Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 18, 1890 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1890
Page 2
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flSPATCH i»n DKMOCIUT. IBIDAVT. H'LV 18. 181W. DEMOCRATIC TICKET. r LDITORIH SOIL'S. THK Editorial Convention which met in Santa Barbara last week was H well attended and highly interesting affair. We hope next week to have a few words to say about ouv southern trip. BOARD OF StTPKRVISOHS. ItH.MI TM'liRT. srri'.ioon .ircne, . jtclIAKVKV... , V,' .TISUAI.L. ,U. STANDIF.Y . J. MORROW ,M. OIBSOS. b. q. wnrrB COVSTV r.C'OIU'KU, ALBKP.TSON «<;DUOI. SVpr.r.INTi:S l-l.NT, tfRS. S. W. KASKF.TT coRn.vw. rum:. IB AVID CARBON XV tali .e-;rv Tio.*si'iu.r.. wsrHUT .vrroaMA, <lrn«E W. T. "SVALLACI: is promi- [ neiit-ly spoken of as a candidate be- i Point Arena and P.ooiiville wagon fore the Democratic State Convention for Chief Justice. The party |c. P. SMITH. . p. YORK.. roVNTV Sl.'HVKYOK. . roiuiAteur W ould honor itself by nominating ...nhwwoiiii so distinguished a jurist. THERE is qnil« ft siroti"; movement, in Southern California to «ive Col. .1. J. Avers, the veteran editor of the Los Angeles Herald, the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant (lovernor. His popularity in attested to hy people of both parties vu " 1 ' in that section of the State. Tiirnsn .\Y, .Inly lOtli. Pill ol .1. A. Kink lor t-io for t)i)tii boards was rejected on. {-rounds of unt \>omg a county churjic. Koad report of .Sam .f. Itonll, of Ten Mite Kiver, presented ami allowed to. tire amount of Mil. T. U Hiatt and 1). M. Cops.-y having , 0r(i( , r(l(1 U)iU y , Koi)( , the low«.t and best, bid for butldimr «he I ^ for j Iwri|?Mll pilrp0S0H . i Following hills were laid the same was unanimously awarded 10 I (i t ->o!>pr u-rni • them for ll.e sum of &MST>. j Murks <fc l..-vy! „.,t certtiled t... John Gibson was allowed out of j Will Huntley, Ml ,i swum in. J H Pinker, labor iiml supplies I-,o(erliiiii .V Mitt. hospital supplies .... Siiulied ,v s,,i>, na-:it fur hospital W A Ilneans, bonrditii: ire.tiVA'n! Siouiiuiloi Johnson, curing for indigent.. W 11 Davidson, work on I 'omily farnt Hiram t irotovaiit, hospital expenses A Jamison, work on county farm J K Hidlltit-ovortb, haiilinj,' hay J 1. itond, medical service ami expenses. i: r" Levitt, rebate tuxes It T Hatch, rebate taxes 9 20 Y.u PS S 60 42 00 7 00 (in (JO IS CO 111 ft 321 17 1 Kl . ... 3 20 be allowed over until us : . Meti»l"eino Vklih ' I'ldah !'. h>< the Indigent Kiind tor the support of •• Pill of S. itken and able ; ci, aK .Hopper, Sr. | grounds i hat After due consideration the petitions! stable, •itizens of Sanet. Mill, .McDonald,; Hill of W. AliMlN'ISTIl.VTOR, Hoi Spring! scrrr.vtsor., §A RDAVIIlSOS.. . BEDEMKVKU.. ...ThirJ I-i:tri"t ....Firill l 'ialrirt THE NAl'IONAI- ELECTION BILL. It is generally admitted, even by [republicans, that the President's [course has not PtrenRthened his \ party, any a Harper's Weekly. But 'it. is'still more evident to every in-} .Navarro, Ukiuli, Itouml Valley and i gronnds that same had bpen paidto.lus- Wesiiwrt Koad Histricls, asking that thej lice of the Peace. working of roails be let oul by ivnlrsct,; Following bills wore rejected on jjrouiuls were rejected. i that, they are not pro|wr comity chart's •: Petition of citizens of Andci-son Hoad j (>•.•<> J Urown, nutoiny '>:> w PiRtrict, askin-j an appropriation ol ir-'00 ! T ""I'kU.i. expert le->tlnmi.y :ai no to.-^ravehnjf the "Ingram f?inde, «•«» j lv>sa WU!Km . wttutwfce* rejected. j J L UctJ, SITVITOS rendered .'•00 The foilnwiiiK petitions were laid o ,- er j <* CurtJ*. nouve>'liiy witness . 6 DO until the October meeting: i Report of J. Bond, county physician, Petition of citizens of Anderson Road j '"or quarter ending June 30, 181)0, ap- Dlstrict, asking that the road work be let | proved. out bv contract. i Report of Jos Ainshe, Justice of .Ino li liltilr. eonwiahl,' M J tlyrnpft, roiisfHl,],- it't-s !"• JHH Sriiiolu. rr.ud wtsrk ... -0 i*o The folio'.vinj; persoiiP were allowed for the destruction of coyotes: TI IOM. Fitzgerald, F ('• l.ediord. ,1 M Yassar, Thou Fitzgerald, 11 I. Shimiuins, Win Leo, Win iSiveaniiKer, (' I. NuH.olls, <:. H. Fanelipr. The following ppiwins were allowed ^U' for the destruction ot coyotes: Carlino tiCgor, G R Fnnelicr, <> M Tuttlo, Thos Steele. S II Stone and (J If liusch were allowed if-l'J ior the destruction of eoyotos. In the matter of the issuance of bonds 1'. .Morrison rejected on , of Milchell Sehool District; ordered that ,ime hail been paid to Con-1 lmnds of said district do issue tothe mim: her ot seven of the denominations of $100 A. Mcftirty rejected on ^ each, payable as follows to wit: X I.KliAl,. Eieclion Motict! SCHOOL TAX. OTIOK IS HllUKItV lilVBN TO T1IK QUA I.- I t ol-'.-l ,r- of Mill l'reek Seiioel |l|o>r(et. : mm .,!' M, ii.i.M inn. .-ii'i'- L'i'iilo'.'o.a. : ,'Iielion will l.e on rill- Seeond 'lay of Aiiirnst. >H!M), LAST WEEK OLF 1 THE- lw tit uhi'i'h will VOtillU H UI-. '"I OliM' ! 'two 'ten 1 *; M I'l-lr 'I;,' It WIN I..- ru-et-v*,:ry to.' sum oi" .il-jtt.tin. Tlie poll- « ill Ii.