The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on January 4, 1934 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1934
Page 6
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THE MALVERN LEADfiR, MALVfek^ fOWA, MfrUAftt 4,|j§< HASTINGS Fred Lookabill Car and Garage Burns ii Sunday m o r n i n R nhnnt 2 o'clock as" tho Vand<?rT>ool boy? were retnrriins from n coon litint they discovered fire in Frr-d Lo»k- abfll's paraee. They rniisfnl Mr.'I'd Lookabill quickly but it w,i« too ' n^ latp to snve It and Mr. L'>r-ka-; w •'' bill's fVevrolot car which wax in- ily side. !• ;•» some'liinc of a mys-'" 1 ! tery a* to hn-n- the car caught *>'••' fire hut it i? supposed it rr'sn! The CWA workers under dtrec-j j tfon of W. fe. FtrreeTl were mat- j j ing some needed repairs to the f I town hall Monday. 1 Bruce Wallahan went to Cotin! rll Bluffs Sunday and visited over the New Year festivities with Smashed in Collision! Council Blnffs friends. He says , | they gave the Xew Year a warm Pp.turi1.iy >-'vc>nin£ as Hfrs. Moi-, wrleomo. • Hrown was icavlne the N". J. I Mrs. Brown's Car h with HIP result that her car i pr.i<-; irally rniiifl. She luck-' •srap-'ii and neither of the oc- j inN r>f ;h? ','Thfr rar were Be-; -iy hiiri find the other car ' RANDOLPH Guests See Leader * Empress New Yea? SHow iot Randolph Man Gets Icy Bath in Well oil Saturday Chalmers Johnson, plumber and pomp repair man, had rather an exciting few minutes Saturday morning while repairing a pomp on the Ed Blezek farm southwest (Continued from page I) , wit'i H'tle Injury. It wa? ? " lhpr Bs noted the snr- from :i short . Thr car ap- :!riv, n liy .1 c"»i i,' of men from, rri?e of the doorman at the thea- parenth* all i icht wh'-n they r>" Colorado It in the garaee about 10 o'clock ; fri-'-nii* Saturday nieht. The t:ir and ear-' n "?,-k. asre «<-rB n roll'slilf-t-"- !o« ;^!ui •»•?• under. 5 Iand >))"!•<•• wri* i;o ir!>!!r- who were visiting' (f>r - whipped a htisp «pad from torn of the well Hastincs the past I behind his hack and laughed : heartily at the joke. A board hat) been placed across the well for a staging. While at work on the pomp the board broke and board and Chalmer dropped about 10 feet to the bot- Between three arid four bu- The three feet of Water eased the phock of the fall but grave at was Rone. Wire Found £ttri«d twefre Inche* m Urge fetfri Tree A lar K6 elm tree tfctt has for many years on Hhe parkin west of the Mary L. Johnston home *as fellea and sawed B for fuel recently; The lower en of the tree was too large to saw A powder blast disclosed a rotte< heart up to a distance of IS fe or more. Half way np a piece o~ •wire clothes line was found en circling the heart. Staples and wire line were in Rood condition but the entire heart of the tree ' the Raton's tfrnrt Wftnftw* tittup* et f<rtr jMMMfMt J»i*. fceifcpte»'s parents, Mfv an* -were prew&fitt. A t*s*« SS«*f Mrs. BE. W. Parlcfnisoti, of Tatar. Ret. «M Mrs, tKjttgfta tehl at Cnrtstmas Rtrests Mr. and Mrs. i was serted cafeterta As for the Leagtis wffft laffeK Cttttow of Saenandoah T. M. Brazelton Home from Hospital T. M. lirarK-torv wa« able ho.«pif:il three C. W. Kelley Restaurant Moved to East Side \ were presented to the — I welfare hcwrd to he given to r. \V. K^Hey hai leafed the ; needy families this winter. All of i hnildine fir^t door south of Dr. i the children, knowing that the! t I Chrifty's nff(<•*• and moved their { potatoes would be used for this j •°; r.-?taurant into it the past week. | purpose, responded epnerously by I Th»y havp it repainted and j brlneinK the best potatoes they 1 The repair work in the afternoon. The menfolk of the Methodist 3 the timber ""* . . -.-._ » g ' ---• ...... ,. , •-. t -i* , t, i i. V4 C« I 1 •-« • I,'J 4 I | t | (I S II l™™?:?*J.