Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 24, 1970 · Page 2
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 2

Carroll, Iowa
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Tuesday, November 24, 1970
Page 2
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Livestock Markets amAm apj m#er znd heifer prices were ateady a* the Cftfcag? Stoefc- y#r«te Tuesday amd csttte receipt* a Iftin head. Sheep srrirak Uiial&l 2M. to 25 fstgher, 1-3 279439 lbs1 mm g >3 UTS-, M*I**»T , Ms*. 23, 1970 Firemen Hear Bluffs' Chief Hot off the Wire Sharpest Living Costs Jump in 6 Months PER MOINES 'APWUSDA; — Iidwa '-fiW/ifiemi MrnriAsota direct hogs; E&rmafcd recftfpfes 5§,AS0; aftUfvfe; demand ?/sA: toddiers faiiy 25 higher, U.5. J-£ "p $hWl fbs- IZ.ffrM.V). r/h m Um 14.75-15.73; *wa steady Coin, Antifjue Slww Nov. 28, 29 W CarrcfJ Omity Coin Gab wfygpjrmc the Se&md Annual Coiii snd Antique Stow in Car- rouVSaturday and Sunday, Nov., 28 and 29, HoJy Spirit Gym. I Ofiker?. of the club have arv-' no<fnced that thw will be a full •; 3 *r*f«r with ail tables filled. The | SfOt/X CITY <AP, - fCSDA)» — Hogs II.//A; ba?/;f :«r3 steady to 59 higher, U.5. 1-3 I9&-240 fta J5..50-I. , 5.K; .sows steady. U.S. : 1-3 fbs 11.75-12.59. Cat*.-* 5,9%; ?.?.%d7 to 23 lower; choice r .fMJ £f) lb ste/int 2S.39-27.2S: cfcfitoe !B9-1/J69 2> bft'tien 23.23-2S.23. ELgam of WASHINGTON (AP) — Lh~- tics. the soorce of the Irving' address Ose National Press Quo ported _ isg costs in October took She! costs report, said iheor# break! today at a tocbeca. f Io»a fed wish a gam of 133.2 „ ... v , . . .sharpest jamp in sir months, to? oxsamere is October was a| !; per cent, followed by Nebraska Cflancil Ba?;» J* pnnc^e : ^ gmtrmxtt reported 5f>43T .: fep cA Sfiree^eofcbs of one per| FORT DODGE {AP> — Fake-/ with 113.1 per cent. speaker a, Monday wgfet, ^ ^ ^ rjf ^ ^; CCTi fe g^,^ La^ CTLaSes has purchased: !fte CargO, lac, soybean miBji SAIGON (A) — A MS. light ire Monday nigfet; the m***^ a tne Ma-.OvcHTty ^ a ^ msd ^ ^ ^ .... Fjfetr,>fin . 5, /^ r r.\ S^iHoase hopes that the oaiioo'sf WASHINGTON CAP) - Prw*. I here for ao tmdssdosed price, a (plane and a Sooth Vietnamese gjissts ».:;jdftd Rafpb HamB-,^ ^ M ^ was;dent jrcWD and SocSfi Vie*- 1 was tearoed Taesdaj-. >iteik*pter collided in the win 3.m^mcte ; - namese Prestdeui Ngoveo Cao! : Ralph Hofetad, manager of the i the Mekong Delta today, killing OMAHA fAP) - fUSDA)— 1 ft^&rf tte&juncf] EMU riil [ tT& % & P *7 ^ «««« 45 mfllkmlgart a rctrnd of official talis. Ho^s 1 -ffi; totrrhm 25 to 59 ; fk ^TrtrL^"w «hl ajjrank and fik workers dropped; Tbe visiting Sooth Vietnamese "* " —-" } - *- ""'^ r " leader had m comments after tfee breakfast session with Nixon. Ky arrived in Washington Monday. He will meet with otfo- i The Bureau of Labor administration officials and worst inflation ki 29 years was dent Nixon and Sooth easing. ; namese Prestdsni Ngoyen Caof Ralph Hofetad, manager of the I, tfc The Labor Deortoeot reoort- i Ky conferred tor SO mimofies atl agricaltorai service divisioDs,!' 4 Americans and 13 Vietnamese, ed at the same time that the av-' tte White House fcdaj as Ky be-1 Fekol^and OXakes, Fort |j aafihorities reported. Dodge,, said tie mill's 40 em-" (higher; 1-3 1S9-2* lbs tt.«WfJ» t i ^^^t ^e^? 33 ^ a W ^ 40 te * , . . y • week, ana inflation cot purcnaa- hrns. winch are the same as. • JL*.