Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on July 9, 1948 · Page 26
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 26

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 9, 1948
Page 26
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*.?•« City CUfc«.C wt U, Jr ?£«.fbi Officer* Installed Bode—O. M. Kinseth was clect- ^ed commander of the American Legion at the annual meeting and was installed this week. Vice commanders are NeiVOlson and Miles Helmen. with Orville Rood adjutant, Verner T. Jordahl chaplain, Herbert Kinseth service officer, Kermit Cran historian and Garmon Pflibsen sergeant at arms. The man who put the sparkle into champagne was Dom Per- ignon, a Benedictine, according to Jean Heidsieck, head of the champagne firm, who says Frenchmen still salute the good monk's statue in the city of Reims. from MEXICO v f BIG VALUE! Reg. $1.99 $169 Sizes 3 to 9 Your favorite hand-woven Huaraches are back again and at our Famous Low Price! Mason City's Most Modern Popular Priced Shoe Store 21 SOUTH FEDERAL STOMACH AILMENTS, WEAK KIDNEYS, RHEUMATIC PAINS, ARTHRITIS, NEURITIS and such complaints as Headaches, Nervousness, Acids, Toxins, Blotting. Lack of Vitality, Energy, Poor Appetite Underweight, Dizzy Spells. Drugless Health IF YOU ABE a sufferer of these ailments, try GEO-MINERAL. You may be astounded at the results. GEO-MINERAL comes from the earth—Nature's Laboratory. Contains NO alcohol, NO preservatives, NO oil. NO harmful drugs, NO dope —is NOT habit forming:. Contains ONLY Nature's minerals, the oldest, most reliable remedy for rheumatism, arthritis, kidney and stomach ailments — highly recommended by the medical profession. GEO-MINERAL will enrich yonr blood, help to make you strong, full of pep, life and energy. Lack of minerals in .the blood causes anemia, headaches, nervousness. Minerals generate mental brilliancy, give sparkling: eyes, red cheeks, fight disease, bnild up health. Rich Red Blood MEDICAL records show 68% of men and women over 35 suffer from nutritional iron anemia. When you feel nervous, dull, lazy, have dizzy spells, no ambition to work or play, a poor appetite, feel blue, when your eyes lack that bright spark, and your mind brilliance, when headaches get the best of you, and you feel old before your time, and life seems not worth living, with worry wearing yon down—it may be simply lack of minerals in your blood. GEO- RIINEBAL Is then what you need. I Wonder Minerals 1 RHEUMATISM, arthritis are dreadful diseases. Acid condition in the blood is often their cause. What ! could be the remedy? For thousands of years, minerals have been used to relieve the pain and suffering: of these Ills. People, on the advice of doctors, go to mineral springs to find cure, or relief. The most important of our people, Including- doctors, go to mineral springs. They would not patronize regularly these springs without any benefit. ! YEAR after year, people rash to mineral springs and spas, to drink and bathe in their miraculous water. 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"but at pharmacists, we know food* medicine, and we believe there Is none better than Geo-Mineral as a supplement for mineral deficiency. Doctor*, hospital*, unatorinms know the value ot natural minerals. We are not surprised at the many BMM who ram« back to bay more and told u* *torl«< of amazlnr benefit. We recommend it to our friend*, relative*, and belored ones, and to every one wishing for better health." _, J0,'l NORTH FEDERAL Mall Orders to Above Addren Ad« 10« r«r Manly School Faculty Signs One Vacancy Remains to Be Filled by Fall Manly—With the exception of one teacher, the Manly school faculty has been hired for the coming year. Due to the fact that one of the largest freshman classes in history is entering in the fall, some changes have been made in high school teachers. Donald Southard heads the school as superintendent, and will instruct 2 classes in manual training. Gail Bailey, who has been elected high school principal, will teach English. Franklin Meade, who has been re-elected as coach, will also teach social science. The new coach for girls basketball will be William Jonkheer, who will also teach mathematics, and science. E. Brown, another new teacher, will also instruct in mathematics and science. Elizabeth Southard will have charge