Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 11, 1890 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 11, 1890
Page 3
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v v. DISPATCH AM) DEMOCRAT. I' 1 III HAY. 11, 1S00. (IllltCII WITH't* /tttUWTlAX OlflMTfiTl--I'll 11,1 P llltlTtlN, {/ Pn-l-ir Services every I.nril s rtny :i( 11 A. M. mill 7::» i\ M . yiinduy w-lmul at-;»:•!;> A. M. P UE311YTKUI.\N CHURCU-I. X. WATKK- inaii. pastor. Hcrvlcrs evcrylHiinilay ill 1! A. H and s 1-. M . gundiiy School at 12:is. LULU, JiEWS. l'tirkor, Monilm.'itio County V .lowt-lpr.* T. llintt, of l'oint Arena, cauif nvcr on Monday. * Sanel, this county, has heeri initdp :i liionoy ordi»r olli'-e. Tho Corner (iroeery l'nr Ihfi choii'caf. fronh unii 'orioB at tho lowest prices. 10 K. Mi-Alcer, nf Sun l'rnndnco, wag in this vicinity buying tnnharlt last week. .Timlin Srammoti, a loading riti/en nf l.nkcport, died in that plnro Friday nitfht. The Aralanche sayH I.akeporCs populn- The Fourth at Duncan Springs. There Ucing no celebration in Ukinli thin year a large number of our people, innhidiniia rppmacntntivenf the I>IM'AT<-II, took advantage of the f> :.'!() cxournion train which left Ukiah Friday morning I hound for San Francisco and way stn- j lions, and went to Dttncuu Springs, about i two miles from Sanel, to spend the day. | The train arrived in Sanel at six o'clock, ' a very early hour for Home, but—he lime ! Hoon (dipped by, and at about '.) o'clock ! busses began to gather np tlie anxioiiHiy i waiting passengers for the Springs. A LOCAL mm. LOCAL NEWS. the large dancing hall that had been erected there for the occasion. The Sot- oyome brass band of llealdsburg discoursed Beveral very appropriate and beautiful pieces of music, after which Judge Mcllarvey nindo a few remarks and introduced Dr. If. K. McClellan, of l'kiah, who delivered a very impressive and patriotic oration, as was demon- tion will exceed 1 (101), but will not reach jstratcd by the loud applause he received Purest spices at the 'irand Tea Store. 37 O. Howell, of llopland, was in town on Tuesday. Dave F.ikins was over from Ynrkville laHt Saturday. Fresh fruits and vegetables at the Grand Tea Store. :l " <}. A. Strout, ol Calistoga, visited Ukiah the first of tlie week. W. II. Snoll went, to Long Valley on Tuesday on some business, delightfully slow ride winding up and ! .lust received— a new stock of fashion- Ihrough the mountains soon found us at; able millinery at Mrs. Shottie's. * tlie Springs, and ere long fully four hun-| Thos. JMcOongh, of Boonville, visited die I people were gathered in and around | u, c cruintv seat the first of the week. 12H0. I'at Kenny, of Hear Harbor, was in town on business the fore pint of the week. Miss i.ucv Cleveland left on Wednesday for ('anyonville, Oregon, for an extended visit. Two furnished rooms to rent at foot of Perkins Street, near depot. F.nquiro at the premises. 40 Loss of appetite may ofton be caused by insipid fond, Buy fresh groceries at the Corner I'lrui-ery. 10 Geo. Sv.itzer, wife and daughter Kflicof ! from the listening multitude. This ; closed Ihe literary part of the programme, ; followed by a very charming selection j • from the band. Ilenches and chairs i were then cleared from the floor, and to j liir> entrancing strains of music the dizzy | dancers tripped the light fantastic until i tho hour of noon, when the inner man | gently reminded them that nn elegant, j barbecue was in waiting. In a very j picturesque canyon about two hundred yards from the Springs one long line of • tables were spread, loaded with the ; choicest of barbecued meats and other eatables, waiting, as it were, to be re- Mendocino, wore registered at the Grand j lieved of the mighty load, bnt the delay on Wednesday. ; was not long, for soon both Bides of the Ice cream daily by the gallon, pint or j table* were well filled with the hungry <lish at F .d. Geilsdorf's City Bakery and j picnickers, who did ample justice to the Confoetionery. i!3-lf i feast. At IS o'clock a match game of base ball Land for sale in lots to suit purchaser, on easy terns. Inquire of W. J. Hildreth, l.'kiah Valley. '-n W. S. llearn and Jos. Sniedley, of Point. Arena, were registered at the Grand on Monday. Nothing can exceed the delightful, re- frebiiing effect of :i glass of .IiAinisonV Siberian Arctic Soda. ; was played between the Ukinhs and Hoplands, which attracted the attention of tho lovers of base ball the balance of the afternoon. A very even score was sustained up to the seventh inning, when the game •.v.'ia lost for the Hoplands by the weakening of their pitcher, Edmunds, and the wood butting of the UkialiB. I'erley, of the Santa Kosa Hnvelrys, The llealdsburg Enterprise says that j was then put in the box, but his pitching 100 boxes of fruit are shipped from that place to l'kiah each week. Persons wishing fruit for preserving should leave their orders for the same at the Grand Tea Store. Tom Itobbins, of Orioto Oil (nine, is in the Iitilceport jail on a charge of attempting to kill his wife with an axe. County Treasurer Gibson last week sent !jr >,10fi.0H