^ <i - Li^ „ ,, • , . . «. , , • sis power 2,a per cent besow a tborse of vorunteer fire depart- , „ r i year ago. merits. ! v ^ .steady, some sales 25 higher; 325-7S0 ibs 10.59-32.75. Cattle 8,. f //;, calves 10; steers and heifers weak to 50 lower; choice steers M.59-27.2S; choice wooied iambs 24.00-24^59. • Demos "•Jontinued Frr/m Pa.5?e lj show will feature buying, ssel big "and trading, from 8 a.m. ' to 8 p.m. Saturday, and 9 a.m. the issues and to make sure to 5 p.m. Sunday. The public • people know what the Republi- The firemen reviewed tbeir Tear's operations and agreed it' j-jad !>een a success. The group 1 ; will not roeet in December. The nezt meeting wilt be Jan. 23 at; Carroll an annual meeting and; election of officers. ptoyes wiO be retained. ! MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) — I Radio Conakry reported new at- HEW YORK CAP) — t «wa jj tempts by "Portuguese fascists and Nebraska achieved the big- {and Jbeir mercenaries" to land gest increases in stcckownersj! in Guinea during the night, after between 1965 and 1970. the New: the weekend invasion of the lit- York Stock Exchange has re-[tie West African country ap­ peared to have ended. The government radio in the Guinean capital said the defend- ling forces repulsed "many in- ; cursions." DETROIT (AP) — General Motors has announced an average $24 increase in the price of new cars—on the same day its new contract witfi the United Auto Workers went into effect. The firm said Monday the increase, which applies immediately, represents an average boost of seven-tenths of 1 per cent in the manufacturer's suggested retail prices. s:-i rnvitod to attend; admission charge b. 25 cents. A valuable gold, coin will be awarded each day. * Brunin£ 'Corjf.ifiued From Pai?e I) Daily Record Awards f Continued From Page 1) 1. Scisaa V«iKt«r, 2. Stereo Dirii, 3. Viciift S^haler. CirAhin?. Oiau 4 Clark — 1. Patty H«5hott fDsdteia), 2. Karen Heit- aA-Ji. S. Jardce HeUtezfcaisp, 4. can Party has done to thern and furthermore wharf, they plan to continue to do," Gau.din.eer told . . t reaignatjon. but rather a ne Art men. .... _ informing Mayor Farner I Court Hon*** ' New Vefiiel«» Registered— letter: Fra nk X. Kasperbauer. Tern John D^er% — 2. Stisan Vennsr 1. Deaths, Funerals SR.. M. ARILDA GOfSER | The provincial mother of the BREDA — Concelebrating the \, Franciscan Order of Perpetual requiem mass for Sr. M. Arflda Adoration. Sr. Mary Agnes {(Esther) Goeser, F.S.P.A.. in' Walljasper of Marion, was pres- ; St. Bernard's Church here Mon- etit for the funeral, as were ; day at 10:30 a.m. were the other nuns from La Crosse, NEW STORE HOURS To Help You Choose Lovely Furniture Sundays Open 1 to 5 p.m. Tuesdays „ 9 to 5 p.m. "': Wednesdays 9 to 9 p.m. \ : ' Thursdays 9 to 5 p.m. ,, ; Fridays - 9 to 9 p.m. Saturdays 9 to 5 p.m. Closed Mondays On the subject of tax reform,; Cochran said any reform would probably involve raising state income taxe--j at higher incjmej levels to relieve ?s>me of the' heavy burden now placed on, property taxes-for financing lo- : ca'i government. I that Chief Bruning would not be a candidate for reappointment to the Chief of Police position.. Bruning has served as chief of police since the death of former chief E. J. (Brownie) Reicher. A search for a new chief of; Frank