The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 7, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1894
Page 1
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- , - 83. CAMOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, DfiCEMBM 7, 18»4. 'WHOLE NO. 921 KASH IS KING! AND IN ORDER TO GET FULL VALUE FOR YOUR CASH , YOU MUST GO TO Dry Goods Store^ Guild's He sells for cash only and makes one price to everybody, consequently he does not make them that pay for their goods pay for them that don't pay as they do in stores that sell on time. Our stock is all new and bought with the tariff off, and in order to see the difference in values it wffl pay you to compare prices before you buy. It is not a question of how much we can get for goods now, but how little we can sell them for. Underwear AT c. We will sell you a lady's fine Egyptian Jersey Ribbed Natural Gray Test or Pants, sizes from 2 to 6. Heavy fleeced same goods sold last year at 60c. AT The B. E. J., ibe finest combed Egyptian Tests and Pants on the market, today are being advertised in Chicago at 68c., they ought to be cheap in Carroll at BOc. AT 69c. Gents heavy all-wool -Underwear. This Is a great bargain as you can not duplicate them for less than one dollar anywhere. AT C. Extra fine quality heavy weight medicated scarlet pure wool underwear. They would be good value at 81.26. Flannels An extra heavy. Kersey flannel. Would be very cheap at fifteen cento. AT 15c. A double thick fleeced Flannel, just the thing to keep you warm. These goods are Belling everywhere at 18c. AT A fine medicated twilled scarlet all- wool Flannel. If you are'looking for a bargain, be sure you see tills. AT 20c A western W-, six oz. to the yard, in red or blue. These goods are worth and sold every where at 25c. AT C. We will sell you a heavy twilled 5 oz scarlet Flannel. Compare this with any 85o. quality and I know you will take ours. AT 39c. A very fine Shaker Flannel yard with all wool, extra heavy and soft. Tola is a regular fltty cent quality. Blankets AT C. per Pair A 10x4 Peruvian iitanket, fine and soft, just the thing tbesn cold nights, and they would be cheap at 75c. AT Our large 10x4 Fleet wing Blankets. This is n bummer'as they are 81.26 everywhere AT $1.75 An extra large 11x4 very heavy Blank* ets. These goods sold last year for 82.60. AT $3.50 An extra good quality all wool Blankets in white or gray. Bibs to the pair. These are honest goods and made by the capital city woolen mills in our state. AT $4.95 The largest, the best, the heaviest and warmest blanket In Iowa for the money. Cloaks AT $6.25 A Lady's Fine Cloak in Blue Kersey cloth.* This garment is well made and handsomely finished. You can't match It tor less than 97.60 anywhere. AT $9.25 A very Stylish Coat made from the new covert cloth, durable and very becoming. This garment is a bargain, be sure you see it. AT $9.95 A Beautiful Black Fur Trimmed Beaver cloak. This is a regular 912.00 garment. $10.96 A 27 inch Klegant Fur Cape. It you intend buy"lng anything of this kind, you can't afford to miss this n* It would be .cheap at 815. ' Astrakan and Electric Seal capes, proportionately low. Hoods & Fascinators AT £5c. A good all wool Knit Ladles' Hood. This is a great bargain as you can't buy the yarn that is in it for that price, they come In blank a^nd brown. AT 39c. A very fine large hood, made from Fleisuers best Qermantown Zephyrs yarn. This hood would be very cheap at 50c. AT 39c. A beautiful Knit Facinatorin Black or White, large size, made from very fine wool and would be good value at65o. AT 49c. This fascinator is made from extra fine Saxony Tarn and beaded, it comes in black, white blue and pink. If you don't get one of them yon willbe sorry. AT 65c. You can get something grand. Don't pay a dollar for one when you can get one here forfiSc. Dress Goods AT 15c. A yard wide covert cloth. These goods will wear and havs the appearance of very expensive Koods. AT A full 86 inch English Cashmere, wo,, have them in all colors. This is the same goods you have been paying 86c for. AT 33c. A fine all wool Flanuul broad cloth finish, 40 in wide in nil the latest shades, be sure you see this as you always pay 80e for this quality. AT 45c. A line of Plaid flannels with Bour- etltt Checks. These are 65c goods. We put this price on them to self