The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 30, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1894
Page 12
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"if f ^ FORTY niLLlON CAKES YEARLY. INC PROCTER ft GAMBLE CO., OIN'TK ALL HOME PKIlfa. THE SKNTINISL is the only newspaper In car- Nil count; that Is printed all at Home and it con- alns mote local and countr news tlwn any otlier two papers In this count) 1 . POWKRS Sc COLCLO, Props. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1894. SPECIAL To all Whom it may Concern: THESIS GREETING: THEIR MAJESTIES: QUKEi* TITAN 1A: QUEEN LADY-BIRD: QUEEN MAB> ; of Fairy-land will, by special car attended by their beautiful Fays, Sprites sod Gnomes arrive and hold their Fairy Court at the GERMANIA OPERA HOUSE, (larroll, Towa, imea out of the nine, but failed to get a urhey for Thanksgiving. Geb. W. Bowen left for Whealland, .&., Monday for a few days' absence in legal business. Do vou know that H. T. Daniels' is the place to buy your groceries? A trial irder will convince you of that fact. Mrs. H. E. Beach received word Tues day of the serious illness of her father at Council Bluffs and left that afternoon, A young lady desires information of a jertain young man as to how he feels after hanging out for a night on an arc ight. Are you oware ot the fact that H. T. Daniels, the cash grocer, has just moved nto his new store opposite the court 1HURSPAY FRIDAY Dec. 6 7 • ,3eftutiful Young Ladies. Handsome Young Gentlemen. Pretty Children. Elegant Costumes. Mut>ie. Reserved seats at Hatton's. Dr. Lowry, director. Mrs. E. S. Lowry, directress. Admieeioo 2fic. Reserved eeate 85 *50o. PEOPLE AND EVENT Visit Moore's shoe store. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. BOOB & Laugbliu, funeral directors and embalmera. PaintH, Oils aud Brushes at J. W. Hatton's. •Hies Gale Mills, of Wall Lake, was in the city the Kiiwst of Miss Moon. B. M. Funk was in the city Saturday for' a short time between trains. Misses Guilds andParham, of Atlantic, are visiting Miss Libbie Maclean. DiaeaseB of the eye, ear, throat and •OM. Dr. O. L. Wright, Carroll. Mrs. W. O. Rich is enjoying a visit ffom her sister Miss Griffln of Glidden. ' Diseases of women and children ppeoialty. Dn. B. 0, KBLLKT, Carroll, la. Insurance, and money to lonn OD real- •alato at 6 per cent. MABTIN & M&RTIN. Migsdola Blake entertained a number of her friendi at whist Thursday evening. Editor Turrill, of the Jefferson Souvenir, passed throueh the city Saturday. Bobes aud blankets are cheaper than ever. Do uot (ail to get prices of L. T. Anderson. Miss Jean Riuger after enjoviuii a few weeks' vacation in the city left Tuesday for Omaha. J, R. Whitney and family are enjoying a visit from a from Douyer. Attorney B. was UHhe city ovor Sunday the guest of 0. E. Reynolds. Mrs. C. O. Velio, of MarenKo, la., IB in the city visiting lior daughter, Mrs. D. H. Park aud family. Mrs. A. ICcsslor was summoned Moo- day tp lown City, where hur father lies at the poiut of deuth. The public library will bo opuu until further notice from 5 I » 7 o'clock, Tuesday aud Friday evenings. Walter Wattles, of Nellijb, Nub., was in the cltv the first part of the week the guest of his brother 0. L, 8. T. Bovntou, West Sido, Iowa, breeder of rngiutered Poland China pigs, bag pige of both sexes (or sale City schools closed Wednesday until next Monday in order to uivo tlio children abort Th»nkfl«lving vacation. Po not forget that yon can get ueedlee and repairs for any eewjug machine u( L. T. Auderaou'u atore. sister of Mr, Whitney's Q, Clark, of Scrauton, Clerk Keunuboek iaaued a marriage llceueu lo Victor flloppuhu and Miss M«rla Aiding both of this city. Bead tho program j» today's paper to be given by tbo Orlente (Saturday even lug ut tuo hifcb school building. Buoa & Luugbliu Luve Just reoeivec their lino of holiday furniture and it in the flues! evt>r exhibited iu Carroll. At tUu turkey ahoA Monday uftoruoou J, P. lluee Hecurud four birds, Joe Ceinp- •fear Ma W«tt« two. iimnphruy oue, Fred ' QUO and (leury Buhuruwoburoue iu suouud.beit eoven County Clerk Kennebeck issued a marri- ge certificate Saturday to Burnard Crln- nigan and Miss Ella Glenn, of Greene cotintT. W. H. Mohr, the newly elected county clerk was in the city Monday. It is his in- ention to move to