X. pleton, Ford; and Harry Frank, Carroll, Dodge. D. Real Estate Transfei Garst, Inc. to Raccoon Building Corp. part Lot 1, Lots 2, 3 and 4, and part Lots 5 and 6 : Block 19, Milwaukee Land Company Addn. to Coon Rapids. Orville J. and Marjorie A. Stowi O.iksr.. C& Edacsticm. HoBlgosua A F^xT& l Jfufrt«>« —i>merai FoodtRevs. John Dohertv of Breda Wis., Mallard, Coon Rapids, P^' r &l. Li ^v ^ZTcyt \ Edward Carpenter of Coon Dedham, RoseUe, Carroll, Mt. tola "Myers-. ~ F — 1. resjerviuor.. Ksrr GIa.M Kareis Grote, 2. Linda A. Auen, Lot 11, sub-division He said rawing the income' .. ... . . . .. . , , -• — —• - • tax .scale a .t higher income lev- : Z * ^ ^ , unmedjate1 ^ ' Relman to David E. and Miriam -.i- els probably would be mfyre Mayor Farner said. • • - • - ,,- eouitable than raising sales taxes, which he said hit harder at people on fixed and low incomes than at the more affluent. "The new chief will definitely B j rx , k ^ Neu Addn . to Carroll, not bewmeone^who is presently: North Western ^ serving on the force," Railway Co. to Robert J. Dole; mayor said. Health, Eli Lilly 0>. — 1. Sharer, Hac/cer, 2. Liwia Dentttsger, 3. Lir.'ja Wi'.trot*. 4. Parft^U Siaiert. Hi.'.'.«:*rr.«sJ. S i K Fotrr.- — I. Shar'.r. Or.ks.-., 2. Julie HeitfcoM. Betsy, 4. Diane H:r.r.':r=. Home Management, Tuppencare — 1. Oolt'jttft Schultes. Ltader.bhip, Sears Ri'fib'uck i: Co, " bur. 2. Neii Bock, 3 iifer. r.'>r P r. o so g r a o h v, East m a n — 1. Scott 'Lloyd. V' r. n r Craig Schrad. ji Rapids. i Other priests in the sanctuary were the Rt Rev. Ms-gr. Henry B. Karhoff of Carroll; the Revs. Gerald Zeman and J. P. Hausmann, Breda; Harold Cooper,: Carmel and Marion Relatives -and friends attended i from Laramie. Wyo.; Omaha,' Neb.: La Crosse. Wis.; Council: Bluffs. Harlan. Earling, Early,! St. Lucas, Waterloo, Manilla ! i Vail; Henry Meyer, Dedham: ^ Denison. ; Edward Fandel, Auburn, and' Sr. Arilda, a native of Earl..—.- ! G, A. OTtourke, Manilla. The ' ' m S, died Nov. 21 at St. Anthony .'Very Rev. Leo Lenz. V.F., con- Hospital. Carroll. At the time rites at Mt. j of her death she was in the 43rd ' | year of her religious profession, zal, part S%SWfrV4, Sec. 19 | Mayor Farner told the council | Twp. 34, Range 34. ihe had met with the current' i. Fire Department The last jump on th# Iowa in come tax scale now is $9,000 , mem bers of the police depart- Persons with at least that much ; ment M on( i & y afternoon and. taxable annual income pay fivejj, af j rea( j to them Chief Brun-j Vacant House— and three-uuarters per cent ;• ^ 3 jp-tter of resignation. He | pi re of undetermined origin said he had also informed the | caused policemen that the new chief (a vacant ... Avard - Mark would be someone from outside; about i quarter of a mile east : ^m,« s Hyond A.ard Mark ' ' " 0 [ the Farmbest hog buying; Farm Eurtau Awards - Most out Kodak, ducted commital I. Greg Pitzer. 