Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 18, 1890 · Page 1
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 1

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1890
Page 1
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1 ft m f-i • THE' {Dispatch- Democrat \, —HAH— | tbs'mi mm v. gin Mendocino County .J J&^JI tmt J THE I IDispatch- Democrat -II) WSCOOSWSD TBS L2ADIKS HB?fftfB iof Mendocino County.* VOLUME XXI. DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT. PUBLISHED EVERT FRIDAY, rAT VKIAlt, - - - MENDOCINO CO., CM... By JNO. BUCKINGHAM, 8unsctupTn>N KATES: One Year 50 Blx Moutlm 1 rhree .Months 7.'i AKVKBTIHIKU BATHS: Spaen. Monthly. Yeni-lv. 1 Inch I 2 f>0 |I2 00 2 inches 3 70 18 00 5 Inches 0 00 'il 00 4 Inches f. '25 :10 00 6 luetic* 7 25 M 00 « Inches R 00 TO 00 7 luehes 8 75 4'i 00 . S Inches 0 50 4R 00 9 Inches 10 25 M 00 10 Inches 11 00 CO 00 Onc-hnU column 1150 f>0 00 One column 15 90 120 00 Three months si..,le rate as for one year. Two months times one month. Less thnn one month II per inch for first Insertion. 50 cents per inch for each subsequent Insertion I.epal advertisements $1 per Inch for etieh Insertion. Specified position 25 y»e cent, extra. The itbove ilro net figures. s PROFESSIONAL CARDS. " J. Q. WUITE, IlKtrUit Attorney null Attorney ml |j>w, Ukiah City, Mendocino Co., C«l. OFFICE—In Court House. Will practice lu all Slate and Federal Courts. 1-lllf J. M. MANNON, Attorney sail fotiiiaelor fit law. Ukiah, Mendocino County, Cal. Will practice In all Courts of thin State. Omce—In Masonic Hull budding, corner of School and I'erklns Streets. <-Itf. ./. A. VOOl'Elt, Attorney nnil Coiiunelor nl f.nw. Ukiah City, Cal. OFFICK—In Odd Fellow*' Bull ilo>?. Will promptly attend to all business Intrusted to his care in any of theCourtsof thlsState. | Ml) YELL A- .SAM WELT.. Attorneys nnri <'ommelors nt I.nw. Ukiah City, Mendocino Co., Cal. OFFICE—In New Law Building, west of Court ilouse. Will practice In all Courts of this State. (l-"tf. T. L. CARQT11ERS, Attorney null Counselor n( I.uiv, T'klnh City, California. OTJee In New Law ISullding, west, of Court llouse, Practices In all Stale and Federal Courts. |-l-ltf .S. C. POAtlE, Attorney nfl.nn. Ukiah City. Cnl. Special attention paid lo I'lobatc bu.siutss. Will practice In all the Courts. K. G. TURNElt, Attorney nntl Counselor at Lair, I'olnt Arena, Cal. Will practice lu all the Courts of the State. 2-21tf JA.VES E. PEUliERTOy, Attorney nntl C'oiiuselor lit I .ilw. Lansing St., Mendocino City. Will practice in all the Courts of Ihis State l-7lf. J. K. CHAMBERS, Attornoy null 1 'oniiMelor at Law, Covelo, Montloelno Co., Cal. Practices In all the Courts of (his State. If. .V. MOORE, it. D., Physician and Surgeon, Ukiah Cily, Cal. jp^r-Oltlce In Old Law Bulldinfr, corner of School and Perkins streets. J. L. BOND, if. n., PStyxielaii Hail Nni'Keou, L'kiahCity, Cul. OFFICE—On west side of Court House, in Hewer's building. GEO. II'. STOUT, if. D., Pliynlclau audNurveon, Ukiah City, Cal. Orrm—At Ukiah Hotel. l2-2ltf. J. It'. HUDSON, it. l>. Physician and Surgeon, Ukiah. Cal. Office: Northwest cor. Standley and School ai 4 »U. Rooms at A. O. Carpenter's, State st. l-li >tf O. T. MASON, M. D. Physician, Nurtfettu anil «Jy nevolog-lnl. San Francisco. Cal. Telephone No. 3-1 IS. 510 Hayes Street. Makes a specialty of Diseases of Females and all dlseasf-s of the Stomach and Digestive Organs If. II. HOGSHEAD, P D. H. DENT INT. Ukiah City, Mendocino Co., Cnl. OFFICE—West of Express Ofllee. tins administered. 10-21 tf. UKIAH CITY. MENDOCINO COUNTY, CAL., FRIDAY M0KN1NG. .IDLY 18,1890, NUMBER 42 A. T F. BRUNNER'S Well stocked HARDWARE ESTABLISHMENT -YOU FIND- The Largest Assortment of Buihler'H Ilnrdwnro, Mechiinic's Tools, Mann's, Ilunl'p IUHI nurd's Axes, Hurvi'V Pence Hnud mid X SUWH, I'lunUijf Tools, The Imperinl Plow, [litst Plmo in the World.) —AL.H0— Tin? Buokevo Coinlilned Harrow and Seeder, The Buckeye Pump, The buckeye Wind Motor, The Bridge, Beiicli A Co. superior Stoves and RaiiKL'S, Thu Adams it WoMtlnke Monarch Gasoline Iin lives, and a liun«lr«>«l ttu«l oue thiiitff* 4>rnii(ii)?utial iiHi'fiRl, AT LOWEST RATES. SV3 LlYI-:RY&FEEDft-|-/| Oiitmslte ttaeUrantl Hotel, State Street, Ukiah, Cal. SMITH & HftL, Proprietor. flood Turnouts for hire—Double and Single teams, and Saddle Horses. The best of en re given to transient stock. Teams furnished with or withoutdrlvers. Your patronage Is solicited, nud satisfaction guaranted. 