Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 18, 1890 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1890
Page 4
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E. S. AMES & CO., Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street,. _ UKIAILJ3AL WE ARE NOW OPENING A TREMENDOUS STOCK OF roil TUB NPRIM1 A.\D HUMMER THAI)]:, Imported direct from the very best Manufacturers. 1 j look at the Latest Styles! They are all Neat, Parable and Comfortable, i; and the Very Best Goods that money can buy, and they will be soid as low as .Reliable Ooods can possibly be sold. TERHS GASH, AND GASH ONLY: If you want Credit, we can't Trade. Goods sent to any part of the County C. 0. D., or on receipt of money order. | _ _ _ 1 V\A\\ kinds of Boots and Shoes made to Order. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE. Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street. Ukiah, Cal. U THE TYPE FOUNDRY. MANUFACTURE OF THE VALUABLE LI'l -LE PIECES OF METAL. Bow On* of paper Making Chief Factors lu Nsws- Is Produced—The Most Abeolut* Accuracy end Nicety Required. Wide Range of Site and Style. The man who rends his morning or evening paper, and has no knowledge of the vast ^neeo or Spain. Maria Christian, the widowed qn«n of Spain, who rule* as regent during the minority of her infant son, has a kind heart. Upon the death of the sister of CnstWur, t lie n <>pub- . lienn leader and orator, the queen, knowing j secretary how oloss was the intimacy that had existed ' around it between them, sent the following message by the president of the council: '•Tell Senor Costelur thnt I forget that he is the head of the Republican party, to remember only that he is a national glory, u great orator, an unrivaled artist, and thut, I share his Borrow as a Spaniard and as a amount of mechanical labor required to turn out a nicely printed shoot, may think thnt the production of newspapers is an easy task. Ha is sadly mistaken. It requires much hard and unpleasant labor to make a newspaper. The compositors, pressmen, proofreaders, mailing clerks, reporters and editors have their share of work. There is yot another class of workmen who pave the way for even the compositors. Tin types, presses, and innumerable other mechanical device*, which none but a practical printer knows how to put into use, must be made. The preservative ait of printing has undergone many changes sluce tbo tlrst types were invented. Even sine* tho first type foundry was established in Cincinnati marvelous changes have been made, and the gentleman who established tho first type foundry in this city can tell wonderv about the prlutiue business. CASTING; TUB TYrSS. A reporter visited one of the Urge type foundries of this city yesterday and gathered some information al)out the little pieces of metal which print the almost countless letters of a great newspaper. Large type foundries do not confine their work to the making of the little types such as are used in printing this article, but, on the contrary, all sizes, shapes and designs are manufactured. From the plain minion, such as is seen here, the styl >ia vary to deeigns which leave impressions almost as clear and beautiful as those produced by the finest lithographing stones. Then again there are styles so small that the printed letters cannot be made out with the naked eye. Others which are so large that they measure six feet in height. Beautiful script letters which look like one's own handwriting idealized, exquisitely fancy itvlea to suit the different advertisers, and the world kwws how many other designs. There are also brass rules, "slugs," "chases," "sticks," etc., all of which are familiar to the compositor. To start with, what is type metal! "It is a compo 'jition of lead, tin., sine and antimony," said an old printer who has been in the type making business for forty years. "The antimony has a peculiar property. Almost all metals contract while cooling, and this property in itself would interfere greatly with the type making business. "You see, **s little types, even tba smallest 'diamond- or 'brilliant'styles, are molded, and if either of the four metals save the antimony was used alone in making the letters a perfectly clear outline could not be obtained, although tba molds were filled with mollon metal, because when it cooled it would contract, and as a result would destroy the clear outline of the very minute types. With the large letters so much care would not have to be taken. Now, the metal antimony has the peculiar property of expandiug while cooling, and for this reason it