The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1948
Page 4
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PAGE. SIX afLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUHIfcR NETT» THURSDAY, JULY 8, 1948 : 'try. Poland Receives Blunt Rejection U.S. Star* Department Suggest* Protestor* ..... Cry on Soviet Shoulder '.^ WASHINGTON, July 8. (UP) — --rjThe : Onlted 8t»t« yesterday reject-"«d Pound's protest walnst the '..; l 'West«m powers' London »gr«ment '-t. to cre»te * Western O*rman gov- -.4'eminent «nd fit Its economy into f- the European recovery program. The U. S. note rejecting Po- protest was delivered to the i embassy here and made pub- •^'jic by the State Department. Brlt- i»'am rejected -» similar Polish pro- v- PoUnd in a note June 21 had •'• ; complained that the Western pow- -J'ers alone—without Russia participating—were "not competent and not empowered" to deal with the German question because of ngree- mente made at Yalta and Potsdam. It also complained th»t the Western powers' plan Ignored Poland's security Interests and would divide •Europe Into twe parts, thereby hurting Poland's reconstruction hopes. The V. S. replied, In effect, Hint Poland should go cry on Russia's shoulder because the Western plan -•for Germany \vns developed only because Russia's attitude had made it impossible to get four-power agreements on Germany's future. As far as Polish reconstruction Is concerned, the United States recalled that Russia and Its satellites Including Poland, had refused to participate in the recovery • program. | "If certain countries 'who suffered most In consequence of German aggression claim that, their interests are not sufficiently taken .•-Into account by the program plim- ;• 'ned for Western Germany, their .7.^ned for Western Germany, their "to the United States government *>but to the government primarily 1 responsible for preventing these countries from cooperating in the general recovery program for Eur* ope," the U. S. reply said. Read Courier News Want Ads. Well, It's a Place to Live, Isn't It? LawmakerAsks Lower Taxes For Louisiana BATON ROUGE. La., July I, — (UP)— R«p. Algle Brown of Cardo Parish has asked Gov. Earl Long to call an extra legislative session to repeal the • gasoline tax levied this session. In maklnf his remarks to the House of Representatives on » point of special privilege, Brown said that he knew of certain Instances where plans for business expansion hi Louisiana had either been cancelled or deferred because of the heavy tax program passed by the current legislation. In explaining why he had voted against all tax measures, Brown said, "I felt and still believe that the tax program sponsored by the { idminlstratlon, which almost doubled the tax load of the people, was an alarming departure from good sound economy." He added that with the new taxes, Louisiana has the highest per capita taxes In the nation. Stuttgart Man's Body Found in Whitt STUTTGART, Ark,, July ».— (UP)— Tnt body of Hugh Wells, 47, •rf Stuttjavrt, WM found In the Whit* River one mile South ol Clarendon yesterday. He had been ml&slnt since Tuesday when his boat sank n-hlle he was alone on a ilsh- ln( trip. Wayne Pritchard certainly has a nice viow, even though he mny not have loo much privacy. U'nyne advertised for a place to live, and fint a reply from a Sioux Falls, S. D., department store. They offered him a furnished apartment—in their shov; v. p itulow. The lucky fellow has running water and a telephone, too. His c;trly morning iJFintj seems to amuse a passer-by. 755 Policemen to Pick Out 'Phonies' Who Try to Stampede Big Convention PHILADELPHIA. July 8- —(UP) ' —The Democrats today set up precautions against .any phony stampedes at their national convention next week. Convention s e r g e a n t-at-Arms Leslie Btfflc, nil Arkansan. said 75 plainsdothesmen and 80 uniformed police, 155 In all. will be posted at the edge of the convention floor and In the first and second balconies. A close watch will be maintained. Bilile snlrt, to see that no