The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 11, 1934 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
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Thursday, January 11, 1934
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MALVERN LEADER 61 At ALl^etJtrSrtt Wftfektt !g^j^^^ggjgygjjfjjjlj^jjjgjjgjgj^ !, HttfcS WMfft, «WA» fatmsTMt, lAfrtJAftt 11, i»*i NO. J«. S&fei iBCfe to Mill* Cmrnty ttfli* InftiMi that tftOfe gasoline told i« ttiitt etwttf ift ilii tta* In i«8i,,as tire gas tai *M $1666 more fet illi ttaa fot iiil lit* ttstifety tfeftslif** thi* fe*f f*eeit*d M Mills cotttoir* share *f the state gasoline Ut, fit,' 4Si.ll, A* th« edttnl? foftd tufid Cat* i i»I« and the stat* ftti 1 Me 8ttt of each I cents paid, the Whole ttate ta* paid HTM $IM4?.«6. Btrt this ti net ail. ABOthef tat his been added the past year, Itte federal tat, to that the tourer hat paid 4 He tat oft etefy gallon ot gasoline he purchased. Of Just halt M auch mote, of a total ot f 38,m.82 federal tax lit the county. Add the two and we hate fc grand total ot $99,674-86 that the want? haa paid la gato* line ta*ee alone. Close to $160,» 000 Uft't M , The following la the table ot gasoline tax receipt* by the month ta the county hat received its share. Ot course this is about two montht behind, as in January they receive the November tax, ete, But the year'a total amounts to about the aatae. County's Tot County Btuure and State Jan. 2 —I 1,910.70 $ 4,880.03 Feb. 2 — 1,910.70 4,299.03 April 5 . 2,308.70 6,194.71 April 26_ 1,910.70 4,299;03 May 27 . 2,388.37 5,873.81 June 80 . 2,181,88 4,908.06 July 21 . 2,467,99 5,651.91 AUK. 24 .; 2,786.44 6,2«$.49 Beuti Z7 - 2,627.21 , 5,911.12 Oct. 2ft . 3,184.50 ,7,166.17 NOT., 25 . S,iS4.6<T? 746B.1T Dec.' 27 -V MI7.81 $J9,488.49 $«6,847.«6 Last yr.-MM90.41 195,411.03 '••• , 5? ..;^ " ,|78,81«.80 ^l*Mee^g 4 Heitrii or Campau V ^Jt&ltf&i ft^stVMJitsYiti 4&k£wfciABJGt •£&£ AirZlBVl efOcuOn zDeVIRjrK vl &BNI WmTWli O^ffiffitnfQlj^ fttoD his %»§• c*tt«a fd? thtftday, A^JJU 3 IK T). ft^-^-AiA frjtfc-at jKys. 44 4g*£ • •II* 15» BCCOTBJHg TO **• TT* Safyefs, pftsidetrt e* the group. ^•*fesfatA% it AJft-4 fctfliih ^rffra« ^* JF ^^ j feifc^- Jrr8BlQOIHf fid! PI OofuOIib-} BOO* retary and treasurer are to be elected. ta addition to the election, business people attending the meeting will feafcf annual re* potts ef the various officers, coteriflt the work ot the past year, and plans will be started tof the i»34 program. President Balyers urge* «r< ety ot« Interested in the eonv mufllty to reserve the date and attend the meeting. Installation of Local Lodge Officers with Customary Service Ma*on», Star* Join in Honor* ing New Staff Friday Throughout America last week Were held ceremonies ot installation of officers of Masonic lodge*' and chapter* ot the Order ot the Eastern Star. To most communl- ties, such as Malvern, the installation has become one ot the most formal social affairs of the year, comparable in a way to the crowning of the new king of Ak< Bar-Ben In Omaha and similar functions in larger places. Friday evening Malvern Masons and Stars joined in this annual Installation. With ritual aa formal and unvarying as that which surrounds presentation at the Court ot St. James, installing officer* invested nejrly elected members with the badges and du ties of their several offices. < With Mrs. 8. J, Anderson as Installing officer,for the O. B. B. and Mrs. Earl McCormlck as mar- shall, the 1934 staff, of the chap- ter'was officially installed. One pleasing variation In the proced ure occurred when Mr*, Margaret Cunningham, former .Worthy Matron ot the chapter, Invested her daughter, Mrs. • Margaret Buttmann, with tbe same office, ? Following; tbe., completion, of ^Business of raising funds for a .public project Is slow business at belt, But tbe, .campaign,^ tor money to gravel the Bast Liberty road now being made by citizens of J that neighborhood has been j progressing without the customary bitches. Monday, evening a community meeting was called at the church by.Will Maddocks, head ot the road organisation, and at this pttUens attending beard of tbe progress made, At that time 8411,10 for the |600 needed bad been raised and tbe committees were optimistic about tbe remain- 'Brought out at the meeting, too, was tbe possibility of getting gravel from a pit in tbe Wall Street neighborhood, which would greatly decrease tbe hauling- distance compared with tbe pit near Melvern. Tbe gravel from ' tbe : no? place bad been examlne'd and ,waj found to be of similar qual- Attjti'to. that found near here, *•$ ,-jjwtw tbe »8QO bas been, raised tbe East Liberty citizens plan to ; obfflla OWA funds for labor costs, tqjbave tbe county bring tbe roid to grade, and build then* selves an all-weather road from »y 84 fiortb to tbe f and west to tbe Bast cjjurcb. Will* Farmer* to Receive $750,000 Benefit Payment* 90 earn * H»t Mills county farmers win receive IfBMOe i» bSBeflt p*^ meats ptdvidiag ore* 80 pet cent sign up, according to an estimate prepared by Bftice county agent. The operation of plans win get under war in Milts county Just as sooh as they are completed. J. f. wearlft, county chairman ot the temporary cofn-hog signup committee, and Mr. Rllpatrict returned Saturday trom a two- day .school of instruction held at Ames. County agent* and county corn-hog chairmen from all over Iowa attended this school of instruction. A two-day training school will be held tor members ot the town* ship committee who have charge of the sign-up campaign in Mills county. A representative ot the extension service and W, F. Hubbard ot Neola, neldmaa tor the state corn-hog committee) will as- slit in this school of instruction. Three men from each township will attend this meeting. Following this training school township committee* will conduct the sign up meetings in each township, Necessary forms consisting of a work sheet for reporting past production ot .corn and hogs, a farm map on which to sketch and outline tbe farm to be placed under contract, a statement of "supporting evidence" on which to list hog sale receipts and, other information pertaining' to the date and manner ot disposal of hogs from litters owned by the producer, and direction* for filling in the blank* will be mailed to every farmer in the county, After the sign-up campaign each township will elect a permanent township, chairman, anl township committee who wil have charge of the" program from then on. " " ; • / '• The corn-hog 1 program provides for reduction of 25 percent on hogs and JQtpef cent' on "corn production.' Benefits paid by' the Fred Buttmann, -presented~? a dance and song in costume and Mrs. L, A. Talbott sang an alto solo. Not since tbe late H. A. Norton was roaster of Silver Urn lodge has an installing officer given the entire ritual and lectures of this service without the aid of the ritual book, As Dr. W, M. Hlett began tbe service for this lodge Friday following the 0. H. S, work, he delivered all lectures and direction from memory and thereby provided a diction which added much to the'im- presslveness of tbe service. First installed by Dr. Hlett waa the new Worshipful Master, Wm, Warner, Followed others'of, tbe new staff until W, P. Wortman, tbe marshal!, conducted* XT, R. Graves to be reinvested as tyler, an offlee be bas bold for nearly a dozen years. Attending tbese ceremonies were many Masons sad Stars, tbe latter all without bats as custom dictates, and their guests. Baeb was given A device for finding A partner fop "refreshments follow? ing tbe work and these' were served in^be dining jroow of ^9 Community > building, Qajjig ^and dancing furnished entertainment during tbe remainder of tbe eve> Bias,,,- _ , . v Officers installed by the O, g, Margaret Bvtteftin. thy ,MjAtsm R <.