and examine the tame; feollng confident that those in wanr. oi unoice rictures will De apt to purchase. BOIXE8 A ROBERTS. B. For the next Ninety Days we shall sell our sioc a at greatly reduced rates. dec 23 6d Panic Prices Rule HART, tiERRIAH & GO. TILL JANUARY ir, In DRY GOODS. CARPETS, , PAPER-HANGINGS, a GOLD SHADES, k OIL CLOTHS, &c R EMS ANTS, ODDS AXD EXDS, at your own price, Another invoice ef those choice, selected PURE LIVE GEESE FEATHERS, at Hart, Jferriam Successors to Sugden & Co. k Co. dec 21 325 MAIN ST. m STRONG & WOODRUFF, 335 MAIN STREET, Manufacturers and liealers In Ladies ' J&in cy Furs, " Consisting in part of HUDSON'S BAY SABLE. AMERICAN SABLE. MINK, ERMINE, s SQTJIBHELi nnrl all other errades. Particular attention paid lo me manufacture ol rura ikvi. ) Experienced Workmen. HATS and CAPS in all style and qualities ROBES of all qualities. Consisting in part ot iluddou s liay. Wolf, UreyFox, Renuett, liutlalo, sc. STRONG & WOODRUFF. Raw Furs bought, and the highest market price paid J dec 23 SELLING OFF. For the purposo ot reducing our large stock ol rich MILLINERY AND FANOY ODODS, We shall endeavor to offer them lierealter at prices that will insure their sale. No better opportunity can be offered for the selection of CHRISTSV3AS x AKD New Year's Presents. A rich Velvet Hat at half price. A Velvet Felt, or Silk Beaver Derbv Hat, beautifully Trimmed for a very small price. Ladies Dreas Caps, Head Dresses. and Nets fortue liatr. iarewiiai . cii, uwi .imvuiuuov.. Valencienne Handkerchiefii and Setts, Ribbon Scarft, and Neck Ties, Kid and White Felt Gloves, Worsted Shawl, Hoods, Infant's Sacquos, Leggins and Mittens. A great variety ol beautilul French Fancy Banlcets, nri.t, .ii.., .nil tii numerous to mentfon." We are disposed to sell the goods, therefore will offer good induce ments to purcnaser ai. MRS. HINCKLEY'S,- ueeJ2 4Q3 MAIN ST. M w66 SELLING OFF AT COST For the NEXT 30 WAYS, We offer oar large stock of ready-madeBONNETS, Jeckles, Ribbons, Plumes, French Flowers, Dress Caps, at cost. Ladies wishing to secure bargains will do well to call at Misses HUNT & JENNINGS, dee 16 13d 2w65 389 Main street. FRUIT FRUIT, For the Holidays, i ' OR ANY. OTHER DAYS. CONSTANTLY Receiving- from New York, Havana an.l Florida, Oranges, Messina and Malava Lemons, New Figa in drums and small boxes-lust the thing to put in the children's stncklng-New Fresh Dates, in boxes or by ; frail ; Malaya Grapes, l ayer and Bunch Kaislne, in whole and quarter boxes : Almonds, Pecan Nuts. Filberts, Kntflish Walnuts, Brazil Note, and choice Mia Bark Walnut; Cranterritsby the quart or barrel; Wilmington Peanuts by tbe truck had wittraUrife stock of goods too numerous to mention, which we shall be happy to show and ell to the public. Please call and examine our goods before purchasing, and we warrant yon will buv before leaving. Respectfnllv. . f iUAVNABD Sc IIIOLKY, dec 23 :. , . ' 14 and 18 Asylum street. PRESENTS ! OR CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR PRESENTS, goto Ballcrstein & Ilydcl's, i and get a Bonnet, Scotch Cap, or Derby Hat, SO per Cent. Leas than any other establishment in this eity win sell them.. Ribbons, Velvets, Flowers, Roches, Feathers, Woolen Goods, Hosiery, Gloves. A splendid assortment of ace cofjIjAB8 those mvorites among she ladies. Also, Lace Hdkfii. O ir assortment of Col'd Velvet Ribbons can't be beat. BALLERSTEIN & HYDEL, dee 18 398 Main street. ! JAMES G. WELLS & CO, WE are now opening our usual elegant assortment of rare and beautiful goods - - For the Holidays ! -5 The goods most be seen to be appreciated. .iB.tba stock can b found "', " VASES, '''"'J -COLOGNE SETS, , .t ;.. , CARD RECEIVERS, ' SMOKING SETS, . . . BUSTS, &c - - Also, samples of REAL SEVERS CHINA, the first and only Real Severs China ever offered for sale In this city. . '1 :-. '' 1 ' t J1S, Ce WELLS & CO., " ; ' dec IS China Hall, IS Asylum St. cllluf M. B AJismCAN Tklkohaph Lnrica. 23 Moi- Sff ( Union Hall B ail'ling. ) TU BIOTg. I m ALEXANDRIA.,,, FURTHER PARTICULARS OF TIfg AFFAlA. Wasiii.vutox. Dec 27. Th 1UI,.;. rr. Journal, in givinar an account of tho riot. ur' Christmas says: "Whisky flowed tu streams from many restaurants, and from some it wa dealt out as liberalv .to. colored nflnnlo tn whites. Early -ia the morning it was observed that all the young reconstructed were well armed. Rioting commenced at an earlv Imnr in t.h morning and by one o'clock, p. m., had assumed bucu leanui proportions tbat the mayor found it necessary to call upon the military authorities to suppress it Three companies of Hancock's veterans were forth with ordered out, and proceeded to arrest every one found id rioting and disorderly conduct. Many persons had hepn wrlmniu and dangerously wounded b(-f. ire tlipv nmietirpit on the scene of action. It was found that liet.w drt d of the ringleaders of the various distuib inces then going on throughout the city were mostly sent to the stall-pen, and there compelled to remain during the remainder of the day. - Some of iuuui were yesterday morning released, while the more guilty are still in confinement. It seems the first reports were exaggerated, as the Journal says some fifty or oueliundred were badly beaten, but so far as we have been able to learn, but two were so badly injured as to preciuuu mej nope oi recovery. During the day a most unprovoked shot is reported to have occurred at Chappell II all, where a number of colored people were holding a party. A white man, by the name of Mitchell, who is said to have participated in the riot, was serious ly wounuea in tne neaii, and at one o clock this afternoon his death was currently reported. SOUTH AMERICAN NEWS. . Southern Immigration to Brazil. THK MILITARY SITUATION OF THIi COUNTRY. New York, Dec. 27. Later news from South