is invaluable to the bype makers. It expands and fills even the unallest mold; hence the perfect outline of metal types." He showed the reporter oneof the primitive molds used in making typo. It. is a little do- vice about as large as a teacup, and will cast a single letter at a time. This rude but perfect device was in uso for a long time iu coating types, aud is used yet in small type foundries. A little later on this dovioe of a mold was improved and made more useful. Originally the molten metal bad to be poured into Che mold by hand, but one of the first steps in the improvement of this ru<i« mold was to attach it to a mechanical device so constructed at to pump the molten metal into the mold in ait automatic manner. This was a great step, and rendered the molding process much more rapid. Next the automatic device was improved so that two or three molds could bti placed on a single machine, all of the molds being tilled by the automatic pumps. This method of casting the types is the one so extensively used throughout the country. Tax riNiSHiso TOECHKS. WTbeu the little, shining metal letters are ftrst cast they are not yet finished. There is a projection on oue end nearly as long as the type itself. As soon as tho letters ore molded they go to a person who breaks off the projections. Jfcxt the letters go to two other partita, who rub them over files to smooth off Vu» rough sidea. This planing process is a (inique one, and the "planers" must be experts. The littlo letters are pushed first one •ray over the rough surface of the file, then , back again, all iu a secund, by the expert "planer." Next the letters go to a person who places them aide by side ou a long tin shelf, which is about a yard in length. This tin *h»lf has one edge turned up so that I lie long row o* letters may be placed along the shelf in an even manner. As fast as the shelves are Ailed they go to another "planer," who, however, does his work much more rapidly than the ones before mentioned. Be planes off the lower or blunt and of the letter. The shelf, which ' koMe at least 400 letters, is placed in a long rift*, and then the rough ends of the long row are quickly planed off just as the carpenter plants a piece of wood. One or two movements of tba plane Is all that is necvua- ry, The types are uow complete and ready tor packing aud boxing. Tins process of turning out the types re- ft\im (be labor of six persona, and although ft rapid OM as compared with the original MM, II *"«rorUW*d too slow by the enterprising type maksr. A new machine has been roaaily invented. The rough type metal is placed in tfct machine and comes out | a ih» •taps of bleary moulded types completely fln- leBsxL This maculae does iu work sutoinati- kally, and ti a marvelous piece of mechanism. It do** the work of six men and does it better. 'ftMft* Hisfnlnei ore sot any hrger than a .... snail baud preat, but co .^t I1.S00. Very few ti tfcam are used, as they are ao expansive, • but when they are used types can be mads - snacb cbaapsr thaa if band labor Is employed. Waea> tit* tffm come from tho molds tbsy art brigs* Ilk* newly coteMd stiver &&sn. Ussy an ibw« packed and bond ready tor ' tUipjoaBt, Fonu or typ* vary la walght Jrsas six plaids Kp*arrfr*°'"o weighing at t»**UMS,fJOTJwnd». OM of the foundries •I thjttily carries a« tauob us 300,000 pounds rf -larp* to "took, and tf the type* of on* of ' tba large uparsor th* city vmto- to be da- -atra*«t feyflr* an natUroly uew outfit could ,to *uj»pu^«oj^,— CuWuuatl TiiDW-gtar. Oris! Kaati lotion*. My, Fwtddl*. 1 lit by tba ^pajpsUap that UkWfa.toa woman out watt It^Mmom^. **y willing exoopt ym ot ^JdJa^Thatf. no *»Uwi •)] Cb«l/ metoSM : i»w§t night wh» queen." A Spanish poet wHgo/i war against the queen's regency so bitterly that at Inst lie | was tried, condemned and exiled. Jlein^ dependent on his pen for his livelihood, his wife aud childreu left beliiud were soon reduced to poverty. For their sake he solicited the queen's pardon. It was granted at once and he returned to Spaiu. He theu begged the favor of an audience that he might express in person to the queen his gratitude, nud was graciously received. After a few kind wunis, the queen suddenly said: "You are net very rich, seuor; literary men of genius rarely are, end you have a largo family, I am told." "1 have eix children, your majesty." "Six I" said the queen. ''Well, there will be three for you and three for me," "From that day," writes the author of "Cosmopolitan Recollections," "the three daughters of the poet were educated at the regent's expense, under her own personal supervision, and monarchy counts oue loyal subject more."