The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 13, 1959 · Page 12
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 12

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1959
Page 12
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MANUFACTURERS CRITICIZED Strict Enforcement Urged in Freeman's Safety Message By JACK B. MACKAV | 9. Memorialize Congress to pass)same time they refuse to incorpo- ST. PAUL (AP) - Gov. Free-negislntion to forbid nny automo-irate proven safety features into man today placed before the LOR-bile manufacturer from shipping I these cars as sandard equip- islnture a special message con- i'" interstate commerce any auto- i nient. taming If) recommendations for i mobile which is not equipped will) j "This failure is shocking evi • improvements in traffic safety i«g.'j certain safety devices such as seatldence of a lack of public responsi id a firm < hp1l« narUlr-rl /IncUKnot-/-!*' *\r\A «f U>'lu*r «.« tk^i« M^^I islation. | belts, padded dashboards and ef- bility on their part. It was the third special mns-; feclive door locks. "Shall they wait until an sage concerning safely legislation! 1". Provide necessary funds for; that Freeman has given to thf i expansion of the driver training lawmakers since he became gov- i program lo make it available to ernor. He stressed stricter enforce i a " who wish to enroll, ment and improved safely mea-i "H is a shocking failure lo me, sures. Jon Hie part of automobile manii-jbelts be put in a new car now as In a news conference held in facturers when, in the face of re-j standard equipment before it can conjunction with delivery of tho|P pale ^ warnings nnd clear scicn- be used in Minnesota." In the message, Freeman said 'I believe the people of Minnesota aroused public rises in an angry cry and publicly condemns the automobile maker for hi$ bloodstained profits? I for one prefer to see that padded dashes and seat message, the governor singled nut] tific evidence that safety features the automobile manufacturers for some biting criticism. No Safety Bells Freeman said he was shocked and appalled to find on visiting A.P.B, mcon s All Point. Bulletin lt !lhe Automobile Show in Minneapo U semi, officer, Joe Fridoy ond Franki"* ! llat , not a f ingle , Cilr °» dis i' !a - v \ Smith on Mother manhunt. A true^ *?'*? bt 'l' S and fcw had l' ac! | cled dashboards. KROC-TV 6:30 reduce injury and death in Ihe event of accidents," Freeman said "that they continue to produce chrome-laden cars, while at thn are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve these ends." story from police filet. Ben Alexander in Jack Webb, Dragnet CHANNEL 10 KROC-TV 7:00 'and equipment. Lonesome George welcomes several! 7. Require that a person arrest Specific recommendations made by Freeman were: 1. Provide for compulsory, periodic motor vehicle inspection by competent personnel in qualified garages and service stations supervised by state authority, 2. Vest authority in the stale highway commissioner to suspend drivers licenses on the basis of I one flagrant, aggravated or serious law violation. Require Examination 3. Require examination of all drivers at the time application is made for license renewal. 4. Grant an increase in highway patrol strength of 96 new officers (o meet the present enforcement requirements of trunk highways. 