Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 5, 1955 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1955
Page 13
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Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1955 OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLI OUT OUR WAY By R. J. Williams BOtfAMrLEARWIN' ABOUT WIMMEN,' IT'LL BE A SWEET MEALV-AAOUTHEP 'OH. DIDN'T YOU <3ITAK)V?OH, HOWTOUSH- HOWVERV WHAT A /DISAPFDWT- RELIEF/y IMS.'" AKJ'A LOT MORE SUSH/ WHAT I'VE <50T PEVlMS TriKEE CHEER& HE DIDN'T SET EVEN ONE/ ' HOW I HATE TO CLEAN) AND EAT THOSE CUTE LITTLE RABBITS.' A\Y WORD/ THIS 15 AM Al\\US5 PARk' FOR ortce yarvte SOT we STIFF-ABASED, TWISSS READIM6 VCVP AMMO IS tHS 5AR5 ,•STILL Alrt'T WE 60 MERRILY CLUS MAZE ~-TH£ 15 R76S5D UPANJD " T'D 6UESS/ 6UT I IT COAAE5 OUT Irk is IS OrJLV /ACT tt J MA3'OR= WHEM YOU'P LOVE TO LIVE FOREVER. Historians Spoil Pocahoiitas Stor •/.RICHMOND, Va. Iff) — .Captai: John Smith of Virginia's James town Colony was saved from th Indians by Pocahoritas but nobodj saved him from the historians. And .riiore's the pity, says Dr Jay B. Hubbell, professor emeritu of American literature at Duk University, a .man .who thinks a good story is a fine thing for the nation to have around. A really good story, he said ir a lecture at the' University of Rich mond, would have had the Indian princess \marrying the doughtj captain.' 'Then, .he .added, they might have been the forebears oi a great American line that would have included George Washington Patrick Henry and Robert E. Lee. But historians just won't have it SYLVANIA Factory Authorized . Service, ENTERPRISE 170 N. Ctntr. St. Phon« PA 2-OOM~ V so and America doesn't have any- ; akin to Virgil's Aeneid. Turkey Fanner Says Birds Are Really Smart KALAMAZOO, Mich. Wi — Some people think turkeys are stupid, but they're wrong," says John Eddy, -whose turkey farm at nearby Grand Junction has served as :emporary housing for some 100,000 turkeys in the past 18 years. "People always s.y turkeys are stupid for : facing the wind instead of turning their backs to it;" Eddy says. "The bird is- just being smart.. that way the wind presses lis feathers close to the body, <eeping him warm." He says also that turkeys will not .eat corn in • hot weather because it raises their body temperatures. Television Highlights MONDAY. DECEMBER 5, 19.1S These television listings are compiled from programs furnished stations. The Times is not responsible for late changes. Tribal Suite' Ready EMPORIA. Va. — (#)— "Arrow- ield," home of Dr. and Mrs. ames R. Henning near here was tnce a camping ground for the leherrin Indians. Should the_ir ;hosts return they might feel at ome. The Hennings have seven vooden and three metal tore Indians in their home. cigar a QUARTER Down STATION KDKA (Pittsburgh, Channel 2) TODAY 5:00 Video Adventures 5:30 Wild Bill Hickok 6:00 News 6:05 Buzz And Bill 6:30 News 6:45 Pitt Parade 6:55 Sports. 