Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 18, 1966 · Page 14
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 14

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1966
Page 14
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t2 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1966 KDTTOR DIES ROCKFORD, 111. (AP) —The editor of Rockford's two newspapers, Rex L. Kamey, died Wednesday of a heart attack suffered in his home. Kimey, 52, served as editor of the Moming Star and Hie Register Republic since 1961. He joined the newspapers in 1955. He was a native of Broadhead, Wis., and was graduated from the University of Wisconsin. Karney, who worked for the Wisconsin State Journal and the Tulsa, Okla., World, is survived by his widow. WE GET THE JOB DONE! LIST YOUR PROPERTY WITH US— Outitanding 6 room ranch; aluminum tiding, nicely decorated, w/w urpXod living room, beautiful built in kitchen, atove and oven, 3 bedroomi, nice closelt, utility apace, gai heat, central air conditioner, storm cellar; attacliod garage. No. 50 Crownview Drive. Only $15,000. Spacious 6 room brick ranch v»/w carpets huge, living room fireplace, dining space, 3 larg bedrooms, IVa cs-ramic tiled baths, roomy ceramic tiled kitchen, fine basement with playroom; central • air conditioned, oil heat, attached garage—Lincoln school district. No, 6 North Highland east. Good 6 room bungalow, built in kitchen cabinets, bath, 3 bed rooms, basement, stoker heat; garage—508 south 18th street. On ly $5,250. Excellent 8 room brick; can be used at a duplex, fireplace, nice built in kitchens, 2 baths, good basement, bin fed stoker heat; 2' car garage. 2308 logjn street. 4 rooms, hardwood floors; large lot-713 White Avenue-$1,100. Lovely 6 room stone ranch; fine w/w carpets, long living room, atone fireplace, dining room, beautiful built in kitchen and bath playroom, large utility room, gas heat; central air conditioned; carport, stora (ie room. Choice location —Lincoln school district. Immediate possession. 1802 Isabella Avenu $1,890 down payment. 300 Aces; built up land. New 5 room modern ranch home; w/w carpets, beautiful built in kitchen, IVi baths, gas heat, central air conditioned. New barn—1 mile south of Range—see this onel 5 Rooms, bath; garage—1620 S. 12th street. Only $2,550. Charming 4 rooms; new w/w carpeted living room, hardwood floors, built In kitchen and bath, utility room, gas heat; carport— 2705 Mannen—$900 down. Nice 6 room ranch; newly decorated, built in kitchen and bath, 3 bedrooms, gas heat, carport— 3216 Central Avenue. Only $6,500. Extra nice 5 room bungalow; nicely decorated, coiy built in kitchen and bath, fine basement, gai Heat, storm windows; garage. 601 South 17lh street. Only $7,000. Roomy 6 room ranch; huge liv ing room, fireplace, large closets, large built in kitchen, \V% baths, gas heat, 2-car garage—south 32nd street. $21,000. Nice 6 room, brick and frame ranch; carpeted living room, 3 bedrooms, lovely built in kitchen and bath, oil heat; carport. No, 7 Ever- graiea Place, Well constructed 7 room ranch, brick and frame; w/w carpets, elegant built in kitchen, stove, oven, disposal, dining space, 3 bedrooms, family room, IVi baths, large closets, utility room, gas heat; carport, patio. No, 14 Crownview, 3 Acres en highway—5 room modern home; 3 bedroomi, hardwood floors, bath, full basement, gas heat; garage—Fairfield Road. Only $10,000. 120 Acres, 90 acres tillable; 4 room house, barn—2 miles out on Uberty Road. $30,000. New 6 room ranch; w/w can pets, beautiful built in kitchen and bath, 3 bedrooms, gai hoi water heat — carport. 404 south 20th. Very attractive 5 rooms; hardwood floors, built in kitchen and bath, gas heat, storm windows- garage. $5,250. Snowfall Lore MORTGAGE MONEY IS AVAILABLE SEE US FOR ONE OF THE LARGEST SELECTIONS OF REAL ESTATE IN SOUTHERN ILLINOIS SEE A. HAROLD LOGAN C. WILLIAMS & RICHARDSON 315 S. 10th Le(and Ellioff, Royal Sfory, Emil Hoffman, Salesmen 242-0251 242-0252 John W. Allen Southern Illinois University Artists, poets, crop farmers bundled up children with mitts and sleds, youth in general and older persons still youthful in heart, along with country boys wanting to hunt rabbits, all seem to have an inborn love of snow. It is true the slippci-y walks and roadways that too soon become sodden dampen the enthusiasm of city dweller:s. To all but the softies and infirm, however, the joy given by a rural landscape blanketed with snow Is worth all the sluch and musii that follows. This