- o| lloii k e fmiu !. t)"i )"t k Tin' .luitjres .'itM'-'iei :iro: l:ol,ert fiiuk, l-lilhi- llarllel I. stllililt'tteii til.' qtti'Sf/ori ot \ Mitels In ptueliti.,- the laud j ^i-hool house stimils. ; I- le r.;Ne l'or til lit Mill ! Hiil. ^ piiri'0-t' "k ^''lioi'l '•eUoii , . unit ' —war Trears— le. Si ,1-.'IIS llll.l.\f IN, K. HAIICii, K, v.. r. v i N s.iruai :riot S.-iiooi 'I'lUst,' the Petition of citizens of Mendocino Coun- j Peace oi Arena Township received and j t j t j p (Q 44900 noo worth of land adjoiniiiR '•• iinpla'publiHiie'i'iii' Momloriuo Comuy'ni least 1 • .1 . .1 .-.^ .• 11 i nnnrnvp.! ... . , i »> „i i onee ft iveik for tuo weeks prior to the (lay tv, askintr that the question of hiisli II-: approve.) cense be Hiibuiiited at the next general | Keport of t:.. Canning Smith, Jnslico election. ' °f tno I' 0111 '" 01 ^'K Kiver Township, re- Petition from Yorkville Itoad District, i celved and approved. Tin: bright prospects of good prices for hops this season is a silver : lininn- to the cloud of hard times. , While the crop in this county will j not be up to the average in quan- > titv, yet it looks very much fts if our • hop men will be able to realize : handsomely from the product of | 03^;,^ that the road work be let out bv : Ketpiest of Thos Cook of Koonville that ! their fields ' contract. , he be permitted to move several bodies Petition asking an appropriation of i of parties buried on bis land to the prop- MOOft to repsi.- tho uid uscliwend toll j er graveyard of that place, granted, road. Petition received irnm resideuta nnd A motion was made to let the bids In j taxpayers of .Mendocino county wklnR Big River Hoad District for working t| ie !»hat the proposals of Rice & BalUell to roads bv contract to the lowest bidder;! H1,rve - V ^enilwinn county, and make a carried by the follow in? vote: Ayes, j mu P tl,Pleu ''' he ^i"-^- Petition Henry, Stickney, and Davidson ; i * Jrnnte<1 - noes, l.>ny. And it was further ordered Itond No. 1 nnd vnyiiiile Aniriisl 1SSI. itoml No. 11 mid t— im.\Hhle August 1S9'.\ Itond No. ti mid *i—pnyiible Auiillit 1S!':1. Jloud No. "--pityiiljle Au^ lSl 't. No further business appearing, the Board adjourned until August 5, 1W0. A. D .vvtnsoN, Cliairtuati. NEWS OF THE WEEK. Notice to (Irhltre Ilnildcrs. Great tore. TaritsDAY, July 10,—A young mnn nariicii John Fritter was drfltrg^tl to death by ft runaway horse near Dayton, liuttn county A big lawsuit, involving (he ; TN THK II ATT Kit OK HIDS TO UVMAi A j i X HI-MKI : ii'Tnt.-i AiiiliT-ou L'r'ck: I N..ihc l*i lnTi'by tflvi 'iulUm ^bltiM for hiilMlng j ii briilffc* uoni-i AmiiTsoii Creek, In Ainl'T^.iii i l.n:i<1 IiUtrlci, mmili.nrly cnllorl llof-nvillt- I ijrMtfp. nl tJic «ltt- ».( the 'old briiit'i. nil iim j t kivcri-iitlti roml, will hi' received tip Jo i.'ie l-'liih tt;ty «f August, I8UO, HI 0 o'iMoi'k, A. w., on which diiy said hlils ahull ! be (Mieuoil uud connitleicd. [ If 1« further ordered llmtfirh )»itl )>e ii^^oni- ; and working dHfilln tltercof; ami tlnu uodee he j Hivcn hereoM'.v the Coiniiy Clerk hy puhllcn- \ tlou hi Ihc lhsr.vnit AND D K.MOCKAT, a ui'w.t- Th^ great success of the \v,\*i throe weeks litis reduced our stock, but we .svili have A 1 EW Call CHOICE BARGAINS LEFT ! once licforo they »vc all gone. nt hicb is the of Nevada for all telligent observer that the course of; THE Humboldt Times, the Republican Congress has deeply i intensely anti-silver, blame injured the party. The passage of i " rotten borough " of Xevadn the pension bill involves nn outlay j the silver legislation which has been of the public mouey which is incal-| recently occupying the attention of euloblo. It is a surrender to the | Congress. It is refreshing to know fenr of losing a mercenary vote, • that Nevada is of sufficient account and is defeuded under transparently I to be blamed for something. It hypocritical proiences. The good j seems to be blamed little account sense of the country measures at! for anything else, their exact value the protestations.' by demagogues of their patriotic j T The democratic. Convention of n j Lake County, which was held last two weeks prior upon which sid.l bids iireto he opened. The board reserves Hie liitht to vejeet uny uud j nil bids, i HAM D. i'AXTON, i 42 Clerk. Tacoina, has been commenced Riiel Kay, a l.'i-yenr-oltl boy, led on a pointed stake, which pierced his body, nenr Ouk- ville, Napa county The conference silver bill passed the Senate by ;>J to it). The whites and blacks in Fayette county, Geortfia, indulge in a bloody race riot; live fatalities are reported... .A beer war is racing in Chicago and prices have been reduced from $8 to |3.50 per barrel, i mstnet, m -siuuennkera o ... .The President has si<med the Wyom-1 J.'^?^ 11 U p y to tL" 8SbUry " l ""' > '' Wi " bu re ing Admission Act The town of Fort' de France, in the islnnd of Mnrtiniciue Notice to Rridgc Builders. I N THE MATTER OT BIDS TO IU.'ILD A BridBe ni Sni.lcbaliei'3'. Remember this h the last week, and don't forget to call. • RE.VK.MP.KR TOE PLACE: «W iNORTH OF COURT HOUSE. UKIAH, CAL. Fifth tiny of August, 1S90, , nid bids shell I . was almost totally destroyed bv fire; one j nt 9 o'eloek, A. V .. on widen day rroposnlsof Rlrc&BalueHto survey tnoU88n<1 Beve , ,, un a r ed bouses were \ ba ^'^^ !f , d .t each w «i.