America states that on the 2d of December the fortieth anniversary of the birth of the Emperor was observed in Brazil with popular rejoicings. The Emperor released a number of prisoners. American immigrants, chiefly Southerners, represented by Colonel Wood, have selected a site for a town near Araragnara. It lies between two small rivers, and can have railway connec tion with the capital. A vast tract of eight mil lions of acres, unoccupied government land, has also been selected. It is expected that the flow of immigration from the States coinDosinr the late confederacy will soon set in. mere is no change in the position of militarv affairs. No new battle has taken nlace. The Brazilian army has been sufferine severely from sickness, and many of the Paraguayan prisoners drafted into the army have died. The Brazilian squadron remained at Corientes. liio tie Jauiero papers are filled with official reports oi army niovemems and battles, an nounced here by previous arrivals. From China and Jopaa. A STliAJIEK CArTUREJ..BY CHIN'KSE PIRATES. Sax Fp.axcisco, Dec. 27. Hong Kong dates to the 20th of October, twelve days later, are re ceived. 1 be steamer anatah was reported cap- turea oy pirates wane on ner way lrom Sliang hae o Foo Chow. Piracy in Chinese waters is on the increase. -.' . i ioreign relations with China are ouife out of J J".: """"8 u tne iimiKlann-worshiplne nolicv U'l.W.lt l.l..,.n II. .1 . , ii ilh v urn ui. iM i ... . t till, i UI l.i i ... air j,-. 1 i ' 1 ip The district lying southeast of Pekin has been ravaged.by troops of bandit cavalry. A body of one hundred and eighty mounted raucheros made a raid to within two hundred miles of the capital. A force was' sent out after them, but they made good their escape. . ; ; Tho last stronghold of the rebellion in the Province of Kaugse, is reported to be evacuated. The insurgents, it is added, retreated toFuekiea. The Mahomedan rebels at Fung Koun, in Hhens, had surrendered, and were slaughtered to a man. Intelligence fiom Japan respecting fureign af- lairs is very satisfactory, lhe quarrel between the Tycoon and Prince Nagato,has been settled. A steamer had been announced to leave Go- kahami direct tor buez, the Inducement being the conveyance of silk-worm eggs. Silk seems plentiful in Japan, but scarce in China. From North Carolina Tho Frecdmen Ouiet Rai.kk.it, Dto. 27. There never was before more orderly Christmas week. , Thus far- the blacks are behaving as well , as usual. Theie is no apprehension of disturbances from them here or elsewhere, as lar as can be learned. All classes here rejoice at the prospect of .the speedy restoration ol the btate to its loruier po sit ion, and they have not been more cheerful lor years. Measures were taken to preserve order throughout the military district, by. closing bar rooms during the holidays. Wilmington, Dec. 27. With the exception of a few isolated cases of collision' between the whites and blacks, Christmas morning, there has been no disturbances, mere is no appreucu sion of further difficulty, and no dancer antici pated. . Viiitinia r rr.tura. rKTERHBCRO, Va., Dec. 37. There has been no disturbance caused by negroes, who behaved themselves very well in this city and adjacent country. There is no appreheesion or uneasiness in tho public mind about them. t Norfolk, Va., Dec. 27. There was no serious disturbance among the blacks Christmas, nor has there been auj'j since Monday.. The few brawls ia Norfolk and Portsmouth were the result of whisky, and had no political signification whatever. It is true that many blacks of this county have provided themselves with pistols, but it is not thought there is any purpose of insurrection. ' - ' ' Richmond, Va., Dec 27. There never was more harmony between the whites and blacks at this season. No aggressive disposition is manifested on the part of either. IrliaaiMMippi Freedmen. Washington, Dec. 27. It appears front documents iu the bureau of refugees and freedmen, that a recent order issued in Mississippi by Major Thomas, for the adoption of 'the most stringenj measures to prevent insurrection among tf freedmen, was merely to quiet the frighteWl citizens, by indicating the readiness of the buAeku to take prompt steps for the preservation of or- ilu, a,,f avmil ami iirt l.raii;n tlierA were an v fears on tho part of officers of an insurrection in I that State. Colonel Thomas, assistant commissioner, says instructions to Mijor Reynolds were not of such a character as to w.rraut this order. From Naahvil Nashville, Dec. 27. The river is still rising rapidly, with twenty-five feet of water on the shoals. There is prospect of an overflow. Steamers are beginning to arrive freely. Five arrived to-day. A man named FayetMTTood'wIn was killed, this morning, by one Dick Dobbs. Two iwdicemen named Frame and Webber, had a difficulty, yesterday, resulting in the shooting of Frame. His wound is thought to be mortal. ; Explosion One Maa Killed. Dt BcqrE, Iowa, Dec. 27. Jaeger & Cos.'s distillery has been blown to atoms by an explosion of the boiler in the engine room. Most of the employes were at dinner, there being but eight persons in the building at the time. The fireman was killed, but no others were seriously injured. Loss $(30,000; insured against fire for . $25,000. N prober Colfax in New Haven. New Haven, Dec. 27.-r-Speaker Colfax is the guest of Hon. N. D. Sperry, who gave a dinner and public reception this afternoon, at which were present Governor Buckingham, Lieutenant Governor Averill, and many other distinguished gentlemen. Musie Hall was filled to overflowinf to hear the lecture. ; .Mr.: C. goes- to New York on the night boat. ' A M'hole Fnmiiy Poiaoocd. " Philadelphia, Dec. 27. To-day, Patrick McLaughlin and his family, consisting of his wife, three children and niece, were poisoned by drinking a large dose of -laudanum, placed in coffee, used at breakfast. McLaughlin and one daughter came near losing their lives. .. The for? iner instill in a precarious aoiiditioiu ;!