them out quick. -OUR 65c Black Henrietta beats the world. This is Juiliards goods 42 inches wide guarantiee a wooded black and would be a bargain at 7Sc. - VISIT TO OUR STORE will convince anyone that Dry Goods, Notions, Famishing Goods, Cloaks and Furs are being sold as cheap by us as anywhere in the United States. We make close prices, sell our goods, and our trade so far this fall has far exceeded our expectations which shows that the people appreciate our efforts in giving good goods at a nominal price. These prices can only be had at Next door west of Postofflce. GUILD'S DRY GOODS STORE INSURANCE AT LESS \ A/U V Pay lh * •lorbitant prioa* ° r *°» »* w s W n T Moor* « good proteotioo at the old ratee whan yon can rate* with info company. lOWfl. State Insurance Co., of Keokuk. Oldest company in the state. Incorporated iBBfi GwAa Aiweta. »15,2O9.12. Losses Paid in Iowa, $689.118.41. E. E. GIRTON, Agt., Carroll, la. OBOBOB DIMOTO»T >p. m.;Praj )p. m. B»v. OBQ. XMMM, i >,• F, ej»> _j "••• " "' "if*- • •< M, wW »wa*a». ftuperiwndeot. 1 •' Oetoeopeuon Sunday from » t« 10 a, at. aa4 ^W'4W» i aiiOaudOocoep. n. weTt: 1HO »,m.»Dd ( 5«)o r e»oekp.r». 8TAW JIOOTB8. l and Keutuar, dally. Otpatt* at 0. » ;M> W.THW (Mm, fi. I • AITORNEYAfLAW. Man. 'the Bohoolmartera' Round Table of weatero Iowa met a| Bo^ka'e hotel op Friday atteruooo a* wai auubnooad bf tb* printed proRrame dietribatad > tbe aobool men of tbto aeotlon. The waa called to order by President W. O. itiddel «Dd Ib* Round t*bteiinmediaUI proceeded to earoeat work, Tbe following w«r«iaMtt«iidaaae: W. 0, UWdle-Woflirblno. W, 4. K»nri*y T, U. McDerroott-noUtela. u. ii. ai«-Bookw«iici«r, V. 0. HoldoMel " V. K. Uaeoker-Arotdla, J. II, Bevorwgi-flllddon. a. X. Bnitth-OftrroU. W. X. A. B. J.B, W. A. Deming K. a Cull»ruua-Jofl*r»o». J, I. Ourlls-ttrantou tt. I, Miller—Bouoo. W, A. MoCon>-D«i Moloes, K. J. Tur»«fil»g»olla, j. U. ti0\wM-i>*nl*en, P. f. HwtoMudubon. t>, K. BoBd-Ctoou tapldi, W. II. SfcMiwr-Ds* Heluo*. The question* o» program were taken up in the following order; Tiw advautsgeto the ,t*»oh*r ot § Row to iaoriaaa tba |{|totiApy Of the •late aud Iww) w«eHug« tot r«*ftbtog Ib* Ou ihji quwUott Mwr« *«•» loi>n Hpiritad 4i«oai«iPii audoutpt iiwrne to »tr»»|* fel » Urg* of lb» t«MJMM of wwtetu lu«a •! Owfoii to tb* »p>i«g oi -aa, W IW PHH ^WflvF HP *^w id flhilittiii ^*W^^^^^^fKj( ' MfsjA }•'*,',Is.?! „,.,'?£' .'^» i ' Mabon; N.tSpenoer, of Denieon; F. P. Hoobsr, ot Audnbon; B. A. Keoney, «t Woodbine and A. 0, Bqldoagel, ot Book It ia boptd by tba Round Table that there may U at leeet fooTbundred teach- era prevent at that meeting, and no paina will be (pared on the part of tba committee in making tuie meeting a very profitable one and the mew of "reeoh- iog tbe mamea." Toe very beat available talent will be eaoored for tbe program aud the teaobere will be given an oupoi- tunity to get the idea* of aome of our leading educators a* well a* tba oppor- luuity to discuss tbe anbjeota iliat are ot auob vital intern! to then. Then tbe question of "more needed aobool lagialoliou" waa taken up and thoroughly discussed. There aetmed to be but one spirit niaiteetad. in the Bound Table aud that wae tbeapirit ot unity and the apirit ot uniting together tor a definite end, The opinion that the school lawa needed raviaioo prevailed, aud a united movement along tba.lin* ot obtaining thi» reviaiou wae outlined, The following naolutiona was adopted; Ktwolvwi, by the uieuibors of the School miibtuiV ttouutl Table of wetter M Jowa in convention .assembled that we favor tho adoption of a, nwoluilou at tlie^ u**t state Association whereby each, teacher and acliool ufljoM ursjuul at that meeting will plBdiio lilt* elf Art* lo wauls uulooatlou and all olliwr menus that limy to decided unoo lorltr vow of tlmt meeting looking the reyUww til l|iu sellout laws shall U»ve fttuoua IU nrluolnal leatures;. ; i«> lustructloa ot toaohers ou bills. , . ^owy of the county (unarm. - ., , Uius )uor^««ii>tfthet«m«tottoy of this tinioe, The. epjt«bJlsh,»flBt. of r.ural whooi *pMiQyt by a uittjor tow»i'4the » j) • ll' l'Ue in vet" "Around what aubjeot abonld the work of tbe aohool room be grouped in forking out tba co-ordination of etadieaf' Tba disouaaion aeemed to be moat prolonged upon tbe county institute. In addition to those previously mentioned