The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 11, 1934 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1934
Page 4
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I-OUR MALVflU* USAftfeS, LOCAL NEWS OF tTIE WEEK (N MALVERN tott* friends frtD «J>pre<a«te h**tot t&etr *«ft4 Mrs. George Rimel came up from Bedford Saturday of test week to look after things at home a bit and then returned She has been staying in the howe of her son, iJr. Warden tUmel. ijf. fclmel and daughter, Doris, "at* both down with bronchial pneumonia and are still in pretty serious condition we are sorry to note. Frank Rimel has been star ing here looking after Mrs. fti- inel's things. The past week he received wofd from his home in fata* that his wife had been Unite sick but was considerably better. They live in Houston. Frank Shook and son, Lester, from Southeast of Hastings wefe in town Saturday and made our office & pleasant call. Ray Allensworth from south' east of Strahan. was in town Bat. urday. Mr. Allensworth is moving In the spring and will farm nett year one of James Durbln's farms now occupied by Harry Evans who will move to the B. E. Kline farm southwest of Malvern. Soe Laughlln of Imogens was up Saturday attending the sale and catted to order the Leader sent him so that he can the bet* ter keep tin with the news and the sales. George C. Wilson of the Wesley Chapel community was in town Saturday. H. A, McColllster from south of Hastings was. in town Saturday and took occasion to enroll on our subscription list. THE BIO PARADE OF COM- 108 — Bigger, Better, and more comics in the Sunday Bee-News than ever before. Now, 16 pages of comics instead of 12. The Sun* day Bee-News. 88tf. Claude E. Wilson from up Henderson way was in town Saturday attending the weekly meeting of the county warehouse board to settle with the corn sealers, and made us a brief visit. He said that up to Saturday afternoon 1,026,819 bushels ot corn had been sealed in Mills county and they were still going strong. That Is putting a lot of corn out of circulation. He says that the sealers have considerable more to look after in this county before they finish. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Townaend ot Lincoln, Nebr., Mrs. Ulna Buckingham of Council Bluffs, Silas Morford of Qlenwood, and Henry Harbaugh of Chicago were ^called to Malvern Monday to attend the funeral of Mrs, L. W. Thomas. Miss Alice McNulty went to Glenwood Saturday for a several days visit in the E. A. Schade borne. ; MPRESO THEATER 0 MALVERN. '(OWA FRIDAY,SftTUIHMY Jan. ia-13 Buck Jones in TREASON Comcxly, Our Gang in "Hunting Trouble" 10o . asc SUNDAY * MONDAY Jan. 14-15 Je«n Harlow, J^ee Tracy In BOMBSHELL 4dde4 Shorts. Midnight Fotrole, too , 85c WEDNESDAY ONLY BJ6 Jan. 17 NIOHT STAGE MOTHER Alice Brady, TTp to Omaha Monday evening to hear Socialist Norman Thomas speak in tne Jewish Community Center went L. W. Boenner, Lloyd Short and Allen Woftman and Fran* Dutbin ot Emerson. Mrs. C. O. Nickels of Shenandoah will leave Thursday evening fof New York to attend the convention ot the National Retail Dry Goods association, ot which she Is a member. General Hugh 8. Johnson, administrator of the National Recovery Act, will be the principal speaker at the convention banquet held ott the evening of Jan. 18. In addition to attending the convention and style shows held in connection with it, Mrs. Nickels will select a Very Complete line of the newest creations in coats, suits, dresses, and millinery for the Ladies Apparel Shop. Miss Jean Summers returned home Monday after a weeks visit with her brother and sister in Omaha. Vernon Clark who teaches in the Wales school was a guest Saturday in the R. E. dugeler home. Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Baer and Mr. and Mrs. W, P. Wortman attended the R. A. M. installation and reception of George E. Masters at the Masonic temple in Olenwood Thursday evening. Quality Shoes for less at f red Ball's. Every member ot the family can save. adv. Paul Pontow was in town Saturday and called to advance his subscription another year. Rev. J. A. E. Cunningham of Strahan was In town Saturday afternoon. Mr. Cunningham said they had been having a siege of the mumps and after they thought they were all through with it, another of the children took the disease that day. Miss Emma PeHart of Plattsmouth, Nebr. returned home Saturday alter a pleasant two weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. B. C. Kayton. January Sale of Dresses •— Silk Crepes and Wools, priced $6.95, $8.96 and up. Sizes 12 to 60.