The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 17, 1997 · Page 25
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 25

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 17, 1997
Page 25
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IB .SATURDAY. MAY 17, 1997 THE SALINA JOURNAL DAYTIME May 19-23 LATE NIGHT 1:30 0 (1:50) Movie (Wed) + Y, "Electra" (1:27) 1722822 0 Movie (Mon) *** "Patriot Games" (1:56) 119759(1:35) (Tue) * K "Let's Get Harry" (1:42)32465537 S Next Step Word In the' Movie **** Outstanding ***« Excellent ** Not bad *** Very good *x Fair **» Good * Poor i World (Mon) 30 Good Minutes (Tue) Great Preacher* (Wed) One In the Spirit (Thu) Family Times 0 Up Close (Wed) 0 RPM2Nlght 0 Movie (Mon) * * Tecumseh: The Last Warrior" (2:00)990579 01 In Care of Nature (Mon) Wildlife Journeys (Tue-Fri) S Gardener's Journal Hometlme (1:35) Best of Abbott and Coitello Live (Tue) (1:55) Movie (Wed) "Kids of the Round Table" (1:29) 92471938 (Fri) * ** "Jason and the Argonauts" (1:44)4318279 0 (1:35) Movie (Mon) ** "Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest" (1:32) 47970285 (Tue) * v, "Indecent Behavior II" (1:36) 9378773(1:40) (Wed) *!4 "Body Count" (1:33) 57589532 (Thu) ** "Motorcycle Gang" (1:24) 377217 (H (1:38) Bounty Hunter* (Fri) OS Donsld Whltaker (Mon) Carman (Tue) Myles Munroa (Wed) Reginald Cherry (Thu) Highway to Heaven (Fri) (5) (1:37) CBS Up to the Minute (Mon) (1:37) American Journal (Tue-Fri) (10) (1:37)Armrica < * Store (Mon, Wed, Fri) (27) (1:35) American Journal TCM (1:45) Movie (Wed) * * * * "Fort Apache" (2:15) 97984254 (1:45) (:45) (Thu) *** "Kim" (2:15)66233566 2:00 O (2:05) NBC New* Nlghtelde (Mon- Thu) O Movie (Mon) * * K "Hercules" (2:00) 982391 (Tue) *!4 "Messalina Against the Son of Hercules" (2:00) 448570 (Wed) * "Hercules and the Captive Women" (2:00) 937087 (Thu) * "Hercules Against the Moon Men" (2:00) 9- 339014 (Fri) * "Ursus, Son of Hercules" (2:00)811231 00 (2:12) CBS Up to the Minute S m-Thu) Community BuHetln Board Judge Judy (Mon-Thu) Comedy Showcase (Fri) 8 (2.06) Newlywed Game (2:15) Movie (Tue) * * * "Promise Her Anything" (1:45)55522402 • CHIPS (Fri) (2:20) Movie (Mon) *K The Granny" (1:25)6475933 ID Hollywood One on One (Thu) 6305014 Movie (Fri) * * The Housa on Carroll Street" (1:45)77460881 0 Movie (Fri) +'/, "Bounty Tracker" (1:30)674705 0 Overnight 0 Movie (Mon) * * * (4 The Black Pirate" (2:00)450759 0 Movie (Wed-Thu) * * The Member of the Wedding" (2:00) 605483 (Fri) * * * "Risky Business" (2:00) 570989 I I Love Lucy Music Videos (Fri) Christopher Closeup (Mon) Faith ft Reason (Tue) Hashing It Out! (Wed) Scripture* Alive! (Thu) Our Family (Fri) 0 Up Ctoee (Mon-Tue, Thu) Racehorse Digest (Wed) Inside the PGA Tour (Fri) - . , 0 MotoworM (Mon) NBA 2Nlght (Tue- 0 Boris Karloff Present* Thriller ~hu-Fri) _" Hunter* of the Night (Mon) Land of Dragon* (Tue) Land of the Llama* (Wed) Legend of the Lightning Bird (Thu) Giant Otter (Fri) 0 Movie (Mon) *** "Julia Misbehaves" (1:43) 6739391 (2:15) (:15) (Tue) *** "Promise Her Anything" (1:45) 46069599 (2:20) (:20) (Fri) ** The Letter" (1:40)22253989 ! Cycle Wortd (Tue) Boxing (Thu) Law ft Order Jazz Feat CrlaUna 572339 (2:05) Movie (Mon) ** x "Can't Buy Love" (1:35)71731515 0 Movie (Fri) * * "Survival Quest" (1:36)867453 OS Praise the Lord (S) (2:07) CBS Up to the Minute (Tue- Thu) (2:07) Bounty Hunter* (Fri) (10) America'* Store (27) (2:06) News TCM (2:06) Movie (Tue) * * * "Ralnlree * Count/ (2:65)76689402 TMC (2:25) Movie (Tue) ** "War" (1:30) 7118841 (Wed) **K "Bulletproof Heart" (1:40)6592006 WGN Movie (Mon) ** "Midnight's Child" (2:00) 917575 (Tue) **K "Desperately Seeking Susan" (2:00) 499792 (Wed) **K "Secret Weapons" (2:00) 443342 (Thu) * * The Adventures of Huck Finn" (2:00) 397526 (Fri) ** "Class" (2:00)846415 2:15 • World Report 2:30 0 (2:35) NBC