Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 11, 1890 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 11, 1890
Page 4
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El s7 AMES & CO., Palace Shoe Store , Grand _ H ^ xJ ^OT WE ARE NOW OPENING A TREMENDOUS STOCK OF f» 1'OIt Tilt; KIMtlMl A.\l» Si'SlMER T»AII!'„ Imported direct from the very best Manufiictnrers. » m Look at the latest Styles! They are all Neat, Durable and Comfortable, ;| and the Very Beat Goods that money can buy, aud they will be sold as low- as Reliable Goods can possibly be sold. TERMS GASH, AND CASH ONLY! If you want Credit, we can't Trade. Goods sent to any part of the County C. 0. D., or on receipt of money order. All kinds of Boots and Shoes made to Order. :| "JSS^^Ccv ELl " REPAIR.NC NEATLY DONE. 2*2. J$L.J&/Ltt& eft? OO.; Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street. Ukiah, Cal. !i BITS OF SCIENCE. Electric power is being used in felling rew in the (ialician forests. The throat telephone is operated by th« vibrations which take place in the throat oiie is speaking. A new electric brnke recently tried in r England stopped a car in sixty yards when traveling thirty miles an hour. Fuel gas made by electricity from crude petroleum is said to be made at & cost of seventeen cents per thousand. Electricity is now used to temper and harden steel wire. A one horse power dynamo tempers 1,200 feet of wire of eighteen gauge. The "pulsion telephone" has two simple instruments connected by a non-in- wilated wire which tony be slack and also may be buried in the earth. A new instrument, called the tele- grapbone, enables the sender to record his message on the cylinder attached to the receiving instrument in the auseucn of any one to hear it, and then to have it repealed to insure its correctness. Apropos of *ft«s** Hly and BIslaiicL Professor—Mr. Fresh, why do we al- •woyfl speak of the wth as of the feminine gender? Mr. Fresh—Because it's self evident, 1 •oppose. If the earth had been masculine it would not have taken two young women more than a week to get around it.—Exchange. IB Sigllt. CRISP CONDENSATIONS A World's fair has been talked of for 1867 in Berlin. The increased cost of wood and ivory is saiil to have increased by one-third the cost of English pianos. ! Hereafter Australia is to make the am- j munition for her army, which hitherto j has all come from Kngland. Col ton seed, which until quite recent- J ly lias been thought useless, now makes i 28,000,000 gallons of oil yearly. j Performances in Russian theatres are ; always begun by the singing of the iia- : tkmal hymn by the entire audience. | It in said that Mexico boasts a lake I which contains petroleum of a quality | sufficiently good lo serve the natives asi j a lighting oil. A sheet of paper made from the web of the white spider in Hong Kong, China, is in the possession of George West, of Ballston, N. Y. It is as light as air and almost as iratiKjiiireiit. There are now some 4,300 species of flowers which are cultivated in Europe, and it is a matter of some surprise, as well as regret, that only 420, exactly 10 per cent., are odorous. Savings hanks are rapidly increasing in popularity in India. On the 31st of March, 1889, they numbered 6,287, an increase of 85 from the previous year, with a corresponding increase in deposits. An electric plant (vegetable plant) is said to have been discovered in India which has the power of affecting the magnetic needle at a distance of twenty feet when the weather is favorable. In rainy weather it has no electrio influence whatever. At Coto Donana, on the Guadalquivir, in Spain, a party of ten guns, in fourteen days, shot 15 stags, 3 wild pigs, 3 foxes, 247 wild geese, 713 wild ducks, 402 snipe, 101 partridges, 36 rabbits, 7 hares, 8 quail, IS woodcock and S bittern; total, 1,654 head. The American Museum of Natural History in Central park, New York, has an egg valued at $300. It is a little over a foot in length, its holding capacity being two gallons, and, in round