The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 7, 1894 · Page 5
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1894
Page 5
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iilfK ,*'? t; ^'KfVfr 1 " uLUguUtt. U..^iji\«U uu ,i u ji-i •- 1- • * i-. •...*, jority Against It In Detr > Caucus. HOPS FOE THE TARIFF BILLS, *** v«, HWtnoet Clotnre t|j Would - ta ftMi Th«tn Unrlnf, thU emmrom, Bteerittf dnmmlttfce to Report R» n r't • •f BnalneM—ttea*r Ortld Wllhdrntralu, HlMAnrl River Improvement*. 'WASHINGTON, Dec. 7. -- Thursday's Democratic caucus directed the steering •tommlttee to prepare an order of business which would present for the conoid- Oration of the senate the following subjects of legislation'. A bankruptcy bill; a bill tot the construction of the Nicaragua canal; a currency bill; bills for the •dtniBsion of Avizona and New Mexico; a bill involving the interests of the country; for.the consideration of the .joint resolution of the house on the election of United States senators by the people, and such other measures, including the •Appropriation bill, as the steering committee may deem important, That in their report to the caucus the committee •hall provide the order in which the above subjects of legislation shall be eon- aiderad. The caucus was in session from a until 4:80 p. m. and almost the •entire time waa devoted to tbe discussion Of the first proposition of Senator Daniel, instructing the committee on rule* to bring in an amendment for a closure rale and the speeches were at times very •piritod. , Oppoeed It With VlBOroanieee. Senators, yest, Vilas.Betr^ and George made speeches favoring/the proposition, while Senators Gorman, Morgan,''Palmer, Harris and ,Pngh and others opposed it with Yigorousness and warmth. The speeches were in the same vein as those which, Gave been made in the senate, except' that the speakers discussed party questions with more freedom, pouting out the faot that on one side tbe Democrats would soon be in the minority fn the senate and probably in need of tbe 'protection which the present rules would afford, while on the other side the advocates of closure urged the importance of the supplementary tariff bttla and admitted very frankly that there was no possibility of such action without a rule for the limitation of debate. The opponents of a change evidently had the best of the argument from the beginning. It is understood they even invoked tbe ghost of the force bill and urged (that if the Republicans should get into power •(hey would revive this measure. , t Tariff Bills Knocked Out. ' The protest against the proposed •change was so general that when a vote vraSjtaken no one considered'it necessary to aiik for, the ayes and nays. When .•closure provision was defeated the of the tariff bills gave np the fight, considering it unnecessary to make any attempt to revive their consideration in view of the opposition ot a majority of the Republicans and because of the faot any determined opposition under the rules would induce , their defeat. Hence, that is why those bills do not'ap- pear in the* official list of. bills +o be presented for the consideration of the senate. The order for a preparation of the currency bill by the finance committee carries jrith it instructions to take the recommendations of the president and the Secretary of the'treasury iniolcouaidsra- 'toon. It is also understood a feasible ition for the utilisation of silver is be included in any currency scheme d to or by the oommittoa. No of tbe steering committee 1 has yalbeen called. S/'i, iff ' OOID WITHDRAWAia f •Treafnry Obtlaed to Meet Pfuaaaai Vet V •- Oold I* BMftaaa* For I***! Tender. ,- WABHIHQTOH, Deo, 7.