-. - Wariby "Patrom Miss '* BIRD Assaolate pstrsaj Mlej HerJit 4 Ceaduotress; Mr*. R, felfr 4fjsf Sold Stoiftte -,7 a !-^WMpP"-i^p'*si ! P1 fr *' ! ** *' *aw»_/ ' * ,lls *¥i S# .19 M t Lop ,-•_.... Mrs, HIS. b- A. Mfti 0, Mra, Q, $U Ravls* Not only'Hhe traditional worm, but a family as well is! the lot of the early bird 4n Mills county, out on tbe Alfred, Leu farm lives a Bantam ben" who doubtless takes the maximi of Poor Richard to heart, *> The barnyard Walter Win-;; chell bad named Jan, 3 for the Blessed 'Events, And early, Wednesday morning this Ban* tarn ben walked out of the Leu barn leading a family of two newly-batched ebiqks,, display, ing them:with A pride no Incu* batqr could possibly show. And no laggard, Mrs, .Hen ; promptly to work at tbe siderable task of sgrat™™, out feed for two hungry chicks; in tbe middle of winter. ffeg fotHHHftg sales are of Will te idtftftlsed in The Jtfal- fif* L*ad*f. The Leader readies the cream of Mitts county sale buy- en. Advertise yotr sale in The lift, ilf Q. L, fiftttaJb, 4% mites southeast ot Stfahan. Farm iftte. W, ft. era.taer, auctioneer. W. F. AhdWWs, 4H miles northWeit et italtern. eft tarm tale. L. A. Jk*. ii$ General iat«Y'Matverit Bate flam, i* A, Talbott, auction* Mf, Jan. 31 i Dewey Van Orsdel, closing out farm tale* north ot Malvern. Talbott; and McKentle, auctioneers. 1 Jan. S4i ' -i Q. S. Haratan, <H mile* north of tfmerson. Farm sale, W. tt, Cramer, auction- *er» Jan. IS: B, B. Kline estate, three mile* southwest of Malvern. \ L. A, Talbott, auctioneer. Board of Education in Kegrular Session Allow Bill*; Arrange Reopening of School lor Baptists Name New t Officers for Sunday School anil Church Annual dinner And Call Meeting Council Has First Meeting of Year Allow Bills,- Hear of Pro. gr«»» Toward Well [ Greet Ben$dict< -, UJtle bustiiess OB tbe »ln8'a asenas, M»l vern's tows CO.U&CU met Thursday evening in ]!, MartBB; Mr», Hwley B SfliU Mbji; JJrt, |U W. flew, «utb; Mri Fr*4 Hall, ' preaent extended congrftt- to bQtb Mayor o, R, ig OlerJf,WQoaford R- bstb .of wbow were eau, , ,of bttlt were iriieBFd a report OB tbe o* the Tboistft Bros, Wey kwefl, wbo b»Tf teat fecjsg at varlouj ajwi wgjjnjj the eo», IB search fi{ A g«o4 w§ter Malvern'*'Board of Education gathered at .the school house Tuesday evening for their regular monthly session and to examine the progress of the CWA work in the school building. Routine bills were considered and allowed before adjournment. The board members noted that it mignt be necessary to employ full-time assistance tor tbe CWA painters and workers if they finished tbe work of redecorating tbe building In time for school to reopen next Monday. All of tbe upstair* rooms and most of tbe-rooms on the main floor hare been, redecorated during the long ^vacation and stu- enU returnlRgg lo school will IpS, s "EM*,ipa Weatherman Cover* County . with Evidence of Winter For tbe first time this winter, Mills county took on a genuine wintry appearance last week when the weatherman sent flurries of snow to color tbe Iowa landscape. After a slight sleet storm Wednesday, -some three Inches of snow fell Thursday and provided excellent sliding for the county's youth. Not particularly helpful to the drouth was the snow as the three inches would n^elt down to, equal only H • i° c b of moisture. Temperatures the past week kept coolish but stayed well above nero, The annual all day meeting ot the First Baptist mhnrch