Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 6, 1955 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1955
Page 10
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TEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MD., TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1955 Dial PA^2.4600 for a -WANT AD Taker Man Loses Car A* He Visits. Hospital RICHMOND, Va. W — Rucy C. Collins sparked his car three parking meters from police headquarters at 4:30 a; m. and went into a hospital. Several hours later he emerged as the proud father of a baby girl but found his car missing Overtime parking? Car towed away? Nope, the police said. They knew nothing about it. Melon Monument D1LLEY,' Tex. HV-Dilley's biggest monument is a huge red wa- School 'Game ? Tests Students' Mental Growth By WALTON M. KOCK BALTIMORE Wi - When your little Edgar enters first grade, chances are he won't be there long before teacher has him and his classmates playing a "game" with pictures and funny looking sym bols. Only it isn't a game. It's a test, the first "of a scries by which educators literally take Edgar apart and see what makes him tick, both for their own information and to find ways of stimulating him to learn. The first grade test is given to determine his "reading readiness." termelon mounted on a white, con- Through others, given at various crete pylon. It commemorates aitimes in his school career, his Dilley area watermelon yield teachers hope to discover: which has averaged 15 million pounds a year the past five years. His rate of mental growth, sometimes expressed as his "1. Q." (a * MAMIE VAN DOREN Co-Starring In "THE GIRL IN THE CAGE" A IM Phtun THE ANSWER TO TASTY REDUCING DIETS., BOTH ARE Ca/ori« Controlled Yes! If you're on o low-calorie diet, now you can odd a-really delicious flavor to your menus with either the Light or Dork Hollywood Bread. Both loaves are •••^•calorie-controlled.They are baked without shortening. Hollywood Breads art an excellent companion to other foods in your daily diet. IAKED FO* YOU EXCLUSIVELY 1Y THE SCHMIDTS 'tm* h* >Mtiofl»t B term educators frequently wish never had been invented). His aptitudes, his interests, his achievements, his mental maturity, the quality and effectiveness of the instruction he's getting, and even, in some cases, whether previous tests were an accurate measurement. Not all these tests ais given all children everywhere, and there are differences from school system to school system as to when each should be given. Baltimore County Plan But here's how it works in Baltimore County, a fast growing and forward looking suburban area surrounding Baltimore, under the direction of Miss Anna Meek, county supervisor of guidance. The first one — the "reading readiness" test — is it necessary? Yes, says Miss Meek. Not all children are ready to start reading just because they're legally old enough to enter first grade. Some them might not even know left from right. Some have not developed the eye-hand coordination necessary to grasp words — and such coordination is necessary. One reason for this is a disparity in ages. One child may be only five years and eight months old. Another may lack only a few months of being seven. A few months make a big difference at this time. The things he's seen, the places he's been, all his cultural opportunities and experiences, also have a bearing. During the first test, the child may be asked to match identical figures in a scries of pictures, or to cross out one that is not identical with the rest, or to perform other simple little tasks. From Edgar's solutions to a series of these simple problems, educators say they get a pretty good idea how well he can look at symbols and get a meaning from them, and how well he can follow instructions. And by comparing his solutions to those of thousands of other children, they believe they can come up with a pretty good idea of how soon he will be able to start reading. His Mental Age It is in the second grade.that the testers first try to determine Edgar's I.Q., or, as they prefer to put it, his mental age. Again, in this test, no reading is involved. Again the child is asked to work with symbols and pictures, but there arc more of them and he must do more with, them — match, compare, manipulate. The trained person, studying Edgar's performance, comes up with what he believes to be a good idea of his sense of spatial relationship—whether he can tell a smaller area from a larger one even though they may not be exactly similar in shape; his capacity for logical reasoning, his capacity to work with numbers, his ability to derive meaning from- a symbol. His score on this test is the. first measurement of his I.Q., or intelligence quotient. It is an estimate of his ability to learn. It is not a measurement of his probable success in practical living, his common sense, or his ability to get along with people. From his I.Q., his mental age is determined. Most children of seven, the educators report, will come up with about the same score on the I.Q. test as most other children of seven. But an exceptionally, gifted child may do as well as most children of JO do. Another may do no more than what might be expected of a child of six or less. His mental age is determined accordingly. Tests of a similar nature, more complicated and with the reading factor introduced, are given in the fourth, the seventh, and again in the llth grades. . All Standardized All these tests, incidentally, and others given in the Baltimore County schools are standardized and thoroughly validated products, published only after years of "careful study and analysis to be sure each is a true measurement of what the educators seek to know. They are given under carefully controlled conditions. : Some time during the testing process, parents begin asking, "Why won ! t you tell us our child's I.Q.?" Says Miss Meek: "It's meaningless, by itself." The score is only an average of marks the child has made in various phases, of the test. It is a tool, not a result. "You have to take it apart and see what it's made of," says Miss Meek. "After all, you can't really average a child's ability with numbers, his reading ability, his sense of left and right, and his sense of logic, any more than you can average, cats and dogs." One child, Miss Meek continues, may make a high score in the language factors of the • test, but be comparatively low in the numerical sections. Another may be just the opposite. A third may make about the same score in bpth. All three children would come out with nearly the same scores, the same mental age. But they are three entirely different youngsters. And when you say, "This child has an I.Q. of such-and- such," it means one thing when ap alied to one child, but something 2ntirely different when applied to another. Actually, says Miss Meek, there Is no rule against a teacher telling sarenls all about their child—his weaknesses, his strengths, his abil ties, whether he's making the jrogress he should—as shown by he results of the tests he's taken. But as for the I. Q. as such: "It's certainly not something to >e sent home by itself, on a report card." : Other tests, given at varying times in the child's school career, (Continued on Page 19) Ancient Home built a road system that stretched from northern ^cotland to the Euphrates River in Asia Minor, parts of which still Gift Shop at your Potomac Edison-Co. Store New Hamilton Beach Llqul-Blender Makes modern, hurry-up meals easy! New "Cut-'n- Fold" action blends faster, cots finer, has twice the usual cutting power.- No-splash top. 2 speeds. Easy to clean. SQQ5Q T"*"* *»9 m «' 03 with reclp* book J4450 in chn>-n« New Hamilton Beach Food Mixer Ends "hit-or-miss" mixing! The com- bisation of new, magic beaters and Bow! 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