—Youth's Companion. Woman in the Treasury Department. There are a greater number of clerks employed lu the treasury than in any other department, aud more women are at work there than elsewhere. A Miss Douglass was the first woman to be given a position. This was in 1851, Secretary Chose, during Mr. Lincoln's admlnstration, having been the first officer to suggest the appointment of women. Miss Douglass was put to cutting money, and handled the scissors so well thut regular appointments of women were made in 18(M while Gon. Spinuer was treasurer. Miss Keller, who en tered at that time, still holds a position iu tho department. It was iu the redemption division where Miss Douglass' solssors became famous aud opened the way for women's work in the treasury. Ladies were first employed iu cutting notes at salaries of $600. In 1801 congress passed a bill raising the amount to $1)00. But soon after this a machine was invented for cutting the money, which made it unnecessary to employ manual labor. Then the ladies were given the work of counting mouey, and 180 were employed in this wny until the fractional currency was discontinued, and these womeo ~vere gradually discharged until only about forty uow remain. —Cor. New York Press. Groat American Collections of OrcMris. The most extensive, select and valuable private collection of orchids in this country iv. that of Mr. F. L. Amos, of North Easton, Mass.; it is worth about SWO.OOO. Mr. W. S. Kimball, of ttochester, has u collection worth about $120,000, and the collection of Mr. Eras! us Corning, of Albany, is probably worth nearly as much. Among other gentlemen who have targe and choice- collections of orchids are Profes.*or Marsh, of J>'ew Huveu; Mr. John Eyerinan, Easton, Pa.; Mr. Charles Drissell, Philadelphia; Mr. 1). Brown, St. Louis; Mr. B. Oroiiato, Now Orleans; Mr. F. T. McFaddeu, Ciuclunati; Mr. W. II. Chatwick, Chicago; Mr. De Witt Smith. L«, llasi., and Mr. Hicks Arnold, of New York city. Besides these, however, almost every- oue who has a greenhouse grows orchids more or less. Among commercial florlfte, Pitcher & Munda, ol Short Hills, N. J., have the largest and most valuable collection iu the country; it iB worth considerably over $110,000.—New York Sun. Voo Old to Learn New Tricks. It Is indeed a bard task to instill the latest j fads of fashion into tho every day life of the I old timer who likes the old ideas best and who | hates to brutk away from them. It was a | Michigan boulevard millionaire who sat down to bis dinner table not loug ago and noticed the abseuce of the good old silver castor that had graced the center of the board for years and years. He could not see it anywhere und he asked his eldest daughter what had l»come of it. "Why, papa," she said, "you know that castors are not used at all nowadays. Small bottles are placed about the table instead." For a few moments the old gentlemen regarded his stylish daughter ite.-uly. Then be said: "You just ring the bell ttsre and order up the castor. I've been used to a castor all my life and I'm too old to make a fashionable chunge now." The daughter saw that there was uo help for it, so she ordered the servant to shy the castor into the ring again.— Chicago Herald. Lamb Take* Wordsworth Down. How deftly be punctured Wordsworth's mbliine couceit, on his hinting that "other poe'* might have equaled Shakspeare if they sared." "Oh, here's Wordsworth saya he tsould have written 'Hamlet' if he'd had the mind. It is clear thut nothing Is wanting but the mind I" Wordsworth got into a state of mlud when Lamb, with friandly frankness, rated the "Lyrical Ballads" a little lower than did their author, and "wrote four iweating pages" to inspire Lamb with a "greater range of sensibility;" and the tormented critic bursts out: "After one's been reading Shakespeare for twenty of the best years of one's life, to have a ft!low stAi't up and prate about some unknown quality possessed by Shakespeare less than by Milton and William Wordsworth I What am I to do with such peoptai I shall certainly write 'ein a very merry letter." I wish we might rend it.