The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 30, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1894
Page 8
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KASH IS KING! AND IN ORDER TO GET FULL VALUE FOR YOUR CASH YOU MUST GO TO s Goods Store Guild's He sells for cash only and makes one price to everybody, consequently he does not make them that pay for their goods pay for them that don't pay as they do in stores that sell on time. Our stock is all new and bought with the tariff off, and in order to see the difference in values it will pay you to compare prices before you buy. It is not a question of how much we can get for goods now, but how little we can sell them for. Underwear AT TFo will sell you " Incly's fln« Egyptian Jersey Hibbpd Natural Gray Wat or Pants, si/.us from 2 tn 5. Heavy fleeced same goods EoJcl lust year at 60c. AT Qc. The B. E. J., the finest combed Egyptian Vests and Pants on the market, today are being advertised in Chicago at 6Bc., they ought to bo cheap in Carroll at BOc. AT C. Gents heavy all wool Underwear. This is a great bargain ns you can not duplicate them for less than one dollar anywhere. 9! AT Extra fine quality heavy weight medicated scarlet pure wool underwear. They would be good value at $1.25. Flannels AT 12x0- An Pxtra heavy Korsay flannel, Would be vary cheap nt fifteen emits. AT 15c. A double thick fleeced Flannel, ju-st the tiling to keep you warm. These aoods are selling everywhere at 18c. A fine medicated twilled scarlet all- wool Flannel. If you are looking for a bargain, be sure you see this. AT A western W., six oz. to the yard, in red or blue. These goods are worth and sold every where Ht 25c. AT C. tVe will sell you a heavy twilled 5 oz scarlet Flannel. Compare this with anj' 85f.. quality and 1 know you will take ours. AT 3Qc. A very fine Shaker Flannel yard with all wool, extra heavy and soft. This is a regular fifty cent quality. Blankets 58 AT C. per Pair A 10x4 Peruvian jjlanket, fine and soft, jiiHtthe thing these cold nights, and they •would be cheap at 76c. AT Out large 10.\i . leetwing Blankets. This is a hummer as they are $1.25 everywhere AT $1.75 An extra largo 11x4 very heavy Blankets. These goods sold last year forS2.BO. AT $3.50 An extra good quality nil wool Blankets in white or gray. 61bs to the pair. These are honest goods and made by the capitol city woolen mills in our state. $4.95 The largest, the best, the heaviest and wannest blanket in Iowa for the money. Cloaks AT $6.25 A Lady's Fine Cloak in Blue Kersey cloth. This garment is well .made and handsomely finished. You can't match It for less than $7.50 anywhere. AT $9.25 A very Stylish Coat mada from the new covert cloth, durable and very becoming. This garment is a bargain, be sure you see it. AT $9.95 A Beautiful HlackFvir Trimmed Beaver cloak. This is a regular S12.00 garment. $10.95 A 27 inch Elegant Fur Cape. It you intend buying anything oC this kind, you can't afford to miss this as it. wr-uld be cheap at $15. Astrakan and Electric Seal capes, proportionately low. Hoods & Fascinators AT A good all wool Knit Ladies' Hood. This is a great bargain as you can't buytho yarn that is In it for that price, they come in black and brown. AT 39c. A very fine large hood, made from Fleishers best Gurrauntown Zephyrs yarn. This hood would, be very cheap at COc. AT 39c. A beautiful Knit Facinator in Ulack or TFhite, large size, made from very fine wool and would be good value at 65o. AT 49c. This fascinator is made from extra fine Saxony Yarn and beaded, it comes in black, white blue and pink. If you don't get one of them you willbe sorry. AT 65c. You can get something grand. Don't pay a dollar for one when you cun get one here forCSc. Dress Goods AT 15c. A yard wide covert cloth. . These goods will wear and have the appearance of vei'y expensive poods. AT A full SO inch English Cashmere, we have them In all colors. This is the