The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1948
Page 3
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Arkansas to Vole For Eisenhower Governor Predicts State's 22 Delegates TO Help Draft "Ike" U-m, BROCK, A ,. k ., July g. _ "at TiPn , ' C ." Lane >' >» 1S »""«' mat the stale' , . stale's 22 .> fkj v • nfr» f j'! e " oml »ailon was acdwlly %rl,f, l ° Wm ' * e m| S>H 8^ a ciif- il ih r "l>°' 1£c ." tancy said. "But reh LT ' " atio " ls offerp(1 »"<! he h, ?• I Cfl " k MC """ «' e «ra«W have lost anything." The governor said he was „.,,„_ "loush acquaiutec! with the uniii- n,?H C | t d A 1 '" 1 ""** delegation to P odict that "untici- ho circumstances' will it cast its vote for President Truman. Lancy announced that * third pre-convcntloii caucus has been scheduled in Philadelphia for 4 p.m. fciUm-day at t lie Benjamin Franfcltn Ho el. The new gathering, which will precede a draft- Eisenhower meeting ,,t 8 p.m. and a states' i ignis caucus Sunday, wa.s called by •>•_ O. Emmerich or Jackson Miss director of the states' nights Campaign Committee. Plans lor the Sunday caucus wotiid be set up at the new meeting l-aney described as "a little laic" » Plea for parly unity issued Tuesday by Parly chairman J. Howard McGrath. ' "11 he had been Interested in party unity months ago." La | \said, "there., probably could have teen » lot of effective work done " The governor said the Southcr- Jim long had been Interested and ready 10 lion oul, liner-party dif- fwcnccs. 2[™EVn^B_JARK.y COURIM NEWS Can the South Stop Truman? Tax Evasion Charges Date Backtol930 NEW YORK. July X. fup)_A little old Indy dres.sed in black and her son. who formerly \vas a member of the French cabinet, pleaded innocent in federal court yesterday 10 charges of evading 52,183347 in income taxes. The defendants were. Mrs. Eleanor Louise Patenotre, 18. the widow of a former French ambassador to '.he United States, and her son Raymond, 48, who served in seven French cabinets. The indictment charged failure to pay taxes on a net income of $8169, 108 in the sale of the Philadelphia Inquirer, !« years ago. In its complaint, the government charged that Mrs. Pnteiiotre paid » tax of only $1,567.31 for 1930 although the newspaper was sold that year for 10,500,000. Mrs. Patenotre had to be assisted so she could walk before the bench to enter her plea before Federal Judge Samuel Kaufman. Her attorney, Harold Loughlin nsked that "this gracious lady be spared the humiliation of submitting to fingerprinting" The judge however, ordered both defendants fingerprinted and set bond at, sio 000 each He ordered them to appear for trial Oct. 5. Thomas F. Murphy, assistant V. S. district attorney, charged that the Patenotres sold the paper in Montreal to evade the income tax Murphy claimed the sale was made by the son. » French national who j not the stock as a gift f rom Ili5 [ mother. j Mrs. Patenolre submitted alfida- vids that she did not profit from the sale, but Murphy claimed that investigation later showed that on /the day of the sale S4 000 000 was transferred to Mrs. Patcnotrc for deposit m a bank in Amsterdam, Holland. Bus and Truck Operators To Meet in Little Rock LITTLE ROCK. July 8 <UP> — Officials o( the Arkansas Bus nnrl Truck- Association will meet here July 23 will, stale employes to discuss laws anrt regulations governing the operation of motor vehicles The third in a series, the meet-' >ng was announced today by st alc HiWlwiiy Director J. C. Bake: Employes of tlie State Revenue. Department, State Police Dcn-irt- nicnl. Public Service Commission Highway Department ami tlie In-' aUc'nd' 0 Commerce Commission will Read Courier Ntws Want A;IS Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights ^~^^^f& * -^-S~=? WOMEN who f««l NERVOUS hiKtioiuf 00 Tou Jlifftr from hot "'"""»• >"l,«bl<. clsm rtuf to the lu.iclloiiBl - ompound to relieve M ,ch Slorcs ... SO "Sol.d Soulk" 322 Tolol m Soulh i , states usually considered the "Solid South." plus , lle fom . '.borderline" staler have 4U voles In he Dcmocralic National Convention at I'hitoddphk,. Eve,, i( ll.ev «l olc ofeVhe a'nml Pres.denl