The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1931
Page 5
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THURSDAY, APRH, 23, 1931 m/ytiircvtU;tt, (ARk.) coutumt NEWS PAGE PtVE CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents t word tor first Insertion and one c«Qt * word 'or each subsequent Inaction. No advertisement taken for less than Me. Count the words and seed the ;ash. Phone 306 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby chicks, i'ay thU tall. See us about plan. Marilyn Hatchery. 9C-TP .•rl> hlu fill I'17 *\I<1* f Dlil.i. ««rrlr> Jl« Ilit- itn> nllpr *hr nt ibf hnmo ot tii'r ciusln. AXN Tlimv- FOll SALE—1,500 bushels yellow Iced com, 75 cents per bushel at crib. R. N. Trimble, Lilbourn, Mo., Phone 16. 13C-K21 FOR SALE OR TRADE—Modern 2 bedroom bungalow on Hearn si, H. L, Chambers. . 21pk24 COTTON SEED Cook's Half & Half Planting Seed. $2.50 per hundred. Phone 045. Ross Stevens. 23P-K27 FOR SALE—Town lot, 60x140, $50. Call 605. 23P-K28 FGK RENT FOR RENT—Apartment in Ingram building. Sec J'arkhurst Company. WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Maiilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TP . hy 41.4% rlUIMIY. ju«r rrCumtrd fr<i:n n Jrrar and n hall In Hnrln • nnl?lnc urr. \Vnllnrr'i» linneof fco* Ijriikrii Ibflr rucacriucul 10 natrr n rlrbrr <nrm. JEui imd IJyiJuy co I" l-'nrr«l tlly nlirtr Jim hli. n Cbrl.lns la" prni-ltcr. Ill* rrlullvf* KHiili list""?' AL:m rnmhj ivr]*r» In krr but «be rrlnrnit (Kr Ifllrr un(j|u-nrd. S1AK- ri '• I.IVUIN':. Jlui'« fiirnuT flnnCfr. rinrrir* lltim'K I'llll.l.U'S. Dlll- ' "uuiuh* |i»> ant llrnrk I'MlllpI I. klllril I" -•• lull timn n kor«c. JUiirfJn rnNBuIlN Jlni nliimt flnan- cfnl <iff:ilr« und lalrr irll* him brr marring*. In I'kllHl'" >Ta« n ml«- luki*. . Kb* dtrlarrH ahr carrN anly for Ittm..Hurl hri'nu»r «lir hf-llrve* Jim ban takra >larc-hi I'bHIIpji lo lunfh. <irp»r »crr|i.l«l'llANK Clll- SON'» lHvllullii» I" drlri- hrr home •row >.>kupyli>K.I'l|>- 1'brrr l« • oilllxlun" "nd UMtN>'« anklr U • lirnlntd; Jim l> ollrnllvr durlnc thr iln>» **bllr lb^ unkU IH hcnl- Inc. i:>l"** con"c» lull" Ihr IKIII** (nilLI ll»e Kiirdi'U anr marulii^ lu fiml Alan Cro.lij iTalllui; In «cc ivr. NOW CO <)\ WITH THi: STOIll You c," Uti was saylny. "I mil n letter men and it came hack. 1 did not know whether tliat meant you'd goue nway or not.' 1 i/ypsy F[iook l:er head. "I haven't been away. I sent .ihu loiier lack because—well. 1 thought LI was ib\- uest Ihlng lo do." "Oh!" Alan Klanml iluft-mii'd '. "II When lie looked mi u^nin liu-u- wn.< i lie- I a o.ueer lightening ulmiil ma HIM ! zlno tb A I.AN. plc.isu Icll in 1 . 1 you've been doing. WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora Mizell, 2201 18th St. TF WANTED—Clean rags, free of buttons. Courier News. POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co Feed Co. 210 N. Hailroud St., west ol courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone 81 24C-TF LOST AND FOUND LOST—One blue kid glove, pleasi return to 'Jourier or call 272 20C-K2 BORROWED from Blythcvillc Cot ton Oil company — One gooi lawnmower. $5 .reward for re turn. No Questions asked. 23C-K2 PERSONAL GENUINS DUCO Authorized re finishing station. C. T. Shamll with Denton Chevrolet Co., Mai at Franklin. 3P-K2 n CIJAPTEIl XI.IV ;1E man and the- Eirl stared al eacli other as though nellber le dared to believe the trulh. !s It really you. Gypsy?" Crosby raid.In a low voice. "It's been so WARNING ORDER ' CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Dora Bell Pruitte, Plaintiff, No. 4927 vs. , James Pruitte, Defendant. The defendant. James Pruitte, is warned to appear within thirty- days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Dora Bell Pruitte. Dated April 2, 1931. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Ivy W. Crawford, Atty. Ad LHem 2-9-16-23 NOTICE: THE ANNUAL SCHOOL ELECTION WILL. BE HET.D IN MIS- SlSSirPI COUNTY, on May 16 1931. Electors will vote on Loca District Tax. for Local School Directors and for County Board Members, and any other question tiia may be submitted by the Local Directors, ' ZAL B. HARRISON, President County Board of Education. J. F. Tompkins, Secretary County Board of Education. 