The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 7, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1894
Page 4
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What the Gay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles, VARIOUS NOTES. For ttome and Street—Telveteesi , Will Be Much Worn. ' Velours du nord Is the principal material employed in the new mantles and •coats, watered and plain velvets being also used.. Handsome jet passementerie, with ostrich tip or fur bordering*, li (ha chief trimming. Velveteen •will be much worn this winter, and many of the new models in thli ; material are excessively pretty. Claret, eerise, red, purple, blue, green and tabae brown are the most fashionable colors. ) Blaokrep will be a fashionable material i for plain, smart walking dresses, but re' quire* to be enriched with for, jet or steel. '•i, i f FOR STREET WEAR. The enter figure wean a coat of pliable black silk armure, princess shape In the back and open to front, The little girl wean a lone coat of Havana brown oorwt eloth ricfiy braided on the sleeres. At the right is a wal cape with nob guipure lace in deep point* and a medioi collar. . • tume Illustrated is of lilac cloth combined with fancy ribbed goods of the same color. The toot of the cloth skirt is trimmed with two bands of marabout. A straight drapery, scalloped around the edge, falls ore* the hips, while in front is a short embroidered tablier of the ribbed goods. The cloth bodice, embroidered in corselet shape, has an embroidered ribbed vest bordered with fur. The tight, ribbed sleeves have a puff 'of the same goods from shoulder to elbow and above that a scalloped oloth cap. Scalloped cloth cuffs finish the sleeves at the wrist.. Jump CHOLLET. WORK AND WORRY. VISITING TOILET. Day gowns are plain as to skirt, and the tailor made styles are popular. | Eighteen hundred and forty styles seem destined to prevail this season. Ample skirt bodices gathered into a belt, with a buckle, balloon sleeves and berthas, are the characteristics of the mode. Sometimes the belt has long ends, but these are •usually attached to the skirt by a chou or a motif of passementerie. Passementerie lind oowsor cbousof ribbon, velvet or even the same goods as the gown are the favored trimming. ' Buttons are the novelty of the moment. For jackets buttons of Ivory beautifully carved aro employed "by those persons who oan afford It, while pearl, silver and cut jet button! form a part of the trimming of many gown*. * I Jet is very much favored, and enormous Jot caboohans are employed for various {purposes on many winter costumes. 1 Matinee jackets are elaborate In style and are made of soft silk or orepon of bright or delicate colon. Bertbas, epaulets and boleros of guipure or embroidery 'are employed to trim them, with knot* and ohoua of ribbon. ) Light gloves are worn with visiting toilets, suede gloves in straw color being considered correct, or glace kid .In pearl gray or white. -• An illustration to, given of an out of 'door toilet of Russian-green granite nllk. . (The skirt is laid in two box plaits on each side and three In the back. Two bands of green velvet run across the front of the skirt under the four plaits. The round bodice has two plaits back and front and baa nlao a velvet yoke round behind and squnre before. A wide collar follows the shape of the yoke at the back, but falls, straight over the shoulders in front. A band of skunk fur trims the wide collar Wild borders the velvet standing collar. Tho velvet belt closes in front under a windmill bow. The glgot sleeves are plain. i JUDIC CHOLLET. Why Good Housekeeper* Grow Old Early. Becoming; Dress • Restorative. A professional glver'of good advice to women says: "More than half of a home keeping woman's time is spent in worrying and a good share of the other half In preparing food, as though the stomach were the Immortal part of us. Take one-quarter of the time a woman devotes to making pies, preparing puddings, putting up preserves, baking cakes and frying, etc., and let her devote It to rest and recreation, and she wonld not look like a shred of parchment paper at 40." This Is perfectly true—tritely so—but what is the use of saying it? The majority of women do not overwork nor overworry from choice. Anxieties, being forced upon them, must be thought of, while the bus- U AA4UMV «•.•.