Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on May 1, 1946 · Page 3
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1946
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 1946. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE. IOWA. PAGE THREE. NOT ENOUGH DAYLIGHT HOURS. The fnrmcr hns long complained that >t wns Impossible to finish each day's work during the daylight hours but unless they're working on n nightshift, most townspeople rest ns soon is iiiKht fnlls. Not so Fritz Preuss of Now London. He has attached n flashlight to his lownmower to enable him to mow his grass after sundown. SERVICE THAT KEEPS YOUR CAR RUNNINO BEST "HOME"FOR SERVICE Your Ford Dealer KOItO SALES AND SERVICE IN POSTVILLE RUCKDASCHEL MOTORS Phone 152 Postville Town Officers Effective April 1, 1946 Elective Officers- Mayor—M. C. Deerlng. Councilmcn—Keith Gregg, Glenn Olson, J. M. Overland; F. C. Ruck- duschcl, Harold H. Schroeder. Treasurer—L. O. Beuchor. Assessor—Earl Abcrnethy. • • • # • Appointive Officers— Town Clerk—Joseph B. Steele. Marshal—Eldo Gerlcke. Street Commissioner—Otto Appel. Water Superintendent—H. A. Langc. Health Officer—Dr. F. W. Kiesau. Weed Commissioner—Glenn Olson. Town Council Committees— Finance—F. C. Ruekdaschel, H. H. Schroeder and Keith Gregg. Ordinance — H. H. Schroeder and James Overland. Health—H. H. Schroeder and Glenn Olson. Streets—F. C. Ruekdaschel, Glenn Olson and H. H. Schroeder. Light —Keith Gregg and James Overland. Waterworks Committee—Harold H. Schroeder. Keith Gregg, Glenn Olson. Sewer—F. C. Ruekdaschel. H. H. Schroeder and Glenn Olson. Fire—H. H. Schroeder and James Overland. Town Hall—Keith Gregg. F. C. Ruck daschel and Glenn Olson. Parks and Dump—F. C. Ruekdaschel, James Overland and Keith Gregg. WALLACE WAS CLEAR OFF THE BEAM. I— GONE TO WALDO JUST TOOK OFF for one of those SPECIAL Bumper to Bumper Springtime Check ups obtained at RICKER'S SUPER-SERVICE with MOBILGAS and MOBILOIL Quality Products - - Also - - \ RECAPPING and REPAIRING ART RICKER Phone 287 Recapped & New Tires Of all the asinine remarks ever made by a public official, those made by Secretary of Commerce Henry A. Wallace in his speech before the Washington Women's club by all odds takes the prize of being the world's worst. He suggested that party disci pline be imposed on all members of congress to vote along party lines on all major issues. Obviously, this would cause all senators and representatives to vote on major issues without regard to sentiment t>f constituents in their home districts. Such discipline would make congress strictly a rubber stamp body. Comment by members of congress was extremely caustic, especially on the part of Democrats, one of whom pointed out that Wallace stands on rather pour footing because he has not always been a Democrat. So it seems from any point of view. Wallace's remarks won't stand close inspection in any way.—Sumner Gazette. Want ADi Want Ad Rates—25 cents per Insertion up to 25 words when cash accompanies order. Otherwise the rate is 10 cents per line per insertion. An extra charge of 10 cents is also made where replies are to come to this office. Wanted—A girl for waitress at'the Thoma Cafe.—25c. For Rent—My lot for,_ garden In Lull's addition. See Anno Leul, Post­ ville.—26c. Wanted—Women for steady or part time work at the Groth Pocking Company, Postville. For Sale—Official DDT fly spray; $1.50 a gallon. Less in five gallon lots. Dr. C. M. Morgan, Postville.—27c. BOY, 17, wants job on farm. Understands all sorts of farm work. Can operate tractor. Inquire at the Herald' Office.—27p. Wanted—Man as helper at the Farmers Store, Postville.—26c. For Sale—Sewing Machine. In good working condition. Call 37-F-171.—20p. For Sale — Our polled Shorthorn herd bull, Longfleld's Pilot; dark red; three years old. Henry Bcnjcgerdes, R. 2, Postville.—26p. For Sale—Four good ewes and five lambs. Paul Gruhn, R. 1, Postville, Iowa.