The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 14, 1959 · Page 11
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 11

Austin, Minnesota
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Wednesday, January 14, 1959
Page 11
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OLD FRIENDS — Lew Lewis,' 105 W. Allegheny, celebrated his 91st birthday Tuesday with, two old friends, H. B Lightly, 85, 403 3. Fourth, left, and H. B, Hillier, 86, Brownsdale, right. Lewis has known the two for almost half a century. 3 Banks Hold Annual Meetings Austin State Substantial gains in virtually every department were reported at the annual stockholders meeting of the Austin State Bank Tuesday. .Clarence Smith was promoted from assistant vice president to vice president, and Roland Reinartz was named acting auditor. First National Promotion of two staff members Sterling State Sterling Slate Bank's first year- of the First National Bank was op- j end. statement listed total assets proved at the annual stockholders of $1,536,371.79. meeting Tuesday night. 0AILt>; WED,, JAN. 14, 1959 PAGE 11 Car Rams Bus at Racine Intersection A Grand Meadow man suffered | or injuries but did not require hos possible serious Internal Injuries Tuesday when his car plowed into an Austin-hound bus on Highway 63 and a county road near Racine. Vernon Cfehling was taken to a physician in Stewartville by Highway Patrolman Loren Meyer. Patrolmen said Gehling's ,1954 model car is a total loss and estimated damage to the Jefferson Line bus at $500. The bus driver, James Milton- burger, Minneapolis, suffered min- pital attention. Some of the passengers were shaken, but no one was seriously hurt, authorities said. Another bus was sent from Rochester to the accident scene to continue the run. The bus is scheduled in Austin at 4:20 p.m. and was about one hour late in arriving. The accident occurred about 3:15 p.m. Highway patrolmen snid possible traffic charges are pending. The bank opened May 1, 1958 — — —"O -. vi^-wwtnj l(l£,l Ib, *••»* (_>i>|jii \S£/v>llWt AVICI J J f l(7l*( Advanced were Morris C. An-1 with a set of officers and direc derson to assistant cashier and I ' ors who were re-elected at the Lloyd F. Anderson to installment! annual meeting. Directors express- loan officer Both are in the in- j ecl satisfaction with the first eight MISS HARRIGAN CONDUCTS CORRESPONDENCE COURSE Miss Jane Ann Harrigan, Austin High School business education instructor, is conducting a corres- CI _„„.. v .. —.-.. ..... u .~.t, .MJV/HI ni v, iii iuc in* 1 — • -.--.. T.. v ». UK*, IIILJV <~4^nu siructor is concnicmic «i coirts* He is a new officer. All other of- j stallment loan department. | months' results, Frederick B. L ondence course in bookkeeping, ficers and directors were re-elect-1 Morris Anderson started will,;Johnson, cashier, reported. under ausp i ces O f the University (id. "Fircf XTofiAnnl iit m.4'7 „.,.! ... i__j : TllfV follnwinrr \irprti rn.o1or>lorl . _.. . « „ . ed - j First National in 1947 and worked Tlle following were re-elected: The officers include A. H. Haak-'in almost all departments. He is: Jose P h J- Lichteig, chairman; enson, president; B. J, Plehal.' treasurer of United Funds this I " Iug ' 1 V- plunla >tt Jr.. president; of Minnesota General Extension Division. This two - pflrl course, compil- Harrignn explained, is available to high school age students who were unable to complete credits required for graduation, those sto dents w h o attended smaller schools where the offering in business education courses was limited and students beyond high school State School Group Honors Dr. Lommen Dr. P. A. Lommen Sr. Tuesday night was awarded the distinr'ish- ed service award of the Minnesota Education Assn. at St. Paul. Dr. Lommen, who has served on the Austin School Board shv-e 1!)<!2, was cited for "lea d ership in ischool affairs and his quest for quality teaching." The annual award was made by Miss June Ot- ilerness, president of ME A, with Gov. jOrville Freeman iin attendance. Dr. Lomtttf n Dr. L o m m e n comes to his interest in education naturally as father of four boys and one girl — two of the boys now attending college. Dr. Peter Lommen Jr. is practicing medicine in Austin with his father; Robert is working at the Geo. A. Hormel & Co. office nf- ter getting a business administration degree from St. Olaf College; Morris is studying medicine at the University of Minnesota after getting his BA degree at St. Olaf College; Dean is in his last year n T • • • — ' — ~....