« .rcom- gratitude, while the true feeling „., endorsed Judge Hud. bv brave veterans like Senator 1 the American volunteer is expressed;^ ^ Congrcfif) 1<w ull <lultrt . Hawley and President Andrews. The passage by the House of thej McKinlev bill, which, in the face of a surplus, raises the average rate of customs duties, has produced what looks now like a serious breach in the party. Mr. Blaine's letter and the reports of his frank comments upon the bill express not only the views of a body of j ers of the district we hear eneourag- . ing reports of his candidacy. Unless all signs- fail his nomination as ihe Democratic candidate for the thai the contracts be let as follows, t tie i amounts beim; the amount per year for a ; lenn of two years; Si?e. 1.—S J Vunu . . J4J0 00' see. It Joy See. —S J Vntin . . 13 :1 m'. see. -1.—H J Vimn . •:• II on| Sec. J.— A I. OoasaUs •tssi See. ii.—.1 L {'lonsuk'.i MO 00 Sec. ?.—S J Vunu .. ' on ; I Stc. H.~I. Johnson K;i.".'i'i Sc. 1'.—L Johnson. . 87.. GO i Sw. 10.— M M Curtis . 111! Ml i Sec. 11.— M MeCaersiin hfl 00: First Congressional District of California is a foregone conclusion. Petition from residents in and around Scotts Valley, asking that 11 vntinir precinct lie established, was granted mid Hcolts Valley voting; precinct is hereby , THK New York Tribune having j pstnblished with the foiin»lri» tmim- ' v called for n halt in pension legists-1 dtiries: l.teuinnintt at northwest corner tion, the smaller frv among the lie- !Tomki Hchool District, thoucc west to Uepubli-! pubUcftJ1 , :iapel . H !la ' vc taken the cue, I u '" Ht }' oun ' 1 " r - v »»*' " ( Uock T,w ^ b "" 1 1I10 Vmovii-nii inte'li -i J i,- r. . : District, tbenee south BIOHB said line to OHM, but ot the Ameucan mu l. d are eR , hn „ upon Congress to . HOinllW( ^ t conl( , r of Sll!(l (1|[t , rl( , ti lhonce gence which is not. ohis.sit.ed by a ,..„ (l , 0 lnoting the SuntU of the! 1o j,,,,,,^,,^ „ y Svoll , v „, lr> . Wm . party name. ^ (nation. With 11 pension account ; trict, thence alonit wiid bonntlary to But more disturbing to the public! j 10vei ,; u „ j n t ] ie neighborhood of i northwest corner of township lx, ran^e mind than either the pension or the 1 yooojlOO.OOl) the Kepublicau man- 1 'hence south alonir the west bonndmy ! of said township to the southwest corner the county roads of .Mendocino county and iniike a map thereof, accepted and amended 11s follows: Hcven hundred and tilty dollars payable upon the completion of four hundred miles of the road surveys; said payment to be u pftrt oi j and deducted irotn the first payment. Hill of Hicc .t ltaltze.ll ot ?7o0 as first D »viiu'r>t allrwi'il. Ii i« hereby ordcre I I tint there be nn election precinct established «iiti bound-i Ho, '" i " iH '^"'P' 1 aries as follows: eoi.imeneii >s where t un ' 1 la'ices are itouitf up the public rotid erossr-ss Eel ttlver on Ihe road leadini; from Covcln In Kden Valley, thence noriberly in the center oi fin id road 10 northern boundary of Hound leeilott precinct, thence following burned ami fiO.tO people nie homeless ! ponied by plans, specldcail ,. ... , ,, , 1 uud worklnn details theieot: (told is quoted at 3H in liuenos Ay res. FIIIPAY, July 11,—Two-thirds of the business part of the town of Delano was burned .... A desperate flyht between rival polili.enl frictions is reported from Vsieln, Texas. . . .(lotigrespuian liuiter- worth has been elected Secretary of 'he World's l'Hir.... A xood demand for 0«1 in ^Ve«' York, . . A reennvass of the city (fives Denver a population of 011s. slraln sheets Kiuf Unit notice he i jeiven hereof by the County Clei-k by pidillcatlon \ in the D ISPATCH AND D K.MOCR.IT, n new-r^per i publiabed in Mondoflino County, al lnust ouee a I week for two weeks prior 10 the day upon which ! bids are to be opened. j The Huard resolves the rtKhl (O reject any and ! ull bids. , SAM II. I'AXTON', •12 Clerk. Atlmi/iistrairis .Sale of lien) Estate.', l VOTICE IS HEUIiiSYO.IVEK j\ snaneti r,t »n order ot the S.lpM' IKi .lV-O . The Superintendent of On- j iiiimerof the esmie of I ti.. V ' 1 _ ! the underslnued, Ibe Adlutiii-.tfulrix, will sell! THAT IN nut-; 1'i'Ult o, ' said eoutit> oi .Menuoeluo, Statt. i-t Calil'or- Ii>, made oil Ihe n'.lh day of July, lSi'0, in ihe I Willhen. iiceea«i'd, ! roll' tion Precinct. P .ill oi .1. M. Ilai'innn tor. rebate on taxes, ?l-.l"i, laid over until the October tariff policy of the dominant party is the national election bill, which, both in itself and in the extraordinary limitation of debute upon it, is a startling measure, which, the mote it is understood, cannot fail to arouse profound public amazement and distrust. To secure a result which cannot be attained by the enforcement of any law, the Republican parry propones to overthrow the most vital tradition of the American system of government—the tigers are looking forward itiufh fear and anxiety to the ver diet of the people next November. To the man up a tree it looks very much as if Markham will get the itepublinan nomination for Governor, despite the bitter animosity which is beio .y exhibited toward him by certain factions in the party. Waterman is outspoken in his opposition. In (not be informed the with 1 - • - ofwx'tioii IS, township IS, raiijje Ii, 1 ?