Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 18, 1890 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1890
Page 3
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DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT. WH>7\77~' .Iui .v1H, ISM. IIHIKII JMITH'M*. fUlRISTtAN CUuItOU-'•"},!<".' tUil-TON, \.l Pastor. KerviccH every Lord s M. ami 7::t0 p. M. Sunday -=ehoi CHURCH- :lliv ill 11 A. 1 utiles A. M. I. N. WATKI5- P"n*nl\>li«tof. A \rvHy!i everyiSiinilny nt 11 M. and « I' w. Sunday Sehonl nl 12:l !i. Poiut Arena Notea. Wonlhev jilpnnnnt. (.'ampere an plentiful its hlm-kliorrioH. h'iiicc the 41 li hiinincsEt is dull. Convention of ilunlistti ;imI nrol'fwsorp of music in Hussion. Some ot onr <;iti /.onH wore not n« |»it- riotio as they might hnve boon on the 1th, us the energolii: Indies of \V. C. T. I.'. can testify to. The Indies workad very hnrd to have the day a HUCCCHH , having little money to fro on. Imagine, then, their consternation, when their orator cent in a bill of thirty dollars for his services; however they promptly voted him down. Captain Iversen came up on the Inst steamer. Mm. J. MoHi.'rop, nf Sun Francinco, is visiting her sister and friends at the I'oint Arena Hotel. The flteamer "Coos Bav" has lost one of its most efficient officers, Mr. Kepper, commonly known as "old Frank," tho steward. Ho has been obliged to resign on account of ill health. The ladies of tho W. K. C. expect to I postoflice LOCAL NEWS. Parker, Mendocino County's Jeweler. * Mr. Aslier, of Upper Lake,was in I'kiah on Monday. Iicmomber and get. good tea at the Grand Tea Store. * Kon Su.rc—Two buggies. Enquire ill Dr. Mitchell's office. * !?. F. Siuekey, of Willits, went to Sun Francisco iast Sunday W. II. Snell, returned last Sunday from a visit to l.onjr Valley. For choice family uroceries and campers goods go to W. A. Ikitinutn's. :l7 F.. Simpson, one of Westport's business men, was in IJkinii on Monday. The afternoon train to San Francisco now leaves at 1 v. .«. instead of i!:lfi. (leo. S. McPhee was over from Westport on business tho first of tho week. ,1. K. Chambers, an attorney of Covelo, was in town this week on legal business. The PoBtoflice at Kneelnnd, Humlxildt County, Cal., has been ordered discontinued. W. M. C'nrson and wife, of Carson city, Nevada, were among tho arrivals last Saturday. N. K. Grey, constable of Arena township, visited the county sent tho first of the week. Time is money. Buy a watch of King and you will have time. Next door to 31 HBNDOOISO'S WEALTH. Interesting Figures Showing tho Assessed Valuation of the County. From the- report of Assessor Smith, just completed, we have been permitted to extract the following interesting figures, showing tho assessed valuation of (lie property in .Mendocino County on tho lirst Monday in Match, 1890. This is independent of tho value of tlie S. F. & N. 1*. K., which is assessed by the State Hoard of Initialization. ) Heal u-stiito other thnu city -Hurt ) town to' i Improvements on tunic. ] City and town !oli i improveiiit^ais no ^ MVC- Telegraph lines (LIS mil »!»,8ft r ..7-lS it'- VYi .'i TO •17:!,7IW tnrci -11 LOCAL NEWS. the befit hotel in West- El Totiil viiliii: rent est .* lmpls.. I'El'.SONAI, ^^nnt l y solvent credits Total money and credits Other personal properly I'lull'KHTV. 100,0011 Total value of all property Following is a list of tho most important items of personal property assessed in the county, other than money and solvent credits: be comfortably installed in the Masonic temple at, their next meeting, having already outgrown the cozy little hall of the G. A. II. The Masons kindly granted them tho free use of their larger hull. Mrs. Dodson left on the last steamer for Funl. Last Sunday we were much amused to r-ee one of our Reveroml friends going out of town to fill an appointment, driving a last horse. Wo wonder if our friend did not wish for some Wizzard Oil that night to bathe his arms. Mn<. Arnold haB accepted it position in the Fort Bragg school. She has been a wiectssful teacher hero for the past three years and will be missed bv her many friends. Mr. Albert Tnrwater iit.d Mrs. Addio I.edford both of Gnalala, verc on Thursday lust united in matrimony at the .For best meals at most reasonable rates don 't fail to find Sanford & Son's butcher shop, si Ice cream daily by the gallon, pint or dish at Kd. Cieilsdorf's Cify Hnkery and Confectionery. 33-tf Land for sale in lots to suit purchaser, on easy te-ms. Inquire of W. J. Hildreth, Ukinh A'alley. J. K. Seoggins was unable to attend to business for a tew days this week, owing to a severe, cold. Black and colored sateens, challiB and white gooods just received from the Kast. at W. A. Hodman's. 35 Nothing can exceed the delightful, refreshing effect of a glass of Jamison's Siberian Arctic Soda. ', Joe Tongue, Constable at Gualaln, came I property in over the first of the week with a loud of Brandies and liquors (gal) Calves Beef c-attle Stock cattte Colts Cows KarmliiK tools Fire arms l-Mxtures ,. Furniture Goals Merchandise Harness and saddles liny, grain, etc HogH Horses .lack? and jennies Lumber (feet) Machinery Mules Oxen Pianos Chickens (do?) it K rolling ^toek cot nssesieil by State