Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 21, 1965 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 21, 1965
Page 10
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10 - Friday, May 21, 1965 Redlands Daily Facts DRIVEWAY PLANT — For a quick, low-maintenance driveway planting, you can't beot the tailored good look of Carpet Bugle (ajuga). Small rosettes of shiny, dark green leaves form a thick, rapidly spreading mat thcrt lies almost flat to the ground. From late winter 'til early summer purple-blue (or sometimes pink, white or blue) flowers cover the foliage in profuse spikes, making a colorful foil for shrubs in bloom. Plant if in filtered shade; or in sun if you can give it plenty of water. Not fussy about soil. (Photo courtesy California Association of Nurserymen) Broken panes are pains? Replacing glass easy! mm DniH|[RS A broken window pane is something almost every home owTier has to cope with sooner or later. The old-fashioned hardware stores that not only sold you glass but, for a price, would install it, are as prevalent as the whooping crane. Even if there is still the problem of removing the sash and taking it in. It's easier to put in a new pane. Installation will differ depending on the frame. The large number of metal frames in use today, many of varying design, introduce new problems. Regardless of the type of window, the first problem is to remove the old glass. Wear gloves to protect your hands. Most of the pieces will come out with a light tug. Leave those that don't come out easily. You can re move them as you clean out the old putty. Scrape Carefully Use a wood ch'isel or a knife the putty. Scrape carefully if you're working on a wood frame so that you don't gouge or splin ter the wood. Putty too hard to remove this way can be softened with a hot soldering iron. Apply for only a minute or so. Clean out rabbet in the wood frame thoroughly. Pry out all the old glazier's points. These are small, triangular pieces of metal imbedded in the wood. You may need a pair of pliers to get some of them out. FREE TRAVEL TIME To & From Jobs Redlands and fAentone OnW ;,aOF OUR TRUCKS ARE RAt»° OlSPATCHED PLUMBING CO. 1248 S. WABASH 794-2131 REDLANDS is plate glass flat? No. Replace broken pane so that the outside of the cur/e is on the outside of the window. Even the tiniest bit of putty must be removed. A small piece could cause the new glass to break when it is pressed into place. With the frame clean, measure for a new piece of glass. While you can cut glass yourself if you wish, most dealers will cut it to size for you. Measure inside the sash opening. Note the measurements. Then measure again. Measure Carefully Deduct a sixteenth of an inch from both width and length if measuring glass for a wood frame. This will allow for the possible expansion and contraction of the wood frame due to weather conditions. For rigid metal frames, strive for an ex- each dimension will make the glass easier to fit. Glazing compound is preferred to putty since the latter dries out and doesn't last as long. With putty it was customary to coat the rabbet in the frame with linseed oil so that oil wouldn't be drawn out of the putty. Even with glazing compound it's a good idea. Place a small coating of com pound on the frame, press the glass into place and hold with a few glazier's points gently tapped into place. Take a handful of putty and roll it in your hands until it is the shape and thickness of a pencil. Press into place around the glass so that there is a continuous seam. With a putty knife bevel the compound. Measure the glass with the frame intact. Many frames come apart but methods differ. Some are held with clips at the corners. These snap off. Others are held with rivets or screws. Some have retaining pins that can be knocked out. With the glass in place, in either type of frame, finish the job by cleaning the putty- smeared glass with a cloth dipped in turpentine. Wait a few days before painting the compound. Space Boards Space deck boards an eighth of an inch apart to allow good rain runoff. Decking can be Douglas fir 2x4s, 2.\6s or 2x8s. Beniamin Moored REDLANDS PAINT Quality Paints for ever 80 years SOLD BY - LUTHER & ROGER HOLDEN We Give S. & H. Green Stamps 102 W. STATE ST. REDLANDS PHONE 7W-5641 By Polly Cramer DEAR POLLY — Protect the floor of your station wagon with a piece of linoleum. This is also easy to keep clean. When you need an extra hot dish mat, cover a magazine with aluminum foil. It serves the purpose quite well.