numbers, it equals 150 lums' eggs. It is from Madagascar, and is a relic of an extinct monster bird. The most powerful electric light in existence has recently be*n put into operation in a light house at Houstholm, on > the dangerous coast of Jutland. It. is of ; 2,000,000 candle power, mounted on a i tower about 200 feet high, and can be { seen at a distance of thirty-five miles, ] even in rainy weather. X.M.1, I.URHle ami Swing. Vine Wad cottage, ii-tiea uruutid, Lad and lassie swing liuve found, 3 .ASH delighted, in must get, "Push now, Sjmdy." "A.v! you bet]" I .as8ie Hwinghn;. Hkywnrd goes, Tresses flowing, striped hose, Eyes (t-fiashiiig as she Hwings, Cheeks Use roses, how she clings. Toes touch tree tops, each vein thrills, Joy eestnric, tickling chills, Higher, higher, out of breath, Lassie- Hewed now met to deutu. Lad quite tired pushing swing. Things to climax bound to bring. With one mighty effort, neat, Lad's with Lassie in the seat. Taster swinging, now they go, Upward, downward, to aud fro. Lad with arm 'round lassie's waist, Lassie trembliug, sweet, pale faced; Uoth her arms around him twined, To all sense of danger blind. Head of lassie ou his breast; Swing goes slower, peaceful rest. Lassie's eyes so Ujuder, true, Upward gaze in his so blue. Love now plays on their heart strings As they think uniittcraMo things. Heart, 'gainst heart uud cheeks aglow, Love's sweet, murmuriugs whisper low. T'ond lips meet in rapturous kiss, Lad unci hiss in jierfoct bliss. Thoughts divine, swing goes slower, Heaven ou earth for this one hour. Lad to lassie iineHliou pops, Loss says "yes," tho swing it stops. Church and pareou, wedding bells, (Quo year later.) Buby yells. Balie grows up to girlhood's day, Sauio thing over. That's the way. —Boston Globe. INTELLIGENT EAGLES. Wrll-Known Piildien Stallion NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORE- ; NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORE- DO YOU READ SAM Tll.DHX! Will make the Season of 1SP0 at My Slabls in Ukish, and it Upper Lsta SEASON FROM FEBRUARY 15 TO JULY I. Terms for Season, - - $20 For Single Sorvice, - - $10. Payable at time of Service. SAM TILDEN has proved himself a fine hn-eder. and 1 ask the public to examine the horse mid his pedigree. For fiirtiu r infiiniiiiiion see large posters, or rail on or address W. A. HASANS, I'klsh, Hal, Or E. GPAHAW1. THE Serenader (singing) — I will away I a-w-a-y! a-w-a-a-y-y-yl MEN QF LETTERS. VANISHKD. Party in First Story—That fellow appear! to have gotten away pretty quickly, aoroehow or other.—Texas Sittings. Hla Mistake. There is a bright little 4 -year-old utisi who accompanied her parents to Europe last summer. She is more than entertaining aa she relates to her friends all about her "trip to Europe." Hera isont of her stories: - On the voyage home via a French steamer she accosted one of the ship's men on the deck one day, with much deference, in his native tongue, ilium: . "Bon jour, monsiourl" "Bon jour, inadainel" was, the reply. "He called me madame!" t»id the little nits* to her mother, afterwards, "because be saw my tings and thought I must b* married."—Boston Time*. Iufaraalluu Waeted. Jones, who la preparing a brochure to IM entitled "la Marriage e, Failure?" had sue good luck the other day to meet a distiugtiiihed statistician. "Oh, professorI" was Jones' breathless question, "kindly tel! me which, from your observation, marry oftenest, the women ot the ui«m?"—Judge. Loofclrc Pleasant, Pleas*. "By thunder, «••' f»|tnw, what has lisp's,^ pasted to you tliat you smile so all the *>•'» ..«jws? What it it so goods-" "Oh, nothing at all, but you see out iB &WWt 1 knowt iiowaduys but somebody 5 » VJBrijjr h» photographing hlu."