—Benjamin Ellis Martin, in Scrihner. Mouey Out of School Books. It is said that Marcius Wilson, the author of Wilsou's serios of readers which were so popular ton years ago, mas paid $300,000 for his copyright*. S win ton, whose 1 Outlines of History" created such a contention iu the Boston «ol >n »l board, received a largo income from his copyrights, the sales for a *iuglo half >-:«!' recently yielding bin) $15,000 iu royalties, The author of (Sreenleof's arithmetics, too, accumulated a handsome property, as has aim) Professor Patterson, of Brooklyn, the author of the spelling book and grammar which bear bit name, L. J. CanipU-dl, .he author of the Franklin series of readers, also reaaWst an excellent income from the sal* of bit books,—Boston Advertiser. •at • Oesit aat>iwr. Soiog to bed »'.th a well fUled Mooacb it the tsssntlsl pr«rik)uiait« of rcfraabing slumber. TU* ttuttoat aa of tea reiterated la old awdical JonraaU ageinc* lato tuppiut wert dlrt**t4 eMef/ to the bibulous bablU of those atrlyitawa, WatareBa^cctsuMm mm» ieucb ue taat a fall ftoaaaca is eesraUa) to quiet r&- BOB*. Star?-aMBVbobw fouudituilBouU to aweu awake after, a hearty dinner bat ant »«m ttoprthlwn far Uenaelf. There an la»M»Mattla«ten l »*ra»a^tora».OBt*i Calling Washington. Very little of tiie jwiyingoif vUi;» by people hi high official life U thine in porsnu. The presiuLMit makes no calls. The vice preskJeiii does till ol* his "calling 11 thrv.Uj;!, hi*, private whoso chief duty it i^ ro ride around in a eoupa and leavi* tho rartU of Mr. aud Mi's. Morton at tho doors of houses whuro calls are due, The memo*.-.-* of tli«frftbin.»t do most, of their "culling 1 * by mail. 1 iio ttten whose duty it is to do this ''proxy" ending, I am ici'ormwl, uiVvo anything but mi oasy time. Hiding about in a oniTia<;e all tiny ;•• an attractive occupation when viewed from a distance. It loses many of its charms when it is practised day after day, and nearly all i of its ftttractivenesB when it is interspersed hy coiist&iU it top pit yes a lour/ the route of travel S<juie of thews deputy cabinet officers make fifty and seveuty-tive calls a day. They have many amusing encounters, for they visit ail parts of the city aud pay their respects, or rather the r^peets of thtsir superiors, to people of all classes and conditions. Tho receptions of the members of the cabinet are ojvn to all comer?, and all w>rts of people make the rounds ou Wednesdays. It is ti stxrial obligation, to which ail people in high oillcial life must conform, to return all of tho calls that : are made upon thorn. Bo the deputy were- I tarles spin around the city all day, driving j from cottage to palace, distributing' graceful j bits of pusl-eboar<i, which the recipients may ; plac*.»n their center tabk-a aa a mute evidence j to the uninitiated that the ttecretary of has called upon them. At the houses where ! "receiving" has been thoroughly systerna- j tized, the colored man aL the tloor gracefully j holds out his salvor to receive the cards, and watches the rapid escape of the card bearer without surprise or commeut.—Washington Letter. _ Pnlrhen Stallion DO YOU READ i SAM T1LDEN !j i Will mtikt' the SeiiMdii <>. F lS'.^O at NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE, Order of Sale ami Decree of Foreclosure ami Sale. THE- NANCY HEI.UT, 1 iaitUif. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE. Order of Sale and Decree of Fore- cloMiro ami Sale. SKCUIMTY BANK, Ky Slabl. in Uki: h. and at Upper Lab SEASON FROM FEBRUARY 15 TO JULY 1. Terms for Season, For Single Service, I'liynlilc at lime ni : SAM TILDEN hut pf„v.«l hinipclf a flue hivouci. ami 1 iisl; tn. 1 public to examine ihe horse timl his pedigree. l 'tn* fnrtiitT iiifcrinution see lurcc jtosters, <»r cnll on i.r ndiirvsw W. A. HACANS, ITkluh, Cr.l. Or E. OPAHAM. OKO. FlKI.ll'i DcteiKlanl. j WILLIAM H. I'll-:, Curiosities la Kooklilndtni;. There is a Latin manuscript Bible In ih» library of the Vatican ut Rome bound in the mautle once worn by King Abgarus, the friend of Jesus. A Greek copy of Arellus' "Golden Ass," now in the British museum at Loudon, is bound in the skin of an ass tanned with the hair OIL A book giving the life hi.-- tory of Jeifery Hudson, the celebrated dwarf, to be seen in the sumo museum, i» bound in a piece of silk waistcoat which was formerly worn by King Charles I. Of Into the fashion of binding workB on anatomy, physiology and kindred subjects in human skin is liecoiu- I ing popular in many Ettropeun countries. I Some take this for an innovation, but history i mentions several books bound in hutuui: tiUu as early as the middle of the Sixteenth century. At Bury St. Edmunds publio librury may be found a history of the life and trinl of a murderer, bound in his own skin! I The French revolutionists, who seemed to delight in the fact that they were utnrkiii" an epooh In tho history of mankind, revived the human skin book binding fad of the Sixteenth century, and tool; great, pleasure in presenting some brother revolutionist with copies of Volney and Voltaire done up iu tht cntioule of pome enemy, The writer own! some evidences of a bookbinder's pleusantrie.. in copies of Bacou's works bound in pig skin (bacon rind!, .»ud Fax's historical works done up in the skin of sly reynard.