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Lime Springs Herald from Lime Springs, Iowa • Page 1

Lime Springs Herald from Lime Springs, Iowa • Page 1

Lime Springs, Iowa
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The Talk of the Community LIME SPRINGS HERALD VOLUME FIFTY-EIGHT LIME SPRINGS, IOWA. THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1939 NUMBER 23 8 Band Off to Waterloo Today for Band Jubilee OUTSIDE ALUMNI PRESENT AT THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY AND RE-UNION (Compiled by Joshua Henry Somsen. New Ulm. Minn, Class of 1889. Mrs. Rev. Madge Van Leuvan Smith of Indianapolis. Will H. Davis. Chicago: Class of 1891. Mrs. Perle Johnson Kollman of Westgate. Iowa. Class of 1892. Mrs. Dot Thompson Stefflns. Spring Valley. Class of 1896. Joshua R. Williams, Ophelm. Class of 1897. Rev. Robert O. Thomas of Dodge City. Mrs. Ida Jones Thomas of GrlnneU. Iowa: Class of 1900. Supt. Thomas R. Roberts. Decorah. Iowa, Class of 1901. Chester Pettlt. Valley City. N. Class of 1902. Mrs. Alma Jones, Rochester, Class of 1903. Mrs. Owen Jones Roberts of Roberts, and Kalherine Fan? Crum. Spring Valley, Minn, Class of 1U04. Mrs. Jerusa Thomas Hughes. Mrs. Catherine Morris Jones and Miss Marie E. Thomas, all of Minneapolis; Mrs. Clara Nagle Mathlson. Spring Valley. Class of 1905. Harry Roberts, Harmony. Harriet Owen Kampen of Madison, Gladys Bums Horton of Minneapolis: Ruth Love. Fargo. N. Class of 1906. Lydla Parry Jones, Bristol. and Margaret Roberts Behrens of Minneapolis, Class of 1907. John Daniel Thomas. St. Paul: Evan O. Williams. DCS Molnes; Cora Woods Becker. Blue Earth. Winnie Foulkes Perry. Chicago: Vera Bums Luhman. PostviUe. Iowa: Class of 1908. Mrs. Edith Evans Owen. Cresco. Iowa: Mrs. Susie Chick Fishbaughcr. Preston, Mrs. Bertha Evans Hughes, Le Sueur, Class o( 1909. Mrs. Abble Rueslnk Metz, Osage, Iowa; class of 1910. Miss Jennie Minneapolis; Harold-King. field Cray, Chester; Iowa: Class.of 1911." Arthur Evans. Hudson, Iowa; Mrs. "Laura Latcham Smith, Monona. Lyman Carpenter. Chicago. Charles Anderson. Rochester. Class of 1912. Mrs. Edna Anderson Roberts. Harmony. Paul Nagel. Cresco; Miss Lois El wood. Des Molnes; Miss Viola Evans, Chicago; Class of 1913. Miss Mary Williams. White Bear. Claude King. Oelweln; Herbert Kerr. Mason City; Class of 1914. Dr. Vincent Horton. Calmar. Iowa. Class of 1915. Mrs. Grace Jones Anderson. Rochester. Mrs. Ruth Howland Gue. Oelweln. Iowa; Mrs. Marie Roberts Barnard. Ames, Iowa: Class of 1916. Supt. David Roberts, West Union. Iowa. Class of 1917. Miss Lucile Elwood. Des Molnes; Mrs. Mabel Roberts Markee, Mason Mrs. Frances Barlow Hoi gate. Blsmarcfc. N. Class of 1918. The above class was here and all came from some distance. Mrs. Merle Sanborn Kerr. Mason City. Iowa: Mrs. Anna Howland Lake, Tacoma, Richmond Roberts. Dubuque, Iowa; Class of 1119 Mrs. Lake came from the longest distance away of anyone. Mrs. Frances Latcham Meyn. Boyden. Iowa: Mrs. Mildred Johnson Aspinwall, Hawkcye. Iowa; Class of Miss Lucile Johnson. Cherokee. Iowa: Mrs. Ella Jones Worthlngton. Cumberland, Iowa: Miss Pearl Roberts Des Molnes: Dr. Everton Jones, Sioux city; Class of 1921. Percy Haven. Cresco; Mrs. JTM Kerr Falb, Elgin, Iowa: Wlnfield Sanborn, Volga. Iowa: Mrs. Marguerite Plummer Kerr. Granger. Class of 1922. Miss Anna Mae Davis. Decorah. Iowa; Mrs. Clarice Johnson KaHen- baeh. ottumwa. Iowa: Mrs. Thelma Knutsen Terry. Cedar Falls. Iowa; Mrs. Helen Stevens Cecil, Columbus Jet, Iowa: Miss Anna Jones, Bonalr. Iowa: Stephen Jones, Harmsrjr. Mrs. Lillian Horton Simpson, Des Moines 1 Class of 1923. Dr Kcnnard Jones. Grosse Point. Mrs. Gladys Williams Haven. Cresco: Webster Hughes, 'Waterloo: Arthur Dairies. Cresco: Class of 1924. Mrs Emily Kllngshelm Mlnm. Chester: Glenn Eller. Cresco; Supt. Osey Kerr. Dallas, Iowa; Mrs. Mabel Johnson Remboldt, West Union; Mrs. Rosella Hartung Crapser. Anoka, Class of 1925. Thomas Jones, McGregor. Iowa; Melancthon Jones. Waterloo; Class of 1926. Ella Lewis. Chester. Class of 1927. Miss Lorene Johnson, Carpenter. Iowa: Lovem Johnson, Heitman, Iowa; Mrs. Daisy Gragert Elkman, Minneapolis: Mrs. Helen Fisher Gott. Waterloo: Class of 1928. Mrs. Arlene Jensen Cain. Independence: Carl Fisher. Waterloo: Mrs. Beatrice Harold Klntz. Chester; Sin. Winnie Jones Slkklnk. Har- Under the Co-Co M. N. Mrs. Jones--Mrs. Blank and I are not on speaking terms. Jones--Well. It won't hurt either of you to rest up a little. It suddenly strikes me that we wait eight or nine months for some decent weather, and when It gets here, it's too hot to enjoy. 