the following resolutione were adopted; Resolved, that It Is the sense of . this Jiouiid Table ttiat state uniformity of text books is not desirable. . TJesolvuil, that U is tho belief of the members of this Bound Table that in the greater number of county Institutes the course of study cuntaUu too inauy branches and thht the Instructors are required to do too uiuny boars' work and to cover too many branches. Unsolved, the tueiubars of this Hound Tublo »ri) not in fuvor of excluding youth who are nut teachers from attendluff the county ItvHtltuw and they are not In favor of mating a minimum auo limit. Resolved, that the members of the Round Tnblo are in f»vor or eliminating the so willed hluli brandies from the county Institute course of study. On the following resolution tlioro was a tie vote. Resolved, that tho county Institute should consist of two weeks academic work and one week professional study. Paring the forenoon aeesiou on Saturday the following oUoant were elected for the ensuing year • President, O. B. Bigg; Secretary, P. 0. Holdoegel; Sup- eriuteudeut MoMahon, of Carroll county, ww appointed • oomuitiee on local arreogeiueuU. Tbo«« in atlaodaooe raturued to their homes ou Saturday atleinooa feeling that they had beau fully repaid tor the trouble and eipeoM of oominf» Pialiie ohUkuMi Septamber 1 to D»- «M»ber I; nwxIflMka, July 1Q fo J«u« Maty 1; iQffiad gtouaa phaatauti, quail* •ud wild turkey% Qotobjn-} to Jaauary wild daok«,|Wi* and btafllw, Anguat ) |0 AjwU I, N»t more tbao twenty-five eaob of gronae, woodobnoki and quails to be killed any one day by any one peraoo. Not to exceed one doien game birds per day may be shipped to any one person within the etate. Exportation ot game bird* ia prohibited. A Marvelous Obange. "What a eluuigo," su* Ute uovvlUt, "one little womsu can u«ke » wwi's Ute." '-Yes," rei>))»« « Tlotliu. "aud w h nt K lot of change the requires while doing II," But what women are moil Inter- ettod lu )• the obaoge thejr o«n nuke lu tholr own livea by tbe o»e of Pr. flenv'a VmotHe PNiurluUon, It ubHnice* thoiu from poor, week •ml «urter!ug oteaturva to belims iriiune llre« tire Oiled with pleasure tad euioimem It does*lliUj br reuiodng Ibe «u«njr iwlutul mitladtea p«u- ller to women, such BI ''Ut«m!(iig-ilown" ptttn», ««natlon« of n«u««s, tnck»che nnd tke long train ol Din from \\^M> tho ms mflera. I'o ttio»o Hbout to become inotticr* It I* n boon, for It l«uont tho pnln» »ml peril* of ohlldblrtb, (tiotiooi labi'r, promotes in* iruretlou of itn abundance of nourUUment for tb» child *ud •horteus tho period of i-oadneumit. Dr. Price's Cream Baklag Powder Awudai Gold Modtl MUwlnlcr Fjlr, S»n FruidMa, Tho city or Valparaiso, Ind., lias Immjjbt wilt HKulunt ex-Treasurer Suhwiirakouf <utd M» Uoudviueu for the rwuov«ry wf liM.OOO. While i)iK«lng a sower at 17uuttuKtou, iuil,. H workiuiiit struck « dyumiiltw curl- rhlvo. It exploded mul live utuu wore lu- juroj, two fntnlly- At Hull, <ju«biH>. four im-u «IK| n bay were killed and miverat othttr parauu* lit- jur»d by the explovlou of dyimmlt«,whluli (buwml, A Hou»ebold Treasure. 0. W. Jfuller.of CituaJoUartB, N. Y., wkf* Mttt be«l«tt|t k««iM Dr. Kkug't hew Di»ugv«rr lu the aoiMeiuutliUUwtiirUiMuiwiw fouitd uie v«| ta»(r»tulU follow luuMtilballtemuia uot lit wUhout U, It procurable, a, i. I>|keiuut, urm- , N, Y,,»»ntti»t or. Ktwc» N«W »u4 it U»» UM*I Uli»d to do nil that U olnliuou (W It. wit) not Uy * wuieOjf «o lo«« ttleU ami t«»t#d. 1'tW toll)** (W* 41 J- W- U«to«'« am iwm. U»«ui»r »Uo too «ua H.oa _ 3 F, M, OAVRNPORT, CARROLL Classified Business Directory, MILLINERY. M. SHAULB, Vaihlonabl« Millinery. RLtA TODO. Ulllloerr and Vanogr Good* FINANCIAL. nSST NATIONAL BANK. Cor. Main aad Vlltn Street*. NOHTHWm'KBN BCILD|K(i AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, nrut street FEED MILLS. I. J. a. H. HATLUOK, VlttU atreet. 1. T. ANWSJtdON, ilira»MiandUor««Ctotbtu8. Trunk*, ValU4W aud Sowing Uaoblne*. PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTEKS. BUKVVIRLD it VATT8R80N. Wind ^l)U. Ttttilu and JOB PRINTING. DAILY 8KNTINKL, Adam* 8lrt«t W iMPottu Weuera Iowa. Professional Cards. JAM. L. MAHTIM. u. K. MARTINA MARTIN, -* IMrVroiupi »U«uilo(i «i««u lu ootieottoot. Wolanr lu offloo. BE A OH 4 HOYT, LAWYERS GJSO. W. LAWYER,

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