20-30 She'came nearer and held out her hand. "Of courso It's I." Gypsy's voice caught in a throaty 1: 'Don't' you know me? I haven' changed, Alan. But you—how dli you get here? Where Old you coin' froni'.' It doesn't seem possible!" For i uiomont neither ot them sani anything. Crosby took Gypsy liand and pressed it closely, ii was studying her face. Gyps looked up Into Ihe dark eyes an what she saw thero set her licai beating rapidly. Alan looked tlili ner. Ilo was palo too. Then sh saw that his bair was brushed bac from bis forehead fu the same car less, untidy, thoroughly dellglilt way. Gypsy laughed nervously. "I'm One hostess—not even offering y a chair. Sit down, won't you?" The young man did not mo "You're lovelier tban ever, Gypsy." he (old her. "You're like a plciuie Why didn't I ever llilr.k to eke'ch you with an armful ot yellow dowers liko that? You're tanued anil thete's more color in your (see. Lord—it's- good lust to look at you!" She laid tiio flowers on the table, cams back and sank into a cualr. "I haven't heard so many compliments In a long while." Gypsy told him. "It's very pleasant but I'd much rather you told mo how you got here, what you're doing—" "I'll tell yen ill about every thing," Crosby promised, *'only it's going to take a Itttlo time. "Nol lor a moment had he taken his eyes from tbe girl. "I don't see how 1 could have forgotten you're so beau tlful." he finished. "Really—" began Gypsy, stopped because it seemed prigglsl to tell a young man sho bad known as long as sue had Alan that h mustn't say she was bcautifu Gypsy was trying to be very calm but her cheeks were burning. Colo indeed! Did Alan think Eh blushed constantly like this? "I didn't know It I'd find yo Are yjn stilt wllli Thomas'? How cilil you gel my address? I've thought abcnl u hundreds o( limes!" "Havo you?" Thero was a shade httlerness lu Ilio young man's nilc. "I 'eel flnuered. No, I'm it with Thomas'. Only lasted a onlh there." "Didn't you llko It? I thought m were so pleased with the work." "Fired." he lold her, "because iy sketches were lousy and I had row wltb Iho head of tho depart- lent." "Why, Alan!" "You might as well hear tho orst. You asked for It. Gypsy, I've made just about as big a fool of myself as a nian can. I don't mint oslng tho lob at Thomas' even fence, yuur head turuccl lo Dhow your prolllo ami your hair sort ol blown by Uic wind." "Did you draw It ono <!ay on n picnic on Stalen Island?" Crosby nodded. "1 know tbo ono you mean." s to be published next month." >ld li?v Hie name ot iho mafia- In v.tilch tue drawing would i unpfar. "Tliat—BcllliiB the picture \vliai i I niccin —was ono ot Ihe reasons 1 ; i;ui!0 lo sec you totlay." I "I'm glad you did. Alan." r.TE caught her hand. "Gypsy, do you really mean that? AH this I'vo been saying doesn't matter. 1 vas a fool when I let you go away. Oli, my darling—I" "No, nol Alan, you mustn't!" Ho had taken her in his arms bu tho girl drew back. "You know It's too late," she told him. "Wo—there can't ever bo anything llko thai again." hough I was fired. I deserved to oso it. Got Into a crowd that pent more tiian I could_afford and .sled tbo Bights going to parties and night clubs. I thought I was making a splash — meeting In- luentlal friends and all that Say, .bey vrero all a bunch ot tour* iushers! . "I couldn't work. My drawings got worse and worse. All the time L knew what tlio trouble was but 1 mado myself bellevo the boss bad grudgo against me. Finally we had n tight and It was a real onel I packed up my pencils and brushes and left the same day. That was when I found out lust what the friends I'd been spending <iy raoacy on were worth! I found out ail right!" . "Ob, I'm so sorry, Alan." . "For two weeks 1 walked "But I lovo you, Gypsy! I lovo you more than anything In the world, i can't do without you!" Tho glrl'8 faco was while, her lips trembling. "You mustn't even say such tilings to me." she Insisted. "Alan, it's all over. You know mat I'm married. Jim's been so good to me. We'vo no right to talk this way." "Do you loro him?" "You mustn't ask ino that. It's too lato I tell you. You'd better go—" They heard a sound and turned The front liall door was open and someone was on (ho porch. An In slant laler Jim Wallace