'It's not the heat, it's the I'm surprised Uncle Dudley isn't yelling for a new swimming pool. M. N. X. received a card from an alumnus at Scranton. Iowa, after last week's column, asking if it was Harriet Owen Kampen that asked about 'Kissing Bridge'. WelL ain't a sayln'! Right now the local gardens are at their best. In appearance. I mean. Their productive best will come later. String beans and peas and corn and raspberries, new potatoes, strawberries and carrots. Don't tell me this Is making you hungry! And so soon after breakfast. Just in case you don't know--a picnic is: A day set apart to get better acquainted with ants, worms. wild cows, chlggers and poison ivy. Minister--I'm so glad you've turned over a new leaf. Thomas. Tom--Me? Minister--Yes, I was pleased to see you at prayer service last night. Tom--Oh. so that's where I was, Is It? Definition of a lap: That which you laid on your Mother's with your face to the floor and got spanked on the back of. 1--I Receives Master's Degree From University of S. D. commencement exercises of the University of South Dakota at Vermllllon were attended Sunday and Monday by Carl Cassl- dy. The degree of Master of Arts was bestowed upon his sister Miss Agnes Cassidy. Miss Agnes was the youngest of twelve students of the Graduate School to receive the M. A. degree. She majored in English, with History as her minor. Her thesis was entitled "A Complete Grammar of Shakespeare's 'Titus Andron- Icus'." The degree represented five yean work at the University. Miss Cassldy has been awarded a scholarship at the University of Colorado, where she will enroll next September, to continue her work toward a Ph. D. degree. A grandson of Charles Hawklnson of Lime Springs was also among the graduates of the college of Arts and Sciences of the University of South Dakota, he being Charles Isackson of Webster, S. who received an A. B. degree In Journalism. OLD SETTLERS PICNIC AT LE ROY FRIDAY-SATURDAY The 65th Annual Old Settlers Picnic, ably publicized by the now famous Le Roy Whisker Club, promises to be the best and most elaborate staged in Le Roy. Serving as It does a grand get-together for old settlers, old friends and new, there will be offered In addition everything that makes for the best in entertainment. Bands, parades, free acts, baseball, dances, street sports, concessions, merry-go-rounds, rides, movies, speaking and musical programs, not to forget the one and only Whisker Contest, an event rrorth going miles to see, according to the LeRoy Independent. I--I OUR SINCERE THANKS We wish to kindly thank our neighbors, friends and relatives who so kindly assisted us In our recent fire loss. John Souhrada and Family. motiy: Class of 1929. Dr. Lculs Bastian. Independence, Iowa. Class of 1930. Miss Margaret Jones. Curlew. Prof. Curtis Moore. Grlnnell. Iowa; Miss Pearl Jones. Rochester. Mrs. Mary Jones Jones. Harmony. Woodrow Hughes, Ames, Class of 1931. Miss Florence Thomas. Sprlng- vllle, Iowa; Mrs. ZeJla Gragert Clark, Minneapolis; Mrs. June Haven O'Connell. Waterloo: Class of 1932. Miss Eunice Morris. Cresco. Iowa; Miss Jane Cray, Decorah. Iowa; Class of 1933. Bernard Hughes. Cedar Falls. Class of 1934. Miss Marjorie Plxlcy, Sloan, Iowa: Miss Dorothy Thomas. Cedar Falls, Iowa: Charles Stoakes, Iowa City, Iowa; Class of 1936. Miss Hah Roberts. Des Molnes: Miss Amber Halwes, Decorah; Earl Sekora. Fayette, Iowa; Elnora Med- baug. Preston. Mir.n.; Class of 1937. Rah" rtunter. Cresco. Class of 1938. --And Live Happily Everafter Walter Meighan Suddenly Stricken Friday Morning Walter W. Meighan. son of Edward and Mary Josephine Meighan. was born on a farm near Lime Springs, July. 4th. 1880, and spent his whole life In this vicinity. He moved into the town of Chester In 1911 where he managed a meat market till 1918, when moved to Lime Springs, where he lived until his death. He had been In poor health for several years but was always able to get around. Until the death. day of his He died suddenly on the morning of about aged 58 yean, 10 months, 28 day He leaves to mourn his loss a Bis- ter'Miss Dolly 