^ »-uiiuo uua - . • ' mis iwo - pnri course, compu- en mici suraents oeyonn nign scnool « ( c^ /ii r . -n . . , . Ben Lageson and M. B. Siegfreid, j year. Lloyd Anderson came to ? al L : . L ' nd ?f • VICe P'^'dent; ed and d b Miss Ham .| who desire to learn boo k kecplng f l St - , 01af *'"'.« major m bus.- vice presidents; W. H Witte, cash- i First National from Chisaeo CiLv lpredenck B - Johnson, cashier, and L nn nl . nvif , oc j nc , rilnf)nn ,„ w.™ _! ,•„„,,„„,„„, n , c i ness> administration, and Helen ,.-, vice presidents; W. H Witte, cash- j First National from Chisago City | F . red f r i( J B. Johnson, cashier, and j gnn ;"p" r OT[ d ; s 'V n " s lructi"oii"in"ieeep-j lundamenlals'." ier;and K. L. Laufle, assistant; in 1957 ^erald D. Bokion, assistant cash-| lng financial racords for various j Directors re-elected were Race! ier. i types of small businesses using j i — •-~*via i..-i,jt;t.i,cu wc-ic ntice i /-< .• . . ,, i ivpes 01 suiau ousinesses using Directors are Haakenson, H. P.|F. Crane, Park Dougherty, M. P.i Contmui "S to «i-ve as directors | spveral t of jounials indudb Garbish, Dr. W. H. Albertson, I Dugan, Charles F. Fox. D. R.^' 6 ' Ke "" et " L ' Arens > George - ' -Gene McLaughlin, H. E. Rasmus-jGrangaard, William Howley, J. G.^' sen, Philip Richardson, V. E. Tau-! Huntting, R. F. Lichty, Dr. L. H. S ° sche and H. H. Sorenson. Pint, George W. Ryan and M. J. onne, 11. Frede fck^B JolS ™ U * rmak ! n f ™ ] ^J* Joseph B, Lichteig, End S.j", 0 " . of . fin = ncl j stateme » ls ' Em Hugh V. Plunkett Jr.. Clarence W. Siehl, Albert J. '. Iphasis *» upon business re- 500 Party Held at Enterprise School In a report reviewing operations j Schleuder. , ,.,.(,„„ -, , „ rr of the bank, Haakenson said the! Officers re-elected were Lichty j T t h o^ *± J "' year was very satisfactory. president; Grangaard vice presU Jf^t^ ^'"^ay dent and cashier; A. L. Sponberg, through Friday vice {(resident; C. B Christiansen,! assistant vice president; J. R.| Pollock, assistant vice president; A. V. Highum, assistant vice presi- A 500 party was held by the!dent; George Leland, assistant Austin • Windom Farmers Union 1 vice president; R, L. Duholni, as- M o n d a y night at Enterprise! sistant cashier, Mrs. Edna McCar- School. Winners were Mrs. Floyd j thy, assistant trust officer; A. C. Wilke, Mrs. Loren Grant, Roy | Tinderholt, assistant cashier and Smith and Claude Walker. Mrs. | auditor, and R. L. Kelly, manag- Wilke was awarded the door prize, j er bookkeeping and transit de Bunco winners were M o r 1 e y Johnson and Roland Pratt. Action partment. The stockholders reviewed the 1 Johnson cords, but units are also included in keeping personal records, handling checking accounts, making payrolls and filling out income tax forms. The correspondence course, Miss Night School Classes Open Eleven ckisses in adult evening I „.._ -^».v*v^i»4»v»»\j^»o i *. v it w cu iii JIT committee officers were in charge j 1058 operations and made plans of entertainment. for 1959. Lichly reported the aver- Steve Lickteig, president, announced action committee officers will meet with Lloyd Cotter, Austin Rt. 3, Jan. 28. Smith age daily deposits and year end deposits reached new highs in 1958. The year-end deposits were over $20 million. Past Osman Potentate Installs Officers of Austin Shrine Club Elmer Gesk«, St. Paul, Osman Temple potentate, and members of his divan attended a dinner and installation of Austin Shrine Club officers here Tuesday night. Walter Bechik, past potentate, was installing officer. He lauded Schiltz, vice president. Simon Johnson continues as secretary. Other Osman Temple representatives here from St. Paul were Gene Field, Ingi Olson, Gilbert! Gustafson and Emil Peterson. Earle Rogers, Oriental Band Quie's Bill Would Step Up Milk Use Rep. Albert Quie, First District, offered a bill hi Congress Tuesday to make permanent two special programs aimed at increasing milk consumption. They are the veterans and armed forces milk program and the special school milk program. Under them, the* federal government subsidizies increased milk use by veterans hospitals, mill, -. - —. , school are still open for enroll- j tary installations and a broad ments, Dean R. I. Meland of Austin Junior College announced to- Registrations Monday night totaled 415. Already filled arc