— Ladles Apparel Shop, Shenandoah. adv, Frances Dunn, daughter of Mr, •and Mrs. Wiley Dunn, was taken quite sick Saturday morning and was taken to the Edmundson hospital where she was operated on for acute appendicitis that afternoon. At latest reports she was getting along nicely, Dwight Myers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Myers, was brought home Sunday from the Edmundson hospital where he underwent an appendix operation. Glenn Bobbins, four year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Robbins who was taken to tbe Ed mundson hospital tor treatment and observation a week ago was able to be brought home Saturday. Save by lutving your slices repaired in time at Fred Hall's, adv L. A- Talbott and Andy J, Berkhimer attended a sale north of Glenwood yesterday. Harry Harbaugh of Chicago, a conductor of the Rock Island lines, accompanied Louis Thomas here last week to attend the funeral of Mrs, Thomas Monday afternoon. He is a Jong time personal friend of the Thomases, January Bale of Coats — Clearance of all winter coats, "Red' fern" and other fine makes, sizes 12 to 60. -~kadies Apparel Shop, Shenandoab. adv. Wm. Fisher, who was called here recently from Georgetown, Calif, to attend the funeral of his brother, James, was In town yesterday and made our office a pleasant call. Jas. W. Soderstrum was down from Omaha this week looking after their Malvern property, Mrs. Euoeh Kill went to ~ burg Saturday for a couple ot weeks visit in the home o{ her son, Fred W. Hill. R. H- McFarlandi and Gerald WHcoj drove up from Shenan- doab, yesterday to look after some business matters here. For quick Delivery and clean Service of Good COAL Just Phone Bay Lumber Co, W. D, Slothower, Mgr, NUlvern Blue Star Will Va, Iowa Sunshine Lump Franklin Co, III Lump Cherokee Kansas Lump Himt Keep to the Right ^THERE'S Safety And security tit that Httte liti* that ran* * down the middle of the rural highw»y pirement It fs ft virittble fife fine to motorists who will use it as they Should. keep to the right and yon will always be right. While this is true at all times, it is especially Important as you approach a curve of the brow of a hid. Motorists coining from the opposite direction have a eight to eJcpeet this of yott. j&on't hold to the center of the road, evefl though the highway is deserted ahead. This practice, typkal of the "S«nd*y driver," slow* up traffic and cause* accidents. Riding the lint is hogging the road. Dois't be « read hog. Basketball Court Equipment During Vacation When visiting basketball teams wham balls at the backboards which support the baskets In the Malrern Community building court hereafter, they will see these balls rebound with touch and uneual force. During the long holiday vacation Coach Paul Hertz planned and influenced the building's board to Install new supports tor the backboards. Heavy pipes were fastened to the main brick wall of the building and these, four to each basket, ran in and furnished the support. Leader advertisers are always reliable places to buy. Mfa. Etit&beth Kilpatfick Died Tuesday in Tabor Mrs. Elizabeth Kllpatrlck, one ot the pioneer residents ot South west Iowa, passed away at her home in Tabor Tuesday afternoon after a few days illness and a stroke of appoplexy.' Funeral services will be held in the Congregational church In Tabor this (Thursday) afternoon at 1:30 and burial will be in the Malvern cemetery. Mrs. Kilpatrlck had many friends in and around Malvern who learn with sorrow of her passing. She is survived by one son, Charles, and three daughters, Mrs. Bessie Swanson, Lulu, and Ruth Kilpatrick. ifDtD HoUBsy Mr. and Mrs. Bert Howard daafgttef, fcorothy, a*d Mai Lea fetatnea ls*t wednesdat evening from a two weeks visit over tfce wfth Mr. and Mr*. Paal and son, Eugene, in wMen tfte eftaftefi, fttd Msfted mst lor tfce ttrtfc fiva*s*me. Ind. Mrs. Jrtker is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard. Mr. Jabfcer i« engaged in seftooi wort there, teaching hfgli school branches in the Lutheran school and also has charge of the innate in the Lutheran church to is a pretty busy m*n. they en- Joyed & fine visit there and it pleasant trip going and coming in spite of the wintry weather. Mr. Howard says that that part of Indiana doesn't look tike much of & farming country and that