The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 30, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1894
Page 9
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"A Trip Around the World," or Tennyson's Poems, all elegantly bound, «nd a souvenir fit tograce your parlor or library can be secured We Solicit Your Inspec Of the Famous Cl -AND- Merchant Tailoring House TOE CHAIBBUH Officers of the Transmississippi Congress Silver Men. £ IOKBLS ON DUE FINANCIAL LAWS. •n Article Advocating One H»r- monlou* Plun For Our Currency mad Banking Sy/itmn—IVommt Lam Failed to Meet Somo Km«rgeiicy—Silver H*B FouunUtlnff» I*l»o of Action. ST. Louis, Nor. 38,—The developments , «f the second day's session of the trans- inississippi congress have not been'with- out interest for the advocates of tbe free coinage of silver, who have been anxious to secure definite expression from the f'^congress in fdvpr of .the white metal. I iNot alone have the minor features, such ' s» warm applause when free coinage i ' was mentioned, been encouraging, bnt •the organization of the convention with ••- -Congressman W, J. Bryan of Nebraska ' w chairman and E, A, Marshall of Texas as secretary has been highly delight, Ing. Nevertheless,' there is no certainty , tee matter will go beyond this. In the i convention there is a strong element in favor of national free coinage only, and another opposed to any expression whatever upon the subject by tho congress. Whether the bimetallism will be strong •nough to overcome both these elements ; cannot be told. Yet there is certainty ', that the main struggle will be upon this portion of the resolutions committee's re; port and the battle will not be of brief duration. New OerlM of It«iol ntloni, > At the opening ot the afternoon session, which was delayed until nearly • • {O'clock, there being nothing before the convention having special precedence, Congressman-elect J. 8, Shafroth of Col* orado was invited to address the dole- gates upon the silver question, At tbe close of Mr. Slmfroth's rumarka a new series of resolutions were introduced and referred to the committee on resolutions Without debate. Among them were these: From the Seattle chamber ot com- weree opposing tb* adoption by tbft con- jjresaof any resolution demanding tbe free coinage of silver; favoring' tb« s*r!y .oouitruotiou of the Nicaragua canal) opposing the sooalted 01«wy plan with regard to the Pacific railroad debts and favoring the foreclosure of-the government mortgage with the restoration to the people of tne granted lands; favoring the taking away from congress tne coin- •ge. power and its return to the people Wader tbe system of iaitiutum and referendum) favoring the withdrawal of •11 existing circulating medium* «mJ (ho Wbstitutieu therefor of *n issue of full l«g«l leader treasury notes to the extent of |3y iwr oupiUi favoring tbe creation Of cabinet office to be known w the do- J>ajftmeutot trade »ud commerce, »nd i others of a minor ohuraofcr. Tbt boar of t o'clock having arrlvod, lb« sped*! order took precedence «w4 the djtottttiou of the "ftemonetixHtiou of Silver'* w >s opened by CJovuruor JPrluos ot N«W Muxioo. At the oouolwilon of GovwttjwPrlBQd'i remark* t»»4 tbs bwrty 4)pnl*uso following them, the congress ArWtljl ibm **ui*u1 *>Vftll|pif yflOflflB. / upon re«issewbUi»g tbe ^w^,,- -„-« tbo ''Jfcwouetfastton of 8iJvw"wus resumed. Colonel George to BJ-ewat the view* ot *ba oau80»va,«vtt9 «PQU tbe silver queatlou. lie declared feiltyifettbwt axUtiug depression. w*t primarily 4»« to tbo uuubing of prodtjo. lion, to, extruwo limits without due re,.1 to the fuollUy of distribution »ftd apity to consume. He belonged be I to tbasa wbo believe tUftS w» W» WgO at eUvttr