—Rt. Louis He- public. ! Mueli AUo AlMMtt .Nnlliiut;. | There ore times when economy is not \ wealth, as for instance: Tivo young men, nlmms of rnuiiy mouths 1 standing', recently proposed to attend a reception together, aud. after arranging themselves in their di'esi- suits, took a carriage for their destination. Arrived at the point desired, one of them bod a dispute with the backman concerning the fare. The irate youth averred that he had been charged ten cents too much, and deducted that amount from the ensh be handed the driver. Tho latter averted that he must have his dime or would take the hat of tho disputatious youth Hud hold it as security. In order to etirry out hiB threat, ho followed the couple up to the dressing room, where a scuffle took pince, and eventually the Jehu was thrown down stairs. But he carried the he«<!(!e:n' oif in u iumpli; und uot oniy thut—he spoiled the immaculate shirt fronts of both the men, and the ware nbligul to go home for repairs. The funniest part oi tho affair, however, is yet to bo told. The hackman did lint attempt to overcharge, itid was only demanding his just due, as was lUbfP.quuntly ascertained by the peppery toser of the castor, who, to save a brace of nickels, bad sacrificed several dollars. In the brave days when we are twenty-one we do aven more foolish things than charcoaling naif a lame couplet on the wall.—Pittsburg Bulletin. Walker Feoro, late United States minister at Athens, states that brigandage no longer exists in Qreeoe. He says that he and bis daughter and a few friends, unarmed and without an escort, visited cn horseback the wildest parts of Greece aud met with nothing but cordial hospitality. CURES ouui i <i l SCROFULA BRONCHITIS COUCHS COLDS Wasting Disaaees Wonderful Flesh Producer. Many have gained one pound per day by its use. Scott's Emuluion is not a secret remedy. It coutains the stimulating properties of the Hypophos- phites and pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, the potency of both being largely increased. It is usod by Physician? all OVPV the world- PALATABLE AS MILK. Sold by all Druggists. 6COTT 6u BOWNE, Citemlsta, N.Y. All the Local News. All the County News, All the General News, All the Court News, , All the Supervisors' Proceedings, All the Real Estate Transfers. ! All the Legal Advertisements, All the Business Advertisement. OUR FACILITIES FOR DOIN^r 7 '.VJJER AND HY VIP.TUK Or AN OHDKit \, of n;tU' iiiut deiice of foreclosure nnil calo Issued out of Hie Superior Court of tiie County of Mt'tidceino, State nf Culifoniiu, on the 30th. day of June. A. P. IWH). Iu the above entitled notion, wherein Nnney HeMt, the nhove nitined ilaintitV. ohtuined a jiuUinent mid decree of . 1 o('e('U)."iire and side ji *, r Hi ))M (.Jeoiye lleldt, de- fenihint.on ltie'j;M dnv of June, A. H, lS'.Ki, for the sum of twelve hundred und two und twenty- one onc-lnnulredtlis ($l'20'i '^1) dollars lu United fc»*nti's Kold coin, lteshlOH hiteres'. cr .Hts, aud counsel fees. inakiuR In all f liWl.'Jl which said decree was, on the'-Md day of June, w.yo, recorded In Judgment Hook No. H of «>ud Court, at 1'rtije '^.17, 1 am commanded to H<>U all tluo certain lot, pleee or panvl nf limd tdtiuite, lyinpj mid heint,' In the county of Mi-ndoelno, state of California, and Ijoundod and described us follows, to wit: Being in the village of Caspar, and commencing' ft a point on the easteii;. line of the cuarft niiid, distani flfty feet noiiilicrly of the south- went corner of the pared of laud ou which Kiauk Kelly's store buildings arc situated; thence niuulnir friim Mild point of be^innin^ north SS J , east four hundred and thirty-six feet; ! Jh fciuUuii. Cnder and by virtue of un order of Hale end decree of ft .'red'.'sure and sale Issued out of the ; .Superior Court of the County of Mendocino, State of Caliit -irii in, on thc'Jth day of June, A. D. ls "i>0. tu the above entitled action, wherein Security sjRvings Hank, the above nnined plitlnliir, obtained a Juutiment and dcfn-e of foreclo.mire und t <alc at-'aliiHt Wm. It. OlllcMplc, defendant, on the 9th day of June, A. L). JS%, for the sum of s'xteen thousand one hundred ami forty-i wo aud tlity-six one hundredths ($b>,l 12.36) dollars in U. S. sold coin, besides interest and coHts nud couiititd fccH, makiUR