writer would feel well rewarded in advance lor a chance offered to play boy again and rabbit hunt along the leeward side of fence rows briar patches, bush clumps and Woodlands with Fritz and an ancient fowling piece. Even junk yards m'apped in a generous mantle of snow have their attractive aspects. Weed fields, brushlands, hillsides, and piled up rocks take on a measure of beauty. By now you have guessed that one person loves snow. Snow also prompts one to get a bag of feed and an-nnge facilities for feeding brids. No one | can feel less than pleased as ho watches and listens to the birds that come to twitter their thanks and peck at the feast offered. This costs little. Besides all these there is a body of folklore than centers about .snow. A good hundred sucli .sayings have been gathered. These have been passed along through the years and may be of interest. Some apparently are true but hardly believable. For Instance, the statement ihat snowflakes like fingerprints never are alike. Just how one can prove that true or unture is not 50 million french fries can't be wrong. All those empty french fry bags prove it. French Fries only 605 South Tenth Street SEE JAMISON FIRST COZY COMFORT— Enjoy comfortable automatic heat, economical due to insulation, storm windows and double siding. 3 bedrooms, garbage disposal, living room drapes. 2708 CHERRY— Well constructed, 2 bedroom home, very reasonable gas heat, storm windows, awnings, attic storage. 18+ ACRES with older type farm home, North of Mt. Vernon, 3105 PEACH— beautiful ranch, 3 bedrooms, newly decorated, new living room carpet, patio, spacious built-in bath with vanity, GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY awaits you in a beautiful, large homesite at most attractive terms. OTHER FINE HOMES 2 TO 5 BEDROOMS JAMISON REAL ESTATE 1116 Main Phone 242-0372 known. A careful inspection of a few hundred or more photographed on a black background didn't turn up a single set of identical twins. Thus we concede the truth of the saying. There is a mass of lore to lell us just when and how often it will snow. Some light flurries of snow here on November 1 and 2, with heavy falls in Tennessee and Kentucky, are convincing that the snow issue is definitely drawTi. It may be here early enough for some politicians to be very literally snowed under on election day. There are several sayings to tell us how many falls to expect. One is the old one that says it will snow as many times as there are foggy mornings in August. Another tells us that there will be as many as the moon was days old when tlie first snow came. Tlie August foggy morning could not allow more than 31, the moon day measure would allow only 28. A more generous one says count the days by which the first snow fall precedes Christmas and that's 'the number. With the first one com-! Ing on -N'ovenibor 1 tl :is year we are entitled to 51 for the winter, -0- -0- -0- There was one advantage in this year's firs snowfall. It was too scant to scoop up and eat. Since oldsters knew that the first .snowfall of the season contains all the poi.sons of the summer ils scantiness may have been good. Olhcr signs like October .'eaves continuing to cling on ILxs means more snows. Tliere undoubtedly are advantages to snowfalls. After the first fall, rabbits are good and boys may hunt them, that is if men haven't complicated the matter with game laws. With snows making the landscape look dreamy the snow en- snowy season It mans good luck. A dream anout snow at any time means that an Important event in one's life will Shortly come to pass. Another saying seems to offset both of these. It says tliat to dream of snow at any time is bad fortune. This apparent conflict may be avoided by not dreaming of snow at all. 1{ one believes the sayings there are several ways in which snow may help toward better health and comfort. Walking around the house barefoot when snow is on the ground wiU keep one's feet from' freezing, even from getting cold. It also will guarantee good helath throughout the year if one walks around the house three times, barefoot. A six-year-old tried this before announcing the experiment to his mother, who merely remarked, "John, that's fine but I wouldn't do it any more. You might step on a stob or nail." The experimenter doesn't reme ber the health thi'oughout that There are a number of signs particular year. There are a number of signs that tell when snows may be expected. Two rings about the moon indicate snow in 24 hours. A "spiltin" fire in the fireplace means fnow soon. A crackling fire that sounds like snow pellet.? falling agai .Mst a window or on the roof tells the listener that there will bo a snow of that kind soon. Itching of feet that once were frostbitten tell of a coming snow, likewise does smoke that spreads near the ground. Largo flakes tliat come from "tlio old woman in the sky who I is picking her geese or shaking her feather bed" means that the snow will not stay on long. With 110 more feather beds perhaps the figure is not so apt. -0- -0- -0- Snow lying long in fence corners, where shall we look for snow breeders? One saying that snow on a wedding day indicated that the couple would be happy and that his wife was offset by another that said snow falling on the carriage meant the couple would shortly part. Snow on the ground on C!hristmas Day means a good fruit crop. A white Christmas meant few deaths but a snow at Easter meant a "fat" graveyard. To keep hair from falling out one had only to wash the head in March snow water. March snow water also was good for the eyes and would wash freckles away. Hands would not chap if washed in It. Water from Ckx)d Friday's snow would wash away all headaches. In order to have good luck it might be just as well to forget the good ]u6k snow signs and carry a buckeye. Legal Notice STATE OF ILLINOIS ) )SS. ) said ters dreams in other ways. If one dreams of snow out of the the'husband would" be good to TED SHAFER REAL ESTAH 24th and Perkins Phone 242-5333 2 bedroom home, built in kitchen, gas heat, fireplace, newly decorated, large lot. West side location. All modern 5 room home, living and dining room carpeted, large garage, 2 lots. Priced to sell. For sale or trade, 30 acres, lovely 7 room home, some limber, highway frontage, 5V2 miles out on Waltonville Road. Good investment property. Well kept apartment house, five rooms down, 2 completely furnished apartments up. Separate entrances. North street location. Only $9500.00. 7 room all modern two story home, nice basement, new gas hot water furnace, garage, beautiful lot. PricecJ to sell. Large 4 room home, full lot, all modern except heat. Only $2500.00. YOU Can Ayail Yourself of the Servires Offered by This Agency- Our Many Years of Experience Are Yours For A Call. VIRGIL T. BAILEY. INC. BRICK AND ALUMINUM SIDING RANCH. Well buill 7 room modarn ranch home—Lincoln fchool district; w/w carpeting throughout, larg* living room, panelled family room and dining room, 3 bedrooma, 2 ceramic tiled balhi, beautiful provincial built in cabineti, built in itove and oven. Garbage disposal, double garage with panelled walli; large lot. Immediate possession. EASY TERMS, To a good responsible party will buy this lovely 3 bedroom all modern ranch home, carpeted living room, built in cabinets, ceramic tiled bath; full deep basement, gas furnace. Fina location west. Immediate possession. WILL SELL OR TRAOE-Lovely brick 4 room all modern home; hardwood floors, built in cabinets, built in bath, newly decorated inside and out, utility room, gas furnace; garage. Immediate possession. West side location. $500 DOWN, balance like rent buys 5 room all modern home, South 24th street; carpeted living room and dining room, nice built in cabinets, built in bath, gas heal; full lot. Nicely decorated inside and out. Garage. Priced to sell. NEW LISTING—5 room all modern brick home; w/w carpeting throughout, spacious living room, dining room, beautiful kitchen with new built in cabinets, bath, full deep basement all finished, large screened in porch; extra large garage, oil heat. North )2th street. Lincoln school district. Immediate possession. PRICED TO SELL—lovely older 4 bedroom all modern home; carpeted living room and dining room, spacious family room with fireplace, big kitchen with an abundance of built in cabinets, garbage disposal, new stainless steel sink, hardwood floors, 2 built in baths, new gas hot water healing system, new gas hot water heater; double garage, corner lot. Immediate possiession, 1125 OAKLAND AVENUE, Large older family home; spacious living room with fireplace, dining room, nice kitchen with many built ins. Panelled breakfast room, 2 baths, 3 bedrooms, 1 master bedroom with fireplace, basement, gas heal; extra large lot, big carport. Priced to sell," ONLY $14,500,00 buys lovely 6 room efffictency ell modern ranch home; nicely decorated inside end out. Large living room, built !n cabineli, dining room, IVs baths, 3 bedrooms, well landscaped lot. 2B05 Casey. ONLY $15,500.00 buys 6 room all modern ranch heme with basement; carpeted living room, beautiful built in ctbinett, ceramic tiled built in bath, family room in basement with panelling, garage. Immediate possession. West side location in »h« West Salem school district. FHA Loans and Gl Loans AvailabI* We will make you a CASH OFFER for your Horn* or Farm VIRGIL T. BAILEY, InCe Tenth and Harrison — Phone 242-4380 "FREE PARKING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS" COUNTY OF SANGAMON In the Circuit Court of County. Peoples of the State of Illinois ex rel, William G. Clai'k, Attorney General, Plaintiff, vs. IN CHANCERY Broadway Real Estate Company No. 45>66D: Bud Roderick Sales Company 456-66D; Dulaney Family Budget Sei-vices, Inc. No. 457-66D; First Midwest Consumer's Cooperative, Inc. No. 458-66D; Independent Oil Pi-oducers Land Owners Association, Tri-State, Inc.; No. 45SA-66D; Jefferson County Committee On Youth Development No. 459-66D; King City Construction Co., Inc. No. 460- 6GD; King City Gun Club, Inc. No. 461-66D; Mt. Vernon New Industries, Inc. No. 462-66D; Winn Lumber Company No. 463-66D, Defendants. TO THE ABOVE DEFENDANT CORPORATIONS, THEIR OFFICERS AND AGENTS: Notice is hereby given that actions have been commenced in the Circuit Court of Sangamon County by the said Plaintiff against said corporations, for dissolution of said corporations, and that all such actions are now pending in said court. The title of each such case is carried in the name of the above plaintiff separately against each defendant, therein, by the corporate name styled above; the case number of each case is set forth in the caption above, following the name of the defendant corporation; default may be entered against any such defendant after December 15, 1966. JOSEPH P. KNOX, Clerk of said Court WILLIAM G. CLARK Attorney General of the State of Illinois. 11-25 State of niino 'M In the Circuit Court of the Second Judicial Cltcnlt Jefferson County In Frobate In the matter of the Estate of John Lyle McManamy, deceased. No. M-P-UO NOTICE BY PUBUCAHON OF CLAIM DATE Notice is given of tiie death of John Lyle McManamy, of Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Letters of office were issued on November 15th, 1966, to Mary E, McManamy executor, No, 21 Westwood, Mt. Vernon, Illinois whose attorney is Craig & Craig, Mt. Vernon, Illinois. •The claim date Is the first Monday in January (2nd,) 1967. Qaims must be filed in the office of the Qerk of this Court at County Court House, Mt. Vernon, Illinois and copies mailed or delivered to the executor or administrator and to his attorney. Dated November 17th, 1966. (SEAL) JERRY B. GOTT, Clerk of the Circuit Court 12-2 STATE OF ILLINOIS ) )SS. COUNTY OF JEFFERSON ) Notice of request of special meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Jefferson County, Illinois. To: HONORABLE LESTER F. DAVIS, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Jefferson County, Illinois. Hanoi Hannah Is Viet War's Tokyo Rose Bjr DORIS KLEIN HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Remember GI Jill, Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally of World War U days? Well, the Viet Nam war has a sweet-voiced broadcaster too, Hanoi Hannah. And to combat her, U.S. Armed Forces Radio is about to launch a blonde, green-eyed i weapon of its own. She's starlet Chi-is Noel, a mini-skirted 5-foot-6 and 115 pounds, with a slightly husky voice and a wide-eyed look that makes her girl next door one moment woman of the world the next. "It's going to be a gas," Chris told an interviewer. "I'm picking the records myself and. saying just whatever cornea into my head. "I've been talking to a lot of servicemen and they give me ideas about what tliey like to hear — but mostly, I think, it's just a feminine voice from home." Chris is nothing like the World War II radio sirens, says Navy Lt, Richard B. Howard of Armed Forces Radio. "Even Hanoi Hannah isn't the same. During World War n, you'd get Axis Sally and Tokyo Rose broadcasting to individual Gls. Tliey'd say, for instance, to a single soldier or a battalion, you're wife is cheating on you, or you're going to go into such an action at 0400 tomori-ow. It really shook up some of the guys. "But Hanoi Hannah just plays music the guys like to hear and throws in a little talk to make them homesick. We don't even know who she is — and she's not nearly as effective." Chris, a onetime baton twirling champion from Palm Beach, Fla., high school, has