appeared He paused on tbo threshold, sur prised at seeing Crosby. Gypsy went forward. "Come in Jim." she said. "Here's an ol friend ot mine. Alan Crosby. Alan Ibis is Jim." Tbo two men shook Immls. "Glad to know you!" Jim sol heartily. "Must have been a pleasant surprise for you. Gypsy, to see an old : friend." Ho looked at Crosby. "Are you from New iork?" bliirlinr tnvvard tbe door. Crosby moved forward but Jim itaycd bohiiid. "You (wo so nloiiR," he tolJ tliem. Te 'rue one or two chorea I'ci to get off my chest." I'ilKlIl-: was a llagslono patli lend- 1 111; from tho (rout entrance ot the. house nround to tho garden. It ivas n narrow pnth. -Gypsy walked ahead and Iho young man followed. Sim showed him the Inscription i the. snudlnl uud Mid Jlm'a giandfalhcr had placed tho Blonu there. They paused before tuo rons of brilliant dahlias (ind Gypsy pointed out how next year the inui- liler rosed wero lo bo trained Into an arbor. Slio talked almost con- slantly, always moving just a lit Ho lead ot Crosby. Finally ho Interrupted. "It's i ery pretty garden. Gypsy, and you ccdn't show mo another damned owcr becanso I'm nol looklne at :iem. You'ro going lo tell me it ou really meant It when you tried OUR BOARDING HOUSE r. By Ahem o make mo bellevo you'ro happy icrc. I don't belicvo you are! 'ou've got R lino lionio—bolter than could give you—but you're nul Hi* same Gypsy i used lo know. You'vft You'ro not laugh- EO away until 1 tbe streets looking for a job. Purt ol the time 1 didn't ent. Finally 1 goi down lo my last 60 cenls and I'll cell you what I did—I went back !o Mrs. O'Haro's and asked If I could wash dishes for my board. "1 found ' t I'm not much good as a dishwasher but she took me Fed me and Rave me a place to lecp. When I wasn't working t :opt on looking for a Job. At last landed the ono I'vo got now." "What is it?" .Crosby blushed slightly. "I'm elllng photographs of landscapes." he said. "They're tinted In natural colors. Sorry I didn't bring my sample case, but If you'd like to buy some. I'll come lack—" Gypsy went over beside him. "1 wish I'd known," sho told ulm. "I might havo been able to help in some- way." "Thank's, hut I wouldn't have let you. Tbeso photographs aren't really so bad. Some of them arc good. I'm making more tbaa I did before and In tho evenings I can work. I've sold a couple ot drawings to a magazine." He hesitated. "One ot them was a sketch of you, Gypsy." "A picture of me?" "It's one that I always liked," be Ibid her. "Took it to France with me. I wonder if you rcmcmbiff It. "Havo been. I'm traveling lust now. Haven't seen Gypsy for a long while'and a friend told mo she was living here. Forest City's quite a town, 1 find." "Ob, w« llko it." Jim eased down comfortably into a chair. "What is your business. Mr. Crosby?" Alan told him briefly. Tho men talked a tew momenta and then Jim turned toward Gypsy. "You've asked Sir. Crosby to stay to lunch of course?" "I'm ofrntd I haven't," Gypsy ad milted, "but I'vo been counting on it. You will, won't you?" she urged facing Alan. He started to refuse but Jim in terrupled. In the end It was set tied that Alan was to stay anil Gj'psy withdrew to tell Matilda ti add another plnco at the- table. Jim Wallace had seldom secinei so genial. Throughout luncheon b talked to Alan about New York, ills- cussed business conditions and o fered Information about local a fairs. Gypsy was quiet. Only a fe limes did she address Alan dirccll and then her gaze did not meet hi; Jim apparently did not'notice thl: They left tho tablo and -wanders back to the living room. ."Havo you shown Mr. Crosby that garden you'ro so proud of?" Jim Ullill. '•He. but I'd HKe to. We can it ost somcthlni I won't know—!" "Please, Alan! You'ro only mat .ng it harder!" "I can't help It. 1 lell you I won't go auay!" "Hut you must! You'll Imro to. Don't you see there's no chance to lalk about anything now?" "Then wben can wo lalk?" "Alan, don't look at me like that! Someone, will seo you. You'll havo lo go aivay. Really you musll" "Not until you say when I tin seo you again—when we can Uilk tliis thing out." "I can't see you again. Alan." "All right. Then this is whoro 1 : ay!" Her eyes sa'ight his in despera- on. There was * up weakening icrc. "I'll seo you." Gypsy said filo\vly, Monday. In tho exhibition rooms t Ilio public library. It's en iho econd floor." "What time?" "Between throo and four o'clcck."