The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on November 30, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1894
Page 7
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ALL HOME MUNI', tHfc SSntisat 13 the omy newslmperln Cat* Mil county that Is pun ted all at borne and it con* MB* more loctii and coUttty news than atty other MM papers in this count;. PowKns & Cototo, Props. , NOVEMBER 80, 1894. PEOPLE AN|> EVENT Rubbers at Moore's. Overshoes ut Moofe's. Ladies' overshoes at Moore's. Children's overshoes at Moore's. Gentlemen's overshoes at Moore'a. fresh oysters )n can or bulk at the Bub. , Heffolfinger is receiving holiday goods •every day. You can get fine repairing done at Moore's shoo store. Call at Heffelilnger's and eee the cut glass ware and new silver ware. Call at The Hub and buy your Thanksgiving oysters. Always fresh. H. T. Daniel's, cash grocer, 'moved oue M>lock north, opposite court house, Barney McDonald, of Kichland township was in the city today on business. F. M. Davenport was at 8nc City during the fore part of the week attending court. When you wantflrst class fruit* of any, kind, call at Schach'tner & Egan's cash grocery. Just received, n cur lond of Minnesota flour—Gold Medal Superlative—at H. T. Daniels'. Furnished room and unfurnished room for rent down town. Inquire at BBNTI- -NKL office. Why do you suffer Irora a bnd cough when Hunn's Cough cure will care you at once. Pal ace Drug Store. J. J. McMahon and family spent '^Thanksgiving. with Mrs. Mediation's •mother at Carrollton. Try a sack of Crosby's best flour, for sale by 8chachtner& Egan's grocery, and be convinced of its superiority. For rent,—two dwelling houses,' one located on north side and the other on the south side. Geo. W. Bowen. Martin & Clovis have just received a • new invoice of ice skates, having closed «ut their first invoice in short order. Harm's Cough Cure und Mann's Allgutor Liniment are guaranteed remedies sod will euro nyerjr time., For sale at Puluco Drug Store. Mrs. M. Simon returned Thanksgiving eve from Dos Moines where she' had been for several days visiting friends. Dr. Spauldiug informs us 'today that his wife, who has been sick for some time, is now recovering quite rapialv. i%t Starves & Tkui'tiinafcii will L jrlve their annual opening of holiday good* tomorrow iiigbt. Mann'» AllTgulor Llnlmout Is tUo moat penetrating medlolne la use, mid will cure any ailment whore an eitemul remedy in needed. Kor tale itt PalaceDrugstore. ' Thu folks are as good as the people »nd Merchant will sell you choice Japan tea for 39 cents a pound und 5 pounds for fl.OO. \ The dance given Thanksgiving night by the Gertuunm society ut their opera hotiie was a grand success. A jolly time was enjoyed. N D. K. Bond, principal of (be school, of Coon Bapid»,i8 in tbe city attending the ' Round Table And calling ou his many old frlcniU, Theodore BUllman, of Templeton w»s iu (be city the fore part of the week and remembered TUB SENTINEL office with a pleasant call. " Call for genuine fiooqe lower vein tump, Indiana block, Hocking Valley lump, free burning Anthracite coal, all tize«, »t P. Joyce's. 0. L. Bailey,udw a resident of Sac City was with U* for several dayu this week. When hfl left for homo TbanltSfclVloB day be wai feeling quite poorly Indeed. Theo, Jieiumn, of Newell, spent TbanksKiviug day in the city tbo gu««t of J. K, Wooilrlntf. Mr. Nelmnn is ooe of the suooeiaful drujnisU of that city. Tbe Orient society will give an interesting program at tbo high school building tomorrow evening. All unending will be'fivored with a musical and literary treat. , You »re invited to call at 8tur» BOM 4fe TburUiuauii'ii driitf more toniprrww eveniiiir and oifuuliw tlielr elegant (lientoy ut hollduy , People'* club enjoyed a nfug 'rhauk«Klvloj( ut