- . . Time waa when one might select one's apparel at random, but taste has of late Aeoome so artistic that this sort of thing IttMt, WBlM a MMnft 0* wlflS Mils* ttfr •fit «t#ti tfed shoulders. The tattrtfte of which an iHnstnrttan I* gitwi in Intended tot a |M 1* ysars old, It Is of fdMcotdftd oloth trimmed ^with Wine, tinted velvet, Tfte only ttl»»lnf at the bell skirt consists of a row of velvet ohoux set hear the foot at regular Intervals. The found bodice It plaited baek and (cant Mid i* oohflfied s*«he waist by a velvet bait dosing at the side under a chou. A wide collar bordered by ft ruffle edged with a (mod of velvet covers the shoulder*. The sleeve* have a balloonjtufl above the elbow and a long, tight cuff be* low It The large, twitted hat is of row felt, trimmed with wine velvet Shfl Waok ostrich plums*. JUDIO OHOLLKT. PARIS DOINGS. Orawd* Started Against the Wee of Birds 1m the *MUaa»M» faflet. France, being the fountain head of fash- Ion, is doubtless responsible for tho extensive use of birds and wings for millinery purposes, but thli orline has at last, It seem* brought Its own punishment. Not only have imported tropical feathers been employed, but native resources have been drawn upon to such an extent that agriculturists axe beginning to be alarmed at the Immense increase of Insects. The slaughter of birds has been unsparing, and bugs of all kinds, thus fund from the discouraging Influence of their natural enemies, have multiplied eiotedlngly and devoured all before them. Man is helpless before the Insect host. Mo Insecticide that he can invent, ne labor that he can perform, will make any appreciable inroad upon 'It. Mature alone can keep It to check, and she does so by means of birds, whose own life is dependent upon the destruction of insects, and who are therefore efficient and untiring executioners. A •ingle nestfttl of birds destroys thousands of bugs and worms in a season, eo the In- O OLIDAY SALE. JL JL .AT TMK PALACE DRUG STORE j. Commencing Thursday, Dec. 6, and will be continued untilJanuary 1st. ALBUMS—An elegant assortment, from 50c. to $8.00.' TOILET OASES-A fine Btqpk, from 76c. to $11.00. Cuff and Collar Boxes, Tourist Sets, Shaving Cases Silver Novelties, Ladies' Purses, Work Boxes, Books, Bibles, Juvenile and Story Books. Fancy Novelty Per-1 fumes. Tea Sets, Steam Engines, Shell Boxes, Wood and Iron Toys. We have a large stock. A fine assortment of China ware. We have a good assortment of all kinds, and have a large stock of Dolls, from one penny to 13 apiece. IN Lf\MFS We have an assortment left that we will dole at cost, consisting of Hanging and Banquet Lamps. If low- prices will sell these goods, this is the place to buy. G. W. ASHTON & CO. C. H. WESTBROOK, Manager. . STYLES IN FURS. • Wrap* and Gown* Frofiuelr Trimmed With Fur—It<uw 8UU Worn. Soalstfin Jackets are this season out 'about three-quarter length and have either high or turndown collars, full, drooping Sleeves and are mostly double breasted. The skirts aro full. Cloth coats are very like those of last year in their chief out- lliios. Multon cloths with finely speckled {surfaces am more patronised than the KEWCOLLAKB. does not answer at all. However, there are certain articles, such as slippers and gloves, where It is hardly possible to go wrong, provided proper size U known. Veils, fichus and belts are also generally acceptable gifts, while for a member of one's immediate family an article of fine underwear may be chosen. : t • There -are many dainty accessories p(.the toilet that constitute. appropriate gifts. The collars illustrated, for instance, could be made at homo by a deft handed person .and would be a •welcome-addition to many a woman's costume. The first collar is made of wide lavender ribbon wrinkled over a band and gathered at the sides under jet buckle*. A ribbon chou is placed above each buckle, while three small black ostrich tips are fastened behind the buckles. The second collar Is of velvet lined with silk.' Both the standing portion and the eape are rippled and aro bordered, with a ruohing of ostrich or coq. feathers. A bow of ribbon conceals the fastening in front. JODIC CUOLLET. BTRBBT COBTUM1, )lsio f»(*d cloths ruling lu 1808. They we sowewhftt longer, He more loosely In front and Ualitur iu tliu back aud have 'slaves of li)8» huge proportions. J^ur is inoro used tlniH over for