*"* T *l d ™*<''* - 1 " *** 'n«««o«- »ntil it could find. .hr,e „.,*., stay followlne an op-1 m ., k ,, a ver , aUractive p,acV for j Gue^ ,ncl««! prallon. H,- , f new ronraiwnn* thHr buMness. vfars old or vo ;; " ! ^ ; 0 ;- h .T%To i*" i"!; ! Thp riitw brothers havp *™* M «- ««*»« - uu« ana hovvs s.,,.,1 10 be a- wvll • Uie bu i!din R they werp in and are Thf> show was i j to last for some time in heating ' the church. Members of the La!T!±1 ™'L<!^ >* ™ AM had =y to ^e^ younger In addition i, hp church dln(ns n« ever. | remodeling it and may move It Dr. Waldo Grouse i Locates in Creston j to the country later on. Waldo Crou?°. son of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Crou.-e> south of town, received word from DCS Moines last week that he had the statp Chiropractic examination with an average of 94 per cent, and Is now a full fledged Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Orouse has been spending his Christmas vacation with his parents and left Wednesday of this week for Creston where he will opnn an office Hubbell-Baldozier Word was received here last T5 adults attended. The show was formerly a feature provided thf children of the county by the editor of The Leader alone. It was discontinued last year because of the unusual tn!?lnc=s conditions and he was able to apaln sponsor It this year room a most bounteous dinner. After the men- folk had dined and returned to work and the tables were cleared away, the ladies worked at qullt- inc and visiting. At the wood chopping bee Ed Hetzeli was quite painfully in- soou and there. begin his r>racticlng • Mrs. James Clark was an Omaha visitor Wednesday. !Mr«. Cecil Woods, Mrs. Wm. CJark, and Mr. and Mrs. Cheltnar McClaln autoed to Omaha Tuesday. Master Olen Dent of Gienwood visited the past week with Loren N'esbitt. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Shepard and daughters, Kowena and Mar- ,,,,, l - ,,, af . a ,u f ,,u llf v, , t i,,,» year „...,. „_ .,. . that Miss Mildred Hubbell | with the cooperation of L. Z. I J ?,T! • J?* d » of Imocf ne, formerly of Hastings,) Henry, the manager of the Em- was united in marriage Dec. 23 | press. to t'lark Baldozier of Strahan. We! extend congratulations and good wishes. Tillic and George Mings left last week for Missouri where they will visit friends and do sorno trapping until about the middle of January, Jack Xlday was a Ked Oak visitor Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kepple and daughter, Hetty, and Geo. Stockstell were dinner guests Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lane Morse. The show "Little Orphan Annie." was based on the life of the heroine of the well-known comic strip of that name. The famed juvenile. Mitzl Green, gave one of the best performances of her career in the play and was supported by an unusually good cast and direction. The growth and development of the character, from • W ° ,-. !<»«» tt>UCk " "• hacked up to unload. Stooping to move a fallen chunk a huge block of wood fell from the load strik- ine him on the side of his head Inflicting a very painful bruise and cut. Had the blow struck fairly death would have been instantaneous. Mr. Hetzel was confined to his bed a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Brannlan are spending the holidays in Minneapolis, Minn., guests of their toonlst. Harold Gray, Is an In teresting story. Annie made her debut wlthou special fanfare and proved an In stantaneous success. Gray ac- '-j daughters, Miss Edith Brnnnian, who have employment In Minneapolis and Lloyd Warren and Harold j counted the immediate popularity O'Del! of Coming visited friends In town Sunday. George Resh and Robert Blunt and Misses Evelyn and Nedra Crawford were dinner guests in garet, and Miss Ethelyn Crawford ,,.Thnm* 7 A » S? g IB were in Omaha Thursday. "» *»« £ \^^ •» "•«Miss Maxlne Dawson and brothers, Jim and Joe, of ttiTerton, * visited Friday with their grandmother, Mrs. W. D. Llnthlcum. Mrs. Cecil Woods, Thelma Crawford, and Blanche Woods w$re in Malveru