Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 20, 1965 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1965
Page 14
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BEN CASEY By NEAL ADAMS SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL IS MEEtiNS THE C\fE THE 94ESIFF RlMeO IM FRONTOF AT HIGH MOON. Wow.! TMEV'RE (50IN&TO HAVE A SHOOT-OUT// , DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD THE BORN LOSER [WHAPPAYA MEAtJ,YOU'RF OmTTIhJg? \{i 'M JtJgrt?unTi »<&,iHAr ^Lu) JUST LIKE THAT, HUH?) By ART SANSOM you REALIZE, OF COURSE,THAT THIS f / I POM'T KNOV/—I JU^T PESERTION I j <t • HAVE A fUHHY fEELIW&THAT • tr —r^ '^B^.'SJR.'tOUMA{ '5BH0\{ 'SOfABmiHS TERRIBLE IS^ /ME TO JAIL VV_ eO\H&-XOMAPFBti. MINP TBLUN<5*EWHAT eFOUSHT ALLy^THIS ABOUT? C ^NEKAU CUCTER— , K PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER y GOOD OLD STUART! I KMEW HE'D TWINK OF SOMETHING; CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER HAVEN'T Y HAFgPLVI J.P. McKEE ^ 5EeN HIM.,. \ AKRWEP SEVERAt- UWLE55 HE'5 THE porry OLD CHAP WHO HELPEP K05 THAT TRAIMI PAY* ASO. ANP IM /(AWZBP HE HA5.NT LOOKEP > OHi MR. TROON... A 5HEPHERP NEAR LEATHERSLAPE FARM 5ENPSW0RD THAT HE MUST 5E& VOUL 5A1P VOU'D UNPER-^ 6TANP1 HO, INPEEP? WHV 15 IT EVERY RUPPV 5TKAWGER IN EN6WNP CLAIMS, TO KNOW ME? BIORTY MEEKLE By DICK CAVALLI SOU cmrcyee-nw TEA.6H0iKIA5YCO2 - W/NTH(2CR7Ha2e y^'' I l^N0W,MDCNBOFlUEfA le HAV/INS A B/eTHDAy. •tf- ma br NEA. Inc. TM. Kig. U.S. fet. Qtf. ANDVCO'Q£/NVITS> ICONrkMOVWH/ I evasi TTZV. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY J. R. WILLIAMS /.\Y WORD, ROCKY I RELIEVE YOUR iV',:,MD ABOUT PRI?£-FiQKTiN&.'A HARD HITTER LlKS W KMOCKS OUT US OPPasiEKlTS VMIH OME PUN'(:H~THEY rOSVSR FESL ATHlNG.'lT^ THOSe ISEPT l5 -eOL)MD gOUTS THAT DO ALLT HE PERMANENT DAMA &E .'—UM-HAK.'—WHILE RMAN- aN6 YOUR MUSIiTAL CAREER WIL SAS'E YOUR lopPOMSN.T'S FROM / '^SCt ' • lojTTlNfi EACH OTHER OP.^T/I U0SH.MA30K. I NEVER- "H0L3SHT OF IT MAT WAY BEFORE-.' COULD I ^HUT MY EYES WH5M I V Redlands Daily Facts l4 -Thurs,May 20, 1965 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE On February 11. 1965, a NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND ELECTION TO SELL UNDER Deeds of Trust executed by Corona Savings and Loan Association, a Corporation. refcrrinR to Deeds of Trust hereinafter listed and described was recorded as Instruments Nos. 153 throuRh 160. in book 6329. pages 6.1 through 63. in the Office of the County Recorder of San Bernardino County, California. Each of said Deeds of Trust having been executed by Chase Inve.'it- mcnt Company, a California Corporation, for the purpose of securing certain obligations in favor of Corona Savings and Loan Association, a Corporation, each of which obligations include, among other things, one note of the remaining principal sum as set forth below, each Deed of Trust recorded on the date and in the various books and pages of Official Records of San Bernardino County, State of California, as hereinafter set forth and each deed of trust described a respective lot in Tract No, 6742, in the City of Redlands, as per map recorded in book 87, pages 67 and 68, in the office of the county recorder of said County. Eomaining Principal Deed of Trust Sum Recorded Aggregate Date Book Page Amount 10/17/63 6010 611 $27,592.99 6010 ~'~ 6010 6010 6010 6010 6010 6010 7. 