of commercial. Marjorie 'Wyatt will teach home economics and business training. Alice Selness, in addition to music instructor, will also teach a class in social science. For the junior department, Helen Smeacl and Betty Roberts have been assigned. A new teacher, Elizabeth Williams, will take over the work of the fifth grade. Marie Folkerts will continue her fourth grade work. Aurelia Kernan has charge of third grade, and Bernadette Happ will return to her work in the second grade. Dorothy Hovel has the first, grade. Arlene Aves teaches kindergarten and will also instruct in vocal music through grade 6. The only teacher position that has not been filled is the regular instructor for sixth grade. Brown and Jonkheer will fill the positions left vacant by L. D. Hungerford, and George Neuzil. Both are ex-servicemen and were graduated from Iowa State Teachers College. Jonkheer is married and has one child. Mrs. Williams, who taught at Goldfield last year, replaces Miss Olthoff. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF INCOnPORATION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a corporation has been organized under the provisions of Chapter 491 of the 1946 Code of Iowa, and Acts Amendntory thereto, with its principal place of business iti Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, and the name of said corporation shall be STEWART-SIMMONS, and the general nature of the business to be transacted by said corporation shall be to buy. sell, and manufacture shoe polishes, shoe shining and repair equipment, and furniture and fixtures for shoe shining and polishing and repairing establishments; to construct, equip and manufacture shoe polishes, leather finishing products; to operate and condvict laboratories for research: to manufacture chemicals and chemical products, and manufacture, buy and sell chemicals, foot appliances, powders, pastes, deodorants, sanitation powders and liquids and spray; to buy, sell, lease, encumber, and convey real estate; to buy and sell patents and patented articles, and to do all things necessary and incidental to the carrying out o£ the powers herein expressed, and those incidental thereto, the same as a natural person might or could do. The corporation shall commence business on the twenty-ninth (29) day of May A. D., 1948, and continue for twenty (20) years with right of renewal unless sooner dissolved by a three-fourths ( 3 ,<) vote of all the outstanding stock. The amount of capital stock authorized Is Twenty-five Thousand ($25,000) Dollars divided Into one thousand (1000) shares of Twenty-five ($25.00) Dollars each— said stock to be paid for in cash before issued, or to be paid for in property on the approval of the Executive Council o£ the State of Iowa as provided by law. The affairs of the corporation are to he conducted by a board of not less than three (3) nor more than seven (7) directors. The directors shall be elected at the annual meeting of the stockholders on the Jast Saturday in May of each year, and until the first annual election, the Board of Directors shall consist of Tyler P. Stewart. Mason City, Iowa, Dr. E. K. Stewart, Mason City, Iowa, Archie R. Simmons, Evanston, Illinois, and Betty Jo Simmons, Evanston. Illinois. The officers of said corporation shall consist of a president, vice president, secretary and ii-tii-jrer. The office of secretary and treasurer may be held by one person. The annual meeting of the stockholders shall be on the last Saturday in the month of May In each year. Until the first annual meeting of the stockholders on the last Saturday in May. 1049. the officers of said corporation shall be Archie R. Simmons, Evanston, Illinois. President, Dr. E. K. Stewart. Mason City, Iowa, Vice President, Tyler P. Stewart, Mason City, Iowa, Secretary and Treasurer. The private property of the stockholders shall be exempt from corporate debts. TYLER P. STEWART DR. E. K. STEWART ARCHIE R. SIMMONS BETTY JO SIMMONS Incorporators D. H. FITZPATHICK, Attorney Salt beds range in thickness from a few inches to more than 300 feet. IOWA WOMAN HAILS RELIEF FROM PILES "I suffered from piles for over a year," writes Mrs. E. E., East Linn Street, Marshall town, Iowa. "All day I'm on my feet &t my job, and there's the housework to do when I get home— it was terrible! "I heard aboyt SEL-O-PON, started wing it — and goodbye, piles! "It -was so sure and quick, and so easy, simple and clean! I am so grateful for the relief I got." t If you suffer from piles, iry SELO-PON. Easy-to-lake capsules— harmless, simple, clean. Carry them in purse or pocket! Just swallow with a gip of Water—no more trouble with greasy and bad-smelling medkah'ons! ' '.. I u v i c SCO DRUG UK /cr 60c Norwich 1 MODESS REGULAR—hi the * blue box. Weil for average need*. The size most women use. 2. MODESS JUNIOR—in the green box. Slightly narrower for those who find a smaller napkin more comfortable, amply protective. 