Thursday. Oeorge and Crystal Hesh and Evelyn Crawford were in Mal- rern Saturday evening, Several people from this vicinity attended the funeral services of Mrs. Frank Shook at Emerson Saturday afternoon. W. E. Fahnestoek of Scribner, was in town several times last week on business. Mrs, Ada Regenour who has been visiting her parents, Mr, and Mrs. O. T. Carlson, the past week returned home Tuesday. Mr. ,and Mrs. Chelinar McClain who have been working here the past few weeks returned to Illinois Friday to visit relatives. Keith Shaw and Warren Crawford were in Emerson Wednesday. Will Young and daughter, Irene, and Roy Crawford autoed to Gienwood Wednesday. Walt Hubbell of Imogene was a visitor in town Thursday. mouth, N'ebr. Sunday. Harry Patterson of Shenandoah and Miss Millie Gale were dinner guests Sunday In the R. F. Crowford home. Wm. Mings and family visited Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs, Wm. Waterworth. Mrs. James Clark and grandson, Bud Clark, visited her sister, Mrs. Hutchinson, in Corning a few days last week. Rev. and Mrs. G. S, Nichols, Darrel and Helen, Max Barley, and Miss Jean McNutt of Audu- to the uniqueness of his cartoon "I offered Annie as a tiny mite without mother or father. This was decidedly an innovation In comic strips. In fact, It wasn't a comic strip. It was an adventurous story told in cartoons. But it seemed to be popular." Conntry-Wlde Fame The "Little Orphan Annie' cartoon strip la now a dally feature in scores of big newspapers In the United States and Canada. Artist Gray sometimes encountered trials and perplexities with his brain child. Readers lauded and criticized. Why didn't he change Annie's attire once in a while; why didn't he give her eyes pupils; why did he depict Daddy Warbucka as a pauper — , ~ -••••»• »4 — »• -•—- ~ »•»-"" ttia t* |Jtj LI ij(*(- « bon were callers at the Cliff Par- such questions filled the fans' ker home Tuesday evening. Herman Schurr and family visited in the H. Gittens home east of Oakland Sunday. Joe Dawson of Rlverton visit<!d Marvin Pontow Friday. Johnny Schorr of Malvern ia visiting a few days this week in the. H. E. Clark home. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shook of Malvern visited Sunday In the home of their daughter, Mrs. Ted Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clark of White Cloud visited Mrs. Wm Clark Thursday. Doris and Donald Williams vis- . . ... vw „ n J. 4,1 UI Slltiy, ti J a , ™~T.wr Mr. and Mrs. D. D Fellows en- i a W days last weel * J» the tertained a number of their! <£ m t ° l Mr ' and Mrs - Timson friends at a party Saturday eve- £„ nine. The evening was spent play- „ 7, e ", ,', Atlams ing cards. At a !„.„ .,„,„ '.,„,, ' vlsite <l Wendell ing cards. At a late hour deli- I sUe , d clous refreshments were served, f "if, y ' of Malvern Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Carsou and family, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Rea of Essex visited Sunday In the A. H,' Crawford home. S ee Me For Subscription for Malvern Leader, I year $2 Saturday Evening Post. 1 year $2 Ladies' Home Journal, } year $1 Country Gentle* man, 3 years __ $} 0. E, EACRETT Mrs, Fred Martin gave a New Year's party Thursday afternoon for her music pupils. Those pres- ont were Ruth Gene Gittens, Keith Blunt, Dorothy Trimmer Hetty Huroff, and Esther Kidwell, Mr. und Mrs. Frank Wallace of Ulcmwoud drove out to the Joe Weariu home Sunday evening for a short visit and later 'visited in the Fred Martin home. The Hastings ladies will have a community party Wednesday aftbruoon, Juu. 10, at 2 o'clock at the church. The committee in charge of the party is Mrs. George Schurr, Mrs. Ualzell, Mrs. Mitchell, Mre. Re-sh, Mrs. Young, and Mrs. Uroeuwalt. A program is being arranged ami roll call will bo aimwerycl with a Now Year's resolution, The ladies are requested to bring their kltcheu calendars and there will jtlso