our city and become one of us. Anthracite, Hocking Valley, and the best grades of Boone lower vein lump and nut coals for sale by the Greeu Bay Lumber Co. ' V. Hinrichg and wife were at home lo a number of their friendsFriday evening Whist was the order of the hour. Refreshments were served. Lounges $3,20, ^nattreseee, $2.50 bedroom enits $15, parlor suite $30 ir. fact we have rock bottom prices on al our goods. Boos & Langhlin. Fred Miller, of Manning, and Assesso Long nnd Mayor Bruninr, were all be 1 fore the board Tuesday regarding thi assessment of the Mulct tax. Oh eayl Are yon going to give o; eend any Christmas presents? If.eocal sod get Boos & Langblin's prices on conches, rockers and lounges. Schumacher & Mitts have plenty of the! Salt Lake potatoes on hand. Al parties ordering now will be furnished from the car at wholesale prices. Miss Ada Cheasbrp entertained a number of her friends Saturday evening. Refreshments were served and the evening was pleasantly spent at whist. The annual meeting of the Woman's Missionary society will be held at the M. E. church Sunday Dec. 3, at 11 a. m. Read the program in today's paper. Arcadia, Manning, Carroll nnd Coon Rapids, were all represented before the board of supervisors by parties asking for the rebatement of the Mulct tax. Schumacher & Mitts, dealers in flour, feed acd produce are prepared to furnish icoodB cheaper than ever before. Call on them when in want of anything in their line. It's found out—that H. T. Daniels keeps the best of everything and sells the lowest of any grocery bouse in town. Give him a trial order. Opposite the court house. STOLEN—Tuesday evening, two coats, one a yellow colored light overcoat, the other a gray-black dress coat. Information regarding them will be rewarded by J. M. Albers. The program 3fst Class line of goods and Will give bet- er bargains tlian any other store in oUf ity. Call on him aud you will b^e that he is prepared to do exactly what he idvertises. The electric light company aUrltd itonday to funmhing light in the raosu- ug. After this the lights will be turned jn at 5 o'clock, This is 6ne of the best hings the company had done toward iving sntipffiction to its customers. Considerable complaint is being made about wtills guitig dry in the city iibd thu water problem Is again an important one o a large number of our citizens. The city supply is abundant and the city wells are proving more satisfactory every day. Gue. Beach left for his home at Salt iaUe, Utah, after spending a couple of weebs very pleasantly with his parents aud visiting fiiunda. GUB bus iiad a plcasaut time white here and no doubt regrets that he is compelled to leave so soon. We have made arrangements by which we can. furnish this paper aud thu twice- a-week New York World all for only $2 a year. Here is the opportunity to get yonr own local paper and the New York World twice every week at extraordinarily low rates. Address THE owrai- NEL, Carroll, la. Wilson's Dramatic company is billed for a week's program at the Germania opera house, beginning Monday, Dec. 10. This company played to a full house dur ing a week's performance in our city last winter and will be greeted again by the many friends it made during their visit to our city. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. McL'agan enter tained a tew of their friends at dinner Tuesday evening. The menu embraced all the delicacies of, the season prepared in Mrs. McLagan's inimitable way and made a feast fit of the gods. The evening was pleasantly spent at whist. The Orient society, of the high school, is making arrangements to give its first program Saturday evening. Tho) young folks are working hard and will no doubt give an entertainment that will be a credit in every way to the society and will reflect honor upon the schools of our city. Nocklos & Gnam have been enjoying a good trade this fall and they are well pleased with the business tli'ey are doing. Tiieir large stock, which is being closed out at greatly reduced priceB.bas attracted the tride, for every one buying goods of this reliable firm knows that they get just what they pay for and that too at bed rock prices. R. P. Fouts, of Jefferson, was in the city the guest of bis old neighbor, Jacob Sievers. Mr. Fouts liyed in Sheridan township for several years, but for the past