lid of Equalization 3cwlng|inachlucH sheep—graded Sheep—common .... Lambs WagonB Watches Wood (cords) Ties, tun-bark, snw-U»gs. etc So. f.,710 a.r-r. 44 1.IMS 4,S7:l McDonald's port. sii Siberian Arctic Sola—best quality—at Geo. Jainison's. { Fresh lard at Kdwards Bros. at. f>0 cents to if 1 a can. Mackerel in bulk or by the piece at the Grand Tea Store. * A pension has been granted to William j P. Squires, of'Cloono. I Chits. Briggs was down from Potter the "• the latter part of hist. week. j Harry I'eachlel, of Willits, wont to j San Francisco last Sunday. ! The Town Trustees meet in regular ses- i sion next Monday evening. j Dr. T. II. Smith, of Westport, spent j the fore part of the week in Ukiah. j ( Tho Corner Grocery for the choicest j ii ,3u^,H7 ; fresh groceries nt the lowest prices. 40 | Wm. McFarland and H. S. Lampkin j came over from Westport. on Monday. Mrs. S. Clinton Hustings has been visiting relatives in Ukiah the past week. J. Buckingham returned home on Tuesday from u trip through Southern 15.2,788 ! l,8l:t,SKl | lO.fieu •I,7:i7 f:S 8,lili,ll»l 315 Mill 117 i:i0,7-lli 6,100 i ,vm ;UH VALCK. *il ,4a) 20,1*0 1,170 ft?.!875 i California. 'LLIVJ ? i The Board of Supervisors adjourned on until 7:1,0.8.' • '27;:,J18 iii.:i:',u lii,r,oo l.-'i.OOO Z'4,020 II.L'NJi j 80,121 j l ."Ri ,:.60 1S.0W) •I ,002 Value of real estate HllVeted by mortK Assessed vfllue of trust, deeds A inoittf. •I7.. r i00 0,040 r*"> 196,11!) 8,050 8'J,450 li.OliO 7.21G 209,778 •S.012,814 •J,0U0,1S7 (iriind Hotel by the Rev. D. Mtuiro. We : candidates [or citizenship, wish tho happy couple much joy in start- ; ( . po E Wm - fe alK , E c;ibf , on froni Co . velo come down on Tuesday and spent a few days in towr* on business. Subject for jug out on the ni'ilrimonial sea. Judging from the way a certain bright- eyml Vi'iing lady is flying around town getting tine dresses made etc., we think a wedding is soon to bo consummated. In fact we know il. Accept our cungrat- ulttlioiis, Ed. We were treated to a line solo by Mr. <ilen, of Manchester, also a violin solo by Prof. Garlichs of the Chieo Normal *chool, on last Sunday ovening at tho I'reBbyteriitu church. A number of our town people have been picnicing the Inst two weeks, making the most of the vacation, and the berry season. We heiird of one party going out on Wednesday about which we can say : What Is so nice as a pieuie party, Borrowing all along tbo road; Phitesand pails, and kitchen ulensils. Jiuglltit,' among the loud. Trot. Scoles, from Oakland is here endeavoring to organize a musical convention. We wore favored the other evening with a free concert, in which some of our local ittieut appeared. Quite a number of sea-lions have been killed this season, though not as many fis in former years. h. A. Point Arena, July 12, ISflO. California Hop Growers. undtiy morning's sermon at Presbyterian church "Revolution," Bev. I. N. Waterman, Pastor. Too Board of Supervisors ol" Lake County has designated the VUar Lake Prroi as tho oflicial paper of the county. The bargain seeker brings up at the Corner Grocery at last. Ho has to, you know, lo get bargains in groceries). 10 B. S. Ilirsch, of the Grand Hotel, is in San Francisco this week on important business in connection with a new hotel for I'kiah. C. M. Savage anil wife of San Francisco, were registered at the Grand on Tuos- j day. Mr. Sovago is representing Crocker ' & Company. "Wh'jn the worm days of summer come, gentle Annie," ask your fellow to treat you to some Ice Cream Soda, at Geo. Jamison's. t A. Pierce, a capitalist, of San Francisco, has been in Ukiah for the past few days looking into the project of putting in gas works hero. There is a first-class opening for a milliner and dressmaker at Greenwood. A suitable store can be rented. For particulars apply at this office. * Ladios, just think o£ this before you buy. W. A. Hoffman warrants corsets one year. Also warrants shoes, and has the best and latest styles. 85 S. W. Collins, of Silver Lake, Washington, formely a resident of Manchester in this county, was in town this week looking after business matters. Dr. II. K. McClelland of Ukiah has been solicited by the State Democratic Central committee to stump Southern California during the full campaign. W. C. Culbert, formerly In busiuess at I Kelsoyville, I.ako county, was among onr The logging railroads of the county, included in the above, for 32 miles were assessed at iflfW.OOO, and for lo miles at $30,000. The valno of railroad property in tha county, assessed by the State Board of Equalization, was $255,000 last year, making the assessed value of all Mendocino county a little over eleven and a half millions. This is a slight falling oft'fmm last your, which in mainly due to the severity of the past winter. For instance, there were 30,000 less sheep in the county last March than there were in March, lrtSft, '; and some other kinds of personal prop: erty show a decrease, but none of course | so great HS in sheep. Almost a Serious Fire-. SACBAMENTO , July 15. —The Stato hop growers of California held their regular annual meeting in Granger's Hall yesterday afternoon. The following officers were elected for the term of one year: Daniel Flint of Sacramento, President; Henry Whittenbrock of Sacramento, Treasurer. The directors from each of the five hop growing districts: M. B. 