The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1948
Page 1
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' mLYTHEVIU,K (ARKJ COURIER NEWS Polk) Hits Texas, North Carolina Over Nation. SO Per Cent Over Rate for 1947 r. siii* ft*** ****•*« t41Ur) MaTW TOHK, July I, (UP)— In- fftntile Paralysis U raging again in tw« sUtet an4 the number of catei |<H the nation Ic running M per•MU oyer mi. Officials of the N«(lon»i Foundation for Infantile Paralysis were cautious today In making any predictions as to how serloui the polio a»a»n nay be, but they pointed to (fee. Rgure* which indicated that Iri* dlwu* already had reached th* epidemic stag* in Teiaa and North Carolina. Trust Fund /s Sought for Son Of Man Who Mulcted Audience NKW YORK, July I. _(UI>)-«> Alt/, CKn. Nathaniel Ooldateln askfd th* County Court yesterday losace th* lajt |24(0 of the UlMe ChrliUna* pretmt John A Walk*f, in ei-convlci, and hi* wife, Edna, wheedled from a a»fth**rt*d radla audience for their "destitute" children luil December, Oold»l.*ln all**id that th* per. tnti sp*nt »»,ooo M th* money and Hint the father now faces a ntw check forging charge In connection nil)] a stock telling scheme stretch- Ing from N«w York to Hollywood, He asked (hit the remaining $2,631 of the money donated by the radio audience be placed In a trust fund for Walker's 10-year-old son, John, one o< the three children f[| shorn the money »'«• donated- Shortly before Christmas, Walker allegedly approached A. 1, Ale»- tnv.V who conduct* a radio show culled "The Mediation Board.' TtM a**dl«** ft* ta th* (rain- child or two Califprnlans. Instead of crost-fertillalne; the tr**a with ft* wup*, the American Magazine say* th»y were apray*d with chern- J hermaew*. Olaaea that only th* court* could t!*eld* If th* aUt* law appll*d to th« luyno earn, and auueited that h* aonfer with hi* protKUtln*; attorney. (Haaco compl*in«d that youn« nun and women of iUyno thowcd th*ir lack of "pride or self-respeH" by wearlnt ihorU which he con- ildarM Indecent. Womon inlitt In Navy Undtr Now Service Law NORFOLK. V»., July I, iur> — O*rtturl**-old tradition fell is the UJ8 . N«vy yeMerday adopted a shapely blonde and cuivaceou.i brunette, both at and veterans of wartime service ax Wave«, to be th? first women members ot the i p eju- lar Nary, Ardath Jo Green of Pennington Oap, V*., and L*ona Baker nf Stanford, Mont,, were sworn in t »*ar Adm. W. at. Amsworlh, com mander «f the Filth Naval District Both were assigned to duty at du trlct headquarters In Norfolk. The pretty pair entered the once sacred mile halLs of the regular na vy under the armed force* Integra lion act of IMf which Preaideri Truman «lgn*d June 12. The Waven of wartime fame served only In auxiliary capacity and were not con- Hoboes and Criminals find Haven Under New Orleans Police Station THURSDAT, JULY I, 1141 NEW ORLEANS, July t.— (UP) — 'Hie police at First Precinct BU- lloi! discovered today that they had provided a hideout, heat, water and electricity for pcrtiaps hundreds of cilmlnali and hoboi in their basement- •Ilils situation, they admitted, had been going for months and maybe for years. And It would have gone Jon Indefinitely, If a hobo, for some Mdercd members of the regular Navy lUelf. Ardath and Leona were th* (lr«l or tome tXd women the Navy Intends to lake imp Its fold. Plan* call for Induction of 4,000 enlisted women. JOO warrant officers, and MO feminine officers. hem P tl », (1reaS<>n ' had n <* Wd hi.m • ? l ey *'"* »'"'"« °" » bums haven, complete with a " rr °>; a > '"It*" «ald to be reserved i*Tf «i, "',*" m '" who Cllls hlm *elf "King of the Hobos," The hobos took ov«r a aeries of unZ* h Tr"y and"'™, i£. A, f " l P" 01 "** »t»«on and th* adjoining old criminal courts the entrant**, it found Charlie (the Mole) Fr»er reclining on a mattreis and reading a magazine by an electric light. | "Carolina silm's suite was fitted out with a divan, a floor lamp and Other furniture. Moreover, It was awcpt clean and the furnishings nently arranged. Greer confessed that the suite was reserved exclu- »lvely [or Carolina slim, who 1* not- In town at the moment. He also said that a* many u » criminals, hobos and "e-uya on the J*m" had occupied th* hideout on a single night. After the mole had f1nl*h*« serr- ti\f the police a* a fold*, th*y took him upstair* and locked hUn up a* A vagrant. He Mid he supposed he'd havt to go tack to the park when h* Ilnlahe* **rv1og hi* time. for lights, police water* pipes ' r and the station heating tor heat to warm them- <k? <>1 ?V Ul « rlmlr »l« allpped Into the hideout through venU concealed by shrubbery. When a oolite .detail crawled through one of the STOP 1 At RUSTIC INN Osctolo, Ark. Iced CHICKEN MELONS Open 11 A. M.