their Urbauy'i iboe »U»re. Tii» |lu*e w»i enjoyable »pent tripping (be light faulitfUo, CJerk KoDoebeok iwued tbo 'aliening |jM9M« today; Amos Toy no and Min Loulea Wbitiugi of Jaiper lownihlp, and to Albert Wolir and Miw Mary Kgburi, u'f iremoitt, Neb. That Joy f »i f*»|iM« with the e«bii«r«t- (ujl sense of rouewwl healtli and strength §nd Internal pjei»nllue»8, wlUoli follow^ tln0 me of Hj rup of KlK'i If uokuoww to the few wlio h»vo uot pwgr««B«4 beyond tlie 014 time weciioiueii mid tUo cheap *ub« «Mt«t08 sowtiilums offered but nev«r »fr flftlMftd by tb.Q well IttfW'UMHl, gev«« o( the world's grtmUnt paiotltt«« WlU U« represent^ ID pantomime Hutur- Uay evouiog at (Up high soljool l>u,l|dluK ' by flfteeu o( Carroll's (air youug Indies, i «»y« jle our«d « c»tw o| Jjlar- cholera and dlatl-hoea remedy. JKlmt a pleasant surprise tiiat must have been to the sufferer. Buch cures are not unusual with this i-emerty. in many Instances oh- ly one or two doses arc requtfed to give pormnnent reliefi It can always be depended iipon. When reduced with water It Is pleasant to take. For sole by J. If. Uattot). druggist. Messrs. Lmnden & Larson, merchant tailors, formerly of Omaha, Neb., have located iu our city in the Wieland build Ing known as the "Diamond" on Fourth street. They are genial, wholosouled gentlemen, and we bespeak for them a handsome trade. The Farm Journal has greatly changed the make-up of its paper. It will now appear ns a sixteen page paper, magazine size and will bo much tuoro newsy and valuable as a paper than it was before, The change, We predict, will prove a good one not only for the publisher but for the patrons of tho paper, Thanksgiving day passed off very quietly in our city. The usual religious services were held and the day was quite generally observed and appeared more like Sunday than a week-day. In the afternoon all the business houses were closed and every body spent the time at home with their families eating turkey and enjoying genuine old fashioned family reunions. Joseph Glass, of Arcadia township, was in the city today and called at THE SENTINEL office. He will read the New York World and THE SENTINEL during the coming year and will have two of the greatest papers, for the news, especially adapted for the farmer, that it is poBsablo for one to get.. The World will visit him twice every week and' THE BBNTIUNL onco a week for one year, all for two dollars. W.A. McGuire, a.well known citizen of McKay! Ohio, is on tho opinion that there is nothing as good' for children troubled with colds or croup as Chamberlain's cough remedy. lie has used in His family tor several years with the best results and always keeps a bottle of it In the house. After having la grippe he was himself troubled with a severe cough. He used other remedies without uuneb't and then concluded to try the children's medicine and to his delight it soon effected a permanent cure. 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by J. W. Uatton.drugclst. Bubklen'a Arnica Salvo Tiie best lalve In tbe world for Cull, Brunei, borne, Ulcers. Sait Bheam, Fever 8or«§, Tetter, Ohapped Uandt, Ohllblalni.Oorni and all akin Krnptlons, and positively onrei Pile! or no pay required. It U gnaranted to give ported (atlBfactlon or money refunded. Price 91 o»»t« udrtmx. Poruilob J. W. tiattoa. Wo invite the attention of our readers this week to the new ads appearing in this issue of the old reliable drug store of J. W. Uatlon; the aggressive and wide awake furniture dealers Woodring & Co.; E. N. Merchant, the man who stands in tbe front rank and will not be passed by nnv competitor; tbe enterprising firm of fl.T. Daniels, although a newcomer to our,city, is doing a good business and is letting the trade hear from him; and the firm of Ludwig Bros., which