few years has been a resident of Illinois, He moved to Greene tounty this fall and is well pleased with his new home. Since he has become a resident of the state again be has renewed his subscription to THU SKNTINEL. John Guild is enjoying a large trade notwithstanding the bard times. Mr. Guild bus learned the value of printer*,' ink and is not afraid to use it. He has bargains for his customers and is letting them know of them. During the few months he has been in our citv bis name has become familiar to all aud when the people of this community want anything in dry.'goods they are sure to call on bin before purchasing. Mathew Garry was Tuesday laid to rest in St. Joseph's cemetery, Rev. Father O'Connor officiating. For some months past the deceased bad been in poor health aud unable to leave tho house, His disease was more that of old age than anything else. Sunday afternoon the patient began to fail rapidly and died vhe same day. The remains were accompanied to St. Joseph's church by given by the reading circleFrlday evening at the home of Miss Hatie Wetherill was highly enjoyed. A society was organised and began with a membership of nine. Tbe Olio club will meet at tbe home of Mrs. 0. A. Must Baturduy, December 1, at three o'clock. Topics: "Tbe Forum," Mrs. Lee; "Livy and Extracts from LIvy," Mrs. Mast; "Colosseum," Mrs. Guild. Jq'd Woodrlng returned Tuesday from his oyer-land trip lo Newell. Ho reports that part of tho state as being more prosperous than this, for the reason tbe crops were much better than' they were here. Tho remains of 8. 8. Bprague will be moved from Keilhsburg, 111., where they are buried, to this place. The Grand Army post will have charge of the remains. Farther notice will be given in a few days. Clerk Kc'uueUucU Issued marriage licenses Tuesday to Ed. Mohr and Mian Nellie Muher, both of Arcadia; Jobo Deugfort and Thercsia Klocke, aud Bernhart I'ollhofl aud Miss Klockc, all of Boselle. . Supervisor Sleele, Geo. CreUlnger aud * Bd Palo, of Coon Hapldi. ware in tbe city as witueases before the board of supervisors in' regard to rebttteuent of (be Mulct las ou uerlaiu properly in that city. TUe board of supervisors were Iu session Tuesday beurlnii petitions for rebate. meat of tho Mulct tax. There were a largo uuwbur and the board will require tome time to thoroughly liivcatlgutu all thu petitions a»klug for tho rubutemoul. Head Mjerchaut's now ad In today's paper and you will he surprised to soo the extremely low prices bo IB unking for the beat ^rpcerie« offered for aalo any 0 FAIRY TALE That WOOLRIKIGS are closing out their entire stock of- But an Absolute Fact, AT COST' THIS is an opportunity to buy useful and beautiful Christmas presents instead of the fancy and worthless articles many have been buying in former years. Gome and have a selection. . . inrlrinfrQ Foiiofe Store, THIS STYLE HARD WOOff CHAIR s Adams Street. 'many friends of tbe deceased, wbere the last rites were performed. He leaves a wife to mourn his death. Hisses Rail and Long, the two primary teachera, asked their children to bring a Thanksgiving offering with them to their rooms Wednesday, and it was a real sight to BOO the offerings they brought. They consisted of a'most everything good to eat. After school closed the teachers got a carriage and distributed them unougtho poor of the city nud many a little child fnd older onus tuo were thus enabled to enjoy a good Thanksgiving dinner nnd'will bless these little "tola" for Uieir generous offerings. J. 13. Lewis On,, Huston, uru now making extensive alterations In their factory at Avon, Mass., BO that they can take care of their largely Increased bubinesu. Last BBUbon I liny wer« obliged to duvliue Home ordoru in justice to tht'lr cu»tuiuors. This ujxsaks very loudly the praises of this concern, and while other iimuufavtortes were closed) they were running overtime. Thu Hoot aud Shoe Reporting Co.'u Hta- tistlcb show UiU linn to bo doing tbe largest volume of business of any inaiiufac- tumr nelllng to the retail trudu from BOB- 'hloli U the heart of the boot and ahoe Industry of the country. Thl» we»n«, iu HioHO dayg of competition, that up to date Blyles, courteous treatuuwt.aud prices lower than others cure to offer, uiuauB success. It eouiotiines utm\»oB ono while at the name time it in quite annoying to beur