trimming. Suble, of course, holds its own. Ouruoulo Is very ftishloniibloaudio ««r«»t^tont rojilao- tug astrttkhan, QhliiohlUa is In utuoh favor. BJue (of, Tibet gout, stone audbamu umrto«, skunk, buor, uyoiwuui, luuBkrut uuU bluok fo* am all BrouUy uiwd. Krwlmi, iiutwlthvUtudlni; thu clfort to rvvivo it. in little seeu. , IXHJB foutliur bous uud the UtUu unl- luui buus or Htuluv, with liuttd uud lull ui- l^uiiuioiit, (ii'o Mil worn. , Corlttlu out ut duov tuilot* nre madu lu fuuh a wuy lime u wrup iuay lw disputi>>''! wltli, altUuu^U iu tills Buiuiuu of oaiw* i''> •4uUur«U) bodlou duus not urocludo ti uu outur guruiuut. BltK AND KUR GOWN. band and family are the ones for whose sake the housekeeper wears horsolf out in the kitchen and are the ones who complain at any falling off in the varlety"of the bill of fare. A woman catering for herself alone never yet afforded on awful example of abnormal devotion to the cooking stove. The saoriice by fire is forced upon the housekeeper by her position, and It is hardly fair to assume that she labors from sheer willfulness. The reason that women of moderate means who remain In the conventional •'woman's sphere" grow old early is because they are burdened with a thousand petty troubles, small individually, but killing in the aggregate. It hi like being stung to death by gnats, yet each separate gnat la despicably little. A heavy misfortune, such as wins the sympathy of tho world, may be borne with dignity and at last lived down without marking the face with careworn linos or shattering the nerves. It Is the Innumerable petty trials, experienced dully for year after year, that grind away youth, beauty, bright wits and health, and uu amount of sermonizing to the victim will do awsy with this state of things. Fortunately there are many women who have leisure to be beautiful and fashions* ble. Today's sketch shows a gown for one of Uili favored olass. It ls of dull heliotrope Uengftliuo. The bull nklrt has a wide band of oanioul around the foot. Tio round, double breasted corsage Is entirely of fur and U fastened by four largo etcol buttons. The balloon sleeve of bungu- llno has a long tight cult and a desp fur vpaulet. • Wide black satin ribbon forms the girdle. JUPIO CHOUJBT. A WORD A'BO'OT COLUR8. Sa«(e*Uoi)i Vor Vtttfl CUD* Ut Clevef Wlckdur* of UMI M«edl«. An KnglUu writer, referring to the approaching holiday suttson, vory wnslbly rtiuiurku that lu the present dopwrcud tittivs It Is a good idea to give useful gifts. Almost every ono has some relative with excellent ta«to aud tame matins, !>ut without tho ability to gratify some of tho little luxurious fuucies tltut all women dollgtic lu. A woman of this sort is to rocoivo us u ChrUtina* gift n dainty silk petticoat, It is BDMiithing that sbv wowlu not fuel able to buy for Itursolf, 'and one uf Imr friends hus ut a w>lu fou»d'junt Uiu laolo- rlul for thl« |iiu»t woloomo addltlou tu u uat very well utaokud wajnirobo. It l« not by sny ntuoits a good plan topmiuntuiiiKiui-y srtlvlus of wuurlpg apfawl uulvw uuu U sbjwluMy wrtalu pf the tu»l« of tliv m>ii>- lout. Muuy u WOMUH l^uo votn u »ui)y unlMwuwlagdriiSStiriwuuut v ) vump ono guvo it to bur uud nliu Ml|l GARMENTS FOR GIRLS. Bound B«lt«d Bodice*. Oar Color* «a4 Ufbt Weight Good*. It is we.ll to avoid the use of very heavy materials for the wear of young girls. Their rapid growth makes sufficient drain upon the strength to reudor it Inadvisable to give them much weight to carry, A sense of languor and weariness is sure to be the result, aud it is likely to disgust them with exercise If It IB always accompanied by fatigue. Girls aro ready enough to shirk the dally walk, even when lightly shod and lightly clad, but when they are weighed down with heavy clothes and their feet Incased in very thick solod, machine made boots they have same excuse for neglecting tho dally walk that should go so far to keep thorn in good health. In this matter of boots and show It is impossible to bo to^ careful. The fashionable pointed too* work ondless mischief, deforming tho foot and rendering walking a penalty to be dreaded, instead of a pleas- WINTER COBTUMK. crease of the latter when the birds them* •elvea are killed off in thousands Is incredibly large. Mme. Caslmir-Perler, wife of the president of the republic, has organized a crusade against the use of birds, breasts and wings for decorative