New* NlghUide (Fri) S (2:36) Daytime to Remember Movie (Tue) * "Cyberzone" (1:35) 553518(2:35) (Thu) "Deadlock: A Passion for Murder (1:28)2279168 ID (2:45) Movie (Mon) ***K Three Women" (2:15) 46595339 (2:45) (:45) (Thu) * * * * The Man Who Would Be King" (2:15)46426255 0 Reverb (Wed) Movie (Thu) ** "Last Man Standing" (1:36)8381410 I CNN/Sport* Illustrated Movie (Wed) * *)4 "Don 0, Son of Zorro" (2:15) 43339280 (2:35) (:35) (Thu) **** "Robin Hood" (2:00) 8372762 (Fri) ***K To Hell and Back" (2:00) 689637 I Newhart Today's Health Stanley Cup Playoffs (Mon-Tue, Thu) Boxing (Wed) Up Close (Fri) 0 Boxing (Mon) Drag Racing (Tue) Auto Racing (Wed-Thu) Motorcycle Racing (Fri) 0 (2:47) Movie (Wed) ** (4 "Go West, Young Glrtl" (1:13)26667754 0 (2:35) Movie (Tue) * * * "Snoopy, Come Home" (1:20) 63177421(2:55) (Thu) *!4 The Purple People Eater" (1:32)75802120 OS (2:38) In Concert (Fri) TCM Movie (Mon) **** The Maltese Falcon" (2:00) 3836876 TMC (2:50) Movie (Mon) ** "Mrs. Munck" (1:40) 65121914 (2:45) (:45) (Thu) *** "Mute Witness" (1:40) 65073323 (Fri) ***K The Guns of Navarone" (2:40)50662502 3:00 0 It'* Showtime at the Apollo (Fri) 0 (3.06) ABC World New* Now (Mon- Thu) (3:08) In Concert (Fri) O Movie (Fri) +*x This Boy's Life" (2:00) 1602434 0 (3:25) Mini Disaster Area (Tue, Thu) (3:05) Laverne ft Shlriey (Wed, Fri) 0 (3:20) Movie (Wed) **K "Something to Talk About" (1:46) 40049613(3:10) (Fri) ** "Hollow Point" 0:42)11249960 0 Movie (Tue) •** x The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper" (2:00) 8639353 (Wed) * * * 14 "Edward, My Son" (2:00) 8606025 0 (3:15) Movie (Tue) "Weapons of Mass Distraction" (1:40)63758605 I Crossfire 141759 Movie (Tue) * * * "Captain From Castile" (2:30) 142112 I AcapuIco H.E.A.T. (Tue) Taxi Top 20 Video Countdown (Fri) Discover America Stanley Cup Playoffs (Fri) Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Tue) Kung Fu (Wed) Movie (Fri) ** The Flight That Disappeared" (1:30)661786 • Tale* of Tomorrow (Fri) 0 Bee's Lit* (Mon) Tree and the Ants (Tue) Scorpions (Wed) Beetles Below (Thu) Deadly Australians: The Desert and Wetland* (Fri) 1 (3:05) Combatl (Thu) Elementary School (Mon) Auto Racing (Mon) This Week In NASCAR (Tue) Halls of Fame (Wed) Muaclesport USA (Fri) 0 Movie (Mon-Tue) *** "Framed" (2:00) 526391 (Wed) * * * The Immortal Battalion" (2:00) 571087 (Thu) **X "Aiglets" (2:00) 980304 (Fri) *** "Jack London" (2:00)462521 I Te Sloo Amende 224533 (3:15) Movie (Fri) **K "Hocus Pocus" (1:35)69918811 0 (3:10) Movie (Mon) **K "Staircase" (1:40) 10970827(3:10) (Tue) *** "Living In Oblivion" (1:31) 10969711(3:20) (Wed) * Tlw Dallas Connection" (1:34) 37467260 (Thu) "South Central Los Angelas: Inside Voices" (1:30)6095781 01) (3:06) Movie (Fri) **K The Night Strangled (1:54)60976645 (a) (3:07) Beach Patrol (Fri) TCM Movie (Fri) * * * The Old Maid" (2:00) 8313279 3:30 0 Real TV (Mon-Wed) Headline News (Thu) 0 Movie (Wed) *** The Milagro Beanfield War" (2:00) 1475321 (Thu) * *x "I'll Never Forget What's 'Is Name" (1:45) 3563830 0 (3:35) Gomer Pyle, USMC (Mon- Tue, Thu) (3:35) Leave It to Beaver (Wed) Laveme ft Shirley (Fri) 0 (3:50) Movie (Mon) "One Good Turn" (1:30)99680846 0 (3:45) Movie (Fri) **M The World's Greatest Lover* (1:30) 31155705 0 Movie (Mon) ** "Girt 6" (1:47) 1616662 (Wed) **» "Lotto Land" (1:27) 704990 (Fri) *K "Night of the Scarecrow" (1:23)436796 0 Newsroom (Mon-Thu) Future Watch fri) Mary Tyler Moore Music Videos (Mon-Thu) Highway Auto Racing (Tue-Thu) Our Gang Shorts (Mon) Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Thu) I One Step Beyond (Fri) (3:43)Perfect Moment (Mon) Champions of Speed (Wed) Movie (Wed) **K "Magic Island" (1:28) 959613 0 Compromising Situations (Fri) TMC (3:55) Movie (Tue) * it "Waitress!" (1:30) 7392042 (3:40) (:40) (Wed) *K "Class of Nuke 'Em High" (1:25) 68617483 4:00 O Jenny Jones (Mon-Thu) 