Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 11, 1890 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
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Friday, July 11, 1890
Page 2
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WSPATCH ASB l)lv ]\lOCR. ; \T. i W i"V ,RI ' LSL '''' K »> F,! " 0 H.-»AU «mi r. w. n.> us tow,! W ith the MoKhiley tariff bill A I correspondent of tin 1 Now lor 1IDAY. .Mendocino: I.e linuul florae, Lew Morse mid I .V. »\rl!i'M, of I'oJnt Arena. ..JULY 1!, 1890.! I" fact, we could fill a column of {Herald, writing from "Washington. w I our paper with the uomea of promi- reports the white-plumed knight sis BOAKD OF SUPERVISORS. DEMOCRATIC TICKET. COIl-VIHT Tlt'KET. srpKriion . IL-DOK. . McCIARVEY.. . W .TIKUALL. ueut taxpayers who petitioned the Board to adopt this proposition, and yet it is confronted with such accusations as are contained in the above article quoted from the Republican Press. An incident in connection with this matter is of l'kiai. i interest just now. When the prop saying: " The Republicans have j ' ; promised the people of the country that :if wo were put in power we would revise the tariff. AVe did not say that we would reduce it, where reduction could safely be made, but we tacitly promised to do so, and and the people expect it. The Mc- AHSEMBLVMAN, . Point Areim Sherwootl not bear the UkUhj names of taxpayers from his district. Subsequently it was presented with the names of tnanv of the leading ..rkuii I il. M. STANDLEY Ifll'STY CLF.RK, .J.MOKROW Mendocino i grounds that it did . M. GIMO.V mHTRRT AWOHNRY, Q. WHITE rnr.\T\ Ki;<Miei;R. . C. ALBERTSOX ..' BCitOOL :iL'PKl .iNn:siu: [MU9.S. W. lUHKETT COAO.NKK AN|1 PL'BtlC .U1MINI*TR DAVID CAHSOJJ . P. SMITH COCSTY eVKVKvnit, tP.. T. YORK II .SI'PKUVIWI:, 1A. K. DAVIDSON Third III u:.t fl. EEDEMKYER osition «as made to the Board, one j Kinlev bill increases duties in a of the members—Allen Davidson— j number of schedules: it oujrht to refused to entertain it at all on the i reduce them instead of increasing runti! taxpayers of his district. i\'iiih: From the above it will be seen .l.'kteh. them CHEATING EMPLOYMENT. Tin: Lakeport Avalanche says that "if English manufacturing and ship building cannot compete with the same industries in America on , account of the protective tariff it iwWI th ,,t the responsibility in this mat- 1 win be COIllljelleil to filld 0lni ,, OY . , ter rests not with the Board of Su | mpnt (o ( ., ome to ihp now wol . ul _ ft| ; d pervisors, but with the taxpayers ; ^ is t . 0 ming bv the millions of dol­ ing; (many of the largest in the county) | , aw and also [ ho , kill( „i lllboi . which who united in a prayer to the Board ! which it einployH .» That is 0Xftct i Y Kitth i)i<iik'i to have this work done. i ...i,„i ,.,.„t„„n„., ;„ Throw- foreign an ass of himself. EDITORIAL MITES. Tut: t'kiah lHsi'ATi'if-l*KMUCUAT trives tMithu- Hitistic support to Jlon. Ko«Jm*y J. limlson, oJ Lakeport, n.« a iJctno'TfitU* rumtiilnU* /or Con HTi'i^iiiHH from this diMriot.— Santa /.V«« /.V/MI6- liran. Yes, aud vre are giving it to the winning man, too. Hudson will ho. the next Congressman from First District of California. THL New York Tribune, the most ;i per mile to i rabid Republican paper in the coun- THE argument that Secretary Blaine advances in favor of unrestricted trade with the South American Republics is sound and logical and good Democratic doctrine. Tariff reform is surely spreading when it takes such a hold on the head of the Republican party. We iind the following coramuni- [ ration in the "Republican Press of r last week: 'Tin WOailerflll tlio f;U'Ull> of lilt' DfMIUKTl'U I for creating emplmtdcut for the pels of i fit[ partv. Work springs up a* H cry I HI: necessity where hitherto it lva.-* unseen. Men Are ido-n 1 jobs and the county fund.- di*|K*itAct) «iih *ur- / prislUR- alacrity. Then- w** not room oil me f ticket for one man, but ho WHS ri'.carded n* a party prop, and the Board of super*In• ord prempUy crcutfl a place for him. It Mas suddenly found thai it would be of vast an»* in- f oatculable benefit to traverse the various roads | of the county and plni-i- sundry huiroslyphics f ou adjacent trees, rock*, etc., to n^iomsb the; i obtuse hayaerd and itisplre him with a RrnmJ j f reverence for the ui.-vloui ami sagaeity I'nunty fttthvrs. Of r-.tiir.