In nil if i6,6W..01, besides cosH aud intercut to accrue, which waiti decree WUM, on the i'th day of June, A. li. 1SUU, recorded in Judgment Hook No. 3, of Mild Court at page '20-1, I am commanded to sell all tho cert ft in lot, piece or parcels of land nit utile, lying and being fn thti ciiuuty of Mendocino, Htiite nf California, r.nd bounded anil described ss follows, to-wlt: Heeinntui,'at the north went comer of section sixteen (ltd, township twelve (l'Z) north, range eleven (11) went; thence south -if) clioinn, thence oast Hi) chaliH, thetiee Mouth 20 chain*, the nee cast -ifi.79 chtuus thence north yi) J ]!./, cast ttMiV tiicnco soulhcrlv parallel with said'road one | ,*.iVuluM,"tHence oast 17.1ii chains, thence north huudred feci; thence south west, four nun; I ,|-) chains to tb-j foinmon corner of jcet tonsil, JO, drcl and thirty-six feet to the enmorly line of i 8iUd road: thence ou the easterly Hue of said j road uortherly oiu' hundred feet lo the point of hoginnlng. l'ltblie notice is hereby given that ou Saturday, Ihe 2d day of August, 1880, At 2 o'clock f. M. of that day. In frontofthuCourt II nee floor of the eounty of Mcndocinu.tti I'khtb, 1 will, In obedience to said order of -ale aud de eree of foreetoriui'e ntid tta'c, ncli the above de- neribed pinpcn v or so much tbciei)f us may be i ntjre.isary to satisfy said judgment, with iiitcr- i e>u und enits, i-lc, to the highest and best bid- I der for gold coin of the t'nitcd States, Dated this KOUi ilav of June, ISno. J. M. yTA.^DLBY. SbwItT. i By T. J. WKLDON, Under bhcrltr. Of "Every Uescription are Unsurpassed. WITH OUR 5£P fiVlihstilnicK trie torj»t«I liver, •troti|c<N« VIIA tiio digestive orymi**, i-e^ulalvti lito Ix-Vl^tH, Itlltl fll'ti lllle«4IlUl«!ll UB aiU ANT1-BIL. In »»nb«Hul dl*iirt<-i» ttictr vii-lues ar« w ttlet.V i'eeotf jjizc-f!. as lit*«,v iio»*»«u -.a> peculiar i>rof>*jri jo?* in i'rt'eiuif ..leuyatem fiotn ttinf poison. Elet ^ntit ly raii^iasr cuuftod. Itoao MiuaU. l'i'ic*. ttScts. Sold Everywhere. Oflicc. 44: Murray St.. JS r «\v York. earn En mm TYPEWRITER. A strictly (ir>;l-<'I«;:s mnrhino. Fully warmnlt'il. Mnde irotn very hei»t imiit?- \ rial, hy HUHNMI work men, and with tlio! hoHt U)>>)H thnt have pvi>r been devinod | for the purpose. Wnmintud to do all • that, can l»y reiisiur.ihly exjiocted of tho ! vnry best typewriler extant, t'njiahle of i writing Mti) word. 1 * ppr minute—or more— iiL 'cordini? to Ibu ability oi tlie opora'nr. ! PR3CE, - - SSOOOO. ! If there in no a^ent in your town, nd- 1 dross the numut'acturors: j THE PARISH NIF'C CO., Agents tt *(i»i/( , (f. f'arish, y. 1*. i Uaud 10, thence west 211 chalun, thence north 20 chains, thence cast '20 chains, thence noith 20 ehains, thence west 20 ehtdiiK. r.bcnce north 40 chains to the south line of section four (41, thence northwesterly l.bO chulus to the Ukiali and Clovcrdale road, thence northerly along said road foil >w the bends thereof to u point H.u) chatna, cast to the northwest corner of the northwest quarter of the southeast ouarter of scci ion four (-1), thence west to uaitl corner, thence south 20 chains, thence west .'.u ehiona, thence ponth 20 chaiiiB, thence wc«t -10 chalua, thence north 20 chain*, thence west 20 cliniua, thence north 20 chains, thence went 20 chains, thcucc north 40 chains, thence went lou chains, to the township line, thence continuing wcci 120 chains, thence south-10 chains, thence cast 120 chains to the township line, thence continuing cast 40 chains, thence south 20 chains thence east 40 chain*; thence south 20 chains to the northwest corner of section cljdit, thence eartt 10 chains, thenee >onth 20 chains, thence east 20 elmiurt. tiieni e .sMiih 20 chains, thence east 20 chains, to the west line of section nine, thence south 20 chains, thenee cast 40 chains, thence south 20 chulns, thence west 40 chains to the place of hegiuiiing, containing 21100 ncre*, comprising poiiton- of t'nitcd States townships twelve (12) north, range eleven (11) west and twelve fpo »nr!!i, range twelve (12) west, Mount Diablo Base and Meridian, excepting and reserving therefrom the Occident Quicksilver mining laud known as lot thirty-seven. Public notice Is hereby given that on Siihirduy, the 2iilh day of July, 1890, at 1 :J10 o'clock i\ M. of thut day, In front of tho Court House door of t he county of Mendocino, I will, In obedience to said order of side and decree of foreclosure and sale, >-L'11 the above described property or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy stnd judgment, with Interest and costs, etc., to the highest ami best bidder for gold coin ot the 1'nite.i Haien. Dated this 20th duv of June, l.s'.'O. .1. M. ST A N DLi* Y, Shcrlll'. Hy T. J. WKMJON, fm!er-.