people loll bow they would run Ihingl if they wore ouly placed Iu command. Usually these nurno pooplu whu know so much about bow other people should do thlugs have leldow if over dvinontUrated their ability to do auytblug wry ruuiark- able at unytbing they bavu uudprlaken, Does it uot appear to you tbut Iu all would do no better it* as well as those are doing against whom they are complaining? We often think that these people lack charity and but only partially understand the real damage they are' doing by continually finding fault. A NOBM SBNTIMKNT, Jefferson Bo^ The grand jury failed to indict Mrs. Jos. Morrison for the crime charged against her by her hnsband, claiming that the evidence wan iusufficinut, So Hhe IB again at liberty. The question is now relevant, has society a duty towards this woman who has been in jail the past month ? Suppose it ba broadly admitted that reformation in her ease ie needed. What ia Christian civilization for, if not to help people to reform? We say, at times, 'hat a human eoul is worth more than (be whole world, and yet when one goes drifting right by ua towards the realm of absolute and despair,' are we not very Blow in extending n helping band ? What do we fear, eon tamioatiou? Or- giioiBed society is too brave to put forward ench a p'.ea. Suppose a dozen of onr ladies should earnestly plan to help some of tbeae ostracised women, going to them with a message of good will and helpfulness, proffering employment, and human recognition, and a manifest interest. Isn't it possible that suob a oooraa wonld result in a glad Thanksgiving day for some ons? Wouldn't that be batter than to stand off and throw atones in a beedlesfl, indifferent way, that may destroy body and soul. Somehow it seems as if there was need of effort on this Hue, and we commend tbe idea to the sewing aud aid aooiaties, to tbe reading circles and "Delvers," and in fact to all who believe in human responsibility aud tbe (bought of being "onr brother's keeper." Surely, a purpose ao graqd in its relation to eternity Is worthy of careful study. Advertised Letters. The following letters remain uncalled for at the nostofllce, Nov. 20, 1894. Unless delivered wltlilu thirty days from datethey will be forwarded to Hie dead lotlpr office at Washington, D, 0.: ' Mr. (iuiiHmtth Minnie Jordan Jen n I o Jerome 0. K. Hamilton Mru.Uekley H, Adams. The law provider that on« cunt shall tie paid for all letters advtirtluiid. When calling for samepleiiBe Mutu dnto of ml' .INO. i<. 1'owicun, r.M. toiind its way into every-shop, store, office aud homo in the land. The price of the book—only 25 cents—could not to our knowledge be invested for any one thing more profitably. It contains 84 pnges, printed on fine book paper, with elegant covers in colors, It is for sale by all news den tern. This fino Almanac Is given as a premium to every yearly subscriber to the Rev. Irl B, Hicks' well-known and deservedly popular paper, IFord nnd Works. This unique journal Is a peerless educator ot the masses, and is lost becoming a household guardian and necessity iu the homes of America. Those who want to keep up with all the advanced thought of the age in science, religion and all social, commercial, intellectual and domestic subjects, should subscribe for Word and Works. Subscription only $1.00 a year. Ypu cnn send for both direct to Word and Works Publishing Co., St. Louis, Ma. where in tlt« M«r«iit»ot probability thenu »ttuio people d|»{)Qicd to find fault with wbo You Suodi.i) GUT l'i\ Should got what? IKby, Tim Kuv.lrl li. UlckH' splendid Almanac for 1805. Hit IIUH kindly sent to this olllce a copy of tho name, and we speak advUedly In Haying that it Is u rare publication— tliu very latent and brat of all UiKt IIHH uuwiiulud f mm the pen and brain and lumri of tins veil- known friend of tbe public. Thu history of tills mail's work— now uu open book to all America— aud a uaxuat Kluucunt, Ma Aluiauac for 1890, convinces uu tlmt tills vitally utieful aud JiiKtrucHvehoo.i; "light MOSICAC, The following program was given at tbe residence ot Mrs. W.E. Guild Tuesday afternoon by the .Ladies' Musical Jlourolnb: Flano Solo, Cnprlocl a ..... . ....... Joseph Haydn Mrs. Sbtrman. Ffano Solo, Etudes No. 7-9 ........... LoeBchborn Mrs. Lee. Piano Solo, Cavalry Ride ................ Sptndlr r Miss Matte Wetherlll. Vocal Solo, Tbe Guardian Angel ......... Gounod Mrs. Duukle. Piano Solo, Banting Song ............ Sobumaon lira. Guild. Vocal Duet, Tbe Angle. , ............. Babensteln . Mm. Wright, MUi Bangs. Piano Solo, Vantaaln .................... Ley bacb ' MUsCotlrell. PBOQIUM. The following program will be presented by tbe Orient society, Saturday evening, Deo. 1, at the high school building at 8 o'clock. All are cordially invited: Aitdrcas ................... .PreildoDtU. M. Llalc Invlriltnnnt.l Hunt J i BUIttt Instrument*! Duet.. J ....... ' i Gertr KeolUtlon ..... ................ ...,;;..(Br«MJ*Kail Vocttisolo ................. ....noieuceMlnelien Uadlfly ........... ,,..,,..,,.. ...... /..Lulu uevon Ages of 'Mali .......... ............ .'.Society 1'liinoSolo ....... . ........ '..., ElizaOetuJlaulean INTKltlllSBlON. {•iintomliue .......................... , ..... Society .Frank Duryee Fuulu.... ............................ Aniiu Loelie'. Cornet Duel ............... Jos. & Edil. Egerraayer Crltle'B Report ............. . ..... Murtlui JlutiOW Dunns, O. M. LINK, Pros. S KNU twelve couto In poBtugo stumps toSUCor roruii Hulliliug, WiiBlithuton, 1). ().. and you will reoulvf, four uoplOB at K*T0 1|RM>'8 WAUH- INUTUN, oi.iiliilnlng mailer of vimi'lal Intercut, i.ivo immtMinil ndilrt-hu, uncl say wuorn you taw tills itUvc-i llnemm.t. EMCUTIUO Lioara, Tim Klu hio Light company will dur ing the wintnr months, Sunday nioruiugs exempted, make u morning riiu, coin msuoiug at 6 o'clock aud ruouiog until daylight. The oompuuy wjehea U thoroughly uuderstood that vll lights buruiug by oontruot abajl ba turned off wlu'ii ooueuaiuro bava left their plaave of Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair, D^PRICE'S Baking ouly I'wre Ctviut of Tartar Powder.—No 'Viuuioiilu; No Alum U*ed iu MiiJioM-^iiouiea—40 Years tbe Staudari lusinese, or in their residences retired tor ;he night. • Every-light that burns uses current;, consumes coal and increases the number ot lamps burned out'. We want our Friends well lighted, but they need uot be wasteful—at our expense. Therefore in equity to the oompauy wo insist upon, turning off of all useless lights. OABKOLL E&EOTRIO LIGHT Go. ' WANTBD. An active agent in each county in tne United Stale;, to solicit subscriptions for the Twice-a-Week Republic. A liberal commission will be paid to hustlers. Address, superintendent circulation, The: Republic, St. Louis, Mo. / AI.MOST A NEW YORK DAILY. That Democratic wonder, tbe New- York Weekly World, has just changed its weekly into u IwiOa-ii-wbak paper, and yon can now get the two papers a week for the same old price—81 a year. Think of it! The news from New York right at your door fresh every tbre* days— 104 papers a year. Poland China, I have some large, thrifly Poland, Obina boars tor sain thnt ore going ohea'p. Why eend off tor breeding stock when you can get just as good at home and at lass prices ? Onr hogs an all healthy 'and in fine condition, Farm< two and one-quarter miles out. 81-21 G. W. BBIOCW, . GlidiJeu, Iowa. THE CHICAGO TIMES ESTABLISH CO 1834. The Leading Daily of the West THE CHICAGO SUNDAY TIMES Send for Sample Copies, , THE CHICAGO TIMES fifth live, and WanliltiKtvu »(., 0, HTn, The ART AMATEUR. , yuittitbl» (or all who wiili to m«ku lU In* by an or to uwko ilivlr I n OI1IOAGO TIMK3 ti lo every retnwt a ImlloDBl n«w<pa)iar, U vontulub (be >i«w«of • Korlu Iu evary lisue, )• UddUlon to tkft oomplete racort of llio Attuolulod Hr«»» Tin Tint* rocelvea K nieoliil Horvloa oorotlug ey«r»- •Mat news oentor In tbe United Buiei. (t em- plojm mora tliau 1,500 Special OorresnondeutB. T HK OHIOAliO TIMUM «lv«« Hpocliil •! tent Ion (v tlio n«w» of tli'< »orHiwti»t, aud for iu» paople rcilillnu ID mljoliiing «iulen nnd M («r womtm tunttpukjr niomilal isltUtlio most vul- uHti!« ana imeruktlin; or onr clilcimo a»liy paper. TU0«dlturltiliiiig«(>( Tu« Tin KB u writ- wn tnUonb'.ettwrfioru on nollllo.t, fln«nc«, eol- enoaaud rullKlou. Uu opluiuim uru nought far ur all fg|«»M)» wbo WHIU a au(o gultlo on eo«< aonilo and soolul nuhji'iils. THE CRIOAOO HUNDAV TIUKS la uilroUtedlY I 011*01 ilitt lurgo.tuii.i Ui'fi.SuncJuy paper* m AweilUk. Uconlttln* «ll lliu luivtt Ul ,u luoft pov«l Kpfi'lul (•Htur«w ( | uaudioui«lr |iiiuir<it«4 by iuu

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