-it- il e«isi ! go over roads- thai have t>'*en abandoned by the f comity, and of course the Hoard at their .July meeting will vote f:),?00 of the county funds to pay for the work; hut someone, the prop, had to i*ve employment at Kuod \v!i;:e« to partly hi*«l the wound canned by the lo^ of honor in public capacity. Thin creative l'uculty 01 our Democratic Board U wonderful to behold ami selves a clover but eo.stlv purpose. J. K. li. ' The aho\e is sucli a unicpic speci- i men of Republican argument that 1 we give it in lull. AVe would notj dare to be so sacrilegious as to add to or take from it. Now let us see what the facts are in tins case. Is it the Board of Supervisors or the tax-payers of this county who are directly responsible for the "creation" of this employment referred to? At the April term of the Board of Supervisors, Rice fc Baltzell submitted a proposition to the Board for a county map. It was accompanied by the following petition: To the Unnorablr K-mrti aj Si<]>€ rr;.-ors- oj tht 'tiU/tt;/ of Mcitt}<M*/H'>; The underpinned, rcMdtMits uud taxpayers of Mendocino County. bej? leave to represent to your Honorable Ho»rd that they have carefully ex»uiined the proposal* of Ujce A. HnlUell to make a survey of the road*; of the county, and from .such exaininuiion are of the opinion thai Midi survey, noting distances locating towns, inoicAtiiiK character and topo^iuphy ni the. country, iin udantion relative situation, would he most desirable. The entire scheme of making the road survey and roup would miuidv a source of information rar«»jTtao* wiirun't!ie"rci*cli of any "who" may desire knowledge of the ireneral faoti of the resources of the comity. • Wt* hi-fz further tf. sny that in our opinion th** scheme would, in a measure, remove the cause of many errors ou the pint of the HIOM; eliarfcod \\ iLb tbe JiiMiiHgeiueiu of the count;, revenue. r Lhu location uf loud*-are not now known and HH a consequence your Honorable Hoard are no doubt frequently embarniH .-ed with questions of conflictiutf descriptions of roHd uisirict-, and in direetiiiit repair'- upon certain sections tiierc- of, the school districts are not dcuniiely ascertained, ami in many there arc special sehool ; taxes The Assessor compelled to guess j where to locate the property of tin* taxpayer,! and frequently geiK the prr.pcrty in Die uioutrl diftriet, causing great annoyance u- one wrou fully a^R '-Hsed in a district where such tux It levied, or a lohw to the dlHtrict by failing to In-I dude property situated therein. The VotiiiL' ' C« precincts arc no! deilnite, frequently causing f iHK ^"pei'inteildent ot t!eilSUS iiieg.ii voting or depriving MMUC ii>gni voter of j estimates that the census will show his right m vote. The distances from ditlcrcrU ' point^ in the county are not exactly kuowi 1 . frequently causing excessive ninounis to be allowed iiJicoij.seionubJc claimants. These arc only a few of the reanins that .-ugge.-i themselvefr. n MH'mh to n« that a eounty ( >f ihe wealth ofjwhich showed a population of 50,- e»Zv7«r SlUml ' 1 hHV ° M,i! ' Wm ' k a ° nv "' an ! ir>r '» 783 - Great Britain and Ireland Seeing that the Republican party ! ^V* aln ™ motion ofthiscountvis disposed to Lake!? *<>™>™>J^ campaign capital of this matter, it is ! ( ' C ™ aiV ^>*'*>'°±> Austro-Hun what jM'oteotion is cloinji': Now, in the light of the above | jn „ ml] . induBtries into own lie un fortunately ndniits, unci our own meehanicH and artisans nmst iind other employment. This influx of labor decreases the wnijes of all, facts, we would like to know what, him(K wh „ )>riu „ oypi . n , ch . excuse " J. E. R." has for making knl d lftbo , s tho Avalanche _ t» 1 • 1 f i ' Hoard met luirsuant to statute; present, AJIen Havidson, Cliainnnn; I.,. ', '. Pay, .1. li. Henry and Knel Stickney niem- bcrs, and Snni l>. l'axton, Clerk, by Halo McOowen. Peputy. Following road reports present cd and allowed: llavi.l Klkins.Vnrkvlllo » 414 81 nnviU Klkinfl, Oi'iietHl Kojul i in .1 0 Clow, Hnnoy '.'12 .'.0 J (' ClOW, (k'lUMKl ltouil IS 12 li Ijnlnlivcn. C'al|iplln t"..H'.l !1» 1) Quiiilivcn, for brkiiro . 12 01 1 F h l!i)btnson, Anderson ttPI 71) 1 J s Lilly, Albimi ::i :": ] J S Lilly, tieni'nil IdinJ 417H 1 R 1> Slmuupk, River 2il 1 (' W uliusti'Bil. Onnlalu .. w:t 12 i i: W (ilinslcfttl. fur brills r .'.'i on : o W olnlwli'tlil, lloi^onil Kotul :". 00 W 1> Uunls, CfihU) •_Vi0 oo ! W H Huiny, Uciu'riil Kniul n'.2 o; • J V I'li'tli', Lowor Putter *l .v. ) J F Hekle, (Ituliuy Oenenii 101 04 ' W \V Si'twnrt. II"! S]Hluu s ;io W W SteWiirl, for IJI 7S 7.'i Mi W Cox. Moi.nuiilcts l«l IVJ | 11 W Cox. t.eneriil lioint 142 Oti | Kll|nh Hishoji. (Venn 10M SO l-llijiih Hisllop. lienei-ftl .i i» Unvlil I.Snwyerk. Little Lnke ir,o oo 1 Imviil 1. Snu vers. tJenertil . 112 chas W Linger, lllne Itoek .. 20;'. 28 \ Chas W Linser, General 17 :s2 ! t 'ntiiek Kenny, Hear Harbor . I7C. CD Jr -itriek iventiy. (ienernl 1 »•-• ; K 11 Marhle. Upper Potter :v >0 no A Sn itler, SIliMWOml •JS!I Of, A L l-'ieM, CufTey'sCove ., :;."i.s oo Tlie t'ollowing claims were then nl- '. lowed: U l»m\. bnililhiR ealaboose 7:. 