-£lle'geud» •|g |»e «*rv Jw 'siL -s- IMgMMUns. -v™^f^»i »ii i f-'TiTftlfr irlmr is the niattet sg^^MbMOtl gill; she twins terrtbiy *'* 'i^m^a wKtil*»f)(ie«hfnK. P^yj ^^ffihKrlw.veM't you. heardl Mjjtferaaeotfrt *km j'"* decided thai -~%R*d»lfii **'*JW ii American Robert Browning, though an accom- 1 plished and fluer.t talker, had a pro- | Bounced and life long antipathy to : speaking in public. j Or. Oliver Wendell Holmes is not fond | of being interviewed. He is cordial and | polite to a reporter, but he evades the point at issue with great skill. M. Marlon Crawford, the novelist, is proficient in ten languages—German, French, Italian, Latin, Oreek, Sanscrit, Arabic, Persian, Russian and Turkish. Lafcadio Bourn, author of "Chita," was born at Santa Maura in 18.10, his mother a Gnsek, his father a British army surgeon. Mr. Hearn has long | made the United States lug country by adoption. As a writer he is all brilliance, grace aud power. Robert Burns Wilson, poet, artist, lecturer, lives in Kentucky. Me is a typical southerner in appearance, having somber, gleaming dark eyes aud very dark hair. He is ardent and impressionable and a most genial comrade in the company of his friends. Pee first thought of "The Bells" when walking the streets of Baltimore on a I winter night. It is said that on this ' i night he rang the bell of a lawyer 's house I —a stranger to him—walked into the ! geutleman 's library, shut himself up and I the next morning presented the lawyer I with a copy of his celebrated poem, i James Russell Lowell, when asked { what his methods of literary work were, ! is said to have replied: "I am one of j those men who believe in system, and : who seek and utilize every moment at ' their command to advantage. I put aside so many hours, generally in the forenoon, for reading and writing, and try to be uninterrupted. If I am, I make it up at the first leisure I can secure." Edward Bellamy did not, like Lord Byron, wake one morning and find him- aalf famous. He worked hard for years with very little recognition, and even after "Looking Backward" was published it waa several years before it attracted much attention. Mr. Bellamy is 4'i years old, a lawyer by profession, but devotes more time to literature than to law. He has an office in Springfield, Mass., furnished in the simplest manner, with a table and two or three chairs, and the floor is literally carpeted with manuscripts. They I''e*l Their Onjitive Young by Dropping Fish Into a Pen from Mld-Alr. "I see a great deal of talk in the papers every little while," said a mim who bos built many miles of ruilroails and contracted for any nmnlier of big engineering enterprises, "about the foolishness of huving the eacjlo as an emblem of our country. He is represented as a cowardly, thievish, unintelligent bird, and any number of other fowls of the nir are put forward as candidates for the proud ]HJ- sition of the nation's bird. Now! am uot an ornithologist, so I am not prepared to argue over the relative merits of the different flyers, aud I must confess that the eagle is a thief always and a coward very cften, but that he is lacking in intelligence I most emphatically deny. Let nie tell you one little story of hiru that puts him In a very favorable light. "Years ago," he began, "I was engaged in building a big western road, and one spriii^ day we pitched our camp on tho hanks of on« of the turbulent rivers of tho region aud settled down for a three months 1 job on a ravine bridge. A few dayR later we noticed an eagle's nest perched up the blulf across the river and the following Sunday two of our men swum the stream during the absence ol the old birds and brought Imck two vigorous eaglet's with them. "Wo hurriedly patched up a pen of pine slabs for the captives, making it about seven feet square and leaving lots of space between the slabs on the top and sides so that, vvecouid have a good look at the squalling bunches ot leathers. The parent birds caino back about noon, and when they found Lheir little cmes gone they kicked up a frightful row and flew about in search of them a-* though they vver* distracted. When they finally discovered where the eaglets were they circled around iu the air over the pen, keeping out of reach of our rifles, aud shrieked advice to theit chicks about keeping up lheir spunk and making themselvos