7:00 Waterfront 7:30 Time Out 7:45 Ranch Gals 8:00 Father Knows Best 8:30 Barlow Orchestra S:00 Sherlock -Holmes 9:30 Liberace 10:00 Studio One 11:00 World Tonight 11:15 Monday Theatre A.M. 12:30 Sports Final 12:35 Swing Shift TOMORROW 7:00 Today, Garroway 9:00 Wayne Griffin 10:00 Garry Moore 10:30 Woman's Angle !0:45 Arthur Godfrey 11:30 School Program 12:00 News 12:15 Cartoons 12:30 Search Tomorrow 12:45 Guiding Light 1:00 Let's Visit 1:15 Kay's Kitchen. 2:00 Baby Program 2:15 Valiant Lady 2:30 Meet Your Neighbor 3:00 House Party 3:30 Playhouse 330 4:00 Brighter Day 4:15 Secret Storm 4:30 On Your Account TOMORROW 7:00 Today, Garroway 9:00 Little Rascals 9:30 Romper Room 10:00 Ding Dong School 30:30 Search Beauty 11:00 Home 12:00 Tennessee Ernie 1?:30 Feather Your Nest .1:00 Feature Playhouse 2:00 Afternoon 3:00 Matinee -Theatre 4:00 Date With Life .4:15 First Love 4:30 Mr. Sweeney 4:45 Modern Romances STATION (Barrisonburf, WSVA Channel 3) STATION WTTG (Washington. Channel 5) Cumberland, Cable 5) TOD AT 5:00 Lamb Session 6:00 Hoppity Skippity 6:30 Cindy Lou's Ranch 7:05 Matthew Warren' 7:10 Weather Girl 7:15 Yesterday Newsrecl • 7:30 The. Game Room 8:00 Million Dollar Movie 9:30 Studio 57 10:00 Boxing 10:45 Madison Square 11:00 Matthew Warren 11:10 Featurama TOMORROW . ' 9:05 Morning Hymn 9:10 Serial Theatre 9:30 Looney Tunes 10:00 Academy Theatre 12:00 Looney Tunes 12:30 Serial Theatre 12:45 It's Time To Eat 1:00 Two In A How 2:00 Ladies 'Be Seated 3:30 FJame Theatre 4:00 Brighter Day 4:15 Secret Storm 4:30 On Your Account 7:30 Topper 8:00 Readers Digest 8:30 Barlow Orchestra 9:00 Md. Grid Highlights 9:30 Medical Horizons 10:00 International Police 10:30 Top Plays 11:00 News, Weather 11:15 Malone Sports 11:25 All-Star Theatre 11:55 Heart Of The City TOMORROW 1:30 Cartoon Concert 2:00 Ladies Theatre 3:30 Quiz Club 4:00 Studio 7 4:35 Clown Corner is ALL You Pay for a New 1956 TELEVISION featuring the Greatest Advances in TV History / NO BANK OR FINANCE COMPANY Free Home Demonstration New 1956 21-Inch PHILCO TV with automatic Top Touch Tuning TODAT 5:00 Pinky Lee Show 5:30 .Howdy Doody 6:00 Western Trails 6:45 News, Sports 6:55 Markets, Weather 7:00 People Arc Funny 7:30 Disneyland 8:30 Eddy Arnold 9:00 I Love Lucy 9:30 December Bride 10:00 Boxing 10:45 The Playhouse 11:45 News, Sports TOMORROW 11:45 Film .Theatre 12:15 Love Of Life 12:30 Search Tomorrow 12:45 Guiding Light 1:00 Christophers 1:30 Love Story 2:00 Playhouse 3 3:00 Matinee Theatre 4:00 Brighter Day 4:15 Secret Storm 4:30 On Your Account STATION WJAC . (Johnstown. Channel 6) STATION TTHC (Washington, Channel <) (Cumberland, Cable 4) TODAY 5:00 Pinky Lee Show 5:30 Howdy Doody 6:00 Footlight Theatre 6:45 Weather, News 6:55 Sports 7:00 Death Valley Days 7:30 Tony Martin 7:45 News Caravan 8:00 Caesar's Hour 9:00 Medic 9:30 Robert Montgomery 10:30 I Led Three Lives 11:00 