three sec range of schools, child care centers and day camps. Quie's bill would also forbid inclusion of the costs for them in in the category of price-supported costs. The programs, he con- uow Mrs. Jack Moors, wife of a oank official at Virginia. Dr. Lommen came to Austin *.o raclice medicine in 1920 and since nen has been active in the St. )laf Lutheran Church Choir, Ki; .vanis and other civic organizations. He is a charter member of the Austin Kiwanis Club, former president, and has the unmatched distinction of attending every Kiwanis meeting during the past 32 years. Boy Gored by Bull Stays in Hospital Dale Hoium, 13, gored by a bull Dec. 2!) at Crestwood Farms, Highway 16-W., will be in a cast at St. Marys Hospital, Rochester, for at least six months, relatives said. John R. Jones, outgoing Austin j president, announced the Austin 1 president, for services to Shrine- dftm the past year. New officers include George Gulbrandson, president, and John Farm Mutual Shows Gain of $3 Million A $S million gain in insurance in force was reported to Mower County Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. stockholders at their annual meeting Tuesday. Secretary E. C. Schroeder reported the company had in force at the end of the year $52,591,873 in coverage issued in 3,417 policies. In the last year, the company paid 249 claims which included 91 fire and 140 lightning losses from the current year and 1R claims from prior years. The income from all sources last year was $81,444 and the assets of the firm are $186,000, Nels Goodwin, treasurer, reported. Directors returned to three-year terms on the board were B. J. Huseby, Adams, president; Henry Schllchting, Brownsdale, vice president; and Edgar Christgau, musical group will appear in two: parades at the St. Paul Winter! Carnival and in the Midwest Shrine I Conclave next August, St. Paul.,' Further contract talks between Will Resume Talks Tuesday on Kaus-Kmmt tions of knitting, two sections of tends, should be considered pri golf, photography and automotive tuneup. Cancelled for lack of sufficient registration were beginning and refresher shorthand, tailoring, practical law and speech. More' enrollees are sought for beginning typing, Mondays and Wednesdays; refresher typing. Mondays and Wednesdays; basic radio, Tuesdays; woodwork, Mondays; welding, Tuesdays and, Thursdays; oil painting, Mondays: Austin Shriners and'wives will j Sl^ 1 ^^ 3 "!! 6 ^.^ k ricans and cilizenshi P for new „ as consumer-benefit measures even though they have a helpful effect on dairy prices. Assault Trial Is Under Way Jury trial for indecent assault ...v-.o^jo, w,i po...i.» e , muuuaja, against Jerome Daniels, 25, Roch- j bridge, Mondays, driver training, jester, opened in the annex court-j j Mondays; millinery, Tuesdays; in-1™ 0 ™ of the Mower County Court-i termediate sewing, Tuesdays; rec-j nouse tnis afternoon with Judge j reational swimming, Wednesdays, i A. C. Richardson presiding. Dan- j Dean Meland said the school i ie ' s is being charged with in-1 wanted to stress two courses for | decentl y assaulting a 6-year-old immigrants, English for new Am- i S irl at Waltham on Nov. 10, 195», I NEW WACS—Recruiter Sgt. Tom Richards, Judith Berry, Pat Holbert, Charlene Aim. 3 1958 High School Miss Proctor Graduates Join Wacs j n Discussion Two Austin High School and one | daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Pncelli High School graduate wentl Ijtlll »'»P, !'07 Miller Rt., a I!)5« Aiis- to Minneapolis today to be sworn 1 " 11 High graduate; Put Holbert, ....... . . „ j diiughtcr of Mrs. Eileen Holbert, into the Women s Army Corps. \ m s gl pnu ,. a ^ pace]li After being sworn, the three j graduate and Charlene Aim, dnugh- women will leave for Ft. McClel-jter of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Larlan, Ala. for basic training. j um, Austin Rt. 5, a 1957 AHS grad- The recruits are Judith Berry,' ulltc Charlene will be assigned to u *v-t*u». otrt. Jiivnviio, lumnvca Dtuu.i The youngster suffered severe I none to thc Car Skids Into Power Pole An Austin woman suffered injuries about !l a.m. today wheni her car skidded and hit a power pole west of the Grent Western Depot, on railroad property. Sandra Cooper, 1411] Ohio, suffered a right arm injury and was released after treatment. Damage of $150 was done to her car and ! Medical Specialist School, Brooke j Medical Center, Ft. Sam Houston, Miss Maxine