b e u kitclum shower for tho church. Mr. and Mrtt. Clifford Alstrope uud two children .of Omaha vis- Uud Monday in tku j oe Wearln homo northwest of town. mail to him at the Chicago Tribune syndicate. In reply, Gray contended that the public wants novelty. It ia wearied by the monotonous run of trite jokes. In his comic strip, he injects romance, -suspense, thrills and danger along with freshness and originality, he asserts. Crashes the Ittulio NOTICE! Avoid i«Utcd Paralleling the success of "Little Orphan Annie" the comic strip, la that of the radio broadcasts. Back in December, 1930, the first etherized exploit of the red-headed girl was unostentatiously given on Station WON, Chicago. Her radio adventures proved as fascinating and thrilling as her newspaper series, and four months later the program became a nightly feature over a National Broadcasting company network of 24 stations, emanating from WON. In time the radio series acquired an audience of 6,000,000 boys and girls. Religiously, thousands of listeners-ln follow Annie's adventures every night Par- entB have written letters to the network, recounting tales of extended trips. Jn order that their youngsters might be near a radio at broadcast time. Real Estate Transfers Record of instruments filed in the offices of (be Recorder and Clerk of District Court of Mills county, Iowa, from Dec. 8, 1833 ' at Ft. Snelling. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Grant at Christmas time included Mrs. Grant's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. T, Jack, of Jefferson, Mr. and Mrs. George Dunlap and daughter. Beverly Ann, Ellen and son, Jack. Mrs. Ed Freeman of King City, Mo., and Mrs. George Burnett of Keyesvllle, Mo., are spending the Christmas week with their aged father, David Gee, and their brothers, Charles and Willis Neither of the girls knew the other was to be at home as plans for the homecoming were hastily made by both. The surprise added to the pleasure of the visit. A group of neighbors of Mr. Mr. and Mr*. Paul Fichter's guests included Mr*. Mary Flch ter. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Kilpat rlefc and sons, and Mr. and Mrs Holland Tritely and daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hatfield Mrs. Mary Brown, and Frances Ruth Grepne spent Sunday In Craig, Mo., guests of Mr. and Mrs Roy Tabler. Mrs. Mnry E. Cnmpbell had as Christmas guests Mr. and Mrs Will Thomas and *on. Everett, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fan- blon of Anderson. Mrs. Annie McDIll of Lincoln. Nebr. and Miss Edith Milton of Chadron, Nebr.. were among the Christmas dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Trlrely who this year served the Hilton Christmas dinner. There were many Christmas day family dinners that were reported too late for last week's edition of The Leader as all correspondence must leave Randolph Monday morning at 8 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Atkinson served the Christmas dinner for the family of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bliss. Mr, and Mrs. E. J. Armstrong's Christmas dinner guests included Mrs. Armstrong's mother, Mrs. Kate Krlppendorf, of Walt Hill, Nebr.; Mr. and Mrs. Chns. Costanro, Mr. and Mrs. Vlr- gll Miller. Mrs. Fern Roberts, Mrs. Evalee McCullough, Mrs. Vlma Alexander, Miss Glenn Krippendorf, all of Omaha, and Sam Werthelmer of Lincoln. N Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hetzel entertained Mr. and Mrs. Phllo Jamison and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Livington and children, Edo, Jeanne, and David, and Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Hodson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Snyder'a guests included their daughters, Opal and Marie, of Omaha, Ray Rutt, Howard Snyder, and Miss and Claresc* aefcoracttel and fam- t9tates owt> Rft88f * ottt * tt * fly of Hsncoc*. Gtittrts