9-7tf. D. K. SAN FORI). J. M. SAN FORD. NEW SHOP NEW PRICES For Best Meats and at Lowest Prices don't fail to call on SANFORD&SGN, Opposite the Post-Offlco. Stale Street, - • Ukiah Cilxj. L. EDWARDS. 1). KDWAUDS. EDWARDS BROS' teat Market, JT^^We wish tn inform tho public that we have opened a meat market In the buildinpf recently oeeupied by B. Marks <t Co, where we will continually keep on hand the very choices, meats to be found in the market. Ment delivered free to all parts of the city. Remember w*: are bore to stay. EDWARDS BROS. Real # Estate ^Agent, Omce opposite DISI'»TCII offlce, Ukiah, Lauds Sold on Commission. Business alleuded to strictly on busl- ueps principles. IO-8tf U. B. 6M1TK. it. 1C. D0N011OE. Smith & Donohoe iSuccessors to Duncan & Smith.) Searchers of Records, Office with County Assessor, L'KIAII CITY, • - CALIFORNIA Abstracts made and Conveyancing Done. Agents for Fire Association of Philadelphia. Hefcr by permission to: Kobt. Mcfiarvey, Superior .ludKe; S. I). Pnxton, County Clork; Tnos. I.. Carotbers, Ksq,; li. A. Heabody, Editor of DIBF/ITOH. l'2-7tf. I ll'.l/. it. I'EEUV, Real Estate Agent, Conveyancer and Searcher of Records, Ukiah, Cnl. Ofllee with Countv Clerk. All busluess imtruatcd to my cara attended to prouiplly. 4-i,lf. Q. A. OYKliilEYElt, t'uiiMtalile HIHI t'oilcetor Ukiah City, Cal. Omen—Opposite Dlfii'AT'Mi ollk'e. Prompt attention given to all business entrusted to my care. F. it. MASON. Architect and Builder, Ukiah City, Cal. Mans, RneelfloatloUH and Ksllmates mado t'> order. Will winli'aoi for ail kinds of buildinss, to furnish material, or otherwise. Satisfaction guaranteed. 8-32tf. WHITTBN + THE + S.UDLER, NSXT UOOH TO EX:'llEllb OfFlOK, Ukiah Olty, - - dalWemt".. Mendocino County Abstract -:• Bureau! And Land Title Oilier, .School St., adj. Christiau Church, UKIAH, CAL jCflT* Sole propr»*torn of Durfee'N Self-Correcting .System of dedueinif Land Titles. Only com plete abstracts of Meuiloeino CouuLy. Searchers of ftooords. Insurance and Loan Agents. miNSnCiMANCINS SF2CIALT1E2 RICE 4. BALTZCLL, 4-2r .tf. 1'ropiielors. A WEAK MAN Can now cure himself of the rleplorahle resullK of eui 'l.,' abu«i>. ii"'.! perfectly rentove bis VIKOI ' ami vElnUiy by the tJteal Ausirullan Remedy. The reuaarhable CHIIH of hopeless ease* of Kervoua Itoblllly and I'rfvale 4'4 ,ni |«lnlntM are everywhere Rtampinit nut quackery. The Medicine, R physician'sulft lo suireilnK humanity, will he stout fr»« to Ihose ntll Intnl. Address, Dr. M. B. TAYLOR, 80U Market Street, Bar. Kriinoiisoo BJIRCPR!forthe "MestiouiNn Dia- aWOOOnlOL l'ATCH AND UKMOrRAT." ihoBEBT W0Ah PAl'EH publlshwl lo Meurtn- 110pouiity. AllQwloral.cMistfl, nwl mavia tf«w»\|lv*i each wqi. 8»a4 (o» WHlple eofr J. R.MATHEWS' CITY PHARMACY! North Side of Court House, Standley St., Ukiah, Cai. ZTi^m I. W. Parker FIHEMGli AND MEDICINES. Choice Perfumeries. Fine - Toilet - Articles! Pure Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Preparations. Patent Medicines, Cigars, Etc. -) ICE-COLD SODA WATER,(— ITMXlixi.S JProscjr'ptiona n. Spcol «1 ty. BASCH, MERCHANT TAILOR, STATE STREET, UKIAH, CAI.. tW~ Largo Stock of finest and best quality of noinentlc and lui|>ui't«<l «Ji»i,lls, suitable for Fall aud Wiutev wear, which will be made up promptly, aud perfect tils guaranteed. Prices Reasonable. Call and examine floods, ami U'ave your order for a full suit, or any part of one. 10-4tf JEWELER, , iuiu VOL GOlil For Health and Pleasure New Goods! mi Quality! Low Prices! JACOB HBGHn, MERCHANT TAILOR School Street, Ukiah. The preat mass of snow in the Herri* this Year will Rive the waterfalls of the Yoscmitc t\ splendor never nqiiah'd before. The lluti-l i.el Moiito, fairest spot in California, Invites yuu. li is not expensive. Kvcr camped lu the* Mtiitit Mtmnt- ai>'*i? If not, you have novcr lived. 