to the Stale Treasurer as our share of the State taxes on hand. Sheriff Slandley and Win. Hildreth are spending the week willi a party ol friends from San Francisco limiting. Tho bargain seeker brings up at the Corner Grocery at last. He has to, you know, to get bargains in grocericu. K. M. Dunford, stage asent at Mendocino, came over hist Saturday and spent neveral days in this place tho past week. Judge Mellarvey went to Santa liosa on Sunday to attend tlie funeral of Judge Southard. He acted as one of tho pallbearers. proved to be "pudding" for the Ukiah boys, and was batted all over the diamond. Three runs wero made in tho last three innings by the Hoplands while the I'kiahs made ten Following is the score by innings: rklnh •-• a l •< o llnpliind 11110 0 10 The game lasted about two hours, thus ending tlie programme at the Springs. The ball in the evening, given bv the llopland base ball club in the dining room of Thatcher's hotel at Sanel, was well attended, in (act so much so that dancing was made burdensome in the fore part of the evening, owing to the limited amount of space each dancer was compelled to .cenpy. Dancing ceased at tin early hour, Ihe result of everybody having enjoyed themselves too much during the day, and aB a consequence, were completely tired out. This ended the glorious Fourth at Duncan Springs, but it was not until late Saturday night and even Sunday morn- (!. W. Tindall will receive subscriptions ! for the Drsr.vivii-DcMocHAT nt I't. Arena. Yesterday wns the first day wo have | had for some time that fell like summer | time. ' Kight carcasses of deer were shipped 1 from Ukiah to a San Francisco party on Monday. II. S. I /well, of Covelo, was down this week on road business before the Board of Supervisors. For best meats at most reasonable rates don't fail to find Sanford <fc Son's butcher Bhop. Persons wishing to subscribe for the DISVATCH-DKMOCKAT can do so through any postmaster. * The Chinese population of Sun Francisco is 2,000 more than ten years ago, in spite of exclusion. j Black am) colored sateens, cliallis and ! white goc.ods just received from the Kast at W. A. HolVmnn's. as For A good hand to go out washing, ironing, house cleaning, or nursing, apply to Mrs. Sanders. * B. F. Higgins.of Littlelliver, has been attending the meeting of the Board of Education during the week. The purest materiali.and finest flavors are used by Geo. JamifUi in the manufacture of his delicious ?oda. ; Mrs. Shottie baB just received a new stock of summer millintry. Elegant and fashionable goods. Call and see them. * Miss I.ucia Cleveland went down to Santa Rosa yesterdnyi and from there she will go to San Francifcoto visit ior about a week. i Joe Jacobs' Shaving Parlors is the best place in town to get t shave, hair cut. shampoo or anything else in the tonsorial line. ' * "When the wan't days of summer come, gentle Annie,^ ask your fellow to treat yon to some lie Cream Soda, at. Geo. Jamison 's. \ ; Miss f.ille Holliday^f San Francisco, made her friends and ^latives in l'kiah Capt. O. A. Dingman arnl If. A, Eldred. I ing that those who waited for tho train of Covelo, were down the first of tlie week j reached home, owing to an accident, that nnd remembered tho DISPATCH with a i betel the down freight Ivain Saturday welcome visit. I morning. Bailies, just think of t his before you! A Trip to Mendocino. buy. W. A. Hoffman warrants corsets j " one year. Also warrants shoes, and has the best and latest styles. McDonald's is the best hotel in Westport, w The finest leas and codecs nt the Grand Tea Store. Siberian Arctic So In—best quality—at Geo. Jamison's. " * Fresh lard at Edwards Bros, at 60 cents to $1 a can. 8 - r ' FOB SAM:—Two buggies. Enquire nt Dr. Mitchell's office. * Wm. Bromley has disposed of his meat market to Smith & Gibson. j | W. II. and R. K. Bee, of Yorkville, j ; were among our visitors this week. i I Mrs. Sam Haines returned last Friday j ; from a six weeks' visit to Caspar. j | For choice family groceries and camp- j ; ers goods go to W. A. Hoffman's. : " j 1 John P. Smith, of Point Arena, spent i i the latter part of last week in this city, j | Lots of old papers for sale at the Dis- i | PATIUI-DKMOCKAT ofllee, ftt 25 cents per | 100. • Frank Adams, of Point Arena, was registered at tho Ukiah House on Monday. V. M. Asbill ami Whit Henley, of Covelo, went to San Francisco on Wednesday. Time is money. Buy a watch of King and you will have time. Next door to postotlice. 