Truman's nomitiadon. the resl of lhe nation could pnl n c ro<° with CIS ""e, needed to win. the 822 voles outside the 1C South,,-,, ,.ales wol ,| d l,e mon »»n .noifih " ln,u« Ihe nom m;u,mt. Some Persons 7 Treatment of Money Keeps 18 Experts Busy Putting It Back Together *, Staff money than by spending It. It you're one of the /ortimates lo whom inflation means vou've got more cash on hand than vou know what to do with, here are some tips on how to get. relief: Termites love that folding stuff A few grand stuffed in the raflers of the altlc will provide dessert for them for several months. A fat roll of tens or twenties tucked in the toe of an old shoe and buried In the back yard will be well on the way to complete decay within six months. Fold, .say eiKht or nine one- t h o us a n d-dollar bills into small wads, place them carefully In an old auto battery and bingo, Hie acid C1U lhcm I There are even simpler ways to 1 set, rid of excess chrrcncy Just leave loose bills i n „ sllirt '^^^ when you send Hie garment, lo the ! laundry, strong soap <t,, cs „„ ex . cellcnt job of blending a shirt with paper money. Terminlcs aren't lhe only creatures with an nppelilc lor greenbacks. Mice thrive on the stuff ; and when bills are scattered on n i pasture cows lave them as a garnish for the grass. ' ' - Britiih Sciintittt Build Super X-R0 y l-ONDON <up>_Britbh "«»"'""• him built volt X-r»y synchrotron. h w« cautiously hinted that th. new mtctilne might ,| V( n \\n o CMIC« »u»,«r,. W X-r.7, from ye«r Inter he unearthed the money p^Vd^rs^^^o' m»n eipert wt> ab le to mil lo The'f,rm« W ° r ' h °' """'°"'° f " l " The gals do thij W0 rk with tilth- Ic 0 .*,* 1 ,". 1 *?,""*' 1 "? I *" M ' 5 - No ch ""- •Memlilrd on s»ecl«i blottint piper During the ».„ there »., , t «- wo'lc i' S J> "" 1 ' '" lhe volume oj work for (he redemption experts Money salv» B «i from sunken ships NOT1C« OF GRANTING Or LMWOK PERMIT Notice J. hereby jjlven thai. (),• CommiMloner of Revenues of ti,,~, Wat. of Arkamu has issutd .pe- rn , No. ai to Virginia Jo,*, a Mil and dLipwise vlnoiu. o, s ,,i m . IK)U» liquor, for beveraa, , t re [",T en 1« preml« s dewrlbed „ ^8 DivWon, Blythevillf, Ark This permit Issued on the 1 d iv . VIKOINIA JOHNS rcnnlttce '-8 pk 7-15 ««>« m»n- to be mad. worthwhile lo heirs 0 he men on whom it was found 01 to whomever the money finally d " ls of dol " rs b " rl "rf ines .nd on Ouam J"»t before the Jap Jm-ailon have been salvaged In Ihl* manner. This year It i s estimated the glrh are on Ihelr way to redeeming I NOTICB OF GtLANVINfi Or .LIQUOR PKRMIT Notice ti hereby i,| vo .i that || lo Coinmlaloner of Hevenuw of lhe Sill* of Arkansas has Issued a nc ... n« «, No. 210 to Sam Joh,« to'Su »<l dispense vinous or splrliuom .Iquora ror beverage at retail on tho |)retnlse.i de.-.cribed as 301 l"i w Main, Blylhedlle, Ark Thl. permit Issued on th« , dtty of July 1M* and expires o,, 1 le So day of June, 1949. SAM JOHNS I'multiee _ __ __ '-» Pk 7-lj lhe macliJne are »o iwwerlul that (hey make It possible to treul tu inor. too deej) Inside the human body for present machines The synchrotron also I 5 lo L-IVC British scientists „ mot |el for even more i—. UnVeilBolivarStatue , me om ravonte way to dispose of I heavy sugar: Hide it in the furnace In the summer so your wife can burn up the life's savings with the rubbish. \ Tne above methods of licking in- . flalion however srcn'l reconiroend- , cci by the U. S. Treasury Ii f 1 the job of the Currency nedemp-1 . tion Division of that agency Is to restore money which hns suffered i such treatment. It taKus skilled ex- Perls who have been trained for' many months to do this work. They ! must Imvc utmost patience and a thorough knowledge of all kinds of paiier currency In order to be able to identify the notes as to be denomination, kind and genuineness ! Only women—about IB o! them now i -are used tor the task. Typical of the work these women do concerns the plight of a Pennsylvania farmer, while plowing the field one day of roll of J-.10DO worth of bills (ell m ,i 0[ hls pocl;et Rnd . was buried. H was money he had received for Die sale of his corn A •c on their way to redeeming in |h e ^refforts* 1 °' * <1 ° 00 ' 000 ""wen There Is practically no end to the; stranM cases which involve semi- ruineil money. A calf chewed and ' -wallowed a $70 roll of blllj. The »„!