The Grundy Register from Grundy Center, Iowa on June 5, 1952 · Page 59
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The Grundy Register from Grundy Center, Iowa · Page 59

Grundy Center, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 59
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Page 59 article text (OCR)

GRUNDY CENTER, IOWA 5runb? IRegister Jubilee Edition This Issue 61 Pgs. Section 9 ESTABLISHED IMS GRUNDY CENTER. IOWA, THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1952 NUMBER 23 DESTRUCTIVE TORNADO SLASHED NORTH GRUNDY Ruth Miller, 8 Year Old Girl, Blown Into Field and Killed; Property Damage May Reach $200,000. The most destructive tornado in Grundy county history struck Monday evening about 6:30 in the vicinity *f Buck Grove, took the life of eight- year old Ruth Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Art Miller. It injured two other Miller children and destroyed livestock and othrr property estimated at between $130.000 to $200.000. The tornado came from the northwest, striking its first blow about two miles northwest, of Buck Grove. About a mile west of Buck Grove it changed its course south and then east and Buck Grove was in its path. The tornado tore up everything in its way as it traveled east and it took its last terrific toll at the John Luchtenburg home and farm a half mile east of Buck Grove.;.. :..-:^.:.y^..^:-r.. ~.'' " : -if-.-'.":-· i^,i If Buck Grove and^cinity had beensubjected to a bomb raid more -havoc could not hav; been left than this terrific storm blast left behind. Printed words can t fully picture the scene of desolation that marked the path of the^storm., . People Flee From Storm People within the area of the tornado saw the funnel cloud spiraling toward them and heard the roar that accompanied it. They realized their danger and spread the alarm and all raced to their cars and drove out of the storm's path. Fortunately the speed of the tornado was not rapid and all had time to escape from it except three of the Arthur Miller children. The children were Virginia. Ruth and David. Virginia was the oldest of the three. David. 6. was the youngest. Th e Miller children were home alone. Their parents and the youngest son had been to Waterloo to buy produce stock. The primary election was in progress at the time the tornado was forming. The election in the Buck Grove school house was proceeding when one member of the election board saw the storm approaching. He gave th e warning and everyone in the building rushed outside for their car to get out of the storm's way. One of them saw the Miller children outside of their house and shouted at them to get their folks and to leave in a hurry as the storm was coming. That was the last they saw of the three children until after the storm passed and the residents returned to view the remains. They found the girl Ruth in a plowed field about 40 rods east of the house. She was no doubt killed instantly. The little boy and his sister Virginia, Red Cross Helps In Storm Area The Grundy Chapter of the American Red Cross went to the assistance of .the storm-stricken area in Pleasant Valley township to extend aid where it has been needed. Mrs. Anton Terfehn. head of the Red Cross organization in Pleasant Valley township, took the lead in offering assistance by providing food where needed, and coffee and sandwiches were served to those who helped to clear up Uie wreckage' left. by * * * * * * * . * * * How A Tornado Works Cross Chapter will be here Saturday to assist in such aid as may be j needed at that time. The Arthur Miller family, who lost a daughter, their hcme and all of their possessions, are in need oi assistance and the Red Cross has taken their case in hand and will offer assistance in the way of housing, food and clothing and financial aid to help provide a place for the family to live. EXTRA COPIES OF THE JUBILEE EDITION Extra copies of today's Register Diamond Annivers a r y edition hav e been printed and they will be available as long as the extra supply lasts. Several hundred extra copies have already been reserved. Those who can't come to the office to call for extra copies may place their orders over the phone. The extra copies will be 25 cents each, plus lOc for Hunting. Champion To Lead Parade Spotted Damage By Tornado On Lincoln Farms The tornado which did such extensive damage in Pleasant Valley township, hit a few spotted farms in Lincoln township but the damage was not heavy At the Goodman farm all of the windows were taken out of the houfe. the roof of the cattl e shed was torn off and there was some ether minor damage. A place in the cornfield where the funnel hit the ground, corn was uprooted. 