2. sosan i Olivet Cemetery in Carroll. Jan Ka^rbauer, 4. f Honorary pallbearers were • during which she was employed safety, G*. r .eral Motors Corp. _ ; Srs. M. Michaelita, M. Annelda. in domestic duties in Iowa, ^ Snt ^ri. IS T& \ «• Zebna. M. Julame, Dorothy; Washington and Wisconsin, Ann and Mary Koester. Active i Thirteen of her 43 years were pallbearers were Ambrose and • spent in Iowa, including four Silverius Muenchrath, Alphonse | J" eaf s at Coon Rapids, three and Joe Goeser, Warren Becker; . vears at St. Lucas, two years and Fred Blum. The Twit Fu-'' ' ' ' ^ state tax regardless of how high their Income goes. • Senate (•Continued From Page lj contended the raid was "successful in demonstrating American concern." He added: "Some of these men have been languishing in prison for five years." "And they're still there," Kennedy snapped. extensive Swine, Moorman Mfg. & Co. — !. J'.rn Halbur, 2. Dale Rohe. Citizenship — 1. Mike Seidl, 2. Mary Kai;x.-r'rjaiser. AK-SAR-BEX — 1. Jim Venner. Merit Award — 1. Miice Halbur, 2. Lois V/ittry, 3. Esta Sparks, 4. Juiie Meithoff. /-lomono ir, ' Best Record Boo!«, National aamage lO r»rmers Organization — Miice Hal~ Joe farm hniwp Irvr-fltpH bur ' Ee3t LVjng-tJme Record; larm nouse locaieu H albur„ Best This Years' Record. the present police department ranks. Inhalation Therapy Department. The treatment consists of topical application of hyperbar­ ic oxygen by means of a small plastic cup, boots and arm Praising the U.S. soldiers who j sleeves. This new approach to Station Southeast Of Carroll ! standing Member With a Swine Pro. . , , _,. ject, 1. Mark Conner; Most Out- Monday evening. Firemen were; standing Member with a Beef pro- at the scene from 5:30 p.m. to: J fect - »• Dave B ™mert; Most put- 6:50 p.m. Police Department standing Member With a Dairy Project, 1. Tom Opperman. Charolai* Award — 1. Mark Pudenz. Nine Year Award — 1. Joyce Sporleder, 2. Connie Sibbel, 3. Pat Heithoff, 4. Louise Heithoff, 5. Ralph Bock, 6. Julie Huistnga. Eight Year Award — Barbara Heithoff, Mike Seidl, Mark Conner, Patty Fischer, Jim Heithoff,- Dave Bromert. Seven Year Awardi — Julie Heithoff, Patty Grote, Barbara Eischeid, Linda Reickr-i, Daniel Schmitz, Dave the junction of 71-30 West Edge of Carroll volunteered for the rescue mission, Dole said, "This is the American spirit in the highest tradition. I want to applaud the action. In my opinion it was successful." "Is this the only way of demonstrating American concern?" Kennedy asked. "I admire their courage," the Massachusetts Democrat said. "I just deplore the policy that permitted them to go. "The quickest way you get the prisoners out is to announce that we're getting out lock, stock and barrel." Fulbright demanded to know if the rescue mission and the bombing raids were "designed to promote a negotiated settlement of the war." "Based on the great success we have had so far," Dole replied, "I would only guess it would not be any great impediment." 'iH ,y • • • T T THANKS Wo wish to express our sincere thanks to everyone for making the grand opening of our new store, in Westgate Mall, Carroll, a huge success. Following is a list of the winners of the grand opening prizes. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Loehr Mn. timer Fricke, Rt. 1 Carroll Man'* Bulova Watch Mn. Louii Roliberg, Halbur Ladlci Bulova Watch Mr«. John Mfrincrt, Ttmpfoton Dteorator Clock Mr*. Dan Row, Weitiid* 24" Silver Tray Mr*. Clarence Schweorj, Arcadia Krtmenry Pin Gary Bowman, Carroll Necklace-Earring Set Mrs. Don Sehettlor, Templeton 0. David Pin fir Earring Set Jack Grlmiman, Carroll Jade Cuff Link Set Mary Undcrberg, Carroll Carta Pin Mr*. Jerry Jannlng, Carroll Jewelmont, Locket Mr*. Dan Wiehn, Carroll Dangle Pearl Earring* Mr*. Henry Rutten, Breda Button Pearl Earring* Mr*. John