ajfc 1$ to 1 **> ft <#rj»j» rftvatlonolexlsUuglUaoud dep.r«a«» r « -*-» *I tea tne use of artificial props to advance the interests of anything. The whole question was one of commercial utility and upon that utility, coupled with tbe supply, was fixed the ratio between the money metals. Still, silver will always have and always should have a large place in tbe financial system. Scarcely bad Colonel Leighton con- 1 eluded than the audience ovidanced that ' it bad been waiting for the nest speaker, { Congressman Bryan, who was received , with an outburst of applause, and which was not stilled for some moments. After expressing his inability to cover the sub- 1 ject in the brief time allotted him, Con- 1 gressman Bryan proceeded to quote | Jumes G. Elaine, Sectetaty Gavlisle and othe prominent statesmen as declaring that tbe demonetization ot silver was a crime against the people, in that it destroyed from three-eighths to one-half of the existing medium of exchange and de- preciatvd the twlimce to the benefit of him who bud a fixed income in money. The man who preached ft goM standard turned back to tbe history of 0,000 years ago. Coining to the question of bank!) of issue, he denounced them as • unsafe and unreliable frou^tue very innate sol- fisbueas ot man. _ TO UNITE ALL SILVER MEN. Ii«»der* From All thu Purlin* Meet to Uo- »l»o a Plan "f Action, ST. Louia, Nov. itt.— Gsueral A; J.j Warner of Ohio presided over a meotlnir I of the executive committee of the Bimetallic Leagne, which wa* held behincl closed (loot's Tuesday. Hon. John Daviuo ot Nebvuska acted as secretary. The cotiference was itlso attondnd by a large number of silver inon who were brought It will last two duya and Jiccordmg to one of toe members of (lie committee* is expected to outline ttw poHoy of the silver factions of tbe Ropublican and Dum- oiu-atio parties and the silver jwlicy of Populist pavty for the uoxt two years. This is thought to be n preliminary meeting uuilttU to oulliuo thu wurk of u fou- vontiou that willl Ue hold noiuotiuie later in tlw winter to form n silver party \>y alwuvWug eftVlvoly UIB Populist party ttiiil drawing from tlm two oldest parties tholr free silver ad ••ouate*. (jJeneml Warnti-, iu Uw opening speecu, miiiounoed that the ounl'erauce woulii tiluwu Iwforo the friends of silver a |>lai) to pnnne iu this country to obtain the free coinage of silver by the United States •tad unite tto «Uv«r men ot every party. Governor Wake ot Colorado, 0. 8. Col- tins of Little Book, Judge Miller of Chi. caga, Hou, W. J. Bcyau of Mtbtaakn, Bon. Richard P. Bland of Missouri and J, 0. Bibley of Pennsylvania also made speeches aloug the auiue Uaa. Betore adjourning until Wednesday morning, the following were appointed n committee to devue a plan of action, embodying the view* of the ineakernt Oenentl A. J. Wamevot Ohio, ohairuian-, J, 8. Slbloy of Pennsylvania, Mr. Thompson of California, Judge Henry W. Miller of Obi- cago ami Judge 0, 0. Cole ot MS* Uoines, Iowa. ...... ECKELS ON FINANCIAL LAWS, Wrlttt an ArdvU KuWtoil "An «u»uM.I CuuiiUluu of l'n>»i>»rivy, M NBWVOUK, Nov. 8X.-IH »tt article eutHM "An Essential Couditlou of Prosperity" wutrlbgitwl to tU« Dao«u»- ber tiumber o!