613 615 617 619 621 623 625 25.880.96 27.190.12 25.780.30 27,592.99 27.089.46 27.794.40 27.190.12 10/17/63 10/17 -63 10/17/63 10/17/63 10/17/83 10/17/63 10/17/63 . . _ __ By reason of a breach or default in the respective obhgations secured by each of the respective Deeds of Trust, a notice of breach which was recorded as set out above. SECURITY TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY. dul.v appointed Trustee in each of said Deeds of Trust, at 10:00 o'clock a.m. on Wednesday, June 9. 1965. will sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, payable al time of sale in lawful money of the United States of America, at the front entrance of the office of Security Title Insurance Company at 480 West Court Street. San Bernardino. California, without covenant or warranty, expressed or implied, as to title possession, or encumbrances, the interest conveyed lo and now held by said Trustee, under said Deeds of Trust in and to each lot or parcel of real property as described in each of the aforementioned Deeds of Trust, for the purpose of paying the respective obligations secured by said Deeds of Trust including lees, charges and expenses of the Trustee, Advances, if any under the terms of each Deed of Trust and interest thereon. Dated May ii. 1965. SECURITY TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY. a Corporation. By: /s/ Keith Henninger, Assistant Vice President. (Corporate Seali Read Classified Ads CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum 2 lines, 5 average words to tlie line. 32 letters and spaces. Do not abbreviate. 1 Time 3 Times 6 Times 2 Lines $i.00 3 Lines 1.00 4 Lines l.OS 5 Lines 1.3.S 6 Lin»- l.ea 7 Lines 1.89 8 Lines 2.16 9 Lines 2.43 10 Lines 2.7S $1.44 2.16 2.H3 3.60 4.32 5.04 5.76 6.48 '.20 Per Month by the line — S4.00 Commerrial Bate? on Reauest CLASSIFICATION INDEX Lost and Found . Personals *~ ?2.64 3.96 S.28 6.60 7.92 9.24 10.56 11.38 13.20 Special Notices Employment Wanted Help Wanted _ Schools - Insiructions .,„ Nurseries - Day Schools Room and Board For Rent Wanted to Rent „... Bargain Spot Business Services _..„ Musical instruments Beal Estate Loans...... Money to Loan., Money Wanted „ [. Mortgages - Trust Deeds Business Opportunities Income Propertv „ Beach - Mountain Industrial Property Lots and Acreage _._ Heal Estate Exchanges Groves and Ranches Re"--'. Estate Wanted.. Commercial Property Bouses for Sale Mobile Homes - Trailers Trucks - Trailers _ Automotive Imported Cars 1(1 13 15 22 _ 2S 40 41 „ 45 — 4;< 44 47 48 49 50 SI S2 S3 54 3! 58 59 . 6( BOA ABBREVIATIONS Readable and understandable adj promote greater results. The use of ^ny e.vcept standard abbreviations in Classified Advertisements Is false economy, therefore only Standard Abbreviations are authorized. CANCELLATION Cancellations of private party adi may be made until 9 a.m. the day of publication. If made after 0 a.m. cancellation wUl be made for the following day. Each ad placed must be published one time or there will be a type setting cost of Sl.OO. 4 Employment Wanted LANDSCAPE gardening, lawns installed. rototilling. 796-0922. HAlNTINli - A-1 workmanrhip, rca. I sonable. "Bob" DeWitt. 