The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 4, 1934 · Page 8
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 8

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1934
Page 8
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PAGfefclGHt fiii iii t&mm towa, IA wast j» ttn It* wftntfrawit (ton Wo*M ffcffS trace. Nov. JT— fteeofthftton of ftttgflai f6v*witt*rit b* tinned 8tat«t a»- nooficed «nd w. c. Bollftt *«*«*« ... Pan-Amerteaft fa Montevideo. «roii rreat . . tmhMi»ft4or to Moscow. No*. SS— Disarmament conference recessed men January is. Dec. J— Canadian court ratM War. tin Insall mast rtttrra to Chicago «OT trtat. ... Deo. t-t-Jtovent gdfiferenc* opened Urns-nay. . Dec. 11— Pararoa ie*» ow Bolivia fn tft* CSaee war. , me. J8— Five nation* strain d»- faalted I A war debt payment* to the United State*; flv» mad* . "token" payment »; Finland pata in fall France, Poland ana the Httie entente n (treed on * ofrtted front aanInM (Mtinanyt rearmament d«- tnanda. Dee. 18— Japane** and M*nchnktio *,rml«« Invaded chines* pto*lnce of Chthar. Dec. IS— Puraposy and Bolivia agreed to truce in Qran Chaeo war. FOREIGN Jan. *—President D* Valera dissolved Irish parliament and called general election. . Chile decreed liquidation of treat Cosach nitrate combine. Jan. 10—Uprisings tn Spain re* tnlted tti many death* and arrest*. • Jan. 24—President De Valera'* party won tbe Irish Free State elections. Jan. 28—French cabinet we* overthrown In vote on th* budget and resigned. Cbanrellor Von Schleleher of Germany and his cabinet resigned. Inn. .10—Adolf Hitter, head of National Socialists, was made chancellor of (lermnnjr, Jan. SI—Ednnard Dnladler formed new government for France. Feb. 2—Oenernl Sartdlno. NIcarfiR- ttan rebel leader, made peace with President Baciica. Feb. 13—Revolutionary movement broke out In Cuba. Feb. 27—Incendiary fire partly destroyed the Relchntng building In Berlin. March C—National Socialists and Nationalists won In German elections. Premier Venlselo* defeated In Greek elections. March 7—Dictatorship established In Austria. March I—Tsaldarls made premier ot Greece. March (—Hitler extended control over all free Mutes. March 22—Hitler became dictator of Germany. March 29—Nationwide boycott on Jew* proclaimed in Germany. March 21—President of Uruguay made himself dictator. Pope Inaugurated the holy year. April I—Western Australia voted to secede from the commonwealth. April 19—Masonic order In Germany dissolved and reorganised on "Christian hauls." April 23—Spanish women voted tor first time. In municipal elections. April 29—Revolt broke out In Cuba with landing of two expeditions In Orlente. April 10—President Sancbes Cerro of P*ru assassinated. Mar 1—Hitler smashed all free trade unions In Germany. May I—Irish Free State abolished oath to the British king. May t—Mahatma Gandhi began another fast and waa Immediately released from prison. Ignas Moselckl re-elected president of Poland. May IS—'Prussian diet dissolved until HIT. May 21—Hitlerites won election In fret city of Danslg. June I—Spanish government lead- are excommunicated by Pope Plat 3CI. June t—Germany agreed to end Jewish boycott In upper Silesia. June t—President Zamora of Spain forced tbe resignation of tbe Aaana cabinet June 11—Zamora compelled to ask Asana to form new Spanish cabinet. Jon* II—Chancellor Dollfuss outlawed Nat! partial In Austria. 