—The cash balance in ,the treasury Thursday was •154,7*7,0*3, of which 1100,500,138 was pet gold. This is a loss in gold since Wednesday's report of fl,48l,W7. The treasury officials offer no explanation for this decrease, bn,t the information comet from New .York, that during- the last three days the snbtreatnrr has several time* been obliged to meet demands for J to exchange for legal tender, but so r if known here, none of the gold withdrawn ha* yet been exported. The pres- 4Pt tiigh rate of sterling exchange, 941*8, makes it probable, however, that before ^he clone'of the present week; consider. §b)e amount* will be withdrawn for ex. port to France, where the demand ju»t WW is greater than in England. The treasury officials decline to discius tbe probability of extensive withdrawals, bnt, it Is believed, they feel apprehensive «l ati)l farther losses. Mieeourl MUer ImproomMfe WABBIMOTOM, Duo. v,r-H, P. Bodges 1 report of a preliminary exaiu(njitto,u of the Nebraska »lde of the Missouri riser opposite Sioux City, la., front a point in Nebraska, when an extension of the lower limits of Sioux City, la,, would Intersect (he Nebraska side of the river ppA up the river to a point in Nebra»ka ' ijba, month of Big Stou* river, portion of tlwriyer v*. until July 1, l^U.'i, .aggregate $^48,(Wft. The Appropriation to provide for the OoU toction of the income tax wilt be ine<»« pointed in an urgent deficiency bill, the consideration of Which will be ready on Monday and will probably be immediately piwsed, ^ isiillrittit Porttint Hill. WASHINGTON, Dec. t.—The entire time tt the house Thursday was occupied in the discussion of the railroad pooling bill, to which thete appears to be a great deal of opposition. No action, however, was taken. Messrs, Cooper (Fia.), Graham (Texi), Morse (Mass.) and Daniels (N. V.) took part in the debate. The former directed his opposition to the flection giving the railroads the power to carry questions relating to the revocation ofpooling Orders into the courts and offered a substitute, giving the interstate commerce commission absolute control over \M pooling contracts. Messrs. Qreshara and Morse- favored the bill while Mr. Daniels attacked it on the ground that it would subvert the efforts of the interstate commerce law. Senator Pettlfrewl Strong Plea, WASHINGTON, Deb. 7.—Senator Pettigrew made a strong plea before the senate committee on Indian affairs for an investigation of the action of the interior department in its removal of the Lower Brnle Indians of South Dakota from the reservation. He charged that the department had arrested and taken 100 of the Indians from their homes to the agency last winter, confining them In tent* on the open prairie as a result Of which two of tbeta died. It U now pro- nosed to subject the 1 entire tribe's membership to this same treatment and,the senator thinks the department should bn stopped from this proceeding. The committee has not yet taken action npon the senator's request. •. f Appropriation* for Penitent. WASHINGTON, Dec. T.—The appropriations committee of the house has completed the bill, making appropriations for the payment of pensions during the fiscal year l89!>-68. It carries an appropriation of *J41,88J ,570, as against estimates of $141(581,870, and an appropriation for the current year ot $151,581,5711. The only reduction from the estimates was of 1200,000 on account of fees for examining surgeons. , Cruller Mlnneapolle Aeoe pted. WASHINGTON*, Dec 7.—The navy department preliminarily accepted the cruiser Minneapolis and authorized the payment of $434,000 to Mr. Cramp, the builder, being the amount of the premium earned by the vessel. The Minneapolis will be put in commission not later than Monday next and will' be attached to the North Atlantic station. CarlUle to Preeen* HU View*. WASHINGTON, Deo. ?.