793-3722. TAKE care o'f your property in CN- change for furnished place or what have you. P. o. Box 65, Colton. Calif. IcOLLEGi:; graduate home for summer. desires employment for 3 months. Typing, filing, willingness to learn. Write Bo.x H. c/o Facts. 6 Help Wanted BEAUTY operator, ten years experience or more. Older woman preferred. Call 794-1900. RECEPTIONIST - SECRETARY. Over 21. Apply 826-G Brookside Ave., _RedIands. No_phone cal 1 s. RESTAURANT cook. Experienced in cookmg Mexican food necessary. Oscar's, 19 No. 5th. 792-9333 WOMEN for gathering eggs. Also experienced man for poultry ranch. 35594 County Line Road, Yucaipa. 797-1192. MIDDLE age couple to work poultry ranch. Housing, utilities, incidentals plus salary. Must be experienced. CaJ1 794-1149. SESlR STYLISTS—Golden opportunity for experienced hair stylists at Redlands' newest and most plush Salon at Redlands Plaza, Many fringe benefits. Our quality prices will warrant only the finest hair StyUsts. Call 689-5180. ^_ RECEPTIONIST PABX OPERATOR 3 years minimum experience necessary. Typing and ability with figures helpful. Salary commensurate with qualifications. Must nave own transportation- If you are an attractive, mature person who has career in mind, please call 793-3271 or 834-1251 between 8 and 4 for appointment. TEACHERS Here's an opportunity you never dreamed of. A Summer job. that could result in additional income during teaching days. Need money: Have Enthusiasm! Have the spirit of adventure! Call today for appointment. 792-4098. 10 For Rent A —APARTMENTS tURiNISHLD A^ARTOlENTS,. v,iikW rates, $15 and up. monthly rates S50 and up, utilities Iroluded. Children welcome. 792-7585. 1122 West Palm, Apt. 3 Ju ianna Apts. 30 and 50 N. Ash St. 2 bedroom, 1 bath $120, $125 2 bedroom. IV2 baths, studio 5155 Forced air heat, cooling and private patio. 2 bedroom, 2 baths $163 Forced air heat, cooling and private patio. Carpeting and drapes, built-in electric range and oven, pool, recreation room. Free laundry facilities. GAS and CITY SERVICES P.AiD. Mgr. No. 4 792-6770. 792-5964 Brookside Patios Prestige Aparfmenis 711 Brookside Ave. FURNISHED — UNFURNISHED 1 Bedroom; 2 Bedroom, 1 bath; 2 Bedroom, 2 baths. 4 Private patios or private balconies. ^ Refrigerated cooling. ^ Free circulating hot water. ^ Large heated POOL. ^ Badminton court. ^ Golf putting green. 4 Garages, plus off-street guest parking. * Laundry. ^ Convenient to markets, schools. 4 FREE CITY SERVICES. MANAGER 793-4275 or 793-3014 ERRORS Where an error is made on the part of the Redlands Daily Facts, and the Facts is notified by 9 a.m. day loi- lowing first insertion, correction wili be made and the ad will be run properly one additional day. The Rediands Daily Facts will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S S.\LE No. 65-14 On June 17. 1965. at 11 o'clock a.m., at the north entrance of the San Bernardino County Court House. City of San Bernardino. California. BALDWIN PARK INVESTMENT CORP., a California Corporaticn. ai^ Trustee, under deed of trust made by CLYDE E. TULLOCK, an unmarried man, and recorded April 17. 1963. in Book 5890. Page 963. of Official Records of San Bernardino County, California, given to secure an indebtedness in favor of beneficiary by reason of the breach of certain obligations secured thereby, notice of which was recorded Jan. 22. 