Schultei, Templeton Ooldttone Pin fir Earring Set Leonard E. Warford, Carroll Jewelmont Pin Mr*. Edwin Ellerbrock, Auburn Goldttone Cuff Link Set Dorothy Duncan, Carroll Sterling Pin (note) Mr*. Otta Behrent, Carroll Sterling Pin (heart) Mr*. John Heithoff, Carroll Sterling Pin (ttar) Loi* Morion, Carroll Sterling Pierced Earring* Mr*. Orville Ludwig, Carroll Sterling Pierced Earrings Mr*. Merlin Hoverman, Carroll Sterling Pierced Earring* LOEHR'S JEWELRY Westgate Mall — Carroll treatment has decreased the recovery time greatly, Henkenius added. In addition to these new treatments, the therapeutic department continues to carry out all the oxygen administration apparatuses, humidification and intermittent positive breathing treatments. Inhalation therapy is used primarily in the treatment of heart and lung ailments, such as cardiac failure, asthma, put- in o n a r y edema, emphysema, cerebral thrombosis, drowning, hemorrhage and shock. Man can survive without food for weeks and without water for days, but without oxygen supplied by the processes of breath' ing, it takes but four minutes for brain tissues to begin to die and only nine minutes to cause the lieart to stop 2 Cars Collide— Cars driven by Iola M. Hoogestraat and Phyllis M. Steffes, both of Carroll, were in collision at the intersection of North j w & klr , cheri Vfcrnon Haniieni Mark Crawford and Eighth Streets j ^ower, Jim Murray, Michael Aus- about 4:35 p.m. Monday. The' right front of the Hoogestraat car and left front of the Steffes car were damaged. Diane Reiling, 10, Carroll, a passenger in the Hoogestraat car, suffered head bruises and was treated at a physician's office. neral Home of Carroll was in charge of arrangements. • Council (Continued From Page 1) at Breda, and one year each at Carroll (St. Lawrence), Lansing, Mt Carmel and New Vieanna. Seven sisters and a brother survive. JACOB WILLIAM ANDERSON SCRANTON — Jacob William (Bill) Anderson, 79, of Scranton provide." !died at 6:15 p.m. Monday, Nov. The commission may also I 23, at St. Anthony Hospital in "cooperate with, contract with, Carroll after a long illness, and accept and expend funds; Funeral services will be held from federal, state or local; at 2 p.m. Friday at the United agencies, public or seirn-public Methodist Church in Scranton, or private individuals or with the Rev. David Barker Shish-kebab, or lamb-on-a- spit, is an Armenian dish known throughout the world. Air Too Dry In Your Home? <4b I WEST BEND "SOLID STATE" MtfMtic N1MIIIFIEI selves iry-air paMemt End uncomfortable dryenss. with the "homo beautifler" humidifier. Moisturizes average 4- bedropm home (2500 sq. ft.) automatically! Solid state control varies fan speed for peak efficiency. Walnut-grain vinyl exterior, with simulated cane panels, easy-rolling 2" casters and a "summer cover". Humidifiers As Low As Hospitals ST. ANTHONY HOSPITAL Dismissals Nov. 23— Catherine Augustine, Carroll Mrs. Richard H. Luchtel, Carroll Mrs. Johnny J. Veerhusen, Carroll Mrs. Frank E. Stoelk, Manning Vicki M. Morgan, Scranton Mrs. Elsie D. Rix, Manning Mrs. Phillip R. Frohlich and baby, Coon Rapids Mrs. John H. VanLent,. Auburn Loretta J. Christensen, Carroll Mrs. Albert F. Ludwig, Breda Merlin W. Nair, Dedham Rita S. VanSickler, Scranton Carroll Markets GRAIN Soybeans, No. 2 $2.80 Corn, No. 2 yellow 1 .30 Oats 70 