—12 I>. M. During July and August Mayo, Proprietor I« Tern, th«lat«lfl»ure« show** Walker said Ills family wai down 171 cases a* compared lo only «I lo Its la*l W cents end asked If hli • U*t 7£. "" North Carolina/the! ol.iWren should suffer becaua. he figures showed 210 as against 21! °" ce w ™'« » "'"^ ctw * ^ eoytr l**t ye»r., Th* situation was re-1 » «>mollnf debt? ,. For the nation, the latest reports showed 3,001 caaec. For the same period lait year, (litre were 1,201 cas« In 1M(—the nation's second wont polio year—there were 1,143 cases up to July 1. The 1846 UHal was about 25,000 rates, and la 181*—the worst year—(here were about Z7.000 cases. Few 'BmlWr Tya* Caeca - Beports to the foundation here «how*d that few cas*s of bulbai type polio have struck. The bulbur typ* agecu the nerves leading from the brain and usually is fatal. In com* such cases the patient canruit (wallow, and be "drowns in hLs own aaliva." The bulbar type struck heavily In Btii,i, I program and tell of their children v ln " 1 facing a penniless Christmas. 'Hie money began rolling in. The children got more than 2,000 Christmas glfl.s by mall. According to affidavits in the cas«, half ol the money was to he placed In accounts in the children's ind mother's name and the other H/15* hi the parents' name, What th* WalVeri didn't 1*11 the ridio audience wu that they owned i farm In Connecticut. W»lker liter admitted this lo Alexander and told him th't he wai got"! to use (6,000 to pay off th* mpftgage Slid buy tome stock. Goldstein said there wai no evidence of lire stock bought with any of the money. Jn*lea4 the Walkers bought a new car and went to Florida where they spent must of the money, Oold- th. 1M< epidemic, particularly In] t Q n cla ' lme) ,: Minnesota. Thi* year so far, how- In i h e meitnllroe, Walker wai ever, has been a light one for Atin- j c |,» r ged with frpflng the »ndorse- where only M cases have men t on a M31 ch*«k given Mm for Investment. H< allegedly earned bcon reported. Polio Is a mysterl- ou* disease. It hardly ever strikes ihe check it days after Baking his a tWiuaunlLy two years In succes- r »d|p plea for help. *km, but often times returtiE after a four-year cycle. Foundation officials have been aautlous about predicting epidemics I" the large cities- None, except Mlnnespclis. na* had one In recent j*»rf. New York City hid one of the BKMt serious epidemics in 1816. At that time, piedlcal science knew •vac teas than It knows now about the stlseaw. It caused panics and a*nt thousand* of parent* out.of the city, taklnc their children with t()em. The polio season usually etarU in the Southern state* in May or June! and'wove* North as the weather| became* hot and dry. Mother of Eight- Murdered; Boys Discover Body <UP)~ The H. T-, July I.- "dfatri?" Ar>4 an arrow painted pn a sidewalk pointed to » clump « [ b'tah** yesterday beneath which was found the nude body of a riiotlur of eiiht children who apparently had b*«n strini- Science hu not been why. able to de- Hmit to Soil Fort Sumter, Motiltrio Briny$ Protect 108TON, July I. (UP)—Rep. Angler L. (joodwin, B,, MJUSS., yester- dar protested a proposal by the VW pepartment to sell Fort* Sum- t*r snd Moullrle la Charlat»n, (•. p.) harbor. )R a telegrarrt to Defense Secretary James V. Forrestal, the con- »Tea*fii»i( said h.e uniferstoixl that th* forts were to be turned ovsf tf thf War Awet* Adm.lnistration te) be sold to privite partiei. "I »igwqusty protest »unh action," Goodwin **W. "The «overji- ment should jipt relinquish control el these h*!)pwed spots