comfortable as plainly us human beings could. "Then tho old birds flew away and came back after a little with two big tish in their tr.lons. They circled and circled around over the pen, and finally let the lljh drop straight as a die right between the slabs in the roof. They kept up this performance every day fot a forrnight, and never in all that, time did they miss hitting the |>eu with the fish they dropped. Their parental affection and intel- , licence so worked on us that we put the eaglets back ou the other side uf tho river again, I and I tell you it was really affecting to s»fi ' the way those two old birds hung arouud anil ! caressed their offspring. They seemed to tin- : derstand after that that we were friendly tc i them, and during the rest of the time that we were there they flow all about tho camp, and had no hesitation in coming down to pick up the scraps of meat and fish we would throw to them. I can't say that they shed tears over our departure, hut I will warrant that they felt the Jiangs of separation as keenly as we did."—Omaha World-Herald. CONSUftSPTiGft CGU&HOHCOID ERONCHtTSS ThroatMscticn SCROFULA Wasting of Fle:h Or rtuy J >iRR.-se ic /n-Mi ittn Throtr t and Xttntf* | are in /luMf 'tf, V.n.-fc of Mrrmjth Aajt» | rowrr, ymt e<m be relieved <iml Curtid by | DI8PATCH«DEM0CRAT? XJT 1TOT, TOTJ DO ISTOT SEE All the Local News, { All the County News, j All the General' Newa i All th<i Court News, All the Supervisors' Proceedings, All the Heal Estate Transfers, All the Legal Advertisements, All the Business Advertisement. CLOSURE SALE, Order of Salfi and" Doerce of Foreclosure IIIKI Sale. CLOSURE SALE. Order of Rale and Decree of Fore- doMire and Sale. OUR FACILITIES FOR DQJN-' PURE COD LtVER OIL With Hypophosphitea. PALATABLE AS MILK. Aak for Scott'* Etntt^aion, and let t'*> «*- platuttioti or tolicilutloiL indue* you f accrj't a MultBtitutr, Sold by all DmgglMs, SCOTT A. BOWNE,Chemidt» f N.Y» NANOY HJCLDT. 1 vs. GKO. FTEI.hT. IhjntrUint, T 'XDKU AND HV VJKTPK Of-' AN (HUU-'H \- of H;I ]" it'lil ilO 'TiM- (if ftm-closuri? ninl vtilt' IKHIJMI nil) nf thi* Supunor t'niirt uf tin* Ooisnty nf MVIHI'K'IIII). siiiti. 1 <<l' <-itli fnrulii, nil Ihe Mill ilrt\ of Juin-. A. i>. IK'.iO. in i!if ubovo iMititli 'it dfii'in, whi 'iL 'in Nuiii'y Melilt, tht» nbovt* luuiu-ii jiliitutiti'i uljltiiiit'l n jini^uii'iii and lU'crv^ (if foivi-lusurc ninl suit; amiiust • ictir^f lloliit, rte- icniliuit, i>n tlu>*j;Ul day of June, A. ]>. 1S1H). for ttu* sum of t\V( lvc IntmiiTil ninl two rtiid twi'nty- onc oiio -limitlii'rtOiH ($1'J02 'J!) dollar}' hi United Stiiti'H jrold coin, tmsidi's lnteivs', costs, and counsel iVcs. makitiK (u (ill ?I".S1.'2L uhich *nfd decree was, on thy day of .luuc, 1SH0, recorded in Judgment Bool; No. :i of nui/1 Court, m intfff* 'J !'7, I IIMI t -'tuiiittjiiiilcd U> soil nil that certain Jot, piece or pnrcel of luiid situate, lylnfi aud hefuir in tin- ctmuty of Mendocino. Stale of , ('aliforilla, ninl l»uui)deij ninl dc.«criucii an fol- J lows, to w it: j HciiiK in tin* viliai;e of Caspar, and ODmnnMin- iliK at a )ioi :it on the ea.-iterly line of the con«l I ro »id, distant lifty fe^i KoeiliVtty of ihe south- i west corner of the unnvl uf land c :i which j Kninli Kelly's sinre buildings are situated; I ih.-tice rnuiiini; i\u\w said point of begfnit hii* , i north SS*, east four hundred mid ihiriy-six feci; i | ihence Kouihetly parallel with said mad one j i hundred feel; llieinv .onMl S 1 - 1 we -t. f'Cir hun- ' j dred and thirty ^ix f -,*et in the e ;i Mer.y lint- i>f j said road: tbene>- on the easterly line ol sititi ] , road uoi tlierly iiu«- h nudied feet to (he point of J ; beginuiiiK. i Public notice is hereby LMVOU that on | Siiluriliiy, Ihr id day of .higifcl ; At *J .'.'clock e. M. of that dav. in front of (he < "ourt ll'uircdoiaol tin- foil nl vol Mrli't. inn. - Ml 1'kiitli, ! I will, in nlii'tiii'iiiT to said order of ^ide and Tie : eree of foM'C l«>s1 1:i • and sau-, sidl (he above d*'- Hcril 'ed property oi• >o inneh therein' ih IIKIV be :'i'i 's>ary to Miri .si'j n .iid j-iduiio-nJ, with intei'- d and coy(>', etc.. to the bii;h' -! and best bid:v for uold coin uf tin- I 'niied States. liMted IhiH ::oih d «v of .Ji:i;e. lH'.'O. J. M. ST.'