same goods you have been 'paying 85c for. AT 33c. i A fine all wool Flannel broadcloth finish, 40 in wide in all the latest shades, bo sure yoM sen this as you always pay EOo for this quality. AT 45c. A line of Plaid flannels with Bour- etle Checks. These are 65c goods. FVe put this price on them to sell them out quick. OUR 65c Black Henrietta beats the world. This is Jniliards goods 42 inches wide guarantees a wooded black and would be a bargain at 75c. VISIT TO OUE STOKE will convince anyone that Dry Goods, Notions, Furbishing Goods, Cloaks and Furs are being sold as cheap by us as anywhere in the United States. We make close prices, sell our goods, and our trade so far this fall has far exceeded our expectations which shows that the people appreciate our efforts in giving good goods at a nominal price. These prices can only be had at Next door west of Postofflce. GUILD'S DRY GOODS Oetzmoll, BOGUS BUTTER MAKER. Iowa Creamery Manager !'-v Serious Trouble. In SALOON MEN iAKE OBJECTION. Do Hat Think Dr< f Storei Should Sell LU qnor by the Drink — "Paniy Bloisom" Bntler Rlliislnc '-Hastlnci Forsor Sen- tenourt— Gr»od I Jlantl Pop Factory Do- atrajred. DBS MOINES, NcA. 88.— The details of the seizure of bogus butter in Clayton county have boe( received here. State Dairy Commission ,«r Boardman learned recently that certain creameries in that county were kept slosod against visitors, and began an investigation and seized •bout 8,000 pounds of butterine or oleomargarine and '<!,000 pounds of butter in Which the bogus stuff was mixed. The wesmery wa? located at Blkport and >TM operated by H. S. Byers, The plan wan to ehip the stuff from twtern factories and mix It with pure baiter in »ucb manner BB to make It diffl- cult of detection, As tho imitation butter wiw very cheap there was ft good profit in selling tha mixture for puro creamery butter. The commissionar also •etzed '1,000 pounds at another creamery operated by Byors at Ed?<nvaod. i Byers promiKod to inuko uo fight, but VrUl plead gui'ty' ' in d stand the penalty. which i» a tinu oE $mi to $100 or SO days In jaili or both and conllvciition of the bogus material, which makes it u cosily business, _ IOWA 8AUOON. MEN OBJECT. Da Not Think Ilrue fitoren fihoiilil Bull TJquor by llm Urlnli, DEB MOINKS, Nov. 3U,— The DeaMoint's Liquor Dealers' Protective tisdociation will commence cases in tho district court •gainst UO drug stores in this city which. It is alleged, are Bulling liquor by tho drink in violation of tho law. The saloon men pay u $1,200 mulct tax and clote at 10 p, m., while tho drug .ptoruB pay nothing and run all night, The saloon wen have hud a score of bartenderu gathering evidence against the drug »tores, owd say they will have them enjoined and their permits ru- yoked. The war promises to be bitlur, •I the drug store won nay thoy will 150 •head and prove that the petitions of consent of the saloon mm do not boar the required number of signatures. It will bu war to the knife. Hlmioui" itutler Ml»«l»lf- CICDAB RAWUB, Nov. ao.— Waller H. Puller, who hu» beau principal of the Hormal college at Oelwelu for (tome tittie, bought a ticket for the afternoon train nouth lost Thursday and uinoe that time bag not been toon or heard of. His wife aud BOB, vvUo livo ut West Union, M? At » l°*» to Account for hlsdUsppoor- tornjorly editor connty and' four years ago was elected on the Democratic ticket for congress in the Fourth district. He became famous in congress by the introduction of a resolution to make the pansy the national flower, since which time he has been known as "Pansy Blossom" Butler. Many Cane* Continued. MOUNT AYE, la., Nov. 28.