—26p. For Sale—Purebred Duroc Jersey stock hog; a very good individual. Walter Martie, R. 2, Postville; phone through Castolla.—26p. For Sale—Two sows; due to farrow within the week. Amos Ames, R. 1, Postville.—26c. For Sale—Bicycle basket, speedometer and tail light. James Hclger- son, Postville.—26p. For Sale—Several farms and city properties. J. T. Humphrey, Real Es- state Broker. Postville. For Sale — Winchester "97" pump gun. with five boxes shells. Lorenz Willman, Postville.—26p. For Sale—26 sheep and lambs. John Winters. R. 1, Woukon, Iowa; call through Ludlow phone.—26p. For Sale—White Rock spring chickens. Will deliver in town. A. C. Nes bit, R. 1, Castalia, Iowa.—27p. Cabbage, tomato and pepper plants, as well as others, will be ready May 1. Mrs. W. G. Bulman, Postville.—2Bc. For Sale—A number of good carpenter tools; also strawberry boxes. Minnie Heins, R. 1, Postville, Iowa.—26p For Sale—Easy washing machine excellent condition. New wringer rolls Our Own Hardware, Postville.—26c. For Sale — Allis-Chalmers two-bottom, 14-inch, tractor plow. In good con dition. Mueller Bros., Luana, la.—26p WEALTH CONCENTRATION NOT IN HANDS OF FEW Dr. Wilford I.. King of New York University has been making a study over a period of 25 years of the distribution of this nation's wealth, says the Howard County Times. His findings reveal that more than half of America's wealth is owned by 39 million families whose holdings average from $2,000 to $15,000. The large part that life insurance has in our financial setup is interesting. The total cash value of life insurance in force just before the war was nearly 19 billion dollars, more than 72 per cent of which was held by families whose total wealth was less than $1500 each. All of which goes to show that the average citizen has a large stake in the nation's fiscal affairs and refutes the alarm often sounded about concentration of wealth in the hands of a few. Wanted—A used tricycle; medium size and in good condition. Mrs. Albert Hilmcr, phone 378-J, Postville, Iowa.—26p. Found—A log chain on the Waukon road last week. If you can identify it ancl will pay for this ad, you can have it.—26c. Want Ads get cash from those needing your "Don't Wants." Wanted—Johnson outboard motor, 2V& to 5 horsepower. Phone 141, Postville.— 27p. Wanted—Women for steady or part time work at the Groth Packing Company, Postville. THANK YOU. I wish to thank my friends, neighbors ancl relatives for their letters,, cards and visits while I was a patient in the Postville Community hospital. I greatly appreciated them. Miss Judy Ann Jacobin. :li NOTICE —We buy your wool and guarantee highest possible market prices at all times. Write or phone Elgin 3231. Elgin Produce, C. J. Mul- ford.—27p. BIG EARS of deep medium dented kernels. That's Funk's "G" hybrid corn. 95% germination. CONSISTENTLY GOOD YEAR AFTER YEAR. Louis Benjegerdes, R. 1, Postville.—27c. Wanted—A girl for fountain and luncheonette work along with clerking duties. Full time job. Valuable experience. Good wages. The Brueckner Drug Store.—23c. SERVICE MllinilMIMMIIMIIIIIMMIIMIIIIIIMMIIIMIIiMIMIMMIMIIMMIMIIIIIMMMMMtllHIIIMIIMIIIMIIIMIIIHIIIIIHIIMIIII That Money Can't Buy tlllllMIIMIIIIIIIMIIMIIIIIIIIIIIItMMHtlllMIMIIIMIIIIIIMHIIIMMIIMIIMIIMMtllllMlltlMHIMHtllMIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIII A sympathetic ancl friendly interest in your personal fortunes throughout the years. A Sewing Machine In good condition has more trade-in value for that new post-war model. Be ready when they come. Get your machine cleaned and reconditioned now. J. A. Flynn, Calmar, Iowa. Phone Herald Office in Postville—Phone No. 200. For Sale—Slightly used men's, women's and children's clothing and shoes. Used furniture and household articles of all kinds. Watch for the New Clarion Radios and Apex Washers, Ironers and Vacuum Cleaners. Save money at The Thrift Shop. Next to telephone office. Phone 309-W.