1,1 Miss Flora Van Allen has accepted the Cohl Creek school. She went, out there last Sunday. Fot :Ni> —A postofilcc key. Owner can have same by calling nt this office and paying for notice. Six tons of fruit were shipped up from Snn Frnncisco for the Mendocino Fourth of July celebration. Wm. S. Ray, of Blue Rook, whose attempted suicide we reported last week, died last Saturday. Colonel Hardin, of Santa Rosa, passed through town on Tuesday on his way to bis ranch near Cnhto. A. L. Kingsbury, of LaytonviUe, was in Ukiah the first of the week. Ho returned home on Tuesday. G. W. Cox, road overseer ntthe Monti- tain House on the Cloverdale road, was in town the first of the week. F. M. Lovejoy, of Boonville, and Isaac ! Crispin, of Point Arena, were at the | I'kinh House on Wednesday. | A large amount of ven'son is being i brought to town. Deer seem to be more numerous than usual this year. •I. M. Apgar, an old-time Mendocino staae driver, came up from Snu Francis| co last Saturday for a short visit. On Wednesday Ukiah received a hatch : of mail from Mendocino that should have come from San Francisco on Sunday. Subject for morning sermon at Presbv- | teriiin Church next Sunday, " A Bad j Start." Hev. I. N. Waterman, pastor. ! Alfred Johnson, Superintendent of the i Mill company at Usal, was in Ukiah on i Monday. He was accompanied by his family. E. Deninau, President of the Bank of Sonoma County, at Petaluma, came up A VERY CLOSE RACE! Bat the Great CORNER GROCERY Wins every time Q-OOID We beat all competitors in the race for Q-OOIDS -AJSriD XOW PRICES. Follow the crowd and you will come to us, for the crowd is with us. We keep constantly on hand the finest Stock of GROCERIES to be found in Mendocino County, Best Selected Provisions, Green and Dried Fruits. We lead in Potatoes, Flour and Feed, etc. OA8H PAID FOR COUNTRY PRGDUOB CORNER GROCERY, - - J. E. SCOGGINS, Pnop., Corner Standley and School Streets, UKIAH CITY, CAL. Tlie Cahto and LonB Valley Celebration. II. O. Thompson is now engaged with J. E. Seoi4;ir.,-;, at the Corner tiroccry, where iie v--i 11 he pleased to meet his old friends and former patrons. You cannot fail to notice the new advertisement of the Corner 'iroeery. Mr. Sx'ojjgins' enterprise in beinu rewarded by a rapidly increasing business. AVe had a pleasant, call on Tueedav from Kev. E. \. Winning, of Point Arena. Ho was on his way to Hound Valley for a visit to his son, who resides there. Jos. Moserop and wife, of .Sun Francisco, visited this place the latter part of last week. Mrs. Moserop (Icrmerly Mrs. Abbot) will bo remembered by our old •citizeus as a former residont of Ukiah. There will be preaching in the M. 13. Church, South, on next Sunday monthly by the Pastor, lU,v. T. A. Atkinson, at 11 o'clock A. :,t. and 8 o'clock i\ M. The subject at niidit will bo " The Divine Dominion." Fine stock ranch of 1000 acres, near Ukiah, woll located on county road, tiood house and barn and other improvements. Land first-class; range will keep 1000 sheep or 200 cattle, Krioe $4000. Incpiire of VV. P. Thomas. Judge Woods Crawford and Col. 1\ It. j Bla .|, „ game. The game was one-sided Long, of Lakeport, came over Monday, : f, ( , m t |, 0 pt nr :. f,| ie Greenwood boys unci'on Tuesday appeared beforo the j shotting the want of practice and team Board of Supervisors and filed tho annual report of Bakeport, Glen Alpine and North Pacific Toll Koad Company. Eiiiroit DISPATCH AND DKMOCHAT: If your space will allow we would like to make mention of our trip to Mendocino City. On last Thursday about thirty Willits people, including the baseball nine, loft for Mendocino for the purpose of celebrating the 4th and playing a game of ball. Arriving there at four, several hours were spent in removing real estate. Next morning we were told that the day's programme was near at hand by the firing of the cannon. About ten the procession was formed on Lansing street, beaded by the Mendocino Brass P.and, and soon all were in marching order. Arriving at the grounds, tho usual order of exercises occupied the forenoon. At two o'clock the " horribles " made their n\. pearunre, causing laughter. The reniHininf afternoon was j taken up with games of all kinds. In 1 the evening we attended a grand ball, j and never enjoyed a better lime among strangers. The next afternoon the ball game was played on the school grounds between the Greenwood boys and our nine for a purse of $-15. A great crowd was out to witness the contest, and are deserving of much credit for the interest and patience with which they watched the Biune. Eor patience is required to watch a short visit last Fridty. She returned home Sunday. M. Pi. Eaton, of Sai Francisco, who has been visiting his bother and sister in Ukiah for several weta, loft for bis home on Wednesday. There is a first-class orining for a milliner and dressmaker at ireenwood. A suitable store can be rental. For particulars apply at this office.!. * We are in receipt, of t private letter I 011 WedneBcIay'H trnin for a short visit in from Major Whitton. fceiis at |[ ay | this vicinity. Fork and says ho is nod duning back j Sam Luce, of this place, left last Fri- until he has a pile of money j day for tho vicinity of Little Itiver, where Mrs. T. A. Templelon nnl Mrs. j. ! he will leach the ICaisen school tho en- Cannon, of Los Anj/elns, Here among ! H "' n S term. yestorday's arrivals. They ;o to Orr's i J. II. Donohoe has about consummated Springs to-doy, where they dll spend a j the sale of about four acres of bis home few weeks. i ! property, Including his residence, to Cal- A.E.Knnst, minagorofJudgdHastings' wine interests irjNapa and Lake counties, was in Ukiah tlw first of the week visiting relatives and friinds. He wei|t over to Lakeport on