1965. in Book 6316. Page 157 of said Official Records. San Bernardino County. California, will sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, payable in lawful money of the United State of America at the time of sale, without warranty as to title, possession or encumbrances, the interest conveyed to and now held by said Trustee under said Deed of Trust, in and to the following described property, to-wit: Lot 75. Tr. 4276. in the city of Redlands, as per plat recorded in Bk. 64 of maps, page 83. records of San Bernardino County, CaU- fornia, for the purpose of paying obligations secured by said Deed including fees, charges, and expenses of the Trustee, advances, if any. under the terms of said Deed, interest thereon and S12.632.38. in unpaid principal of the note secured by said, deed, with interest thereon from | IRONING Oct. 15. 1964. as in said note, and by law provided. Dated May 6. 1965- BALDWIN PARK INV'EST- MENT CORP., Trustee By Irene Lacey. Assistant Secretary. Publish May 13. 20 and 27. 1965 DEADLINES Private party ads — 4:30 p.m. day preceding publication. Commercial Ads — 3 p.m. day pre^ ceding publication. PHONE 793-3221 Daily 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. 8:00 a.m. T6 12 Noon Saturday Trading Stamp Directory S. & H. Green Stamps THE HARRIS CO. 17 E. State Pncn» 793-238S 1 Lost and Found LOST — Key ring with 10-12 keys. Church St. area. 792-4337. FOUND — Dalmatian dog. 792-3834. Owner pay for_ad. LOST — Bunch of keys. Saturday afternoon, on Orange St.. across from Gerrards. Reward. 793-3945. 3 Special Notices 21" CITY water credit for sale. Best offer will take. Write Box G. Facts. 4 Employment Wanted NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE No. 65-19 On June 17. 1965. at U o'clock a.m., at the north entrance of the San Bernardino County Court House. City of San Bernardino. California. BALDWIN PARK INVESTMENT CORP.. a California Corporation, as Trustee, under deed of trust made by LUTHER F. McDONALD and GENEVA FAY McDONALD. husband and wife, and recorded Mar. 21. 1963. in Book 5873. Page 971, of Official Records of San Bernardino County. California, given to secure an indebtedness in favor of beneficiary by reason of the breach of certain obligations secured thereby, notice of which was recorded Jan. 28, 1965, in Book 6319, Page 641 of said Official Records. San Bernardino County. California, will sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, payable in lawful money of the United States of America at the time of sale, without warranty as to title, possession or encumbrances, the interest conveyed to and now held by said Trustee under said Deed of Trust, in and to the following described property, to-wit: Lot 28, Tr. 4276 in the city of Redlands, as per plat recorded in Bk. 64 of maps, page 88, records of San Bernardino County, lor the purpose of paying obligations secured by said Deed including fees, charges, and expenses of the Trustee, advances, if any. under the terms of said Deed, interest thereon and 512.594.14. in unpaid principal of the note secured by said deed, with interest thereon from Nov. 15. 1964. as in said note, and by law provided. Dated Mav 6. 1965. BALDWIN PARK INVESTMENT CORP., Trustee By Irene Lacey. Assistant Secretary. Publish May 13. 20 and 27, 1965 baby sitting in my home. Reasonable. 253 Myrtle St._ HOME repairs, caoinets, alterations. General carpentry. Watkins, 797-0596 t: lE — Remodeling baths or new work. Estimates. 