& ! Fractional Carreucy. Washington, Dec 27. New five cent fractional rurrencv will be Issued next week. -J About $80,000 worth of defaced and mutilated currency is destroyed by bumiug per day, and $60,000 worth printed. Arrangements are nearly completed to make the amount of the latter equal that of the formers 'f; t". : i & The Steamship Idaho Ashore off Barnegsl . Light. Manchester, N.J., Dec. 27. The steamship Idaho, from New York for Mobile, is ashore at liarnegatr full of ; water, and lies IT shore. Her passengers and crew were landed safely. If the weather proves favorable, part of the cargo may be saved. ' " ; M f Telesraphie Summary. Advices from Arizonarepresentconstaut fighting between Apache Indians and the white settlers. Twenty-eight soldiers sent out on the 1st of November are missing. ' - - A dispatch from Long Branch, Js. J., on Wednesday, reports the bark Flora, of Baltimore, ashore three miles north of Square Inlet , Her cargo of cotton will probably be saved. General Don Eustorgio Salgar, minister of the United States of Columbia, presented his credentials to the President on Wednesday. . All batteries on the coast of Maine are being dismantled, and the guns sent to Fort Knox. The statement that the remains of Captain Wirz had been forwarded South for interment, is untrue. ? i t 1 - : ' ti ' .! Joseph Edwards', a BalUmord rough, was shot i at lhe Oxford theatre, Norfolk, Wednesday eve-,nyng, by soldiers, at whom Edwards had dis-I charged a pistol. The Meiaifaly gBie f feal ia New York. ( New York. Dec 27. An auction al rf Scranton coal, to-day, shows a decline from last month's prices of about one dollar a ton. The sales were as follows: 4,000 tons Chestnut coal, 7.05...5; (5,XX) tons . of "Stove coal, $9.25 f.).37i; 8,500 ton! of. Egg cal, $7.878.124: 300 tons of Grate coal, $9.00a9.S7i ; 2,000 tons of Steamer coal, $9.0Oa$a.l2i ; 6,000 tons of Lump coal, $8.' :0a..25. Frssi C'elersdo. Atchison, Kansas.. Dec. 27 Massr. CbaiTee and Evans, Hnited States Senators from Colorado, have arrived here. They report uniform confidence among the people of Colorado in the prompt admission of that State into the Union. 1 ne legislature passsed resolutions guarantee ing the ratification of the anti-slaverv amend ment to the constitution. ; i - - FIVE DAYS LATKK F'ltO.TI ElKOPE, ARRIVAL OF THE MARATHON. New York. Dec. 27. The steamshiD Mara thon, from Liverpool the 12th, has arrived. Sir Henry Storks, Sir Edmuud Head, and Mr. Charles Livingston are understood to be the commission of inquiry for Jamaica. A ienian named Itallegaa. has been convicted and sentenced to seven years' penal servitude. A letter received in Liverpool conhrms the statement that Stephens is sale in Taris. 1 ne London Observer says apoleon is apprehensive that Maximilian will folluw his Empress to Europe, and has prevailed upon the Mexican minister at Paris to proceed to Mexico and endeavor to dissuade Maximilian from abdicating. He would sail on the 15th. The Observer thinks he will not be in time, and that Maximilian will be in fcurope before JSew Year's. A note drawn up by the English government, proposing negotiation or mediation between bpam and Chili had been sent to 1 aria. The Emperor made several modifications and the note was returned to Ixmdon, with what effect is unknown. The war at the Cape of Good Hope has degen erated into mere raiding for cattle. TWO DAYS LATKUFKO.il Et'ROPK. AUHIVAL OF THE CITY OF WASIIINQTON. New York. Dec. 27. The steamship Citv of Washington, from Liverpool the 13th, via Queenstown the 14th iust., arrived at four o'clock p. m. Governor tyre, of Jamaica, has been suspend ed from his functions, pending official enquiry, and ir Llenry btorks appointed temporarily in his place, btorks sails for Jamaica December lSth. , . The Times says Erye's position will be that of governor on leave. lue JfiH-ninn 1'osst thinks vres suspension may have a bad effect on the negroes. At tne reman court ou tne 12th, O Donovan occupied the whole day in his own defense. He was insolent and sought to exhaust the court. It is rumored that Governor Richmond Bride well lias absconded. . , - ; It is reported that France has given England six months' notice to terminate the extradition treaty, because of the strict formalities required before French offenders are given up. lue interor ot Austria arrived at , Pesth, Hungary, ou the 12th, and was received with much ceremony and enthusiasm. In respouse to a speech of the burgomaster, he said he visited them full of confidence, and expected full confidence in return. Shanyhae, Oct. 20. Burgercine's death is like ly to give trouble to lhe Chinese government. Reports now state that he was drowned while in irons. The American consul declares that the treaty with the united states lias been violated.. Piracy is increasing to an alarming extent. BV TELEGRAPH TO Ol'KEXSTOn N. London, Dec. 14. The .r'eiiian O'Donovan, owin to a similar conviction six years ago, has wt.,A sentenced to penal servitude lor Iile. The joint note of Kngland and France, pro posing certain terms for the settlement of tho Chilian dilhculties, was received at Madrid on the 9th. The result is not known. COMMERCIAL. CoTTON-ierpooif Dec. 13. The sales of cotton for three days amount to 37,000 bales, of which 13,000 were to speculators and exporters. The market is strong, tending upward. American cotton has increased one-half penny. London, Dec. 14. Consols closed at 87&87j. American stocks Five-twenties, C3j S3 ; Illinois Central, 80 gSO' ; Erie, 67j57. New York Market. COl TON steady; sales 1.6J0 bales; Middling Sl"2c. FLOUR, 5Klc.better; sales ,6ou barrel; Slate, $7.