The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 13, 1959 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1959
Page 9
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AINEI AH TOOK un ABNfiR PO-BBttBR STRIP.'.'-IP VOUR HUSBAND STIUL HAS ANV STRENGTH I.EPT-- AND IT'LL ALL JL THESE BEVOU* -ACAKTOQNISTS $ii T jr 0 °-" HAS " THE rOQDLES WTM30, MINERVA 1 DON'T WANTTOTSAcM ANYBODY ANY- THINS/ I'M uviN' rr UP! »*? ME AGAIN, WOLF/ NOW THAT I'VE TOLD VOUR DART HAVE NO , QUALMS ABOUT GETTING THAT RING BEFORE I LEAVE HONEY-.— LETS HOPE \TH«r SEEMS TOI THAT WHEN \ BE THE ONLY HE GOES AWAY, LT CHOICE we SALLY WILL COME TO HER-SENSES THAT IS—IF YOU AS SURE AS 1 AM THAT YOU WANT IT THIS WAY- AT THE SCHLAfl RAILWAY THE CARDS ARE STACKED A6A1NT US, JANE--TEX PRACTICALLY TOLD ME TODAY THAT HE AND SALLY ARE CONSIDERING MARRIAGE. -S\- * -'/' W5VETOM6THIS cZ^l^** 11 "* 0 *"™ IT IS THE 8UJNP ONE/ MARY WORTH NO!-1 CAN'T BELIEVED //J THE FLEETING VICTORY /-> \ TODAY CAN MAKE UP FOR I THEBITTER.INEVITABIE X DEFEAT TOMORROW! / ^D° , VOUD E5UTTPR AND TELL PRINCIPAL OUICK/ I THOUGHT JUSHEAD WAS HOLplNGTHtf LADDER' WAITER! TURN OFF THIS GHASTLY OVERHEAD LIGHT! •••QUICKLYI... BEFORE THAT GENTLEMAN REACHB X MVBOOK SOME -STUDENTS^ WAS ON DESTROY BOOKS..) THE TOP •ARCHIE...THE \ SHELF' CONNIE'S LITTLE PRIVATE BATTLEFIELD WrrHA&E!-...,.. TEW:?.K,K wm "• I EVEN BE A FRIEND JUDD SAXON-By Ken Bald and Jerry Brondfield WAS A NERVOUS Wf?6CK ABOUT THE SPACE BISCUIT fAME OUT OP HIPINC5 TO S£ E'S POINS •I'P FALLEN FOR HER, JUPP. BUT SHE MAPE A POOL OF ME ...MAKING ME FBEL UKE A LOVESICK SCHOOLBOY... CORWCTINC MY ERRORS WITHOUT fV£N WE MAY TI?Y A TWIST ON THAT.,. BUT FIRST, SOME PERSONAL fUSINtSSf Tine WORLD DOG- INTifRESTEP IM RESEARCH/ NEED BETTER. SCHOOL^ AMP .A MEW ATTITUpr TOWARD EDUCATION cvg PART OF JU5TNO&ODY WAMT5 A PLAlM Oil ORDINARY KID AMY MORE' seeuwry DEMAMDSAM ARMYOF PEOPLE PEDICAT#> TO SCIENTIFIC AND TEOWOL06ICAL. ADVANCEMEMT yOU PON'T HAT6 LAUSTA LUCAS, STEVE.' THAT'S DEFENSE MECHANISM.' 8UT WHy'P YOU RETURN* 5EEMYAP? WAS CffAZV, TAKING OFF LIKE THAT... MORTY MEEKLE I HAD A FIGHT WITHOILL.AND6HE (6N'T6PfeAKING TDME €O WHAT? YOU KNOW 6HE1L. BREAkT DOWN AND CALL YOU IN ACOUPLE. OF HOURS, LIKE-SHE ALWAYS DOE6 PRISCILLA'S POP-By Al Vermeer YOU LOOK LOWER THAN A MIDGET'S CORNPLASTER. WHAT'S WRONG, PAL? OUR BOARDING HOUSI-With Major Hoople THIS WAS A LlXXY HUNCH, IM HERE/—A BLOKE WHO DISHES OUTTH5 WIENER- 1 VMURST UKE FATSO OVER \ LIKE TO HEAR MY RECORDS, HOLLYHOCK? PLEASE. PRISCILLAl TURN IT OFF/ U/A.VAS—THE HOOPLE CLAM HAS SEEN INTERNATIONALLY PROMINENT IN THE F1EUX5 OF SPORTS AS WELL As in THE ARTS . VOU KNOW/— AW UMCLe SYMINGTON HOOPLE, IN LOMD0^5, OWSS A LAR6E RACING-STABLE- AND HAS TvJlCE WO/^ THE ENGLISH V/-«-HlS FATHEKyAPPi.E6AT.E- HOOPL5,WA6 A CHAIAPIOM .ARCHER—HE COULO VAND ROLL? NO, <• THANKSJ -^ THERE-IS A PUSHOVER TO SWALLOW THE SAME PLAT& , fl '/TTlHlCKBRTHAhl A ' lf /x . V. MAM'S THUMB ATA I NEVER SHOULD HAVE ALLOWED IT'S A MYSELF TO GET 'LUKURY I MAD AT OOP/ JUST CANT AFFORP ANY ...TROUBLE 15 I DON'T HALF APPRECIATE WHAT THAT BOY HAS TO PUT UP WITH ON THESE JAUNTS.BACK INTO THE PAST, FUNNY THING ABOUT POPULAR .MUSIC. MILLION-YEARS AWFUL TOUGH GOING/ ~r CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner WASH TUBBS THBIR W.O.JI6E& WITH 7 OTHER, THB CHIEF 6W5 VOU 7 WOTlCt AU. Ble^T'LOCATIONS ARB YvlTHIM THIUK THIS JOB WA5/THEIR HAETH0P OP BOWBlMQS WITHIN 400 W!L65». OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams POME &Y OUTSIP5 