00 ' K lluw, C.mslable fees 2; r.s 'f J .MrO;in*ey, Koa'l Com 5 W J K siimley, road work 111.". 00 '1' C It I'illtiey, rouil work . 12:t 7/. a bridge across Navarro Hiver nl Sttule- lmker's place, alio [or linililin^ n bridge across Anderson Creel;, at tlie site ol llio old biidye on the Clovcriialc road. 1'iitls in each case to be received up to A. M.. August Titli. WEIISESDW , .Inly Mb. tollowiiii; road reports wove The lowed: 1) Boyd, Navarro *20n in 1) Hoyd.Oenertil itind -u S2 II lloyd. bridges. Comity iien'l . . Si ml J K Melnruald, I.liilites. county Uenl . CO oo I Kill ol \V. A. Alct'iirly for t'onstiible fees, it'.', allowed. N. K. (irey was a[ipoiiitcd potindmnHter at l't. Arena. The following liill was nl <; jjn a" 1 ' ordered paid out of tlie tlouii''. lUeiiend Fund: 'f KM Looney, Constable fees |:il 00 retilion received from citizens of An- NEWS OV THE WEEK. i Tni 'itsDAV, July ".—1\. II. I'lissinori', | a prominent cili/ou of 'facoiua, c>immii- , led suicide . .P.O. Slills stiys In" is itfoini! In erect an l,s-s |ory Iniildiicj in >n:i ; l-'raiicisco The slrikiu^ (doak innkcrs of New Vork f "try iiolnl'ie in a r- 1 -• r The 1'residenl si;;ned tlie Idaho Admission liill \ cloiiddiiirst Hooded a larue section of couniiy in the vicinity of Van 1 lorn, Te«a.». . ..Keininler, I he New Vork murderer, liasli"en re-sentenced to be ex- LAST WEEK | edited by (dcciri. ily i lilinan Alan npsliire roan, ' a proiiiincnl N.r. I In j Mxeier . ihe luitn of I'uliiimii, j \\'n*b., was deslroyed In lire. . . lueoly- , I four ( liinauieu were captured at Tucson, j Ariz.; ihev wore endeavoring in cniei tlie i L'liiled Male- in violaliidi of the MXCIUH- 1 inn Acl. Fittniv, July 1.—Stockton had a small The day was cntlitisi tslicully eel- 1 AT THE- Great derson and Con (.'reek sellout districts, i ,,re asking lhat the boundaries of Anderson ' ehraled by nearly nil Ihe p,-i,,cip.,i tout, district be chanyed so as lo include thej ,nlhe Sl!lle Tammany resideneo of 1C. N, Puff--petition grunted I v,,rk > 1,11(1 » eelebralioii and order made as follows: Commenc-! ''»»k. illui'dimled HO as Hall. New i'ike's lo re- ing at the center of Sec. 2, Tp. l;l X, ]{ I somble a volcano Horse-thieves are 14 \V, M U ,M ; thence south to Andeison i carrying on extensive operations in Kasi- vnlley creek, thence down said creek to j ern Washinulon and Xorlhern Idaho . . lieesen creek, thence up lieesen creek to j A terrilic gale on Lake Michigan causes crossing of tho l't. Arena road, thence ,' "inch damage to shipping An ICng- along said road to tlie present boundaries. [ hsli syndicate lias bought <i,<IO(l,0,iu Ordered that .1. 0. Lewis be |i:isl tllfPO wock ml \vc still ' as reduced have The oren I success of I lii <nti' stock", A Fi:\v Crioici-: il -viM ^Arxs LEFT ! j lish syndicat 'j allowed I ol 'and in one body in .Mexico. (ICS the Call at onee l.e: ore; they tire all gone. to make still <(i eater jirelit, while the blessed tariff shuts out all com-, petition. Protection is a line tliiny: i for the manufacturer, but it is the i death to the laborer and consumer. The Supremo Court. Considerable doubt seems to exist , .imoiin the neople as to which of the Justry, is out in an editorial calling a j ticeH of „,„s llpl . t ., ne (W wiU R(cp dl)w „ halt in pension legislation. It says | am ] 0 „ t on the first day of next January. , that the measure of the proper ex- The personnel of the Supreme t 'ouri is as ' peuditure for pensions has been follows: Chief Justice, Hoatty: Associate : reached, if, indeed, if has not been • r, " , « ue '*. s|, «n >»lein, Tl,.„nton, Fox. • , , , i Works, l 'nterson and AIcFariand. At passed alieadv. ' , ' . , ,, ,, 1 the election held two years ago Ihe com- 1 Tt.,,,-1;,,,,.,,,,,,, , llM ,.k«i..Hhin R ele ing fall Realty was elected to (ill tlie imex- | j m tnb linker. Lumber, etc .. TCKSDAV , July Sth. lioard met at the useat hour; all members present. The follow ing additional road reports were presented and allowed : II S I.ovell, Koi,ml Valley l.'Y.ti 10 II S I.ovell, (ieneral . . ... I* 00 lohn (isebweml Jr. Mill ::27 '.m .lolin II-H'IIWPIKL for lirliljrc 102 "2 .1 C lieed, Ikiali 8S0 1)7 The following bills were allowed on the County i ieneral Fund : I) M ("•>ivse>, ivbiiildnii; brldue fiO 00 'loin H sinilb, bu atlns bridge 10 tv W A l n, Con-tub!.''*i lees 00 Follow ing bills were rejected on account, of not having proper jurisdiction: nr. oo 104 S7 ACCORDINO to the New Orleans Times-Democrat the census returns from some parishes in Louisiana indicate that the whites are increasing j in a greater ratio than the blacks in that State. In lied River parish, for instance, the increase in the last pired term of Chief Justice Morrison.upon ; [.