section of Kentucky Just ovet the rive? doesn't took touch better. Vaunice Kilimon Btcoftiet Bride ef Lyle Hodges The Baptist parsonage was the scene of a very pretty wedding ceremony at 7 o'clock Saturday evening when Miss Vaunice Kill- toon became the bride ot Lyle Hodges, both well known young people ot this city. The young couple were unattended. The marriage lines were teal by Rev. L. 3, Moran, the beautl* tui ring ceremony being used, with only the bride's mother, Mrs. Fern Klllmon, the brother, Merle Jr., Miss Beulah Hocka* bout, and the members ot the Moran family present, The bride was attired in a brown traveling suit with hat and pumps to match. The groom wore a business suit of blue. They left at once following the ceremony on an automobile honeymoon trip, and upon their return will be at home in the residence on North Myrtle street etifns ettti oi Gteawoed fa a popular SCUVwCf MUtt »O W f*ry~ ol the Olenwood yotrtrger social tet. Tae groom 1« tne son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hodge*, formerly oi this etty but now ot Barbank, Calif., is manager of the Central States ott station here, and an aggressive young automobile salesman. — opinion-Tribune. Tabof Pfffft for Malvern Volleyball League No More Play Decision Follow* Nights of Light Attendance Pfffft, in modern parlance, went the famed volleyball league of Malvern's Business Men's Athletic association last Thursday evening when light attendance tor a session of team competition led the league leaders to that, decision. The group, nonetheless, ended the season without a deficit, Especially disappointing was this to the Oilers team of the league as that aggregation came through with a full team for the first time since it started. Disappointing, too, was it to the players who enjoyed the sport ot the evening's workout followed by an invigorating shower. First organized in November, 1929, the volleyball league has been one of the most vigorous of local organizations. Its first season it finished with nearly a 8200 surplus, which it promptly handed to the Community building and was used for purchasing light fixtures. Succeeding years, too, it managed Us finances so as to leave a surplus and yet kept up aUen- dance. Contrary to established custom with such things, spectators were admitted free and player? only were charged admission. Nearly all income went directly to the Commynigy building for rentals, only a small part being retained for purchasing nets, balls and other equipment. In its first year the league boasted 19 teams of six men each, ter years, however, this number dropped to eight, the nuwr ber which started the present season. Thurman, Class B Champi will Clash with Orioles Friday Another good basketball game is promised local fans Friday evening when the highly touted Thurman quintet meets the M. H. 8, Oriole* on the Community building floor. The entertainment will Include a preliminary of seconds and the main go, .,, No ordinary team, Tburmen last year placed at the top in claws B of the sectional tourna-. ment. They are using much ot the same string this season and Coach Paul Hertz and his Orioles will have plenty of competition. Disaster at Mouth of River Platte Oriole* Drop Vacation Tilt Friday Evening, 26 to IS Disaster reigned for Malvern at the mouth of the silvery platte last Friday evening when Coach Paul Hertz Invaded the Nebraska bailiwick with a team of Oriole cagers, lazy from Us long vacation from school. The Malvern- ians dropped the tilt to the Plattsmoutb high quintet, 26 to 16, Far too tall and far too fast for Oriole competition was the Plattsmoutb team during the flrat three quarters of the game, A PJatt guard named Arrostrong, a bait grown youth of 17 year* wbo weighed but 880 pounds, wrought havpo in the Oriole offense by breaking up practically every Strahan €ag era Win Clash with Randolph Town Team Chalk* Up the Fifth Victory of is customary form struaan's agile towa l&ekil team took the, f§»t quintet lutq camp last f i IT day evening when the two clul*9 cla*b.e4 oa the drive they attempted to His teammate, PWt above &» 9914 PJatt center, Hejnjjf, toofc tae ttpoS sfld started team's offense, ysUfee U»eJr Tabor, tip-off, Mttle g{ tne gash co«!4 tair4 quarter up tbem even gajflls* R aft dolpb floor. Hunter* R«ton ^ff^pfP^^ppi(Rjp' 8; to SO &t the flual With » gQftd wseriB* tlon, the §tr«b&a fiv» Strahan Quintet Conquerors Orioles Both Team* Win in Clash on