-•> be appropriated tor the purpose thence east two miles, thence northerly I havjn, alons; the boundary of Scotts Volley Dis- irict to place of bet-inning. Petition granted, nskingthat Kiverand i ^.iuv! Valley Road Districts be divided into sections anil that the road work be lei out bv contract. The following bills were allownd : .1 U Hluir, Constable lee-s. M r Mri^-s esltile, rebate luxes... C W Tindull, dotiole assessment. N K tirey. Constable t'ecs G Daeehtel, Justice fees i ,fos Toueuc, Coiitdahlc fees A S Howeii deceased, i.'ottstahle fee.. A Hu^s: Censlable fees ... .- A C MeLeod. lees in criminal action I J M fcUUnu. slKUonery ! J N Wil-ev, Constable tees i Q A Overmeycr. Constable fees sus says the count will tie finished earlv ; m poblio unction, to ihe iii-in-m i .utd .-r for in September ...A lake «camer blows | ^ ^u^t 0 ;.,;^^:!™^'^^,;^^ I up nt ("Idca -jo and a number of persons ' o'clock r. at covcio, at 11. >i ,iti.«' siore, . -n , . .... ', ! I" I lie colony ol Miinlociiio. all the rij-nl, tltlt, 1 the botiiKlnrv <-f said election pre-'inct lo ; nr '' Kllu,t • A "lamne in New Damp- , It.iere.t an l «KI«;,. of il„. s „i,i ,i ..,vas ..,i, at '.he : , shi 'C bent his f -ltbl 'v to donth noil nnnrlv ! ' dejllli. and ail the tiulu, lili.j iinil the iiliu -e ol bOrfiiiniiiji, so as to embrace I" 1 ' 1 ' u "is LIUUI in u, am IUHI neariv j ii ,t,.,,.st n,„t ihc-aid estate ha«. I,v op,oiiion of nil linn r. r.'oio ol l.'otoid V M I )«I - »Wli ,»i ; billed his Inolbor . . An insane mother i '»>V or e'lierwNe, ncpiired oilier 'thno or in ad HO U1IU (.*. -li to /t IMIUIIII > «««.» em-MHl' .... ,. :dll!on to tl -al of tljo said J. ii Wnthen, de ; precinct lvimj on the t-nst side ot said i M ralt 'haveu, \ L . , imr ,!(,,. 0 ,i i, Pr IW o ,. eeused, .u the time of hu death, in ami n< nil \ and'to bo Known us Kel 11 (ver Klec- j '•'•"'"•'». t» ami ,l,en j ^'^{'ti^X"^; 'I '.'f \ 'cm her own throat A ferrv -landinu ' IM ' 11 ". s " lU ' ni California, and bou,... 1 ,i and ,.v- I . . ... ., ' i scrll.ed as follows, to wit: All that real eslute i at Dartnionth, Nova N-oim, «avt> « av ; - slinate lu Meudueluo eountv, stute ot I 'liliiov- 1 several hundred ,H,,,.IO were prcipihued j "^r^XiV ., „: «-,. „, j into ihe Hater ami a jiuniber of lives lost. • T'Jj N, r rj w, M n M. j Also all that real .stale sltituie in Trlahv ' S .vnaiiAt. .Inly 1 i.-The I Ireiron {Train pfwil"' S "'"' c "" f ' lr " 1 ".-teserlhed as folioyy-. j crop is reported above ihe avenue vield. • , Nl '. 1 /.','.!*'';'" >'»•' i '., «»*J >v i ,. ; . '-j Ol NU of See 11, also W '., ot Nw l ., No >.: i ;! flit of I bfi I'ki.'ih public school: An l-.n .uhsh syndicate i.- ncunl ml mjt i ot ine Nw i, of the Ne c, of see "l"., also lot X„ ' the same In he inserted!!) the re- ^ f " r "u- principal saw mills on 1'unet Sound . Auburn, this State, is, to have hool house, opera Inuine and 'I'he. House silver bill by voie of l-i lo II.). . .Oood reports contir. lo roiiie from the recent viol, R oU dlscov- 1 „ f^^] \i TpV ^lt » ','/ M'' " W ! cries nt Tin Cup, Col., . The new torpedo ! *l«>the'one undivided'half interest In all LE TRIANON, Blue Lakes, EMILB VEETJIEE, Lake County, Cal. - PEOPEIETOB. term. It is hereby ordered that the sum THE TISST HOTEL COMING FROM UKIAH. House, port of the Stale Siipeiiincndeiii. Move.lnnd carried that I.. W. Pali-: " new cock and U. K. Hijfgmfi be appointed as; three ).nl>lic iomiinins. members oi the Board of Kdueatioii for, pussetl llje c -uueieiii'i' n editor of this pajier a few days ago, local control of elections. The de-1 that if Markharu received the nomi- strticfioc of that cardinal condition i nation he would not. only vote of our goverment would be an evil j against him but would work against much more radical and alarming I him as wejj. than tbo suppression of the vote which the measure professes to aim j to correct. The bill eommius the | Congresnional District are in a bad result of Congressional elections in! Cx '. Tuere seems to be nobody in ; w v [&)t anv district where a few persons re- 1 tbelr P art - V wbo cnres to contest the j r ^uis Nelson, h«ry ln g lndigem quest it to a body large or small of i dlstriut a g° inst the Democratic j ™ nawies, J,,,i«, fees partisan agents, and to a perma -j nominee - Various persona have j L \ j Iur ^„, Jliallw !ceg [[ ; nent returning board, appointed by I been «mportuned to enter the race, 1 •> N wii.scy, eouyeymg indigent n central authority, in whose hon-| bat the P roB P oct * °"- ^*' 6at are t0 ° esty and impartiality the public eon- j a PP ar8nl - The L. e, J . . „..,', v„ „;„ ouo „,. ;k . mnrh j doubledly nominate Judge Hudson, | j ^ Aiusiic; -im -jiag indigent ... ,, I N K Gr^y, Oonsluble fees. ... THK Itepilbhenns oi the 1' ii.