'futile, Watson- vilJe, S-tnia Cruz County ; A. Menke, Sacramento, Sacramento county ; L. F. Long, Largo, Mendocino Co.; Joseph Pennington, Santa Rosa, Sonoma county; Dr. Durst, Wheatland, Yuba countv. , Directors-at-large-H. Rodden, Yuba i p ,e ' lsnnt ™" ei '» Saturday. Mr. Oil• county; L. Ross, Sonoma countv; Judge 1 1,urt 1B now ln,veli "S lor a San Francwo U. McGarvey, Mendocino county; I., B. ' ! ' npfir 1,0Hse ' Lovedale, Sacramento county. Captain Haymand, of ihe ferry boat Following resolutions by O. A.Lovedale "Alameda," plying on San Francisco t->vere unainimously adopted.- J< «yi passed through I'kiah lust Saturday We, the hop growers of California, in en route to Blue Lakes. He was occom- fboa.'y assembled, do hereby condemn the '• panied by l"« three daughters. Jonivkcraa! practice of consigning hops to be I Fine stock ranch of 1000 acres »oMoY> »• commission as detrimental to the Iieat interests of tho hofigroweiH as it. brings in <<om{^-itlion adealer with.a com mission man. .4s the latter has nothing to loose ! sheep or 2 ( i0 cattle. Friee !M000. Inquire but e /vHr .yithing to make by the greater sales thatM makes, he naturally infringes on the grutmrls of the dealer by ofl'ering to place tlie«ame hops or those of equal quality at o :Jow4 'r rate. Last Saturday night us Win. Isbell, pro- 1 prietor of the Ukiah Flouring Mills, was j returning about 11 o'clock from the! Weight, Social, given that evening at ihe! residence of Olius. Cunningham, he j noticed smoke issuing out of the rear end j of the Gibson brick building, occupied j by Murks & Levy, A. Cerf and J. P. j Hoffman. A hasty investigation showed that tho fire was inside the building. The alarm was at onco Bounded and quickly a large number gathered in the vicinity, when the front door of Cerf's store Wits broken opon. It was then discovered that the fire was in the rear of Murks & Levy's store and had burned through the door connecting with Cerf's. Tho flames had fortunately not guined much headway and were in consequence easily extinguished. A lew more minutes, however, would have settled the fato of the block. Considerable damage was done to a large amount of carpets, will paper and shoes, while otlier goods were more or less damaged by tho smoke. How the fire ever got started is a mystery to the proprietors and the public as well. Accidental Shooting-. ! Saturday, after a week's session, August 5th A large number of foreigners were naturalized by Judge McGarvey the first of the week. Two furnished rooms to rent at foot of Perkins Street, near depot. Enquire at the promises. 40 Loss of appetite may often be caiwed by insipid food. Buy fresh groceries at the Corner Grocery. *" ) For a good hand to go out washing, ironing, house cleaning, or nursing, apply to Mrs. Sanders. * Mrs. A. O. Carpenter and son, Frank, returned on Tuesday from a visit to Grant Carpenter at Astoria. Tho purest materials, and finest flavors are used by Geo. Jamison in tho manufacture of his delicious Soda. ! Geo. E. Jamison and brde returned on last Sunday's strain. They have taken rooms at the Emerson House. W. Annett and wife, of Missouri, are visiting their old time acquaintances, Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Thompson, of this place. j Joe Jacobs' Shaving Parlors is the best j place in town to get a shave, hair cut, 1 shampoo or anything else in the tonsorial line. * i A. O. Carpenter has resigned as Secre| tary of I'kiith Council No. 15, O. C. F., I and C. H. Duncan was elected to till the j vacancy. Chas. Poage one of the employes of the J DISI'AICII is killing lime and deer in the j mountains this week, principally the i former. The steamer F.mily, which recently run to Fort Bragg, bus been chartered to ply bet ween Mexican ports during the summer trade. J. C. Reith, President of Piorco Christain College, will preach at the Christum Church next Sunday morning and evening. Wm.H.Kelley and wife, of Mendocino, passed through town on Monday on iheir way home from Bartlett Springs where tticy had been stopping since April. A VERY CLOSE RACE! But the Great CORNER CRDCERY GOOD We beat all competitors in the race for GOOIDS JLIfcTID LOW PBIOBS. Follow the crowd ami you will come to us, for the crowd is with us. We keep constantly on hand the finest Stock of GROCERIES to be found in Mendocino County, Best Selected Provisions, Green and Dried Fruits. We lead in Potatoes, Flour and Feed, etc. CASH PAID FOR COUNTRY PRODUCE CORNER GROCERY, - - J. E. SCOGGINS, PROP., Corner Standley and School Streets, UKIAH CITY, CAL. The Packard. Caae. Judge MeC-iarvey has handed down the following decision in the Packard divorce case, which was tried at tho June term of the Mendocino Superior Court: 12. Z. Packiird.i Actinn fur Divorce. vs. > CHSC irleil )>y tin; Court ivlthoiit J. E. I 'ai.'liartl.) Uie iiiterveullou of ii juiy. The evidence in this case is very conflicting and very irreconcilable, and that of both parties seems to me to be considerably colored. There is much of the evidence given by the defendant I hut never should have been written: the plaintiff is the mother of his children, and for their sake, if for no other, much of his evidence should have been withheld, lie charges her with unchastity before marriage, and some other things, which I shall not mention, and which are not true if the witness Mrs. 