Tujsday. i The Fourth djj-eloped threo (Trunks in Ukiah and on Frttay Justice Si^ll imposed tines on two jjif them. The third one demanded a'jt^.'trial and bis good natured peers acqtiitnd him. Miss Lew lloucej eldest child of ox- SherifV Hoggs o{ i^ike county, died at Lakeport on Fri%y of last week. She was a lovely arlj accomplished girl, and the many Maids of Mr. Bocgs will istoga parties. The Republican Fre»* has reduced its subscription prico to $2.50 per year—the same as the best paper in the county has always charged. We are informed by Station Agent Johnson that' after Sunday, July 13th, through trains will leave Ukiah at 1 P.M. instead of 2:l. r > v. M. J. Buckingham leftou Sunday for Santa ! Barbara, where he is in attendance at the j annual meeting of the Southern Califor! nia Press Association. J Miss Derona Sanford and Miss Dora i Cleveland leave (or the coast to-day to be pained to learn I his sad bereavement, j take charge of their schools at Westport, W. H. Mealodhas been appointed i which open next Monday, les-maue me-r KJ> ..General Freight dd Baggage Agent oil Capt. V. C. Rumsev, one of Lake nuich comment and the Snn FrimcwoNorth Pncific Railway, j county's prominent citizens, came over vice Charles Thor| Jr., resigned, and j f rom Lakeport on Wednesday. He Vv. J. McMuii. Asftant General Passen-; turned home'yesterday. ger and Freiglit Ajjiit, vice W. II. Men- Board of Education. Pome grass caught fire last Friday in a vacant lot near Win. Isbell's residence on Stato street;. Tho alarm was sounded «ud a big crowd was soon on band. The firo wni extinguished, however, beforo the fire company arrived. No damage work. At tho end of the seventh inning both players and audionce wore equally willing to call game, the score standing o4 to 2. in favor of Willits. Our boys played admirably and just as hard nnd earnest as though tlioy had nothing to loso. l!ut for one bad throw tho Greenwoods would have made no runs. Our boys, SIH tlo all others from Miere, express themselves as highly graii- i lied at the treatment Ihoy received from was done. Sarshal Hvntini, of Lower Lake, sou of , I)r nvnum.'ono of the oldest pl.vsicians , the Mendocino people durum tho whole in Lake county, met with a fatal accident | of their visit, and in the future wo w.b on tho Sil inst. He attempted to take a know where to go for a " rousing " good j time. They leave nothing uudono and will so- (he Willits people again some day —so say all of us. ONI: WHO WAS TIIIJKI:. Willits, July 8, 1800. Battle ol Otettysbura', The panorama of (he "I'atlleof Goftys- ! burg," corner Market and 10th stroets, i San Frnncisco, has been tho center of j attraction for amusementseekers, flisso much thought of that an English syudi V steer, which was tied In a tree, to kill for ihe barbecue, when a limb of a tree fell .on him,crushing hisskull. The high wind on the Fourth blew <town the flag-polo in the court house Hqi 'nrn. It fell across State streot, but lucidly no one was in the immediate vicinity and no damage was done. The polo was loft feet in long!!', and hud hoc. up only about three years. It may lie one's privilege in sit on the ironisr, abuse ii neighbor, detion.'iif his. . , . , , fnlrrprlM as simple idiocy, and impugn j * m lj0H "' 0 " 8 of ,,nv,l, « U,a ™" e ln his motives, but the true wav to build up • l ' n,lllon ,i cit v is to turn in and work together fur \ 1 ho » in " l, K ,,rB of w " m ' l' rt ' ,er - '>™over, the co ion good, overlooking ,|,e errors 1 ,0 lrl 1,10 S "" P ot CnUu>rnia '»">• it, and and commending the success of each ] i"K« ll '«' «'itb its museum, throw it open ,Qj] lur ! free, or for a mere nominal mini to the , ,, .. ,. . . . „ . | public. Some papers are advocating this, I ho lo.ll«. ot ho Presbyterian So,,„ty , ( you ^ m hMr j(> H(nv * , h(> w.l!I give a weight social at the residence \ „, b(? mn tako () , 10 o( (ho of Chas. Ci.nnrngham. on tins (• nday); s!tM , u . I(M(i )ill08 fico j( ft evening, July llth. A small charge will. w|U vml be put upon the n-i'ios!iinenl« in propor- 1 ' ' ' lion to tht weight of the privjon served, i Four prizes will bo nwimlotl IIH follows: | To th? heaviest and the lighleet lady ami j Kuiitlemun. AH are htVtWd. I ton, promoted. The many Irenes of Cadet Ora E. Hunt will be Ad p know that he is doing well at W* Piint. Our community have cause top proud of our young men and women vt> are trying so hard to do well and are fcceeding so admirably.— Point -lifiia -jcori,'. The mean|» of the word advertise, "to make knVn," explains its importance. Mnkcnowu what yon have to sell ot what ji wish to buy. The benefits are BO fireaohing that yon cannot tell where th| will end. Liko the ripples of water Insed by a stone, they extend far beyof tlie sight. The Sanlatosa Democrat reports the fruit outloolpiost encouraging. It iB reported thatjuit men are offering $4. r ) a ton for peiufs, and that many of the growers are riming that price. Some of tho fruit grofs in the immediate vicinity of Sant.ipsa arc expecting to contract their ppe crop ior rfoO a ton. i We clip tlfollowing concerning one of our former tcjisme:: fro;;, the Guma UOBS Republican :\\V. IS. Viore, who-lined to be in busiueiiiere ami went to Australia us represeni)ve of the farm machinery house of Wijr A. Wood & Co., has heon promoted, p now has charge of a branch houijif the same firm at Cairo, Egypt, The largeblanlr in the world Is now on exhibltimt ihe foot of Second street (Ids city. '* plank, a Humboldt prod net ion, is ofidivood, 10 feet wide, I2!.j feet long annur inchos thick, and will be shipped t)ie World 's Fair in the Onli- nnil will no doubt attract forniu exhll considerahljt.eui.ioii to our lumber interests as i as to ItHuU.