'Meighan of Lime Springs, and a brother, Wm. F. Meighan. Woodland. two nieces, Mrs. Robert D. Noble of Oelweln, Iowa, and Ruth Meighan. of Los Angeles, and a host of friends. Funeral services were held at Larson's Funeral Chapel on Sunday. June 4. Rev. Joseph Yates officiating. Interment was at Pleasant Hill cemetery. CARD OF THANKS We wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all the neighbors and friends who were so thoughtful and kind and for their assistance following the death of our beloved brother and uncle. We wish also to thank those sending floral tributes and to the trio for their lovely songs. Dolly Meighan. Mrs. R. Noble and family. I I MISSIONARY MEETS The Women's Foreign Missionary Society of the M. E. Church met June 7, 1939. at the home of Mrs. Gilbert Moar with Mrs. E. McCaustland as assisting hostess. Mrs. Howard Phillips. Mrs. Jos. Yates. Mrs. Stevens and Mrs. Edd Mouw gave very Instructive and Interesting talks. Mrs. F. F. Lindsay of Preston, News from the County Seat (By Special Correapoudent) Minn, formerly a National vice president of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society will give the Thank Offering address at the M. E. Church Sunday morning. June 18th. All members and friends are strongly urged to be present, and to be liberal Cresco--The golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. James N. Smith at their Cresco home Tuesday. May 30, was a nappy occasion with a family gathering of 27 near rela- includlng their 1th, wife and'two children of St Paul; Lew Smith and three children of Waterloo, Iowa: Mrs. Bessie Holzworth and daughter of Glendlve, Miss Bemlce Smith of St Paul. Miss Marjorie Smith of Flasher. N. Mrs. Helen Lanz and seven children of Cresco: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith and son of Cresco. making a total of seven children, besides four other near relatives in the family gathering. Durflng the hours of "open 93 friends registered and left remembrances In the way of cash to help make up a substantial purse with which to purchase a gilt of their own choosing. Marriage licenses were issued during the week to the following couples: Harland Hybergcr and Margaret Kurkenback, Elma: Walter Jacobson, Rochester, and Mildred Jefferson, Friendship, Charley Hamerma and Myma Johnson, Spring Valley, Frank M. Smith, Iowa City, and Mabel M. Hallaway, Center Point; Ellsworth M. Outwln. Ooodhue. and Mary V. Haas, St. Paul: Jennings Huth. Mankato, and Vivian Menslng. Kasson. Alfred V. Barnes and Cecilia B. Ingalls. both of Rochester. Clifford Leonard. Waukcsha. and Frances Hanneman. Oconomowoc, James W. Madsen and Adelaide M. Kopp, both of Minneapolis; Roscoe Hadley, Rochester, and Cybll Culver, Byron, Luclan Jones, Montgomery, Alabama, and Marjorie H. Carden. Forest City, Arkansas; with a Thank Offering. Let us show Ronald Lair and Ethel Prctlyman, our appreciation for all the good both of Rochester, Minn, things God has given us. 1--I DAPHNE DAVIS SALUTATORIAN OF CRESCO SENIOR CLASS Miss Daphne Davis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Davis of Lime Springs, was Salutatorian in a class of 76 graduated from Cresco High school last Thursday. Miss Daphne also received the American Legion Citizenship Award. She was selected by the students the most representative girl In the Senior class, and was chosen by the student body as the girl with the most charming personality, and aso the most courteous girl. Daphne was a member of the typing team of five, from Cresco High, which went to the state typing contest in Des Molnes. She plans to attend the American Institute of Business In Des Meiacs t'tJs fall. LEAGUE BAKE SALE The Epworth League will hold a Food Sale of baked good on Saturday next, June 10th. at the City Hall, Lime Springs. The Committee I Another good rain during the last week has helped the growth of crops, but more warm weather is needed for corn. Farmers complain that the seed planted has come up very uneven, due to the dry soil at the time of planting, some com being four to six Inches high while other hills In th- same field are but Just coming through the ground. Dr. and Mrs. F. E. Offllghler left Tuesday, June B. for the east wherr they will spend about six weeks visiting Detroit. Niagara Falls. Toronto, New York, taking in the World's Fair, Washington, D. and