* "All risht. I'll bo thero. I'll oo here at three." Then went back to tho house. Im appeared in ttie doorway of Ihe ibrary. Thero was something in lie room thai be wished lo show Crosby—a photograph of the orlg- ua! bouse as it had been when his great-grandfather built it. Tho 'ramcd. faded photograph bung ou be wall over Ills desk. A few minutes later Crosby took bis leave. "Nice fellow," Jim Wallace announced as Crosby's back disappeared down the walk. "Known him long?" "Oil. yes. He lived at.tho room- Ing houso. whero I stayed lor a whilo. 1 was certainly surprised lo see ulm here." "Nice fellow," Jim repealed and went back to bis desk. It was 20 minutes after three when she mourned tho stairs leading up to tU3 public library's eibl- billon roon Monday afternoon. At Ilia head ol the stairs she shot »• quick glance over her shoulder. Gycsy was looking pale. (To O* O»*tio:» tftso^ STORY ?, I'LL IfeLL YOU WrlAf , ; MY LUWBA60 IS ME T I WILL 1R LABORS [ THIS NXR^l "To ESAP, -Z&S-r LIKE M C(<3AR ACTiJALLY A PRCFESSIOMAL "READER •READS ALL PAY TO. z. CIGAR MAKERS; X .^- k Er IT S A SPpok StbWj 1 PoriV REAP AMY SrlilPDERY,, VARY WrlEU MAri ARMS IS TULt OB SUMPlM 7 VtEAUY J •~ AiM T Art HoP& P£Y Al is... BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin BRIGHT BEADS SNAKE'S EYES SANTA PAULA, Cal., (UP) — Harold Mangham, jeweler, reached WANTED INFORMATION Will man who reported finding injured man at Gravois Station on Frisco, lew miles out of St. Louis, night of April IGth please get in touch with E. F. Blo- meycr, Frisco Agent, Blyllieville, Arkansas. for a pair of bright brads beneath The Cochise board of supcrvsors' Pioneers associalion his counter which he apparently . . . . ..-- > — had dropped in putting away his stock. The beads were the eyes of a rattlesnake, which somehow had found ils way into tlio store. Man- gliain killed the snake. New Orleans Cotton NEW YORK, April Cotton closed steady. Open High 1005 1015 1003 1032 HHO 1029 1063 1077 1005 1000 1009 1088 1101 1108 1009 1121 1123 1121 Mny ... July ... Oct. ... Dec. ... Jan. .. Mar. .. Spots 1005. FAY O.DAVIS Attvater Kent Dealer I'honc 421 Invest With Safety G?o paid quarterly on full paid stock, $100 and up. Guaranteed by ' f i rs t' mortgage loans on homes in Blytheville. Secured and Insured. Blytheville Building & Loan Association W. M. Bums, Sec. AM AIBPLAUE.... Looi^ MJKSr 1 POO^D ALOS4S TPE TRACK- AT HO.VE.. THIS IS \>JHV I- VH/WTCD To sef Tb ELKHAQT VCL> DID ..... FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A FR16UD OF M.UJE OH..1 Gfft Off- TVS OPPOSITE SIDE, AT THE STATION.— MS, GARTH DID -)toU GET HGR£ t DID ? DID voo PRONv"? 1 WAS FoE VOL) TO . GET OFF gar yoo SOTOFP...L DIDMT you <5LASSES ON use the | will bear a copper plate descriptive of its history. Blosscu quiet New York Cotton NEW ORLEANS, April 23. —Cotton closed steady. Open High Low May ... July ... Oct. ... Dec. ... Jan. ... Mar. ... Spots quiet and unchanged at OE-i. Fisherman's Paradise PHOENIX, Arizona. (UP) — Hope that Arizona will soon be a paradise for trout fishermen is expressed by R. L. Baylcss, state game warden, who predicts that all streams In Hie state will be open every day in the year for trout fishing within two years. Every stream is being slockerl heavily willi state raised baby Iroul. Uranilc Block Accorded Honor DISDEE. Arizona. iW) — A block of granilo used years ng. In deciding single-jack and double- Jack drilling contests is to be accorded a place of honor in Ilic new courthouse square, crtalcd last year when Ihe county seat ua; transferred here from Tombstone. IE use \tJoOt-O <MAIJT CROTCH oar OF A BY SEOR6E '• ~»fc>u R£ A GOX> TUIMS -#0. DiDSl'T LEA^'ti SHADrySlOe VffTH TO RMD COT |-v CRWTOI "^ F00140 IT 7HATOOSKT TO BE FBR SCVAEgoOV TVAT WASII TUliBS I HEM VIMiH CiETS MM) MID BEGlHS BUUJS fM-VEO 809VGUMy>. WITM ONLV A rrfrcvc, BULL oetices IT is HIGVI TIME FOR WE fl&HTToENP. l\Tf£R, ALL Of YOU'. b'UST j Wt OFF GRINS. OF IT- OH, lV ARE- JUST WOMOERfUU iT.'.VS I is'wciHW DISGUSTED! MV> IMP/

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