- ' ma was killed anrt what was left 1 of the money was scu t to the Treas- "vy where full value was eventually ( eral J^a'rs^w" •nl"'^!..'^^ ",'V i 'oimri i,, the 5mR n vall(l ,", ™™£ • as the rpmaln., O f 1100.000. But ' Jtao.OOO was idenlified. It w»s discovered that a bootlegger h»d sll,,- ' ped »20.000 tn without hovlnr it re- ' corded. j Rotted money Is mo «t difficult lo handle. It will ,, ot M parMe .« easily as burned currency. And notes must, be separated because p»yment is made for fnces of notes only; the backs have no reimbursable value according lo law. The pet peeve of the redemption experts is nshes. Money c »n be burner] and still retain Us sha , lf . But when the remain., »re crumpled Mid ground into powdered ashes, nothing can be done Id^ml r 1111 " 11 * 1 ™"'S- "«» been Identified and recorded the remains lire destroyed completely. more poweriul •oit "" to synchrotrons. One SHEER TRAVEL S is the Buick America's car -L btij'crs are buzzing about, 'llns is the one with travel magic flowing all through it. This is the ROADMASTER with Dynaflow Drive*-where Main Street's dense traffic, the inviting open road and the long, stretching hills are bossed with equal ease by a toe-touch. what < s Different About DYNAFLOW DRIVI*? ss^ Here you let your left foot idle • comfortably wherever you wish — there's no clinch pedal to push, ever. Here your m mil's free completely of remembering when to shift- no gears ever shift anywhere in the car. Here, you glide over ground and grades in swift and utter smoothness as constant and unbroken as Niagara's flow. For here you have the only passenger air in America where liquid replaces both the usual clutch and the low-second-high gear sequence of conventional transmissions. Here yon sit tn blissful case while the power plant itself mecis and masters the thousand and one situations that come up in travel. Gentle grades, steep liil( s , ) on g straightaways, stop streets-once your lever's set, you simply step on the gas —and take them all in liquid-smooth luxury! Does all tin's sound fabulous? It is. So fabulous that folks arc signing up in droves for lhe M8 fashion plate with this new-wonder drive. So to take command of this traveler-touched-witb-magic, 'come see us quickly and get your order in. We'll take it in sequence whether or not you have a car 10 trade. Wliea better " automobiles are built BUICK v will build them * BUICK alone has a//t/tes9 featu re* irruw* * lOUNO-KMIf* TOf * *NMO ro««UI.TUM DUOAWriC MVANCt LANGSTON-WROTEN co. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 553 Clearance! !* ALL PRICES SHARPLY REDUCEDI i« QUANTITIES LIMITED! HURRYI DRASTIC REDUCTIONS ON APPAREL" Boy. & Girl, Chambroy Ov«rc,IU_,,due.d prie. Girl. Cotton Cr.p. Pajama,, r.gularly 2.49, now 1.98 Girl. Sh..r Blouse,, ,i z « 7 fa 14, clearanc. Women, Cotton Knit Panties, regularly 69c, now Fulf-fa,hioned Sh««r Nylons, cur pric. .......... 3.49 Men, Short Sfe.r. Sport Shirt,, clearance Men, 2.49 Odd Uniform Shirt,, not all ,i«, 194.95 2 pc. Frieze Li,. Room Suite, rose, b.ue, gnm 2.Q7 ] 27° 07° 2.37 | 149.00 2 pc. Ve.our Sofa Bed Suite. Bl«. wine, now j 39.QQ 64.95 Plastic Top Dinette Suite, floor sample, now . 49.95 One only, Odd Chest of Drawer,, Walnut Veneer. . 34.00 144.95 3-pc. Walnut Bedroom Suite, only one ... j jflJJO Niagara Water Softener, 30,000 grain ,i«, reg. 99.50, 77 00 Extension Window Screen,, 15"x32" ,iz e now ITEM.... ANO SAV£! 2.77 5 C 5.95 1.75 180 49 C Sup«r Hou.. Paint, Cream & lyory, only 20 gal. now, gal 3.00 Atk About Wards Cor.rer.itnt Monthly Paymtnt Plan Galranized Garbage Pails, 21 gal. „«, now Hardwood Clothes Pins, price chopped, doz Outdoor Clothes Dryer, one only, reg. 10.95, now Regular 6.95 Tennis Rackets, price reduced to . Coreroll Barn Paint, red only, reg. 2.35 gal., now 85c Sling W«ed Cutter, price only

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