at the Mary L. Johnston fcome Included Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Attrtek and son, Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. Roy N. Atntc*. Mrs. Max firyaat aad cntldren. atl of Council Blnffs. and Mr. and Mrs. Melvln Ellis and son of tekamaft, Neor. Mrs. Elmer Amick f» a daughter of Mrs. Jotinston. The others of the party were grand- Krandehfldren. ftn **oiw6t"ir6i*» ft as an English. writer pats tt, "a pleasant place, where England and France Invite tne cttlfdrefl t* tea." Cost to Canada—$312,000 ft year. — Montreal Star. If the women are ns strong for disarmament as sotne of thefia say they ate. why don't they lake oft tnelr war-paint? — EvanstiHe, 111., Courier. COUNTY BOARD OFFICE OF THE COUNTS' AUDITOR Mills Coanty, Glen wood, Iowa, December 18, . On this the 18th day of December, 1983, the Board of Snpftf- risers met pursuant to adjournment of December 5th. *Jth all members present and actihft. The minutes of the meeting of December 5th were read and approved. The following claims Were allowed t Ira Arch, court reporter — Court Expense Fund _ _. •„_$ Whitney W. Gillllland, farm foreclosure fees — County Fund Maxlne Hamilton, transportation — Poor Fund --....--^-^ Otto Judkins, Co. Trees., Jttrors' cettlflcates— Court Expense Fund _._^__^__ i .^ ---- ^ .J.J...W. ________ ___ C. P. Kinney. Del. tax collector— County FnBd _ ___ •- ____ N. C. Reasoner, district court bailiff— Court Expense Fund n. W. Rhoades. p. M., postage Co. Engr.-— Construction Burroughs Adding Machine Co., maintenance contract- County Fund 110.70 40.64 8.60 77.80 9.64 22.00 6.02 44.65 1.60 3.00 6.60 3.00 3.00 8.96 2.23 38.00 7.73 Emerson Mutual Telephone Co., services—County Fund Frye Manufacturing Co., office supplies—County Fund __ J. F. Greene Jr.. clerk, commissioners fees—State Insane J. M. Donelan. commlssloers fees— State Insane Fund _ N. S. Genung, commissioners fees—State Insane Fund _^_ 8. V. Cooney, officers fee*—State Insane Fund __-_*. Hammond ft Stephens Co., office supplies—County Fund ~ Amy Hammers, mileage—County Fund _. . „ Omaha School Supply Co., office supplies—County Fund . ,.,o Perkins Bros., office supplies—County Fund - .„«. „** *, 61.07 Peoples Natural Gas Co., services court house and Jail- County ^»_^^»^,_. 2lon Office Supply, office supplles^-Counfy ~Fnnd"II~III C. W. Davles, rent old ladies home—Poor Fund ^._ Fullerton Lumber Co,, provisions—Poor Fund * ,.«„ Leo Glllflllan, provisions—Poor Fund l._.^ 24.28 C. F. Hines, provisions—Poor Fund „ _. " • W. D. Kinney, fuel—Poor Fund I~ Carl Nelson, provisions old ladles home—Poor Fund Albert Nelson, fuel—Poor Fund Stroddard Adams, repairs—Maintenance Fund I.I J. P. Achenbach. gasoline—Maintenance Fund 84.70 4.96 20.00 t.30 Allis Chalmers Mfg. Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund it. J. Allen, repairs—Maintenance Fund „ 3oyer Hardware, repairs—Maintenance Fund 10 601. M. Bacon, repairs—Maintenance Fund 7 90 9,18 1.60 2,70 1.60 1.00 4.83 26.26 1,00 Carl Buch. repairs—Maintenance Fund .._-". " 10*60 ,oppage Oil Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund 62 30 lanlel Hardware, repairs—Maintenance Fund 9.10 Jerby Oil Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund ,_ 63 91 ^ullerton Lumber Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund 20.31 1. E. Good, supplies—Maintenance Fund .. 