spent a lot of time lately touring hospitals, visiting wounded Gls from Viet Nam. "But what I really want to do is go over there," she said. "For now, I'll do the broadcasts from Hollywood and they'll fly the tapes to Viet Nam, then to Armed Forces Radio all over the world. "Would you believe It? Those guys sitting in rice paddies and cruising in the South China Sea — and I'll be able to talk to them all." Judge Refuses To Halt OIney Move For Recall OLNEY, HI. (AP)-A Circuit Court judge has ruled in favor of the petitioners in the Olney recall petition hearing. Judge Charles H. Jones told newsmen he based his decision Tuesday on the fact that cmly 23 signatures on a petition to recall Mayor Frank Bower were declared invalid, leaving enough names to warrant a recall election. The Judge said he will issue a decree shortly and enter it In the circuit clerk's office. Tha city may then appeal his decision within 30 days. City officials said today they wlU appeal to the 5th District Appellata Court in Mount Vernon. The 350-member Independent Citizens Committee of Olney fUed recall petitions Sept, 14 against Mayor Bower and tha four City Cijuncil members In a dispute over a proposed water Improvement bond issue. OPEN HOUSE FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY, NOV. 18, 19 & 20 WIN A PONY Drawing 4:00 P.M. Sunday No Purchase Necessary We would like to take this opportunity to invite you fo come see our display. Norrit Travel Trailers, Redi-Cabins, Deville Campers, Cabover*, Johnson Toppers, Morris Horse Trailers, Discount Prices — Terms Arranged DOOR PRIZES—FREE REFRESHMENTS P&LTHALMAN TRAILER SALES Roufe 50 Wesf, Salem, III. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ AUCTIONEER ROY TAYLOR Phon* 244-1909 Or Write Kt. 7, Mt. Vernon CAW- C/> CA MW- COCA- U> C/> (ACA- (AW> (A(A- (A (A(A- (A<A- (A(A- <A<A- CA <A <A<A- <A <A <A<A- <A<A- Who says there's no money availahk for financing a new home? HAS PLENTY OF MONEY AT THE LOWEST RATE! <f» v> <n <j> •«> <o <n </» <n in <n <n in in in WiiinMtTcCliMMFroa-orUMYswOmHM ^ D«n't let all this "scare talk'* about tight money stop yon' -M from owning a new Capp-Home right now! If you own your iU own lot, we can finance everything we do and furnish at the lowest cost financing anywhere—ioTC little or no money down! OUR CARPENTERS DO THE HEAVY ERECTION RIGHT ON YOUR LOT WITH ALL FINISHING MATERIALS FURNISHED FOR INSIDE AND OUT. Our financing can also include complete Electric, Kitchen Cabinet, Plumbing and Heating packages. GET STARTED NOW-THERE WIU NEVER BE A BETTER TIME f! As you know, labor and materials have gone up —BUT NOT in in in in in in in m in iA in CAPP-HOME PRICES. </) Contact us or your , M «H tM« coupon «oday to — , !--r! representative | CAPP'HOMES, DEPT. ILL-IO .. I RICHARD CORNELL I «<""«•. low. SMU ^"i t. urn «. ( <2 218 W. McKlnley I D W. own^ ou,_^.ot_^ • Wa^ don't own | 2^ Herrta. lUlnota | NA»«E_ J^, Phone: 618 -f 942-5793 | ADDRESS. TOWN OR RF0_ -STATE. I We, the undersigned, being at least one-tliird in number of the members of the Board of Supervisors, Jefferson County, Illinois, pursuant to Chapter 34, Section 852, Illinois Revised Statutes, 1965, hereby respecfully request a "Special Meeting" of the Board of Supervisors in and for the County of Jefferson, State of Illinois, to be held at 10:00 o'clock a.m. on Monday, November 21, 1966, in Room No. 1, Jefferson County Courthouse, at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, for the purpose of determining the amount of bond to be given by the County Qerk elect and County Ti-easurer elect and for the re-consideration of the fixing of the salai-y of the County Clerk elect and for any otiier business to be brought before the Board. E. H. Kiefer, Vem Hamson, Leuty Chambliss, James Strain, Aerry N. Marlin, Keith h. Mills, Max W. ShuitJ. Hurry! Join Our Christmas Club It's not too late to join, but It soon will be, and unless you act at once, anothei yeat will have passed without yout having provided for extra money for the holiday season. You won't miss the small tegular payments, but you will enjoy that check you receive next Christmas. A Class For Every Need 25i to $10.00 OUR CHRISTAIAS % Each new Chrisfmas Club member will receive a Book of Christmas Carols and ^ H I ~ a Christmas Card Record . . . also, Christmas Coin Banks for the kiddies. JSS The Pacesetter Bank LINKON'S ANY PART —ANY CAR Equipment, Ports, Glasi Cemplet* Machine Shop

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