• ( ,|| ovving allowances were made on whose deatli Nile.s Searls was appointed In j [ n ,i|g „ n i, \!y m ,\ • his place by Governor Stoneman. At the ! , lttV|<J U(l!1!?> „„,,,„,„.' ;1 „ m same time Works was elected to fill the unexpired term of MeKinstry, resigned. Both Morrison and MeKinstry were elected in 18711 to serve eleven years, sn their terms expire on tho tirst of next January. At the election of LSSli Judge Temple of Sonoma was elected Associate Justice for a term of six years. He resigned about, a year ago and Charles X. Fo\ was appointed to the vaeanev. The term will not ex- decade has been: "Whites, 44. cent; negroes, 27.3 per cent. per I lnivid llo:e.<, support. J Mrs. X. Smith, support 2.00 ! l'sal voting precinct is hereby estab- I lished with boundaries as follows: C 'oin- j niencing Hi a point where the township line between townships 22 and 2'S inler- | seels the 1'ncilic < leean, thence running east, on said life to the south fork of Kel river, then following said river in a ! northerly direction to the township line i between townships 23 uud 24. thence west on »aid line to 1 ho Pacific ocean, thence must bo regularly elected at the appoacb- i 80(U| , l . r | v , l)nni , the Hhnre of Bai(1 00e , m l0 ing election. Justice Thornton's I™" i place of "beginning, expires tills year, which makes four va- j ,. elUi , in frolll cili/ „ nB nnd (nlfpavei . B u , canoies, as follows: Beatty, Chief Jus 1 the contract to paint the Court House for tlie sum of J200, to bo paid when the work is accepted ; the contract to be as follows: To paint tlie roof and cupola w:' h I wo coals of l'rincess melalic and linseed oil, re-gild the ball of dome with best gold leaf, repnii.' nil exterior sanded woodwork two coals, and resund all parts where the sand is worn off, blinds, sash and outside wleps to be painted two coats of lead and oil of desired shinies,! t,, deal! regrain and varnish all outside doors; to do snme in workmanlike manner, and furnish all materials and staging. The following road report was allowed: J M Oreon. Sanel . W<ti f,2 Petition received from ' residents oi Albion and hig liiver Hoad llislricts, asking lhat the road known as Ihe Coast National Council of Education, in session al St. Paul, has resolved that Hoards oi Fihication in the cities are a failure.. AIcAuliH'e andslavin have been mulched for a light iu London in Ihe fall . . .Hus- sia«and China are extending their otil- posis. S .iTCiiiiAY, July ii. W. I'.riuuin, an oiler of (lie Seal tie Cable Company, was caught in the sheave wheel and crushed j . .Advices from Victoria men- J lion the iitting out oi two schooners; heavily armed for tho seal fisheries Two robbers hold up a conductor and • brakenian near Xorlh Yakima, hut were ' (piickly captured... .California and Klor- : ida will have competitive exhibitions ol'' seiui-lropical fruits at tlie World's Fair. , Thousands of cattle are perishing in | Renieniiier tliis is the last week, lii:\ii:\iiii:it Tin and don't forget to cull. I 'I.AI'K: NORTH OF COURT HOUSE, URIAH, CAL. road be changed by establishing a new ! some parts of Mexico on account pire until 1892, but Temple's successor road and abandoning the old, between the top of the hill on 11 to south side of Park Gulch in Albion Hoad Pislricl, and (lie fool of the hill near the house of Henry Colby in Pig itiver road district— Petition granted and ordered that. Ihe road he changed as follows: To pass over the lands known us lands of C. C. Johnson, II. Wptlierliee and W. Pullen in a northeasterly and northwesterly direction, reluming to and crossing tlie present, road a shorl distance north of Park (iiilch, thence to continue in a northerly direction and west of Ihe present road over the lands of \V. Pullen, S. Pullen and S. Colby. Further ordered lhat S. A. Morgan be I appointed surveyor and \V. II. Kent nndi," Byron Clark as viewers of said road. ol drought . The French Senate bus voted a prohibitive duty on American corn.. Boston's population is given at -i;!7,2:i2 bv the new census. TUB Chinese Minister to the United States has given our Government to understand that Americans in his country may soon receive the same treatment that Chi- i namen get in this country, and some j nf nnv axctmngcu affect, great Indig— i.; J.L „..*i„.„ , v ,. K„i c lot O! difference whose ox is gored. tice; Associate Justices—Fox, Thornton ; and Works. Sharpstein's term will expire In 18{H, ' while Paterson and McFariand hold on ' until! 