Chicago Grain TliPHe Markets Are Furnitthed by The Humphrey Grain Company Hiflh Low Close WHEAT Dec 170% 189% 1721A 17115 170 March 173 >/« 189% 1721A 17115 172% May 172 '4 189% 1721A 17115 171% July 162',!; 1617B 162 CORN 162',!; 1617B Dec 146'/ a 145% 15114 146 March 152'/* 145% 15114 151% May lfl5i/ 2 154'/a 154% July OATS 157'/« 156% 156% Dec 82% 82% 82% March 110% 80'/„ 80% May 78i/ 4 77% 74% 78 July 78i/ 4 77% 74% 74% SOY BEANS Jan 30814 30114 301 li March 3111'a 304% 305 May 315% 308% 30914 SOY BEAN MEAL Dec. - 83.00 81.80 81.80 Jan 83.10 81.40 81.40 March 81.45 80.45 80.45 $5695 HEIRES ELECTRIC CO. The CARROLL COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE Will Be Closed FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27 man, Cynthia Myers, Mary Kagper- bauer, Eileen Naberhaus, Vickie Schuler, Neil Graber, Norman Ben- rens, Curtis Struve, Tim Snyder Dale Schon, Mary JPotthoff, Esta Sparks, Becky Hufieback, Ruth Neppel, Roger Halbur, Larry Becker, David Rich, Tim Kult, Jim Venner, Dennis Kasperbauer. Six Year Awards — Amy Hogue, Lois Wlttry, Jodi Heithoff, Diane Sibbel, Joleen Neppel, Dianne Bernholtz, Donna Von Clan, Dan Irlbeck, George Collison, Dean Lorenzen, Mark Siepker, Tom Seidl, Randal Shirbroun, Gary Kropf, Sharon Davis, Mary Felker, Linda Rohe, Linda Dentlinger, Sharon Onken, Janice Heisterkamp, James Ferneding, James Dopheide, Bill Schrad Kevin Struve, Gary Tigges, Raymond Melners, Danny Richardson, Virginia Clausen. Anne Felker, Mary Opperman, Sharon Hacker, Carol Wernimont, Mike Halbur, Glenn Behrens, Neil Bock, Dale Haubrich, Lonnie Jensen, Allan Tigges, Steve Smith, Charles ScheUe. Five Year Award* — JoAnne Wendl, Sharon Bock, Donna Venner, Mary Jane Rohe, Karen Sturm, Connie Betts, Christine Willenborg, Grace Jennings, Mary Schreck, Diane Heithoff, Julie Gach, Myron Heithoff, John Rohe, Scott Renze Randy Renze, Larry Pomeroy, Mark Sporleder, Steve Ludwig, Greg Brincks, Joan Kautzky, Denise Lauridsen, Carol Schirck, Becky Tank, Jeanne Potthoff, Margaret Wiedemeler, Nancy Kennebeck, Patricia Heithoff, Joyce Schreck, Susan Venner. Janet Grundmeier, Duane Handlos. Jeffrey Renze, James Struve, Tom Opperman, Dale Seidl, Mark Pudenz, Ron Pick, Peggy Pitzer, Mary Jo Wittry, Kristie Hacker, Karen Hinners, Rosalyn Neppel, Marikay Klocke, Alice Hoffman, Karen Heithoff, Lee- Ann Pomeroy, Marv Kay Reicks, Art Halbur, Dannie Huisenga, James Kraus, Danny Lorenzen, Gregory Kennebeck, Joel Berger, John Schumacher, Terry Langenfeld. Blue Ribbon Record Book Awards, Farm Bureau — Ten Year Old* — Carlene Boeckman, Paula Heithoff, Diane Nielsen, Kimberly Davis, Annette Bowman, Janet Genzen, Julie Hagemann, Diane Stork. Eleven Year Olds — Brenda Nieland, Patricia Snyder, Terri Ann Weitl, Gloria Heithoff, Susan Grimm, Diane Wagner, Nancy Seidl. Twelve Year Olds — Beverly Dentlinger, Marjean Nielsen, Loti Bock, Jill Escher, Carol Danzer, Julie Knobbe, Karen Sporrer. Thirteen Year Old* — Jane Schultes, Betty Venner, Karen Eich, Gloria'Grundmeier, JoAnn Venner. Fourteen Year Olds — Jan Polking, Becky Tank, Debbie Knobbe, Jan Polking, Mary Felker, Sheryl Venner. Fifteen Year Old* — Susan Venner, Mary Jo Wittry, Linda Rohe, Margaret Wiedemeier, Sharon Bock. Sixteen Year Old* — Sharon Davis, Linda Reicks, Carol Wernimont, Cynthia Myers, Mary Kasperbauer, Patty Grote, Karen Heithoff. Seventeen