—MARCARET DEAR POLLY — Perhaps some of the readers can help me. Some of my sheets and white blouses have red crayon marks on them. I do not know how the crayon got in the washer as I usually check all the pockets before doing the laundry. How can I remove these stains? The crayon went into the dryer and even stained the door of my dryer. Are my clothes nuned? -MRS. C. W. L. Indeed we do hope your clothes are not ruined. Betty, my right hand helper, had the same problem not too long ago but with colored clothes. She just kept washing them after rubbing turpentine in to the crayon marks. To clean the crayon out of the dryer her husband used shellac thinner en the inside and then washed it out throughly. I do hope the same procedure will help you, Mrs. C. W. L. - POLLY DEAR POLLY — I keep a pair of sunglasses in my clothespin big. They provide protection from the blinding glare on either snowy or sunny days when I hang the wash outside. -LILLYE DEAR POLLY — Before laundering my husband's "white wash and dress shirts I pretreat the heavily soiled spots, such as cuffs and collars, by gently rubbing with a piece of soapy nylon net. — MRS. L. H. DEAR POLLY — I used the good hint Grace gave for winding yarn around a drinking straw until I came up with what I think an even better idea. I use the core from a roll of waxed paper. The larger center area prevents the yarn from binding as it sometimes does with the smaller drinking straw for a core. If you wind the yarn in a figure eight pattern, your yarn will hold more securely throughout the entire use of the ball.—LUCILE DEAR POLLY — For so long I was not able to keep my 45-rpm record player free of dust but now I cover it with a plastic rain bonnet and it stays in better condition. I removed the ties from the bonnet, opened it out and spread it over the player. —MARGE DEAR POLLY — WhWe on vacation or any trip, we have stayed in motels that do not have a hook in the bathroom. This is a nuisance as there is no place to hang robes, clothing and so on while showering. Now I always carry a shower curtain hook to use for this purpose. It can be hooked over a towel rack, glass shower door, etc., and the coat hanger slipped through the ring.-MRS. B.W. DEAR POLLY — When I copy any recipes from friends, relatives and so on I put the person's telephone number on the card with the recipe. In case I have any questions as I am using the recipe I have the phone number right at hand. —M.D.C. Easl-Bild Cabinet message center a must in kitchens Since every family needs a place to leave messages and scraps of paper are frequently overlooked, we designed this kitchen message center illustrated. While designed primarily to transmit messages, it does double duty as a storage unit. Kitchen clutter is eliminated since the perforated hardboard provides an ideal place to hang kitchen utensils, pots and pans. There is even room for condiments, dishes and other objects every housewife likes to keep Screen right for your driveway Driveways are a necessary but un-pretty part of a modern home. To dress up a driveway, outline it on ne side with a western wood screen built in a zigzag line, making use of the screen as a backdrop for low plantings on the driveway side. Keep the screen's pattern simple. One-by-fours set edge outj between 2.\4 top and bottom stringers and placed about four inches apart makes a handsome but undemanding pattern. If the driveway slopes downward from street level, height of the screens should be six feet or more. For a level or upward sloping drive, a height of three to six feet looks well. Paint the driveway screen to match house siding or stam it a natural wood shade. close at hand. The handy blackboard is indispensable for writing grocery lists, jotting down appointment time with hairdresser, etc. The full size, build it yourself pattern offered below makes it easy to turn out a professional looking cabmet for even those who consider themselves all thumbs. All you do is trace the paper pattern on wood, saw and assemble. The pattern specifies all necessary material, which can be easily secured at the local lumberyard. Paint or stain the cabinet to match other cabinets in your kitchen and invite the neighbors in to admire your handiwork! Send 50 cents in coin, check or money order for Cabinet Message Center Pattern No. 578 to Redlands Daily Facts, P.O. Box 215, Briarcliff Manor, New- York 10510. Send 50 cents additional for new catalog illustrating 300 other build it yourself pattern projects and home improvement books. Add 