Proctor, Woodson School principal, will participate in one of the discussion groups to be held as part of the annual convention of Minnesota Elementary Principals at Minneapolis Jan. 22 and 23. Miss Proctor will servo as recorder for the group discussing the topic, "A Principal Needs to Know." Keynote speaker will be Dr. cruiter Sgt. Tom Richards said. Semi Skids on Ice, Upsets ' £ A semi-truck reluming from | Austin after delivering a load uf The youngster suffered severe j— - - — liveslock skiclded on ^ icc am , eg mjunes when the bull attacked A hit-run collision at 4:23 p.m jack-knifed on Highway 16, 13 him in n iPA/lintr r\on nc»1rt time? i f Ttt«t*rlrn» rt* **««,!n. «.-.,! 171 _l.i:_ .. ... . ' . . him in a feeding pen. Dale was;Tuesday at Maple and Franklin helping the herdsman, James I caused $25 dnmage to the car of Skaar, who heard his screams and Robert E. Beldeii, 007 N. Railway. ran to the rescue. The youth is allowed no visitors. I wt '» «* i.imiiu jiuiaillgil, l_imiSUIg, He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. j and no damage to the car of Arthur Houston, Highway 1G-W. B ruce D. Green, 2108 E. Winona, MEMORIAL FUND Acknowledgement of memorial funds given in remembrance of Mrs. Jonas Helgeson, former Austin resident, was announced today by the Minnesota Heart Assn. in a collision at 3:38 p.m. Tuesday at Main and Mill. Green was tagged for failing to yield the right of way. • • rvcjruuK: niJcuivtr win ue Texas after completing basic, Paul BixbVj acting defln rf while the other two will be assign- department of education at Penn ed to a school as determined by State university arid Dr. Wai- their tests after basic, Austin Re-| ter Cook) dean of the College of Education at the University of Minnesota, will explain the six- year program for elementary principals. Dr. Walter Jtidd, Fifth District congressman, will be the banquet speaker. Among workshop topics will be "Reporting to Parents," "Evaluation and Testing," "Program Planning for Parent Groups," "Guidance at the Elementary Level." and "Faculty Staff Meet- j ings." Entries Increase in Pinewood Derby Cub Pack 110'g pinewood derby will draw a larger number of entries this year, Cubmaster John miles west of Austin this morning. The driver-owner, Arthur Ben- rens, Wilder, was not injured. He | was westbound and had just crossed the overpass near the Petran Warehouse. The truck skidded into the south ditch and overturned. Damage to the tractor was plac- READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS ed at $fiOO. About three tons of tankage in the trailer escaped damage. Highway patrolmen investigated the accident^ Madura said today. The derby, which "is an exciting race of toy cars down an improvised runway, will be held in the basement of First Methodist Church at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Guides, Maidens Irt cus in St. Paul in March under| bor Centei .' tentative plans. D_I_I •»» m r I Ralph McElroy, general man- • •• — • Ruben Kaplan, Owatonna, show-! ager of the Minnesota Iowa Broad- i Pow-Wow <5ntii ed moving pictures he took during' casting Co., and Thomas Young >»a»u an African safari a year ago : Kaus-Kmmt manager, will repre Meanwhile in the upstairs 'court room presided over by Judge Warren Plunkett, the; case of Del Siats vs. Western Union Telegraph Co, continued and was expected to go to the jury later this after- ; noon. This is the second trial of Indian Guides and Indian Maid- ! the case involving a telegram sent 3 steps for getting your savings program off the ground - , repre- nan a- e case nvovng a teegram sent His two sons accompanied him on : sent the station while Lyman Co- (ens, YMCA father-son and father- j to Boston instead of Austin and tne hunting expedition. , ver, international representative, daughter groups, will hold a pow- 1 thus allegedly causing a load of Nearly every wild animal in the and Mrs - stasia Haverberg, Lo- wow and roller skating party at | eggs not to be accepted at a New Nairobi area were included in the cal 578 bus i"ess agent, will repre- j 2 p.m. Saturday at Pat's Roller | Jersey market. [ «=--'- pictures Kaplan secured using a [ sent employes. telescopic lens. Covert said some tentative agree- Kaplan's next trip will be to ! ? ient on a-W-hour week and a un- tu ion shop had been reached, but Rink. About two years ago, a Mower In addition to the roller skating County jury found for the defen< Big Chief Milt Kopet of the Win-jdant, but an appeal by Uie plain FIRST STEPrdecide on "a"savings goaf., Then, figure what part of that total amount' you can set aside each payday. Finally,' open a savings account with us and start depositing. Never skip a payday. You'll be surprised at even « anTisrwriiteneri^ 'regularly. And, of count, well be helping you along with guaranteed intere$t\ So don't put If off any longer. B*fr payday that goes by it lost saving*. Come in hunt near Spitzbergen, and local' !?"