15 trees \on the Goodman f arm were torn up by their roots. A brooder hcuse at the August Steinmcyer farm was picked up and chicks that were inside, were lest. Other buildings on the Steinrneyer farm were damaged. The tornado also took some toll of the buildings on the Will Koobs fana. A tornado has little rhyme or reason in its activity. Its destructive force is almost comparable to that of an atomic bomb. Many of us have been under the impression that the safest place to be in case a tornado strikes is in the basement of your home. A glance at the photo below, which shows the bricks and rubble in the basement of the John Luchtenburg home on the east edg^e of Buck Grove, proves this theory isn't always correct. The best method of com- batting a tornado Ls not to be there when it strikes. The Luchten- burs family had "evacuated" by ear only a few minutes before the full force of the wind struck their modern home Monday evening. The top photo shows how the house was moved from its foundation. The second photo from top shows an "air conditioned" kitchen along side of Ihf spot where at one time there was a garage. Jubilee Caravan On Adv. Trips A Griinny Diamond Jubilee caravan started Wednesday; on an advcrt-isins trip to the towns laid in a ?aitter. The protection !cf ^^m^^ Conrad. Marshall- of the gutter probably saved their j tOT;n _ G3aribrook . Lmcoln. Traer bruised j a n d Hlldson . lives. They were badly and frightened. They were taken to Aplington where a doctor gave them first aid and had them sent to the Allen Memorial hospital at Waterloo. At the hospital it was learned the children were not critically hurt and that they would recover. Ruth was taken to the A hicivway patrolman is lead- in:: the caravan on the trip. The Mossman public address system is with Uie caravan to make the announcements and the whisker club is well represented. Doyen burp. Funeral Home in Wells- Funeral services will he held at the funeral home at 1:30 Thursday afternoon and later at the 2nd Christian Reformed Church at WcJIsburp with R«-v. s John Ollhoff officiating;. Burial will b« in the i*hi1ob cemetery at Wrllsburg. Surviving members of the family arc the parents, an older brother Stanley. Mark, David, and Virginia. Other relatives are Wie paternal grandparents, Mr. and Sirs. Et»i? RBHcr, WcHs- biirg, and the maternal grandparents. Mr. a.nd Mrs. C. .f. Filer. Wrlbburs. TORNADO-(.Continued on Society Koircr Hawlcy Is Granted A Divorce | Roger Kawlcy was granted a · decree of divorce from Rcbika j Hawlc»- by Judge Kildee in the district court, iast Thursday. The couple were married in Yiiina. Arizona, while he was in tracing for Uie armed service. Tliey were married JuJy 19. 1947. .ind lived togc-ther until October. 1948. when the wife left, and did not roiurn. There was no defense to the application for divorce. Houses To Close Tor Dr. Mol Services BU.SHICS.S hou.sos, in Gnindy Center are requested to close from 2 to 4 o'clock Thursday afternoon during funeral sen'iccb for Dr. 11. L. Mol. Tornado Takes Pleasant Valley Twp. Ballots For the firsi time in the history cf Grundy county and probably the first time in Iowa, a tornado destroyed all of the bailo-ts at a primary election in one precinct. Tnat happened in Pleasant Valley township Monday evening. The 2iection was held in the school- "iibuSer "" Judges and clerks of election saw the tcinado coming ani tnej" rusiied out of the building to their cars to drive out of '.lie tornado's path. They took nothing with them. They were lucky to escape ·.vith their lives. A few minutes after they left the building the cornaco picked it up. tore