Year Old* — Diane Heithoff, Louise Heithoff, Julie Heithoff, Esta Sparks. Eighteen Year Old — Janet Grundmeier. corporations and shall cam- out such cooperative undertakings and contracts." The commission has the power to enter into necessary contracts and make expendi-: officiating. Burial will be in the : Scranton Cemetery, with mili- \ tarr honors by the American^ Legion Post No. 344 of Scran- j ton, of which Mr. Anderson was j a member. j . Arrangements are in charge tures "for the purchase lease of tne Dann -Woodhouse Funeral or rent of required land, fa- • Home of scra^ where cilities, equipment and supplies j fr i enu5 mav call starting at 7:30 necessary to carry out^the pur-| pm Wednesday. Following a pose of this agreement." It also j f am u y pray er service there at has the power to sublet or rent • n a m Friday, the casket will any property owned or leased j be moved fo the C h urc h at 12:30 and "the income therefrom shall accure to the Carroll County Solid Waste Management Commission." Additional municipalities may be added to the membership upon a majority vote of all the members of the commission A municipality may also voluntarily withdraw from the com mission. In the ease of withdrawal, the withdrawing municipality is "entitled to a pro-rata share of the value of the real and per sonal property of the commission, with such share calculated as the percentage of the then value of said property based on the ratio of the funds the withdrawing municipality has provided to the commission dur ing the period of this agreement by all municipalities." • Beans (Continued From Page 1) of per capita use of soy oil in Japan, oil from nine million bushels of U.S. beans is used, Syverson said. In Germany, he continued, the association is trying to get feed manufacturers to use more soybean meal in hog feed. It has already persuaded the government to drop the 3 per cent fish meal requirement to zero, opening the door to another 2 million bushels of U.S. beans. The Weather The Weather in Carroll (Daily Temperature* Courtesy Iowa Public Service Company) Yesterday's high 19 Yesterday's low 6 At 7 a.m. today 7 At 10 a.m. today 18 IOWA FORECAST Cloudy and warmer Tuesday night, chance of scattere light WARMER snow extreme east, lows teens northeast to 20s south. Wednesday partly cloudy to cloudy and 40s southwest. Weather A Year Age- Carroll temperatures reached a high of 56 degrees, a year ago today. Coolest reading for the day was 33 degrees. for viewing until the hour of services. Mr. Anderson was a member of the church. Mr. Anderson operated heavy equipment in road construction for Greene County for 12 years prior to his retirement. He was born Feb. 24, 1891, at Jefferson, a son of Daniel H. and Elizabeth Wilkleman Anderson, and spent the greater part of his life at Scranton. He served in World War I. On June 28, 1923, he was married to Retta F. Solt, at Boone. Surviving with his wife are a daughter, Mrs. Marilyn J. Henning of Scranton; one grandchild, and one brother, Carl Anderson of Jefferson. Three brothers, Clyde E., Edward, and Frank LeRoy Anderson preceded him in death. ANGEL JO SIMPSON Angel Jo Simpson, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Simpson of Mondamin and granddaughter of Mrs. Gerald Bristol of Carroll, was stillborn at 2 a.m. Monday, Nov. 23, at St. Anthony