* S !l° P f been reached - but neba eo tribe will show movies ol Stiff resulted in the Minnesota Su- Shriners have already invited him " T* wereu a P art on the j authentic Indian dances and rc-jpreme Court granting the new to show the films he plans W take W3g ! qU " tl0 "' Wlth the manage- freshments will be served. trial. to show the films he plans W take. Concord Grange Maps Activities Members of Concord Grange held 'a 500 party at their hall Saturday night. Winners included Mrs. Genevieve Napp, Mrs. Melvin Meister, Melvin Long and Ernest Meister. —' -w"... 6 v.—a Travel prize was awarded Alvin! for adult De g' nners started Thurs- ment offering an average $5 weekly pay hike and the union asking an average of $20. Kaus-Kmmt employes voted 1811 Dec. 5 for union representation, 26 Enrolled in Adult Sewing Class ADAMS, Minn. — A sewing class Wilson. Dexter. In other action the assessment (policy fee) was continued at I^i,,!,,™ mills; the annual meeting was I /.•_... changed to the third Tuesday in January to allow the office force more time to complete reports; theft and vandalism coverages were added; and re-insurance with Farmers Mutual Re-insurance Co.,; Grinnell, Iowa, was approved. i Students Plan Easter Tour Students going on the Know Your Government Easter Seminar trip have elected a student planning committee and selected for study several countries in order to be backgrounded when speaking to ambassadors. Elected to the planning commit- : tee were Phyllis Dankers, Carol Anne DeVries, Douglas Wright Mary L. Dawson. Kathleen Street- cr and Mauraie Usem. Areas chosen for study were the Middle East, Germany and the USSR. Special sightseeing tours for the student* when in New York City, Washington D. C. and Philadelphia also have been arranged. ; Refreshments were served by Henry Jensen and Arthur Gordon. I day at Adams High School with 26 enrolled. enry Jensen and Arthur Gordon ^ Ant ° ni ^ Ke ! m ' h °, me ^ •? lans - T^tu Ior r te =vrr^rss i,r^Sf^|5uisar«sr - te meet preceding potluck j The other evening schod ^^ Jan. 21 at the Thomas j offered this year is agriculture, home, Austin Rt. taught by Arvid Anderson. HERE'S BALDY TALKIN When Ozark Airlines begin service to Austin they want to provide the type of service that can be depended upon under practically all conditions. For that reason they are delaying starting service until the Civil Aeronautics Administration approves our IVOR for instrument let down. That means being able to "tune in'' our airport radio beacon and then be able to come down through overcast clouds to our airport. This is not permitted now, not because our TVOR is not functioning properly but the C.A.A. wants it checked under all possible conditions before they give their approval. The. State Department of Aeronautics is now proceeding with both ground and air tests to be sure our radio equipment is performing properly so the C.A.A. can make their tests prior to granting permission. Ozark said they would start service to Austin thirty days following the 1st of the month after receiving notice of approval of our facilities. It will take them that long to install all of their equipment and arrange schedules so that we can have convenient Chicago service as well as North-South service. C, R. H. w- : &:\W^ ; ^ ; i:'-;^.sM^^v^p^l:l;^'S:^:i@f^k^5^ ;i;V--;-V-i :, &:& •-•• .. jf-f'K ;• .v '^.f^fi^.ffJ^'f^! ->ftjR Consider the Chandelier Room for your family celebration, birthday party or wedding anniversary. Noted for its friendly, cooperative service and superb cuisine, t h e Chartdelier Rooms' trained staff will make your family event a truly memorable occasion. Our facilities are economically priced . Call us about using the Chandelier Room — Conveniently located in downtown Austin. Phone HE 3-8821 For Information We're here to help you get what you want AUSTIN STATE BANK

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