-st, ( .. ^ nedwlne, constable lees ! J II Corothers, Constable f-es | !•' c AlheriMiu. stamps A Colburu, Consiabie fee& Jos Alnslle, lnques; B W Auser, iueuesi and lunernl expenses 1 apparent. The Democrats will uti-'; >< B»«'ii!ei, Cdenc-e will be necessarily much J ^ ^ tQ ^ no .ess than in the present elect)on I ^ of defeaih u it wcuId while the local content- 1,- agenctes ment and acquiescence in the re- be a bright idea for the Republicans i to endorse him and thereby save a Johnson, burying Indigent tV Otliiean, tKur-llng ludleent Kr:;Say, July Uth. . j The following bills were allowed : ' Wm MeKarUnd, constable tees C Hoiiuau, Court House supplies.... H ;i I.ampkln, Justice tecs It L Simmons, hourdluij jury „ . " . -A A , , I C V. Tuomcs, l|em B4 l?or> THE .Sacramento liee, ret«rlag to l w H . SnulhBrdh , luUnKiu . laU l he term of two years. ; I'.lll of li. i'linnlnu Smllb ot $8 for' tice lues allownd and ordered paid. a llill of L. W. P-abcock, for services on •ji , u . j Board of Kdueation, allowed nnd ordered I m it) | paid ; amnum. ?W. 'i 00 ! The Hoard then adjourned until July «« il2 ' l8! » n ' M &o! The following road reports were al­ ii in j lowed: 17 av i Man V MeAntnrb, l.onnV»«ey »75» HO ! e -° ! ti W Stevenson, Went port ... IS'-' » ! <i W f,tevenson, for brhtKes W 00 i U W Slcveusoil.for bridges '.^CO fx} { Two petitions were received from tax- l-j oo i P a >'ers of .Mendocino County, asking the t ,2 vo | Board to submit lo the electors of the iio no j enmity fit the next general election a 00 • spet:ial iax to teimburse roadniasters who were left without due compensation for labor renderod by p decision of the Supreme Court. Petitions laid over until the Octoher term. It Is ordered ttint all bills presented to the Board of Supervisors have print-id on the head of them the following: Section 41, County Government act. The Hoard of Supervisors must not hear or consider anv claim in favor of any person, conior- of Ibco* of IheSw i., of Sec 11, and Ihc of Ihe Se of See ill, also S ' .j and Ne ' ; ot S.v l, and N\v i , ot Se '., of Sec 10, nil in Tp .1 S, K s K. II 51. Also 1 , of Ihe Sw b,' of Sec 'JO, the W l n of Nw and Nw >4 of the SW of See in" Tp I iiiere is'wo pVie •J7 S, R l-J W, M I) M. ! Also Sw ' 4 of Ihe Nw '4, the N \ of the Sw V; atl'l Ihe Si- t.j nf the- Sw !. ; of Sec -l-t, in l p '^7 N , and lot 'E \V AND SPI.KNPI11 st'MMKR REStJltT ON THK SlltlllK OI' Wl'R LAKES. IN THE Ol'.N^ lor ni a park of ivniui'v.olil trees. Lawn tennis and croquet KI'OIIU- I H, swtliHS, llaininocks, etc. lloatiiiK, balbiin; uti.l llsbluB. I'ltst-oUss loeueb cuokius. Jtj ^-lo enjoy a '.ine suudav party .• e-lM',-.'. to "t.e Trianon ' A ''''""" EMILE VERDIER, Periba I". 0. -Le that real estate situate lit Trinity cotmle. Stntt average S (ieet| ; ot Califoriiia, known and described as follows, j 'JO I !U «. s7 70 11 SO 11 c,r. •M uu 17 10 S M 11 20 27 :o 10 00 ?t 00 '."i oo! •17 00 ! Mrs. f rnnk j The S>< of Hie He "f ihe Sw '<, o s,- '., ni 111" Nw 1 - s, ;-i.; of Ihe Se .• sw of See 21, boa! dishing showed an of •JS.o.'i knots an hour. . I eslie denloR that she is to be married. . ; The roller carriers' strike has ended.. . . ; France will remove the. duty on raw silk. \ .... Henry .M. Stanley, the Aiticiui explorer, and Miss Dorotln Teuuniit were married at Westminster Abbey, London. The bride is .'i-t years old . ..The peace ol Europe is not assured bv any melius; trouble wuh France is feared over the Anglo-German agreement. Sr .viMY, July ia.—Gen. .John C. Fre- mout died in Now York C'itv ; he, was <7 years of age HeddinK suiTered from ; quite a severe fire... Over 100 horses ; ^ of Sa , e ^ flf ^ oi ihc Si* }- 4 /will the f r»ci: 21, nl HO Ni' of Uu- riw itutl W oi tin.- ST '. t of ••{ of !»«.v 20r«u«1 tho \V of , nil in Tp . r )H. 11 r, K, 11 M., N'.v H ci s..o ya, T|i IS, lib f. H M. 'I'iiUMSAsn rnstuiioNs or H ALK: t'A.SH— T«'tt per »v :u ni ttie )>urchuse money lo bo puM xa tln> imruoueor mi ihe onv of snii.', biilniH'0 oa i.'iiiwiniiiulon of snlt: by suii'l Snporlor (.'mwi, lK'cil nt (' ot' iiurehiiKei - . July ltnu, IS90. KI.LKN WATHUS. Aitminisirulrix. J. K. C HA MRK UH. A*'.'y for Adm'trlx. -i'c-io NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE. suit, which are considerations of «" vital imporiance to the tranquil j UBelew9 wasto of ««mpaign energy working of any election system, j will bo wholly wanting. Opposi- j the 8Ction of thfl Directors oi the | it BSeo,t;c om u-, 85 io U er tion to this extraordinary measure j^^troit Museum of Art and the poo- a l '' lCi - rep°ritnr; is not, as Uepublieun speakers and ple who prevoiled upon then | io\nvH^'^T°" the Itepuhltcan press allege, indi- dres8 {he uude statutes in the | w K iiiina«h »ia. traveling e.yp Cfttivo Of a disposition to tolerate | J < •' Byrnes, constable fees , j , mUSCr .m, Says: ' C U Duncan, Indexing suppression of the colored vote, or u lhe motherR a)lfl „ ie , lliniHt{irs o( | c, c onucan, stationery .... the wholesale buying of white voters this country would pnv more attimtjon to ! w,u Vokum, night