EJCPBRT51 5IK SCHOOLS AC THEfA MEET MIC, SALIAOkl OP THB FBI PLACEMENT OF CHARGES, MBWTS OP THEIR TlWUfl DEVICES. BTC>., 600P G05H, CURLY, SHE HAS AN EARLY CALPTHISVEXVR,ANP SHE'S STILL, SUPPORT WaTHATBiaLOlJT FROM LAST YEAR, WHO SHOULP BE OUT OM HISOWM/ BUT, WES-SHE CAIN'T BB5EK1PIN 1 HIM CHECKS, VKNOW.' THE OUTER CIRCLE! WAS THEIR METHOD LIKE WJY IN TH6 FBI FILES? m CHECKS OM LOCAL DEMOLITION CXPERTS..MP FANATICS'. ... PERTH'LAST TI/W6, KIP, QUIT GAZIN' OUT TH' WINDOW! I MIGHT AS WELL BE TALKIN 1 T' TH' WALL .. HMM! \ -MERGE* ARE MAPE-MOT BORN ,*i'? l ;S''i t * "You never know when an accident will happen—a blpnde hair on your coat, you get home late-—»J" ^T^TUffiS AUSTIN Tuetdif/, "Panda" is said to be a corruption of the native Nepalese name which means "bamboo eat- Informal football was played as early as 1840, but first formal in- The crayfish, most backward tercollegiate game in the U. S. of M animals, has its teeth in its .*" SHORT RIBS JACOBY'S BRIDGE WEST AKQ1064 ¥K072 NORTH 13 A? V83 • KJ10986S <f> AQ10 EAST *J532. ¥.11085 * A2 SOUTH 4A08 ¥ AQ4 4,84, (D) South 1 N.T. 3* 5 ¥ Pass *KJ62 Both vulnerable \Veit North Pass 3 * Pass 4 N.T. Pass 6 • , Pass East Pass Pass Fas* Opening lead— 4 K Uy OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service Tlio Jacoby transfer bid tervea ier- ei-al purposes with today's hand, To start with, North cannot be stir* that there Is game in the hand or Whether it should play In no-trump or in diamonds. Hpwever, since he Is wide open In both majors and his diamonds aren't headed by the ace he decides to get past three no-trump «ra into five or six diamonds. Furthermore, he decides that th« determining factor will be the number of aces held by his partner. Put one acn In the South hand and five diamonds Is the most that can make but give him two and there ought to be «. good play for the slum. • His three cJubs la the diamond transfer and puts the diamond play In the strong hand. The four no-trump bid Is Blackwood because In the JTB any lour no-trump after a transfer U Biackwood. Finally, when South shows two acei North gambles on the slam and l» right on all counts. With South as declarer nothing can beat six diamonds. South has time to draw trumps and pitch dummy'« losing heart on his own fourth club. Make North declarer at six diamond* and a heart lend will set the hand and if south plays three no-trump the normal spade opening will beat the contract. Happy Headlines was played in 1869. stomach and its liver in its head. There are more than 5,000,000 head of dairy cattle in Australia. People who advertise In Austin Dally Classified Pages are Satisfied. Why Not Try one Ben Franklin Said It in 1759 "A man may, if he knows not how to save as he gets, keep his nose all his life to the grindstone, and die not worth a groat after all!" Ben Lageson Says It in 1959 "What Franklin said two hundred years ago is still true today. The best way to save now days is to put it in r^-^^ A TjSTTTa the bank before you get used to hav» fr ^L******* I4WI ing it. And naturally, the Austi n STATE BANK State Bankl" wsw By LAURA lova* tt» "loopy oozy c»p*l 8« wwtt, w to crochet in*bright »ool. Thrlity! ONE lour * ouno* or taitting wowte<j tw i^t; baU» of wort ywa I« w»jrW Both »r» (julek-crochet. JPatUwj 7 Sena TWxty . live c«ata (OOUM) this pattern - add 9 pattern tor 9t Member f.O.I.C. P. O. BOX iflfl. Old New York li, ». T. to orawws g, ws book, a IK tie girl happy ^ **"•

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