some points In southern states. Oene Krieger, ten year old son of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Krieger of Cresco, Is carrying his left arm In a sling as a result of breaking both bones of his left wrist while Jumping rope at the home of uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wilson, near Mabel. Sunday. May 28. The month of May seems to be an unlucky one for Oene Additional Notes on the Monday Afternoon Program of the Alumni Reunion Joshua R. Williams The audience was delighted to hear the school's prize solo singer, Wm. Cray, in the solo, "Friends of one of the 1939 graduates, iron first place in the sub- district music contest. The Alumni girl graduates were represented by Katherlne Parry Crum of Spring Valley, Minn. She told of what the Lime Springs school meant In the lives of the graduates. She was valedictorian in the class of 1904, and was for many yean among the most successful teachers of the Alumni. She has been assistant principal of the Lime Springs school. She has traveled abroad. She Is a graduate of Upper Iowa University. She hold's a Master's degree from the Wisconsin state university--the only one of the girl graduates hold- liiK such degree. Supt. Osey Kerr, of the class of 1925. spoke for the boy graduates. He is Just beginning his 10th year as superintendent of the consolidated school at Dallas, Iowa. He has been very successful there. It pleases the-Alumni to see their fellow members thus coming to the front so rapidly. Corrected Paragraph Two departing freight trains filled the air with their noise for several minutes, during which tune Supt. Hcndrickson was singing as a solo. "Without A Although his rendition was fine, he did not have the proper chance because of these freight trains. 1--I ANNOUNCEMENT MADE OF PLANS FOR CO. FAIR The Howard County fair management makes the following announcement for the 1939 fair to be held at Cresco starting on Thursday, August 31, and continuing through Friday. Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 1-2-3 respectively. Ernie Yonnr Back They have secured Ernie Young again this year with an entirely new and more elaborate revue and seven outstanding acts for the evening performances and part of the afternoon attractions. They will again feature high clan baseball consisting of two outstanding foreign teams for the first day and local teams for the other days which will have to be picked later In the season as the teams develop. Two Days Ilorse Races There will be two days of out standing harness horse racing, botl pace and trot, and they hope to get a stake race for the second day which will draw some very high clas horses to the fair this year. We feel that we are In a very good position this year as far as dates are concerned to draw a large stablo of good horses as both the Minnesota and Iowa State fain will be practically over when our fair starts and we should get some real good horses from both of these fain. We are going to feature fire works this year on the tint and last nights which will be something new for this vicinity. West Bros. Shows They have secured a new carnival for the Howard county fair and for this entire territory for this year which is known as West Bros, shows. This carnival has 14 rides and 14 shows and will give you all of the sights and thrills that your heart desires. Auto Races Sunday The feature attraction for Sunday afternoon will be auto races and a thrill day program combined. Entry day will be on Wednesday. Aug. 30. and all entries must be In their proper places and entries made at the office by Wednesday night. Other announcements will be made as they develop. Watch for them In your local paper. C. C. Nichols. Secretary. DAVID FISH ATTENDING BOYS' STATE THIS Mr. and Mn. Charles Fish and Mrs. Fish's sister Miss Edith Parry of Cresco motored to Mt. Veraon Saturday after the former's son David, and took him to DCS Molnes 24 Bands Will Participate in All Day Festival and Demonstration The Lime Springs Band will take part in a Band Jubilee at Waterloo today. June Btru Participating in the band festival will be 24 bands from the surrounding territory. Following is the tentative program which Band Director A. A. Hendrickson received recently: Thursday. June 8th 9:00 to 11:00 a. m. Arrival of Bands at Headquarters. 