-3n.sS.0; Ohio, .! 0; Western, 41.3 8 SS; Southern, sales 460 bbl.; UJI5.Z5 ; Canada.aales 300 bbls., $s : ($11.30. WHEAT Ann; sides 18,000 bntthcls, Milwaukie Club, $1.8n; Amber Slate, new, $2,45; White Canada, $2,6wg $2,55. CORN quiet; sales 43,000 bushels; Mixed Western, 96J'ail7c. itr.EF quiet. PoKK turner; safes 8.409 bb's., mess, $2'J.25. I.AltO firm ; sales 00 bbls., lt:10?i;. WHISKY. lull; at SJ.'-M. COFiEK stu-aily; itio li,6l)0 bags on private terms. MuIjASSKS quiet. NAV AL SIVKBtJ, UUll. FREIGHTS dull. FKl'ltuLKL'M dull; refined, bonded, sales 1,000 bliM OlifUtf. w KEW YORK STOCKS. STOCKS, heavy. GOLD, 146. s-eo ;oiiMnt York York Central. Heading Pittsburg II ml son . ........ ,. 10 i Treasury Notes 0I3 . 95 I Canlou ' 45 . . 10ti I Krie 05f .. 6'2j I Michigan Southern.. 74 ..Ids Cumberland 44 "VTOTICE The annual meeting of the i-1 Hartford Oil Company will be held at the oflice of Messrs. Ives, Bianchard oi Co., on Ail DAY, 20lh inst., at 2J o'clock p. in. J. W. BEACii, Sec'y. Hartford, 27th Dec., 1865. 31 TueFiuut National Bank ofHaktkokd, l December Yd, 18o5. I ""OTICE I hereby given that the regular J-X annua', meeting of Stockholders of this Bank, will be held ut their Banking House, on the Oth day of January, ist,6, for the election ot Directors, and the transaction of any other business proper to be brought belbre saiil meeting. Polls open from 10 a. m. till 12 m. J. S. TRVON, Cashier, dec 27 lOd 2w67 . Jan Id REAL ESTATE JIA( IIIVLItV FOR SALE ! , WILL BE SOLD AT - - - PUBLIC AUCTION, AT TUB EAGLE ARMORY, IX TS City of Norwich, Conn., ON TUCKS DAV. JAN. I Sib, tS&3t 7 Slide Lathes, 10 Hand Lathes, 1 Index Machine, 2 Drilling aud Shaping Machines, 1 Slide host, 2 Tapping Machines, - 2 Clamp Milling Machines, 2 Thread Machines, 6 Screw Machines, 3 Hand Milling Machines, 6 Drop Presnes 2 Trip Hammers, 2 Planing Machines, 8 Puuch Presses, 5 Anvils, 1 Force Pump, 21 Milling Machines, 1 End Milling Machines, 2 Cone Drilling Machine, 6 Drill Press-en, 2 Seta Barrel Rolls, 1 Stamping Machine, . 5 Edging Machines, ; . 2 Slotting Macftines, 15 Polishing Frames and Spindles, 10 Cast Irou Forges, 1 Steam Engine and Boiler, A lanteamonntof small Tools, Vises, Shafting, Hangers. Pullies. Belts. &c. c. A large ainoant of Steam Pipe, Heating Pipe, Gas Pipe, Burners. &a.. &G. v - A complete set of Gun Stocking Machinery. Many of these machines can be easily a lapted rjr many Kinds oi wood work. ALSO The Ground, Buildings and Tenement Houses, property of the Norwich Arms Co., called the Eagle Armory. This entire list of property is in good condition. The ground and buildings are well alapted for any descrip tion of manufacturing. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock a. m., aod continue till the above are all sold. F. L. GLEASON, Trustee, dec IS 8d2aw 1st Mortgage Bondholders. WANTED. in nnn Porter, Wine, Ale, Champagne, lJ.tJr and Conir. greas water not ties; aiso, nags. NewsiMpers. Books. . Coarse .Paper, Old Metals. White Glass. c. &c. fur which-we will pay the highest mar- kt nrloes. Leave vour or:iers and we will send for them. WeaSehv ea hand ami In quantiUes to suit. Letter Pafier, Envelopes, Manilla .Straw, Hardware, and Rag Par, Ac, &c. 60.000 Manilla-made Bags, which we will seii at manufacturers' list prices. Send inyotur or- ordera' fs : C. niu w 1?M Asyinra St.. rear Barnett Clark's Market, der28 , fd A GOOD HOLIDAY GIFT FOR CHIL- . DREN. ; Call and Subscribe for tW I lYOUXG FOLTtS. January Number now ready at POND'S, dec 23 Cd Post-office Building. (JO THOSE: WHO BUY BOOKS-Don'tfail to call and examine our Stock, -i n . ; FINE tOOsS In Elegant Bindings. i Beautiful Books for Children, Both AMERICAN and ENGLISH. The most complete assortment ever offered in this city. i ,t , t (iEEB -PONB, deo26l Fosr-oflVe Btiliding. HOLIDAY GIFT8-A variety of Holiday Goods to please all tastes. Writing Desks. Porteto-lios, Porteraonnaies.. Backgammon Boards, Dominoes, beautiful Photograph Albums, Gift Books, new and eu-tertaiuing Games of all descriptions; Toys including a grand Panorama of the War, jost the thing for the Utile bov, and dolls for the girls; also nice books for both, and many other desirable articles may be frnrid at 89 Asvlum street, opposite Allyn Hail, and all of which A. BOSK will take much pleasure in showing to his friends d and sew. Give him a call- lo not target, Mlte t tMcini tn arid from tlie old country of tbe Nitional Steam Navigation Co.. Drd.Bhk Star Line of Packets can oe pyuuiieo. , - c. T. SCHULTZ FRESCO PAIXTER, Residence, No. fit Talcott street. Orders can be left at 258 Main stroef, or T. O. Box, UU, Hariford, Conn." -,5 J.-lfti$. I '- 0ob U lyd D R, II. P. STEARNS PHYSICIAN AND Sl'BKKOS, Office, Charter Oak Bank Building. Residence, 4 Col lege street. , : ' . dec 21 lmd "ITT ANTED At McDonough House, dletown, a first-class Pastry Cok. Mid- dec 25 3d DICK1SSON A CRA1U. T ANTED Rasrs, old Books, News- U papers, Pamphlets, and all kinds ol waste paper, at No. 40 Market street, lor which we will pay cash. Leave your orders and we will call ior them. dec 25 lmd STORE WANTED Centrally located, either on Main or Asylum street. Address immediately. Box 6i2, Harttord P. O. - - dec Mid OTljN N ORT1I MA IN ST. FOR SALE. The ouly vacant Lot on North Mala street, on Windsor avenue, between the Tunnel and Arsenal, about la) leet lront, and 100 deep, suitable lor two lots. T he owner prefers to sell but one-half; but will sell the whole at iu value. It is one of the iuott desirable luts lu the city. Address box 158, Hartfore. dec atf IOKEMANVAX l'KU-In an Iron Foun-- dry, an experienced man, acquainted with both light and heavv work, and who ia eouipetetit. to superintend acousiderahle number of bauds. Address or apply to JAM ES FOWLER, KlUTLAND CO., corner Reade Oeuter St., New York, dec 25 6d lwtil ONNCtiClTTRiVER R A 1 LRO A D CO. DIVIDEND A semi-annual dividend ot Four perCeut. has been declared, payable on the first day ol January next, to BUx-kholdera of reeord at the close ol busiuoas this dav. Stockholders residing in Connecticut, will be paid at die otlice of Howe, .Mather Co., over City Bank, Hartlovrd. SETH 11 U NT, Treasuicr. Northampton, Mass., Deo. 21, INio. . , , wd chabtehOak National Bank, I t Hartford, Dec. ys, litis. ) THE annual meeting of tho Stockholders ol this Bank, for the election of Direi-Uirs, aud the transaction of any other business proper to be brought before said meeting, will ba held at their Banking House, on TUESDAY, tin 9th day of January next, at 10o' clock a.m. J. F. MORRIS, Cashi.