The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 11, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 11, 1933
Page 8
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THE BAKEKSF1ELD CALlFOHiMAiN, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1933 EDUCATIONAL * CAKTOONS 5 CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON* THE GREAT LEADER. OF THE NORTH WAS A LINCOLN WAS BORN IN HARDIN1 CO, KENTUCKY HIS WIFE, ALSO, C*MEFROA\ A «OOTHBRN FAMILV/ « tM3 IV MA ^ V\\ M 7 ^/ THE TUCK OF AN ELEPHANT IS ONLY A TOOTH, AND A NERVE, RUNS THE WHOLE LENGTH. IT Iff THK NERVE CANAL THAT IS VtSHBLE ON OPPOSITE SIDES OF IVORV •ILLIARO 6ALLS. ^GQOOO MATCHES ARE STRUCK IN THE UNITED STATES. SIDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK "Dad, wt're going to be old pats. You're not lotlng a daughter you're gaining a son." THE TINYMITES By HAL COCHRAN ,Ma.u.».MT.orr. « t»» BY NIA SIHVKX IMtL ;READ THE STORY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE) T HE paste pot shouted, "Come this way. You're going to have some fun today. We'll let you cut out valentines and paste on pretty lace. "We're far behln_ii, lads, In our work, so If you help, you must not shirk. We have no room for people who are lazy, 'round the place/' "dee, I will do my very best," snlcl Scouty. "So will all the rest. Wo love to cut with little shears. I'm sure we'll do It right. "I want to send a valentine to Jack Frost. He's a friend of mine. I lioptf I find a funny one. He'll laugh with all his might." • • • "Don't worry, son, we have u lot. The .valentine man, like as not, will let you take your pick, when you have helped him for awhile." And then the whole bunch walked up to a. hut. The next thing that they knew, the valentine man cume right out and met them, with a (Plcturfi Dy Klni) The paste pot shouted, "Hero Is iild. Your valentines shall now be made." "Ah, come In," cried thn friendly inun. "There IB no time to loso." They entered anil worn much surprised when they looked 'round and realized that there were little tool.s guloru that nil of them could use. * * • They all Bulled In. What fun it \\:\n • to make thn valentines, because they all looked very pretty HH the Tinles 1 turned them out. A smile spread on wee Coppy's face as he hald, "My what pretty laco! With this I'll muke the sweetest vul- entluo of nil, no doubt." Tho valentine man soon cried, "Say! We'll flnlhh with this Job today. You lads are dandy workers. All tlio valentines look grand. "Real shortly you onn help IMP mail them itverywherp, and off they'll [.-nil. I never thought I'd net them out, until you lent a bund." WRIGLEYS JUICY FRUIT r GUM _^ LOOK FOR THE REDTAPE OPENER OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS "•jwrr / \ QLMLTT! / AIMT so MUCH OF A Wlfte CRACW /VS. WOO MIGHT , AW WHAT TH' OLD PEO \<Z> , OR THAT TH 1 ON rr SHOULD BE.TH 1 NIATtONAL, OF I IF wo*jpc. COMMA ee WS TV«e? ITS PRO BLOOD OF SPOTfc M6.VI OEAO FSR FIFTY Voo HEARTH! A NC.VM HERO'S >NOW A NAME- FINO A «eo GRAMO OV.O RACr. ««*t.«T m> ttmnet. me. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN TWERSS A CHOP-HOUSE IN ST. LOUIS t USED TO EAT IN — AN\00XOWBOV, YOU SHOULD S&& TH' „ STEAKS THEY SEfeVE I TWO INCHES T*MCK AN* „ AS -BIG AS A "BATW "Kltef YOU'D HAVE- TO BE A SUT3VEYOR TO SUErDIVlDE C3MC/—H.OOD&D WITH BUTTER,AN'A FORE-ST OF MUSHROOMS BOX! AM I GOING TO COLUO6- WITH THAT, KOAST TONIGHT/ UMP- LADS THINK NOU APPETITE, JUST -BECAUSE/ I AM 0« A, MILK "DIET, YOU AT?E TX5ING \T FOR NAUGHT f ONCE I WAS MAROONED ON A SOUTH SEA ISLAND TOR SEVEN WEEKS, AND 1 HAD NOTHING TO EAT "BUT LEAVER,"BARK, AND MY SHOES, EGAD I'lJwo MEANIES THE GUMPS A Fortune in Jewels By SIDNEY SMITH ANN HAPPY P A DIAMOND BROOCH ME* AND FOR ONLY * 3OO. 48. THAT IS. THE PWC6 TILbAv *A* ABLE TO BOY »T FOR HER THAT MET AT THE" ICE MEN'S BAU.- V4ILL MlN SURPRISE ANDY *HEH SHE rr AT PARTY— Kit. U. S Pu CM ; b. TV Chia«>- CocTTi >- Tril i«lil. 19JJ IWT IT A PERFECT PEAUTY ? I KNOW ITS VMOR.TH LEA»T V<HERE CAM I HI&E IT IN A&OOb SAFE. PLACE „ . «o THAT ANDY //VSEE IT' , I KNOW WHERE I'LL ?UT IY-J IXL WTT AN OLD BOOK AKU> CUT A WOLE IN THE. CJ5NTKR OP THE LEAVES-AND PUT IT IN THERE WHERE OH EARTH DID THIS BOOK COME FROM.? BEFORE - „ •HEART* AFLAME ,y<HAT A BOOK- THI* WILL, BE ausr THE THINGi- SO- MINI V^ITH THE AJt> OP A PEN KNIFE HAS COT A HOLE OUT OP THE CENTER OF THE BOOK- RUT THE DIAMOND BROOCH IN THE LITTLE SQUARE-. NOW- ALL SHE HA& TO DO »» CLO^E TWE BOOK- ANO THERE TOO ARE- & VWHO VtOULD EVER THINK OF LOOWNCt IN A BOOKCASE THE SAFEST PLACE IN TV4E WORLD- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Gideon Has Good Taste! By MARTIN GIDEON CORDON •w lYNtt MMVICI. INC.IHM. u. •. MT. art, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Cool as a Cucumber! By BLOSSER REALIZING THE. DANGER OF RESCUING FRE.CKLE5 BY MACHIME GUN FIRE, UWCLE. HARRY SWINGS HIS SEAPLANE OUT OVER THE. BEACH — TH' BbOOMIM S6RIS CAW'T UWDERSTAND OUR LANGUAGE, COMMODORE/ THEY'LL UNDERSTAND ) OUR FISTS,THOUGH ) r. WE'LL COME DOWN AND PULL INTO THE. SHORE WE'LL HAVE TO TALK rr OUT WITH THEM AVE....AVE. AN 1 MINE ARE HARD A5 IfMCEUSED OVER THE. TIDAL WAVE. THAT WRECKED ONE OF THEIR VILLAGES, THE 5ERI5 BLAME THE WHITE MAN. AND PREPARE TO OFFER FRECKLES, AS SACRIFICE, TO THEIR NATIVE GOO */l GEE I CMJ'T MAKE. OUT A. WORD THEY'RE SAYIN 1 , BUT THEY MUST THINK tM A 6REAT GUY, LOOKIKJ 1 AT ME. UKE. THIS,... I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED TO UMCUE HA.RRY AN 1 HIS SEAPLA.NE ? THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Once Is Enough! By COWAN YEA.H! THIS is THE SECOND DAY WE'VE HAD BEANS FCf? DINNEV?_TWE FOOD WASN'T SO BAD WHEN WE FIP5T CAME ANP DIDJA NOTICE THEY DON'T USE THEIP BEST <5ILVEP ANY MOPE, EITHEP ? THOUGHT THIS WAS A COMFOOTABLE FIPST COUPLE OP NIQHTS, BUT TH£ MATTPES? IS OF BUMPS AND THI^ MUST BE STUFFED WITH PAVING BWCKS EVERYTHING ABOUT THE PLACE IS CHEAP-\OU CAN FEEL 5PPINGS STICKING UP THPOUCH THE PAt>DlKG IN ALL THE.H? OVEOSTUFFED KID OOt<3NT MAKE MUCH OOyOH.BUT »T THEM T'MAKE A UTTLE. MOPE, EFFOBT TO TOEW US OVCHT AFTER.WLL. DON'T COME T'SEE THEM VEQV OFTEN

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