'Jan* 21—All factions In Cuba agreed to mediation by Ambassador Welles. Jane 12—German government dissolved the Socialist party. July 22—German Protestants voted to permit Nasl group to control the church. July IS— Plot against Spanish government uncovered and hundreds jailed. July 2«—Cuban government Issued general amnesty decree. Jan* 27—German National party dissolved and Joined the Nasls. July 11—Gandhi and his Wife arrested again In India. Aug. T—Bloody antl-Uachado riots in Havana quelled by troops. Aug. I—President Machado of Cuba rejected Ambassador Welle*' mediation plan and refused to quit bis Office. Aug. »—State of war declared to Cabs, Aug. U—Cuban army demanded resignation of President Machado. Aug. 12—President Machado of Cuba resigned and fled to Nassau; Dr. Carlos Manuel de Cespede* wat made provisional president. Aug. U—Eight hundred Assyrians reported massacred in Iraq. Mahatma Gandhi began a faat unto death In Veravda Jail. Aug. 2J—Gandhi was unconditionally released to save ht» life, 9»nt S~Radlcals of Cuba ousted President De Cespedes and bis gov. ernroent and assumed rule by Junta. Sept. (—King felsal of Iraq died in Swltserland and was succeeded by bis aon, Gbasl. Sept. ^Alejandro Lerrou* made premier of Spain. . Sept. 10—Dr. Ramon Grau San Martin was sworn In as President of Cuba. Parliamentarism tn Prussia wiped out by premier Goerlng. Sept. 20—Chancellor Dolltus* established Fascist dictatorship over Austria- Oct. 8—Chancellor Dollfus* of Austria wounded by assassin, feerrpUT government of Spain ousted by parliament. Oct. 8—Martlnei Barrios became premier of Spain and dissolved tb« congress. Oct, It—Estonia, voted to curb parliament, and President TonUson and his cabinet resigned. Oct. li^HCSoxerBment of Premier Paladler of France was defeated and Oct. 85—Albert Sarraut formed »w French ministry. Oct. »l-43reek court of appeals 'efused to extradite Samuel Ineull ;o United States. Nov 8—Cuban cabinet resigned. KQY, Sy-New revolt broke, out la mfl*» from crtfrtrlfL fltntffctft. Walton Bty. Sown African m .. .Pso.»—Captain «OTIWOB fliw fro* Africa to Bra«rt. Aprtt,*—Fotfr ftrKOtt* In HW planes ft«w over Mt Everest. April ID—FraaeMco Agetio. Italian, broke world** seaplane record averaging ttt.t mite* an how. , , May »—capt. 8. Kar*yn**e of Poland flew from Senegal to Brain. . Jane »--C«pt Fran* Hawk* fl«w from Los Angeles to New York In robot controlled plan* In It boors it mlnaten. . Jnne 3—Jimmy Mattern bopped ofl at N»W for* cm world encircling font 4—Mnttern landed on Island hear Oslo, Norwa+. t Jon* It—Bartteraft^and Collar of Spanish army flew from Spaltt to CamaBoey, Cuba. June H—Mattern missing en bop from Khabarovsk to Nome. June 2t— Barberan and Cottar tost fn flight to Sfexlco City. July 1—Italian air armada began flight to Chicago via Iceland. Jnljr 7—Mattern found safe at Anadyr. Siberia. . 4 . July »—Colonel and Mrs. L-Ind bergh began route-planning flight to Greenland. Iceland and Europe. July 12—Italian air squadron landed at Cartwtlght Ijabrador. J B I T 14—Italian air squadron reached Montreal. . July 16—wiiey Post began round- the-world flight, and Darlns and Glrenas of Chicago hopped off for Uthaanla—all from New Vork. Balbo and the Italian air fleet arrived (n Chicago. July it—Post reached Berlin In record time. Darius and Glrenaft killed In crash of their plane near Soldin, Germany. July 19—Italian air armada arrived at New York. July 22—Wiley Post Jsompleted flight around world lit 1 days II hours 49 minutes. . . July i»—Capt J. A. Uolllson and his wife. Amy Johnson, flew aero** Atlantic from Wale* and crashed at Stratford, Conn. July 26—Italian air squadron left New Vork for home. ... Seven American army flyer* killed In crash of plane at Oceanslde. Calif. Aug. 7—Rose I and Codos of France made record non-stop flight from New Vork to Rayak, Syria, 6.»00 12—Italian air fleet arrived Sept. 2'—Gen. Branceseo de Plnedo, famous Italian aviator, killed at Sept. 4—Florence Kllngennmlth, noted pilot, killed In plane crash at International air races at Chicago. Sept. 25—Col. Roscoe Turner set new West-to-East transcontinental record of ID hours Itt minutes. Sept. 30—Russian balloonist* ascended U miles for new record. Nov. 20—Settle and Fordney ascended (1,227 feet In stratosphere balloon from Akron, Ohio. Dec. (—Colonel and Mrs. Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic from Bathurst. Africa, to Natal, Brasll. Dec. 12—Th* Lindberghs flew over the Braslllan Jungle from Manao* °Dec. n i«—The Lindberghs landed at Miami, Fla. NECROLOGY Jan. 1—9. P. Henderson, general manager of Alton railroad. In Chicago. Jan. f—Sir*. Belle Moikowltx. Democratic leader of New York. Jan. I—Dr. Wllhelm Cuno, former German chancellor. Jack Plckford, American movie actor. In Paris. Jan. S—Calvin Coolldge. former President. In Northampton, Mass. Gilbert Colgate of New Tork. philanthropist and capitalist. Jan. 7—Representative Robert R. Butler of Oregon. Jan. I—Representative 8. A. Kendall of Pennsylvania. Vladimir de Pacbmann, famous pianist. In Rom*. Jan. U—Prof. Dana Carteton Man* ro of Princeton, Jan. 15—Mrs. Jessie Sayre, daughter of late President Wilson. Rt Rev. W. W. Webb, episcopal bishop of Milwaukee. Jan. SI—George Moor*. Irish oov- Jan. S3—Elisabeth Marbury ot New York, theatrical producer. Jan. 23—Arthur Garford, Industrialist and political leader. In El- yrla, Ohio. E. A. McCulloch, member of federal trade commission. Jan. 26—Mrs. O. H. P. Belmont of New York, In Paris. Jan. 28—George Satntsbury, English literary critic, Sara Teasdale, American poet. Jan. SO—Rear Admiral w. H. B. Southerland, U, S. N.. retired. Jaa. SI—John Galsworthy. Eng. Ush novelist. Feb. S—F. O, Bonflls, publisher of Denver Post. Feb. *—Arehblsb,op Rojas Arrleta of Panama. Prof. A. H. Bayce. British Egyp. tologUt Feb. 6—Addlson MIsner, architect, In Palm Beach, Fla. Feb. T—Dr. Lawrence P. Abbott, former editor of the Outlook. Count Albert Apponyl. Hungarian statesman, Feb. H—Jobn D, Ryan, copper magnate. In New York. B, M. Winston, Chicago financier. Feb. 12—Field Mar«b,al Sir Wll» tlam Robertson In London. George R, Carter, former governor of Hawaii. Sir John A. Thomson, British scl *ntlst Feb. 14—a N. Matson. minister, designate to Greece, in Cheyenne. Wyo- Feb. 18—James J, Corbett, former heavyweight champion. ' Feb. 21—Rear Admiral R. S, Grlf fin. U. S. N., retired. Feb. J6—Thomas W. Gregory, former attorney general of the United States- Grand Duke Alexander of Russia, In France. Feb. ?7—Walter Biers, Him come' dlan. ftttfno'r of pnra«* wt §*« raanding fourth regiment ot atatfff** at Shanghai. Brn**t Torrent*, rtttrttfl terftn Kay If—or. Jonn.Grfer Hlbtta, president «m*rft«rt of Prtnceton, Prof, txs* wn«on Dodd of Yat*.. TO. 3. C. DsCo*t*, famoti* *nrg*ottv Hat IT—cttnten W. Gttt>%rf. poHt- foal writer. In Washington. Mat ll—E*-Senator Port** S. He- Catnb*t ot north Dakota ta W**n- Ington. May it— Tnoma* O*Brt«n, former American diplomat, at Grand Rap Id*, Mich. Hay 14— Admiral Lord WemfrM Of Britlsn savy. , Ma* t«—Horatio Bo t tort ley of London. May ll—Dan CTLeary. tatnOtl* S T R A H A N -r*ft, former Norwegian minister to United State*. May l»—Prof. W t* Elklft 6t tai*. astronomer. Jon* 2—Wllllftm Mtttdoon, veteran iportsman. In Purchase, K. Y. Jon* 6—Henry C. Rowland, American author. Jon* 7—Cyrus H. K. Cnrtls. pnb- llsher. In Philadelphia. Jnn* 19—Wlnchell Smith. American playwright and actor. Jane 18—Capt W. P. Wright of Chicago, national commander of G A. R. 