Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on August 4, 1965 · Page 29
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 29

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 4, 1965
Page 29
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 4, 1965. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THIRTEEN Medicare and Social Security: 2 Most Americans Are Eligible For Health Benefits at 65 By JOHN TROAN NBA Special Writer (Second of a series) Born before 1903? You're assured of Medicare benefits even U you've never paid a cent in Social Security taxes. However, those born in 1903 or later must have,credit for a ! certain amount of work under Social Security to qualify for health benefits upon reaching This working period ran g e s rrom ivt. to 10 years. Generally, the older you are the less Social Security coverage you'll need. Also, women need fewer "credits" than men. Some people are excluded rrom Medicare — chiefly f e d - ernl workers and their dependents who arc enrolled in t h e health plan established for them by the Federal Employes Health Benefits Act of 1959. Marines Stage Their 1st Raider Mission of War By JOHN T. WHEELER HAN SON CHA Island, Soutli Viet Nam (AP) — The American Marines stirred small swirls of phosphorescent light as they paddled silently through the South China Sea on their first raider mission of the Viet Nam war. Driving rain engulfed the seven rubber boats as they were launched from a Navy landing craft at 9:30 p.m. About 900 yards from the mountainous island • where intelligence had reported a Viet Cong infiltration station. Intelligence also had said that 100 or more Communist guerrillas might be on the island Nang. 12 miles north of Da The 54 Marines were on their own. If they hit a strong Viet Cong force, no help could come before dawn — more than nine hours away. Capt. Patrick Collins of Grosse He, Mich., commanded the raiding party from his reconnaissance company. "The damn rain's a blessing," he said. "We should make it close to shore without being seen." The dim mountain mass of Han Son Cha loomed ahead. A Marine rifleman muttered, "Thank God we don't have to do this every night." Then all talking ceased except the whispered commands from Collins and the coxswains in the rubber rafts, strung out at five- yard intervals. Many of the men were new to the reconnaissance outfit, replacements for a unit that has suffered proportionally higher casualties than any other single American combat unit in Viet Nam. The rain slackened and then stopped. Ahead was a narrow beach One boat with a machine gut lashed onto the bow went in ahead as scout. During the agonizing moments that followed an enemy could have wiped out the small party with ease. Then a red light flashed from the beach. The way was clear. The small boats formed in two lines three abreast and the pad dlers moved swiftly over the last 50 Marines yards of beached water. The their boats and charged inland to take up defensive positions. Two elements were sent out on night patrol to fix if possible any Viet Cong camp on the mile-square but mostly straight up and down island. The re mainder rotated watches and slept on the beach. Renewed rain made life mis erable and sleep difficult. Reconnaissance companies are made up wholly of volun teers. At 6 a.m. two fresh patrols were sent out. One headed by Lt. Carmine S. Del Grosso of Manhattan, New York, was to cover the western half of the 'Island. After passing by the crest of the 225-foot tallest peak, Also excluded: (1) aliens who haven't been admitted to the United States for perma n e n t residence; (2) other aliens who haven't lived in the United States continuously for the five years just before filing a Medl care claim; (3) members of subversive organizations, and (4) persons convicted of such high crimes as sabotage, espionage and sedition. But if a federal employe o r an alier who would otherwise be excluded happens —because of some previous employment- to be entitled to Social Security or Railroad Retirement benefits, he's eligible for Medicare. Medicare benefits start July 1, 1066. At the same time, extra lealth benefits become available to persons who buy supplemental insurance through the U.S. government. This supplemental health nsurance will be offered to anyone 65 or older who is eligible for basic Medicare benefits. Also, to federal employes wh o can't qualify for the basic benefits. Under the Social Security law, the so-called Kerr-Mills p r o gram offers needy persons past 65 free health benefits even if not on relief. But these have nothing to do with previous employment under Social Security, and each state sets its own rules. This program is to be expanded after this year, chiefly to .nclude needy children und e r 21 and their parents. (More about that in a later article.) To draw cash benefits, credit for a certain amount of work under Social Security is r e - quired. Social Security credits are called "quarters of coverage." A quarter is any three-month period beginning Jan. 1, April 1, July 1 or Oct. 1. Ordinarily, a worker who is paid at least $50 in such a period gets credit for one quarter of coverage. If you work for yourself you get credit for a full four quarters a year provided your net earnings are at least $400 Otherwise, no credit. Self-employment has b e en covered by Social Security since Jan. 1, 1951; most other work, since Jan. 1, 1937. Once you add up 40 quarters of coverage — equal to 10 years of work under Social Security — you are "fully i n - sured." With minor exceptions, To Get Medicare The table below shows how many "quarters of coverage" are needed to qualify for Medicare benefits (chiefly hospital and nursing-home care) under Social Security. Ytcr Of Birth 1902 or earlier 1903 ..... 1904 1905 .. 1906 1907 19ft 1909 or lattr Quarters Nce<J«d Men— Women ... 0 0 6 6 9 9 12 12 15 15 IS 1C 21 19 • ••• Some QS* for retirement benefits Del Grosso two. split his group in Gunnery Sgt. Daniel H. Miller of Reading, Pa., went down toward the rocky coast to check for caches in caves while the rest of the element searched tangled jungle along the step slopes. Miller, part American Indian and veteran of both World War II and Korea, moved cautiously, examining trails to see how long •go branches had been cut and picking up odd clues left by earlier visitors, for examination by Intelligence experts at Da Nang. The day's search turned up no Viet Cong but unearthed a con. cealed. Communist traiKup one " Bide of the mountain mass. One Marine was evacuated by helicopter after he was attacked by a sWarm of bees. A second'deep- ly slashed his leg while cutting through the undergrowth with a machete. Collins Is convinced the tactic will help in the future. In part it plays the Viet Cong's own game — striking- swiftly and unexpectedly and pulling out before the i enemy can mass large forces for • 'counterattack. this guarantees you will get some monthly benefit when you retire Or if you should die, your eligible survivors (widow, children, dependent p a r - ents) will receive month 1 y checks;. Men born after 1925 and women after 1928 need 40 quarters to be "fully insured." For older workers, the requirement is lower. The minimum is six quarters — for men born before 1893 and women born before 1896. A new provision applies specifically to retirees and widows 72 or older. They may qualify for benefits with . as few as three quarters of coverage. For disability benefits, the rules again differ. Generally, a person who is so disabled he can't work may draw such benefits provided the disability is expected to last at least 12 months (or to result in death) and he has Social Security credit for at least five years of work during the 10 years preceding disability. For some persons blind e d before age 31, as little as a year and a half of Social Security credits may now be enough to make them eligible. Where there are young children, survivors' benefits are payable if a worker was "currently Insured" even though not "fully insured" when he died. To be currently insured a worker must have had six quarters of coverage — iVa years — during the three years preceding death. If some of this leaves you a bit bewildered, don't worry. We'll detail each benefit as we go along, so you'll know e x- actly what you're entitled to and when. 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