1 f you v, ant to see tiaturo'g noideut liaudlwot'k, visit grand old -crow IMH! ShiiKla. And iliei'-au: I *:tltt*«,— I'ahof, iMJiiiier. Inrle- pendeni'e' Wfbber and others,—wilt-re there are tin- purest air and tin; best, tishiny und boatlux in the world. Oi eoui-ae you ivinember ^HIIIH Moiii <Ni, LOII ^ Iteu <-lE and niuiiii Iturluira. Looking (or Kpriii|*;<i? There are the Gevsers, Napa Soda, White Mtilfdiur. HarUett, Byron, .1*Una, Highland, Klamath, Coujires;, I'osa Utibles, Oilroy, l*araisu, bhastu Soda and others. H AS A LAKtIK AND SKLECT STOCK OFTIIIC llnest ^oods, both foreign and duinestie. which he will make up at bedrock prices. A Goon KIT OUAIIAKTKED. Give him an earlycall, make your selections, and secure n perfeet tit, whercbj you will be pn-sentable at all times. l>-2i"itf. ili.lLi ; l\T & CillSNIilliM, Stntn Mi (H'(, l?hlafi, Have the largest and best stock of ASK FOII THE HOI'THEHN PACIFIC Coy.iMNY's rAMi 'iu .KT, 11 CALIFORNIA'S KZBOUTS." Kv^rythlntr in California worth seeing is on the lines of tin; SniTUi'SU PACIFIC CO.IIi'AM HtCH'n (J KAY, T. II. OOODMAN, (JV/J. Traiih' Mantt'jer. tteu. I'at-g. Agt, SAN rUANC'lSf.'O, CAL. RAILROAD LANDS! For &iilt> on l!eiiHmial>l<> T«*rm*. For Lauds in Central and Northern California. Orejion. Nevada and Ctah apply to or address W. U. MII.L.S, Land Apt, C. I*, li. ii. Haw Kinnclseo. F'ir Lands in Southern California, applv to or address JKKOSIK MAUDEX, l.andAf.'t, ri. l\ K.K AH San Francisco. Furniture and Carpets KVEK BROUGHT TO MKNDOCINO CO, Evorthing apper'a.ining' to a flrst- class furniture establishment constant ly on hand. Buying; for cash direct from the manufacturer we are enabled to sell at San Francisco prices. Call and be convinced. Terms Strictly Gash. S®"0ur undertaking department is thoroughly equipped. Orders in thie line promptly attended. LANE'S 8PRIN68, Siiwooi "alls;, Itaiodi.o County, (a!, FOURTEEN MILES NORTH OF ItKIAir. SPECIAL a^NOUNGEi^ENT! THE GAP AY VALLEY LAP COMPANY H BELLING llic Uexl, 9ln «t l'.rllln Kml K,nlle L FRUIT LAND IN CALIFORNIA On Five Years Time. for the full amount of the. purchase, requiring the payment of annual interest only, thus p K „ obliiig iiio puroha-sor to produce n bearlKg orchard befcro requiring J)i.y- meut oil any purt of tUo Puvc 'han-a money, and furtlu r ena' linjr the purchaser to PAY FOR HIS LAND OUT OF THE PRODUCT. The terms herein announced are ode red on condition of improvement, and will not be accorded to tho?o who pun-huso with speculative intent; thus, the nest located, most fertile and earliest fruit land in California, is Offered at R «MisoraMn R«\tos "»d on !'ie most Favoraolo Terms* For particulars, address or apply to W. H. MILLS. Ayeut CAP.VY VALLKY LAND COMPANY, Fourth and Townsend Streets, Han Francisco. Chinese or Tenement House Made Cigars. THE UKIAH MAKES THE FSNEST CRADCS OF CIGARS TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE. S«I>A, IKOX, MAHXKSIA, Nl l,I>III'll, A.\U Ol'IIJJK WATEIM. C. E. TRYO^Ij General Biacksmith! Comoro/ stale inid strvrnatin Xtrerta, ndjoin- inn Kentucky Xlablct, Ukiah City, Cnl. #^-Cnrrlnj?e mill w-uemi mulclne;, shoelii/i ftlia peuerill t-ilueksmitlilu^' done. A^fciil for the DecrlnK Miiwer.SulIUiiinr>liiRRiikcH. Mltch- ell Wuuun, und olher innn nmehliieiy. S-2-llf. Only the clioioost material used and White Labor exclusively employed. Ue«t CnnipluK Grounds l» Ihe Couuty. , Water, w.ioi! and KTOinirln freo. Oood ]»«miirii S e QJ 2ar dealers, ClO riot to far horses ut inoUernle rules. "-"n " ' T. A. LANE, Prop. | givo our cigars a trial. Your patrons will be delighted with them. Ukiah Cigar Factory, PAUL BAIER, Prop. When you buy a Piauo or Organ of a traveling agent, you not only pay his expenses aud wages, but a big profit on it besitleo. Brwe these expenses by buying your instruments of Sam L. Moore, Ukiah, who is agent £9-Having piiroii»wrisinKi.eo'iwAsu-iiflii«e! for the leading makes and who, owing re^pecifnlly tiollell the putinnnKeolUie puhlle I W Bihlnz. Iroulnrj, anil llntiiiK done with Hunt i . . . . . , . * • ne«»eii.idi(i]mtch. iiiwm.i Aiu'ooH, ; to his special auvtintages. is enabled to sell them at a small advance on wholesale prices. Washing and Ironing! Ah Pooh's Wasliouse, Cor. I'bikreh and Mievounun Nl«„ Uhlitli. A Mendocino Romance. Put-ins; tho lvcont trial at Snntti UOBII o( W. I,. Bean, who is charged with working the threadbare tfold brick swindle on David II. I 'arkH, a randier near Bloomfield, Sonoma county, quite an interenting story wao related. Parks, the, victim of tho fraud, testified Mint on tho 27tli day of April W. L. liean came to bin IIOUNP near Blconilield and represented hiuiHolf as Arthur Irwin. He