purposes, and a movement thus authorized Is likely to be attended with success. If Paris gives the word, of course England and America will abandon this barbarous custom; otherwise we, too, may find a plague depending upon us rivaling those of Egypt. But Paris can bout of other novelties besides bird crusades. A galaxy of winter toilets haa appeared, so brilliant as to be bewildering. Among these gowns is an out of door costume In bavana velvet that is particularly attractive. The bell skirt U out In scallops hear the foot, and the scallops are edged with martin fur. Below these is a flounce of black beaded lace over black satin. The round, ouitaia corsage is cut In scallops at the top and bas a square black satin, yoke covered with beaded laoe. The sleeves have' lace epaulets. The flaring cape accompanying the gown consists of alternate panels of velvet Mid lace covered black natln and li trimmed and bordered with fur. JDDIO CBOLLET. LISTEN EVERYBODY! I am now prepared to do all kinds of blacksmithing, horse shoeing, plow work and general repairing. WfVOON Mf\KER A first class workman in wood IB employed in the same build ing, and we are prepared to no all styles of wagon and carriage work and repairing. US A CALL, ............ I JERRY LUCY, roprietors Shop opposite mill, formerly occupied by Fred Franzwa. Wanted A MAN in every eec- lion at ODOS to sell staple goods to dealers; DO peddling; ex perienoe unnecessary; best side line. 875.00 a month. Salary and expenses or large commission made. Alduus with a two cent stump for sealed particulars, Olifton Soap and Manufacturing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. Arkantu Town In Terror. PARKDAU, Ark., Dec. 6.— Eugene Thompson and Wiley Maxwell exchanged shots. with their Winchesters, but no one was hart. : Thompson is now vndor arrest tor assault with intent to kill. John Turnbow, who was shot • tew days ago, died and one of the negroes has also died. This U three men that bare been killed here in the last week. The people are all going armed and now everyone has a Winchester. The whole town is in terror. Appeal to Oaagrcse. CHIOXOO, Deo. '-.—The Armenian National Union intend to hold a maw meeting here oext Sunday evening to protest against the outrages that have been committed against their countrymen. A petition will be dratted and addressed to congress, asking the United States in the cause of humanity to stop in between the Turks and their helpless victims. Unto* nulBe Bn«d For CHKYBNNE, Wy., Dec. tt.—Mrs. Jerry Cslluhiui has tiled suit in the district court gainst the Union Pacific ooio- pany for UlMKW damages for tba death of her husband, who, in the discharge of bis duties KB ontclnser, received injuries from which lie 4Ve«l —TKH— HZ) OF OABROU* IOWA. OapitaV$100,000.00. Surplus, $7,000.00. Opened business fsb. 4, ISM. Consumption. The incessant wasting of .A consumptive can only be overcome by a powerful concentrated nourishment like Scott's Emulsion. If this wasting i» checked and the system is supplied with strength to combat the disease there is hope of recovery. OOSTUMK, •n* to bu onjoypd. Tluiru U noneed to have tho boots inndo no miuare as to be dMlgurlngJy hideous, but tbs narrow (joints should bo riKldly uvoldwd, Hrlfilit color* i*ru fuvoroii far the wear ot children and ymmu girU this season, brighter, it puitiblu, tlmn the tints worn by wuwen, ajtliuugU it would be dlwuult to find any to»u i>y\v ouiH,liiure4 too Urll- JlU«t tor luuUlllty. IU« nut tlutVgM I Bury to tow down oluur colors BUt | jioojjlei, howov'w, uod Uio Utuob. o| bla»* tout U found, lu most UJuwi)UP,gOW u » Is by no IUBUQS a fcuturo &f «lrU' (MMHraW- TJio ruuud, buluxl bculicu in all of Cod-liver Oil, with Hypophoi* phites, does more to cure Consumption than any other known remedy. It is for all Affsotlpniof Throat and UnftiCMifhi.Coldt, Bran. ohltli and Wtsllsf. f*»>u>t/,,,. ,i,T. flltk^l. omens AW niaaonat:,, a A. MAST, ... U. W. WATTfcM. - > VKS FIWMSHI. U t. WATTkKB, - - - Csshlef. >. i, aruBto, v. waiteas, M. V. BtuifN, Obss. WsMsnsbsM, Wallaoe.j Interest peia on mtosdsssurltr. tksworla. Met psnsof •urops. CITY MEAT MARKET Nw B«tt Fork M4 Vsal aUaks.RoasU BUws etc., OAQ be bad. Poultry, Oaejs sad TAKK THI CURE - THAT- U G H . WITH HILOHS CURE ARRH REMEDY; •IB.OO to •18.0O. JEslEOY CO.. \ .V

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