Strahan Floor Tuesday Strahan high school cagers returned .compliments to Malvern for R previous defeat Tuesday evening by .winning, a double header set-to on the Strahan floor. • The Strahan first string won 22 to 16 and the seconds won 28 to 8. Strategy was widely used by both coaches in the first string encounter as each started with a list of seconds. When, Coach Hertz, after Strahan had gained a 14 to 4 lead, sent in his main power, Supt, Ben Coxson did likewise. And try as they might tbe Malvernians could not overcome the lead made. Slow at passing and unable to sink the basket in crucial mo- menta, the Orioles showed little of the flash which distinguished earlier performances. Even with free throws, tbe Hertzmen made a poor showing, missing U out of 13 efforts, Watts of Strahan led scoring during tbe game with nine counters to his credit. Fazel of Malvern trailed with five, Second stringers lively game in the showed a preliminary but deft Strahan players smothered the Oriole fledgling under a voile/ of field, goals. Brothers Moore wade \\ -points between tfeeju w&«e (he entire Malvern team could B9t hut two field goals, IB the Malvern lineup were W»lfc9r» Storey, Pashner, Meyers, mil la the Strahao were P, O, 904 M, Moore, sod R, Barnard, BJnviUe, Pttvra 8B4 »fi fg Officer* Installed At a special meeting of the Tabor Masons and Sestets Stats Monday evening the following of* fleets wete installed for the year 1984 in a Joint installation service: K. E. Master. Maaoti* Mumper, Worshipful JT. M. Ireland, Senior Warden. W. A. Reeves, Junior Warden. Dayre Williams, treasurer. is: f wfjjatoJMF -tf&sm R, A* Ufowwrf^ own f. W. Arf», «rft»f ft. t Mrs. Jotefnine Relt'ef , Worthy Mrs.' Lin* Cotter, Asswctat* A. It. Wofin* fitfen. tteCWe, Arteeitte p*. tron. . Mrs. Mftttte Mftnk, treasurer. Miss Mabel MetfcrftJelfc, Mrs. Abbie ¥*f?*nift& tfess. _ , Mrs. Clata Htvetef, Aiteotfate Conductress. Card ef Th&fikt We desire in this way to B*press our heartfelt thanks to friends and neighbors for their thoughtful kindness and sympathy, and tot the floral tokens sent at the time ot Qul recent bereavement. L. W. Thomas. Bruce Stephens Mrs. Matt L. Thomas STATEMENT OP THE COtfMttC* OF MALVERN TRUST & SAVINGS BANK organized under the taws of IOWA and operating tinder 6.V, 111, id* cated at Matvera, in the County of Mills, at the close of bttstnesti <m the 80th day of December, A. D. 1088. RESOURCES Loans and Discounts, Bonds and Securities $148,664.81 Banking House —..*-*.. —I 14,000.00 ...„, Furniture and Fixtures *— * 600.00 14,600.60 Other real estate owned — .-- 36,000.00 Due from banks and bankers, cash and cash items (OLD UNIT) <. — 13,681,96 Other assets (including expense in excess of profits) ,— 1,144.81 Cash and Due from Banks (NEW UNIT) - 66,012.76 Total Resources LIABILITIES $a68,808.8« Capital Stock $ 26,000.00 Surplus fund _.. —— 26,000.00 Undivided profits (after deducting expenses) . .—-- 6,191,88 Individual deposits subject to check 61,184.08 Savings deposits .. 26,761.84 Time certificates of deposit 69,628.80 Demand certificates, certified checks, cashier's checks and unpaid dividends -- 26.00 U. S. Check Tax - Deposits NEW UNIT _ Undivided profits and U. 8. Check Tax (NEW UNIT) __ 8 60,000.00 * 6,191.98 146,699.12 48,16 64,867.98 1,611.63 Total Liabilities STATE OF IOWA 8268,808.86 88. Mills County We, Fred Durbln, President; F. R. Chantry, Vice President; R. W. Criswel], Cashier, of the bank above named, do solemnly swear that the foregoing statement is full, true and correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief. ,_„.., Fred Durbln, President. (SEAL) F. R. Chantry, Vtc« President. , u . R. W. Crlswell, Cashier. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence J bin, F. R, Chantry, and R. W. Crlswell, this 8th ~ 1984. , - •- ' . Louts J, Knop, Notary Public in and for Attested By; H. A. Deardorff. J. 0. Laird. J. W. BaeV/Dlfectora Public Sales "^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^•••••Is^Hs^BBHiH^^B W. F. Andrews Closing Out Public Sale 4 miles west and 1-2 mile north of Malvern, Thursday, Jan. 11 31 Head of Livestock A Lot of Good Machinery and 1800 Bushels of Cora? ^^^^^^^^^^'••••••••Bi Ira Ballain Big deduction Farm Sale 4 Miles East and 1 Mile South of Strahan, -,;"; Thursday, Jaiu 11 78 Head of Idvtsfcoc Implements, Buildings Seed Com 3 Big PubUc will be sdverttasd to next l

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