Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 24, 1970 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1970
Page 5
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Closed Circuit TV Aids Instruction, Learning By James Albertson (Carroll Education Association) Television has arrived at the Carroll Community Schools. It is not as complex as the type used by major television networks, but it works on exactly the same principle. There is one big difference and that is that major networks transmit their signal through the air, while the signal here at school is transmitted through a cable. Hence, the name Closed Circuit Television (C.C.T.V.i has been adapted for a unit such as the one a school uses. Any television system consists of three basic parts. First, the camera, which like any other camera takes a picture of what it sees. Of course, the picture is not put on a film but is sent as a signal to the second component, the Video Tape Recorder (V.T.R.) The V.T.R. takes the signal, which is video only, and puts it on a magnetic tape. The V.T.R. is also capable of placing an audio signal on the tape. The signal, now both audio and video, is sent to the third component, the monitor, which is much like an ordinary television set. The viewer can then see and hear the result of what the camera saw and the V.T.R. stored on tape by watching the monitor. This is basically how a C.C.T.V. operates, although there are three other options other than the one described above that can be used. One such option bypasses the V.T.R. This means a video signal only is sent from the camera to the monitor. By not using the V.T.R. there is no way of permanently storing what has been seen by the camera. Also, there is no way to use audio. Hence, this is strictly a way to observe something without keeping a record of it. A second option is to eliminate the monitor and use only the camera and V.T.R. Here, one can record video and audio without anyone viewing it on a minotor. The tape made would then be viewed later, using the third option. This last combination includes the V.T.R. and monitor. Using these components, one can view tapes that have been made previously. Times Herald, Carroll, la. C Tuesday, Noy. 24, 1970 ^ One final method using the V.T.R. and monitor should be explained. It is the taping of programs off the air being transmitted by one of the major networks. The monitor can be used as an ordinary T.V. set That is, it will take a program being broadcast by a network and send the program to the V.T.R. to be put on tape. The program can then be viewed at a later date. The preceding explains very basically how the components of a C.C.T.V. work and in what arrangements they may be used. The next consideration is the, "Why and Where", of C.C.T.V. First, why have such a unit? UPW Circle Plans Holiday Program (Times Herald News Service) MANNING - Martha Circle of bhe United Presbyterian Women met at the church on Wednesday evening, Nov. 18. with nine members present. Guests were Thelma Mohr, Ver na and Viola Karstens. Helen Pratt, circle chairman, outlined plans for the Christmas program at the general meeting on Dec. 4, when circles will give their annual reports. Members were reminded of the clothing drive to end Nov. 23. Verna Karsitens distributed programs for the 1971 season amd explained the program briefly. Carolyn Blohm gave a short devotion and conducted the final lesson on the book of Hosea. The Circle had their an nual Holiday Goodies exchange, with each member contributing a favorite holiday food. Busy Thimbles of the Presbyterian Ohurdh had an all-day work meeting at the church on Thursday, Nov. 19, when the group sewed and quilted. A potluck dinner was served at noon with Rev. Robert Rushing as a guest. Cards were signed for Minnie Rix and Amanda Stoelk, members who are hospitalized. Mrs. Ted Mozena of Cooin Rapids was a guest at the meeting. spurgeon's EARLY SHOPPERS Bonus Gift Sale lona Easy-Clean Electric Can Opener While They Last 5 37 9.95 Value V\ An incredible combination—Spurgeon's cuts the | \\ price and lona guarantees the can opener for 5 years! This is a value you'll have to see to really i appreciate. Look at the features: • Cutting mechanism snaps out for easy cleaning • Magnetic lid holder • Wall mount or counter-top • Takes round or oval cans any height • Built-in cord storage • Avocado or gold it Guarantee covers cost of parts and repair service for 5 _ years from date of purchase when returned to lona fac- toryorus.Cord and damage due to misuse are excepted. Charge It! OPEN: WED. and FRI. till 9 p.m. SUNDAY 1 to 5 p.m. The answer here is to improve instruction and learning. When a teacher and his students have the opportunity to view themselves on television and review what went on during the taping segment there is going to be improvement by both. The old addage that seeing one picture is worth a thousand words is certainly appropriate here. Where can this unit be used in the school system? The answer to this is everywhere. It can be used at any grade level to record anything a teacher wishes. It can be used with great effectiveness in areas where students are participating. The students can immediately see themselves and find out what mistakes they made. In summary, a C.C.T.V. unit is certainly a big asset to any school district. It is easy to operate and can be used in a variety of ways. Through the use of such a unit both instruction and learning can be improved. Combination of Factors in Interest Cuts NEW YORK (AP) - A combination of factors is contributing bo the sharp decreases in interest rates for business and government, and some bankers foresee even more reductions on the horizon. Permitting the rates to fall is a weak demand for credit by companies that have battened down to ride out the recession, and an improving supply of money resulting from an "easier" Federal Reserve policy. As a result, supply and demand have changed their relationship in recent weeks. Lenders 'are now less in a position to get their way comp I e t e I y, although they still hold the stronger bargaining position. Here is some evidence of easier money: —The discount rate, which is the rate charged member banks by the Federal Reserve, was cut earlier this month to 5.75 per cent from 6 per cent, and some New Sport Skiing on the grass is a new sport in Europe. Invented by a West German after 15 years of research and development, the grass skis are slightly larger than roller skates and operate on a system of nylon wheels driven by a nylon belt running around them like a tank track. The skis clip on to regular ski boots. bankers speculate it is headed lower again. —The prime interest rate, which large commercial banks charge their best corporate customers, has been reduced 1.5 per cent to 6 per cent this year. —Municipalities are finding it less expensive to borrow. The municipal bond index maintained by the Bond Buyer newspaper has fallen from about 6.4 per cent in mid-October to less than 6 per cent now. —Three-month Treasury bills are near 5 per cent compared with more than 6 per cent in October and more than 7 per cent in May. 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