-r. dec 23 ' i "A Good Sign." TTAVING so far recovered from a recent AX sickness as to ba able to resume my legitimate business ol SIGN PAINTING at the old stand. Exchange Building, 1 would respectfully solicit a shareol imhlic t-Htronane iu that Hue. Window Shades, Awuing", .Sic, Otc, neatly lettered, JOHN 11. LAUGHTON, dec 20 12d No. 8 Slate at., up siairs. A LL READY FOR CHRISTMAS, DANIEL R. Up town CROCKERY STORE HOLIDAY TEFFT'S, , with a splendid variety of GOODS , Both useful and ornamental. Cut Glass Napkiu Kiugs, (something new), Fine Cut Wine Set, Cologne Sets, Smek fug Sets, Lava aud Bohemian Card Stauds, Mous tache Coffees, Brackets, Vases, c, with an end less variety of small TOYS. No use oftrylng ; you cannot complete your list of presents without calling at the UP TOWN CROCKERY STORE, 4S7 MAIN ST. E. It. TEFFT. dec 20 tfd For tho Holidays. CK. HUBBARD, 73 Asyli m street, un- d,r tha Allvn House, h is a a o 1 assort uent of RICH GOODS for presents. C. K. HUBBARD, dec2ol2d " Watch Maker ;and Jewelry. RATHCEBER'S Verbena Cream, . for the Hair 1 THE BEST AND CHEAPEST , article In use. Manufactured and Sold by J. RATHOEBER, dec 22 Cd 275 Chapel street, New Haven. EDWARD D. COLT, (.old and Stock ItroUer, No. 2 UNTO N JTA LL Ti UI L D rG. Highest price paid for GOLD aud COUPONS now due. Highest price paid for COUPONS due May 1st. All Coupons cashed in advance. REVENUE STAMPS for sale.. GOLD and STOCKS liouglit aud sold in New Yeik. In -'speculative oiieraiions," ten per a-nt. margin on the par value of slocks, tobekr.pt gwxl ifrequirod. Orders by nil promptly atlended to. uov 22 ,. 3m,l w&s T?URSI FURS! FUltSt 'FURS!- :IIIIDSO BAY SAHLE, Ermine Sett, , Mink and Squirrel Sets, FURS FOR LADIES, FURS FOR GENTS, FURS FOR CHILDREN, A full assortment of FURS, ROBES, GLOVES, &C. AT -349 MAIN STREET, S. HAMILTON C SOX. E. deo22 Cd P AN M PORT ANT NEWS-Merriam & Co. o. 2.19 State street, are selling best Kerosene at 41. Oi, per gal. ; extra fine Lard. 26 cents, per lb. ; Sugars, from 18 to 20 cents per lb. ; extra Layer Raudna, 30 cts. per lb. ; Ground Coffee, 15 to 30 cts. We sell Groceries, Oils and Liquors, at Wholesale and Retail, less than any house in town. A few barrels choice Apples, at 1.75 per barrel. Give us acall. MERRIAM& CO., dec25 3md 259 State St., Hartford, Conn. THE REASON WHY There is such a rush to ee CUitTIS, the Apothecary, is because he has seme ol the Richest Holiday Goods to be found In the city. UNBELIEVERS are invited to call and examine a few of the articles too numerous to mention, AT 22 STATE STREET. dec 20 dls ONCE MORE! TRIGHAM & SKINNER, No. 18 Asy luin street, would invite the especial attention of CiENTLE.VIEN In the CITY and COUNTRY TOWNS, to the splendid stock of CLOTHS, Just Received, for OVERCOATS, ,'. -, - . ' '''--' Bl'MINESSt sil'ITA, and' JAK.1I K.Vrti ' of all descriptions, fn- Gentlemen's ypiths and Boys' wear. We take great pleasure In saying that wo have onorfhM,: fM iiS'i U 1 1 ' BEST CUTTERS 1W THE CITY. or SUte, and having engaged the VERY BEST OF MAKERS of custom work, we are prepared to meet the wants of all who wish Garments made to order in the most satisfactory manner. ty EVERY; GARMENT Is warranted j to saJt, or no sale. . Our stock of READY-MADE CLOTHING and FDR NISaiNGGOODSisbeingsoldat Very Low Trice: . BRIGIIA.TI A NMINNKIC, dec 23 Cd No. 19 Asylum street. JACE , AND MUSLIN CURTAINS, Cleansed, Bleached ami Finished. . ', Also, Feather Cleansed, Dyed and Cuiled, equal to any estabtishment In this country. Particular attention paid, to those two branches, by the ; .New Kaglaael Faacy Iye Warke, y , doc 22 dtf 139 Trnmbnll st., Hartford, Conn. ' 483 NOECTII MTAIC. 483 The North Star, tbe great emporium to find HOLI DAY GIFTS. Goods marked down. We are on the ail- Tan oe line, we soona r.ne rocsin ana rush to the ! charge. Prints and Dress Goods, Cotton aud Woolen Good, all must be sold. Hosiery and Gloves, a m-eat at-1 traction in these days, so low tbat TOU can nut your foot on them, at S3 Main street. dec 20 GEO. E. MARTIN. ,Amci kaii Hall, Wetltttsd-y and TliursdHy Lve indjrs, DECEMBER STTU AM 28th, H. MELVILLE FAY'S GREAT EXFOSE DAVENPORT AND EDDY BROS., First w.th Cabinet Instruments aud Eoies, and then upon the stage In broad gas light. Let all attend. Ttcketa 35 cants; Reserved Seats 50 cents. To lie ob tained at tbe principal bookstores and at the b3x office on the eveuiug of exhibition. . Doors oin at T o'clock ; to commence at 8. dec 27 2d C. H. WHITE. Bnstiieta PUetjw ALLYX II ILL. Tuesda y F veiling, Jan. 2d, "00, THE B A T E n A N CONCERTS ! GRAND FAREWELL ' ..... ...... . . or IMJLLaK P A R E F A! Tba Greatest Living Vocalist. Mn. J. l.KVY, The most Woiidorthl Performer on lb Coruet-a-Piston in the World. Uek;CARL ROSA, the Roaowecd loluiiat. Tl, W Grand Concert will sunwss anv secular MuS. leal Entertainiufiit everglven in llarttoid, and to give the greHtost varielv t the programme, Mr. WM. CAS-Ti.E.tbe Eminent Tenor, an-i Mr. ED. SEQUIN, the celebrated Buflo SiiiKer, will also appear ou this occasion Conductor and Miii-ieal Director, llKKli CAnL Asscut T. ADMISSION: Dress Circle $ Orchestra ' w Parquet. I-1 Seats Heserveil without Kxtra Charge. Sde of tickets will commence at Brown A Gross' Bookstore, aud L. Barker A Co. 