5. Authorize enforcement officers to make arrests where there are reasonable and proveable grounds that a person has committed a misdemeanor in violation of traffic laws, just as there now is authority to make arrests in felony cases on the same grounds. Establish Standards fi. Ask Congress to enact legislation along the line suggested by the Roberts bill introduced in the j last con gressional session. It would give the secretary of commerce authority to establish national safety standards in design SMILES OF VICTORY — Ed Viehman, Owatonna, and Evelyn Herberling, Winona, were all smiles after their election as state Republican chairman and chairwoman respectively. famoui guests on hit popular show, ed for driving under the influence of alcohol be required to take a chemical test to determine the degree of intoxication. Failure to take the test would be grounds for revocation of the driver's license Live in color and black and white. George Gobel Show CHANNEL 10 8. Provide for a single absolute numerical speed law in Minnesota ,to end present confusion speed control laws. over LASTS 5 DAYS First Space Pioneer? OAKLAND, Calif. (AP)—A pas-1 sive, lonely woman may be the first space pioneer. Col. John Stapp, director of the Air Force's Aeromedical Laboratory at Wright Field, Ohio, says research shows that men "start worrying about their families and become aggressive and irrational" • NOW SHOWING • EVENINGS ONLY AT 7:00 and 9:10 P.M. EMW. JULIETTE flYNN • CBECO TREVOR EDOIf. HOWARD -AlBERI AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD Tuesday, Jan. 13, 1959 Billy Graham Cautioned to Get Some Rest MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP)Ailing revivalist Billy Graham heads today for an appointment with Mayo Clinic specialists. Cautioned by Vice President Richard M. Nixon to "get some rest," he still plans a crusade in Australia. But he is postponing the start BEFORE PRESS CLUB by at least a week sure whether he will and is not be able to go through with other projected visits on a world tour. The 40-year-old preacher may learn this week the cause of an ailment that has left him with only 50 per cent vision in his left eye. It has been described as a "rare and serious Condition" by his father-in-law, a doctor. Graham spent the night in a downtown Minneapolis hotel and plans to motor the 80 miles to the Rochester, Minn., clinic sometime today. With him will be members of his evangelistic team. ''I am sure I will recover and I have every expectation of going to Australia," Graham said. "But we have definitely canceled a meeting at the Hula Bowl in Mawaii that was set for later this month and we will have to postpone the start of the Australian crusade at Melbourne from Feb. 8 to Feb. 15." Arriving by air Monday night from Dallas, Tex., Graham told newsmen he received a telephone call earlier in the day from Nixon in Washington, advising him to get as much rest as possible. "He told me from personal experience he knew it was possible to win a battle and lose the war," Graham said. "Doctors have told me I may be moving too fast, burning the :andle at both ends," Graham said. "The main purpose of going to the clinic is to find out the exact' cause of the ailment, if that is possible. I feel fine." Graham's trouble was described by an associate as a ruptured ilood vessel behind the retina of the left eye. Dr. R. Nelson Bell, lis father-in-law, advised Australian officials from Montreal, N. C., Monday that Graham's condition was rare and serious, brought on ay overwork. Ike to Be Put "On Spot' in Broadcast FREIGHT JUMPS TRACK — Water is poured on piled-up cars in Stamford, Conn., after a 76-car New Haven freight train jumped the tracks as it approached Stamford station. Fifteen to 20 cars spilled, but no one was injured. (NEA Telephoto) . FLATTENED WITH LEFT Stormy Mayor Comes Out Poor Second in Fight With Inspector AURORA, Ill.