'irindle is to be behoved; and X will say of this witness she is very intelligent, and impressed mo as being truthful. The evidence failed to satisfy my mind that plaintiti'is wanting in virtue. I do not believe her to ho an unchaste woman, and if she is not, the conduct of defendant toward her has been cruel in tho extreme. 1 tutisi and do lind that, the charge of extreme cruelty is sustained by lho evidence. The two children are girls and of tender age, the oldeBt being about four years, requiring the nttention of a mother, ond I award the custody of them io the plaintiff until the further order of this Court or the Judge thereof. They must not be taken beyond the jurisdiction of this Court; neither party must do anything lo alienate the love and affection the children hear to tho other parent or permil it to be done, and the defendant shall be permitted to visit and see tbo children at all seasonable times. The household and kitchen furniture and the homestead described in the complaint being all the property the partios possess, the household and kitchen furniture imiBt be awarded to plaintiff, and the homeetoad property must bo equally divided between the parties, by partition f it be susceptible of partition, if not it Coast Items. I must be sold,' and after payment of the It. l'\ Gullic, of Mcl.eansboro, Ills., was | mortgage the proceeds equally divided among the arrivals at the I'kiah Mouse on Monday. Mr. (itillic bus the mail contract between I'kiah and Greenwood. Winne Hoffman brought in a three- pound trout on Monday, which he caught in one of the streams near town, and now he iB the horo of the hour among the local fishermen. Jliss Mary White, who has been teaching school at Salinas for some time past, cunio up on last Sunday's train to spend a while visiting her mother, .Mrs.C. White of Ibis place. II. 15. Heavy, the popular hotel man of Mendocino, has been spending the iveek in I'kiah, the guest of John Hill, of the l'ashiou Stables. He was accom- Mr. A. Stanfield, one of our old pioneers, met with a painful accident on Tuesday ou the ridgo between Ledford's and lliatt 's ranges about twenty miles south of Ukiah. He was hunting deer, and while his dogs wore in the bushes searching for a deer, he stood leaning on his j panied by his iamily. gun, hia hands clasped on it. lly some! Tom Yates got his nose split open last unaccountable means his gun discharged j Monday. He was working on a header and the bullet, wont through the fleshy j near to wn, when the driver ran under a part of his left liund, tearing away the i tree and Yates was Btruck by a limb, bone of the third and fourth ringers, also j w j ln ,i, e r em\\t Btated above, mutilating the fore finger of the | of tho right hand. Mr. Srnnfield came near Ukiah, well located on county road, good house and barn and other improvements. Land lirst-clnsx; range will keep 101)0 ! of W. 1'. Thomas. was j Thus ho paralyzes the intonestHof the dealer and grower inasmuch as noon.' knows as to what length ho may go in order to soil more hops. I)r. A. N'. Copsoy, of Mcnduiiiin in I'kiah this week, on his return from San Francisco, where he has been attending the annual meeting of the State liental Association. Dr. Krank Cornwall, of San Francisco, who makes a specialty of treating diseases home to Ukiah, and Dr. King dressed the wounds which were excedingly painful ones. It was fortunate indeed that Mr. Staniield wan standing erect at the time the gun discharged, otherwise the result would likelv have been fatal. I his natiirallv iurces dealers and buvers t r ,, ' ,/, . . ",„, i of l be eye, ear and throat, w como unto handle hops on a commission. The «.««>! HJJ present state of the market proves the i njury to which the growers wero subjoclud in the last, year's crop. I (hiiug to the fact* net forth above, we j the hop growers of California, do firmly! resolve and agree among ourselves not to 1 consign, under any consideration, hojm . to be sold on commission. i Renfilnf.d, That we donuind mul will re- 1 • quire lo be allow oil tbo Into of three and \ • one-half pounds to the bain, a lure equal j .lo that on New York hop-haloa. Notice. corn- prices next Saturday (to-morrow) to operate on sevoral cases, lie can be found at tho allien of Dr. CI. W, Stout w I liram Willits, of Willits, carno down to Ultinh Tuesday, bringing with him four of his racers, which he will take below. They are equino lieauties, and will show their heels to many fast horses before tho racing HHUSOII is over. To-morrow (Saturday) afternoon the I'Uiuh and llopland baseball clubs will piay a mutch game at the Ukiah bull grounds, and on Hnnday the Willits club will be down and play a game with the Ukiahs in the afternoon. Hop buyers contracted with O. T. Rhodes I Ills week fortwocarlouds of hops, materials we use we have been polled to advance upon present lower rate ttiuu the same "hi -ia ol work j p K yj n g 171.