834681 Star Trek (Fri) 0 Headline News (Mon-Thu) Movie (Fri) ** "Dementia 13" (2:00)123873 0 Movie (Mon) ** The Toy" (1:45) 2800391 (Tue) *** Twins" (2:00) 6976995 0 (4:05) Gllllgan's Island (Mon-Thu) Who's the Boss? (Fri) 0 Movie (Tue) "Fast Money" (1:33) 209711(4:05) (Thu) *14 "Shopping" (1:27) 41802101 0 (4:10) Movie (Thu) ** "Fever" (1:39) 48327472 0 CNN/Sports Illustrated 0 Movie (Mon) **U The Stand at Apache River" (1:30)839778 0 Bloomberg Information Television (Mon-Thu) Facts of Life (Fri) 0 Dick Van Dyke O Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Mon) Cartoon* (Tue) Gllllgan'* Island (Wed) I One Step Beyond (Fri) Wild Guess Asia Market Wrap (Mon-Thu) Movie (Mon) ** The Toy" (1:45) 1506204 (Tue) ** The Tumbleweed Trail" (:51) 6647537 (Wed) * 15 "Man Friday" (2:00) 199667 (Thu) "Web of Deception" (1:34) 9040830 (Fri) *** The Young Philadelphlans" (2:20) 92128811 0 College Baseball (Mon) Cycle Wortd (Wed) • Divine Plan (Wed) 0 Primer Impacto Extra 0 Chart!* Brown and Snoopy (Mon) Chip 'n' Dal* Rescue Ranger* (Tue) 0 (4:15) Movie (Fri) *** "Metropolitan" (1:38)54038347 (S) (4:07) Headline New* (Fri) TCM Festival of Short* (Wed-Thu) TMC (4:25) Movie (Thu) * * K "A Great Wall" (1:45)35367217 4:30 0 First Business (Mon-Thu) 0 (4:35) Headline News (Mon-Thu) Who's the Boss? (Fri) S Daybreak (Mon-Thu) Earth Matters S ) (4:45) Movie (Wed) *** This Earth Is Mine" (2:15) 83914349 (4:35) Michael Felnsteln: Sing a Song of Hollywood (Thu) Unscripted Hollywood S ) Bloomberg Information Television Teacher to Teacher With Mr. Wizard (Mon) Nick News flue-Wed) Launch •ox (Thu) Bob Newhart (Fri) I Up dose (Wed) NHL2Mght Bug* Bunny (Wed-Fri) InvWble Man (Fri) Profiles of Nature Before the Bell (Mon-Thu) (4:51) Movie (Tue) **M The Last post" (1:32)63321044 0 Cretto A. Dollar Jr. (Mon-Thu) R.C. Mate*, 8r. (Fri) 0 NoUclero Unlvlskm Edtekm Nocturne I Ducktates (Mon-Tue, Thu) (4:55) Movie (Mon) ** "Sabrtna the Teen-Age Witch" (1:31) 17570136(4:46) (Tue) **» "Tiger Heart" (1:30) 46006315(4:55) (Wed) *** "The Santa Clause" (1:37) 17519025(4:45) (Thu) *** "Inside Moves' (1:53) 1569676 (S) AgOay (Mon-Thu) Headline New* (Fit) TCM MOM Parade (Mon) TMC Movie (Mon) **x "Devil In a Blue Ores*" (1:45)7209204 WON Ufe In the Word (Mon-Thu) 4:41 0 Teacher to Teecner With Mr. Wto- anilMon Tune in Tomorrow ****»*«!»«.»fr«*«*rt»**»*fo**»«*<*****»»»*«**«*** Soap opera summaries for May 12-16 By Nancy Reichardt • United Feature Syndicate SOAP SCENE • Call COMMUNITY lln* Category 7627 • ALL MY CHILDREN: Pierce was stunned when Brooke admitted Diana Is really Christina. Laura comforted Brooke after learning Diana Is Christina. After Diana proved to Pierce that she is Christina, he said he will not abandon her, and they will find their daughter. Dimltri and Gloria teamed that Erica could not have adopted Sonya In Russia since she had the baby with her when she arrived in The Big Apple. Erica talked to a doctor about removing Sonya's birthmark. Tad arrived in New York, then he and Dimitri argued over Gloria. Tad and Gloria had a romantic reunion. Tanner knocked Hayley unconscious, but thinking she was dead, he entombed her in the cave. Tanner was wounded as he and Mateo struggled over a gun. Mateo looked for Hayley when her body was not found In her crashed car. Skye considered killing Tanner. Trevor and Janet got close while planning Amanda's birthday party. • ANOTHER WORLD: At the last minute, Cindy called off the quickie wedding and told Grant that she wanted a big wedding. Cindy and Grant consummated their marriage after a sad ceremony held In the middle of the street. Cindy will Inherit Grant's fortune if he dies, poisoned his celebratory brandy. Grant is also determined to get rid of Cindy. Vicky saved Bobby, who was Injured at the train depot. Jake tailed Vicky and found Bobby hiding in the secret