25 cents if you wish pattern mailed by Special Handling. Copyright 1964, Donald R. Brann. Guarantees promise long life Many home - building materials are covered by guarantees, bonds, or warranties issued by their manufacturers. They are important guides to the performance that can be expected of a product. When a family buys a new house, they should ask the builder to turn the guarantee certificates over to them. When a guaranteed product is used in home improvement, the certificate is available through the specialty contractor who does the work — a roofing contractor, for example. Some materials available with guarantees, bonds, or warranties are: Insulating glass. Sealed double- pane glass for windows is warranted for five years against the formation of a cloudy film or dust penetration between the two sheets of glass. Asphalt roof shingles. All heavyweight shingles — those in the weight class of 300 pounds of material for each 100 square feet of roof — carry a written guarantee, bond, or warranty covering the home owner against defects in materials up to 25 years. Fiberglass screening. This material is guaranteed for ten years against denting, shrinking, corroding, and rusting that results in sidewaU stains. Water heaters. Heaters are guaranteed for five to ten years against defects in workmanship or materials imder normal use. Garage doors. A one - year guarantee is issued against defects in materials or workmanship. Doors also are available with a lifetime warranty against splitting, checking, or delami- nation of the inset panels. Bigger Socks Baby's socks should be at least half an inch longer than his foot. When buying socks, allow for normal shrinkage and the rapid growth of baby's feet. ONE WAY TO USE A VINE - The Carolina Jessamins shown here twines its way about a lamp, clothing the narrow post and decorating it with glistening, warm-green leaves that hang in neat foliage patterns on long streamers. Throughout the summer this shrubby, evergreen vine will chorm the passerby with fragrant, trumpet-shaped yellow flowers. Another way to use Carolina Jessamine is to train it as a garland along the eaves of a porch, where the flowers that start blooming in early spring will pick up the yellows of the daffodils and carry them skyward. (Photo courtesy California Association of Nurserymen) Need for heart exam stressed Even when there is no visible sign of injury to the chest, infants, children, and young adults involved in an auto accident should be given a thorough heart examination. In a report given to the Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association, Mr. David Goldring, a spokesman for the Washington University of St. Louis group, said that 16 of 53 car accident victims (30 per cent) in the young age groups were found to have heart damage of varying severity even though the accident did not produce any obvious chest damage. Ninteen Cents The lumber and other wood products used in home building cost only 19 cents of every dollar paid for a house, according to the U.S. Labor Department. HEVf FURNITURE MADE TO ORDER i RECOVERING • REPAIRING • REMODELING \ • CUSTOM MADE DRAPERIES • i CUSTOM BUItT FURNITURE & ANTIQUE SPECIALIST J ESTABLISHED 1933 499 WEST STATE STREET REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA V. F. ROY , BUS.: 792-17IJ RES.: 793-4380 Tough Floor Western hemlock flooring gets harder the more it's walked on. DO YOUR APPLIANCES MATCH? 1 1 1 1 If not, let us paint them. We specialize in custom refinishing on all types of appliances, furniture, cars and boats. KRAMER'S 109 E. HIGH ST. 793-1123 Snyder's Termite Control • Treatments and control services for ants,| roaches, termites, moths, etc. • New, safe fumigation for drywood termites! and other household pests. HOUSEHOLD AND GARDEN INSECTICIDES FOR SALE! 18 EAST VINE STREET PHONE PY 2-3841; Country Club Vista A New High in Residential Living ... In Redlands THIS STUNNING SERIES OF HOMES SETS A NEW STANDARD OF UVING FOR THE FORTUNATE FEW Four Bedroom! • Family Room • 2 Baths • Single & Two Story VIEW HomM • 5 'A% Financing Available • Sales Office ond Models Corner South St. & Sunset Dr. Sales Office Phone 792-9394 from $29,950 FEATURES: REFRIGERATED AIR CONDITIONING • Payne 100,000 B.T.U. Forced Air Heating • Fireploces (2- Story Designs have twol) • Wood Paneling in Family Room • Ash Kitchen Cabinetry • Luminous Kitchen Ceiling 0 GE Double Oven, Range, Dishwasher and Disposer, oil Built-in • Pantry • Genuine Ceramic Tile • Pullman Lavatories • Vanity • Covered Potio • Cedar Shingle Roofs. Directions: From Redlands Fw-y. take Ford St. cross Redlands Blvd. and continue on up Oak St. (south) to Franklin .