The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 14, 1959 · Page 10
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 10

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1959
Page 10
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LOST WITHOUT THEM Specialist Knows Noses BIGGEST CARRIER COMMISSIONED — Huge Ameri- ican flags adorn the fanrail of the USS Independence, newest and biggest attack carrier afloat, during commissioning ceremonies at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The $190,000,000 vessel accomodates 3,500 crewmen and 100 supersonic jet planes. (NEA Telephoto). DAW, HARVESTER Agreement Reached 10 AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD ,„ t „ . . Wtdneiday, Jan. 14, '59 " arv " ter Ca and the '- '. W o r k e r i Boy, Police Quiz r, 14, About Chicago Fire CHICAGO (AP) — Police Juvenile officerg held t 14-year-old boy for questioning about two separate fire* that broke out in a South Side public grade school during the lunch hour Tuesday. A fire marshal said he believes a pupil started the blazes. Firemen quickly put out the flames in two adjoining rooms on the first floor of the Shoop Elementary School on the far South Side. No one was injured, but about 40 teachers eating lunch and a few pupils who returned to class early were forced to flee the two- story brick building. Most of the 1,400 pupils were home for lunch. The fir* was the third reported In the school since Thanksgiving. The Shoop school is across the city from Our Lady of the Angels Parochial School, where 90 students and three nuns died in a fir* Dec. 1. CHICAGO (AP) — Inteniational ted Auto union early today reached an agreement on a new three-year contract for 37,000 em- ploye* who have been on strike (or two months. Spokesmen for the company and union announced the agreement after a lengthy session that extended into the early morning hours." The agreement, if ratified by UAW local Harvester councils at a meeting Friday, would end the strike, which has forced the shutdown of 15 Harvester plants, 7 parts depots and 3 transfer points. Ratification by the workers would result in resumption of operations by Monday, a company i spokesman said. j The principal gains in the new contract, the spokesmen said, were an annual pay increase of 6 cents an hour or 2',4 per cent, whichever is greater, and the. length of the new pact — three years. Wages under the old contract averaged $2.55 an hour. WRITER DIRS PARIS (AP) — Andre de Fou- quieres, 82, writer, lecturer and man of fashion, died Tuesday. He wrote several books and plays. LOS ANGELES, Calif. (AP) It's amazing what Ralph Riggs knows about noses. "The nose of a Negro," says specialist Riggs, "is designed ns an air cooler. The Caucasian's nose is an air heater." Dr. Riggs. of Louisiana Stal» University, got onto the subject while addressing a seminar on nose surgery Tuesday at the College of Medical Evangelists. "You can pretty generally figure," he said, "the wider the nose the warmer the climate." Another thing about noses. They •, are part of the mechanism the i body uses to make you turn over i at night. ! "In 70 per cent of the cases," isaid Dr, Riggs, "I can tell what i side a person sleeps on by exam ining his nose. Really. ! Directed by Nose j "A person is directed by his jnose to turn over every hour or so. One side of the nose takes it easy while the other side takes over the task of doing most of the breathing. If you sleep on one side more than the other it will show up in your nose." A man who really knows noses knows that surgery to change the appearance of the nose can have severe psychological effects. Dr. Leland House of the college cautioned that such operations i "can interfere with one's fixed point of reference." Take away the nose you've been looking past all these years and what happens. You're lost. Psychological Treatment If you have to have a new nose, he said, be sure you undergo psychological treatment before and after. Both doctors agree that if you breathe through your mouth instead of your nose you're not getting all that's coming to you. 'A mouth breather gets 10 to 17 per cent less oxygen than a nose breather, and that's a fact," said Dr. Riggs. Why? Nose breathers breathe more deeply. Try it and see. Also, said Riggs, nose breathers don't snore, at least not as much. Stay awake some night and check that, too. SHORT BALLOT USE DES MOINES W — A report j presented to members of the Iowa General Assembly Monday recommended the use of a short ballot i for county officers. PENNEY1 ' ^ REM FOR COUGHS .-»*, V&t* VICKS VAPO-RUB Large size BENZEDREX INHALER 5" SPECIAL - "GOLDEN 0 ICE CREAM $129 DELICIOUS-PER GAL. .I'A. I ft .TISSUES c I 400's 2*4!K COLDENE NASAl SPRAY 100 SICKROOM NEEDS SALE! 3 PIECE FEVER 1W , fart).* «!»•"• \y 250 THERMOMETER 1" Oral or Rectal with Cost * KAZ ElECTRIC VAPORIZER 9 89 Mod»l55B •• Cold Tablets 1.25 ALcOHOl"'" 0 49c •4 Oi. Whit, ABSORBENT VASELINE 5 * COTTON 35c PINT HEAVY ft Doi . Mont's o, Ad.lf, MINERAL OIL 69c SUPPOSITORIES 49c Thorexin 69c Tb»< CASCO "v.iB,ss CHAP HtAlPAD ATOMIZER STICK 900 39c 9S AUSTIN DRUG 501 No. St. Paul St. - at W. Water St. Ph. HE 3-2105 "OPEN T!U 10 P.M. 7 DAYS A WEEK." HUGE SAVINGS! NEW LOW PRICE! "Man - Made" Fur Coats Sizes 12 to 18. $ Full Length 35 Penlon Cardigan Ladles' LadiM . ||IM 32, 34 0 38 ....... Sweat Shirts Orion Novelty *„.«.,,- «*„*„,., ..... Penloni. Sim 34 and 38 . . $5iOO $1.50 $4iOO REDUCED! Ladies Better Dresses Juniors, Misses . $ $/ $ And Half Sizes Q $/ $Q 0 0 0 Better Quality HlicfUPC Machine washable UliaiBia Catfen. Site. 10-18. Men't Beit Quality- Flannel Pajamas Assorted calort. $4,00 $3,00 Mens Wool Sport Coats ,. S15-S17-520 $2.00 $1.98 Men's Knit Pajamas Men'*, Broken Sixes Underwear Some wool blends. A t I REDUCED! Women's Uniforms Dacrons. Sizes 10-12, 16-18. And 14!/ 2 - 24V 2 .,.. ' Mcn'i Breken Slxet. 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