-iiicritr. SSiu Notice of A*!ininislrator\s Sale. To euro HiUoaancsB. Sick Headache, Constipation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, take the aafo and certain remedy, J> SBSXTH*8 BILE BEANS XJnc tho »JI»U Stae (40 little Beans to the battle). THEY ARE TH2 MOST CONVENIENT. ffsuitalslo tar nil ^lwa ;e«. Prlf c of either atae, 8Bc. per Bottle. la l*aV*a«llalslMftile'1for4eu.(copp,r,or lump.). J.r .SMITHA00 .lI.»cr.of'lill.BuSiN3. tl .tOBH MO. We are prepared to turn out First-Class Work on Short Notice and at Reasonable Rates. •ftftOO. za UNIONSBUARE.Ny.«Nr^- ST.LOU'IS.MD. ' ' nM.LAS.TeX. The Now llimic SowUm Mnolilno Tompany, j I 'nrllM' no|iiirliiii'iit,Ulslriljutlii(tOnicc,71!f) Mnr- ki'tMri'ct, HIMIPI-V liiillilliifr. San l''r»iirlsi'n,Col. 1 t'HAt.KANT i'CUXNINCIllAM, •S .{f Asrnnti, ITklnll, Csl. CALL AND SEE SAMPLES AND GET PRICE Anything from a Visiting Card to a Three-sheet Poster printed in the most artistic style. tBirif you are going to Call on a Neighbor, Dun an Enemy, Marry a Friend, or Start a Circus, the pain will b3 greatly allsviated by patronizing the DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT Steam .Printing House. M p STENOGRAPHY : li WRITING FUEK. und TYPE- FirBt-claBH lacilitipH and best, ni tentthers. Address, with stump for return postage. THE PARISH MF'U. CO. Parish, N. Y. TN Till' Sl'I'KHIOK C>l*> f T OK T11K COUN- J. t\ of MeiKtoe'inti, State i,,' California. in" the matter ol the c-itiee of C. \\. Arthur, di -ct -iiiod. Notice is lunch:, given that in pui- suauce nf mi order of the .-uperi-ir Court ef \ Mendocino <*ouuty. State of lYdifornia. made ou • the lot I: of April, ihiin, in the matt -M" of the cuttle ofc:. K Arthur, deceased, the undessigned, tho : Aiimiui.-trator de bonis non with the Will au! ncxcd.ol the said estate, will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, gold | coin of the t'nitcd Slates, and subject to couitr- ! maliou by s :iid Suputlor Court, on I aiondny, the ih\ day of July, 1S00, i At ']•_> o'edock >r., In front of the rfoor of tho j Court House, iu Ukiah Cltv, Mendocino County, i Cal. nil the right, title. Interest aud estate of i the h<dd C. K. Arthur at the time of IIIH | uc .lb, and all the right, title and Interest that ! the said estate lias by opcrat ion of law or other! v/isu, acquired, other tlmn or in addition to that j of the said 0. K. Ailhur at the time of hl« death, In and to nil that certain lot, piece or parcel of lnud nituale. lying and being in the ! mild Coumy of Meudo.duu, state of California, j and hounded and described aw follown. to wit: ; K V; of K\V ^ of section \\ T 12 N, It Hi \\\, M j D M. j Terms and conditions of (-ale—cash, 10 per | cent of the purchase price, Iu gold coin of the 1 United Slates, payable ou day of the sale, bal• ance payable on confirmation of the sale, by the j Judg<-uf this Court. Deed itl expense of pur- I chaser. i Vkiab, June 20th, lS'.'O. ! A. OVKKMEYKIt, Adrninlstriitor de bonis non, with the Will annexed of tho estate of C It. Arthur, due.-uued. YELL & SI:AV. KLL, Att'ys for Adm. i Order oi' Adjudication of Insolvent TS V1IE BUrKUIOH COURT OV TIIE COUN- 1 ty LI N T' M t: i JBKV •>•* told us the tale of a mule whioh. from overfw.illnB, galloped about sail (tit nr. asTiog- to biinself: "My father, surely, was a hig-b-m^ttJcd, antl 1 am his own eblld in spend and spirit. Next day ho WHS tlaksod weary; lie then ezoliUmed: "1 must have made a mistake; my father, after all, could bays bean ualy an ass." A man, after eatiut a good dinner, may tm axtrsvairantly joyous; cut naxt day (I don't mean you to inter be feels like an ass) ha is surly aud irilui, tomnch and liver ars uiuu-glsJj. hu lo ss, despondent and " out of sorts " aen- : "Tl^'-ro.iy | I.iniiiiiin In tiiii- liniiil 1 be' lllc lti-»t lillil IllUhl t 'l rtilRla .iiul kimlri-'l tils, I'.M s of niiy ihut w tric-d. Wofiin iinl;.".itn)ini,'ly nv 'ommL 'n II 111UI.I pt'WXrllll IllUl UM'flll 1 (MIU (1V." K.'K., ! I'liMnrof 111'' First J|. K. cluin-h i. Biliousness anof'sll Stomach. Liver and ler . his atomnch .. morass, despondent and ersUy. Tor Indigestion, deiaoirsmsDts of the t Roweu, Dr. Pierce's Qoldan Medical Discovery is as unoqualed ltemedy. Contains no aloohot to inebriate; no syrup or sugar to ferment anil! dcrsssc the digestive p;oc*cn™. It olasnies the system sad cures pliuulcs, outcast, eruptions and all Ski a and Scalp Diseases. Mrofuloua affections, as Fever- sores, Hip-Joint Dlsusse, Swellings and Tumors, rlald to its superior alterativo proper- "^WORI,P's DlRPIMSanT MKDICAV , Aesoou.