was held Sunday. After the'regular morning services a pot luck dinner was served and the annual business meeting and roll call of the church membership followed. Participating in the affair was a large number ot members ot the church who took this occasion to renew their *eal and religious faith In their Institution. A* the roll was called in the afternoon service, a number ot those attending responded with short talks regarding the church attitude and needs. Officers for both the Sunday school and church were elected Named for the Sunday school were: • Mrs. Grant Chamberlain, superintendent. J. W. McNulty, assistant. Arthur Trively, secretary. Otto Mall, treasurer. Mrs. Sadie Mclntyre, pianist. Mrs. George Davis, chorister. Department superintendents: Mrs. Marion Wise, young people: Mrs. Galen Boies, juniors; Mrs. B. C. Collins, primary; Miss Alice McNulty, nursery; Mrs. Frank Chamberlain, missions; Miss Lucille Mclntyre, juniors. Church officers elected were: Mrs. Arthur Trively, clerk. Mrs. J. W. McNulty, assistant. Mrs. Marlon Wise, pianist. Dr. D. M. Kline, treasurer. Mrs. McNulty, welfare board. Frank Chamberlain, usher. Mrs. Wise, Mrs, Davis and Vernon Bobbltt, music committee. . , tben atwm.M*4 MM eswiear, ftwew*4 few lbj|. ft flbwUW of municipal . Mrs, Lewis Thomas 1 Buried Here Monday Died Friday, January 5, in Hospital in Chicago Funeral services for Mrs. Lewis Thomas who passed away in & Chicago hospital Jan. 6 were held in the Mansfield Funeral Home Monday afternoon. The Rev, R. B. Gugeler conducted the services and Mrs. L. A. Talbott and Mrs. F. R- Chantry sang. Burial was made in the Mai- rent cemetery and pall bearers were L. A- Talbott, Frank Herts, Karl Hertz, Ray Jones, Carl Paulson, and Eli Springer. The following sketcb of her life was given at the services; Tbelma Stephens was bora June 85, l&OO at Wilmington, North Caroline, in which state she lived until tbe year when sbe went to Kansas MR. Ott Jan. IB, 1886 sbe was rle4 to Lewis TboOM U) K flit?, M». A«W tbelr j _ tbey lived in tbls city fo? one. ^ a»d BOOB after tb»l moved Blue Island, III-, where tbey bj&ve sine® mj4« tb«lr b<M»e. Hw ir, Bruce, «pg 18, b*S tbey ytrt mjjrrltd «Md bjMf b*ea Uftaf 'wltb tbjw fw usttal »ttfe VACATION ENDS lM rt« Ended next Monday *notn- tirg Will be the ie«g Christmas vacation ot the pupils who attend ttalvern's public schools. The Vacation started t)ec. SO and included about three and cue-half weeks. Genuine proof that it was too long was found When numerous pupils wete heard expressing the desire that It end. Local mothers, too, have been longing tot the time when the school will again divide the Interest ot restless offspring. During the holidays CWA painters and workmen have cleaned and redecorated most ot the rooms in the school building. They will return to their work tit the Community building next week. -N-E-W-S- from the County Seat Delinquent Tax List will be Published Next March According to the new law made by tbe present legislature 1988 wil t April and* the delinquent list will be published in March. Supervisors Name New Appointments Young a* Custodian, Van Orsdel aa Steward at County Farm T. R. Young is the new custodian for the court house and grounds at Olenwood, appointed by the Board of Supervisors for the ensuing year. He succeeds N. C. Reasoner who has held that position for the past three years. Mr. Reasoner gave good service during bis incumbency and Mr. Young will give good, conscientious service. He began bis duties the past week. Another change made by the Board was tbe appointment of Dewey Van Orsdel, one of the county's bustling young farmers, as steward of the county farm. He will take up bis duties March I, succeeding R, T, Caley, steward for the