—Secretary Carlisle is to be < invited before the house committee on banking and currency next Monday morning to present his views concerning the financial plan briefly summarized in his annual report and in dorsed |n the president's message. , Under bunonfa Direction. WASHINGTON, Deo. 7,—A bill was passed in toe senate for the national dedication of the' Chickamsuga, 1 ; and Chattanooga National park on Sept, 10 and «,», 1695, under the direction.of the secretary of war. To Bny Oettjrebnrc BattleBeld. WASHINGTON, Deo. 7.—Representative Sickles has introduced a bill appropriating flOll.OttJi to enable the government to acquire title to theOjattjrsbnrg battlefield and transform it into a public pork. Bryan Cavort One Tern*. ' WASHWOTO.V, Deo, 7.—Representative Bryan (Neb.) introduced in tbe house a joint resolution providing an amend- •nent to the constitution making the president ineligible to a second term. »ew MatlenaTuank. WASHTNOTON, Deo. 7.—The ooniptrol lor of the currency has authorised the Red River National bank of Clarksville, Tex., wjth a capital of 1500,000 to begin basinets, . _ •'" Aek John Barm' Aid. PfniiApttraiA, Deo. 7.—A vigorous effort wiU be made by leading colored men,at (ihe labor conference to beheld in Denvernext week to bare tho word •'white" stricken from the conatiiuUou of the labor organisation. Toe Christian Recorder, the organ of the African Methodist •puoopal church, contains an open l»tt*r to John Burnt, who ha* opine to this country H»»» England for the purpose of attending the oonfonwou, asking him to e*pgu*e the cause of the colored man iatipft ftgM lor equal rights for the vuur bauk hutweea tbtt r«r«ttm«j|t| y wwtmotod and Vbe Bouta Sou. ttoold to tMtoure «u at hoada of the Apw, ICjF,, ften, 7, Phillips and Aha Low* have bean Utter enemies. Aa Lowe, was returning from King Chapel Wmm PMfUpa and hia brother Bttnton aooonMA Win, which mrolted in Low* ehootaejr Willis* Phillips, killing Mm instantly, lie turned on Station b>mo)wathfn,|a|at|y "tJr*(* ii*^ wonitdiug .._... - -. - osedad isi ats4fvlng LOWS during Ihi ton |!W|Up ip fnliHj" wojHi4f4, •9«9ffVnv v v^wmw •* *n*p»^^ — Jtae. 1.—Iblrtjr'two Irove K«n*».B - ,-, .- y .^ .., .jr^™ —™^ww-ajritf 'V'W '• ions Mrl, Tn« ittrrtvpff af the Iheir "sw w ^* in __. h«Me, VBANK C. IVRfl. EDWARD VoVBNIL. TWO GREAT BILLIARD EXPERTS. Frank 0. Ir«e, the Attieriew WlUard duunpion, is genwaUy considered the Breatost player in the world. He is » Michigan man, Edward Fonrnil, the Prenoh eipsrt who will soon play tree, to hardly caiuldered in the dam of tile "Tonng Napbleoii," who ha* repeatedly beaten Sohaefer, Roberto, Sloeeon and othws. . .j/K.i ; .tV PARAQRAPH& J Mrs. < .a 1',-V.rciiild of Danville, .Ills., died on n trui'i iu Colorado. J. L. liny, c barged with the larceny of •10,000 worth of state scrip, was acquitted at Little Rock,. Ark. The' Southern Trade of St. Louis estimate* this year's cotton crop at 9,600,000 bales. '• •••' -' ' -" ' ,' " The Alabama W. C. T. U. has decided ttf send a-woman lobbyist to the legiiila- ture.. • ,:.'.'.:.- •,-'. '. . '. . :. A public monument will be erected in Tiffin, O., toithe-memory of the late General W. H. Gibson. Yale and Princeton will each receive 113,105 from the receipts of the football game played on Manhattan field. The annual session of the presbytery of College Springs, of the United Presbyterian church/began at Creston, la. The American Suaar Refining company declared its regularly quarterly dividend on both common and preferred stock. Judge Book waiter of Charleston, Ills., fined a brass band whose play ing annoyed him for contempt of court. Minneapolis mills turned out 694,400 barrels of flour lost week, surpassing all former records. . • H.,M. Judge, state legislator and prominent lawyer in Alabama, killed himself Tuesday night. He was to have been married next month. ' . Two Emporia, Kan., hotelkeepers, prosecuted by tie Law and Order league, have been convicted and fined $800 and sentenced to 90 days' imprisonment. , Sealed bids were opened for the sale ot 113,000 15-year 5 