^ cents a pound for them. It olaowhore. The ibllowiiiff list will hore-1 la ij 0 ii avel i tliut prlcen will he consider- ufter bo our irulde: Mlnetlos, per do/.en Omit) do VIHIIO , pur dozen Uiiiiu do visile, halt itnKiui Cabinet", per dozen Four-lour, (lixM), per dozen... •' " biiU'dozou Eight bv ten, pM 1 tinzon • • ' " lull I' dozen Larger slzos hi proportion. flioups, ouch additional hoitd, Extni negative* 50 OIB mioh. A, O, lUlti'f'.NTr.u J. [!• KAIKVDKIIM. ..$1 M .. u on .. 2 on ., I (Ml .. u 011 ubly higher than this figure, which, how- over, is a profitable one. Mis. Susan barker, of Westport, has purchased a portion of J Notice. As I will ho obuont for some lime, I havo loft my boofco ami accounts with J. J, Morrison, who is authorized lo collect all bills due mo. \Y, T. WlHlTOM. U. Oonohoe's . 4 00 j property, soulh of Ukiah, unci wiU insiia " 5 00 i " li8 ,lcr " 0,11 ° hereafter. Mr. Donohoe I will ertJot a handsome icsidenco on the fiOciH, | portion of the property that he retains. Tho following officers hnve been installed nt Mendocino the ensuing term in Stellar Lodge, No. 213, I. O. O. K.; .N. (}., Albur; Cregory; V.O., A. N, Copsoy; Sec., II, L. Frederick; Trens., Ueo. swit- zer; Waiden,,lohuO'IJounell j Conduct™, A. K. Cnlder; R. 8, J ( . 11. Hither; h. a. S., l J oto Auderson j i, Q,, Chas. P»ter- 1 son. Another Shooting' Acoideut. LaBt Sunday morning, about i) o'clock, Harry Patterson, of this place (familurly known as "Shorty"), accidentally shot himself with a 22-cnlibre Winchester rifle at Reed's ranch, near Luyiuii'.'illG. He bad just finished ioading tho gun, when the breech dropped down uud one of the cartridges fell from the magazine and exploded. Tho ball entered the lleshy part of tho right hand and ranged upward into the arm. Patterson was] brought to town Sunday afternoon and' Dr. King probed for tho bullet, but was | unable lo llnd it. Tho wounded man is j doing well, and no serious results uro up- 1 proheuded. j Tho Weight Social at the residence of j Chas. Cunningham on Friday evening of j of last week was largely attended ond j proved a most injoyablo affair. 1'rof. i fiahoook acted as ollic ; -l weigher. S. I T. K Pemberton, of this place, and J. II. Jamison, of Kelsoyville, Luke county, returned last week from a prospecting trip lo Trinity county. They found too much snow in the mountains to do any business. Eri Huggins, of Fort Bragg, has j brought suit in the Suporior court of San S Francisco, against the Fort Bragg Red- j wood Company io recover $2SS8.8;i for services rendered between July 16,1880 I and April 30, 1800. I Sam Pinches, of Long Valley, hud j a building burned 011 Wednesday, the 2d inst., which lie used as a black smith shop and store room. His header was totally destroyed also, and his mower considerably damaged. The usual custom of printing a card of thanks for tho kindness of friends in ease 01 sickness or deal)) has gone pretty far, but if has nut yot included an acknowledgement to tho corpse for his quiet and gontlemanly behavior ou the occasion, says the Jixamiuer, LaBt Sunday was Democratic day in Ukiah. The noon train brought up Hon. \V. I). Knglish, Chairman of the Democratic Stale Central Committee and cmi- diduto for the nomination of ijovernor, A decree must he entered dissolving the bonds of matrimony. U. McOARVEY, Judge. Surprise Party. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. C. Hofnmn gave them a most enjoyable surprise party at their beautiful residence in this city, last Friday evening, and one long to be remembered. Mrs. Hofman was completely taken by surprise, but realizing the situation tho entire house was brilliantly lighted at once, and the host and hostess, assisted by M rB. Nathan, of San Francisco, Nister of Mrs. Hofman, in their usual charming manner, did all in their power to make the evening enjoyable and their guests feel perfectly at home. Music, recitations and dancing were in order until midnight, when all were invited to partake of an elegant supper. Music and dancing wore again resumed until the early morn reminded the happy participants all too soon of the good nights that must be snid. All went home with the one thought that Mr. and Mrs. Hofman have a lovely home, and were likely to be surprised in a like manner many, many times. X. Esthetic Prisoners. From Mendocino Boocon. Mrs. Andy Mack, of Comptche, is very low with typhoid fever. A young son of George Heldt. of Caspar, fell from the mill platform last week and broke his leg. j J. P. Anderson, who icceivcd a light! stroke of paralysis two weeks ago, has so I far recovered as to be able to do light work. We are pleased to chronicle that Mrs. B. F. Tiers, who was reported last week as being dangerously ill, is now out of danger and progressing favorably. Tho public flchoo! at this place V 'il! open next MoDday, after five weeks vacation, with Prof. Wm. M. Green well, Miss Kate Conger, Aire. Byron Clark and Miss Eugenia Jamison as teachers. Tim Murphy broke two of his fingers and otherwise badly smashed bis hand while coupling cars at Greenwood last week. He came to Mendocino for medical treatment. A seaman named Frank Ross, on the steamer Laguna, fell from aloft while scraping the mast on Tuesday at