past three years, F. J. Plumb, tbe new member of the board, will be overseer of the farm. Overseers ot the poor, appointed by tbe board were A. J. Berk- htmer for Malvern and E.' E. Goodrich for Qlenwood. Both are re-appointments. All the present deputies In the county offices were re-appointed and T- B. Martin was re-appoint- as cquniy engifteer. Assessors to Uat Full Value of Properties Tbe annual meeting of tbe wn and township assessors was aeld in tbe Court bouse in Qlen- wood last Friday with County Scbiie* to receive to- and look over tbe for this year's aseeas' meats. r assessor was present for tbe 9&B£||&x wblob W&A alowst t new all tim» rwwwd. Two new for Z&uiytyu&k y&Q WM ftfip id ta *»e9M4 Jebft Wrlgbt _ JM m,e»*4. R. H. FeiMl»ajo fw QlftBWMud waj fleotad last •prlBf AIM 0, A* JPMmu Qit U tbe cwly baUlwlcg tut i liiitiftf eyari >Mr> t *(WP9PIRBV wi'HBi*^ ((r^^W* ^jfi^ifS ^^ * « •* MMtt »*4 Masonic Meeting Honors Masters Thursday Night Mt Ceritim Chanter tt A. M. Hold Public Irutalla. tlon, Reception George E. Masters, newly elected Grand Secretary ot the Royal Arch Masons of Iowa, was the honor guest Thursday evening at the Masonic temple In Glenwood following the regular installation ot officers of Mt. Gerictm chapter, R. A. M. There were visitors trom a number of other lodges and a flue attendance ot the local brethren and their wives and the members ot the Order of the Eastern Star. The installation came first and with C. R. Wilkinson as installing officer and C. A. Fllnn as Marshall, High Priest F. D. Logan and the other officers were Installed with an Impressive ceremony. The meeting then was taken over by the local committee and with H. H, Dean aa Master of Ceremonies proceeded to tender a real reception to Grand Secretary Masters, After the,, presentation speech by Mr. Dean as chairman, Frank D. Logan spoke on behalf ot the R. A. M. chapter, W. C. Rathke on behalf ot the Blue Lodge, and Mrs. Frank Choate for tbe 0. B. Clarinda and Ivan Cohoe of Council Bluffs, representing outside lodges, Bach commended the work and Integrity of Mr. Masters and bis worthiness to receive such honor that reflected not only to him but to the lodge and the home community. To all of these Mr. Masters responded with a feeling talk of appreciation to the speakers for their good words and gave a brief outline of the work of the offices he now holds. For there are really two offices — Grand Secretary of the Grand Chapter of R. A. M., which heads 114 local chapters in the state; and Grand Recorder of the Grand Council of Iowa which heads 27 local councils. The combined office entails much work and responsibility and brings an important headquarters office to Glenwood where Mr. Masters has already resided for 26 years. Following the reception all were invited to the dining room where delicious oyster stew and coffee were served, It was a very pleasing affair throughout. Ralph Cost at Home in Malvern Sunday Fun«r*l Sefriee* Held Afternoon in Man** field Funeral^ Heine Mrs. Ralph Cot, after a lingering ittttees ot some weeks, passed away at their home 1ft Malvern Sunday morning, Jan. t. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 in the Mansfield Fotterat home and were largely attended by friends and relative* from Maitem and Glenwood and surrounding towns. Banks of beautiful flowers bespoke the affection and respect of friends. The services were In charge of the Rev. L. ft. Bobbin, pastor of the First Baptist church. Muslo was furnished by Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Collins, Vernon Bobbltt and Mrs. Robert Stroud with Mrs. Marion Wise a* accompanist. Burial was in the Malvern cemetery, The pall bearers were Clyde, Carl, Karl and Charles Cox, Alva Boomer and Burtnan