(AP)-Mayor Paul Egan, 58, lost a one-round brawl City Council's 43-year- sergeant-at-arms Mon- to Aurora old burly day. The usually voluble mayor, who spent the night in St. Charles Hospital, refused to talk about the fight. Hospital officials declined to report on the condition of Egan, a stormy petrel in Aurora since his election as mayor in 1953. Earlier, however, Dr. J. D. Rossman said Egan right bruised swellings on his face. He said the mayor also complained that his back was injured. Feuds With Chief In Monday's brief fistic encounter, Egan, feuding with his police had suffered a cut on the side of his jaw and some AUSTIN BOWL CITY LEAGUE too soon to stand a long and confining trip. The longest a man has been able to stay in -a test chamber ,,,., has been 42 hours, the colonel told j Radio Electric aoa 709 71&-J2W the Alameda-Contra Costa Coun- AUBtl " Cab 7BE 790 347—2405 ties Medical Assn. Monday. But a single woman who tried, he continued, lasted five days and wanted out only after her food was used up. "This particular woman passive personality and she no family or close friends to bind LEAGUE BOWLING Methodist for. 695711—1406 Crane 1 656672668—1996 was a her to vital, noted. earthly concerns," he KROC-TV 8:30 Hc'» dashing! Bachelor Bob out- dashes marriage - minded beauties, leaving a trail of broken hearts — and laughter! Bob Cummings Show CHANNEL 10 KROC-TV 9:00 lo • booro town of gamblers and killeri, he woi tbt man with the badge} pick €009011 as marshal Matt W«y«« in The CaJifornians CHANNEL 10 Read This Review Written After a Private Screening By Ethel Haase - Austin Daily Herald Film Makes You Cry But You Will Love It "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness," Paramount Theater offering opening .Jan. 15 will make you cry, but you will lov'» every minute you live with the people and problems of China. You will grasp at their similarities with the western world as persons and feel a kinship even 'with the difierences because your emotions leave you no choice. You will be outraged at the suffering imposed on them, great ami small, because of war. Superbly lihued in wonderlul color, the vast green rolling hills and mountains are China, borrowed from England. Tlie -lissionary woman with a call for China, the mandarin with the concern for his peopl 3 and the army colonel with his call for duty are expertly don? by Ingrid Bergman, Robert DL> nat and Curt Jurgen. The Chinese, we are told, believe in the following five happinesses: virtue, trauquility. wealth, position and peaceful death in old age, and the six: l i happiness is that one which each of us must find in his ewn heart. Based on the promise that all men are born into the worKi with the tools with which to do their work, "The Inn of t!u j Sixtli Happiness' 1 is a religious vehicle of life at the most knowable level — people just trying (T survive and maintain a .sense of the meaning of life Overshadowing the entire pr> diu-tion are the troup of rag- gedy-taggedy Chinese war orphans in all shapes and sizes — all loveable — all needing low. They portray the wonder of the age? — the ability of little children to abide and thrive in ;: world so careless of its greatest resource, — its people. "The Inn (if the Sixth Happiness" will make you cry — but it will also make you grow o. desire tor humanity's welfaio; and increase your sympathy and imdersuiiKliny for our Chi- iH'st' neighbors at a time when our iriends there may be the key to luture Western history Your whole family will wa'i 1 to see "The Inn of the Six:h Happiness." — E.B.H. _ IMORIO BERGMAN . CUBT JURGENS _ ROBERT DONAT CINEMASCOPE COLOR t« OE LUXE ADULTS 75e . JUNJQR 50« CHILDREN 25c Starts Thursday For Seven Days SPECIAL MATINEES ON THURSDAY and FRIDAY at 2:00 P. M. EVENINGS or 6:45-9:25 Indian Can Sympathize With Mikoyan DURAND, Mich. (AP) — Chief White Bird, who represents 4,000 Chippewa Indians in Michigan has mailed Soviet Dep. Premier Anastas I. Mikoyan an apology for Stevtmsons 732 765 771—2268 Moose 5 621 658 650—1929 635 730 726—2091 .741 7-10 820—2315 Our Saviours No. 1 ..774 726 697—2197 Holy Cross 1 789 812 701—2302 Church of Christ 1 ..Ml 711 78C—2178 St. John's 778 355 810—2431 Unknown 582 5(iB 632—1783 St. Olar 1 700 704 733—220*3 '27 779 773—2279 ! E - U - B 629771691—2051 .785 738 7S3—2322 Criinc Chapel 2 656 667 659—1982 Grace Luth. 1 G72 860 312—2304 Our Siivlors 2 799 793 803—2395 St. Johns 1 fi2I 632 692—1S45 St. Olftt 2 649704775—2128 ..688 690 G98—207C ,.fi28 705 C63— 199Q nOWLKBETTES LEAGUE Railway Cafe Konz Bar ... Wheeler Coul Can- Plumbing Austin Bowl ........705719737—2161 Nates — Austin ....689762 S37—22B!i Bed Owl 816 647 6ti2—2125 Brownsitale Boosters 687 €30 727—2044 Marvlns ,,...679761712—215'' Grace Lutheran 2 Moose No. 3 , 735 f74 654—21BI! Fellowship Metli. Fiiililca fi38 709 S45— 19021 Moose No. 4 PROGRESSIVE LEAR UK Turf Bar 744 787 7B2—2313 Nates 775 907 865—26Ci7 ,.713 663 687—2063 Coca Cola llngen's ,,,.,...OJo iln) fH.l— I'JD'.' i»*'»» ui^invj -uva i.i^.-vuL'ij 630 696 647—1973! Westlughouse Laun. 650 523 594—17G7 »BL-t.,.. .„.„.,.. JJaclian's Furn.-Vac. 044 085 641—1970 Gopher Btl. Co. . .622 624 665—1911 Unknown 537 602 619—1758 Bill's Drive In ...,5G6 6!1 667—1874 Rossman T'lxlt ,. ,.«37 578 671—1886 Michell's Tavern f>46 589 608—1843 Humburger Heaven ..629 G30 607—1866J Bowling's Top Five 758 752 737—2247 Women of MOOBC 1 ..644 777 717—2138 Moose No. 2 ........ 665 685 705—2045 Ankeny ............. 6-iS EGO 5!H— l!W2 First National Bank 626 671 6-JO— 1!KC| Leftys Bar ....... Millers High Life chief and 64-man police force since last fall, was sent sprawling to the floor in a hallway outside the council chambers from a left to the jaw landed by Herman M. Halbesma. Halbesma, 6 feet 3, 200- pound city building inspector acting as sergeant-at-arms at a council meeting, had bounced the mayor from the council chambers on orders from other commission- Chief Donald Curran. The commissioners ignored him and Egan continued to pound the gavel and shout. The commissioners then ordered Halbesma to eject the mayor, who is serving his second four-year term. He pulled the struggling Egan from the mayor's chair, off the podium and out to a rear door- Harry's Cafe Donna Lynn ..... M!y .71)9 798 803—2370 .788 789 769—23-!C A. .693739710—21.1 „ .673 758728-215'jl"' i D. ,722 732 713—2167! R. .731 684736—2151 J. H'O.ME.VR CITY L12AGUI Swenson .. SU'pheuson Hoffman ., Bcluipp .... PHOGUESS1VE LEAGUE ...540 ...522 ...406 . •-•- — rt..*iit-j *-noi. vu. ,, . uj ua-i tjti — iisi the eggs thrown at him during his! Comta Buaco 671 m , 03 _, w , visit to Detroit Thursday. .Ciiuiuws sas 652 era—1933 M. stites .". 555 "when the white me,, first came! ECHO LANES ri. X« l .::::::::::::::;:::::;::!i? to America, we Indians treated !«• chesin 511 them as guests should i« »-•»•»- - ECII ° ™ A *s lc \ a - Browa ^02 ed," White Bird wrote. ers. The fight climaxed a heated shouting match between Egan and Halbesma that broke up a wild, gavel-banging council meeting. Consider No Business Egan, banging the gavel, had told the four commisioners that he would consider no business except his order of firing Police Killer, 14, Sent to State School WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. (AP)Andrew Casey, who killed his mother and sister when he was 14, was taken from a state hospital where he has been getting mental treatment and sent to a state training school Monday. Judge George 0. Becker in Children's Court ordered Casey committed to the training school for boys at Warwick, N. Y. He saitl the Rockland State Hospital where Casey has been since No-1 yember, 1957, said it had done all j it could for him and he would be better off learning a trade or getting other training. Casey, who will be 16 next Saturday, shot his mother and sister in their Rye, N. Y, home Mayj 22, 1057. The killings were never j explained, although the boy had! been chided earlier concerning 1 homework. !, way. Halbesma said Egan roared: "You fat slob, you're strangling me.' WASHINGTON (AP)^President Eisenhower will answer newsmen's questions in a public forum Wednesday with his replies