San Francisco. Ho fractured his skull by the fall, and recovery is doubtful. The steamer Novo, with a raft, of piles in tow, arrived at San Francisco on Wednesday of last week from Noyo. The trip was a most successful one, and has given Noyo Lumber Company much encourag- ment in their new departure in freighting lumber. Three logB, two of which wore 5 feet in diameter, rolled over Andrew Swarvar. engaged in logging hi the Caspar woods. Monday. Strange to say the man still lives and is in a fair way to recovery. Ho is in the Mendocino Hospital, receiving the nursing and medical treatment of that institution. .Miss Eva Smith, who has been teaching near Gualala for tho past year, has beon secured as teacher of Glen Hair school next term. Miss Kate Coi.ger haB been engaged to teach the public school here to fill the vacency caused by tho resignation of Miss Baker. Miss Ida L. Baker, svho has been engaged teaching the public school here for the past term, lias resigned her positiou and gone to Oregon. Court Proceedings. HON. R. MCGABVKY, PBKSIBIKO. TKIAL CALENDAR. Geo T Wilson tiKJU Oulvin—Continued. Jno T Ward vs Sadie I Clay—OoDliiiued. Joa Tongue vs Mendocino County—Judgment lor iiainiifl'. Clifton A Weil vs Boner & Duel—On appeal frora Justice Court, K S Gibson et nl v< P M Asblll—Domnr'-er witkdrawu and judgment prayed for. F W Cook vt» Union Lumber Co—Demurrer withdrawn and 20 davii to answer. Jno T Ward VA It Percy Wright—Continued. J S Vann va E H Cameron—Demurrer withdrawn and to IUJH to answer. j J 3 Vane vs E H Cameron—Motion to dis- miBD attorney denied. Ceo Ray va J B Walker—Continued. Henry Ma. kit va Eugene Clifton—Continued Harah E Bogart vs Jan Woodruff et ff.l—De- mui rer withdrawn and 15 days to answer. J E Carlson va J E Hanaou—Demurrer withdrawn and 20 days to auawer. T B Lucaa va B L Lucas—Continued. M P Jonea va Oscar W Day—Continued. W W Coates va8arah J Enui.:ott—Continued. Annie E White T ». B F York—Continued. Noyo Lumber Co. va B A Hardy—Contiunod. Sarah Yonnjj v.i E A Young—Decree of divorce gianted. Wm Heeser vs W J BiKgera—Set for September. Jas A Moore vs Geo I Moore—Continued. Juo Hanson va Ft Bragg B'd Co—Continued. 7i lyerson va II B Scott—Oontiuued. Mary Anliill vs J M Standley—Continued to August term. T D Orr et al vs L Van Dusen—Continued. Chas Carlson vs L K Riley—Dismissed. Henry Holcomb YS . Snath Cameron—On trial. People vs Michael Donoho—Dismissed- FBOBATE. Estate of A S Bowon—Petltion setting aside Homestead granted. Estate of li jf Walling—Order setting apart whole eetate for use of T7idow. Estate of Susan C Hioklin—Ortler confirming sale of real estate. . Katato of Pnnl Hoary--Order confirming sale of real estate. Estate of Jno M Perry- accotintof administrator Estate of Addle and Llllla Stookhnrst—An­ nual account of guardian allowed. Estate of M O Tuckor—Decree of diamlssa of administrator. Estate of Ezra F Smith—Letters of admlnis tration issued. -Order allowing final Infernal Ingenuity Could scarcely devise more excruciating tortures than those of which you aee the evidence* In the face of a rheumatic or neuralgic sufferer. The agonies are iheconseqiiencBof not checking a rheumiitlc or neuraleric attack at the outset. Hosteller's Stomach Bitters has been found by skillful medical practitioners to possess unt only remedial, but defensive efficacy, where those diseases exist, or a tendency to them l-i exhibited. Surely this puissant hilt sate botanic medicine, bearing, too, such high specific r-anc* tion, is better than the poison* often employed, but most nnsnfe, not only in continuance, lu Isolated doses. The blood is depurat­ ed thoroughly from the rh« l tmatlc virus and the nerves, .slightly Impurged upon, saved.from ultimate and direful throes by this benign, saving medicine, which likewise exhibits marked efficacy for malaria, kidney complaints, dyspepsln, constipation and liver complaint. BOKM. ilcGLASIIEN-lu Ukiah, July 13, 1990, to Mr. nnd Mrs. John McQlashen, a daughter. MAMaleo. BLAKKLY—HARMON—Near Wllllls, July n, 1M0, by Rev. A .McNamar, L. J. Biakely '*ud MHs Alice M. Harmon TAKWATKR-LKDFORD-In Point Arena, July 10,1890, by Rev. D. Monroe, Albert Tnrwater and Miss Aaa B. Ledford, both 01" Ounlala. HANSEN—SAND WICK—In flroemvood, Julv •>, 1800. by J. P. .las. Agnew, Victor Hansen and Mtso Mury Sandwlck. UHCII.—At her home near Ooltaueva, July s, 1830, Mrs. Mary Lowell, aged 02 years. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. TTSITED STATES LAND OFK1CE, SAN FRANU Cisco, Cal., July 1,1800. Notice Is hereby given that In compliance with the provisions of Ihe Act of Cougress of June 3, 1878, entitled ••An Act for the sale of timber lands hi the Statesot I'allforniu, Oregon. Nevada and Washington Territory,"' SYDNEY Q. MITCHELL, of Alameda, Coanlv of Alameda, State of California, has this day filed in this office bis sworn statement No ..., for the purchase ot Lot 3 o( Section No. 18, In Township No. 15 north, Range No. H went, K, D. M., and will offer proof to show that the land sought Is more valuable for lis Umber or stone than for agrlculturiil purposes, and lo establish his claim to said land before the Register and Receiver or this office at San Francisco, Cal.. on