80S. i Those who arc elected this fall will have i twelve-year terms, with tho exception of the Temple unexpired term, which Is for but. two years. Democratic National Platforms. Oi'it protective policy is rapidly bearing its legitimate fruit. The French Senate has voted a prohibitive duty on American corn. Other nations will doubtless follow suit and the ports of the world will soon be closed to all our products. This is the necessary and natural outcome of the tariff. It is human j nature to refuse to patronize a man who will not trade with you. change the Hot Springs and Big Hiver road granted and changed as follows: To leave the present road nt the foot of <!od- dard's bill, crossing Big Itiver, running thence west about 25 rod¥, recrossing Pig Hiver so as to intersect with the present road. One bundled dollars is appropriated to defray the expenses of said j change. | Petition from voters of Navarro pre; cinct, asking change ir. voting precinct. : h t. o l .-.o .l pulling place to l.o nt Navarro Flat and tlie polls to he held at : tho school house. ; Petition for bridge across Kel Hiver at i the crossing of the wagon road leading . from Covelo to l.nytonville, granted, and A. L. Kingsbury and Alloa Davidson appointed to locate said bridge, Petition tusking that tlie polling place in Mountain View precinct be changed ! to ihe school bouse, laid over until a population of 04,500.000 in the United States. This is marked iu- j P ll,l '« 'heir moral influence by crease over the census of 1880, u 'cir successful example." IKiiS. 1876. interesting to know who the parties are who I-BTITIOXEB the Board to adopt the proposition of Messrs. Rice & Baltzell, and then see who created this employment of " placing sundry heiroglyphies on adjacent trees, rocks, etc." Among the petitioners were the following : T. L. Carothers, Republican candidate for Superior Judge. ! large card will bear the inscription, C. A. Irvine, Republican citiuli-1One Cent Postal Card, United date for Treasurer. \V. K. Dillingham, Republican j one simply, "Postal Card, One gary 41,0SG,20fi and Italy 30,260,- Ofiff. THK uew postal cards are to be of two sizes. One intended for "Free commerce with all nations."— Plunk in the first Democratic platform. Drafted by Jefferson himself. 1840, 1844, 1848, 1H52, i*i<i, IStiO. "Justice and sound policy forbid the Federal government to foster one branch of industry to Hie detriment of another; that every citizen and every seel ion of the country has a right to demand and insist upon an equality of rights and privileges; * * * and that no more revenue i October term, ought to lie raised than is necessary to; Two petitions from Cahto and one from defray the expenses of the government." Roonville were presented, asking that (While in 185S the following was add- the sense of the people on high license ed.) he tested at tlie next general election and llffob'fil. That the time lias come tbut no license be issued for tho ensuing when the people of the I'nited Stales . year until after the result of the election should declare themselves in favor of free | declared, and further, that any party seas, of progressive free trade throughout getting license be required to give $5000 "ic world, and by solemn manifestation , bonds to keep a quiet and orderly bouse, ie side of '• luid over until October term, that being the time to fix rates for license. The iiiiunal report of Ihe bakeport, "A tariff for revenue upon foreign im- : Glenn Alpine A North Pacific Toll Hoad ports." ! Company was approved and 1 lie follow- iirg rates of toll fixed for tlie ensuing veiir: TIII'HSJJAY, Jl'I.Y IdTII. Following additional allowances anees were made on account of error in former allowances: SUNDAY , July li. — Damaging cloudbursts are roported in the Northwest... . The Chinese Minister in this country says the Americans in China will bo expelled if wo enforce I lie Kxclusion Act.. . Six hundred prisoners in tlie Massaclm-! setts penitentiary rebel against a new ] prison rule and for a time trouble was [ threatened ; they were finally subjugated. ! Texas fever has appeared among the cattle of Kansas and they are dying by the hundred Mexico is preparing for an extensive exhibit at the World's Fair. . . : The cholera is agton spreading in Spuin, 1 Terrible reports of cannibalism in Soudan have been received. LE TRIANON, EMILE VEBDIBB Blue Lakes, Lake County, Cal. MONDAY , July 7.—Tlie two Harbin Springs stage robbers have. each ; been sentenced to San Quentin lor ten years This year's assessment of :u oo 1 Sonoma county loots up lo£!,Sthl,2:it). rk ... s7 oo'; A Frenchman is visiting Southern Cali- cuiisidcritig tlie bids 1 "'""'' 1 "'' 1 ' 1 11 viow of establishing (lie peanut oil industry there Governor Nichols bus vetoed the Louisiana Lottery Bill.... Fargo, N. P., was visited by a terrible cyclone; a great amount of damage vas dono and seveu children were killed .The House iind Semite committees have agreed ou a compromise Silver Hill which provides for the purchase of 4 ,000,(100 ounces of silver per month; T3IB FIHST HOTEL COMING FROM ITKIAH. J IN" Mi -n ,,niiM. Iiii .ti -'e.i . .1 K MeliiiiiiiUt, in Coi' J M OlVl-ll, Mllll'l. inn.! w On opening and for working (lie roads iu Sanel road district it is ordered lhat. the bids be rejected, the amount bid being greater than the apportionment for said district. H. B. Scott reported favorably on the rcpuo-u liy J!. 1\ Acuiton uu I hr rami built by Voting in Anderson road district and the Auditor was directed to draw a warrant, for frj-H) in favor of Adams. ' VKW .