'a Music store, on Saturday morning, at o'c lock. Dec. 30. Dtsirs open at 7 o'clock. Conirmmoe at 8 u clock. JV Kn.ra trains will leave lor Waieibury and R-u-k-vido, ami way stations alter the concert. jy DANCING ASSEMBLY! The Wethersfield Guard, Co. F, C. N. G., will give their tirst Dancing Assembly at Aeaueniy Hall, Wetliersfield, Tuesday Evening, Jan. 2d. Music by Grosvenor Leonard's Quadrille Band. . W M. OUUH OH, lrv V Tickets. SI. Saiitier tickets cm be obtained at the hall during the evening, ' KB"- Horse Oars will rau to Harttord at the che of the assembly. doc 27 61 REILLY'S DANCING ACADEMY, AT OILMAN'S HALL. Ilar aud Iv vcniiijc al llnrlford; Thucsdavs and Fridays, Misses' and Master's classes meet at i o'clock p. in. ; young Lathes' at 4 p. in. ; Gentlemen's class al J o'clock p. iu. Having nearly completed six classes In this citv, uu iiieexoeiiious oi a lew ten- h-uiou that can obtain admission in Hie Friday evening classes, 1 resiH-ctluliy aiiiiouncet that I will lorm some new clashes, coiiiiueni;iug January Bth, lou, wuicu win lie compoae.1 ol pera his desirous of learning the Fancy Daneea.sueh as the Polka, S--hottische. Gall-'pale, Esmoralda, Danish Dance, Polka U-.loa, Plain Wall, Varsoviena, Polka Maxourka, ltedowa Wails ; also i he latest and moat tashionable Quadillies, as the new Cale- doniens. Horse Guards, la Prince Iiupeiial, as adopted by sociely iu Euroi and the Unittd SLaUis. Having bad the honor to ba elected corrospomllng memlwr of the American Daucer's Society, all ln.w Dam es euianaling IVoin the Society, will be iorwarded t me aasoon as pr-diii ed. 1 shall iiitrixluce to my pupils Hie present season the Horse 'Juard Lancers Quadrille, danced with sixteen persons, and Quadrille Empress Eugenie asdaiu'u In my presence the ist summer, the irinciiI academies in the United States. All private scholai anil cluases ol 4 to K couples,or anv.niimber.will bo promptly attended to. All jiersons wishing to Join the class will send in their names. For further particulars, see circulars at W. J. 11 amors-ley's bookstore, and Barker's music store. Union Hall Building, or address P. 11. HE ILLY, Hurt ford Post Olll.e, 1k.x i7. dec 29 lid DAXcfstl SCIIOOLFOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. ,tl. I'llt'ttt'll rcspectfiillv aiinnunces tj the Young Ladies aini Geiiileinen of this city, that lie will cqien a school for the piirpn.su of imparling Instruction in all the new ami fashionable dances of the day. T he llrst k-ssou will bt : given at AMERICAN HALL, ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, DEC. 23d, And on eaih succed llng Saturday allornoon. Waltzes, Schottisches, Polkas, ftlazourkas, and nil the new aud popular dances will be introduced at each school. First Class for Ladles and Gents, couiiiirnres at hall past one. Class lor Children commencoi lit lialf past two. . Tickets lor a course of twelve lessons, (i.t o. . dec 21 tfd GROSVENOR & LEONARD'S QUADRILLE BAND, J'.'r do -Are preparen to inrnisu . S IsjflTaT ",c ,ur aMn Parties, Private Soiree ''tfit'SJ Any guiulwt of pieces required. furnish Ma ttel, A'C. inicrs niav lie. lett with J. B. Grosvenor. Haven's Music Stxiru, No. II Asylum St., r ll.o. iAMiliard No. 02 Trumbull st. nov 10 tfd jJiSX nuAULLi, ORGAN 1ST AT SOUTH BAPTIST CHURCH, Teacher of Piano, Organ and Melodeon, NO. 90 MAIN STREET, ap 25 ttd AIN ST. SECOND HAND FUKNI- TURK STORE, NO. IWr ITIAIN NTKEET, Large lot of NEW and SECOND-HAND FUKNITURE for sale CHEAP. For the next THIRTY DAYS we will offer Great Bargains in Feather Bods and Comforters Call soon, at 17 Main street, opposite St. John's church. - Respectfully, dec 15 PETER LUX & CO. PIUS WAY, SANTA CLAUS !- H. L. FULLER, 153 State Street; No. Has a fine assortment of the BEST SLEDS. Including the THREE BEAM EXTRA FANCY SLED ol my own make, which is soinmular in this eity and ulsewliere. Also, the tine FANCY DOLL RAMBLER, no uw every- where So popular. J ust the thing for a nice CHRISTMAS 1'llESEXT. Also, a full FRESH lot or ROCK I NO IMUSKS. and a splendid assortment of LADIES' anil GENTLEMEN'S SKATES,! &c, Ac, all of which will bo sold at the lowest prices. Give us a call. dec 22 rnl TO THE OWNERS Unproductive Real Estate! Having been engaged for the last ten years in beautifying the city of Harttord by building on my wn account (and for others) some of the largest and mostiostly structures to be fonnd here, and having made very little money by this operation, I have concluded to give up building uikiii simulation for the present, and am therefore prepared to-iake all contracts in my line at a figure which williay me a commission equal to that I pay my workmen, and I am confident I can please those who will favor me with their orders, as I have the bett lot of workmen to be found in thit city, and buy my Lumber of WHITE (and others). Plans and specifications furnished where desired. N. ft .Houses and Lots for sale. Also, one house lo rent. OFFICE AND SHOP, It lit It OF IOt II ID HON MTHKKT, (O. II. Bastion's old stand). dec 22 3ind A. H. HT!ST. WHITE LEAD The Atlantic White Lead . and Linseed Oil Co., !:: of New York, ".Manufacturers "of PURE WHITE LEAD Dry and in Oil, RED LEAD, LITHARGE, Glass-makers' R.ed Lead, etc. ' :Ako;-LINSEED OIL, Raw, Boiled and Refined. ;" .,." ".'