'Harry M. Jewett of Detroit, automobile manufacturer. Jane it—O. L. Bodenhamef. former national commander of American Legion. „ Representative a B. Kemp of Louisiana. June 20—Paul Kester. American playwright Rose Pastor Stokes, radical leader. June 22—Representative B. B. Al. toon of Alabama. July 1—A. R. Ersklne, motor ear Official, In South Bend, Ind. July 2—Ru«»ell Board man. AmerN can aviator. Hlpollto Yrigoyen, former president of Argentina. July S—C. N. Haskelt, first gov ernor ot Oklahoma. July 2—Sir Anthony Hop* Hawk, ins, English novelist. July 12—Edwin Gould. New tork financier. July It—Prof. Irving Babbitt of Harvard. July II—Gilbert N. Haugen, for* mer congressman from Iowa. July 50—E s. Johnson, former senator from South Dakota. Viscount Burnham. British newt- paper publisher. July 2(—Louise dosser Sal*, novelist and actress. July II—K. C. Schuyler of Denver, former senator from Colorado. Aug. 1—Chester S. Lord, veteran Journalist ot New Vork. Aug. 2—Louis E. Shlpman, American playwright. Aug. *—J. D. Oliver of South Bend, Ind., plow manufacturer, Aug. 14—Dr. Frederick Starr, anthropologist, In Japan. Aug. 16—Alan winslow of Chicago, famous war aviator. Aug. IT—Rear Admiral C B. Morgan. U. 8. N. Aug. 22—Marie Cabtll. American actress. Aug. 27—Congressman W. W. Wat. •on of Pennsylvania. Aug. M—W. A. Bechtel ot San Francisco, head of companies bulld- Ing Boulder dam. Stpt, 1—E. Phoclon Howard, veteran editor and sporting man, at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Sept. 2—Q. T. Mary*, former Am«r. lean diplomat Sept <—Clay M. Greene, actor and playwright Sept 7—Viscount Grey of Fallo- den, British statesman. Sept 2—Rev, Dr. Charles B, Park- burst of New York. King Felsal of Iraq. Sept t—Federal Judge William 8. Kenyon of Iowa, Capt Paul Koenlg. commander of German submarine Deutscbland in war. Archbishop F. B. J. Lloyd, primate of American Catholic church. Sept IS—Alfred Sutro. British playwright Sept 14—Irwln H. Hoover, chief usher of White House. Sept 1«—O. R, Wales, Onlted States civil service commissioner. Lewis H. Ball, former United States senator from .Delaware, Sept, 17—F. H, SIssoR, New York banker- Sept. 19—E. W. Keroble, artist and author, Sept 20—Dr. Annie Besant. world leader of Tbeosophlsts, In Madras, India. Madge Carr Cook, American actress. Sept. 24—Horace Llverlgbt New York, retired publisher. Mai. Gen. W. J. Black. 0. S. A. Mrs. A. M. Williamson, novelist, to Bath, England. Sept. 26—-Ring Lardner, American humorist and playwright Oov, Arthur Sellgmas of New Mexico, Sept 27—Brlghara H. Roberta, president ot Mormon church, council, in Salt Lake City, Sept 2»-rj. W. Collier, member D. a tariff commission, Oct J—Charles Pies, head of Emergency Fleet corporation during tn* war, Oct »r-W, L. StrlWIng, Georgia heavyweight. Oct. i—William U Veeck, pr»sl dent Chicago National Leagu* BM*- baJ! club. Renee Adoree, dim star, Oct «—Porter H, Dal*. senator from Vermont. Oct 7—Hernand Behn, president of International Telephone and Tele? graph company, in France. Oct «—Morris Hlllqult of York, Socialist leader. Oct. ll—Charles H, Sabln. New Tork banker. Oct, 18—Peter A, Jay. Americas diplomat. Oct. 23—>Wll)lam N. Doak, former secretary of labor. IHWHI J^Thoma. J. Walsb, former .^foreW WattlM& l * Wta ' MW * senator from Montana and named at. **ftct »k_Edward tt Soth.rn. tornoy a-*nwal In Roosevelt cabinet n .°f \'£ mt {£X*& a1 £' Setn » lrn ' Rear Admiral John D. Rodgers, U, 8. N.," reared. March 6-^Maypr Anton J. Cermak of Chicago, In Miami, Fla. March 1^-E*-Congre»8man Will R, Wood of Indiana. , ba with heavy fighting In Havana, »»4tr Sban abasH klnf of Afghan. Istan. was assassinated *n4 bis son, Mohammed Kihlr Shah, tu.c«e«4,«4 pyk*. -», . a. April «— Earl Owr Bl|rK»r*. »oy» April 10— Dr. Henry author and educator, April l7-»<l»or$» B. N«*ln. com, poser of »acted muste, »t Baston, *Aprll . Mai- a«n. 9, P. Sturgla, 9. 