watch in blockn of five. Such opposition what their'dauxhters-read and less tn - J O Koblnson, post morti-,, . " what thev see, ibev would be accomplish-1 rests upon the ground that what-; iiijc more'in the interest of morality. It; ever the extent of the evil, the |'thenaked prose am] I poetry of the day i , i that detiase the youthful mint) no- more remedy proposed is a much greater j t| ia „ lne ntt ked statuary. Kvo with a Qxi\ j I'tli leaf in 8 gallery oi art never injured ' , ... , ,. ,, anyone's morals, hut who run calciilato ihe bill changes esseiitinuy Ine I the harm tione hy the voluptuous and en- present litw providing l'ov iiai-.oiifll i ticlnir nakednes* of the passion novels of . » , ,. , . ,i;„„ ;i I the dav, with not even n chemise or n supervisors of election, extending it! H|(K . kim , (0 ,. over (|ie R |j. prevaillll!{ ,,„,, to a point which hupevsedes alto-; aU-invittnu: fleahiuess of thetr chnrms? gether the .State control of Congres-1 —— •—— wonal elections. The State r-lec- 1 We have our silent opinion ..bout the ... a. • l, l ,m „,!„,,lle!' { " u " hankers after a nomination I c u Aik.-u. lunnest tion officers, indeed, are nouiiwun , j .i ,.. ' ' .: 1 but never says positively that he does ! >' J Hyrues, constaole tees j ,f H -Mathews,stl|,plli:s i I. Al>r.'ih«:n.s, snpjilles are in training at the Pctiilnma Agricultural Park A party of German pic- i nickers was struck hy a train at linden Station, ou the Southern Pacific road, and live were killed Belle Hamlin, a Buffalo mare, trotted an eighth of a mile in H?4 seconds, or a 1 :!jS gait, and thun she trottetl o half mile In 1 :02VJ, or a 2:04,SJ' gait.. . .Philadelphia had a half- million dollar Are ... A cyclone struck St. Paul and thirty-six people were killed, besides extensive damage to property... . closure and Sale. The Best Selected Stock of GENERAL MERCHANDISE Ever Brought to cov DIXON. I'lulnttjf, . M. ARMSTON'C, El Al iVfjVatfuats, CAL, Must be Cleared within J S llai-l.telexvaiihlllrt J i: aeons ins:, suttpll'-s S n I'uxloii, c-id.'s for J I' . II S llirsch, boardiua jury .1 huckiuKDum. prltdhiK .... Kepublicau 1-ress. printing J M K&loii, sli.tiouery F Bruuner, labor »nd supplied L'lrl'lh Wat'T Co, :i inotltbs wioer S .! Itel-I, medical service 1" \ Whipple, constiibh- fees . J V. Heotnf!!.'-.', Mif-f-IIe.i Win N Moote, oxaminilift ili.-Htie .1 <l White, stamps J II lltirker, labor ami sujiplles Issued out of the Superior Court ol lhe Cotiuiy of Meudocluo, Stale of Cnlil'ornia, on the 121b dav of Jul}', A. U. lsdO, iu the above entitled action, wuereln Annie ti. DUon, the above utiuied plalnlin", obiuiued a judgment autl de. eree of foreclosure and sale altttltist A. M. Arnc Tbirlv lives wei '6 lost bv vasterdnv'a: stroui! and E. A . Sherwood, defendants, • , . , „. , ' ' ion the 31st day of Match, A. u. new. Steamer explosion Ht thlcupo Hie'/ or |.„. slilll 0 ,- e iniii hundred and seven v.„ Vo.dr frnlt eron Is rpnorted a com- ; t ,!l - u « u, l eighiy-elKht one huudiedilis (*-Si7.s*) New YOlk trillt crop is leporieu a unu , rtutlars, la Uniu-d 8tol*a goM ooln, besides in- narHtive failure, but there is a good vleid j leresl. costs |J |i:i.r,0), and accruing Interest aud I . , , i.„.... .. i _j 1 costs, which s.ald decree was, on 1C0 70 JjjJ jjjj ! ation, company or nsKceiation, aetiinst cjoo i the counlv, nor shall the Board creditor - oo | allow any claim or bill against any couu- r t | ty or district fund, unless the stiitie lie to oo ' i'emiietl, givinst names, dates, the par- 17 oo 1 ticnlur service rendered, chiuaclero! pro;o oo j ce«B served, upon whom, distance irftv- isi so | p 'tpt). viliere mid when, character of work ^ r[J ; done, number of days engaged, materials 3 jlf, , iurnish'.'d, to whom mid qnnntity, duly IO oo • verified ns to its correctness, and that the ;s 00 ; amount cln'med is justly due, is presen- vi 30 ! lir,ci l, ' c ' tl 11,0 t'lorioi liio Board j ;i ou ; wilhlii a year iifier lhe last item of the 12 no j account or claim nccriictl. This section j by the Pioneers, who decline to join with i appertaining. is.j ;,,, aH to itouijziiijj, hluill not apply to ser- •ni if, ,.;.,„ c ,.„„,!„,.„;, „„..|„ H ,„,.,!„„ ~ oae limi . TTNDER AND BV VIRTUE OF AN of sale anil decree ot forcolosure autl sale uly 1st. of gram and hay A cyclone wrecked an excursion steamer on Lake Pepin and 500 HVPB are reported lost. MONDAY, July 1-1.—Charles Howard, a but never says positively that recognized, but they are subordi- J WJ))) , i( unll ( lt a t .,,,j,iidKte. He that says uated entirely to the I'nited Statesdon't kuow just yet; thoiuth may be officers. The result would be that the election of members of Conirrcss in New York, lor instance, upon »bfl rerpiest of i - f, "« J^isons in *verv district, would IK not bv officers selected by the peo- J Vfoodi'nlV, fees 1 would; ean'l tell yet; if nvwytlilns 'ft ! J A Whtte ponsiat.le m-t all riaht, and a Strom* ticket is put up, i A J Wry. l,ook* ... K , ., . , , K r Shall, boarding prisoners audit the other stde put up so i.n-l so, I W {L TIW>N)LLF ,_ IUMIM(1 , „ and if—and if—dud it—" i" unknown ,. (piantity, who, seven times out o)' ten is controlled J (hfi ver ' (pU() ^. , hat wi!l ( ,„i k in tl)P rH ,. 