792-6866. RETIRED MILITARY OFFICERS Need high caliber men interested in active retirement full or part-time. Equal, double, or triple your retirement income in a new business. No telephone interviews please. Mr. Haas. 793-5162, evenings for appointment. 9 Room and Board HOTEL CASA DEL KEY Retirement hotel. 792-9063 HOME atmosphere, cooking, laundry. Cooler 792-8594. 10 For Rent A — APARTMENTS CLOSE in. convenient. Summer rate. 622 Gleriw.ood_Dr. 793-3829. UPPER 2 bedroom. lurriishedT"Neir Sage's. S60. Garage. 792-7878. CLEAN 2 bedroom, furnished, upstairs. S65. 245 Grant. 792-4327. NEW 2 bedroom, unfurnished, built- ins, patio, adults, S90. 792-6005. FURNISHED single, lovely, just decorated, cooler. $60. 321 Sonora. UNFURNISHED 1 bedroom, $55. 245 Norw.Qod. 793-4728. FURNISHED SINGLE APARTMENT 26397 W. Redlands Blvd. 1 BEDROOM unfurnished, stove and refrigerator. Adults. 792-8563. 1 BEDROOM furnished apartment. Close to Sage's. 792-7880. 1 BEDROOM furnished: all utilities paid. Lovelv park-like setting, near Redlands Hospital. Adults. 793-1237. BACHELOR apartment, freshly painted, close ill. air conditioned, $50. "93-5663. 23U S. Buena Vista. STTLLMAN APARTMENTS — 1 bed"^ room. Vurnished. pool, yard care, _S90. 792-6131 or 792-3360. 2 BEDROOM, unfurnished. Southside. S85. BERT MARCUM, Realtor, 793-2422. 3 ROOM, furnished, close in. Utilities paid, laundry facilities. Adults only. 7y2-4009 alter 4. LIDO PALMS FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED Gas, Water, Elecfricify & City Services Included Bachelor S 90.00 1 Bedroom . . . , 110.00 2 Bedroom .... 140-00 Studio 160.00 Refrigerated Cooling Range, refrigerator, drapes, fully carpeted; soundproofed, private balcony or patio, beautiful grounds, heated pool. Adult Section—Child's Section McKinley - Cope School District Military Personnel Welcome 100 TENNESSEE STREET West on Brookside to Market Basket, right for 3 blocks. Manager. Apartment 1 792-7016 B - HOUSES NEW 4 bedroom, cooler, 3(PE. Crescent. S150. 1617 Orange St. 2 Bedroom unfufL nished. S73. Water and disposal _paid^792-5180_^ftej;_6_p.jn. 1 BEDROOM, unfurnished, clean7Wa; ter paid. 132 Norwood. $55. 792-6131 or 792-3360. ZEGER'S painting LARGE furnished lower, lights paid. Adults. S60. 330 S. Buena Vista. nd~dccorating ' Appointment. 792-1440. I ;„»„„.rf'onrf in^.ir<.ri 7q3-ni8 ';2 BEDROOM furnished apartment. Licensed and insured. .JJ loou. i n,<,n,h. TERRV HIGDON, Real­ tor._606_Tejias^j£92^43^_ DOUBLE and single. Low rent, all utilities paid. Adults. No pets. 248 Cajon. Apt. 1. 530 — 2 bedroom, unfurnished duplex. Close in. southside, air conditioning, water and disposal paid. Adults. 792-.3461. HUGE 1 bedroom, also large 2 bedroom. Pool. Adults. CYPRESS TERRACE APTS., 325 E. Cypress. _7J3-5o.76. SOUTHSIDE. 1 bedroom duplex, carpeted, covered patio. Gardening and w.ater paid. Adults. S75. 307 Bond. 793-1158 or 311 Bond. 793-4095. 2~BElSRdOMS, built-in range. Drapes, carpets. University district. Only S90. Ben M. Nymeyer. 826 E. High, 793-4950. 2 BEDROOMS, carpet, drapes, air condition, stove, refrigerator, disposal, garage, heated pool, '.a block shopping and bus. S99.50 or furnish e d _S 1J5^__16_ N^_San_M at eO;___^ NEW 2~bedroom duplex. S70 a'month. \'s Easy "o Place A Facts Classified Ad Use One Of These Methods: 1. Phone 793-3221 and sav. "1 want to place a Classified .