has'the same spirit of enterprise and grit that has always characterized this firm and which has made it rank among the leading places of business in our city. These firms, along with many others who know the value of printer's ink,are doing good business nbtwitbstkuillng the hard timer.' $1OO Reward, 91OO. Tbe readers of tuU paper will be pleaded to IttMH tUiic tnoco U itt luiuc o:ie Ura'tUad dltuua that •cleaae Uiw U<wn abla to uura In all Itt singe anil that lioatdrrh. liall'i catarrh cure IB tlia only positive eurenow known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional di»- eaeu, requires a oouitttuttonal treatment, Hull's oiitarrti cure Is taken Intoruallr, acting tflreutly upon the blood anrt mncous surfaces o[ tbe »js- ten), thereby destroying tbe foundation ol thu disease, and giving ibe patient strength br >uUdiaxui> th» oonslitutlon and MJlMlng im- taru In doing Hi wurk. The proprietors b«ve so iituah fultb In Its curative powers, that they alter U'loliuudrud dollars for any uaso |bat It alln (n <sar«. send for Hit of testimonials. Addrrss V. i. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O. QMAND OPKHIKQ, , DwMmber th« Orst, iu • tbe day Ml for 3turgM & Tburlimaun'* gr«ud opening of holiday good*. Tbe old ouftom ofglviagnu opening will be followed w it baa beau, bj) tbia firm for tbe put BttMU year*. Special effort will be mod* to present miob au elabor- Kte display of all tb« latMt aad ueweat dsnigue ut holiday gooda ou tbia oooa- aiou as will amply repay both youug aud old tor ealliug Mod •xamiuiug thaw Every effort will be wade to please oar quBtomera «ud you are all cordially io. vited to uall and ««e one of tba fluwt die- plays ol bulidajr good* ever made iu our city. Wfttcb, Your Wife I Nut l«»t §U« do nqiue iraat wrooM, cut Iliut you ruveattivr luBerlng u»»or ofToem. Watoh ^ertutttttottiullwr hpl (row Itoo inauy loniuioua lIveaiMWbk '-' ' ' ' dowoaixlttu] -.-.--. tutdwi,»»(»frouiw6lciStoufuMr ar« altogaaer - - a bottle of Dr. K"..r.-i« >I>«. UfielUllf wra ruo Pf«wrlptl5ii. tu» toulu aud nenlH*. yo uilottiUifUM aua t iinttiK," itliinTacoDUUjti, driigglHK.ual ii9a>.w«Hklia«« auji ueuerttT dSblll iiM, »5u3 took wTu giv« uiaoe fo u otO«MUIab»f«rauilaAuea««. Cr. »u»rui»U»» a QUK. or u>o»»y 1« rttutucq. luraiih tier Ibe ailt taut ''•f > «uiat» alu*, ul- and I aw uow located at Frank Qaooke's billiard Uail, tutdiw may (eavo orders 8vUttum»ar & Egttu'n utooury store, wuioh will reuaiva prompt uttmitlou. Job lotu delivwred to uuy purt of towu. Putroungtt Holiuited. PUANK Fuvtz. Nervous twla. I'a Uuroit, or St. Vlt di. Netvou* Pros- «ua«»ury UoUluui bjr NOT TO BE THOUGHT OF. Tired Teddy— "Will yer please gimmo a drink o 1 water, mnmf I'mrafferia' thirst. frnm thirst. !!& rtoilll 'i.r G ,° ri B ht ovor there an ' w»k *fc« pnmp." "WUatl Work for water? I couldn't tink uv it."— Brooklyn Lite. A QBNKHATION. "TbiB ia the fifteenth year," remarked George Beberger to a SENTINEL reporter tbia morning, at J. W. datton's drag store, "tbet I have opened up holiday goods at this place." "Fifteen years ia a long time to remain in one establishment," said the reporter, taming to the proprietor. "Well," replied Mr. Hat ton, "that's nothing. This is tbe twenty-sixth yenr that I have been in business on tbe same spot." This statement was rather a staggerer, bat ''tis even so. Since 1869 Mr. Hatton has been in business in practically tbe same location—where he now is. Think of it! For over a quarter of a coutury the people of Carroll county bave been flocking to Helton's to buy their holiday goods. A generation has pnsee:! ' away and still Hatton is at the old stand making the little ones happy and tbe old ones young again as they look upon tbe many reminders that tbe gay holiday season ia upon ns. Twrinty-flve years have