0 •) no 10 00 0 00 0 10 to 00 !<•'; ,so 1 So n to •11 M m 70 in; 7f. 'Jill fs'' and will iHl'se a kick after the nominations r>|e but bv a«ents appointed by | „ r0 made. G|vo us the man who wimt,s Lt'innal anthoritv. ''-'ho Ktates! a noininalion and works for It reihoyed; naiioiiftl nnthovit; under the lirallv decline |)»rt in such elections, and the blow At t.b» very root W K Whitney, jiullee fees J M .Slaudley, slaniiis If II Smith, recording luud entries Miller A Mel'ettk, liaiillMB S D rajctou, sttmips and supplies. W A Mayans, boar.lius jury .. \ Duvtd.son, iioiumlssloner ,U " ' " .„,,, „ nt . 1 who hits out from the shoulder and asks | Tbo. caarlio,,, Wae^ml/hlMs jhne to take Hie (ellow v ,„ admire even it «e °PP-w 'i j „ f:„ r „u,e,s,<„u>atabie te-s .f our system oi him. If that kind of a man is defeated : K ^ Klnit, exumbu; In aue in the convention he nearly always alioulr | J 1 K>'MIIC «wa| iwlider ' J J Kvuil", elil'elo|.e< xamlulnif intteue lowl HeW-government would be dis -l <iel 's his battle axe and takes his piae,, | y Mrf , 1 „ 11 , ll;(1| in Die ranks mid fights, like a v»llant' yj)| ))um , r) rlllmt8 , BXc9 kniKht for the success o( Ms party H ticket j } „ MMUmti hM ;du\i auppiie^. But the neKutivo fellow who wants to j ^, ^ uoiiinaii, hospital suppiieR slide in and is willing to let fUJiiietiodv | ^ KoH'iilsirit, no u pit»l stippn else urease the track for him, is—well, not safe to tie io.—IttMing Democrat. u Straus. 'lhe Itoinocfft-iu vole in folojado, Kim- MA, Maine, Minuesota, Mooiann, Nebras' .-" fc«, Kew IJainpi-hire, iSevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, i>iiltotn, Oregon, lthod# Inland, Vermonr. atnl lV««b- J 2 i'Hiilvtti which ueta no rcprexeiiiaiiou in •^jl^^m^ f ifamfiUt to m,Kr M « H llnoke, repaint C Hofumii. ho»pli«l»ii|>plle« Ohulfsrt! 4 i.'uunluitbaui, burying lud'l, navid Irvine, diwinif grave jIo H , T, />. Tbomptton of me Santa Ross Democrat in coming pfotiljnently to the ! T> i; J'.xton, plekela • L Abraham, hospital V^m Ilfi'.mloy, meat for litwptlal The He fore as « M»mocr«ticemiiiidat» for Govern• «.\hil^Vlii«'{n'the same IW in-Alabaina, (or- Mr< TlwmpMoii Is the peer of any one named yet Hi i ination on thft Uamocratlc side, w Idle we wi?h Mr. Tlnimpson well, we wHI remark that the UepubllcanH hava daclded to )»»va the Goviirnor thia yttr.—Ptialuma W M WrlKht, hiippnrt ot ',Vui Milln W/s « V CIw|»-a<l. iiifp'l Ii»rl« eljll'jrep. Mti Satiilers, tmppori HearyWlilleoPib, .iiippnit . J V, Hol||att»wurtli, »oii-- uowaty inrra N fi litaslntw, tio.pital itaiwiird F llrunn»r, labor and luppiiea 3 t Uofumu, nospltai «upp'.!es I 7 ..j vices rendered under section 20 oo i drod and forty-ei ^ht, provided, that BUCII pa oo j services are stumtantiaM-y stilted with "0 , their value, and veritied as nbovn. If in '' cast.- of any claim which requires jteniizlnil the Hoard do not hear or consider tbo same because it Is not itnuilzud. ihoy shall cniisc- uoii-'o to be. «ivpii lo the claimant, or Ids. attorney, of that fact, and i /ive time to have the claim itemized and rcverilletl. It is uplpred that V. lb HobinHnn be iiislriii'ted to remove the obstruction Ol fence) from oil' the public highway or 2.-, t».i survey as nitidis by York and Gopsey, II oo ; near Ihe riincherie bridge on lhe lioon- 17 M : vilie ami Point Arena road, l" Hi \ i l ,s "fdered that K- Groy he author-: if cti lied lo jii 'ocmp blaiil .TK), pic., for thej o oo t branch jail at Point Arena, lo thoi HI oo i ,, 1110 ,IHI oi -fir,. | jjjj ~' 1 it is hereby ordered that the duplicate ; ijt txi | iisstissmant roll for (he yen;' IrtliO he dis- w tt> ptmseii with, and be not mndo by thft 011 '• Auditor, and that the original IISHCHH- ^ ment liook for said your shall iinswer In s oo "''i vespects the use ot said duplicate, I'm It is ordered (hat hiits be received up '•f i to ihe Sib day of August, to furnish meat to tho 1st tiny of October lo the County I 'linii, Tho following amounts were allowed to tiie following Indigent persons'. Mra Vielor Howraan Mia Fred Nonscll Mr- x, .f-r!•: S'sttiTnoii Mr» Quo Orlfiia's Chlld/cn .. Mrs St'lmKer's children 'X' 011 . John Tlerney, lea line eoiutlv 2i- ini, io oo fln -' pstwenfod to t.'ds Knnr<i, sflar due am so j cotisideration, wore allowed as followa t; to i J tV IttKtM/j, exawnilitif |n»a«e 77 80 J S i MathewB, binding papsri .. costs, which s .nld decree was, on the 121h da- July, A. D. recorded In Judgment Book 3 of ^nid l.:oio'i. .ti pa^-e272, 1 am e-imiuandftt to sell all the eeitaitt lot, piece or parcels of l,,utl. sllmite, lyinj; ami bt-iiiK In the coutily of Mendocino, ftiat^ of California, and bounded a,ul described as follows, lo wtl: ... . „. The S\V !S of the Si; and Sic of ,S \v >i s \c Deputy ShenQ 01 Nppa county, was se- j tion U, and the NI-; j.; of the NW « U it Hie NW riously wounded while arremiiiB u thief, i i? u\wi*nwW) iere", ^oRetto 'er 1 withVd . The Native Sons have been snubbed I singular lhe tenements hereditnincuts and