\N1»J.!-)Y. Sluniir. T. .1. \VKM«O \, I 'nder >nei iii. Of Every Description are Unsurpassed. THE INTERNATIONAL WITH OUR The dyMpeptle, tike debilitated* whetlt* er from Qxeemu of work of mind Off budy* drSnkor exponure In Malarial Regions, will llii<i Tuft's Pills Hie mosl KCIIIKI ruftloi'ullve over oi&'oro«i th« sutflsrttte Invalid. Try Thorn Fairly. A vigorous body, ]»ui'« blood, airong nerves ami a ebeorful mind will reiiuil* SOI.D EVKKYWHKKK. SK'-TItlTY SAVINGS ) HANK, Plaintiff. Wir.i.lAM K C.rLt.KS- | riK, I Di'l'i'iulttni. ) I • odor and by virtue of an order of sale nnd dr- I'ree ol loreriosnre aud milo indued out of tU« Kuperlor Court of the County of Mendoelmi. state ol Califoi nin, on thc9th day of June, A. h. ]K;K). In tlie above entitled action, wherein Security Savings Bank, tho above named plaintiff, obtained a judgment uud decree of iWc'domire mid sale acahiHt Win. K. (.lile.'udc, defendant, ou the ilth day of June, A. I>. IJW»O, for the sum of? xteen tlntisund one hundred and fortv-twoaud tilty-.six one hundredths (fit;, Hi!. 56) dollitrfi in V. S. fiold coin, lier-ides interest aud costs aud counsel fees, uuikiiiK i" nil ^10.r »r »f*.0l. besiihs costs ami interest to accrue, which said decree was, on Ihe ilth day of June, A. I), 1SU0, recorded In Judtfmmit Hook No. ;t, of Mild t.'ouri at patre -".H. 1 r.m commanded to sell all (in- certain lot, piece or parcels of laud siinate, lyin^ and betu^ In \b\t county of .Mendocino, state of California, aud bnuudtd ami described a* follows, to-wlt: HeniniihiK at the northuest coiner of section sixteen (h>], tow nship twelve (l'Jj north, range elev<.ii ()!) west; thcuec south 10 chains, thciu'« east tin chains, thence south 'JO (diaiiii, thenco ea-( 7'J chain**, thence north ;V 1<>', cnsi ^.i.l .'i eiiaiiK, tlieiu'c "ttst 17 .1 i chains, thence north 10 chaitu to the connton <>,>i nerof sccibwis y, 10, la and If'-, theuie west I'll chains, thciuv north JOehnlns, Ihenee east JO chains, theiue north i!0 4.'htiin«. '.hence MCSI JD i iiains, thence norih (•) chains in the south line of section four (4), deuce.northwest-ulv -1.0 ch.ain.-: to the L'kiah and Cloverdale road, thonct; northerly along said road follow the bends thereof to a point s.;U i bain-, east to the norths est corner of tho unrdiAird .[iiartei of the southeiist uiiartcr i.f seel ion four (I), thence "est to said coruor, thence south 'JO idiiiiiis, tnenc" wc «t 'JO chaius, thence soittli "0 chains, ihenee wi'st -10 chains, thence iiorih 'JO chain*, thence west 20 chains, HieiH",- north 'JO chains, thence west 'JO rhti'nn, thenee north luciuiins Linucc west 100 chniuit. to the to\vnslii|t line, ihenee coiitlunin^ WMHI l 'JO chains, thence south 40 chains, thence east 1J0 chain*" to the township line, thence con- tinuinn east 10 chains, thenee south 'JO chains, tlicncc t as'. -JO ' haiu>'. thenee smith 'JO chains to the uortiiwest cornel of vet ion eight, thonce east 10 chains, tiieiue south 'JM chains, thenco east 'JO chains, thence soulh "JO chains, thenee east L'ti chains, to the wi st line of section ulno, thence south 'JO chaius, thence east 40 chains, (hence south JO chains, thence west 10 chains to Hie place of beginning, containing 'J.'IU0 ai'res, comprising portion* <»f t'nitcd states b»wnshlpH .wt'lve(i'J) north, laoge cloven til) west and twelve (I'J) north, range Iwelve wesi, Mouni , Iiia'nlo Hase and Meridian, excepting and re- I serving therefrom the Occident (,'uicksilvt-r : mining laud known as bit tbiriy-soveii. I'ublie noi Ice is hereby given that on Niiiimlny, ihr iiiiii day of July, lS91) f nt 1 :"0 o 'clock )•. M. of thtit day, In front of tho Court House door of 1 ho county of Mendocino. I u lil. In obedience to said order of sale and decree oi loreelo-mv and nile, sell the above described properly or so much theivjf as ir.av ho liei-es-Hi'v in -atisfv *,'.jd iudgniellt, with llltlM 'Oft and costs, etc., to ihe highest and best bidder fur gold coin of ihe ("niied states. Mated ihis'Jiiih duv of .June, 1WH). j. .M. yi'ANIH.KY, SheHtr. Ity T. J. WKI.I.ON. I'lulcr SheriM'. ;:tUd TYPEWRITER. Notice of Ailiitinislralors Sale. Knllv iiiiitt'- A KtriiMly lirst-clnsK inncliitie. wiirrimtpil. Mini.' r.iiiii vcrv IIPHI rial, hy Hkillrtl vvnrknion. i,,„l wi„, -„;„„.