>tue North Amerluuu Ru- view, the Hon. Jumtw 0. Bukeln, comptroller of tUu eurreuoy, commoaU tlwt tLere van be no hope of uudlaturbad unti fluanotal proaparrty to «U olaisos of Amuriouu people until the whole our- muoy And bunking systems of tho uouu- try i* fwmuUUa into one kaYuwutow pluu In wliioU ottoh |)«rt sliall bu absolutely uinuul m prluuiplo aud the utu- hodiuiout of u moiwtwy nuioaoe. Avuuvl- can nnunclul Jeglulutiou has been of Uie maul pBrwVcious oburaoter oud bad lugia- lutloj) iu the Wt'lJ of lluuuce iuu«t alvrayi exert it deatruotlve iuniieuoo ou business, statute book affecting our currency system which has not been placed there simply to meet some emergency that confronted the country at tbe time • in the belief that a difficulty might be bridged over. He cites as an example of emergency measures tbe greenback. The greenback measure fostered a sentiment tot fiat money in which he includes silver free coinage. Tbe national bank cur< rency measure was also an expedient tc provide .a market for tbe government bonds. It was valuable as affording a perfectly solid currency, but not sufficiently elastic. Tbe Bland act and tbe Sherman silver act are reviewed as mis-> chievoua measures of temporary ex> pedienoy. The currency system of the country resulting from the constant passage of experimental laws has became so confused and unsound that Mr. Eckels wonders, not that we have suffered so much financial disaster during the years of its construction, but that we have little. "It is not at all surprising," says ho, "that each morning the first inquiry that addresses itself to the business man of the country, anxious to satisfy himself i as to business conditions, is: 'Have) f 1,0<W of gold come into the treasury, or | have |l,OuO of gold gone out of tbe treas., my?' No one can overestimate the' detrimental influence upon tbe country's j prosperity which such an uncertainty breeds. It is an uncertainty which calls { a halt upon every new undertaking and i blocks every avenue of trade in which a. busy people are engaged." j Daring Kobbvry. j BIKER CITY, Or., Nov. MS.—A daring i robbery was committed htire, BIX ineu, btavily armed with rifles, shotguns and i revolvers and wearing masks entered the) Hotel Wuwlmuer. Employes aud by., glanders were placed under cover of the' anus, while two of the robbers relieved I tbe saloon bar till and a faro game ot' cash amounting to $1,1 flO, which tln.'y placed iu a sack and departed. Tho Bra 1 alarm was turned in by Uio officers u i few momonts. after the robbery, which 1 drew out u large number o£ people, but * tbe robbers were not to be seen, having; roaue good their escape. There U no clue whatever. Onlorad MM MIIHIn Mu»i»r*d Out.' SACIUMKNTO, Nov. &>.—An a result of •' thu findings ot tbe court of inquiry which investigated the actions of tho state militia during the recent strike trouble, Governor Markuanv ordered that company A of the Second infantry regiment and company O of (be Third infuutry, by mustered out of the service, • One of theao companies Is in San Francisco and tho* other in Sacramento, During the outbreak in this city, thu I men of both companies refused to ml- j vuucuupon tne striken wnen ordered to Uo so, crats. Tiie E-'puUicaus ussei-c over 2,OUO fraudulent votes were counted tip against tlwiu. FoKTSsitTii, A.rk., Nov. 28—Thur- mau Balding, ulias iSUoetev, oue of the quartette of Cook desperadoes brought up fzwn 'Vic.':i;;i Falls, was arraigned in tbo United States court, charged with complicity in tho ftod Fork train robbory imil p! guilty. A NOTABLE GATHERING. Trastsmississippt Congress In Session at St. Louis. TO DISCUSS WESTERN INTERESTS. Are Uepreient«tl»e HuilDeu Meo or thn Weil—Four llupilred Preieat •t Hie Opealnff Saiiloa—Object of the Meotluu I< ta rave the Way For tlon In the N»tla A Vouiij Muritorrr. i KAKBAS Cirv, Nov. 9c.-Frauk How- laud utrnuk bin blbtur's lovor, John i^«Uman, beoa,une tbu latter would not return » ring she had given him. Rowland l« now in jail charged with mur- j dor, Bellman having died from the effwitx > ot tho blow. The dead boy to but W! yuuw o!4 aud tho uinnlurur 17, j UuiuUu of it Nullmml KUupntor. PASADISNA, Cul., Nov. 'in.