8, 4, t«tUe<L March U— Senator Robert B. Howell of Nebraska. March 14— Sic Henry Thxwo,io,n. former president Canadian National railway*. March ITwSrlg. Q»n, Cb.ajrlt» Sing. Civil war .Wt*r»n, author. March Ig-fPuk* of ADTUML March JO— J»ffersoo De Any«U«. Paul Palnleve. French statesman. Oct. so—Mary B. Lease, former eader of Kansas PopulUt*. Nov. 9—John B, KenarioV, **n»> tpr from Wyoming, Nov. fr—Te**» GvilnaB, entertainer, Mr. and Mrs. Httg& McCain, aeeotnpAiiled by Dr. J«ad*e* ot Emefton, recently took tftstr ioa, Jtnilof, to the EfinHtahnet bo«p1- tal in Omaha where Or. Madsen removed hts ttmsfls. He Is getting atong as well as could be Mr. aftd Mrs. Ed Peterson Oscar orates have gone to Mls- so«rl tot an eJtended visit with telatltes. Mrs. Paul Kimsey of Shenandoah has been at the home of hef parents, Mr. and Mr«, 3. P. Achettbach, for several days recuperating ffom a bad fall some time ago at her home. Mrs. Arthur Carley and *on, Ernest, of Carson were visitors last week In the homes ot her daughter, Mrs. Cnas. Kayton, «ttd her brother, Willis t)ye. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kayton and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kayton autoed to Randolph ofl New Tears day and enjoyed a family dinner at the home of Mrs. Howard Kayton's mother, Mrs. Chas. Pichter, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pollltt, Vera and Charlotte autoed to Silver City and were dinner guests New Years day in the home of their brother, Billy. Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Angus, Margaret, David, and Anna Edith left Saturday morning for Slg- ourney to visit over New Years In the home of her mother, Mrs. Sophia Bralnard. Lloyd Angus who has been visiting there for some time will accompany his parents home. Lowell Curtis ot the University of Omaha spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Curtis. Neighbors and friends to the number of fifty swarmed into the tiome of Mr, and Mrs. Ed Nagel last Thursday evening and pro- ceded to give the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs, Clarence Nagel, an old fashioned charivari. Clarence had anticipated their coming however and was ready with the treats. The evening was spent in games ot all kinds and after all the mischief they could think of was done the crowd departed for home wishing Clarence and Pauline many long years of happiness and prosperity. Supt. and Mrs. Walter Roberts who spent their holiday vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Bass, returned to their home at Troy Sunday. Mr. and Mra. Ray Allenaworth bad as New Years dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Frank Steele, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nagel and Dorothy, and Mr. and 'Mrs. Clarence Nagel. Wrttfct, out new ft ««*ftii ttto tfce te*a*t house oi Mrs. May Wederqvfftt It fiat fast tweft ftewly wired tor oi electttefty, 8. 8. Stimmers doing the wort. Mr. and Mrs. bile LftnfcMttt and children were ov» night vfs- ftofB Sniiday in the Frank elites home in Emerson. Mr. aitd Mri. tftcftr SeitkMf and children, Mr. and Mrs. Mef- cit Thomas and family, And Mr. attd Mrs. Claire Wolfe and Dotn aid Ray enjoyed a watch fcarty together at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Weder- qvist entertained at a New teats dinner, Mr, and Mrs. Billy M* Cain, Chat, ttambsch, Mf. and Mrs. Bttfofd Pettigrew; Mf. and Mrs. frank Johnson, Mrs, Wm. gpittfef of Brownsville, Nebr., Mrs. Dale Laughltn, Marjotie, Junior, and Donald and Mrs. Met* bert Johnson and Sheila, tn the evening they were Joined by Dale Laughlin and Herbert Johnson, Mrs, William Spittlef of Brownsville, Nebr. is a guest in the home of her daughter, Mrs, Frank Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Knop were visitors last week In the P. S*w* of I, till. #» tte« two