3^ MODESS SUPER—!n ihe orchidbox. For women who need extra protection. Yon get Modes' famoos comfort and safety in all three slzec! IT'S COOL AT OSCO! Shop Leisurely And In Comfort. OSCO Is Open Evenings. SUN TAN LOTION 390 BATHING CAPS Fine Quality Crinkled Rubber. Wide Choice of Colors. Each 290 $1.25 U. S. Rowland BATHING CAPS All Sizes and Several Colors From Which to Choose. OSCO Price 980 SELF SERVICE E VERY BAY Prices Effective Thursday Evening, Friday and Saturday CREME SHAMPOO MINERAL OIL DOUCHE SYRINGE FOLGERS COFFEE Superior Quality Gallon Size For Feminine Hygiene. Bulb Type. Reg. 98c While They Last. 2 Lb. Cans 39' 79 49 98 INFLATED CIRCUS ELEPHANTS Wide Assortment of Colors. Each 29^ <HAVE CREAM CHAMPIONS, FOUNT SIZE The famous To Help You u/- Tasteless Capsules Pleasant to Tak Easy to Carry in Your PursH Dietrim Consists Only of Nutritive, Vitamin Elements and Contains No Dangerous Drugs or Chemicals. Dietrim capsules are accompanied ov a carefully worked out and tested reducing diet together with a sclentiDc caloric chart. 25-Day Supply Only $249 HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 30 4 Oz. Bottle WAVE SET 50 4 Oz. Bottle YARDLEYSOAP Cooling, Refreshing, Old English Lavender Fragrance. Box of $. 3 Bars L BUBBLE BATH $1.00 Bath-O-Foam with the Fragrance of Flowers. 20 Dainty Refreshing Baths. Only 490 Dusting Powder and Cologne regularly Z«V/U Wear V/OOD SPICE ;; ; and you steal the tingling scent of fragrant forests end spicy flowers. Coo! as a forest pool! An excellent gift. 50c STRAW SANDALS PAIR 50c SUN GLASSES Plastic Frames. Unbreakable Lens. Pair 290 BEACH BALLS Gaily Decorated, Heavy Rubber. 12 In. Diameter. $1.50 Value. Each 980 35c DeLuxe Official Hi-Li PADDLE and BALL SET Ball is attached with rubber to paddle. PAPER BUSTER GUN Super-Numatic 450 Shot Repeater. Shoots louder than a cap gun! Extra ammunition available. Boxed Complete With Paper Roll HALO SHAMPOO Revtols the Hiddm Biavty of Your Hair , , MAM ^ 0o HALO SHAMPOO; LARGE SIZE ' "Soaping"duffs hair-H0/o glorifies if! 75' SUPERLA D. D. T. SPRAY FOR HOUSEHOLD USE. Kills ants, flies, mosquitoes, roaches, moths, silverfish and hundreds of other insects. STAINLESS AND ODORLESS Regular 60c Quart Size SAND PILE TOYS SPRINKLING CAN, Pint Size SPRINKLING CAN, V/2 Quart Size SAND SHOVELS, Regular lOc Size' SAND PAIL WITH SHOVEL, 40c Value SAND SIFTER, With Shovel, Boat and Umbrella SAND-0-LAND BOAT, It Rocks and Floats METAL DOLL BUGGY, A Wyandotte Toy STEAM SHOVEL, j It Really Works. $3.00 Structo SAND PAIL WITH SHOVEL, Small Size . . . t WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO, LIMIT QUANTITIES 190 390 . 50 270 240 590 590 '2.19 140 4Vz'-5' All Steel Reg. $5.00 Value. . . Castin Bow 8 Arrow Sets I"/l\ B :,^ 39c $1,89 69c 49c $2.37 „ Values & $3.00 to $5.00 Official Size, Leather Cover Official Size. Each 8mm Movie Film 25 Fo °' Double Roll. Camro Panchromatic for Indoor or Outdoor Use. JUNIOR SIZE ROLLER SKATES §3.50 Kingston ballbearinp, rust proof finish. No clamps to mar shoes. OSCO Price 1.98 with PIASTIC CURLERS Refills Available — Each 1.00 1. ZIPPER BAGS Heavy canvas with waterproof lining, leather trimmed and reinforced. $< Only \Vilh Federal Tax Included JUNIOR SIZE FISHING KIT Genuine Ocean City brand. Contains 37 inch steel rod, all n>etal reel with click, fish line, sinkers, floats and spoon. Regular $2.50 Value 1.49 THE NEW EZY-DO MIRACLE WARDROBE • MOTH PROOF • STURDY WOOD HANGER ROD • BEAUTIFUL LACQUERED WOOD TRIM • ATTRACTIVE WOOD GRAINED FINISH • HOLDS UP TO 25 GARMENTS • SIZE 60" x 20 Vi x 20 IN. Regular $6.50 Value $/!98 OSCO Price 4 t FEDERAL EXCISE TAX WILI< BE CHARGED TO TOILETRIES. M/GGAGF. AND JEWELRT

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