—irttinbotdt Time*. j i The Supei' Court will he in session next week Last Wednesday evening tho friends ol* Miss Derona and liunyan Sanford extended them a surprise party, and a very enjoyable evening was spent. Andrew HUBS, constable at Greenwood, brought over Cluis. Fluff on Wednesday. Ho had been committed to the county jail for twenty days for beating a board bill. A. .T. Ruddock, A. II. Brod, A. ?. Itaye and L. Barrero, of San Francisco, came up last Saturday and on Monday started out for a two week's hunt on Hull mountain. Mrs, Clara A. Green, of Covelo, came down the first of the week with a daughter of J. N. Ren, whom she was taking to Petaluma to put into school. They went below yesterday. Subject of the discourse nt the Christian Church Snndiiv morning will bo " Christian Worship;" evening, "Christ- ian'ty in Politics." All are invited. Phil. Bruton, pastor. Contractors will find in this issue an advertisement for bids for labor and materials for the erection of the Mendocino State Insane Asylum. Bids will be received up to August llth. The W. C. T. II. of Caspar has elected tho following officers for tho ensuing form : President, Mrs. Snow ; 1st Vice- President, Mrs. Mai hews; 2d Vice-President, Mrs. JeH'orson; Secretary, Mjss Lizzie lioss; Treasurer, Mrs. Harry Bur: wash ; Supt. I,., Mrs. Gee. Marsh.-.!!. A meeting of tho resident directors of t'ne Mendocino State Insane Asylum wan held in Ukiah on Thursday of last week. Besides drawing up the necessary advertisements for bids for labor and material to construct the buildings, they let a contract f--r a ditch for « water main from the dam to tho site of tht) building*. How to Save Honey. Buv voiir ShoeH from 8. Hooka!, Gel iiim to repulr your old ones'. 1 Urt u «»' liis own make BootU, $0111 ,. . . I/ml • S «turd«v morning's down freight wAwoiik advise al! per- tn(ill H|nlok „ bm|U) „,. whi ,. h , lml ,-„„«,„ sons wishing make application »«- citi- on , , )e (ra<!k , n S ,,, mw Hot* tunnel and Bonship to end to the matter. After I „,„ Mj(im WM ,,,.,.„„,„, „,„, ( , 0I1Hil , ()rab | v disposing o to calendar next week, the , lUlimtfwl . u . Uwk M ,,„„ to get the en- Court will firnuut.l.the second Mon- j 0 „ Uie ^ C0l „ 0qlien „ v day In Au,d .ludgs MoUarvay has con- 8fttlm i, lv . ri p 1(((seil g nr lrftin ,||,| not rertl . h Bented, ho*r, to hold a special session Uk | al)11|111 , # mMv umrnlne , No 0 „ e oJto.irioifWi.rtWiantl Oth for the j wo „ i„ JaMi i. bllt se vml who wore de- exrluuive i »o *e of hoj«Bi!. K appllcallonB • j a yod at tiunel iitilnlitod In coubtertble kit iraiurttl|ion., proiaidty. "IlreathM there- the mBii with soul so rtcti 'l, Who ni -vor to hlm8etf hnth sitid, This Is my own, my niittvt- liunl." There may be such, but, as a species, he appears to be extinct in tlus portion of Mendocino county, which holds Cahto and Long Valley, for never has there been a brighter or more patriotic gathering than that which assembled from both these places to do honor to our great National holiday, July 4th. The celebration, which took the form of a grove dinner and open air exercises, was conducted under the auspices of the local branch of the \V. C. T. II., numbering its members from Cahto and Long Valley, ond of which Mrs. J. S. Reed is President. An Arcadian grove in Long Valley, midway between Cahto and Laylonville, j was selected as an appropriate site for the celebration, and, indeed, there could scarcely he a more beautiful spot for the purpose anywhere in genial California. The ground had been carefully scraped of debris, and the proverbial picnic ants and ubiquitous spiders temporarily expatriated. iV large stage had been built and was even more tastefully and artistically dceoratod than is usual at open- air enter'ainments of the kind. At 10:30 A, M., a gathering of about 400 people Wits ranged expectantly on the numerous benchcB placed in the open space in front of the platform or grouped picturesquely in the background under trees but within sight and hearing of the rostrum which for the next hour was to be the cynosure of all eyes and the intellectual rallying point of the listening multitude. The programme was opened by an instrumental piece, "America," by tlie band. Mrs. B. G. Mast, County President of tlie W. C. T. V., was president of the day, and followed tlie opening piece with a few well-chosen words of welcome, after which prayer was offered by the chaplain of the day, Mr. A. i). Leavitt. 