\ 1.1 ' Bout I there A Nil S!'1.K\'11!I) SI'MMKIt IIKS'IKT ON THK SlIOliE OK Bl l'K LAKES, IN Tin'. CRN- r oi ii pmk of eculury i.l.i tro>>. i..i\vn tonni; icnl cro.jncl jsrniuulf, Mvinirv, hainmn.-ks. eli'. Bontinn. Iiiiitiin^ mill li-iliiiiv!. l''ii<l-c'. ins i'rciich eookfuK- ffJ&~'Vtt enjoy » tine SnndAV pnriv lie plui'i.' .''iiml li> "l.e Trianon." "' EMiLE VERDIER, Luke County, ('»]. llfrtha p. o. "We denounce the present tariff levied upon nearly 4000 articles as a master-' | „ ti ,, im am | ull | tu .i|j piece of injustice, inequality and false . i wnnnii ami ii uniniKis pretense. It yields a dwindling, not a ; 1 «'"S'°" »'"] 1 """""I 8 yearly rising revenue. It lias impoverished many industries to subsidize a few. It prohibits imports that might purchase tho products of American labor. It has ness communications will have twice ! degraded American commerce from the the area of the present postal cards, j first to an inferior rank on tlie high » CUH. They will be decked with a portrait I l l has cut down the sales of American i tion 4, township 11, range Hi, and rates of General Grant instead of the I " lilIH "" ,,t,lr es "l home and abroad, and j of toll fixed same as allowed the Iverson depleted the returns of American agri- i chute at Rough and Koudy landing, culture —au iiidusty lollowed by half our! Allen Davidson reported favorably on people. It costs the people- live times! the Long Valley creek bridge, built by more than it produced to tlie treasury, ! A. L. Kingsbury. States of America," and the smaller j obstructs the processes of production and ! A now voting precinct to be know as 12 M 'J 00 I Ml 1 wituini ami 'i uniniiil-i l :;o Horse and linsiry 7,", Sftildle horse ;tt) I.eORc liooii'i.', ctiltlt-iiml lintU's, C. rentH ^-iieh; looic IIOK-S, sheep and Knars, :t com eaeii. W, A. Ileum was granted a twenty- year franchise for a chute in lot 1 of .tec- representation of a stamp. Tlie candidate for School Superintendent. S. D. Pax ton, Republican -aiidi- date for Assessor. Hale McCowon, Republican candidate for County Clerk. Dr. E. W. Kin<j- and J. M. Mannon, members of the Republican County Central Committee, and Cent.' Wt hare all heard of the burglar who entered an editor's and tho only thing he struck was a match, but that burglar wasn't smart. AlwayR search an editor for his wealth before he gets home. Most editors are married and their wastes tITo fruits of labor. It promotes I llaney precinct is hereby established and fraud, fosters smuggling, enriches dis- ; bounded as follows: Commencing at lionestv of officials Mnd bankrupts honest ! nortli.vpst comer of township 14, range mercbauls, We demand that all custom- ] lo, thence west 1 mile, thence south 4 house taxation shall be only for revenue." '• miles to HUH bwesl corner of section 24, 1880. : township 14, range lii, thence east 1 "A tariff for revenue only." mile, thence south 1 milo. thence east 1 1884. ; mile, thence south 1 mile to the south The Republican party "proffers a ; boundary hue of township 14, range 15, pledge to correct the irreguiurilioh of our i thence oast 4 miles on said lino, thence tariff"—it created and has continued j norlli 1 mile lo the northwest corner of fts own tariff commission con- ' section !W. township !|, range, l, r >, thence wives relieve them of their surplus • them leading managers of the parly, and j evel . y evening. The highwayman I fanned the need of more than 20 per cent ! east 1 mile to the east boundary line of a host of other prominent Reptib- ] w i 10 recently held up Editor Tliomp- i reduction—-its congress gave a reduction \ said township and range, thenco north HcanB. j ao „ 0 f t h' e Humboldt Standard I '«» U»an tour per cent. It pro.essed ; on said line 'I miles lo iho northeam cor- - But tiiere were other names than i ' ft .. i(lp ntlv aware of this ' i U,e " r,,tcc,io " ,lf A, " eri, '"» manufiiclu..* • ner of section 24, township 14, range 15, those of Republican or Democratic! 