said that lie was a minister and lutd been Chaplain in tho Colorado Prison. Bonn produced a letter of introduction purporting to bo from Park's son who resides in the Hotithern portion of the .State. Bean said that a prisoner named Eastman recently died in the Colorado penitentiary and shortly beforo death lie made a confession that near Bloomfield, Sonoma county, California, he bad hidden treasure. It was a gold brick weighing 400 ounces. A diagram of the place where the brick was buried was in possession of Wean, who said that Eastman had mado it for him. Bean also produced the will of the man Eastman which bequeathed a two-third interest in the brick to himself and the other third to EitBtman's father, who resided in Port ^rville, Tnlarfl county. Bean was oc- Oompanied by n young man whom lie in- ti-od need as tho deceased Eastman's brother. Parks became interested in Ihe story and asked bow Eastman came to be in the penitentiary, to which Bean replied that shortly before the war Eastman resided at Ukiah, Mendocino county, where he became enamored of a beautiful young ludv. They were engaged to be married. At tbeboginni/igof the civil conflict, Eastman, like the Spanish Cavalier bid farewell to IUH sweetheart, pledged her eternal cnnslnncy and started away to join the bloody conflict. Upon his return to I'.'kiah he found that the girl had been i,olrayed by a scoundrel, lie attempted to make the man who had ruined her marry her. The two men engaged in a bloody fight. Eastman slew bis antagonist anil fled with a friend to Mexico. The Indians took them prisoners. His friend was scalped and taken away. Eastman was taken prisoner and compelled to work in the rich mines of Mexico by his captors. Little by little he carried away and hid gold dust uutil ho accumulated a large quantity. One day he seized an opportunity to escape. Mounting a horse be rode to the hiding place of the treasure, secured the dust and made good his eecapo. The next place be turned up was at Colorado. Ho remained there a short time and set out for Ukiah with his treasure. Upon arriving at Ukiah be met his old comrade. He was about to be apprehended for his old crime aud set out for the coast. His friend was with him. At Mendocino City or some other place along the coast they touk a sloop and set sail fur t-an Francisco. Observing that they were followed by a large vessel, they went ashore at Bodega. The two men, pursued by otiiocr*, carried the brick inland as far as Bloom lield, where, close pressed ! by their followers, they buried it. ! They mado their way back to Colorado and (ell out over tho ownership of a ; gun. In n scuffle for the gnu Eastman i accidentally discharged the weapon, The shot killed his former iriond. For this he wax serving a life sentence in i the penitentiary. The prisoner had j since contracted consumption and in j view of impending death made the I will which Bean produced, j After listening to Bean's gilt edge story . a search from tho diagram was made. Ere long the gold brick, which weighs uouie twenty-six pounds, was turned up. Bean had a drill and a hole was immedi ately drilled in the bron/.o brick. The filings were given to Parks and ho was requested to have the metal tested. The next day Hi inn and Parka went into Pot- lunin for th it purpose. The filings were in nn envelope. When in town Bean said to Parks " give me that envelope containing the filings so that you can take a part to one jeweler and I another part to a soeoud jeweler." i'arks obeyed. Bean handed Parks back the envelope after a short time and he went to u jeweler who pronounced the tilings good gold. Parks was very much elated over the find. Bean then told him ii lie would givo him $1,000 in money be would' give him a lien on the brick. He needed the money to moetan emorgoucy. Parks got the brick and L'enn the money. Ho wrote I'arks a letter telling hint not to dispose of tho brick as it was stolen property ; t hall here were privato marks on it which were known to the United states detectives, and it woidd therefore bo necessary to remelt it. Bean wits not heard from again and Parks grew suspicious and confided the story of his investment to the legal authorities who put detectives on the track of Bean. In a short tiino u man answering Beau's description was lodged in the county jail ut Santa