i~- to pieces ana spread it over niiies of yound beycnd. Neither the ballot oox ncr any of the ballots have oeen r'ound. Jus: how many votes had been cast, no one remembers. There were over 100. For the rirst time in the history of t-he county an eler.tion in the county ^vas concluded with the votes from one township rni^sinu. The missing ballots ^-ii: no: change the outcome of the election, nor is another elect-ion in the township necessary, according to the opinion of ii.ate Attorney Genera: Larson. Voters may write In the names of persons they want to vote for a: township offices at :he election in November. The missing ballots wUl not a fleet the nomination of a republican can- ,1'date for supervisor in -the German-Pleasant Valley district. Gerald Hook, who received mere votes in German township than his t'.vo opponent^, will be the republican supervisor c a ndicate. Eecause of thr three-man cc-n;es: :or the reptibiican primary nom;- -ation. more t h a n ;-.n average Ir.rzr r.i;mber of vo:es were r?..-.~. :n the riistric;. Probably 150 vo:e.- would have been ca^t- berore clo.-- ~.n2 tinie in the Pieas-i-.n* Va^ey precinct if 'he tornado had no: taken over ;he election. Dr. H. L. Mol Dies Tuesday At Hospital rFFLKED HEART ATTACK A V.'EEK AGO AND HIS CONDITION REMAINED CRITICAL FROM TIME HE WAS STRICKEN. ::_:::;1 ;::sp::al ::. ".Vater..: :hre-:- .·'·.-'.'.·':" Tuesday 2: "as: January, which r. ss ?. hospital patient, -.vf- -k. Fcllcwin:: his re:e re~v.n~.--d his practice on l::n:ted time schedule : -:e:r.ed :·:· be adequate to II :icall:" nr.'i^ r.e was C ·n:"U!rm \ViIl Feel His Loss o: soe:a::on c: Saddle Ch:bs lee Psrs^- which is -chvdu: .; ;·_-.;:-.; :::..:: of 30 he took. . - . .. .:: - --j.. ^ T ^ ~ ;·*"-" "-e Tlic photo at bottom is an interior photo of the Lucbtcnburs kitchen wbrill was one of the most modern.that could be built. There didn't appear to be a gla^s or p!;»tc in the Kitchen that wasn't shattered by Uie force oi the Holland Sells Waterworks Bonds A; a meet;:-.- o: the ".own o~-.:r.- ei; of the to··.:-. e: Hr-~."..srid Tt:c.~- soiri to provide :::r.d :er p;;:::":: SIO.OOO of the bend- are u,-..- erai eblicar.or: bond:* t o be -.-.·- ··red from proper:y t a x :n\":'..". S'-O.OOO are reverse brrui.- '.'.'..~: -."Ve to 5e p;"!~.d from :'v "p-come c. water works .-.v^err;. Both of t h e bond »:; purchased by :;-..· Prvirk.- merst- Company. IVs Mo:r.e.-. Th-. interest .5" the ra:o oi ? _· percent ariij :he vevem:,- ;v;id .- "ate o: 4' : - percent. Tp.:ore.-t « · ! · ror :.?-· u n t i l as'ir r t ' v ";; ; e~ pia:;: ::- i--.".ii- pieied «:ni ;iercjv-ii. En-.ineer DOP. Fer--;,.or, M i l l l v - for '.he Wiiter .--y.-.:eiii. \Vhen t h e y ;irc eeniplrteii ;\ni Merepi'^ by i l i e eouneil. (lie council w i i i r,ii\eri:;-r for buis. I t net-epuible bids .ive re- coivod work on the new pro.ioi i will ^e! ur.-ler v, ; i y .-: mci- T; ;.hoped and expected t o :'e; t h e G r u n d j Center Residcnls Asked To Leave Lars At I Home Tucs. V.'erincs. : flavor II. K. \Viln;i has requested the residents of Orundy ! ("enter to leave their cars at hrme r?uri:ic the Diamond .!;!- bilft- .Ii:nc i : 1 tb and l l t h . "ark- inc the ''aTs "f people wh«i ;!=r:v her- ! °r l '-c ·-·eir-ra;;-:i v.-ili b.- ;i hi; .iob tlue in t h e lack · f all n! t?ic visitor?.. If local :· ;k^\ ho ^It» iiot 7ire^ l:ie;r rar^ I* 1 ;- !Tiinf-^ rurpo.-r-«. w i l l leave t h r i r -.;r at hoir.r- ti;e--o I'-'--' flays, -i'.'irh «il! help the par;ir._ situatii.n ronideranly. G U r N P Y V - 4 M . l ' N T K K H S AID nt'CK :KOVT-: Case son c o o i Continued - 3*° Tin*:" vi?i Vei v rrkt-'l ·nor-.- "»i. IVUe.i. * · !:n-. I -Km !.5:1^--i-n_ He:;: Kho.ui-. Ve::so;i K o i n - r k r . · Klo-trri-^r. !\e-- K H - . - " C:irl PuridC!!. Tim P u i u ··:*. ! · : .ill] WiKin. Horyi.m !;-.;·' .Tim " ? J ; i r l t " i i . !"!« ! · ; ) I «· Roi-.m l!«Mh.!,K .li:;i VV · · : " "Mrilr "Mni-uiiHi;;.* . T* r i . .- : I. J . u k . I'.!-!- l!ic!'. 1" ·';' ·· ' i n : " : I.)!c l«-- . 1"!» ; i . » : « ; - v \ : . '-' \ \ i t t r i - K - r ; . « ' l . i ; K V.!!i,l!ii. 1 '" \V.irr-il V.-I;-: SPAPESJ

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