per • cent bonds for the building of the waterworks system at He- catur, Ills. The bonds were secured by E. H. Rollins & Son of Boston at par, Jere Matthews, ex-county cleric of Logan county, Illinois, died from the effect of morphine that he took with suicidal inteut. . Claud G. Campbell was cruelly treated by the University of California -students. : for alleged disloyalty. ' Many famouvbrbod mares were disposed of at the thoroughbred sale at Lexington. Spinaway brought the top price, H,OQQ. Jack lIowertODOf Paris, Ky,, related to prominent Bourbon county families, married Matilda Taylor, colored, Ho wet ton became enraged at being' guyed in the railroad station, drew his revolver and in- bystauder. ^ 'contest his opponent's seat when the legislature convenes. Lev! McGee (Pop;) defeated Fowler by 11 votes. • Fowler claims,that there was fraud practiced in several precincts and he should have the seatfr:,,.;,; _ ; .'.'/.. ^ • •• ., - Wneo Cotton Palace Gloeed. WACO,,, Tex., Dec. 7,—After 2I» days Bucbwsful run the Waco cotton palace closed with a grand ball and a concert by the Iowa State band, which goes to New Orleans to open an engagement at the Midwinter fair there. . * ,Took an Orerdoee ol Mnrpblne. KANSAS CITY, Dec. 7.—George D. Sherwin, a well known attorney, died from the effects of a self-administered overdose of morphine, taken, as his relatives, claim, to alleviate-suffering due to asthma.. Three K«tal>r Burned. LOWELI. Mich., Dec. ?.— Rosa Ken- you, his wife and 3-year-old daughter were fatally burned near here. Kecyon accidentally turned over a jug of gasoline while carrying a lighted lantern. Blorton'a Hand Sb*Itla( Beeord. . Dec. 7.— At a reception tccordad Governor-elect Morton by the tJnion League club. Mr. Morton shook auuds With 2.UOO people. Governor Mo- iCiuley was nresent. , x • flkeletoiu Of Soldier* round. QDKBEC, Dec. 7.— Thirteen skeletons of Montgomery's soldiers .ot 1775 were naenrthed on Citadel ;Hlli here. Ended In a Triple Harder. ASHLAND, Ky., Dec. 7.—A tragedy that will end in a triple murder occurred at. Fnlts station. Qaorge Fult», ST., aged ttO, and bis son, aged 86, are dead, while John Pbyils, hia son-in-law, is dying with a bullet through his head. Thomas Jamey, an all-around desperado and alleged illicit whisky seller, who was charged by the elder Fultz with the betrayal of his daughter, did the shoot ing-and escaped to the hills, where a poise is yet chasing him with fine prospects of an early lynching.' H»|rWMrd* Both Arrr»t«d. MiNNKAPpi48, Deo. 7,—Andy A. day. ward has been arrested, charged with firing the ihot that killed Miaa Catb>rin> Glog, Harry T. Hay ward, his brolUer, the young business man whose relations with Miss CHttg have been inve«Ugated fron every conceivable sUndpoiat, was also arrested. The police Authorities say the arrests have been wads alter maon deliberation. Considerable damaging evidence agahiat the Hay wards has been secured, _ . ' ' ' . '. •Ml take Oftctel* Arreate* SAW LAKR, Pec, 7.—For refusing to fwniihthe grand jury wltnuamesin oonnwitjon with a certain scaiidal pah- (ished .some time ago involving' ciety women hare, Chief Pratt of the pq lice dopartment and Detectives Sheet* and Ferguson were ooiAmltted to the qnstody of the United States wanni They will be li«ld audl the uauwsare given of wMlU tha fnrtber order of the Nttw Unto* Paoiilo r«ttw»y sjud of (to bMmqhM for tbt y*T wjOJug Jujie «l), J Bnn* Mrning*, «ta,m,Mi»t ' Due, T.^Tofeu 8, Till, 0», ' ' WM »rmted on « Waited 8t*t« grtmd j«ry OttiTgUig him With A«»lv • ~ QDTHKIE, Deo. 7.— The'. Osage Indians have made a partial agreement with the gpyernment commission i to divide their lands. Chief Big ..Heart has taken np the proposition to give each member • ol the tribe .890 acres and will submit it to •Vote of his people. Will Arm Dtab. OltlMM. SALT LAKE, Dec. 7.