one gets Town Marshal Wounded, Two Others Hurt During Mississippi Disturbance LAUREL, Miss., July 8—<UP> — Barney Jones, town marshal in Taylorsvillc, and two other men from Smith County were being treated In a Laurel hospital today for wounds they suffered in a pistol battle. Jones tried to .settle an argmnont between J. S. Hardin and Poly Stringer near a Taytorsville savage. on the floor except those who have delegate credentials. Jones was shot twice. Hardin was i shot in the back and Stringer's I head was cut. Jones said he tried to quiet Stringer, who pulled a gun and started shooting at him. But he hit Hardin instead of Jones. Jones' gun was knocked out or n! s hand, and Stringer was disarmed by night Marshal Ollle Aimworth and Roy Gardner. Blunt's Island In Portsmouth, N. H-, Harbor, was named for Capt. John Blunt, the man credited with piloting George Washington's boat across the Dcleware. Farley to Be Honored Guest at Convention WASHINGTON, July 8. (UP)— Former Postmaster General James A, Parley will be an honored guest at the Democratic National Convention, partjr headquarters reported today. Farley has been Invited to ad- drew the convention. Though he ha.s not reached a final decision, he has indicated that he will not speal:, a national committee representative said. The former Democratic chairman has been predicting President Truman's nomination on the lirst ballot, Frank C. Walker and Robert Hannegan, two other former party chairmen will be on the speakers' platform. All present cabinet members have been invited, but thus far the only formal acceptances have come from Postmaster General Jesse M. Donaldson. Defense Secretary James Forrestal and Commerce Secretary Charles Sawyer. NOTICE OF SCHOOL ELKCTION Notice is hereby given that the County Supervisor oi Mississippi County, has called an election to be held in Number Nine School District No. S4 of Mississippi County, on the » day of July, 1948, at which the qualified electors In said School District »h»ll vot« on the question of a loan from the Revolving Loan Fund, and the levying of a special Ux of 3 milli annually on the as- Mued valuation of the taxable property In tne district 50 long as U necessary to repay said loan and the Interest thereon. Su h election I shall be held at Lang»ton Store on i the W day of July, 1948 between the hours of 2:oo o'clock P.M. and 6:30 o'clock P.M. and otherwise in ! the same manner as Is provided by law for holding annual school elections. Witness my hand this 24 day of June, 1048. JOHN MAYES, County Supervisor, Mississippi County. «]24-7|l-8 Read Couiier News Want Ads. A/ow Ltd mo*i& than E iFO/'XT l? i l i *C! VKOLET 5 LOW PRICES a/te even, mote ve than, ISL i/ie, FIRST in Value . .. FIRST in Big-Car Quality at Lowest Prices . . . FIRST in Registrations A WAYS THE VALUE-LEADER . . . always the firsl choice of people who want the finest at lowest cost . . . Chevrolet's value- leadership is now so outstanding that men and women everywhere arc deciding it's more than ever the preferred investment in its field! Not only does Chevrolet stand out as the first and only low-priced car with all the following major advances which comprise the soundest and best in modern motoring . . . not only docs it offer all these major advantages of Big-Car quality at lowest prices . . . but it offers them at prices that are now definitely and decisively lower than those of any other car that even remotely approaches it in quality!