Rosa. His trial ended on the 3d iust. in a disagreement of the jury, six standing fur conviction and six ior acquittal. The Lottery Bugaboo. Saernmento Kse. The Louisiana Lottery bill has been pase- ed over the Governor's veto. It will he interesting to watch whether the State will be swamped in a sea of extravagance and corruption, or whether it will go righ t si raigbt along on the path oi progress. We believe it will progress. W'e know no reason why it should not. Wo are not of those who see the hand writing; on tho wall because Louisiaun IIBB thought best to keep vaHt amounts within her own borders rather than let thoin bo diverted into othor States. This howl against the licensing of lotteries has more in it of hypocrisy than of sense, more of sentiment than of reason. Wo in California are passing out of the State hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly to this lottery, which pay* nothing at all for the privilege of conducting its business hero. The laws against selling lottery tickets are dead letters, and violators thereof are frequently on Grand Jurieg. Thousands of dollars go into the coffers of the Chinese lotteries of this city, and none but the Police Department seems to profit thereby. The evil is here, the ovil will be hero. Many of the most earneBt denunciators of the evil are themselves dabblers therein. Then what is to be done? When an ill cannot be checked, the sensible physician keens it within bounds of proper regulations. So should it be with our State and municipal doctors. ThiB lottery evil is running wild, and there seems to be no power to restrain it. Then why not make it some benelitlo State and city. License itand keep it within proper check. Then it will be of some benefit to the people. Now it is none. Then it will lose half its viciousncss by losing all of its secrecy. The Census. S. F. Alta. It is said that Nevada's population h only 45,ti00, less than the city of Oakland. The recession is due to the decay of mining camps. The State has good agricultural land, and, with proper attention to irrigation, can support, in comfort a large population. It needs a different disposition towards immigrants, a kindlier welcome aud better protection in their legal rights, and it may greatly regain ith standing by 1000. Idaho shows less than 100,000 population, and there are doubts as to the propriety of giving her Statehood, but it is propable that her resources are sudicientlv permanent to secure an increase in tho number of her population, or at leatt prevent decadence. Iowa ami Kansas both show a decrease in the rate of increase, and there are some fears thai ! they may show au actual falling off since 1SH0. This is attributed to prohibition in those States. On one aido of then. Missouri and on the other Nebraska, an old State and a new State, with high liquor license, show a large increase in their respective populations. Everywhere the census shows a greater proportionate increase in city than in countr\ population, which is the most nnwhole Boine indication that a country coulci have. In tho manufacturing States especially the farms are deserted and the towns are crowded. It is certain that a j a greater percentage of our total population will be in cities than ten years ago. Bookless Pension Legislation. Tonne; Jim Blaine Elected from the Bouse. 13 1^1 * 1 >|P n ^^| lce u"c« tarn g llnble Bp *•"-"' ' Dr. A ..... »«l *Aoii »e«biiloi «»oa engitftb trcatiaint: board, ulo. VoUallliiraHai. Call,onrritu, Inf. AitlQciul tijva. Mf»tt nil a «M! SM»OU » KSiilllr. Wcukiw-kDotart ot Otwmi'j positive oiin. All «"»•«» Con HOP ni 1*1. VMltt, fyhU'a VtmmM KwwioWl Bt<«4twPlnmta FOB J A AMI) y. AOHI; Tn.WiTS OF IHCU tiOT- I II tmii hii .nUor mile lit Mlll« LuUu Valley. tiuudmHlimii oi tho 11.1.. .Norton HOMK RANCH. KMf »«»»*. .Apj,ljMoir, Ii. MUin, WllUta, ot WASHINGTON , July 0.