4 ° j ~ il H,l, 'i f ' dcd * "" ^ the, ' CC n0rt " iUUl weBt '° P '" rC of - ^ .... . , !,•, ii« i. i , oi miiiiufiictnrpd goods and ft hopeless "Inning, politicians on tho petition. | IHK greatest of papers are lmble ; , 0 , lipi , tUi , m w|lh lnllnnfm! , u ri„ K „„,io„H >: Hnnev Koad Dlslrlct was changed to Nearly all the largest taxpayers! to make mistakes. Recently lho1 I1()( ,,„„ o( w |,|,. h , axeH raw materials. ; conform to the new voting precinct, in the«:ounty petitioned lite Hoard j London TiroeB published a dispatch ! it profesKes to protect all American indiiH- It is ordered that there be a survey to " create " the employiiiciit which . to the effect that the National Bauk i t'ies— il has impoverisiied many to sulisi- 1 mado oi the road from Stiidebuker'H to excites the sarcaHtu of '"' J. E. R." ! of Buenos Avers had suspended ,LIZ(> 11 F<,W - " P"<H«HHOM the protection of 1 (ireenwood in Mill District, and Simon i ! nnvmout It ^li.iuld have said nnv ' , A " IM ";"! 1 1 nl>«>—n has deplete,, the re- )[„ddoek is appointed M„ r voyor and Joe ;rn wliose i payment., ix simiuu nave snm sun- |ti,'., KO f American agricult.iro, au industry „,...., , ,., illowed by half our people. ISKL A. l\ ItMemeyt-r, ihe IIUKCM M„ k |,, i a .» P H>er j preiwed muell V^M, fw\ attributed I g fl fd e , ne .UMl °\ndorse""ent 18 of "lVes'iuent - Among th« heavy taspuyer 'names are to be found on the peti-| p«nded payment of its quarterly id ;t)oh wo nutl the following : \ rtividond. The paper next day ex- j John (jHchwend Jr as The lii'sfc diHnnteh > mui O! tl,n MHI's hill as pnieijcnl ilhistiiv IM. uiHt) umpatcii „ on „ c{ nemoorMic principles. laIbB couulyj .Funics llrot!. Siipt'iliiieinieai of | the error to wrong pillH 'hifttioi] in ! Cleveland's message of December, 1887, ?tyjihjJi |tUMt 'Wni c :MBhtinv :''W.' H. White, tlaprr- ! ., !• t 1 ^«iM«at,«|' tti<? (Htwiivvooil Mill Uoiapatiy *iul' "** (U8p»tell. •«Se^|(S«U(«ttii«<!%s-. i*-?. ju^i'bi'-i'ini-lcjtusfed great.-'alarm in the stock !> i liW iw r < ! i*MlVi';»wriiii>i :»ivUA,N!»n-; u j It. K. York, C'ouitl.v Surveyor of Men- WhEtf^.*'.* V,l, ° y ."T w1!" ,, , t, ' ; ! i doclno eoimty, called to see us Monday. J^^X^l^^ 9KO»KT A « B,. A m : , who haa done | „. w «r„.«« us that he was his way L»>ut \M tittt^.RiVtir Mill |<r«tHirly: John s.! more than any otner Republican in | to Cohto, Mendocino county, where lie S^iiSlMUJ oi«ylpU'Ai$ei,\ p»p»dr Mim w*| t v,; R miintrv to reskno that wartv to ! wttH K oln K to ""'vey ,u large tract of land iSi ^Mm ^Mmtk^\ 0. A. rorMiw, tD,B " 0(Sn ."J to w* 10 * 0 l' ft,t y \ In H ul».llvl»lon8 lor a Ciernmn C'olnny.- ^Ht^^ipJ^tt^'Wrot..»( Pf«« I power, 13 anything but' plettKed; vioivrdalt lltvcille. Ithodes and viewers. Oidered that the (ierk advertiso in the Meiitlnrinn lieamn for proposals nltd bids for building \\ bridge at l'sal. Ilids to be received up to August !ith at !l o'clock. The Clerk Is also directed to advertise In I lie sumo newspaper for bids for building a bridge across the Lower Navarro at Navarro Mill, bids will ht received up to ft o'clock, August Mil. Ordered that bids he advertised for in tho Ditpntch and lU'inocml lot building The report of the viewers on the Chris-1 tl,e Democratic members refused to sign tinu and Low tiap wagon road having been laid over from time to time, further consideration on the subject was continued until October 5th. John Lierney was allowed $20 out of the Indigent, fund. Petition asking change iu (bo road from Hoonvillo to I'kiah granted, and the change ordered as follows: Commencing at. present traveled road near .lunies Main's house, thence along the land of Main over the land of T. 1'. Mo Oinisey to land of (>. W. burger and along the land of Huiger to Anderson Valley creek, thence across creek and in in: .easterly direction to intorsect the present traveled road; grade not to ex- coed 115 inches to the rod. T. i*. Mc- Gitnsey appointed surveyor and .1. 8. Ombauni and T. C. IJ. Kinney viewers of said road. lteport of Joseph Ainslie, Justice of the Peace of Arena township, received and approved. Following hills were rejected on the ground of not being legal county charges: Currie J Ytuiti, witness Icon f 'io 00 S F Vnnli, witnesH fees 2.". Oti K H HHtemau, imMtionl serv iU7 W Following hill was rejected on account ot not being properly sworn to: Janie* Afjnew. Justice tees f» f >o the report . . A story of the discovery oft a gold ledgo of fablulous richness, comeB from Tin Cup, Col. .Tlie War Minister eg Spain says the cholera epidemic is more '• serious than generally believed. TUESDAY , July 8.