„„„, IjCHt tools tllllt llllVI' I'VCI' IM'CIl (U'VlHI'll I ,1,.,.,.„ S1 .,1. .s„t|,.,. | 1'or lite ptupoHC. W'tirnintpii to ito all j,- m tm »uit 'litit run lie rcuKoniilily cxiirrlnl ol' tl'i'! Mo, " 1 '"' il1 I X T1IK «l'l'KKl(i! :iinl Willi till- i L ly HI Min .l j very bent typewriter i••xltim wriiint; lilt) wonlH per minute- i arrortlini; to the ability ol the : t'liriJT OF THE vXiirs- inu, SIHU' of Oilifnrnhi. in the enliiti! ol ('. H. Arthur. Ii'-ri 'liy KIY -n tliut In inn - • nf tin- ,-ii)>erltir I'ourt of C 'Umiy. stut*.* (if i.'uliuirnlH. made ou Hi!Power Pi A LonK Island floris-t has been brought up into a police eourt lor shootiug at bis wife liecause she declinotl to contiuue working in the fields, plowing, burrowing, etc., and be- UHUSU she tlu&lly rebellei^ against cleaning out tbe stables. The florist, remarked that she WM his wife and he would do what be liked with her, but the polica justice does not seem to be of his ouinion. To euro Biliousness, Sick Headache, Constipation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, take tbe safe aud certain remedy, SMITH'S BILE BEANS Vats the SMill, Sise (40 little Beans to the bOtlle). TIIBY ARE THE HOST CONVENIENT. SnltAblo lor all -/Vtfcn*. Price of cither Blme, 25c. per Bottle. a "»T'"l''IW PANI5I, SIZE. Mailed for i ou. (eoppon or Bt &miM). J. r. SMITH A GO.Msbortof'UILS BKAN3,''ST, 10UIS MO, Wejare prepared to turn out First-Cl^s Work on Short"Notice and at Reasonable^ates. i •or inure— iperator. PRICE, - - SIOO.OO. it there in no agent in your town, iul- <lreHH the manufacturers: THE PARISH MF 'C CO., .-li/cnf* H'aiiln.'. l'arieh. .Y. V. •JJ -nTjITI STKNOCRAIMlY and TYI'E- rlllll!! WKITINti KRKK. KirHt-eltmn facilities ami best of teachers. Address, with slamp fur return pontnge. Tin: l '.viMsii iii"i:, co. r .-irWi, N. Y. . '.' 'Ulll » , > 11, 1 * - (II I. Milium III, 1I1UI1L Oil 1 ',,.,..1,1,, ' '" Ai»riI. IS'.iu. In the imlltt'i' ol Ihe estate v ,i|i.,i)ti. 01 . „, ( „ .v .-t in,,-, ,|,.c.,.. ;v the iiiiderslBiuMl, Iho AiliiiiuMtrniiir ill- l.oul- 11,111 with the Will 1111- ui 'Xi 'il. in the -iiid eniaie, will sell nt public ''•'•""•i" 11" -inn esiiiu-, win sen in p. miction, in ihe hl.KhcM bidder, for rush, gold coin of ihe I'nlleil sinles, anil subject to coulir- minion by Hiiitl Mupi rior i.'ourt. on GALL AND SEE SAMPLES AND GFI PRICES. Anything from a Visiting Card to a Thee-sheet Poster printed in the most artistic tyle. Mouilny, the Jist duy of July, 1891), Vcliick .«., In front of the door of tho House, in L'kiuli lily. .Meiidoeluo County ill the rlRliI, title, luturi-st ninl estiite o • Id C. It. Arthur at Ihe time of lib At 1! o'clock Court lloilsi I'ul. all the the Kuid C. ... .in,., lie ith, ninl till the rlnht 111'.? said estate bus by l T rriimin 1,1 miv or ouier- w ise. ucijiiiied, other than or in adillllon to that of Ihe said C. II. Arthur HI the lime of hll In and to till thai curtalu lot, piece utte, lyliiK and being in I.... indncliio, siule of Callloriilu, „. his , title mid iulercst that 'periilion of law or other- | Hat Good (or ShiuflM. j Parson Brown, who lores • joke, though it ! lie at bis owu eipense, is food of relating hie j experience in circulating •substn-iption papei j for tht pwrjioee »t raising funds to shingle a | church. Among others be called on a mar- i cbftut oho was a liberal man where the ob| Jvct Is praiseworthy. In tbe present instance j be subscribed #5. Shortly afterward tbe pur- > •HI ualletl to collect the amount, but tbe mei- j uiiant, uuvui 's; had occasion to par out ali hie I money that day, Informed lite'.'iergymau ol - tlie (net and invited lilm to call again. This did not eauuitly accord with the peruou'l views, Looking around the store be diiwov- •red a kit ot mackerel which he thought uiigut easily lie (luurertetl iuto cash, "HOST aiucb fur mackerel!" be asked. I 'Ftva. dollars a kit," replied the meicuant. "W«ll,if you have no objerlion. li) tokt that kit foe yuur wbaoriution." , "All rlgbt, pwrsou," MUI the ineR'ltaiit, •beartily.. "Vou'ra walewtio to auy thing tba eturatv the aonui)! of $3; buKt.uoupb aenikirel are fauiotia for makinK a mnn d.