4 70 J. C. Goss, supplies—Maintenance Fund ._H 3.15 learhart Lumber Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund _ _ 61 79 Gienwood Lumber ft Coal Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund ' 6.80 Greenwood Lumber Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund ' 17.78 Alfred Hall, repairs—Maintenance Fund _i_ »« 96 V. H. Harbor Estate, supplies—Maintenance Fund " " layes Hardware, supplies—Maintenance Fund 4.68 3.30 mnce & Nelson, supplies—Maintenance Fund 222.06 n . Melcholrs ft Son, repairs—Maintenance Fund 6 40 .lens' Reformatory, supplies—Maintenance Fund 7,63 Mr. and Mrs, Will Thomas, Mr.' and Mrs" Roy Coy, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hall, and the host and hostess. This same group of neighbors held just such jolly gatherings each week during the winter of 1933 Francis Bliss of Shenandoah who has been a house guest of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Bliss the past week, returned home Saturday, * r '» nd Mrs. V, A. Summers of Malvern were business callers Saturday at the home of Mary L. Johnston, t, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Martin were the for Christmas day, bringing their dinner supplies with them. Mr. and Mrs. James Davis served Christmas dinner for the Hiram Penn family. Mlfis Helen Garrett of Tabor and Mr. and Mrs, Lester Goodner and daughter, Bve- lyn. Little Miss Evelyn entertained with songs and readings. Mrs. Allen Paradise and daughter, MarcelUne Neiman of Shenandoah, Mr, and Mrs. Rex Martin and daughter of'Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence In man and sons were guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs, Dan Hayes. Mrs, Jennie Roods' guests In* guests of Mr and Mr= TO n t ' ><e « nie «°oa8' guests in* of Council Bluffs PflCe ° lU ^ Mr ' Bn(l Mrs ' ™«tt D >»» U ** V4 * ***UI4S. » atlri anna an** T«U« fir mi*... and sons and John W, PJltB. _______ IcCord Hardware, supplies — Maintenance Fund .. £ ly Co " 1 <» nbe ' v 7 MllJpteniince F «»d —A- Co., repalr.-tMalntwianw Fund ,.^, __ n. Omaha — • «. * *» • " r i--^-"-"- — ^^fw^ww^rffm^^^-^f^fi »- «iM\4. «*f*4MW*»«lftWt Omaha Steel Work*, snppllw-rlJatntenapce Fund .,,J~ZZ T'.P 1 P «v U P 8 ' BU PP»«—Malntenance Fund .; ;.,',! ,- *,*»,-* Arthur Phelps, supplles^-Malntenance Fund „.„"« llfr^S R. K. Piper, supplies—Maintenance Fund • s SB 'I Smith Machine Shop, repairs—Maintenance Fund - " -" 4*86'-' : Sinclair Refining Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund „ 64*96 Sldles-Duda Myers Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund . 24*72 Thorson Chevrolet Garage, supplies—Maintenance Fund „ l.*26 J. C. Wilklns, repairs—Maintenance Fund ,._,. _ G 05 D. D. Wheeler, repairs—Maintenance Fund - I s'ta * Geo. W. Wilson, supplies—Maintenance Fund _„„ II'QK Koch Brothers, supplies Co. Engr,-—Construction Fund " lo'oS Wheeler Lumber Bridge Co., culverts—Construction Fund 1,374*46 Fullerton Lumber. Co., sand and cement—Pony Creek Fund 8*70 Ina G. Gearbart, error in assessment—Refund ,,__ I'ge Ed Allen, damage by dogs—D. Animal Fund (Claimed ' 17.00) Allowed ,_>_ ,„,_.„ _„„__.. - 5 00 Lisle Kempton, damage, by dogs—D. Animal Fund—Not Allowed -«_..,. _ so nn f »»__,„...,, J . J mv^-^fv — mf^tf ~**-***--*-"*-,^ UV.MV ,,_.,,„,. ,.__„„„.. „ A. M. Maxwell, damage by dog»— D. Animal "Fund— Not Allowed 1 „_-._____,.,.__ _„«. „ Park McManlgal, damage by dogs — D. "Animal" "Fund me<J 26,00 „ . -„.,..- - , , Allowed — ~- —,-^_,Jjr™J_I"r 30.00 Jud Wilkinson, damage by dog*—P. Animal—Not Allowed 60 00 The application of A." E. Engle for extension of time of pay. ment of School Fund Note was approved. * «K« T »ere bejng no further business to come before the Board at this time they now adjourn to meet on December 88, 1938, Attestj-r-B. A, SCHADE, ApprQvediww, g. AOAN, » Chairman Board of SuBerviaora. ' County Auditor, , 8 a. m., to pec. jg, 1933, 8 a. m. at (Three deeds filed but not of record, C!eo. Shettorjy to H. . Kaywood, Franklin Life Ins, to, to Ernest Palmer, Dir. of Ins., Geo. Scburr to Mills Co. HUlK. & Loan A»»n.). D. W. Bates, Hec. Iq wa St. Sav »k. to Auita Curlson, (Re c . Deed) $30t>. I«ot s B, 6, 7, Blk I, Ura.udview AUd. MjUvorn Sheriff tu EquHttble Lite Ins. Go, <Bhf. DweU) 118,887.88. NW% J. W. Curtwr et »U ta Mtiry Oulvwr Suwyer* (W. II.) JU.OOO. 86 H aofw. et ul m w«, Good Pfinting Good Printing is the art

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