TUESDAY, the 23d day of Prohibition Convention. The prisoners in the Mendocino county jail joined in tho following unique petition to the Board of SnpervinorH IHHI week: To the Honorable Hoard of Superrwort: We, the undersigned prinonern in the county jail do humbly petition your honorable body that you mipply us out of the | county I'uniia with the following nrtlcles, to wit: 1 bottlo Iloyt'etiennnn Cologne, 1 bar toilet soap, I wire hair hruxh, 1 looking glass, }i dozen clgnr.;tte holders, 1 Hlmving mug, 1 bottle Bay kum, I bot­ tlo of camphorlne, 2 bottles J. C. Cutter, I box cigars. Signed: IUTTERY, STAGU KOIIRKM, lLLi:aAl. VOTBB, ASSAULT TO ML'KDEH, ASKAILT 1 >KAU!.Y WuAl 'ON (2). Camp Meeting. Jus. .1. Klynn, Hecrelnry of the Stato Cen- llookeand Mrs. HcacoeK won the prize | Com|!)ittoo nnd ex-County Clerk of San Francisco, Senator 1'. J. Murphy for heavy weights, and Mr. T. J. Sueod and Mrs. Morrison were awarded tho prize for light weights. An elegant spread ol viands was served in ihe garden. Weight socials promiso to be popular iu I'kiuh. Messrs. Fisher & Kinslow, the marble dealers, of £unta ltosn, hnve longed the sandstone quarry of S. I). Pax ion for a term of two years for a stipulated price per cubic foot of stone quarried. The ijua-iy is a very valuables one, the stone being of superior quality. A camping party consisting of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Uollnuin, Miss Sallie McGarvey, of Ukiah, and Alii. Amos nnd daughter, of Sun Francisco, returned frorn Leonard Lake Inst Saturday, titter having had n very onjoyuble time. An we no )o press dense clouds of smoke are arising from the niuuutaiiiH, indicating forest, firca, ')'!;£ LHUe Lake Hotel has been leased by f ,' ±1, Crowley »"4 OivUle w«ll». and Hon. Denis Spencer of Knn Francis co, and Hon. II. II. Denmer, candidate for Member of State Board of Equalization. Our local politicians endeavored to make it pleasant for thetn by promising them al! they asked for. The Democrats of Lake county meet, in convention at I.ukeport. last Saturday and noiniuutod the following excellent ticket: Superior Judge, It, \V. Crump; Asneui- blymnn, J. il. itenfru; Sheriff L. H. Hoggs; Ilisttlet Attornny, S, K. Welch; County Clerk, W. L. Anderson; lteeorder, N. l'helnn; Tax Collector, Bud Hudson; Auditor, Lew Bvunm; Supt. of Schools, W. H. AflaniBon; S.irvoyor, Joo Langh- lln; Assessor, W. li. Cunningham; Coy- oner anil I'ublic Administrator, W. M, Woods. Judge Hudson was enthusiastically endorsed for CougroHS. 0. E, P!:e- Ian, I. W. Polk, C. W. Aby, D. M. Hanson and J. \V. JjQKgs were elected dele- gat«» to thp State C'ouyifulit.H, The rognlnr annnai Camp mooting for Ukinh Charge, M. E. Church, South, will begin on Friday before tha fourth Sabbath in July, and continue two weeks. There will bo a restaurant and hay yurd on the grounds, Good water and camping privileges free to all. Eminent ministerial aid expected, T. A. ATKINSON . Pastor. CHAS. LI'CB , Chairman Exoc. Com. Sacred Heart Convent. The next term of school at Sacred Heart Convent l.'kiah, will opon tho first Monday in Septembor. For prices of tuition, hoard, etc., address or apply to the Mother Superior, 20 for Qate, Two large brood mares, weight abou! 1400 and 1600; one lighter, with spring colt: also two young, saddle horses. All well broke. Apply to Hale or Thos. McCowen, 87 I'oint Arena Record. A large amount of fresh pork is now being shipped to San Francisco. Tho Mountain View school re-opened on Monday alter a week's vacation. Forty soa lion peits wero shipped to F, W. Olaen, Snn Francisco, on last Wednesday. The boys nt Sea Lion !p]nnd will quit shooting Hons to-dny, their total number killed for the season is seventy. Charles Cooley brought to town on July 2nd a due four point buck which dressed 100 pounds. We would like to know whon n bigger one ia killed. This one was shipped to San Francisco. ; We are glad to see that S, R. Stevens, ai'r i ter the RerioiiH surgical operation which he necessaril" underwent some three weeks ago, ic, now able to attend to his usual business feeling entirely well, Several packs of deer hldoB were shipped from this place on Inst Wedmwday nnd it is our opinion that if the law had been complied with those skins would not have been BO dry. That W«B only the 8th of July, The meanest man in tho world is the man who for two or throe years will go to town every Saturday, take his homo paper out of tho po'it.-office, take it home and read it, growl at its lack of enterprise and leave the community without settling —leaving the Post Master to notify the editor that the paper lays in the office. Ono would scarcely believe it yet such men have lived in and left I'oint Arena. "I never In my life," Rays John Wanamaker of Philadelphia, "used such u thing as a poster, u dodgei or a handbill. My plan for fifteen yonrs has beon to buy so much space In a newspaper and All it up willi what I wauled. I would not give mi advertisement inja newspaper of 400 circulation for 5000J dodgers or posters. If I wanted to sell cheap jewelry or run a lottery scheme I might use posters, but I wouldn't insult a decent reading public with hand hills." For Si*]fj. Jersey Cows at $20 to $85, and a fall Notice to Wilt viu .i ^xirs. On and after the first day of August all our milk bills must he paid within thirty days, unless previous contracts havo been made. S*V, SlIATTUCK UllOS, How to tar* Monty, r .uy your Shoos from S. Hnofce! (•et him to repair your o|d omen!! M «k » pajr of M» own malt*!