treft were tof*, * e*tt*ettS Lester, *fcd wft* tire frttft*»ft **r- ftet. At tire *te 6i tw»1*e wfth in* MetfcoaJst ** e m *»»»» ***« (fttwi M mfi« et ro*J WO. S. t«XX home Knop. of his brother, Walter Frank Bellknap of Lincoln has been transacting business here and visiting at the home of his son, Oscar, Postmaster H. F. Moehnert is again confined to his bed with a severe attack of sciatic rheumatism. MRS. FRANK SHOOK (Continued from page 1) parents to Iowa and has since then lived continuously in this state, most of the time in the vicinity ot Emerson. She attended the Emerson school and graduated from the Emerson high school in 1913. She was united in marriage Clristly Ai a ttsfflbef of tfte litetftodist Bpfteof*! has &«« tattcn* otfleltt fwtpout!- fn all of wttet sfce fek* a food afeconnt of her Besides lief hn«i)»nd and chll- Mrs. 3&wt te tttttlted bt hef t«relitg, three sfstefs, Bessie Wtllmoth of t-hoenti, AM*., fcisie fowter, Log«n, and Gladys Joy of Peotta, Afli., abd one brother, George Glflget, of Shettftftdoah. "To attempt Aft analysis or ap- praisai of hef life and charactet would be tike an attempt to analyze the stractnfe of a rose of * lily. Flower like, the Bweet tf fance of bet life is in th* &)f breathe today and it Wilt aetet be dissipated by times. "As wife, ttoihef, neighbor, and friend, hef lofe, detotiou, achietements, hate won (ot her & first place in all onr heart*, is it possible that an all wise frotl* deuce has taken the fairest and lotllest from oaf midst that the radiant aftermath of hef life may beckon us from things transient and sinful to things pure and eternal? It God can accomplish that we shall have reason to praise* and thank Him tor this sorrow." (0 M. PW, n 177** »*t»- Card of Thmk« We desire in this way to express our heartfelt thanks to our friends and neighbors (or their kindness, sympathy and help at the time of the death and funeral of our loved one, Mrs. Frank Shook, and for the many beautiful flowers tent, Frank Shook and family. / George Ginger and family. The old time sailor wore gold anchors in his ears to ward oft evil spirits. He also \irore long hair and slicked U back with tar, Imogene • S. E. Mills OFFICIAL NOTICE \ wMW^VM^^^BMw IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA IN AND FOR MILLS COUNTY D. W. BATES, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, Plaintiff, vs. IOWA STATE SAVINGS BANK, MALVERN, IOWA, . Defendant. NOTICE TO: Ail creditors and depositors of the Iowa State Savings Bank, Malvern, Iowa. You and each of you are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Mills County, Iowa, the application of D. W, Bates, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Jpwa, and Receiv- of Bank, the Iowa Malvern, State Iowa, Savings aetttng la Vancouver. Nov. U— Mtlwn N»w of New Vork. Nov. M— Frawsol* forth that C. p, AJutrope is indebted to tbe receivership ot said bank as follows: 1, Btoefe BsseBawent ,,.$4SOD.OQ 8. Note, principal sum ot -„-„„ .„.„„ 8500-00 Signed by Bertie Ala- trope Miller, as surety, 3. Note of 0. D. Alstrope 1500.00 secured by real estate mortgage on vacant lots in Town of Malvern, Iowa . You are further aoUfred said application sets forth tbe said 0, o, ^istrope has „,„.. ed to said Receivarafelp tbe Bum of 11000,00 ajftd'S Mra. M. E. Trenholm Waa Imogene'a Oldest Pioneer Mrs, H. E. Trenholm, for fifty- two years a highly respected citizen ot Imogene, died at her home here on Dec. 27, ber eighty-ninth blrthdajr, f • She was born in Preacbtt Canda West in 1844. Sbe came to Michigan with her parents when four years old, later moving to Wisconsin, and then to Bockford, 111, On July 3, 1861 she was married to Wm, Trenholm at Belvedere, 111., where