—Speaker Reed to-day had James tt. Blaine, Jr., ejected from the floor of the HOUJO on a complaint lodged against him by Congressman Houk of Tennessee. Young Biaine is clerk of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, of which Mr. llitt of Illinois is chairman. Under the rules none of the committee clerks have tho right to the door except when business of their committees is beforo the House, but young Blaine hps been going jn and out whenever it suited him. The Blaines and tho Reeds are not on speaking terms and tho Secretary doubtless will not entertain any high regard for the Speaker when he hears that he bud bis son bounced from the floor in a humiliating way. The new universal, comprehensive, personal option, back action, repeating and far reaching pension bill is a little too much for the Buffalo Expretn, ft Republican paper which breaks out in this treasonable style—thftt is, when a Democratic paper talks this way it is accused of disloyalty : "The conference pension bill is not born of patriotism und justice, nor is it based on principles of good government. The Republican party, it is urged; stands pledged to do justice to the soldier. Do pension appropriations oi nearly $100,- O00.OJO a year go for naught? Must $60,000,000 more be given to prove that the Republican party is the soldier's friend? That party has pledged itself to be just, aud it has magnificently redeemed the pledge. When it becomes recklessly extravagant, it forgets its duty to the American people. A deficit ol $60,0000,000 can never bo explained, excused or extenuated. Right or wrong, it invites a disastrous rebuke at the polls. * * * The most objectionable feature, perhaps, of the whole measure is the giving of pensions to widows w'hoso husbands received no injury auo whoso deaths were not indirectly caused by war. Thousands of women who married years after the war closed will become life-pensioners now. No reason for such ill timed and extravagant generosity can be given. * * * The nation owes something to posterity as well n« tn soldiers who never received any injury during the war or widows who married ninety-day soldiers since the war closed. The men who lost their lives, limbs or health, or received any injury whatever in Herving their country are already on Ihe rolls. The people pay cheerfully millions of dollars every year to such men and their widows. But this Is a radical innovation nn the whole theory of pension-giving. It opens the door for frauds innumerable and pub- a premium on the zeal of pension agenb and the too-willing affidavit-making oi :hepensioner. V/nat a chance forswear ing is there in the case of a man attempt ing to prove that the disability he received after the war closed is not tho result of his own "vicious habits!" What « tax on the people to pension thousand, of men who disgraced the service for 9 days and since then have become "dependent" by reason of their own Bhitt lessness and improvidence! What i- loop-hole, moreover, for the pensiou agent in the word "dependent," and how man\ men will become " dependent," ns tin- result of this law! It will pauperizi thousands oi camp-followers and cowards for whom the nation must be taxed mos. greviotisly for years to come. : A Mendooino Railroad. Articles of incorporation have been filed by the the Greenwood Rallraod Company in the office of the County Clerk of San Francisco. The company proposes to build a narrow-gauge railroad from tide water, at the mouth of Ureen- wood creek, or Donahue creek, OH sometimes called, Mendocino county, by the most practicable route to Elk creek in said countv, to a point at or near where said creek intersects the township line between townships 13 nnrl 14 north, range 15 west, Mount Diablo Meridian; thence by the most (practicable route to the main branch of Alder creek; thence up said creek to a point near the east line of section 26, in township 16, nn estimated distance of twentv-four miles, constituting tho main'line. There will be a branch road commencing nt a point distant about three miles from the mouth of said creek, the estimated length o' MIM branch being eight miles. In time there will also be some twenty branch linen, so called, up creeks and gullies, their length ranging from half a mile to eight miles. The capital stock of the company is $i00,0ti0, of which $70,000 has been subscribed. The directors are L. E. White, J. II. Tate, Charles E. Wilson, T. Pollard and E. J. Dodge. Mr. White is a wholesale lumber dealer, San Francisco; Mr. Wilson is an attorney, and Messrs. Pollard and Dodge are also large lumbermen. The road is intended to reach the large redwood forests of Mendocino county. About Money. How many people know how much there is in this country of what people 'money?" How much in gold and •all 1 Oaps.'oam