•\d." I. Mall It to Facts Clarsilled Ads. Redlands Facts. 3 Bring It to the Facts Off(o«. 700 Brookside Avt WIDE MOUNTAIN VIEW 3 bedroom furnished home. Patio, garden. $120 month includes water. 794-2505. 3 AND 4 bedroom brand new homes. Family room, carpeted, air conditioner. Available July 15. Huiry. S167.50 month. VIRGIL SIMS. Hcal- tor. 18 W. Citrus, 793-2777. FOR LEASE — Mediterranean Estate on viewful fz acre. 4 bedrooma, 4 baths, dining room, large living room, finished basement. $325 month. Water and gardener paid. BERT MARCUM. Realtor, 793-2422 or Eves. Jim Bethell, 793-3059. AVAILABLE FOR 3 MONTHS 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, unfurnished. Available May 15 to August 15. Prefer no small children. $100 per month in return for good care of house and yard. Contact Perry at Sawyer Real Estate. 793-2814. 2 BEDROOMS and den, 2 batns. formal dining room, carpets and drapes. Close in. Available now $175 month VIRGIL J. SIMS. Realtor 18 W. Citrus 793-2777 2 BEDROOM, unfurnished. carpets _ S83 2 BEDROOM, unfurnished $65 2 BEDROOM, furnished $35 Wanda Hale, Realtor 126 W. Colton 793-2475 NICE clean 3 bedroom, fenced. Lease or lease option S 90 2 BEDROOM, furnished Adults, .S 90 2 BEDROOM, unfurnished $75 CLOSE-IN. nice, first floor 2 bedroom apartment $110 L. A. PRATT, Reltor 6 West Citrus 793-2509 2 BEDROOM home, southside $125 LARGE 2 BEDROOM apt., near Sage's, built-in stove, new paint, carpet, drapes $100 2 BEDROOM apt., southside, built-in stove, drapes $ 85 PRESCOTT'S, Realtors 5 W. State 793-3188 FOR LEASE 4 Bedroom, 1 = , baths $15S 3 Bedroom. 13,i baths .$145 Built-in range and oven. Carpet, fenced, lawn. EARL JOHNSON, REALTOR 18 N. 7th St. 792-6380 Eves. 793-2451. 792-3269 Water and trash pick-up furnished. Call 797-1978 or inquire at 239 County Line Rd., Calimesa, after 5:30 p.m. COTTAGE - APARTMENTS Gracious Living at its Best! ROOSEVELT COURTS r92-2293 534 Roosevelt Rd. 793-4945 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT. Hardwood floors. Refrigeration cooling. SS7.50 month. Earl Johnson, Realtor '92-6380. eve. 792-3269. 7S3-2451 Pickwick Arms DEH 'XE TOWN HOUSE APTS. 522 LaVerne 793-1010 Stitch in Time Answer to Previous Puzjie ACROSS 1 Sewing implement 7 Reel for 50 across .Antenna 14 Small space 15 Carpenter's gadgets 16 Infirm. 17 Worm 18 Devotee 20 British coinage tab.) 21 Feign 25 Bowling term 28 Weird 32 More facile 34 Weapons 35 Uniformly 36 Whims 37 Mutual amity 38 Irregular 39 E.xpungers 43Sainte lab.l 46 Asunder (prefix) 47 Romanian com 50 Sewing necessity 53 Tailor's gadget 56 Printing mistakes 57Dyestuff Ivar.) 5S Collect 59 Cubic meters DOWN 1 Back of neck 2 Congers 3 Ages 4 Noise 5 New Guinea" port 6 Feminine name 7SUtch Ughtly 8 Mineral rock 9 Masculine nickname 10 Seethe 11 Ailments 12 Require 19 Thoroughfare lab.l 21 Member of royalty 22 One who staggers 23 Closer 24 Precludes 2 .0 Ooze 2b Crowd closely 27 Sailing 29 City in Nevada 41 'V'es (Sp.l 30 Bores .^2 Facilitate? 