. :. :'.'' , : '. '-' ' ' For sale by Druggists Si Dealer generally, and by iCn Robert Colgate & Co., . ... .. , .. General Agents', ', , 287 Pearl St., NEW YORK. TRUNKS, VALISK8, AND AGS, A large assortment of Ladies id Gents Trunks. Vali.es. Traveling Shopping BAGS, Ladles' Hat Boxes, all sizes and styles. Constantly on hand. Trunks made to order. covered and repaired at 134 Main near Chnrch street 1 nov 61mlls B. B. GORN WELL. WSsmTislHfftitsiwusilsi wf..i,if i. sjw & by a " 70111111: a n!f Jitlt V V mail about eighteen years of age. tHMk-kee.r.,.r desk work in an otlice; can board arenia. tor particulars, au-urwom . NS.IM. at Water Commissioner's Offlce. fix' " . OKHCKllAHTKIKU At N. II. K AlLBrt AI CO., I Uartlbrd, CVmn., lec. 21. lWJV "VT OTIO E A quarUily dividond of J. 1 ,1 .... .i .7....... i,. Wn .let'lared on eauli share of stock standing on the books the 2'ilh da ol l cenilwr Inst., by tbe Board of Directors ef the Hart".. and Now Haven Kalinaul Corn nan r wvable on 1 "; DAY .January id. iSftO. stocknoiders in !. receive their dividend at the Puvnix National Manx. Th tranaivr lnoks will be close-i lrom the 2Mb of De cember, to the lofjsjiury,bothilayslti-iiisive. t decxl7d B- 1 4 . . r. r.. r-v. j . : CITV NATH'R a i7maic iir H s ktfohd, Martlnnl. I)BC. ll.lW-5. I ' JOTICE The annual meeting of the stockholders of this Hank, win ce uu-u Uanklna HoittC, on TUESDAY, tbe 9th day ol January. tune, at 10 o'clock, a. m., for the election ot Direciors, ai tbe transaction of any other business pro jer to eonie nt-mre said meeting. P. S. RILEY, Cashier.. dec 11 . MtaiAM iUK NAim.NAi-I1'iKi I Hartfonl.De. . 1N- I "IVTOTICE tfie annual meeting of the il sUKkholdcrs of this Bank will be held at their Bank ing House. on TUES DAY, the 9th day ol January, at 10 o'clock, a. m , lor the eUicUou ol Diroctors, no tns transaction of anv other business pnl-r to eome petore sHi.l weetlne. ilraW'MI J . M. POWELL. Cashier. Puu-Nix Nat im al Bank. I Harttord, D.-c. 9, lt5. I "VTOTICEThe annual mcetinff of tno 1 sUH kholdt rs ol tilts bank will txi held at their Bank ing House, ou TUESDAY, the 0th day oi January, Ism.. at 10 oY look m., lor tbe election of Dlrectois, and Ibe transaction of anv other bustucsa proper to come before sal-1 meeting, deo'll luid H. A. KKI'ilL'H j OTicK AlTTiormmH iu.ebted to the late 1 Una of ARNOLD Mi-lvKwWN, are requested to make pavui'iit on or before the tlr-tof January, either to William kktiiowu, or to Mury K. Arnold, West Hartford, at lhe resi.L-n.-e ol tile law C. G. Arnold. Mr. McK. will lie in Hartford for Uie purpose of setiliii such aceountH, the first ot January. deo23(idi w 7 ANTED By a youti man, (late au of- ticor In tn army), a -i iH ,n as Ixiok-keeiasr. or eterk In a store or f n-tot V ; c"-d leC rencea given. Ad-.tres. "It," i!ox L'57, Harttord Ci tir.. iii-c 24 Cd iOAt-l-NU. A tew nt-Umieu fun obtain lxMi.nl lu A riTte tauilly by -ilylR t No. 43 IVarl nu HOT w BOAUD-Ksntiiuue Gentlemen and wivta, rniiglo u.uneii. and a lew day boarders, rau nnd gini.i board lu an American tainllv. at I.Vt Asylnin M.,f.r.l Ford. Pleasaiit r.wms can t had, overhaislug me rare. ar VM ,U1 'pit LET Three or four L IUu.r.1, at 3s Village st. Rooms to let with ra-t 10 dtt MECHANICS SAVlN'tlS i-'L Na. il Cc-alral Haw. Deposits mad lu this bank ou or belbre Jan draw Interest Irmu that date. dec 13 17.1 2wt H. L. rORTFlt, TTeasurer. jYimtomtXi'ii gauds for" ien- l TLEM EN Sample allh cala'oguea sent lor 20 els. lucloK) an tnvelopo with jour own name, and addreas, li. HEM LITE. decMCmd M Liberty st. New York Cily. S . El G US! SL E I G 1 1 SI S LEIGH 8 1 .lust arrived a hit i,l' Ponv. 2 Seated and Single Sleighs, ol the lateet otyle, ironi lite beat nianlactures. t:nll and sh ior yourselves. Also, Hay by the Car Load, or Single Bale, at No. 13 Gold st. dec 22 A.E.CLATP. tt I'O I- ! N I OI' HTOI ! 17 1 Sit Fresh Fish at Ronton wholosale A. nrlces. R. nieiiiber that we are s-lllnB Fresh Cod, Ha.ld.s k. and all oilu r k'udsot liesb Fish, atOceuU i-er lb., at 7.1 and 78 Forry st. dec 22 dtl BRYANT . li il.DRKTH UOARD OF I; E I.IK K Notice is ' hereby Uoard of Relief ot the Town of Hart I J given that the I ford, will meet at the Assessors Room In the Halls ol Re.-oid.on MONDAY, tbe 1st day of January, IHOO, al III o'clock, a. m., to hear and ib-termliio api-eala made to tliem tv-un tbe ,lolnas d tbn Assessor fisr tbn cuxreut year, and will conUi.ue to nieei. at 10 o'ehs-k a. m.. and 2 o'clock p.m., 011 each MONDAY and Tlll'lm. DA Y thereafter, until the 11 li day ot January, IsoH, and also on SATURDA V, the 20th. All ciaou clalmliu lo bs agrieved by the doings or the A'scasnrs of said 'Town, in asse-aing uhii theia taxes Ih commutation of military duty, or in any other matter of ass-sstiieuti.; and those claiming offsets', must preier their appi-als and clrtlma 10 sai l Hoard at 0110 of their ni'-rtlnKn atorcaald ; otberwise they cannot hear and entertain them. , , The Hoard of Relief and Ascsor will meet " at aaM plw-e a' 3 o'clis-k p. in. on MONDAY, the lt day ol Jim-, unrv next, to l-ate the isills of the lutinn, sick and ills- abled, according to law. .iamksi u. -w rsii . , 1 woaru HENRY K. MORGAN. J of toe 21 12.1 CC LKO.NAKD KENNEDY, ) lteltnf SIMON TOW LE ' tLately of Harttord. Ct) '"' " Attorney at Law and Solicitor of Claims, WASHINGTON, D. O. (P. O. Box 759.) Refers to II n. W. A. Bin-klnli'iin, Hons. Jnmea Dlx- : en, Jacob 51. Howard, A. ri . t rati no, V. S. Senate; S. It. Colby, r si , Register U. S. 1 reasury ; (.;. , t under 1,111, ICs.)., N'. V. jlAi'.'5il.twlli7 l'rcjiai e for the Cold I IT is a f.ir.t that the Encliah Patent Heat iiitroller, or 11 lines' Patent Heat Railiator, will hv for llianini lves in one month, in Hie saving of fuel and extra amount ot beat, obtained. Call at my rt.re and see tliein, and read the inati'. rwoiuiuendatloiis 1 bave, from those who aie using them. Alao, lor sale the I -cat kindsol Cooking ami Parlor S ToVES at lhe lowest market prices. illoNASt-HILD, dec 20 No. !H Main T. pitESCOTT, lLIMlTON & CO., ' ENVELOPE MANUFACTURERS, ANO WHOLESALE PALER DEALERS, t7H AHVI.r.tl NTltEKT, ' near Hie Depot, liariloni. C'onu. Or.lurs r.