'File Band of Hope, under the direction of Mrs. A. C. Bainbridge, sang effectively, " God Bless Our Country," after which the Declaration of Independence was read by Miss R. K. Hubbel, with clear and forceful articulation. Tho next few moments were filled with orchestra music, nt the conclusion of which the programme was continued by the reading of a poem by Mrs. Bainbridge, whose rendition of the same was a perfect exponent of correct elocution and sympathy of feeling. Another selection from the orchestra preceded the introduction of the orator of the day, Mrs. J. S. Reed, whose pleasing and graceful presence aa she stepped forward to greet the audience, and whose large reputation in the field of oratory combined to secure her, at once, the most profound and respectful attention, that highest compliment to a public speaker. After the singing of tho " Star-Spangled Banner " by tlie Band of Hope, the forenoon exercises were unnouncod as closed, and the people were invited to repair en masse to the " festal hoard," there to supplement the intellectual feast with one more substantial, if less filled with omotional uplifting. The table, sixty feet long, was spread under the dense sylvan shade of a gigantic fir, five feet in diameter, two huge madronas and an ancient group of druidi- cal oaks. The afternoon hours were varied by instrumental music and graceful ealis- thenic exercises bv the Band of Hope. ' C. L. W. Accident on the Blue Lakes Koad. Last Friday morning F. G. Havens and Miss .Martha Knglish, of Redwood Valley, started in a buggy to attend the celebration at Blue Lakes. When about, two miles this side of the toll house one of the bulls holding the tongue to the buggy came out, letting one side of the tongue drop down. This of course frightened the horses and they jumped to one side, overturning tho buggy and throwing the occupants some fifteen feet down the hill, The horses then ran up to the toll house, whore thoy. were stopped. Miss, English fortunately escaped without any injury, while Mr.- Havens got off with a sprained ankle nnd a few scalp wounds. The horses were not hurt. The buggy received but little damage aside from a complets wreck of the top. The Mendocino County Board of Education adjourned on Tuesday. The session waB principally devoted to the e x- amination of the answers to questions for graduation from tho Grammar Grade. Following is a complete list of the graduates. UKIAU—Mobel Ames, Wm. Beatty, Eva Curtis, Rosa Hall, Hattio Hunter, Emmet Magee, Ella Moore, Harry Standley, Ray Cleveland. LITTLK RIVER—Will B. Coombs, Artie L. Dennen, Theora M. Goodwin, Chaa. Van Damme. ROUND VALI.BY—Alice Rea. WILTJTHVILLE—Ida SiuionMon,.Estrella Rico. Bio RtVKit —Lottie Wrlber, Joanna Tobin, Almon Paddleford, Mollie Norton. Among other business transacted by the Board was the adoption of the new State course of study, and a committee was appointed to arrange the same for the use of tie Mendocino county schools. La Hue's Adjustable Chart and Blackboard Holder was adopted. Miss Dora Cleveland, of Ukiah, was recommended to the State Board for an Educational Diploma. A Bad Indian. Point Arena No ten. An Indian named John Dollar wns sent to Folsom about a year ago ior committing an assault with a deadly weapon. On the 18th nf April he was released from prison and on the 4th of July he indulged the great North American privilege of getting drunk in order to appropriately celebrate the day. About 7 o'clock in the evening he got into a row with Indian Pan at Sanel, when he whipped out a pocket knife and slashed Dan across the right arm between the elbow and wrist in a frightful manner. Dollar was promptly arrested by Sheria' Standley, and on Saturday taken before Justice Hunter of Sanel who held him in $1000 bond* to appear before the Superior Court. On Sunday lie was brought to Ukiah by Constab'e Daw nnd lodged in the county jail. It is probable that, the next term of court will relieve Mendocino county of his presence for a few years. Death of Judge Southard. Notioe. As I will be absent for soinp lime, I have left my books and accounts with J. J. Morrison, wiio is authorized to collect all bills due mo. an W. T. WIIU'TOK, For Bale. Judge J. B. Southard, one of the ablest and best known lawyers in California, died suddenly of apoplexy in Sauta Rosa last Saturday morning. Judge Southard was well -known to the old -timers of Mendocino county, having been judge of the Seventh District, of which this county was a. part, from 1802 to 1870. He was appointed to the position by Governor Stanford, to fill the vacancy occasioned by tho elevation of Judge E. W. McKinstry to tlie Supreme Bench, and was afterwards elected to the same office, defeating Judge JackBon Temple. Subsequently he was defeated by Judge W. C. Wallace, after which he resumed practice at Petaluma. Later on h» moved to Santa Rosa, and about six years ago he went to San Francisco and opened an oflice in that city. Judge Southard was born in New York and was about fiO yours of age. He came to California in 1K64. Weather windy, bnt plenty of sunshine and very little fog. The school houso flag wag unfurled to the breeze on the Fourth. The