Hospital in Carroll. Private graveside rites were scheduled for 3 p.m. Tuesday at Rose Hill Cemetery, Missouri Valley, with the Rev. Friedrich of Logan officiating. The Sharp Funeral Home of Carroll was in charge of arrangements. The baby is survived by her parents, two brothers, Richard J. and Lyle Dean; maternal grandparents, Mrs. John Finiff of Council Bluffs and Louis Griffith, Missouri Valley; and paternal grandparents, Mrs. Bristol of Carroll and Eugene Simpson, Council Bluffs. KNUTE G. NELSON Requiem mass for Knute G. Nelson, 67, of Carroll will be celebrated at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in St. Lawrence Church by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Henry B. Karhoff. Interment will be in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Friends may call after 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Sharp Funeral Home in Carroll, where the rosary will be recited at 3, 8 and 8:45 p.m., Tuesday. Mr. Nelson, retired owner and operator of Nelson Woodworks, died at 9 a.m. Monday, Nov. 23, at St. Anthony Hospital of a heart ailment. He had been in failing health for the last two years. He was born April 12, 1903, at Varde, Denmark, a son of Niels Kristian and Goffredine Knudsen Nelson. He came to Carroll from Denmark in 1921, and worked here at the Burke Hotel. In June, 1928, he was married to Thresia Buchholz, who died in 1932; and in 1933 he was married to Frances Ocken at St. Joseph Church in Carroll, with the Rev. Anton Ocken performing the ceremony. Mr. Nelson established Nelson Woodworks in 1937, and retired about two years ago when his son Larry assumed the business. He was a member of St. Lawrence Church. Surviving are his wife, seven children, 18 grandchildren, two brothers and a sister. In addition to his first wife, he was preceded in death by a daughter, Norma Jean, and three sisters. Girl Scouts to Go to Des Moines About 87 Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts from Carroll will leave Saturday morning by chartered bus for a tour of the Des Moines Science Center and "Holiday on Ice." This trip is paid in part by money the troops earn from Girl Scout cookie sales. The Scouts, accompanied by their leaders, will return Saturday night. Troops and leaders involved in this trip are as follows: Troop 70, Cadettes, public school, Mrs. Don Jones and Mrs. Louis Grade; Troop 74, Juniors, public school, Mrs. Jerry Arnold and Mrs. W. E. Baudler; Troop 80, Juniors, St. Lawrence, Mrs. Elmer Friedman and Mrs. Howard Klahn; and Troop 87, Juniors, public school, Mrs. Richard Watson, Mrs. William Kurth; Mrs. Vern Hulsebus and Mrs. Gene Ruchti. Angel Jo Simpson Infant daughter of Mr. onel Mr*. John Simpson Mondamin, Iowa Private family graveside services were held at 3 p.m. Tuesday, at Rose Hill Cemetery, Missouri Valley, Iowa. Rev. Robert Friedrich, Logan, SHARP FUNERAL HOMI Carroll, Iowa Serving Carroll Area 30 Years Knute G. Nelson Carroll—Age 67 Friends may call at the Sharp Funeral Home, Carroll, starting at 2 p.m. Tuesday. Rosary: 3 p.m. Tuesday 8 p.m. Tuesday 8:45 p.m. Tuesday Requiem Mast: 10:30 a..m. Wednesday at St. Lawrence Church. Officiating: Rt. Rev. Msgr. Henry B. Karhoff Interment: Mt. Olivet Cemetery SHARP FUNERAL HOME Carroll, Iowa Serving Carroll 30 Years

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