Winslow, Friends and relatives trom a distance attending the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cox of Lincoln, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Boomer, and Burman Winslow ot Omaha and Harold Winslow ot Council Bluffs. The following obituary was given: Esther Grace Winslow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lute C. Winslow of Glenwood, 1 was born June 14, 1013, at Qlenwood, and pass•ed away at her home In the early morning hours of the Sabbath on Jan. ?, 1934, at the very early age ot 20 and one-halt years and 23 days. Mrs. Cox spent her girlhood and young womanhood days at the home of her parents in Glenwood, until her marriage to Ralph Cox on Aug. 14, 1931, and since that time she has made her home in Malvern and Hastings and for a short time In Olenwood. Mrs. Cox was of an unusually •optimistic disposition, looking up on whatever came In a very happy way and trying not to burden anyone with her sorrows. Mrs. Cox united with the Methodist church in Olenwood when she was about IS, year*, old ..and lor> .a, nnmbBT-ofryeaCTywi ular attendant at Sunday-school and church. We are all saddened and shocked because ot her youth and her life being taken from us so early. Today we humbly bow and submit to It all and ask God to help us to carry on. Mrs. Cox Is survived by her husband, Ralph Cox, and one daughter, Rosalee Ann, almost is mouths old. Also by her father Lute C. Winslow, of Glenwood. There are four Bisters, Mrs. Lillian Boomer of Omaha, Mrs. Kelsey Sanders of Glenwood and Winifred *nd Virginia Winslow 'also of Glenwood. There are two brothers, Harold o f Council Bluffs and Truman of Glenwood. Mrs. Cox was preceded in death by her mother and one sister, Lois Raymond, and three brothers, Guy P., Chester and Harry Winslow. Masonic Meeting Tonight The regular monthly meeting of Silver Urn Lodge No. 234, A. F- & A. M., will be held In the lodge room this (Thursday) evening. A good attendance is desired. Wm. Warner. W. M, F. S. Hamilton Come* to M»lvem Bank F. 8. Hamilton of the state hanking department came in the past week and will be here tor jojne time as deputy manager assisting in the work in the Malvern Trust ft Savings Bank and will work especially in the col- lectlons department. Thing* are looking much brighter here both for bank «&<} community and with the collection* coming In better it 1» bop-ed »ofifl ta b» Able to re»e a p«rt ot the old a&d open again lor regular B. E. Kline E»tate to Hold Sale January There will be a closing out of the B, E- Kline estate at the {arm 3 miles southwest o! Malvern, Thursday, Jan. 35, There Is an especially good offering ol farm machinery in this sale, all in first class condition, besides some good teams and cows. See ad next week for full particulars. are ftlreMJF lapm- tat »e4 wUb 9TMj en,* making •& «ajPAMt efart to pa? "P it Vtli h» eo l» DAI the b»ft| on (ake a, TbU U emt » »»* w wm M Hfilk ^jjltfci tit ep»»U»I \LoJ»f |« 111 t^» W»t |«aj te auah asatrtlttm iHUtt w»J lW flP ^WPl^ras^^ww^^ ww^psjs* •n d«p*ntt.wt, U Btw C* IB Jt turn Explosive Harlow In ^Borobahell" Picture Platinum Star Cait with Tr»«y i» Publicity Beauteous Jean Hartow, whose charms have boaa compared ta a department store because of their variety, comes to tbe Bmprea* theater next Sunday and Monday In her newest vehicle, "Bomb* shell." Cast opposite her I* ftasly Lee Tr»cy wbQ«e characterlia- Uoa» of bllb po«ere4 preo* agents have won him » perma- Not IB bar usual role it Hif» low l» "Bo»b»b*U." Here tb« tt cut M i MMttlie itar vbotl feot wat*r o»til(J* at thi HU41Q. HW TftbMUp ht in JMi fJorti to 4MU oaranloU of wa l» ifej K« Jau IT. U vhU ar* O'iulUiaa ai»4 AUw

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