- tioa, Manufaotuntrs, Huffalu, N. Y. $500 HEWA8D offered for an Incurable orse of Oatarrh In Om Head, by the proprietor* of Sr. Sue's Xemedy, Only 80 esata. aoid by The North Pacific Land and Improvement Company will put in an Electric Light System in Ukiah as soon as the weather will permit, and will furnish Electric Lights and Electric Power at the lowest possible figure. For particulars address W. H. H. GRAVES, Secretary North Pacific Land and Improvement Co. 20 New Montgomery, San Francisco. of Mendocino, Statu of California. In the matter of TimoiUy Murray, au IIIPQI- vent <U'btor.--Tiinothy Murray havlno tiled In thin Court hU p; iltiou, schedule aud Inventory In Insolvency from which it am >carH that he in i au h'HOlvcnt Debtor, the Mild Timothy Murruv i is hereby declared to be Insolvent. The Sherill'of the «ounty of Mendocino IK hereby I directed to take PUHKCH^IUJI oi all the estate, real j and personal, of the ™id Timothy Murray, Ini solvent Debtor, except such as mav be by lav; exempt from execution, nud of all his deed*, i vouchors, books of account, and papers, and l-i keep the same Kafety uulll the appointment of au Assignee of his estate All pcrnoiiH arc forbidden to pay any debt* to the HO ill Insolvent, or to deliver any propcrtv, he lou dug to mteh Insolvent, to hhn or to any person, firm, corporation or association for his use; and tho said debtor is hereu) forbidden tn Irnusler or deliver any property, until the further order of thla Court, except as herein ordered. It !» further ordered, that all the creditors ot said debtor be und appear before the lion. It. McOarvcy, Judge of the Bupcrtor Court of tha county of Mendocino, in open Court, nt tiie i Court -room of Mud Court, iu the County of Mcnd'»eino, on the lllli dnv of August, 1830, at 10 o 'clock A. M., of (hot day', Jo pnoe their debts and choose one or lhcue iMslgnei^ of the o*talo of said debtor, it lr> further ordered, that the order be published In the Disc A TO it-D KM oc HAT, a newnpane r of general circulation, published iu the county of Mt ndocino, as often the said paper is pub-. . ,, i . • limbed before the said day not for the meeting llceth LMuedlcino for lieu- | 0 fcredllnm. J 1,,vw ! And It Is further ordered, that, In the tucau- 11 Aii I time, all proceedings against the Mild Insolvent, ! be stayed. I Dated June :r,th, lK'U. ' U. MeCAKVEY, ! Illltd Judge of the Superior Court 1 T. I,. CAKOTUHKH, Att'y for Ivi itloimr. I"ar Calarrli 4'. I.I.\;iJi;\r lKiw Mo Peer. Try *». iiiiloi-NOfl by the illcri.ral Fii"tilly. PrcHvrlhetl hy SniiEl'ranciceo 'M I«o,ttUii(( I'lO HictnitM. Camphor Chloral Linimsnt. OAKI.\KD, I'l-brnnrv 7, 1880. rtIfy Unit iw Inn." usvil llic i:. C. und luivc founil It to I I'nr nil chronic onc,«. ) n i-dnnci'tlnn v. ill- C. C. I.l '.'IMKNT, Itnu "CUM l'<>UM> SII 1.1*11 I'll I'tJW- lll'.K" f(i." thoroimiily I'li'iiiiKiiiK tin- Wi'.'il nud tDllii)^ liji Jii. .Uilli- f,.>:l'n;. (I is ].l|i lip UlliV' 1 t.y '*»:•.• «. 29. Kim.' !'n„ 12 tin ll stnwt, In ] liu,'i. SiiliK-s. t'rii'c }1 li r Inittl,', !i lioitl.'h (or j $i<; hunt in'Ki^itl.i on I'l't'cipl j^;-iv*»*. TliK f. L!MSIE?<T CO., 12 1>IIM|I KtctifH, tri. V, fmrvoii SALK nv AIL ida:(.«ji:vrs .-m W, EX. 3303XT33, ca«iieriil .MttiiHti-cr IUHI HoerelHi-y. Notice to Creditors Only Ker I' jul«lil Mnn «s I'.'ty. $326ntnl up. word, dulh-.rei!, UiiwJ f- I- - < - l * Oshlniiri itiiti (.ytdtto.*) o I prlfld. l/ullf \*wf'.r *i _ J !^y4 :^.,A , r ai W ,. T N ruv: BUTEHIOU COI;KT OI-* TUK COUN- tv of Mendocino, Slate of California, In'tiie matter of the estate of James Starrltt, deceased. Notice !i hereby given hy the undersigned, administrator of the eM 'ite of Jinnes starrltl, dcs'casc't to the creditors of, in.'d ill! pcit*or.s having cdnlms aiiahirit the riri OHMM to exhibit them with the nei'cfisary voucheis within ,'our mont!; 1 ! after the f i rt I publication cf thin notice, to ihe udiiiinbdrftiur at his rcsblenco near OhrlMlue. In said Mendocino County, Wale of Ciilifio-nift. tin same being the place for Die trims if i;ou of tlic butlin -Mi of nuld estate. Dated May 81, IS'..J. ({KfUtflK 1. M0OK, Administrator of tho (istate of JnmcsHUrrlti.d*' cenRcd, 80-40. . nnn «s f.'tiU, (33&rtii (I up* l") iTf,u» (j..., ,t t ,„, .,1 lot..) iu:.l rfivi -rLUrH .'r|(i| ! TCbluL Cbcuijujit I 'liiin* j Do not fall to avail yotiroclf of our Mmpajgn vlfer—Uiu DiBi'Arojj'DeuooiU? Tounifiry 1^ 1*01, for fl.

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