as a Counter-Irritant. Dr. Henry J. Buck, writing to thi Cancel, says: '.'I have used this druj for more than twenty years—I may al most say daily—and many of my pa dents will not travel without a bottle o the 'magic lotion,' as they call it. 1 fin< the simplest aud most efficacious wa> of applying it is to soak ii large handful of the crushed pods in half a pint of ho water for an hour, then strain, and bot tie for use. A tenspoonful of enu-tle cologne added will help to keep the solu tion, or it can be well boiled after prepar ing. I then have it applied to the affected parts on a piece of linen folded threi or four times, or on lint, and coverei with gutta purcha tinsue or a dry flannel En this way the lotion may be kept or for hours without vesicating, and ii. many cases tho skin is liardlv reddened The stinging and binning sensation produced by the capsicum lotion is, after n few minutes, welcomed hy the sufferer so magically does It often remove th> rheumatic or neuralgic pain for which it is being applied. In acute torticollis a cure is often speedily obtained by cover ing the side affected with the application In any lnrm of neuralgia, rheumatism, sub-acute gout, pleurodynia, and such like, it will be found most useful,and mnj be re-appb'ed over and over again during tho day and night without any fear ol vesication." silver coin, and how much in greenbacka ind other paper currency bearing the I 'ampof the United States government? Very few. Inquiry at the Treasury Department discovers the fact that there is, ill told, just a little over two billions or oetween 430 and $10 apiece for every nun, woman and child in tho United states. Of this a little over one-half is in , r oid and silver coin, and a little less dian one-half in paper of various kinds. )t the metal money about two-thirds are in gold and one-third in silver. Of the oaper about one-third is of U. S. notea or greenbacks, one-fourth in silver certifi- •ates, one-sixth in gold certificates, one- iflb in national bank notes, and the re- nainder in various denominations. But the $2,0,iO,000,0,N) of United States urreney arc not sll in circulation among the people. More than one-third i* ocked up in the Tieasury building, and hat is the normal stato of things. One- lalt oi all the gold and three-fourths of the silver is locked up in the Trensury. .lie circulating medium in use among he people is three-fourths paper, the argest volume being in greenbacks, with diver certificates next, then national •ank notes, then gold certificates. One Swindle Explained. ives the a store in day, and Mr. Blaine's reciprocity letter is u mine of nuggets to the tariff reformer. It is good protectionist doctrine that tho effect of a tariff is to cheapen everything, and Is equally sound protection to affirm that all duties aro paid by the exporter and not by tho customer. Mr. Blaine doen not believe in either of these doctrines. This is what ho fays: "Nearly all the articles we oxport to our neighbors are • subject to heavy custom taxos; so heavy, in many casos, to prohibit their consumption by the musses of the people." If this does not mean that the effect of a tariff is to Incretifo cost, of articles to the consumer, it has no meaning at all. This is good ariff reform doctriuo confirmed by high protection authority .—.ty, ivgfitld Kegs Busy. Tho great success in life is to keep busy, lo be persevering aud patient, and untiring efforts in the pursuit or calling you are following. The busy ones may now and then make mistakes, but it is better to risk these than to bo idle and inactive. Keep doing, whether it be at work or seeking rocreation. Motion is lifo, and the busiest are tho happiest. Cheerful, active labor Is a blessing. An old philosopher says: " The firefly only shiuiM) when on the wing; so it is with the mind; when once at rest, we darken."— JClmina, Bibical units have the following equivalents : A shekel of gold was $8. A firkin was seven pints. A talent of gold was $13,800. A talent of silver was $538.80. Ezekiel's reed was nearly U feet. A cubit was nearly 20 inches. A bin was 1 gallon and 2 pints. A mite wus less than n quorter of a glass. A shekel of silver was about 50 cents, A piece of silver, or u peuny, was 13 cents. A Sabbath day's journey was about an English mile. An ephah, or bath, contains 7 gallons and 5 pints. A day's journey was about 23 W miles. A hand's brradlh is equal to 1 inch. A farthing WUH 7 cents. , ^.