W. C. T. II. picnic in Fowler's grove on the Fourth was a success. The usual exercises, including the reading of sn original poem by Mrs. Alice Griffith, made up the morning's programme. An entertainment in the evening by the same organization was well attended. Master Archie Tindall took the house by singing "McGinty." After the entertainment all who wished to finish the Fourth in truly patriotic style adjourned to Burroughs & Davidson's hull to trip the " light fantastic." A most delightful time was spent., as the floor was slick, music fine, and later, the hungry dancers made havoc with the tempting viands nt the Grand. Win. Haskell litis bought Lew Austin's house and furniture, the purchase price being $1000. Miss M. Roseman and T. Rosemsn, students of the San Jose Normal, are home on a visit. C. W. Tindall's little children are over from Ukiah,making their father a week's visit. We had a chat with Mr. Buckingham, the genial editor of the PISI-ATCH-DKMO- CKAT, while he waB on the coast. His many friends were glad to see him. Mrs. L. L. Archibald and her mother, Mrs. McClure, have just returned from a visit to the East. We are sorry to lose another of our young ladies, Miss E. Smith, who has taken a school near Fort Bragg. Mrs. W. R. Gaine has lieen, and still is, quite ill. The schooner " Napa City " last week loaded at Point Arena, and on her way to San Francisco was enrmb.ed. The captain and the cook were drowned, and the rest of tlie crew saved. A Women's Relief Corps has been lately organized with 16 members, and several applications for membership, we hear, have been sent in. Tlie two livery stabled have consoli dated, Messrs. Halliday A Haskell being the new proprietors. Fishing on the Garcia River is at present fine, as some of our young people can testify. High *vater pants or long rubber boots are the correct thing for Bitch occasions. L. A. Point Arena, July 5, 1890. Infernnl Ingenuity Could scarcely devlna more excruciating tortures thuti those of which you see r,ae evidence* In the fare of a rheumatic or neuralgic auffcrer. The agoutes arc the consequence of notcheckiDR u iheuniHtlc or neuralgic attack at the outset, litniu'i tor's Stomach Bitters baa been found l>jr skillful medical practitioners to possess not only remedial, hut defensive efllcacy, where those diseases exlit, or a tendency to them le exhibited. Surely this puissanthut aafebotfinlc medtclnc, hrnrinj?, too, such hijjh specifier yanc- tton, Is better than the poisons often em-- ployed, but most unsafe, not only In continuance, in isolated dosas. The blood Is depurat­ ed thoroughly from the rnevmiatlc virus and the nerves, slightly impurged upou, saved from ultimate and direful throws hy this benign, saving mc-llcine, which likewise exhibits marked efficacy for malaria, kidney complaints, dyspepsia, constipation and liver complaint. MARRIED. , i l ^ fc r 8 S , '' D *i ! ,AKKR r- Ia Christine .July 7th, 1890, by Key. T. A. Atkinson, Mr. SumncrKl.-e and Mrs. Katie Sludebaker, both of Christine NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Sacred Heart Omit of Mercy! A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. Conducted by the Sisters of Mercv, Pkiah. »™*™™ CHI For further particulars apply to the MOTHER SUPEKIORK88. 4,111 Ukiah. Cat. WOOL! ~ FORTY (W) HEAP OF Iff Oft grade Spaulsh Merino Kama i- sale at *7 per head. Inquire of E. M. HFATT, Yorkville, Cal. UKIAH NORMAL SCHOOL. The .-irst term,of fourscuoiastio months, will begin in BAKNKS' HALL,MONDAY,SEPT ' 1890, and close DKC. Ill, 1890. The second term will Notice. Owing to increased price npon all the iiiiiteriuls we use we have been compelled to lutvniu-e upon present priced lor our work, which ilifm remains at a tower rate than the sumo class ol work elsewhere. The following lint will hereafter be our guide; MIncites, per dozen Carle tie visile, pur dozen.......,, Cm to d» visit*-, hull dozen.! 0!«binets, per il <i7 .eii Font-our, OJxS}, per dozen '- " null iloxun. ICiglit by ten, per doxen " " half dozen tiarger sizes in proportion. (iroupN, eucli additional head, Mots. Extra neitulivea trOcts each, A, Q. CABPKNTKK. .1. II. SAOINUKUN, 51 60 . 8 00 , ii 00 4 00 6 00 -4 Uu 8 00 5 00 Camp Mooting-. The regular annual Camp meeting for Ukiah Charge, M. E. Church, -South, will begin oq Friday before the fourth Sabbath in July, nnd continue two weeks. There will he a restaurant and hay yard on the isrounds. Good water and camping privileges free to nil. Eminent ministerial aid expected. T. A. ATKINSON , Pastor, t'hi.vs. T.UCK , Chairman Exec. Com, A TrVwnm*, Two large brnotl mares, weight, about 1400 ami WIW i otie lighter, with (*,>rlnjj colt; UIHO (.wo young- Huddle hor-ncw. All well broke. Apply to H »la or TlinM. Mc- Cow«u. "» All pcrtioiiB indebted to me »re hereby notified to call and settle Immediately. All account* due mo which are not paid by .liine -„'0th will be placed in the hiinda of a collector, Settle at once and save tho oxpeiuie of collection. TUGS. C HARLTON. Ukiah, MsyBI, 1800. ger *VH »t Jersev Cow* at 120 to |3&, nnd A full blood Jersey bull. Apply to Asvtitvw