-spm-lfntly aoln-Ueil. dec 21 Ud n1ot.ce ! fpo .L oi SILK MANUFACTIJRKKS AND IIKItH The midi isiKtied would lake this method to InlWriu those V'lio lire iu waul of Bolt 11 INS, with lion, brass, c.iiuposl'iiiii or tinned beads, thai they can tlml them by appl liig to lilm.at Coventry, Conu., by letter or '. in-eisou. All orders promptly alt. -ijdetl lo. LUCIUS CLARK, Coventry, Conn. Refers to E. If. Husk A. Co., silk niauulacttirera, Ids k-ville. Conn. ilec 1 1 Hind COAL! Iolii-h rind Iiackiuvanna, ALL-SIZES,) Can be round, at THK LOW KST MARKET PRICESM E. L. KK.MOV.S, People's Coal Yard, No. 174 and 178 Front street. oct 2-t di GOAL ! GOAL ! ' GEOKOK'S OHKEK OUMBKRUND oil lmt nunlify. unilaMtt for IMnkMnM h' and otitor puriMJHuB. A It, t emii mil ply ol theni-Ur. nt vnrietie- itiuj fstxt'S ol Aiilltntctl-tt Vau til;Hm-r purpoftun, cartull.v propHred And dtrli virl, lor Milu t the iiw CtNil tlotitAo, i:t 1 bt.t ptr-r-nt, und nt th lOWOBl 1-ritWB. 1IOV 1 -IUU jT. I.OIIIp. DI STR I OTOF I lXRTFC)Tm7WtaT9 Court, Hartfxrd, Dec. 22.1, 1SCV Estate of Samuel L. Bonner, ot Hartford, in said district, assigned lor tbe benefit of creditors. T he Court ot Probate for the district of Hartford, hath limited and allowed two months lrom date ol this order tiir tlie creditors uf said estate, represented insolvent, in which to exhibit their claim against said estate ; and has apisilnUsI Charl.-s T. I'restou and T homas McManus of Hartford, commissioners to receive and examine said claims. Certllled by LcclL T UTTLtt, Clerk. Tlie subscribers give notice that l.liey shall meet at tlie ottl.-e of Thomas McManus, in lirt!.rd, on the 221 days of January and February, law, at lu o'clock In the forenoon on each ol said days, for tlie purKSfe of attending lo the business of said appointment. Cii tlll.ts T. I'HKsiiiN, . , Tiiom. McMams, ) Comniissloners. All persons indebted lo said estate are requested to make immediate ymeut t dec 23 6-1 Johw T. PKrEBa, Trustee. MA N HOO I) !-! IOW LOST AN LTllO W RESTORED! Just published. )n a sealed envel. oa; price six cent. A LECTURE on the Nature, Treatment and Radical Cure ol Ssrmatorrhu-a, or Seminal Weakness, Involuntary Emissions, Sexual Debility, and Impediment to Marriage gol-eraJly; Mervousnea, Consumption, Fpllejsy aud Fits; Mental and 1'hysiraJ Incapacity, resulting from Self-Abuse, Ac, by Rohkkt J. Culvkkwki.i.. M. D., anthor ol tha Green Book. o. A llooni 'I heaaands f N-ffirrera.' Sent nndir seal, in a plain envelope, to any aildress, tKst-iald, on n-cefptof six ceTiis, or two jiostage stamps y Dr. J. 0. KLINE, 127 Bowery, N. Y., Post dtlce box r. noy H)3millwt;iui FOIt SAI.K (Inn ir.,,,,1 vv. it of working OX P.N. Iri'iuire nf the snb- seriiKir, or oi a i, Mr.it r w. KIKjIkhixiN, at my iarm. two iniiea vreat of the city, on FarmliigLuti avenue. WILLIS TIJ HA LL. dec 1 (I4w!ll,l M FOR SALE AT A HARGA1N Tho FW wooden bnildlngs on lot. No. 212 Asjlnm aveuue, (near lhe Asylum), to l removed. Wiilbeiadd cheap. Apply at COLLINS BROS. CG. dec 2T 6d j-f. HHi SALE The central, weil-lniilt, 5 'pa''',"", "d convenient reileuce, No. 1211 Tnim-i bull st., late DiH:tor Grhlley's, T he house is replete with modern sppointiiients. In mplele omhsr, large lot; a rare Opi riunity, if called lor ss, n, t.;'inir. base -decjHd N. HARRIS. R. E. Broker. Ill KKfil J o a Btnall quiet American family, a convenient tenement of four rooms, at N'l. a Hick st. Rent. t'J a luontli. dec2.tl'd H. W. BLISS. TO LET A FURNISH ED HOUSE The well furnished and p'esmnS r.r,idcui. No. 5G Park street, will lie rented till Anrii t en Cl and other iuuh-iles for winter: with poses,lnn at once dee 21 N. HARRIS, 289 Main t. iHr C. A. I.IACOLN. FOR SALE In - Simsbnry, (in E. Weabue duitritt,)7 acres of choice land, with nice biuidiiiira. two story anil e". hnnasi i., t-,- Variidy of selected fruit, e. Piice, inly 92.4tKi. Ap-l'1 , , . J. A. LINCOLN. di-2l J2.12WRT, 265 Main street. IY C. A. LiKcoLK.l M FARM FOR SALE IN NEW BRITAIN 120 acres eboUo land, well divided, fenced and watered. larje orcharding, &c. : has a gwj 2 story house, painted white, bam 60x. Itet, carriage house, granary, Sc, all in order. Front ph.ket tence paiuteil white, Ac, Aaj will keep 20 head of stock. Pri e. $1Jj0 only. Very cheap. Ixicat Ion very pleasant and desirable, only eight miles from Hariforcl Apply o C. A. LINCOLN, 2f5 Main sU d. 21 - - - 12d2wt; FARM FOR HALE IN SOUTH". ING'ION 2j miles south of tho center, on the "A'aterbory and Meridtn tuinniki-". and ilia(ini. piack river, 1W acres. The large meadows on the river exceedingly prixluctive. Uplands good ibr tobacco, wheat orany orhercrop. Fences good ; plenty ot wood; keeps from 30 to -10 head of cattle. One large twustor house ' another 1, stories, three barns with basements, granery' tool house, cairinge house, and other out-buildings in gnnt condition. A large part or the purchase money can remain on mortgage if detired, ' nVemidtr vi roil cornish; New Brit Un. FOR RENT Six Tenement of 77.77, rooms each, on Windsor st. ; and three tenement of three rooms each, ou Avon sr.: all in withriTerw aler. oolceJUu-. c. - ' dec 19 RALPH G ILLETT. over Adams Exprewi. " lr FOR SALE The block of LmildiDKiT corner of Welle and Mnlberry street, contaltrina three large teii-iiienis lor dwellings, and thnj srores, all supplied with water and gas, and 1 desirabi yoperty for iiivw-iment. being reniral and pleassiiwv situated fronting the Park. BENJ.E. ELLIS dec 13dif No. 8 Walnut sroe. TO RENT A good house on Wflitl man Court, containing 10 rooms, with fimn .'er and gas. Apply to WM. C. ALDEN. 4 - wnwes mXT ATWTRTI Emnlovment, r ft I1

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