* It's the first and only low-priced car with the original and outstanding Unilizcd Knee-Action Ride. It's the first and only low-priced car with a world s champion Valve-in-Head Engine. It's the first and only low-priced car with the enviable Body by Fisher. It's the first and only low- priced car with the triple safety-protection of Fisher Unisteel Body-Construction, the Unitized Knee-Action Ride and Positive-Action Hydraulic Brakes. And yet, despite the fact that CHEVROLET AND ONLY CHEVROLET IS FIRST to offer all these major advancements of low-cost motoring, it holds an even greater price-advantage and, gives you even more value for your dollars in comparison with other automobiles today than at any previous time in Chevrolet history! That is why more people are buying Chevrolet* than any other make of car, this year as for the total 17-year period, 1931 to date; that is why they arc agreeing, with ever-mounting enthusiasm, that Chevrolet is first in dollar-value as it is first in nation-wide demand. CHEVROLET - -IS FIRST! SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO 'No Low-en Yet BOSTON (UP) _ Twice within wo months, a thief waylaid Wil- ani J. McCarthy, a messenger for dental supply firm, on a Baston rect, and snatched a bag he was arrylng. Each time the bag con- alned one upper denture. Women's KEDETTES Washable Play Shoes Pair Values to $4.50 In Sizes 4 to 10 White -Blue -Multi-Colors Family Shoe Store 312 W. Main Blytheville 301 W. Walnut Open 'Til 8 p.m. Phone 578 Here Is A Positive Highway Program Which Will Be Submitted To You Jhe People, FOR A VOTE! « VITAL ISSUE IN TH/S CAMPA16J?.' Every vorcr in Arkansas know* that we need, despc'ittFy. new roadi Everyone knowi thit if more meney .t not available to build or repair our prt*tnt rwda, dtttructiOrt Of our J250.COO.CXX) highway syitem threiteni. ADDITIONAL FUNDS MUST BE SAD! There is only one way we can have roads, we must hay* *dditionj1 mom/ TVit Staff Highway Advisory Committee after comprehensive study has slid so. State Hijh* w»y Department officials hivr md ». Where Can Arkansas Get Additional Highway Funds? Arkanui c*n |tt Addition]! money for ill Klghwjyf i/i only one of three wayl: (II By Tjxition! Existing tuej would bi incriuid. new tixes levied: « both! I (21 8y dcvtrtlni million! of welfare, school or other revenues to highway!. Thit Mult Nor H|«>»«1 'II By borrowing Uu of our crtdit — our test iviilable asset — n th< cheapest ind best way «f letting new funds. // We Borrow-How Much Should We Borrow? Enough to assure that w« ntce.v* all Federal highway funds available to ui: S7.900.000 in T949; SS,* 1 700.000 in 1950. $6.700.000 in 1951; $6.700.000 in 1952. That's S26.000.000 in four yean. How Much Would That Get Us for Construction? That $28.000.000 IKUIK ArV»nu> J80.000.000 for new construction! 520.000.000 • year for MW nil 1 ! now! How? By borrowing S28.000.000 wt gtt KB. 100.000 in Federal highway fundi. Isn't th.t , IK a bargain? Th* other S23 900 000 would com* trom cqrrent highway revenues. Yoy can build a tot ^ ol TO.OJ foe S80.000.CXXl! Will This Affect Our Present Turnbacks, or Credit? No' Preitnt turnback* to counties and municipalities will not b« reduced a cent. Our present orderly! debt retirement program will not b* affected. Maintenance funds now required by law will not bi rt* duced, Tht state'i credit will not be impaired- Will the People Have the Final Say? AtHeltftetyl Ir is not tven suggested, nor would it be legally possible, to borrow money without • vet* by (he people of Arkansas The people will have the final say «n jepjrate votes—on each of the four st-rggesied annual borrowings. If the people ait not wtufied with th« rewtU achieved any year of thai profram. they can reject any further bor/owing. How Would the Bonds Be Sold? At public sale —iwt in a private deal behirvd dosed doorv How Much Would Our Total Debt Increase? After having sotnl $50.000,000 of additional fund* for r*w construction, th* ilite'i hata! highway debt wifl have irKf«a»d by $13.710.000 durin| th« four ytir p*r-od. Isn't Arkansas'* Future Worth Investing In? I say it ii. Bofrowini; implies faith in our future. Arkansas is a thriving growing state, with vastly greater possibilities for the future How shilf v-e face out future > I sav wt >n courage, vision and flith. V/e need capital to grow and forge ahead. I say let's get rt and march ahead with confidence to th« freatntM tfc* fvture offeri u*. / Challenge My Opposition To Submit Its Highway Program (if any)-TO THE PEOPLE! SID M C MATH for GOVERNOR

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