they remained nine years. They then moved to ReH Oak and In tbe fall ot 1881 they moved to Imogene where she has since made her borne. Mr, Trenholm died several years ago. To this union three children were born; William dying in infancy, Robert who grew to manhood and died in 1925, and Mrs, Anna Stebbln ot Bosworth, Mo,, who is the only surviving child, She ia also survived by three grandchildren, Ray Trenholm of Imogene, Hollie Blobbing of Ottawa ,and Mrs. Pan*a Taggert of Kansas; three great grandchildren, Elizabeth, Qeorgsnha, and Beatrice Treoholm, of Imogene, Three brothers, Jfenry and UTiwfc Stanton of Bed Oak and »d ~ ton of Nodaway, and _ Mrs. Ellen De V»l of Qlenwood, Mrs, Cora Robinson of Red Q&, _ . and Mrs. Mary Butb of GoflJfiB .SfaffB also survive, • ' ~ Pall bearergi were ftke/Bttl*. sard. Will Conjatoolf, Bart Bard, Colonel Q}yd« Mr. and Mrs. Joe auUcbenrit- ter and Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Gutschenritter were visitors in the L. B. Qutschenritter home New Years day. Rev. Francis Doyle was a supper guset in the Frank Martin home in Emerson New Years evening. , - t \'r v, C' Miss Bon Ryan who Is in training in Mercy hospital at Council Bluffs spent last week with her mother, Mrs. AHie Ryan, Mrs, Stephen Narke ot Chicago is visiting her mother, Mrs, Fa& nie McQarglll. Vincent Head, senior at Crelgh ton University law school In Omaha is spending bis'vacation with hts parents, Mr. and Mrs, J» J. Head. Randle Davenport of Tarklo, Mo. is visiting "relatives here,. Mrs, .E. P, Laughlln returned home; last Friday from Mercy hospital where she has been since she broke her leg. A large crowd attended the fu» nerai of Miner Halbert held here Sunday, Pec, 81, Mr* Halbert died »t bl« horn* in Omaha from heart trouble. He formerly lived x her» and was in the drug business, Mrs. Anthony Head was. Quite sick the |gr« part of last week .with heart trouble. Miss Mary Hea4 and Miss War- """"Byaia^epfnt part »l last W)th rj^Hyes l» A wise mitt ask* yon questions to learn something. A toot asks you questions to start an arga* ment«» Florida Times-Union. the Frigate "Old Ironsides" took part in more battles, single handed, than any other ship ta the world, CLASSIFIED ADS ABSTRACTS OF MTLB Complete Abstract ot Title reo> ordi for each piece ot property la Mill* County, Mills County Abstract Co, (Member of the American Title Ann, and Iowa Title Assn.) Glenwood, Iowa, 48tf. FOR RENT For Rent T—Modern house.— J, H. Beckwlth. 9tf. LOST AND FOUND Eatr^y Ho« — Taken up at my place southwest of Strahan: male hog, weight about 200. Owner may have same by proving property and paying expense. — Emmett Qipe, 35-1. WORKWANTBD Tom Shaw — Piano Tuning. Leave orders with Collins Malvern, or Priest's Drug Hastings. For, Bale sortaj; boart. *Oscar. Leu. For Sale— Black Poland male bogs. Good ones. —» Oscar T, Briley, Malvwn. MlSCEllANEOUS Dead AnlJ»*ls—Call Art Jen* kins, phone Si t Emerson, or City Meat Market, 58, Mftlveru. 8«tf. The Malrera Mill will Accept 4 4'? bushels good corn in_ex»' change for a O lb, sack of flour. -Tbe dance which has been in Attde^soft hM h'een lo Randolph where a larger floor : Is ftvftllable, The first dance be Trtday, J*Bu*ry 5, SEEDS AND FEEDS Bale.™ Red-clover bay, » t Lewis, UaKa, Nov. I«7-|T» Arthur Currte, ---- ' that Mlnoiok, Burial waa made J&'tfee l»t at Ro«e Hill conveying to sa|<} Becfiyer«hJ|» the following; 4eesrlbed real es. tate: The Ea»t | f&et of tfee Nartli half of Lot 6, a &( j the tfortb half 91 Lot* S §ftd 7 to Block if), A of Wa lull wttiMftB«*, 8fttW*ctlon »Bd 4l«cliar«e ol tfte above debtedpiess. The »*ia * raco»nii>ad»4 fev aSfmffty f, =w-l "2"i * f C -.I *°S

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