—The present term of court, which promised to be BO sensational, is losing some of its interest. The great $50,000 breach of promise case of Rhoda A. Hoiger against A. C. Payne, has been conUntaed, as has likq\vi;p.tho jstujto ca'SS "against W. T. Barrett for arson and tha $\, ll °° gander <jase of Barrett against John N. Brown, Perry Ham, indicted for assault with intent to commit murder, was found guilty of assault with intent to commit, manslaughter on tho person oC his step-1 son, Alvah Beadle, the jury being out j 17 hours. I Railroad Mtm Affected. CRESTON, la., Nov. U(5.—An important decision to employes of corporations or companies that havo a relief fund.or association for the benefit of injured em- ployes was tendered bv Judge Tedford in Hie district court in the case oE Maines versus the Chicago, Burlington and Qufncy railroad. The judge holds that un employe could not receive benefits from, the rolief fund and then have a standing*)! court to claim damages from the company. ^ Dr. llitgley Dion of Blood PoUoBlug, DBS MOINHS, Nov. !fO.—Dr. H. L. Bagloy, one of tho host known physicians in ccmtrul Iowa, illed at the Traoji hospital ut'tor a week's illness. His death was due to blood poisoning, caused by a scratch on tho linger with an instrument whilu performing un operation. He was was 46 years old und leaves a wife and grown son. Grand Inland Pop Factory Uurned. GRAND ISLAND, Nov. 80.—Fire destroyed the contents and most of the building ot Curl Qruonz's pop factory. It is supposed to huvu been caused by u defective flue. Loss, $1,100; insurance, $700. Maionlo 80)100! of liiitruvtlou, BUTTON, Nub., Nov. ao.—Grand Lecturer J. A. TuUta, u past grand waster of A. F. and A. M. of Nebraska, is here holding a three days' Masonic school of instruction. Idaho Mlii' ^,«..-lko. WARDNEE, Ida., iVov. -;IJ.— The uni miners employed by the Bunkor Hi and Sullivan mines have gone on strike. The miners made the followi demands: Maximum wages of f3.!»0 day shall be paid to all un'iergroi'. men. There shall b? no tiiscrimina in the employment of men. The .1 now in the country shall have the preference. No man shall ba imported for the purpose of working the mines. All differences shall be submitted to arbitration. Manager Bra-lley refuses the demands of the miners, 'Everything ia quiet, John llurnn SalU For Aiaorloa. LONDON, Nov. 2B —An interview with John Burns, the member of par- liamont and labor lender \vho sailed Sunday for tho United States to attend tho conference of the Federation of Labor at Denver, Colo,, and to inquire into certain municipal matters and labor questious wns published here. Mr. Burus is quoted OB saying: "I shall visit Chicago aud Boston and hopa to)bo able to visit Washington. 1 have already 50 invitations to spi-ak some from trades .unions and others from philanthropic societies." Oalu Iu HID Vote. NEW YOKK, Nov. iU.— The World gives a list showing tho numbur of votes cast by . tho Populist party in all tho statoj at Uui last g'ilioral election o» compared with the sumo in 1S03, The World Huys: In IBO'3 the PopulisU polled ulto- gt-ther l.dll.liil votos for prc.'siilent. Be- twcon lUO'J and iliora wtu no general I'loctioua, thu luturns of which can be compared with tho yeiir preceding. Thi* year tho Populist votu was l.Oitfl,- 000, a gain of nearly 000,1'OU votes in two yuara. __ DENOUNCED AS A FRAUD Judge Horton Talks Plain Concerning an Icwa Company. JULIUS BOBEK HAS HANI NAMES. Noted Swindler Charged With Wholeiale Crookedneu Bun Down In Iowa—lllg Fire at Canon—Official Tote of the linwkeye Btate—Yetaer It Very Sick. Omaha Motor Oar Accident. K'orvur Hentuoottil. HASTINOU. Nub., Nov. ao.—John Roe- doi- found guilty <>( uttering u forged check, wao fluiitoncod to a year and u half in the penitentiary by Judge Beat). UeufHo V«im-wr.Uoi>» to 1||« I'eo. HABTINUB, Nov. 'iO.— CJeoi' B e Veunker, who broke jail hure i\\o mouth* ago uud was reuuptiued, was eeutonwKl to two uud a half years in the piimtuntmry, UaullltlM UruwlAV- PLAINVJBW, Neb., Nov. 80.—Frost A Durlau'a Uabllltiuu now foot up alwut Thoir ttJ»Bt» will not retch Itoyalty to Eat K»nn»» LEAVKSWORTH, Nov. 80.