-y, I trnvMn't tfclitgl* ute ctiurek with (Unin If 1 . ir ^/eB,^«^i >w)a |»>i Journal. - Copyrlzht, 1«#, WAKIL's OBAND1TIA. " The world ie even as we take It, And life, dear child, is what wo make It." This was the sentiment ot an old lady to her grandchild Mabel. And many a Mabel has found It to be true, and she has taken care of her health. Bho keeps on hand a supply of Dr.Tierco's Fnvdrlte Prescription, and so Is not troubled with those wasting- diseases, weaknesses, "drnirtfing-do»' , n " sensations and functional Irrenularitlea that so many women endure. Tt la the only medicine for women, sold by dnuriflstN, undec a positive guar- Blltee from tho manufaoturors, that >t will give satisfaction In every cnae, or money will Co refunded. This guarantee has been printed on the bottle-wrappers, and fiiitbf ully carried out for many years, "Favorite Proscription " Is a Iogltimute medicine, not a hevtrntft. Contains no alcohol to Inohi Isto | no syrup or sugar to derange dlRct.- tlou, Aa iM -3n !mr In Its remedial i-tsulls aa in IU composition. Ae H powerful, Invigorating tonic, It linpsrl/i strength to the whole system, particularly to W00OWOr \K' e ®@» AffAC-HMEHTS W) eT.LOUIS.MD. ' fl4LLAS.TEX. , The New Hr Sewlni; .Machine f'ompany. j Pnelllc lieimitmonl,l )lRlnliiitiiii ;Omce.7S;. M »i'' I kel street,iil.-l'.-v Ulllldllli;, Wall Francisco,Cal. I <il AI.KANT .V niNNlN'dll.VM, •jlilf Alli'llts, rklah, Clll. ««rif you are going to Call on a 3STe.igi.bor, Dun an Enemy, Marry a Friend, or Start a (ircus, tho pain will be greatly alleviated by patroniing the DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT Steam Printing Houie, .%c.n.i.ii|p v W ... .... of "hi* tU'iilii, In mid i<> ull thut curlulu lot, niece m pitrccl uf liintl Hitnuto, IVJIIR ninl bi'hiR In lln suit, t-mxuty (if MiMidnfjfno, ^uw* «>i OiilUonilu, mid lioiimlt'il ami lU'scrilit't! as I'nllnw H. tft wit: K ! . i>l* SNY V, of St 'Ctlint l. r i, T l 'J N, It It*. \\\, M I)M. Tt'i'iiiN and conditinii?, of suKf—ciish, 10 pc«r tuiil of tho piirc'lm -MO i»rU'c», In jjnld eoln uf tho I*nHod .Stiilt-st, imvuhlu on dity of tho mlo, bill- iiiiof imyablc on ootinrniution of the Kftlo, by tho JndKOOt UIIK Court. Peed at cxpeiine of pur* oluisvr. I'liftth, jimc'JtJLh, lsyo. Q. A. OVEUM12YKR, Adiiiini^tiiitor do honU uon, with the Will nn- iioxod of tho osinto uf C. U. Arthur, decoatod. VKI.L ii SKW KM.. Atl'yr for Adin. Order of Adjudication of Insolvency I N T11K SI'VV'.UIOU COVKT OF THK COVN- tv ot Mondouiiw, Htatc oT littUhnubi. In' the inattor of Tiniothy Morniy, an Insolvent iU blor,—Tlnintliy Murray having lllod in this Court his petition, "f'ht'di'.le and invuiitory in Insolvoury from which It uppeiws that he it* an hisoh'ont Pohlor, tho said Timothy Murruv is hop-'hv docltiVi.d to ho iusnlvont. Tim ShorilVofihe .ounly ol Meiidoeluo is hereby direoU-d to tnke pui'sossiou of nil tho CHtate, real and personal,nf tho s-ald Timothy Murray, Insolvent Debtor, exoopt huoh ns inav bo by hiw exempt from oxeeutlou, and of all his deeuV, voiieho.ri, books nf uet'oiuit, sud pi'.poi keep tho sanio Kufely nuiil llit. an Assignee of liitt ostalo hhlden to p»y any debts Vi.r (utHri-ii \\ tint >»» l*»pr. Try i«. ImlurMMl S)>- ,ln> Mcillcitl Frtctilty. l*r «*NC >rlbe<l by ^iiiigB'rinu'it'eo*^ l.fiultiiK ; I'liyNilflailK. A* A 1 jtrennrth to tun wnoio syBtom, par.. VM . M .., w thm wouih And iU npnertdaffcs. For feeble iromnn gpn«rally. Dr. Vterco's FrtvoiifAJ Pr«- •cfa^tica <a the jrr<?