« i ... —At Eureka, Humboldt county, Tuesday, Louis Lavfllletto, charged with highway rubbery, In standing up editor Thompson, pleaded guilty In the Superior Court and was sentenced to ten vwi ioQu*n- l|n. He is the man who madt 4 robber's I have never known a better market for our prunes thnn now, and 1 have owned a 48- acre prune orchard for twelve years. The man who hits a good hearing prune orchard and who make a good thing of It this wholly nt fault. Tho trees are loaded down with fruit, and there never was such a demand for California prunes. 1 have had thirteen buyors after my crop, which will amount to not less than 220 tons, at the rate ot $40 a ton, or 2 eente n pound. I have roiused all these offers, and so have my neighbors refused offers for their crops. Now I am offered even 2}i cents a pound, I am Htill refusing, and thero are many of us fruit growers who will not sell for less than $55 a ton, or 2% cents a pound.—/,. F , T/io>r<p»0)> of San Jote in Painonn Vrogrem. In a rocont speech Congressman Atkinson, of West Virginia, said: " Tf all the ports of entry on both oceans wore to-day blockaded so that no vessel could onter them bearing tho products of other countries, and war should be declared against us, we could, with our present facilities, produce every munition of war, and every article that we might heed for our sustenance (or a thousand years." In an Interview-with tho Rochester Union Hob Ingersoll says i "I beliovo In protecting what are called the infant industries, hut after the*j 'infanta' get to be sin (eet and wear No. 12 boot* it Is about time to stop rooking the cradle, especially when tho 'infant' tehVyou* that li you stop rooklnx he will g»t out of the crsdle ami klgjk jruur hejMJI off." C, W, Tiudall wlH r«o«lv^ Mbeorltiiiofia lot U* D^*««-U»woe»4rct ft. *m* Lewiston Journal. A drummer for a Boston grocery ccn- •ern says that he sees in Maine some of he sharpest tricks that are practiced inywhere on his route. He ollow ing specimen: A fHrmer 's wife bustled into V'ashington county the other vent for the proprietor with : " Mr. D , I bought six pounds ugnr here last- week, and when I got home I found a stone weighing two pounds in the package." " Yes, ma'am." " Can yon explain the swindle, sir? " "I think 1 can," was the proprietor's nlacid reply. "When I weighed your '>ight pounds of butter last week I found a two pound pebble in the jar, und when I weighed your sugar the stone must have slipped into the scales, somehow. We are bath growvug oln i ma'am, and I wry to Ray that our eyesight isn 't to lie trusted. What can I do for you to-day, ma 'am?" For a moment the woman gazed at the tradesman over her brass-bound spectacles. Then she recollected herself and remarked that she hartja half dozen egga to exchange for hooks and eyes. The Chairman of tho Republican Con" j gressional Committee has issued nn ad- does "ot| (lr088 t0 tho Republican editors of the season !.-, ,, olmtry instructing thorn what their duty should bo in reference to the national nlectiii law. The Chairman is kimlneaa it«elf. Probably he would iikti io cohie over here and run the lite for a while. If so, he can start at once. All he needa to bring with him Is his cheek. That would curry him over everyol*tacle known to journalism, Immersed in the ahad- ows of Ids own conceit, he would wallow daily through muck and. mire of iirnnrance and stupidity and imagine tho world wa* walking contentedly along beneath the. electric light of his intelligence.—JSIiieroir meiito Ike. . " : lipi* How few persons know what la meant by n "size" in tho matter of coals, «hoes, etc A size iii a coat in an inch, a ww, in underwear is two Inchea, a alge'tn^i}^; sick is one inch, In « collar one halJ'Ijr', inch, in a shirtono half an inch, in t>lwea , one-sixth of an Inch, trouserg;?se4s:sSitf"' , * a gloves f ne-quartor of an •• inch and hat*^ one-eighth ot an inch. For the third tlipe th«, etaMfijji death has been pAeseaon Wrn,l^ ~ the New York murder?, who**; become famous through tftfc ' the court* against £ho ftlM^)^ Jaw. 1IU i'lu-.iow '•Aiuwtc &l'. ordered to bs carried Int^riS the first week ot Aw ^TW®-

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