up, , • ,. . , , , ] ptirtenanees ttien-Ki twloitjfiiig- or lu anywise " " ' — " " -ipertalninn. them in celebrating Admission Day... I »'" nUo 00 * ch " Pb >' ,li,a '•" (lundieds of lives were lost lu difl'eront 1 Sllturdny, the IGtll liny Of August, lj-911, pans of the State bv yesterday's cyclone; A( o 0 ., lot , 1; ,, M „ nt „,„, lhV , in ( ,, nnl <lf (U<1 in Minnesota; Kceal damiiite was ilono to , orowlng crops Yesterday's lire at! Huddlug caused a ioss of $fi4,1150 . . . l-'res- ; no hud a iffidOO blaze The President ; lias si-nod the sliver bill.. . .The slrikin -r clothiers in New York have gone hack to work.. . .San Salvador has; been declared in a slate oi sie^e; war with Guatemala la imminent The one hundred and first anniversary of the full of tho liasl'lo « as celebrated with great enthusiasm . . . Severe weather is rariortod in Austria.,. . The L'nlvernal Peace Con-;rpsss opened in Irfindon.. .Gladstonp is i|l, Tt 'KsriAV, ifuly ir>.— A terrific explosion of (tun powder occurred Kinn's Powder Mills npur Cincinnati; ten persons tire known to havo been killed and mmiv others injured . .Silver shows a marked Goods Will Be Sold STEICTLY FOB CASH, And at Prices Lower than ever before Offered. Clifton & Weill. mil ttnUKtj Utinr o. tho uotiniy 01 .Mfiiilrn.'iiit»- l will, lu nboflji'uru lo siti.l ordor *«f suit: tnul di-c.vo ti/ foreclosure mid HHIO , sell Uw. fibovi; de* *urliied properly, nr MO modi thereof n-i umy he ni*ec«miry toHstlsfy hfiid hith^moni, with luV-H' i»«( ntnl ooHtfc, elr.. to th'.-bih'bt'.'.i mid best bidder, for nold coin oi me luiu-U ?ijiu->. iMiivd .July 1Mb. I.S90, .1, M. STAXDLKY, Slim A', l)v T. J. WKMJII.N *, I'lidn- sherlfl'. CITY MEAT SMITH &. CiBSON. 3MC ^L3FS.I5L3iST, PROPRIETORS. Notice. TN I'll i "A«l IIIISIMNCI-: OF AN AC'.f liNTI'Ii-Kl) AN :a to establish a btaneh Insane .Uj-lnio . for the Insane of lhe Slide ot California, at j t'Uah, MeiHloelmi County" istat. oi iss '.i, l.'hilfi. 2:1. pa|.-es2.'> lo H2), we are hereby niilboi- , iz. d 10 advertise for scaled proposals, which j will be received at lhe oltiec ol Ihc t-iesldent oi 1 the Hoard of Directors of lhe Mendocino Shile ! Asylum lev the insane in ihe Town ut V'tdah, 1 Mend-i'.'lno C'ouuty. I'lilifoi'iila, until 12 o'clock : M.. on MONDAY, T1IIC 1ITTI HAY OK AUtlUST, j lsito, fot the Heveial branches of labor and 111a- I , . tcrials lo be lurtiished for lhe ereciloa and ' 1 completion of buildinnH lor lhe Mendoeluo I I Siale Asylum for the Insane on ihe laud known ' as the "Ilartlett Ituuch," near lhe Town ol advance since the now silver bill became , ukinh, Mendocino ;:onnty, i'aiifornia. Mt„.. n „«^tl,. , H tiiiura t'e.'awiiiKM and KpeclltOHllotifc for th<- safd Mlnneiipolls hud a if i.OU-l.iiOO v>lliM , ni!B ,.„„ i„. »,«.„ ,i tti iy from -,i o'clock a. «. tuitlU o'clock I'. M.. tn Hit olliec of ihe atehi- teets of the s.tld Hoard, (;o|'t'l.'iud A l'elree, No, STANDI.EY !-TI!l-:i:T, l'l.'IAII. rA 1,. Fresh uud Salt Meats^oi' all kiuds Constantly on hand. 32 SO 10 |S S M HI SO oo If! 00 )M> 00 47 lfi • S II, 123 00 II lltw . dm $ti,ij00,000 in jj;ol<l was shipped from New York to Europe. Kxleusivn piiiirle fij 'PS inv main}; lu Texas; many cfitt!;; and dour have ;>ae|slietl l-'ivo hnndretl iron-workers are on a strike at Trenton, N', .I.....A heavy storm prevailed III Pennsylvania and did much diiniiitie .A riico riol in 20 00 20 00 •A) 00 ai oo 20 00 % 00 l':ti Keai u> oli'cei, San Fraiu'.lsco, Cal. lliank proposal forms, and fill Information lu ; ret-'tnd to Ihc manner In which proposals no- lo i be liuticred, lo he obtained iioul lhe aieililei t.s j aiotvsald. I PayiiHMils to be tiiade In Stale waromts, whbh I wilt lie available at Ihe lime staled In the afore- I salil Act. I proposal must he accompanied bv a j bond ol 10 pur cent of the auiouel of lhe pro- reported from < posul lenderct, ,, , ,j ' No t.Uilnese labor, or materials manufactured Harnwell county, S. (,. . . HIISSIU is pic- ; hvi' Ut..i. to be used in the ut.ttlon ill renewed pemacmion of the j "-.-^^j^^Veciors Deaths from cholera in f-'pain mr parlmr Jews.. have averaged 00 per cent of the cases.., Stanley continue* ill... .Gladstone Is hel­ ler New Menico is terrorized hy a Tho foilowiiiK bills hnvltiK been filed ! hand of Mexican "whitij enps. PeraoiiB wishing to sitbgerilje for ill !»l'.VfCU-i >KMo< to wl any pt)6tmust*j. •eservcN the rlyht to rejeci any or -all bids ii found necessary ts the public good may reiniire. UKIMI , July Utb, i-s -.-fJ. AihMimALji vici.r., J. II. HIM wlu.t, Secrctiirv, I'lesl-lent. For the of lilrei-iui-s of the Mendoeluo titatc Asj linn ior ihe Insane, MENDOCINO DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT! The Lending ,\'>')osp(if>cr in Menodocmo County. Cat. CIIOCPDCftC (orihe " M EHHOCIMO II IS.. t ,. ,. , , , t aUDavnllil. wvu «u ni [Moeit,iT." 5 j DlUl '.yfCU-DKMoC.HAl' can do SO through i iHeBKST UVAL PAI'KH piibll.heil lu SU -rnlu. 1 .lap jaunty. fU^iooal,9.'necal, and tnarliM \ utwiatviu eacu i 8«ttd forliuupU eu (r SUBSCRIPTION PRICe. S2 .60 PER YEAR, 'btX.J. V*

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