9:00 to 11:00 a. m. Distribution of Participation Medals and Souvenirs to Band Members. 10:00 to 11:00 a. m. Band Concerts In the Business District. 12:00 to 1:00 p. m. Parade through the Business District. 1:00 to 2:00 p. m. Church Dinner for Band Members. 1:00 to 2:00 p. m. Dinner for Officials. Band Conductors and Guests, 2:00 to 5:00 p. m. Continuation of Band Concerts in Business District. 2:00 to 5:00 p. m. Theaters, Roller Skating, swimming, etc. 6:30 p. m. Formation of Marching Bands at the Waterloo Baseball Stadium. 1:01) p. m. Grand entry of Marching Bands. 7:00 to 9:00 p. m. Massed Band Concert. Marching Band Demonstration, and Musical Specialties. A Few Short Notes About the Reunion By Joshua Williams At the evening service at the Presbyterian church last Sunday, when Rev. Yates preached, the long-hoped- for opportunity of hearing Dan Davis' fine voice In a quartet number, once mote, came to a Lime Springs audience. With Anna Mae Davis as accompanist, he. Hugh Morris of West Pullman, m. (another old-time Thomas' Price nod Ben Davis ST. sang two numbers. One of these, "More Than Conquerors Are was simply wonderful. 'A bad'head cold kept Dan from being able to sing at the Reunion programs--much to the disappointment of his many old friends. Evan O. Williams. Des Molnes, remarked that Lime Springs has evidently grown a whole lot since he lived here. He Judged this from the number of freight trains which could be disturbingly heard during the Reunion programs, as these trains pulled out of town. The Class of 1918--and all from quite a distance--were here for the Reunion. Frances Barlow Holgate of Bismarck. N. Mabel Roberts Markee. Mason, and Lucile Elwood of Des Molnes. The Class of 1899--Mrs. Elizabeth Owen aiid Belle Pettit--were also here both live here. There was one big advantage that the 1939 Home-coming had over the 1922 and 1927 Home-coming. There were no ball games or street sports to distract the attention of the visitors. The visitors came here to see and visit old friends, not to watch street sports, which would use up a lot of their valuable time. They sec enough ball games at their own homes And as it was, the visitors left with many visits Incomplete. And best of all, we had no street games of chance or any fakirs, such as were seen at the two former Home comings. LOCAL VALEDICTORIAN WINS READER'S DIGEST AWARD Abner A. Hendrickson, superintendent of schools, announces that the coveted Reader's Digest Award for Scholastic Achievement has been won by Miss Betty FiJh. valedictorian of the class of 1939. Lime Springs High School. She has received an engrossed parchment certificate. The Reader's Digest confers this annual award as encouragement to roung men and women throughout lie nation who, by their scholastic ichlevement, give promise of grow- iig into leadership In their communities. Principals of progressive preparatory and high schools increasingly advocate an Interest among students 18, to six months In the county Jail and then paroled him to his mother, Mrs. Alice Mortenson. of Austin, Minn. Glen was arrested last week at Lime Springs by Sheriff Percy Haven on a charge of operating a motor vehicle without the owner's whlch app a current magazines, consent, and lodged In the county MM ls lnat contact with Jell at Cresco. tne living, quickening thought of our day is essential to education, both ri the most significant articles W. B. Waldron, 39, arrested at Eau Claire. by Sheriff Percy as he has carried the same arm in Haven of Cresco. on a charge of big- I the Justice court of C. E. Fams- will be on hand Saturday momma) a sling for the last three summers'amy. wartcd preliminary hearing In to receive donations and selling due to accidents that month. begin at 1 p. m. The proceeds are) to be used to defray expenses of) Judge T. H. Gohcen of Calmar. In, League delegates to Clear Lake court at Cresco Monday, stltute. July 17th. (June 5, sentenced Glenn Mortenson, (worth Monday. i bound over to before and after graduation. Molnes where he will spend the week at the American Legion "Boys' sent by the Lloyd L. Horton Post of Lime Springs. June 5, and was the grand Jurv of Fish and Miss Parry Howard county on a ball bond of $1, ,000. Mr. and Mrs. then visited their brother and family Tom Parry at Ames. NEWSPAPER! EWSFAPER

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