News, Weather 11:20 Sports Final 11:25 Les Paul. Mary Ford 11:30 Tonight TODAT : • 5:00 Superman 5:30 Howdy Doody 6:05 Sports 6:15 World News 6:30 1 Love Lucy 7:00 Break The Bank 7:30 Tony Martin 7:45 News Caravan 8:00 Caesar's Hour 9:00 Medic 9:30 Robert Montgomery 10:30 Guy Lombardo 11:00 Bis Town 11:30 Christophers 12:00 News "' . TOMORROW 7:00 Today, Garroway 9:00 Cooking Tips 9:30 Garry Moore 10:00 Ding Dong School 10:30 Search Beauty 11:00 Home 12:00 Tennessee Ernie 12:30 Feather Your Nest 1:00 Search Tomorrow 1:15 Love Of Life 1:30 Feature Theatre 2:30 House Party 2:45 Movie Snick Oil:: 3:00 Matinee 4:00 Date With Life 4:15 Matinee Melodies 4:30 Mr. Sweeney 4:45 Modern Romances STATION WTOP (Washington, Channel (Cumberland,'Cable 2} TODAY 5:00 My Little Margie 5:30 Foreign Incident 6:00 Range Rider 6:30 Spotlight 6:45 Edwards- News 7:00 Soldiers Of Fortune 7:30 Robin Hood S-.S10 Burns' And Alien • 8:30 Arthur Godfrey 9:00 I Love Lucy 9:30 Detember Bride 10:00 Studio One H:00 The 11 Report 11:15 Patti Page 11:30 China Smith 12:00 The Late Show TOMORROW 6:55 Morning Meditations 7:00 Morning Show 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 9:00 Mark Evans 10:00 Garry Moore 11:30 Strike It Rich 12:00 Valiant Lady 12:15 Love Of Life 12:30 Search Tomorrow 12:45 Guidinfi Light 1:00 Jack Paar 1:30 Love Story 2:00 Robert Q. Lewis 2:15 Donna Douglas 2:30 House Party .1:00 BlK Payoff 3:30 Bob Crosby 4:00 Pick Temple Ranch STATION WMAL (Washington, Chanel 7) (Cumberland, Cable 3) TODAY 5:00 Mickey Mouse Club 6:00 Town And Country 6:30 News, Weather 6:45 Jim Gibbons 7:15 John Daly News STATION WFBG (Altnona. Channel 10) 5:00 Mickey Mouse Club 6:00 News 6:15 The Passerby 6:30 Topper 7:00 Sports 7:15 John Daly News 7:30 Ethel And Albert 8:00 Burns And Allen 8:30 Lawrence Welk 3:30 Mark Saber 10:00 Studio One 11:00 News 11:15 Playhouse Ten 11:30 The Late Show TOMORROW 7:00 Morning Show 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 9:00 Western Theatre 10:00 Serial Theatre 3u:30 Scarcli Beauty 11:00 Flynn's Inn 11:30 Strike It Rich 12:00 Tennessee Ernie 12:15 Love Of Life 12:30 News 12:45 Guiding Light 1:00 Jack Paar 1:30 Love Story 2:00 Movie Matinee 3:00 Big Payoff 3:30 Farm Program 3:45 Your Own Home 4:00 Brighter Day 4:15 Secret Storm 4:30 On Your Account vou XDRRIBLE BALD IGGLE.Y MDO'VE RUINED ANOTHER LIFE." OH,PAPPV.r SOME G-GUESS /INHOOMIN RIGHT/.' WHO, <> RAT.'.'- I - s o e// . THIS'LLBE ONEO'TH' CHEAPER UP6E;'I KNEW THERE SOMETHING HOWES AINT SHOR SUT IF YOU KNOW HOtV IT WARP twvr MA'AM ? OUGHT TO SET THF HAN6 OF IT QUICK ENOUGH IT POSS TAKE A CERTAIN KNACK. SOU'LL WEVER 6ETA\VAV U1TH THIS/VOU HEAR!? THAT RADIO..EVEEV fOUCEiYWJ.INJ THE COUMTRV IS LOOKING FOR VOU-A\R. EEL.' 1 DON T KNOW VVHV VOU PIDNJ'T STOP 5QV\£ PLACE WHERE J COULD GET A CUP OF COPFEE OR- n'e> PRETTV HERE. AMP M3U WOM'T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH A\ycGM- PAMY