31 Essential being 43 Plant part 33 Railway lab.) 44 By means of 34 Southern slate (dial.i (ab.l 45 Strays 40 Biblical name 47 Den ALL THIS: 2 bedrooms, stove, refrigerator, heated swimming pool, clubhouse privileges. Only S95. Available now. 1316 Sylvan Blvd., Manager Apt. 7, 792-3955. REDLANDS TG'tVN HOUSE CAJON and CLARK Redecorated, modern, most desirable 2 bedtoom upper. Ideal location walking distance town, shopping. Avail.ible now. 793-44S!. Durreil's Apartments Nearly new, furnished, attractive 2 bedroom unit in spacious court. Electric kitchen, dishmaster. carport. ;.toragc. patio, pool and play ;.rea. laundry facilities. S117.50. 1011 E. Central Ave. See Manager, Unit "D". 924 E. Central, 793-5785. 43 Sea flyer 49 Employs 51 Consume 52 Goddeis of infatuation 54 Torrid 55 Compass point I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 TT 19 20 21 22 |23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 . 33 H 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 mm • 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 53 20 New Deluxe Apartments FURNISHED and UNFURNISHED 1 and I! bedrooms. 2 baths, single story, heated pool, carports, storage, laundry facilities, carpets, drapes, air conditioned. Children over 12 welcome. Palmbrook Apts. C — ROOMS NICELY furnished room, garage, private bath, separate entrance, breakfast, utilities paid. Business or retired person. 797-7719. D-0FFICES-8UILDINGS BUSINESS building, VT. Redlands Blvd., $100. Key 112 1st, 792-4611_. SMALL commercial building, air conditioned, S75. 535 W. Citrus. Maurice Clapp. 794-1111. UNIQUE office building, 650 sq. ft 3 rooms, air-conditioned, lease $160. Littlepage. Realtor, 793-2766 DELUXE stores and offices available In Boulevard Plaza, Third and Redlands Blvd. Maurice Clapp. 794-1111. 15 Bargain Spot A — AUTOMOTIVE I960 TRIUMPH TR'3. ExceIient"~c'on: dition. 792-694:;. NICE 195: hevy li ton pickup: 8 ft'. box. S695. 793-2408 or 792-6161. 5 VOLKSWAGEN, 1500 S, station wagon, brand new. 793-2121, Ext. 346. Heinz Lange. 1962 950 Palmbrook Dr. 792-6928 Durreil's Apartments Unfurnished, attractive 2 bedroom unit in spacious court. Electric range and refrigerator. Attached carport, storage. Laundry facilities, pool and play area. $90 and up. Durrell. Unit D. 924 E. Central. 793-5785. Completely Furnished ^ I and 2 bedrooms ^ Heated pool and patio ^ Carports, laundry, insulated ^ Water and gas paid TED'S APARTMENTS 27335 W. Redlands Blvd. Near Alabama 793-3679 Park Terrace Apts. 1324 Stillman Ave. 2 — 2 bedroom. IV2 baths. Stove, refrigerator, fully carpeted, drapes, pool, patios, carports, guest parking. Adults. $125. Manager. Apartment 5. 793-2748 792-3724 RAMBLER 'American station wagon, stick shift, excellent running condition. 792-4766 after 6 p.m. 1959 OLDSMOBILE 88 2-door. Power steering, brakes, radio, heater, air. $795. 792-2074 evenings. 1959 T-BIRD. black, air conditioned", heater, power brakes, steering and windows. 66,000 actual miles. On« owner. S950. Call 792-3566. 1959 FORD, white, 8 cylinder station wagon. Automatic transmission, whitewalls. $B50. 792-2188, eves., 793-5317. 1960 CADILLAC. 4 door, tcdan de- ville. Air conditioned, full power, good tires. rOne owner car. Very clean. $1995. 792-6608. 1962 OLDSMOBILE 85 Cutlass Sport Coupe; good condition, factory air. Call 793-2111 between 3 a.m. and 5 p.m.; 792-1393 between 6 and « p.m. 1963 BUICK RIVIERA Factory Air. Power Steering. Power Brakes. Power Windows, Radio, Heater. $3200. Calories Limited, Inc. 550 Brookside Redlands 793-2852

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