unless to duly «uthori»€d historical or patriotic groupc committed to preserve them for all time as landmarks dear t* jOTeri ef Jreedopn everywhere." led with a brassier*. A pair of s|lk stockings had been used to tie the legs of the Mrs. Evelyn Burns, 33, lo the stiruJM that grew Just outside the project where she and h*r family Police said death apparently wa caused by the bnssjere krmttei »roui)c) the victim's ner.s A m«dl cal fjtnrrjluef was summoned for an autopsy. Two children, Lenor* Pean. nnd Rodger Destrernps, 7', ptijli bors in the RodRer Wllliami Hoils li|g Project discovered the bod while at play. Their parent* summoned poljr and also notified th* Ylctim'n hiis hand, John H. fli|rrti, J7, whi) ws »t work in « Providence baker Attorney Gtntral Lttvyn Nudity It tut to Cowrti ROCK, Ark.. July I (UP)— Attorney Oener*! Giry r Williams h" refused to rule at whether shorts worn by men in women In Reyno, A'*-, violitt stile law prohibiting indecent en posure. He told Justice of the Peace W. 0. CharUe N.. 14IM Report of Ciwjillon of the ,„.„. DWriet We. I Fiftr N«fionql Bank in Blythtvill* . r Arksii»s, ,t the rl M, l»tt, FubilalMd l» re»i>*nse U e»H ir»df Cmrr-KJ, under S»Uen iZu, u. ». R, r l K- sui el Ikr ASSET g Cash, balances with other banks, Including rewrve tnlanee ar»d cash Items In process of collection ..... il JI9MS7I Oh i'^,^*'", 5°" rnme " t obligations, direct and nuarantMd J.idSOTBJ Objigjtlorts of Stales >nd political subdivisions ..... Other bonds, notes, and debentures ....... ...... ^ten'ki* 5tOCk? lillcludln * »1,500 stock of Fede'rVl "Reserve Loins and discounts (incliming'tlVl.^'overcl'r'aVu) '.".'.'.'. ..... J S410MM **11S !«"«'"* OTnEd ?M ' 8 " 51 ' '"rnilur, and n«,,ri. '' ' *° TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES ^ttoni 1 dep ° ilt5 ot lndlvirt u»ls. partnership*, and corpora- Ttae deposits of Indlvldiikl.;.' parVne'rVhipsV «n'd"corpor»tions:' 'us will tags) ? Government tincludtng postal 5 av- " S ' W2 - :I1 DepojiU of states and political subdivisions - --• of banks TOTAL LIABILITIES CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital Stock: Common stock, total par »150,000,00 .... . Surplus * ......... • - . . . .............. 1 Undivided proms .......................................... :• '*0-000.00 • TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS MEMORANDA sd or assigned to secure liabilities and for other shown above art after iedu'cUon of"r»serve»'of.'. •tot* M ArkaniM, County ol MiMlwIppl. ss' - 7 - "™ ^^ J«ck C. Owen, Cushler. Correct— Attest: Sam H, Williams Z. M. Rejenold Bribed before me th,s IZ, T J *»« Tuylor, Notirj Publle. PASTEURIZED HOMOGENIZED With Vilamin I) Adder! for YQU Who Like Mill Cream in Every Drop. RnslieH Krnm Grade A Farm* lo Your Grocer — Clover-Fresh and Delicious. CONTAINER •«* MAKES GOOD COFKKR "GOODER" Paeleuriieil, 1'iire, a nil Kick. i:,r..l an'! Kruil. By "IT" wa mean theae thr** new "mttata" for your table. £«cb in It* own fllilincifv* *<|uarv, tingt* aervi«* container lo conaerva refrigerator apace, easier to carry home, and HO bottle to waahi A milk for your own individual taita ind prefer•flee. Paileuriied, IK tlu red, white and yellow container. PaMeiiriaed Homogeniaed with vitamin "D" added im the red, white and blue contain** and, of courtc, «offe« cream in the stnhby half pint yellow and white container. Tn add that our Crude A slat** tht obviuu*. All our prud> Crcd*} A. Fnr yr«r» wr'vr pTannpil on lirlnging lo yon a Grade A milk that Honltl uphold even our high ataiidirdi. Now w« inrlle you lo try It TODAY. Only milk from Grade A f»tm» it ,urd in (he drink we offer you Grade A pt-oplr. And lo carry Grftde A whal Keller guy to serve yon lliit milk than your favorite grocer. We ar« whole«al« only, to »ee your grocfr today to find out how good milk ran be. Fi>r You Who Like to Mix Up i nnr Cream, or to rlav* PUaty Of It Oa Top to Po»r Off THIS IS THE Born.F FOR VOU. raeleiirixd ini< a Product ~W» Ar« Provd to Plae* \5" Uoii (cut/a*' '(,. * v Tim»KF THF. ti. s. STANDARD MU.K , ATW APTKOVKD BY STATE Arxn cmr H *T,TK

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