ASJV ALL RK5HT, 6ET OUT AMD STRETCH YOUR 'LES-5. ic. T. M. Rtfc. U, S- Pit Off. \-\VS: VKtVKSR. V\\<5. HARP TOWARP SHORE, TlM AND SPUD AKS HESDIN6 VALUABLE TIM SEES TDrtWJD TWc MYATA MILL- ALOUG THE THEY MOPE TO EMCOLJWTER THE THIEVES WHO HAVE STOLEN MANY LCGS FROM PREVIOUS DRIVES — Elephants on -Sumatra sometimes pull down telephone wires, tangling them up like spaghetti as they scratch their backs against the poles. Male natives of New Guinea may carry on their waistbands the fur of the flying fox, an odornmcnl permitted only to the successful head-hunter. THIS CHEST, MR. KIRS* ONCE BELON'Stt? TO THOMAS APAIR, FATHER Or THE LITTLE HEIRESS WE NOW BELIEVE TO BE SOAABVWER6 IN TWE SOUTH ScAS. IT WAS SENT HERE , ON HIS DEATH. I'M INTRI6UH? WITH THE CASET GOOP. 'DRAW ON OK OF THE TINY LOST HEIRESS. / ACCOUNT TOR ANY COUNSELOR, AND I'LL TAKE IT. /MONEY YOU NEED IN I'LL ALSO TAKE THESE ,-^\ >OUR SEARCH. ITEMS FOR STUDY. OH THE IT APPEARS TO MOLD ONLY TRINKETS.. BUT THEY MAY SIVE YOU SOWS 'CLUE TO 6UIDE BEAUTIFUL NATIVE WOSKMANSHIR HE MUST HAVE KEPT HIS GREATEST TREASURES SOUVENIRS INDICATE REMOTE PLACES * PERSON ROAMED... MEIFI'P BE-ANGRY IF, MB KISSBP ME/ YOUSAU/US? WEU-,H£ WAS 50 MICE ABOUT IT, MOTHER--ME ASKED/ THE IPEA HAVEN'T WETOLPYOUYOU MUST LEARM TO SAY *NO»? DAISY, JUST BECAUSE 1 THE STUART BOY DROVE •YOU HOME FROM Trie SENIOR. PLAV TRY-OUTS WAS NO REASON FOR HIM TO KISS YOU/ Free Customer Parking Lot On Virginia Avenue \ Copr. 1«SbyNEAS»r«l AMD WERE A LONG WAY FROM HOME IT'5 KIND OP CREEPY/ 6EE V/HITH, IT THURE OOT DARK WHILE WE WERE PLAYIM6- IN THE WOODTH.' THATS SWELL OF YOU, SAMPSOM.' LEATHT YOU CAN DO ITH WALK HOME WITH THERETH NOTHING-TO BE AFRAID OF, MYRTLE I'LL WALK ALLTHE WAY HOME WITH vou. NOW ONLY Electrically YE22IR! THINK BEEN DOIM' RIGHT BV ME/ WEIL,YEH..THATS WHY T BROKE THROJSH... . _\UL)'RE AUTHOR THAT'S RVSHT...15 THERE SOMETHING I CM DO FOR VOU? DO VOU HAVE A COMPLAINT OF SOME KIND? OKAY/SIT DOWN ANP WE'LL TALK rr ova?.. HAVE A CIGAR? . HE DID rr, ELBERX 50 HELP ME HE DID/ UNHEARD OF/ CHARACTERS JUST DON'T DO THINGS MOTOR COMPANY PA 4-2600 218 S, Mechanic St, Weekdays Saturday* you wuz TH' TICKET 6AL AN'TH'DOORMAN HAS BOTH FAINTED-SO I EECtiON TH'LADS |C INSIDE.' ' HOW MUCH TSTOPWHINIMfi! IT WONT LONGER TILL X \ WA.TTEK WHAT'5 WOKEN.IF DOCTOR SEES WE? \FKANKIE SET^ HERE 600N RIB5 OH THI& 1 WITH THAT TEN GRWIDL OUT THIN65 TO THEM I WHAR. DID -AND YOU CM TEAMS — - li.l\1T7iTt f >// /, I THO^HT i=( YOUK MEN" SHOULD I . I V HAVE A WALK. DOWM , BROADWAY... TH ON THE HEKKE ROM?... WE'VE 60T TO REFUEL HERE THEN C£RRM.VOI& ONLY 100 Thil beautiful Mahogany Veneer swivelette ii just one of the many greal 1956 Philcos available under our unique Pay-As-You-Ploy Plan. Come in for full details, NOW. STEINLA THE OUftlNT . )LD MEXICAM 2 "j TOWNOFCERRMVO, • O 1 FRANKIE 5TOP5 "' >- J FOR D|gECTION5. z <

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