— Tho cold storage house of Ryan & Richardson has shippud to England; through a New York house, a carload of soluctud Joathan applvs for the consumption of royalty. The apples caiuu from tho Wellhouso orchard in Fairmont township, the largest in the world. Jtt|u tiavo No Quurtur, CHEB Poo, Nov. VW.-lt i« stated bore that many bodies of Japauusu prisoners were found mutilated at Port Arthur. Four hundred Japanese woru killed by the lire from tho forts. None were killed by tha lire from tho infantry, No quarter was given, The plans of the iniues iu und around Port Arthur were discovered by the Japanese, Gorwauy said If wo wouldn't lot .':• • boot sugar in froo she would jopoyt *!•..• our cattle huvo Texas fovur, uud <'.did it. The women of Now York Tammany tigor are having u uar.i. narrofc tinio. r***r* ",**"^ CHICAGO, Nov. 24.—The North American Deposit and Investmunt company of Dulmque, la., was severely denounce! by Judge Horton in open court Friday. The methods of the company were declared to be fraudulent and its officers pronounced swindlers, while the court expressed an opinion that its organization has been effected for the purpose of preying upon tha innocent, The company is one of the largest loan and investment concerns in the country, having a capital stook of $35,000,000. While the company was incorporated in Iowa and has its main offices in Dubuquo, the chief officers, Samuel B. House, prost-' dent, and Lyman B. Pago, secretary, are resident*) of this city. Tlio subject matter for Judge Ilorton's criticism was contained in tha facts brought out on the trial of a chancery waiter in which Carolina Humphries and her husband, Joseph Humphries, a colored couple, formerly residing in At- luutu, Ga., were complainants, The evidence given in court wai to the qifoot that Humphries uud his wife wished to obtain a loan of $l,tf>0 on property wortli fa,000. They were induced to sign pupinvj which they wore told constituted u mortgage, but which in reality amounted to an absolute warranty dood. The old colored people never received but $300 in cash, the balance of the 11,81)0 given to them in the ohnpoof stouk in the company, Judge llortou ordered a reconveyance uud ordered I lie cancellation of tho $1,200 note executed by tho Humphries on tht» return of the cash whiuu they had received uml tiio •lock iu the company, lu giving his decision tho court was very severe on Edward W. Dun-mi of Dubuque, the attorney of the t-ucern who IB also coshior of the bunk iu that city and wound up Uln decision by declaring the company WUB gotten up for the purpose of perpetrating frauds upon tut* people with whom it dualt. DUUUQUB, la., Nov. S*.~'fhe North American Investment and Puposit company wow organized hore by Isuuo Katun of ttt. Paul. While iU oapitul .took wan fixed at fW.OUMWi it uovur Lud any- thjug approaching suofc a sum, nor, in foot, HuythluyttUU. J3at*aU»aidtoliavu admitted that the business of the oon« ceruwuu bused on oxuwtaUoiw. The cowpauy baa uo office hero, uor hoi it bad for a year. Edward W. t iiiRWft Lake City, 'where he is cashier of a prominent bank. BOREK WORE MANY NAMES. Swindler Arruited In Iowa It Confrouted by Many Crlmtii. PBS MOINES, Nov. 'M.—It has. developed that Julius Borek, who was arrested a week ago at Davenport for an embezzlement from tho Metropolitan Life In9urar.ce company of this city, ie a much wanted man. J. E. Halstead from Topoka arrived hero and says thnt Borek, whom ho knew as B, J. Rugal, dwindled him out of over $900 two years ago while he was agent of Halstoad's company,the Phoenix Mutual Life. ' When the Iowa conrtaget through with him Borek will ba taken back to Kansas. It is said that Borek has operated in Nebraska under theaame Hughes, Adlor tmd Bulinsky, and. that he served Elected » Uoumu Catholic Judge. RALEIGII, N. C., Nov. 34.