***., •« I! I Notice is hereby given that tho regular Prohibition Outinty Convention of Men- doeiiio county will beheld in Mendocino City Friday, July 25, 1890, beginning at 10 a. tu., for the purpoao ot ratify ing the nclion of the State Prohibition Convention, and for the nomination of an entire county ticket to be voted for at the coining foil election, and for tho tritmaction ot other important bii .iiueNN. All parties are eligible to a seat In the convention vrlin are opposed to th» liquor irufUc. dominating politics, and boliove in the principles ol the Prohibition Party, and will work lor Us success. The different clubs in the county, and individual Prohibitionists, where no organization exists, will please take notice and see that their locality is duly represented in the convention. The privilege* uf tho convention are open to all Prohibitionists, irrespective ol sex, nnd ills specially desired that u fair proportion of ladies be present tit- delegates. kecognizAngthe vaiueof the organized '.yc.'ios of tl;o laud as faithlul workora in the Prohibition causeaspeclnl invitation is extended the W. C, T. Unions of the county to hs rsprcsenliui by their delt>- gities In the convention. By order of Committee. ieplember, 18!)0. lie names as witnesses: Merrell, T. .1. Bailey, F. 1! Kruuciseo, Cal. Any and all THE State Board ot Health has Issued a tlinolv warning to our people. The Juno report concludes: The Cholera is increasing in Spain nnd It iB not improbable that a lack of sanitary care will permit; ii. to spread throughout Spain anil than reach America. As il has l>een proven that cholera cannot prevail where perfect cleanliness is observed it would be a matter of simple prudence to prepare to defeat any attempted inroad of this disease into California by a general cleaning up of cities, towns and vilages. Once the disease appears, this measure would be '.o late. We cannot be sure that cholera will not come to America; we hope it will not, hut with . the means of prevention ao easily applied we would lie orlmlnal to neglect the warning thus timely given. The ltedding Fite Presi, a Republican paper is quoted as follows: ''The fiiends of failure DeHnven of this district are now saving that lie is not adapted to fill a Congressman's place, but would make a good Associate J udge of the Stato Supremo Court. A man that cannot make an over average member of Congress as that hody is now constituted |a not competent to act as Justice of the Peace even in Modoc county. It is said that he is n "good man" and highly esteemed in Humboldt; then keep him tliore where they love him much, but don't attempt to turn Urn loose on »ny laiger range than the county afforde," . P. Rotherrael, C. u. llalley, all of San , all persons claiming adversely Uie above-described lauds arr. requested to file their claims io this oftlce on or before said SM day of September. JOHN V. SHKKHAN, Register. Sacred Heart Convent of Merc?! A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNC LADIK8. Conducted by the Sisters of Mercv, Ukiah. Mendocino Co., Cal. For furtherpartlenliifs ao- MOTHER SUPERfORKSS'.: ply lo the •10 -tf Ukiah, Cal. WOOL ! FORTY (10) HEAD'OP HIGH grade Spaulsli Werino Itaiaa r sale at »7 per head. liiouin' of E. M. HIATT, Ynrkville.Cal. UKIAH NORMAL SCHOOL. The first term, of four scholastic months, will bestu iu BARNW HALL, MONDAY,SEPI. 1, 1890, and close DKO. ill, 1K)0, The second term will or-en JAN. 3, 1891, and continue Twenty Weeks. Instruction will be Riven In tho Primary and Gmmnmr Grades, and the G raramur School Course. TERMS, *S PIR MONTH. l'a.t/ttdle monthly, in aduimtY. Until August 20tb, address me at Santa Rosa. J. 9. AUSTIN, A. Mi. Principal. .19-2ni. Appledale Nursery, Scott's Valley, Lnke Ce* CaU flgr- Offers for the sea«on ot 1"W a choice lot of TBEES, At rsasonatilc pilcca. Fruit Growers aad allien desiring trees are invited to call and Inspect Ibem at the Nursery, or send for prSi'e list. . All ataek icunraut*t<| l« h» n InmctN uMd dlacMc. Address K,. P.WRAY, Lakeport, Cal. WHIM ARE 101! dW For Health and Measure THIS MTO? The great mass of ,now In the MtoMau.U)l* venr will nhe the waterfall* ot the Y «a£2tt*a'~ splendor never eijimled Ueiore. •-- - "„ The Hotel skil M*Mlt>, lalre-t in Catt- L forula, hivltca yon, \\ is B „t expcrialvs. 17 -' Lver eaniped: i\\ ino Mima MMil.:. •tiHB* lrnor,yoii »iavBiie \orllVf<». Z^If you want town) nature's uoOWai hnniliwork visit grand o)d mitm *fmmp*t>A»i»iL And there are LattWL ^TaESs, lumSS^in^f. pendcneii; Webber «n4othe W ,-wW~ J Ibe uurest air and the hen Hshiim i Iu the world. Lota of old p*P »ra lor Wile at t|>« Dl*. :'ATesl*!)EM «<'BAT nfj'^v, at S6 imiifai t w 100, « (i. W.T|n(URWlHr«oe|»«»ntafcsl^oa«' lay tti* tm+*tfm*i*»* ft i&'Ami* UoUr«, Oliroy, {^raiao, ahaatf I ASK rOH TUB HOOTHKaa HAWflfel waSj!Sj!ieiassmJ~ _i 1 ~

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