UcN.i», >* Luff), C»l. Judge Thos. B. Bond is a candidate for Judge of tlie Superior Court of Lake county. It is only a little over a year since Judge Bond took up bis permanent residence in Lake county, but lie is no stranger to our people. Judge Bond crossed the plains in 1801, and was a resident of Ukiah for eighteen years, and did almost as much practice in Lake county twenty years or more ago, as be did in Mendocino. He was District Attorney of that county from 1805 to 1880 and during that time ofton held Court in this oounty. He tried the Gordon will trase in this county. He was also an attorney for the people of this county against the Clear Water Company in 1808. He was admitted to practice in all the Courts of Missouri in 1858, in the Supreme Oonrt of California in 1865, in the Supreme Court of the United States in 1885, and he has always been a Democrat,— Lakeport Democrat. Lost, strayed or more probably stolen— A foderal surplus. When last seen under Mr. Cleveland it was like a new woolen under shirt—too long and too big around. After being washed by the Republicans it began to shrink. In 1889 it was just large enough for a rag baby. Since 1890 set in it has lieen hunted for with powerful telescopes ami microscopes, hut neither h,ido nor hair of it hat) been discovered. In this connection we wish to make record of the phenomenal prophetic powers of Republican leaders. They predicted that it would disappear, and as the way- back farmer remarked, "B'gouh, H did!" -X. Y. Jltrahl By the turning over of a cart on the sou lb side of the Caspar grade Friday, Mrs. Win. Emslie, daughter of Mr. Snow, of Caspar, was badly injured, but is getting along, at this writing, we understand, as well HB iian reiisoitf.bly be expected. Tho horse roiled on ?tlra. Etnslia and It, required the assistance ot several men to raise the animal off of her. The lady was i 'ut about the face, bruised, but fortunately no bones were broken.— Fori Bragg Advocate. Tho Democrat* of !.-*.!<o county held their primaries on Wednesday, unci n privntu letter informs no tjtot the' no>nt». nation of the following tjeket Is o#mied: (iHsemtolvmaii, lUmfro; Superior: Judge, Cramp; Sheriff. Boago;Clerk, Anderson; Treasurer, Quiuloy; Jte^rdsr,; Hielait j Awessor, Cunningham^ Nc^ »ew» #|Mt m -*»ved itfMdii »f« PWrJtit A«9 »ii «y»t open JAN. s, uwi, nn ,i coutlnue Twenty Weeks, fustruction will he given in the Primary and Grammar Grades, and the Grammar School Course. TERMS, C8 PER MSMTH. Payable monthly, in advanee. l-util August 25th, address me at Santa Ross J. S, AUSTIN. A, M. Principal. 39-2m. Appledale Nursery, Scott 's Vnlley, Lake Co* Cal. JQay- Offers for the season of 1S80 a choice lot ot TREES, At rmiaonahle piioes. Fruit Growers and other* iltislrlng trees are invited to call and inspect them at the Nursery, or send for price list. All atoek Kuiirauteml lu b« tn» man InsiectM mid diMenw. Add res* K. l'.WUAY, Lakeport, 9-201 f Cal. Go-partnerbhip Notice. STATU OF CALIFORNIA,! COUNTY OK MKNDOCINO, ( We, ihe nnderslBnod, do hereby certify that we are partners, transacting business la this •stute, lu the town of tiktab City, in the County of Meudocian, under the firm name and styleo( HIRSOH & TENOE; thatthe names ln full ot all the members of such partnership are lienoll S. lllrM -h ami Charles Tence, and that tba places •jf mir respective residences are set opposite our respective names subscribed hereto, tu ivltucssi whereof we have set n\ir handa ttiiii Slsl day of Hay, 1890. BGNOIT S. HIKBCH, Ukiah, Mendocino Co., Cal. •C. TENCE. Ufciah, Mendocino Co., Cal. STATE OF CALIFORNIA,) , CMMt OK MESIlOCtKO. j On this fiih day nf June, 1890, before n»i>, ,T. H. 3cawell, n. Notary Public iv. and lor wld County of Mendocino, reKtriinu; therein aud duly eoia- mlssloncd and sworn, perconally appeared Henolt X. riir-iuh and C. Teace, personally knou-u to ine to be the persons deaeri'iKd lu, whose names are subscribed to aud who accented the within instrument, and acknowledged to mo that they executed the same. In witness whereof. [ have hereunto sat my hand and seal at my attic* la the County rut., of Mendocino, the day aud year In lbj» eertlllnatc llrst above nrltt™. S. H. S HAWSLI., 37 Notary.FuMlf. Notice. TN PURBUANCi! OF AN ACT KKTITLm A V I "Act to establish a branej io -ai K, klllh '.». Mt ' m,oc, »" v t'"«U»>" (Mat. 61' %fc ; .paK -es26lo.-K), Ware h^yauliSX! lued to advertise for sealed nrormV.1. WKii,!, wlllbe received *k trie utSwol t^m)d!tt% the Board atp ret torn of the Mwdoeluo Stafa A9 )-lum i fortlieltisaa s .io iU a TftlTofBHll? M., OH MONDAY, THE DTH UAV ot AlMl M terlals torinc > several iifauclles of labor *u4 iii*.. renals to be furnished for the wetflka affiT complelUui of Uu] Mill*, for tli*V ?,!!!wS?- Stale Asylum ior the luilne ou the land \kSStSn ihe ''Bartlett," utmr laS /ki Ukiah, SlciMocluo bounty. ulllio™ii Blank proposal' taimi «& uTiSSiikaaU regard lo the raauiiyr In \ UI|.*-«*«M»«7 ' . Katih propnaal w ovllu-wf-w ft«tr emnti' i paul teadanlif 7 Np Obluofflt byOhineae lanolr, to ucu tew*' mm. pt

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