><tf«i oui'thiy bnont beln^ uaoquiled •** tUl apiictlzlng cordiai uul ic- •toratlve tonic, or ammgUi ffiycr. A BtXih ot 1<W pAt?"«, on Womnn and Her pfc***, tb«lr Naturo, nnd How to Cure them," tent walod. In plain envelope, on i&- ruipiof teu iwtitt, m atamnt, AiuiniMk \\\mu*'# lUrii'^NRAiir MEDICAL Ko. mi Main Hi., liuffalo, N. IT. ectric Li | Camphor Chloral Liniment. ' OAKLAND. Kcbrmirv 7, lS'10. "This may rorl ii'y uo uive used the c. c. Liniment in our family, and hnvc found It to he tho and moid olVootivo n.odi.'ine for nou- raih'la and kiudiod dlriojiKes of miv that wo have tried. Weeau u!ihe<dt.tli!iKly ree'ommetid it nn a inOht powerful and usofni ivmed The North Pacific Land and ImprovemeK Company will put in an Electric Light System ii Ukiah as soon as the weather will permit, and will \irnish Electric Lights and Electric Power at the lowst possible figure. For particulars address W.H. H. GKAtiJS, Secretary North Pacific Land and Improvement Co. 29 New Montgomery, San Famcisco, I 'astor of th It. DIl.l.K. • First M. r.. Church. . aud In unpuiutmeut of ..II porxiiiN are for- ... th, sii. jd Insolvent,or tf) deliver any prupertv, helr,u,'iu« to such In- solvenl, to him or to any person, tlnn, eorponi- lioii or nHSoeiatlon for' his use; ai.d tho said debtor is hereby forbidden to luius:'or or deliver any properly, until tho further order uf this Court, oxoopt as herein ordered. It tc further ordered, thut all the eredUurts of wild debtor he ami appear before t'u» Hon, H. -Metjurvey, Judwe of Hie Superior Court of tlu! comity of Mendocino, In open Court, at Courtroom of said Court, MI the County of MendociiKi, on the 11th dav of Aunust, 1890, ul 10 o'clock A. M., of Unit day. t»> prove their debln and rhoofie one or more asslKnees of ihe esltiLo of Hnld debtor. It Is further ordered, that the oidc-r he pub- llshod in Ihe Pisi 'ATi 'H-P ^MOi 'k .iT, a ijuw .«pHper of Keneml elrenhitlon, published iu the county of Mendocino, an niton as the Midd paper is published before the said duy wi fur the meeting of creditor*. And it is further <irdf|'od ( Ihnt, in the meantime, all proeeo41im> nihilist liic said insolvent, he slayed, Patetl June I'Ab I For all chrouie rt\n>* t hi onaneetion with C. C. 1 I.INiMENT, Uve 'TOMnjCND SIM.i'llUU POW) DKIi" ff'T thorouulily eltan :4iii^ the blood and j t'"'niiiFi iip tin: OiiiiU-hVSioni. it \* ptil Op OilJ>* ! hv'lho \V. II. Itono 1- Itn.^i street. In hiiyc hollies. Prbe ijl per buttle, 11 hoi I leu fo) i'o; nent postpaid tin ivee : pt "f pn.-,-. THE (. C. LlMMK^f (;()., IS'.IO. It. MrtiAllVEY, •'t)lil JIIIIKC nf tin' Superior Court T. !.. OAlinTIIKHS, Alt'}' fur I'd IIIOIUT, Notice to Cnnlilor.s. i .\ nil-: siTKimm ronci' OP TIIF • '>•':' ( Nl loi'ill't. Stlllu nf I'uliforiljll. lu Hi" mull iU-(-f-iisi'il. Nolli'i' Is li •r nf Ihr chilli Klu'ii hy tilt ( nt!N- lifoniiii. :lai»i.s .siurrltt, la ItiiKli Klevrt. S. rop. SAl.K HY -M.I. l>RI.'(;<;M'S .-«a •W. II. I30H3-33, lit'licrill Mllllliua-V l,,„| t..','r<.|„i-y. I / .', , '"'f'-y i-'lvfii hy tin. midrrslKiinl, I K'linhiMntlMr nf th,. ( .K|„„, „f Jllln ,, H SIMI-I-IH. n'v'i','" i ," ""' V'"'","* <"'. «"'! "II |.(fl'»lUH ! till It tln-iiii n-llli tin; iiw'i'ssiirj- v<,uc-ln*rn nilhli, | finir iiioiitbit Hftcr tin' llrsl piihtlc-ullaii of thu , milli'f, In Hi- ii.lnilitlyli-iilor nl Ills r..«nli> I'lANOS Only tit* l;iirlfilill'l«,i,, |:'i-,[i (.'Jfta,!,! m,. ".Uittiil »lili KOUU IUJ.,1 m,a [•,vir.,u rij.'i' jjlprli'a. liill» iviq-puii.!,!. I'hi w i |-.iiiij lllltl'il . AtlinlnlKirHlii i't 'llS^'ll. ., KM- H1-.I JI'.IL - lliliniuMi'ltlnr ft I h)H rcHillonri? , ii, ,,i t'lir^Min', III mliit ML'I.'I.'II'IUII fU'ltllty, j Hint., uf l^illfiiruiii. tlu- Kunii' ln:'mn tin' jtliu'i' I lln 1 irnliMii.'tluit uf tlie '.lltilm-rfl ;>f null! IIHIHII-. (IKOHliK 1. MOIIU, ur of lllf «*Hl«t.' of Juint-sHtm'rltl,its- Wi-40. Do ivit (nil in uvtiil youtHeli ol our cmnioign olt'er—tlie 1")IH1'.VTC'!I-I>KMO(;HAT t) Jtult'RfV 1, ISl'l, (or $1,

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