—23c. Postville State Bank We Offer A Complete Banking Service Now on hand—Tractor seats for Allis-Chalmers Model B and Fordsons. Nyberg's Farm and Home Supply, Postville.—2Gp. LOST ARGUMENT. John Hartwig. soil conservation chairman for Butler county, unintentionally became involved in a tight with a 2.000 pound bull recently. The bull won. After being knocked down three times. Mr. Hartwig made his escape into the barn, battered and bruised but with no bones broken. Mr. Hartwig is now back on the job. The bull was sent to a packing plant. Just received a few sets of Silver Plated Flatware in Community, 1881 Rogers and Wm. Rogers & Sons Silver. W. J. Hanks, Jeweler.—27c. See the new 1946 Sportsman Trailer now on display, 23 feet long. Immediate delivery. Terms. Will B. Ferring, Dyersville, Iowa.—26p. For Sale—I still have a few bushels of 379, 353-A and 341 Pioneer seed corn available. Germination 90%. Fred H. J. Thoma, R. 1, Postville.—22tfe. MOTORS—I do all kinds of motor repairing, rewinding and reconditioning. J. F. Hart, at the Electric Motor Shop, phone 272, Postville, Iowa.—6lfc. Wanted—A dependable girl or lady to help with housework and care for an elderly woman. Work light. Call Mrs. Ed Lammert, telephone 36-F-27, Postville.—28p. For Sale—Three lots in east Postville; good drainage and no filling needed; sewer and water. Inquire of Delmar Reincke or Fred W. Groth, Postville—20tfe. Stocks of corn, oats and barley were about two percent lower on January 1 than a year ago. This is on a per animal basis. SEE US . . for . . ELECTRIC BROODER STOVES PEAT LITTER . . and . . BXBY CHICK MASH MEYER'S FOUR-COUNTY HATCHERY Telephone 234 Postville, Iowu Highest prices paid for wool. Bring in your wool and get full government price. A free gift to each person bringing in wool. J. Silverman, Monona, Iowa.—29p. For Sale—McCormick-Deering corn planter, complete with fertilizer attachment and 80 rods good wire; all in A-l condition. Can be seen at Falb's Garage, Postville.—2flp. For Sale—Work Shop, 20 by 40 ft story and a half high. Contains much good lumber, with three partitions in side. Can easily be remodeled into n home, or barn or other building. Mrs L. H. Schroeder, phone 192, Postville Iowa.—26tfc. For Sale—My entire herd of Shorthorn and Shorthorn-Hereford cross bred cows and heifers. These cows have 10 calves at side and others are heavy springers. These calves are sired by an Aberdeen-Angus bull Henry Gericke, five miles east of Postville, Route 1.—28p, PERMANENT Sales Position with an old Iown concern. We need sever al men in this section of the state. Leads furnished, income $10 to $25 dally. Field training given—car neces sary, Excellent opportunity for ad vancement. See Corliss Hllliurd at Commercial Holel, Postville, evenings after 7 o'clock.—27p. No. 1 Quality Chicks, $8.75 per 100 und up, Leghorn, cockerel chicks, 05c per 100 every Tuesday and Friday, Etteldorf Chlckerles Osslm>, Iowa • SOLVENT-PROCESSED • MINIMIZES OXIDATION • MINIMIZES SLUDGE • NON-CORROSIVE • HIGH VISCOSITY INDEX • HIGH HEAT-RESISTANCE • CLEANS AS IT LUBRICATES STAMINIZED Strengthened 1 against oxidation and corrosion to minimize sludge and metal-pitting. New D-X Motor Oil retains the superior service characteristics of aviation oil, adapted to the requirements of modern automotive engines. Made from only paraffin base crudes for higher heat-resistance, high film strength... longer-lasting protection. Solvent-processed by an exclusive method to retain all the rich, natural" oiliness. Try D-X Motor Oil Money-Back Guarantee! CONTINENT PETROLEUM CORPORATION DIAMOND D-X PRODUCTS ARE DISTRIBUTED BY: HOME OIL COMPANY Fred J, Miller, Proprietor Postville, Iowa KLUSS GARAGE Luana, Iowa ASSOCIATE DEALERS — EVERT GARAGE 1 SEVATSON OIL CO, Frankville, Iowa Ossian, Iow v a «

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