— Mr. E»r« ', 8, CHIT, t'oviuurly «tutu «u|itiriiiteii(.iuut' of public iustnuition of Oiiltfarniu, died at bis huuie l»«Vd ut tho ng» of <i« yeurs. Hu tmd u uutiouui reputation «« «u' wlnwitor dud \va« onou u lueuibor of thu ; bouvd ot voguuU pt the Wluoonsiu, \Ju\- vewlty, Will {UuutvK All Utu QtUtwr*. KAIU8A8 Ol'l'V, Nov. «*••—It U 4Q. uovuwoil that nil of tun Ktnml>)loau con- diii«Loa, both oity ttud county, will OQU- test the otticw wl}ioh Jiava 911 t«e f«oe of tlw I'otuvui Ueeu uerUfled. to tbs l?euiO' ST. Louis, Nov. UP,—The seventh annual meeting of the Transmissigsippi congress was called to order at entertain* meut hull, exposiVon building. The congress opened with prayer by Rev. Samuel Nioollus, D, D. Tiie address of welcome was made by President Boyd, oE the Merchants' exchange, Mayor Wallbridge on behalf of the city and Governor Stone on behalf of the state. Governor W. J. McConnell of Idaho responded on behalf of tbe congress. The special order for Tuesday Is tbe remonotizntion of silver. Th« opening address will ba made by Governor Bradford Prince, to be followed by George Leigtitou of St. Louis, Congressman Bryan of Nebraska and e»-Governor G, f, Anthony of Kansas. On Wednesday evening the "Nicaragua Canal, Its Political Relations and Commercial Importance" will bo dU- ousted by Professor Courtney de Kalb, of tho Rolla school of mines, University of Missouri, and Captain W, L Merry of Sun Francisco, followed by an address on Hawaii by Hugh Crag of California. U U expected Thursday, both day and evening, will be devoted to tbe entertainment by tbe cltieens of St. Louis, and that the business sflsalon will be resumed Friday morning aud final ad> journiwut be bad Friday evening. Tho Utah delegation held a moottnp; at .tbo Planters and orgauUoil with Shurt- Jeff as clittirmun and W. H. Culver ns seorotury. Among the iiuiru i>rommuut delegate whb are already hero urn Governor Wttlte of Colorado, ox-Governor Prtnoe of Now Mexico, Delngate-eleot Cannon of Utah and A. O, Fisko of Denver, president at tbo BmioUllUi Longna, Hou. Tliomas Patterson, editor of th» Dwiivtti- Rooky Mountain Navvs, whc wm «ip<'fit*d to make the iirlnoiiml speech ou the silver quostion, cannot bo present. A'telograui was received from Mr, Patterson sUtlng that ovvlug to thu serious illness of bis daughter ho could not be present, It Is oxpwU-d Oougrun- W. J. Uryuu of Nebraska wilt take Mr. Patteraoii's plnou. About 400 of tho 400 delegaton uro iu stUmJaueo, and Uiu utburs nro Arriving on ovtn.v liiuouiln;,' train. This is thu wont uut'ible vatboriug hwU in this city tho prosaut your. Daily Bilious a liuldi ooiuuieucliig witli tUo one uud ending ou Friday. U it thu first time this iiuywrtmu ori<uultutiou lifta yvor luot in thia city, ami for that reason, wuplou 1 with tbo Itimwlotlge that it Is coi»i>aauil ot th>j ivi>Kwnl<Hiv<i bust- UtWJ UU'H of tli9 ATtttt, tUo ^'Hlplo Of tit, Louis IMVO UosplttiWy provld nl for thsir imtortuiiuiu>ut, NUIIUTOIH loea) com- mitten's Uuvo been ut work (or soutu tiiuu t}ie couvouUon tin j loukitig to tho welfare of the deWu,te# uud overytUiug WM The basis of representation is 10 delegates from each western state or territory, to be appointed by the governor: one delega:e from each county, to be appointed by its commissioners or judges; one delegate from each city and an additional delegate for every 10,000 population, to be appointed by the mayor, with not more thau IU delegates from any one city; each commercial body or business organization may appoint three delegates and one additional delegate for each \OU members. The sessions are hold each year, just prior to the convening ot the national congress, the intention being to thoroughly discuss all matters In which the western states and