broadcast live by television and radio. The occasion win" be the President's appearance before the National Press Club, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. It will be Eisenhower's first visit to the club since he became president. Limited to Members The luncheon will be limited lo members of the club, but the National Broadcasting Co, and the Columbia Broadcasting System announced Monday they plan both TV and radio coverage. The American and Mutual radio networks also will carry the program. White House Press Secretary James C. Hagerty said Eisenhower will have no set speech but might make some informal remarks. Reply to Questions After' that, in accord with the usual Press Club practice, Eisenhower will reply to written questions. This is different from procedure at regular White House news conferences, where reporters ask their questions orally. Because of the Pjress Club visit, Hagerty said, the normal Wednesday news conference probably will be passed up this week. Cities to Make Convention Bid WASHINGTON (AP)-Six cities will make their official bids Jan. 19 and 20 for the 1960 Republican national convention. Meade Alcorn, chairman k of the Republican National Committee, said representatives of the citins_ will appear before the Republican site committee In Des Moines, Iowa. Philadelphia, Miami Beach and New York will bid on Jan. 19 and Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco on Jan. 20. Alcorn said the site committee would report to the national coin- "O.K. That's it," Halbesma told the mayor. "I've bad enough. You'll apologize for that." "* •vv/uiu A («jjui b fcLT lilJC liailUllcU IX The two men grappled and then mittee in Des Moines on Jan _ „ Halbesma floored the mayor. Four anc j 33. policemen rushed from the traffic room to halt the fracas. Egan ran down the stairs, jumped into a cab and went to the hospital. Halbesma, who was not arrested, left the council chamber, commenting "It's a fine way to start a Monday." Pancake Supper TUES., JAN. 13 Congregational Church Serving 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. Adults SI.00 Studcntj SOc PUBLIC INVITED 20c • 45c - 60c Last Times Tonite 7:00 - 9:00 The Whole Story of the Bloodiest Marine Landing in History! THE U.S. MARINE ISjf THE TOUGHEST FIGHTING MACHINE TARAWAJ&BEACHHEAD A MWNINGSIU PRODUCTION A COLUMBIA PICTURE COMING WED. & THURS. [ADVENTURE!... SUSPENSEI...ROMANCE! .„« RM ,a2- 2 , S 2 .im Bar. S32—25-icj ED PC III FDFCII rntanlrntSll to as uncivilized savages "You being a visitor of this one time Indian territory of Michigan, JBunquet Bread MR 901 ass—2717 ! I must apologize for the way some!" Up Bonll " s c '°' ••'•' 5 - U53 while vou were here So f ,, * , have conducted yourself very during your stay here." you well KMMT CHANNEL TONIGHT Presbyterian 1 755 672 091—2118 j P. Holy Cross 2 (J84 646 75!)—20Sy i V. i . ProsbytcrUm 2 728702777—22071?.' Church of Christ 2 ..722 716 73ti—all De iis True Guurile Gave . .421 6:30 CHEYENNE 7:30 WYATT EARP 8:00 RIFLEMAN 8:30 NAKED CITY 9:00 9;30 DICK 10:00 LOCAL NEWS JOHN DAIY 10:30 LITTLE BIG HORN starring JOHN IRELAND You'll Love 'em Lost Times Tonight 7-9 p.m. "Senior Prom" PAUL HAMPTON STARTS WEDNESDAY 7:00 P.M. A DRAMA OF TEEN-AGE Terror I GLENN FORD J ANNE FRANCIS | LOUIS CALHERN PLUS ANOTHER OUTSTANDING HIT! Honing Tender Tcap * WHAT EVE8V GUI SETS fO* EVERY MAN I 11-DEBffiRwos-DjsiWw.teifHou IN CINEMASCOPE AND COIORI OUR HOME MADE TYPE BRAND TAKE HOME A BAG TODAY Regular Frosted, Choc, or Coconut 49c COMPARE PRICES - COMPARE QUALITY Ken s. Jo's Maid Rite 119 W. Maple - Kitty Corner from Court House Phone HE 3-6247 for Special Orders for Parties, etc. Here Are Ken Or Jo's NEW HOURS - 5:30 A.M. to 12 Hidnite On Mondays thru Thursdays On Fridoy ond Soturdoy 5:30 a.m. to 2 a.m.

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