^ve.. then left to South Ave. and left (east) to Country Club Vista. Sales by FOWLER'S Realtors Established 19U 210 West Citrus, 793-2B83 Country Club Vista Dial 792-9384 Buyers Guide to Medallion Homes To finid toiJay's electrically modern homes in every price range look for the Medallion Home Award. You're years ahead In a Medallion Home because it's equipped with the features-of-the-future today. Requirements Include a flameless electric kitchen with major appliances, full "Housepower" wiring and abundant lighting. An all-electric GOLD Medallion Home gives you these features plus flameless electric heating and electric water heating. CLAREMONT CLAREMONTNORTH aircond. are near schools, park, 6 colleges. Up to 2412 sq. ft.; 3-4. b(Jrms., 2-2>^ ba., cJining i family rms. 1-2 fireplaces, terrazzo tile entry, vinyl floors, w/w carpeting. Kitchen equipped ail-electrically. Lath, plaster, fully insul. 2 biks. N. of Foothill Blvd. on San Antonio Ave. i Syracuse Dr. $28,250— 535,450. 10% Down. REDLANDS VILLA SERRANO homes are in a beautiful area. Attractive exteriors feature shake roof, cement drive. 1910 sq. ft. interior fully carpeted. 3-4-5 bedrooms, 3 baths. Ceramic tile decorates all-electric kitchen equipped with range, oven, dishwasher and disposer. Priced from $23,900. Call 532-1648 for complete information. tMvmirr Off Southern California Edison NORTH RIALTO ACACIA WOODS offers Juxu* rious homes on 90 X 134' lots. 344 bedrooms, 2 baths, convertible den, paneled family room. Have carpets, impressive rockfloor-to-ceiling fireplace, slate foyer, insulation, double marble pullmans. All-electric kitchen has built-in range, oven, dishwasher, disposer. Air-conditioning available. From $21,000. $1,200 down. FHA. TR 5-879S. 1 fOOIHIU lU SAN ilWmpiNO HWY. DIAMOND BAR Deane Bros, offer DIAMOND POINT li2 story homes. Landscaped, w/full-grown tree in front. Un{Jerground utilities. Priv. swim A racquet club, 60' pool, lighted tennis courts, playground, clubhouse. 3-4 bdrms.. 2 ba., all-electric kitchen w/range,oven, dishwasher. Exclusive "garden" kitchen avail. $17,950 to $30,950. 30 yr. 5>-:% loans. (714) 595-2201. SANTA ANA RWr. CHINO SADDLE HORSE RANCH dvjellings are on acre lots in wooded country setting. Area zoned for horses. Fenced pasture; approx. 1800 It. X 20 ft. bridle path; room for riding school, barn, swimming pool. Central air-cond. Spacious floor plans have 4 bdrms., 2 baths. All-elec. kitchen fully equipped w/ range, oven, dishwasher, disposer. Call (lU) NA 8-3613. > < SAN BEBNARDINO fiwr. < 5 < < i B MISSION »LVO. N t F»ANCIS ST. fMIUDELPHIA ST. FREE! Homebuyers Magazine and Map Guide Contains pictures, prices, descriptions, maps to more than 800 new home developments in Southern California, including custom homes and apartments. Offers many new ideas for decorating, landscaping and furnishing your home. Send coupon for free copy of this fact-filled magazine, or look for it at your newsstand. CALIMESA SUMMIT VIEW HOMES designed ior senior citizen living with 2 & 3 bedrooms, 2 baihs. many outstanding features: wall to wall carpets, insulation i air-conditioning, fireplace, tile, double garage, patio deck, large view lots. All-electric range, oven, disposer, refrigerator. Washer/dryer, hard- vjood floors, custom decorated. From S18,500. SY 3-8547. 11 1 UN! »OAD i IT r o z i i 3 AV£. L MYIUEW < ooo Da 1 i a i 5 $ CLAREMONT BRIARCREST-CLAREMONT has beautiful split-level elevation homes. Vi ^ith 3-4 bedrooms, 2-2>^ baths, all-electric kitchen, formal dining room. Complete with sunken living room. v;all to wail carpets, tile in kitchen 4 baths, natural wood cabinets. Built-in oven, range & hood, dishwasher, disposer included in price of $23,995 up. $2,400 down. Call 714-622-8424 from LA. CLAREMONT CLARABOYA exclusive homes on hillside sites with sweeping view. All utilities underground. Styles offered in 344 bedrooms, 243 baths. All-electric kitchen can-, ter has range, oven, dishwasher, disposer. Community with private heliport, sewers in. Extras such as electronic garage doors, etc. From S45,000. Call 714-622-4671 for details. it SAM »t»NA«PINO TOiWAY Man today. Limited quantity. HOMEBUYERS MAGAZINE Dept. 0,205 Avenue I Redondo Beach, Calif. Name Address. City _Phone_ Desired Location. Price Range_ Kitchen Preference • Electric • Gas • No preference

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