—Colonel B. W, Tatlock of t^e militia left for San Juan oouhty w4th 160 carbines and 1,000 rounds of'ammunition, which will be furnished to the citizens who are threatened by the invasion of the Ute Indians from Colorado. Bank rallnro. GOODLAND, Kan., Deo. 7.—The Exchange bank has closed its doors and is to the bands of the state bank commissioner. The liabilities and assets are no Known, Two-thirds of tbe capital o $87,000 is held by wealthy eastern people. Cdaoatore to Meet In Denver. DENVER, Dec. 7.—The National Edn eational aasociation has notified the Don ver chamber pf commerce of its aooapt- ance of the invitation to. hold its convention in tb|s city July V to l8, Wbeoler Appointed Reoelver. NEWAWI, Dec, 7.—J. W, Whaelwof KlUabeth,was appointed receiver for the J. W. Fowler Car company. The asset* are about |l$8,OQO, white the Ifabilitiei are»18Q.OqQ. Oerma* ItanUI Heackee An NRW ygp^ Qeo 7,—B«ro*rd Blaven Hagen, tbf German • pianist " America on ttie trave. MARKETS RECEIVED BY WIRE. CMJaao Qraln nnd .._..___,. OHin*ao, Deo.S."After* weak MMion tlte ^hviit wkrkn l»r««ed up near .Ute flntah ami helped by, r*uor|,« of be»vy esport builntM elo«ed M« ulgoer. Bfajr corn Kaloed Wo, Magr oau Ho tn4 prnvtolon* olojuid tiiKlaly blgUer CUMIHO I'lO^K*. miBAT-W«euib«r. M{»0] Mar. «*»o July, 01 Ho. OORNHjfceiBBsr tIMK January. 4i»«oi OA'rs-J>ee«mh«r, WMol January, HOo May, '"•' ~OATTl<8-Thera was i for all (r<4«» orceiileandsl (or «ioof» oa4 iil •»!»» o| , , *•» not ru«»lu«J. i'rtow Md (row 14.60 loon Ute «r«* l|(bu §«m «t 11.84 and tfe« •joriilu»'» »»w(lu •Vile, latulw vit demand tor thtep «n< . l>rlw>» w«ta utru w»r«_ frow II.WJ (or iwwr lo f).MMM,«a. Market 7,TOl»iWl! ItKkt, TO WILLIAM. move ^6R_FRee «udA«. rational, Btefcnnte take* Action on the Socialists Refuse to Cheer For the Emperor. LIVELY SESSION OF REIOH8TAG, Inter Attempts to <Ta«Mr* the Aetlon oi the So«l*tlit Member*—Hot Allowed to VlnUn Ble Speech—Brltteh AmbaMador Protetti~Mad«irMcar Credit Adopted. Deteetlvee Ahadowlnf Kntfllih Offlelall. BBHLIN, Dec. 7.—The first session of he reichstag in the new palace erected or its use was marked by a disorderly cene growing out of the refusal of Socialist members to cheer for the em- leror. T^he term of office of Herr Von retaow, the president ot the reichstag, expired Thursday, and he made a re- miniscant speech, dwelling upon the work that had been performed during bis incumbency and at the end of his remarks called for three cheers for the em- jeror. Alt'the members with the ex- leption of six Socialists, including linger, Liebknecht and Ulrich, sprang o their feet and cheered heartily. Von jevetsow called npon. the sitting mem- jew to rise in honor of the emperor, bnt hey refused to do so. Their refusal led b angry protests from the other mem- ben, and a great uproar followed. The president declared the conduct of he Socialists was not in consonance with the traditions of the Germans or the usages of'the bouse/ The Socialists relented the attitude of the president, jnd jiebkne%ht rose in his seat, his manner wing .quite threatening. Ulrich also sprang to his feet and 1 amid renewed shouts 1 and cries -of' "Shame, shame," book his fist at the other members. When order was restored, the re-election of officers of the house .proceeded. When his bad been concluded, • President von Levetsow expressed his regret that he was unable to punish the disloyal So- daliBte. Attempted to Jtutlfy Hlmeelf. Singer thereupon arose and attempted o justify the attitude of himself and his 'allow Socialists. He was repeatedly nterrnpted, but was understood to say: We never will be compelled to cheer for one who recently told the service recruits that should circumstances arise ihey would be ordered against ;he will of the people to shoot their lathers, mothers, brothers and sisters for the one who is now introducing an anti revolutionary bill