territories are directly intonated and pave the way for legislation in the national congress. • ft As tbe delegates are supposed to directly represent tbo people, they will, ae business men who have the commercial welfare of the west at heart and who are in no way ftuictod by political influence or selfish motives, indicate to western congressmen what particular measures the western people are most directly cen- cornud. At the present session the chief subjects for discussion are: The re- mouetization of silver; irrigation of arid and other lands; the disposition of Indian and other lands; the Nicaragua canal; a national bankrupt law; the improvement ot western rivers and har- bors; antioption legislation; mining laws, and admission of territories to statehood. Now C*»r Will Itninlt Ti»K«t, ST. PuriaifiBURO, Nov. sti,- Ccar Nich- O)HH, on tho occasion of ills marriage to Princess Alix will issue u manifesto of official clemency remitting arrears of tasca and modifying sentences. The official messengers publisher a circular issued by liis majesty conveying his thanks to all classes for the sympathy manifested ou the death of tbe Czar Alexander. It's a Prize Winner Read what the World's Fair Judges said when granting the Highest Award to LORILLARD'S "A bright, sweet navy plug chewing tobacco, containing finest quality of Burley Leaf. Has a fine, rich flavor and excellent chewing quaUties.combiningaU points necessary to rate this product of the highest oroer of excellence in its class," Everybody who tries Cu« MAX PLUQ says it's the best For tale everywhere, YEAB DR. DOWNING ThU Skillful and Uolinblo SPECIALIST WILL VISIT CAREOLL, IOWA, . 0£6. 13, Burke's Hotel One da; ooly every month, Uonsuluitlon free. Ho Curwt \Vlifii Oiliors Fall. ALL CHRONIC D1SKASXS Diseases of M/iYtfS and STOMACH und LI VKR of DIHIEASSS of VOUIIR' nml ETC., JT3PO. Men from LOST MANHOOD. Nervous ot (lobillty, SiMuVmii Wr«kno««, r, . Ouollno or iliiuly I'oivcnj, Orstas. DISCHAHQIH »r l.(j«hos, VAniCOCELC. »•* .i) tlio iruiu of ovUD r«»uJTliiK tivsji Kxo*««04, CHROflO IN YOUTH, »U., «Uk, t>r>Htuolug (HUIO nf Cby following ucfocl*. (as Nenououi'es. Kmiolui.t, I'lmplc*, iilotOASS. P«bllUy. DUtlnoa, lioiocUveMumoiT, Ab>»««* ut Win i'owvr, Uonlunloo u( Itiuuv, Av«nlo»l» »ocluly, Soxutil KxtmiuUon. f nlo in lUo UMk, «lo-, bllKiillnir llio iiumt fadl«u( tooiion, rMilsf • dwlug m»ri-t»j(u ui'bit)>py »»U liutlueik k tsti- \IIB; nweeplDK Ihoiunndi lo»n uuUuiely grsvs, B O MATTf R WHO HAS FAILED- OilU.ull Ut* ootut. ti«ftM uuiroa tbounsud* wbo glvon up ir JftpMtr. A PtnritCT HCS TION OU»BANTEtO 0«u»ttRkUoar »» uounuoutlkl. Iti- a)« tiruUai Kdrouu MARRIAGE. Ttaona ooutvuipUUng mat* r:ain wua *ro «< oi |itiy«loal Jofuou or H'luob \vouli) rundor marrlsKU <t (US' u \vull 10 c»i; ou a*. ClfltKS, Dr. uownliitc IMU i w»int ov«r -i UkiD p4U»«U lim» durluH tun |i i»t )c«r mul bus txiiltuootl ftoui IcnJinn cllUon* wUobud («(leit to roliof Jruui utlwr |iliy<U*Un«, «M«vlAlu ;'Hi|ilUutM." HI IK-IU.UXIMI Ito f*t«» ta U)» J lowing welt km>»n otUtonti I). 1*. Uuuk.tllraUorU. Kmu- Ountd or unrvovu JcLIUlV «ud kuinej ttUettt jglia Iwium, l't>i*r*burii, lown- Ourtsd ot eatarrh, »t«- Unu 1). f. Uoniird, Oolwulu. luwii— UllM. 1. U4IM, U««uiivlll#. I ' r til . 0. W. Bwlgurl. t'liinniirhf, lunu H«v. 0. Stryolier, bunion. Nab. uu 01 <n<Uv|>»y. K>UK ; I.iH', !!<>"i l»'m. lnwu ut i-ttlH' tU Iu iv I. Itluiimn, Muijuoki'in, luv> • i uruil vtuaiivwr ot toil(|X* 8. itlif rlud, (lit.iiou or (Hi' poacdi U«i)uok«(sj. — r»r<ui cf >• niVar obtl yvuelra) OiUlUyV^ if, Hl»lt. nirittH. !««*— uirtiol iioiioiuiv.u.u.wo ulier »u«uilbur bttav >luliitti.«vlibuutr«ll«(. llftl »UU Uull«d tiUlft*.

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