room at her cottage. Jake was injured in a confrontation with Bobby. Vicky found Jake and is worried that Bobby was missing. Amanda was angry at Cart over Rachel's decision to risk her life to have Carl's baby. Amanda fumed when Rachel gave Cart control of Cory Enterprises. Alexander bought the studio that Is producing the movie version of Felicia's novel. Alexander showed up at Felicia's place after John was called away on a mysterious medical emergency. • AS THE WORLD TURNS: Luclnda showed John an age-enhanced photo of David that she obtained through her private eye, Webster, and told John it Is possible David is her son. Luclnda told John that Dr. Tompklns' sister-in-law had adopted and raised Lucinda's son. Lucinda said she does not like David, then nixed telling John who fathered her son. Lucinda fumed when she went to see Tom and found David sitting at Tom's desk pretending he Is the district attorney. Margo thought she was losing her mind when James showed up at the sanitarium and suggested they would make a good team (James and Margo had an affair years ago). Tom did not believe Margo's story that James is alive. Margo was traumatized by a second visit from James. Jack gave Molly a place to stay after she left Uty's because she does not want to run Into HokJen. Molly told Jack that they can only be friends. Hokten and Lily shared a romantic romp. • THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Maggie was furious that Sheila made sure James saw her having a good time with Curtis. Maggie tried to force Sheila to move out of the house. A pregnant Sheila was hospitalized after she fell during a struggle with Maggie. Sheila told a concerned James that their baby will be fine, then said that she and Maggie were equally responsible for her fall. Jonathan told Hunter that he has no more time to prove his theory that Grant shot hlmsett. Grant was upset that Brooke asked if he framed Ridge. Grant testified that he saw Ridge enter his office and then shoot him. Eric accused Grant of lying. • DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Kristen panicked while Martena waited lor John so she could tell everything that Kristen has been up to, including the fact John Jr. Is not Kristan's baby. Kristen knocked Martena out then locked her In the secret room meant for Susan. Kristen was relieved when John and Abe decided Stefano \» aUve and he has kidnapped Martena again. Kristen said Celeste was wrong when she told John that she suspects a Unk between Susan and Stefano. Hoping lo ultimately wind up with Carrie, Lucas decided to get Carrie and Mike together because he thinks K wlU be easier to take her away from Mike than from Austin. Austin fumed when he saw Carrie having a good time with Mike. Austin tat Saml think he spent the night In bed with Iw. Saml recalled Lucas telling her to keep mum that she Is having memory flashbacks. Hope learned the drug charges against BiUle w»r« dropped. • GENERAL HOSPITAL: Luke tailed Stefan, who sneaked into Laura's chalet in Switzerland and stale the Fabarg* egg that Nikolas gave Lesley Lu. Stefan unwittingly knocked a ski-masked Nikolas off the side of th« mountain when they collided on a narrow footpath. Luke puled Nikolas to safely, then IMA him to Laura. Nikolas returned lo Port Charles alter making sura Stefan had not harmed Lesley or Lesley Lu. On hi* computer, Lucky made a copy of the computer virus Stefan had stored on the microchip Luke found to the base of the egg. Pierce gloated after planting heroin in Jax's suitcase and then anonymously tipping the cops. Posing as nuns, Lucy and Felicia invaded a French convent looking for information on Kevin's father. Carry stole Tony's custody papers for Lucas from Justus' office and sent them to Bobble. Stefan assured Bobble that she will not lose Lucas. • GUIDING LIGHT: Annie