aimed against us. To cheer him would be irreconcilable with our honor and dignity." The rest of Singer's words were drowned in a storm of a vehement protests, which only subsided when Von Levetsow called the speaker to order. The house iheu opened the .debate on a motion to abandon the? pending prosecutions of some of the Socialist members. Baron iron Manteuffel. the Conservative leader, took occasion during the debate to inveigh strongly against toe conduct of the Socialist members. " The Centrists jClericals) .again introduced tne motion for the repeal ofthe inti-Jesuit law, which was defeated'at Ehfr liwt soosioti. ~'* ' • •' .Down WUIj the PnpUallite, BBOSSBLS, Dec. 7.—In the chamber of deputies' during' the discussion of the budget ind social list thev Socialists sub: mitted a motion protesting against the civil list of the Count of Flanders, a brother of .the king, in the name of their Repoblioan convictions. A tumultuous debate ensned, after which the premier, M. D. Bwlet, caU^d upon the^ chamber to join Win |n cheers for the king. The Conservatives and Liberals responded warmly, but'the Socialfsts replied with prolonged shouts of '"Vive le people, a baa les capitalists." (Cheering for the people and shoating down with the capi taUsto.) .-. . .-. "• • IlrltUb AntbeMador ProteeU. VIENNA, Dec. 7.—A dhpatob from Constantinople says Sir Philip Cnrrie, tbe British ambassador .of Constantino pie, is diM«y«fied with the porte's state ments that the Armenian outrages wore only ordinary acts of brigandage and he fias made further strong representations to the porte that Qreat Britain is aware that the affair partook of ihe nature ol an uprising on the part of the Armenians owing to the intolerable situation, the absence ot security for life and property and the depredations of the Kurds. WUI fiend • epeolal Atnnaeiartor, CHEBPOO, Deo. 7,—The Teung-Li-Ya- wen has decided to send a special am bassador to Tokto, fully antborisod to negotiate a treaty of peace, ThU U the rwoit of au intiuiation from United States Minister D«nby that he and tbt> United State* lulnister to Japan havo prupared the way (or direct ooiurouaiva- tiou between China and Japan though tho attitude ot the preliminary nogoQit tions are kept secret MlMlowwrlee He««a »eo»l. LYONS, Doc. 7.—The Mission Cathol- iquos htM rocoived a tetter froui Mgr. Mutul, addrested from Seoul, the capital of Cowa, ataouuciug that all the French iuiwionarie« ui Cora*, after great hard shipa, have suooneded in reaching Buonl, The letter adds thai all the OhrUtlau villages in Cum have Itwen pillaged am bnrued and »hat nnmbers of native Christian* have bean maw ST. Ldtrcs, Deti. 7.—The delegates to is meeting of the National Stock Ex- aange arrived today, prepared for a sea- ion of hard work. The main purpose f the delegates to this meeting, judging torn the nature of their expression, is to ake action upon the inhibition against tnerican cattle by foreign countries, ipecially Germany. Chicago leads in le number present and every one of her elegates is aggressive npon the export matter. The exchange executive committee was called to order a little after oon by President W. H. Thompson of Chicago and the preliminary work 1 soon disposed of. The question of lie war npon American cattle by oreign countries came early to be front by the introduction of a mem- irial to congress with relation to tbe ex- sting state of affairs. Its reading waa met with manifest signs of approval by be entire delegation, and from outward appearances, seemed to express the con- ensns of opinion of the delegates. The reading of the paper was preceded by an x?lnnation of its purpose, vie; "The jbtaining of relief through congress rom the unfortunate embargo placed npon a few American products, notably ive stock, dressed beef and hog products, m account of the duty imposed by onr ecent tariff act -upon raw and refined ugan from Germany, France, Belgium. Denmark and Austria, thus practically closing those'markets to us, a continuance of which means disaster to farming and live stock interests of this country^" Appreciate Cleveland 1 ! Recommendation. EL PASO, Tex., Deb. 7.