—Chas. II. Hewitt, a well-known attorney of Portland, was shot and killed by Chas. Belgrade, the proprietor of a hotel at Pellwood, Or.,; who then committed suicido by cutting I bis throat. .. .P. D. Wiggington, tlie well-; known American party leader.died at his ! home in Oakland ; he was born in II- • linois in 18;i!l Destructive storms are j reported in several of the Eastern and \ .Southern States" The Central Ameri- j can States of Guatemala, Honduras and ( San Salvador aro making extensive pur- 1 chases of small arms and ammunition'/ open hostilities botweon them aro liable to break out at any time . ..The American riflemen visiting in Germany, called ; on Prince liismark and wore received j with great distinction.... American cer-! eals siiowed a marked advance in tlie : London market. i The Best Selected Stock of GENERAL MERCHANDISE Ever Brought to COVELO, 1 Prohibition Convention. CAL., Must be Cleared within Ninety Days from July 1st. Goods Will Be Sold W STRICTLY FOR CASH, WKDNBSDAV , July It.—Clinton li. Fisk, ' the Prohibition Presidential candidate of j « 1JT -. T to /\at t is88, died in New York; he was oo years! And at Prices Lower tlian ever Defoi'e Offered. A total failure of the Delaware •enate Bill ; a public ! Notice is hereby given that the regular Prohibition County Convention of .Mendocino county will be hold in Mendocino City, Friday, .lilly 2.5, 18S10, beginning at lfl A. M., for the purpose of ratifying the action of the Slate Prohibition Convention, for tlie nomination of nn entire county ticket to be voted for In tho coming full ejection, and for the transaction of other impor&nt business of age fruit crop is roported.. . .The appropriating $250,000 for building at Oakland, has been favorably reported to the House A severe wind | storm Hwept over Cleveland, O., followed by a heavy rain which did much damage •• to crops ..Tho Louisiana lottery bill | wus passed over the Governor's veto.... • A collision between a freight and pusson- i ger train near Birmingham. Ala., results! in tlie killing of six people... .Seven bnn -J dred lives were lost by a terrific cyclone \ ; in Arabia Civil war is imminent in ! j San Salvador. . The London letter car-! Clifton & Weill. CITY 33^CESA.-X" 3VE AH.K.BT, SMITH & CI3SON, PROPRIETOR. All parlies are eligible to a seat iu the j ,-jcrs nre „„ „ H trike. convention who are opposed to tho liquor j Willie dominating politics, and bellovo in j We seo „ lnt B mnBg , llfil , tIn hlm bop „ tho principloH of tho Prohibition party, j ( lpl ,| in H ,. rekll to lJis( . nMH t |,o question aiid will work for its success. j 0 f connecting this county with tho Sjicra- the difierent clubs iu the county, and j Inenlo Vnllev bv a railroad. Some years individual Prohibitionists, whore no organization exists, will please take notice and seo that their locality is duly represented in tlie convention. Tho privileges of tho convention are open to all Prohibitionists, irrespocfivt of sex, and il is specially desired that a fair proportion of ladies be present as dole- Bales. Kecognizing the value of tho organized ago there was a lino surveyed from the head of Stoney creek, Tehama county, through the low gap In Ihe Coast Ha ago at this point, over into tho head waters of the main south fork of Kei river, tlieuce northerly down the .South Kel river to j tho point of its interaction with the main : northern fork of Kel river; (hen down lCcl river to its intersection with theVanDiuon. This route was through the stock country of STAMll.KY STItl-.HT, I'KIAH, CM- Fresh and Salt Meatsiof aililtiuds Constantly on hand. women of the land as faithful workers iu , Northern Mendocino, tupping Poller, i.ii- the prohibition cause, a special invitation is extended to the W. C. T. I'nioiisof ihe county lo he rcpreseuied by their dole(fates in tlie'convuniloii. itv order of Committee. Cough Medicine. Recommended by Physicians. Curos whore ail olso fails, l-loiisant and agroeidi'lo to tho tasto. Ciiildren take ii. without objection, liy druggists. [ We have boon without mail for three i days on account of an accident on the i railroad. Kvor since t'ne dimouiiniiiuico ! of the muil,rou!o between Clnwrdalo and | Mendocino our mail service has been poor and uncertain. Lot us petition to j (ho Poslinuster-! ionernl lo have our mall j crane by way of (he old Cloverdale route. I — Fort Jliaifij Adcoealt. tic Lake, and Hound Valley, passing with- ; hi six miles of a 40-foot ledge of the best coal in this Stale for steamer or forgo use. Now, we should ask the railroad committee to takealook nt this route, as it is practicable and not ox pensive and will develop j many things of interest lo Koreka! and lltuulKildt county generally,— ll\n!es- 1 rillr Jotitiwl. I PONS TOON The stage running botweon here anil Itooiiville, has been taken off and the line only runs to Vorkville now. It. F, York is the contractor and John Mclialmu tho driver.— Cloterdalt Ueitiltt. fSTJBSCIiXEDE FOB THUS——MENDOCINO DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT! The Leading Newspaper in Menodocino County, Cat. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, 82 .50 PER Y3BAg_ —| ^^^^^^^^

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