pretended she was regretful over Reva's arrest for attempted murder and manslaughter, but continued to lie that Reva pushed her down the stairs. Blake threatened to tell Josh that Annie was artificially inseminated and that she lied about Reva pushing her down the stairs, but Blake is worried the truth would cost her any chance of reconciling with Ross. Reva reluctantly agreed to Josh's plan to let Annie think he has returned to her In an effort to get the goods on her. Alan took the stand at Reva's preliminary hearing after she begged him to reveal Annie's lies. Roger encouraged Blake not to tell Ross what she knows about Annie. Rick teamed BUI and Michelle broke Into the hospital computer to find out who received Maureen's heart. Michelle and Bill went to Reva's hearing to look for me heart recipient. As part of their plan to get rid of Jeffrey, Buzz and Jenna Insisted their relationship is over. • ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Todd and Vlkl learned Starr's bone marrow transplant went without a hitch, but it will take weeks to find out if there are any complications. As part of his revenge plot against Patrick, Todd flew to Ireland and had a talk with Kenneally (from the Men of 21), who is In prison. Cassle was worried about Andrew, who tried to get Ernesto to give up before someone got hurt. Bo fumed when he learned that Asa bought the bank that is foreclosing on Ernesto's business and home. Ernesto released Carlotta then told his story to Kevin, who sneaked In ahead of Mel to do the Interview. While Antonio organized his neighbors against Asa, the Buchanans confronted Asa about his plans to develop the waterfront. Drew stopped Kelly from confessing to Andrew that she drove the car that caused Patrick's car crash. Tea told Carlotta that she has feelings for Kevin. • SUNSET BEACH: As part of their plan to split up Meg and Ben, Annie and Tim flew Meg's mother, Joan, in for Mother's Day. Joan became worried when Ben admitted some people blame him for the boating accident death of his wife. Joan was upset when Meg said she loves Ben. Tim made sure Joan heard him say he did not want Ben to kill Meg like he did Maria. Caittln said she was going with Cole, who Is going to see his grandmother to get proof of whether or not Elaine Is his mother. Gregory called the police, then got Into a fight with Cole at the grotto. Cole and Calttln escaped, but she was upset that he would not let her go with him. While Cole was distracted by Paula's request that he stay and help Elaine, Caitiin hid In the back seal of the car. Tiffany told Sean that she ran away front home to escape from her father. Paula is unable to make love with Ricardo. Vanessa and Michael admitted that they love each other. • THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Kurt kissed Ashley after accusing her of being jealous that he kissed Hope. Hope recognized Diane's perfume as the perfume she recently smelted on Victor (who had kissed Diane). Nlkkl advised Victor to decide how he feels about Hope. Grace has been unable to reach Mildred, the woman Cassle had been living with. Grace told Sharon that Cassi* Is the daughter of an ailing cousin. Sharon told Grace that Nick's job offers fan through. After KeHh said Trida has been seeing Ryan, Ji offered to toll Trida that Ryan Is married. The line suddenly went dead when Chris tried to arrange a meeting with Sasha to discuss buying the Information on Danny (hat Sasha said the tabloids would be willing to buy. Neil is happy that Dru has agreed to have another baby. Olivia admitted to Malcolm that she Is suspicious of Dru's decision. ONE STOP •UFE -FARM •CAR •HOME •BUSINESS SHELTER INSURANCE Jean curry 2797Mlmont 823-5129 We'll alway be there for you. Stdtef limmmce Co, Home Offlct: Columbia, MO.

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