—A mass meeting was held here to make organised :ef» 'orta to have congress take some action relative to building a dam across the Rio Grande at this point for' the storage of ater for the use of the < people on both sides of the river. Resolutions, wen tassed showing appreciations for 'the «cbmmendation of President Cleveland o congress in regard to tbe storage of flood waters of the Rio Grande for the mrpose of irrigation along the boundary of Texas and Mexico. An Heir to SUfiO.OOO Found. GUTHRIE, Dec. 7.—C. A. Handee, the Boston man who has been searching for lis brother Henry, who had fallen-heir to $ 150,000, has found him near Chick- nesha, I. T., where be was working fora cattle man. He had been gone .from lome 10 years and had during that time served as'a section hand, dishwasher and tmrkeeper. He will immediately return to Boston. , ; Ex-Mayor ftollene'e Funeral. KANSAS CITY, Dec. 7.—The funeral services over the remains of Thomas B, Bnilene, formerly mayor of Kansas City and founder and head of the firm' of Bnilene, Moore & Emery, were held at All Saints church. The city offices and several stores were closed. , Deo, 7.—It IB Stated that «l tb«lr owa n»iueat iloteoUvee aie thadow lug jitfrtort AjKjnitn, the home *wr» tary; Sir William Vwnou Haroourt, oijuuctillor of the wn>lMmut»r, and Julm «ri) e«wrtulued of un>viv«lof (he F Ukovwueut, , Uou. 7,—TUw nuuttW, by « vot« of aw (u V, adoptoU tUo urtxlit of tlS.UW.tiOO <lttd«« »»•««* UWK, lij'., StV. ?.— J«dgl* D«wiy, Jr., will fewr* notice «J ooutost on fiuu. W. C. Ovveju, whu wil t « >iiuun' party. \V,,J. .t, 1 . t Rennlntlon to Stop Bond AaHinaxoN, Dec.«.—Reprejentattvo Booker (Mian.) introduced in the house a joint resolution repealing Sec. 8 of the act providing for the resumption 1 of specie payuieuts' which authorizee the secretary o£ the treasury to Bell bonds described in the act of July 14,1H75. MovpiDent ot Wanblpe. WASHINOTON, Dec. tt.—Admiral Car- Center oalled notice of the arrival of the Baltimora at Cbeefop to the navy department. The Detroit has arrived at Gibraltar. She will proceed in a day or two to Naples to deliver the Columbian relic* to the Vatican. Benntor V«wet*e Cfflnnc* Mil. , Dec. 0,—Senator Power introduced a bill providing for the fret coinage of silver, waking the silver dollar to consist of 413% grains of standard BnenesB and these dollars to be a legal tender for all debts public and private. Appropriation Ketlmnlee. . WASHINOTO.V, Deo. tt.—The appropria-/ Oon coiniuitteo received from the treasury department estimates for the urgency deficiency bill aggregating tV,700,. 000, which iiioludea tho amount required to collect the income tax. _^.,,.., Bnullfaa dorr«<pondenee. WASHINQTOK, Dec. «.—The president sent to the aeuato the cocrespuuileuce, with the Brazilian iniuister here in reference to time of termination ot the Bra- ailian reciprocity arrangement, about which there has been souio oontroveny, •leh 4014 Strike. BBUIOSA, S. D., Bao. 6.^Exoitement la running high here in oonseqqenc* of Ihe rich gold strike atKeyslone, If mika south of this place. The tuitw is called the Holy Terror and ta running five •tamps. Tho nrat M hours run netted ftt,80» and the next U* hour* |»,ai*0. The rock i» increasing in value. Kuengh cook is in sight to last two years. TKNOBQUK, Doc. U.~Qeneral Lorenw Oarcin bus mudo a tour of the Mexican army poaU an the froatUr and report! everything iu oxx-uUent order, TWQ wore regitnenjta «re enroute hjff f|m the capital from Vur« Cru« and Taha*oa, PIERCE^CUBE OB 5MWKBI

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