—For the first time in the history of North Oaro- ina a Roman Catholic has been elected judge of the state superior court in he person of W. S. Robinson, the Re- lUblican-Populist nominee for the laleigh district. It is said, too, Mr, lobinson will be the first Roman Cath- ilio to hold a state office of any kind in he state. a sentence at Toronto for some insurance deal. Borek has been living here with a woman and a (1-year-old child. It was thought that the woman was his wife, but it is since loarnod that a woman in Chicago claims to bo his . wife and Mr. Halstoud is ruthor of tho opinion that the Chicago womuu has tho bultur claim. Ddtectivoa ure investigating this story. lloriunrhlppiut Aifont Uolnubau(fli. WUUSTKH CJTY, Nov. 84.— Mrs. Barney Kelley, ii7 yc'uw old, and her sister horsewhipped H. H. Heiuobuucfh, a real .estuto-aud insurance man of some proui- 'inonoe. They gavo him an unmerciful lushing. The whipping was tho outgrowth of reports which h we buen circulated in this city for souio time touching tlie rospuctability of MM. Kelley uud hur aistor. All thu parties to the BCUUO huvu boon going in good society. Heine- buugli d'.'ums he has sluuderod the woiiiou. IOW4S UlUuUl Vcj.lo. DKsMotNKS, Nov. ai.—ThB official ro- turns of tlie vote of tho Btato at the recent election have been rocwivud by the ncnretary of "tate and show tha follow- lug totals of tlie vote for secretary of Btato: AlcPurlund (Rop.), atfU.UUO; Dale (Doin.), UiO,7fi7i Crauo (Pop.), Mitclic-ll (Pro,), 7.-U7; total, 4S2.IW8; Mo- Farland's plurality, 7d,67Uj WcFuiiuud' majority, IllJ.SJU?, ' Wuut Uamagut l f r.,ui Urnul W vttvru. Di'uu<juu, la,, Nov. a-J.— Buit worsen- tcivd in the i'uuurul court uguuiiit the Chi cttxo Grout Wusturu railway company by thu Insure Lumbar company for $17, thu btutidard Lumber company, $w», LOUBU Ulab, $li,OtiU, lor loisus ui'btui iu the big lumbtiv Hro last June. Cow jiUunuiiU ullogo the Ure won ouuuttd, V) h.cuuiutlvu sparks. LATEST TEIEGRAPH MARKETS. Clilougo Ortilu Mud Ouiciuo, Nov. £0.-TUt> luBuwiiwt In It wliwil wurkot toduy wuro lurgoly lmlll«b MU wouuU up llriu War. KANSAS CITY, Nov. 8-1.— The Wabmb a announced a rate of $5 Kansas City o St, Louis and return to protect its St. jouib business because of the cut by the took Island und Burlington, Chicago and Kansas City. The Missouri Pacifto people state they will meet the out, The irospects aro that a general redaction in mesenger fares will ensue. Hutt Employ Canadian Laborer*. OTTAWA, Nov. ?4.— Two of the Trent - 1 • I ruck and collided with « telegraphs <ol.<. Thu injured ure: Motorman A* '. Clark, dangerously hurt; passengers, Colonul A. A. McCoy, Deadwoodi Ed> Eiayden. D. O. Culahan and Mrs. D. A. Hart, Omaha. Mri. Olovulautl It Crltlolned, KEOKUK, IB., Nov. a*.— The Christiaa. rompornuco league of KeaVuk adopted resolutions condemning Mrs. Cleveland Tor using wine at the recent christening; of the St. Louis ut Philadelphia, declaring such action "au insult to the revered memory ot Mrs. Lucy U. Hayes." . unjit't HUlu I'rlutur Uouily l f or Work. im MoiNi£3, Nov. !34.— Hon. F. R. Caua wan, state printer duct and A. I}. Shaw |f the Corning Union closed negotiuflons by which they acquire the 1 job printing plant o? the Meredith Printing company, formerly known as the Olsen & Walsh job uBvrlen Olo*ud. KEIIAWKA, Nub.. Nov. y»,— The VanCourt & Lumist stone quarries at tui» place shut down, Thuy have doue 4 good business this stmsmi, having shipped put a.tfOU cara of rock, btaiaw a gro^l inaoy coiii of liinu. > Holnl 'I'lilur «uul«»oed, OBISSTON, In., Nov. a<t.—13, Ooulejr WAD wutunced by Judge Tedfuvd to •ervo four ytuiu iu the i»iiit*ntlury fo| robbing a Croaton hotel. Couloy had, been out of the peaitoutiury but a ' ' Or*lit RooKWKLb CtTY, Ja-i Nov. 30.— Hrotheii' gniiu elevator* oouUuna; 10,0011 UiuUeh) of out», woro dotttroya4 by iiiu. Thu ttre origluiited flow miKiiw. The wtluiat«d lu*» U covered by |i,OUO iuwurauce, , Nov. ter WOB arrwted iu Crwtou w»d now \m lu j«U bj|«, ||e U t>b*rge4 with Mfttt*

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