come und gone and still Hatton's is the great liendquarters for people looking for Christinas presents. Many of the pioneers of long ago hnve passed into the great boyond and tbe children of tbat day now have little ones of their own, but Hattou is supplying them with boli- day gifts as be did tbeir fathers before tbem. What a flood of recollections mast the past twenty-six years contain for Carroll's pioneer merchant as be thinks over the changes that time bos wrought. Speaking of changes, there has been none more remarkable tbav in the matter of prices. "Talk about hard times," enid Jim. "In the old dayu everybody in tbia country was covered up with a mortgage and waa paying twelve per cent intereat. Still they bongkt holiday goods and will this year." And nn the reporter passed out and gazed upon the apparently endless assortment of all eoria of Christmas gifts for old and young, he felt that Hattou indeed bud reason for making tbe assertion and wondered how auy oue could keep from buyiug who ooked ovar bis stock. TBH LKOTDBE. . Tue flrat of a seriaa of lectures to be given daring tba winter under tbe imspioes of tbe King's Daughters nod the Y. M. 0. A. was given Wednesday evening at the Baptist ohnrob. Tbe audience waa much larger tbau many anticipated, for onr oitiesne bave not been much given to patroui&ing entertain, meuta of tbia olaat. But it la to be hop*. that a decided improvement will be made in this direction. The lecture of Rev. Nourae was very floe, the audience spoke in the highest terms of him as B lecturer. While he was interesting his lecture contained much instruction and left n feeling for the better in every heart. Many of his illustrations of Dr. Jekyl and Mr Hyde's dual character were true to nature, and for that reeson taught many valuable lessons. It the other lectures of the oouroe are as good as this tbe societies in charge well deserves the upproval of onr citizens for providing them with such a treat. AMUSEMENTS. Joe Stthty, egeut for tbe Wilson Theatre company, arrived in town last night and will bill his show for their coming engagement. Tnis season the company is larger and better than ever aud their repretoire ia entirely new. Prices will be us usual, 10, 20 sud 30 oeutsf ladies free opening night. Seats will be on sale at usual place, Tuesday a. m. CONTEST ELECTION. Tuesday Jacob Kerpsr, of Pleasant Vnlley, filed notice of contest and gave the required bond. The contest is brought against J, J, Graves, of Pleasant Valley tpmisbip, who was declared elected assessor by a majority of one vote over John Karper and also against J. R. Willey of the same township who was declared elected clerk by five majority over Chris. Nepper. Tbe question of bringing contest ou township officers is not well decided by tbe code, ns there appears to be no recourse other than to accept the returns as canvassed, We understand that there ore several similar cusos in Crawford oouuty and the mode of procedure appears to twin tbe dark .to tbe legal lights of that county as well as here. Oure for Headache. Asa remedy for nil forma of HoailHOhe Eleo trio Illtteri h»a proved to bo Mm very be«t. It oHeuu a permanent oure and loo inoit dreuiluil hubltual tick beudaobo* yield to IU Influence. Wo urge a 11 who aio silliolud to promire a bottle, Hud give tbia remedy a fntr truil. Innoietof bjbltuitloouatlpatiou Kloolrlo Bitter* cure* b; giving tbe needed tone to tbe boweli. and lew oiuo* long reilit tho uae ol thu moJIolne. Try itoncu. I^irgo boltlui only flfty ounti at J, W. Button's drug sloio. 2 Carmen Sylvn, queen of Rouiumiia, baa BoiuuUmus been supposed to bou little off bur buso meutully, but that bn» not prevented her from stringing through thu albums of those who wanted her nutogrupb a sot of epigrams aqtml to those of Rochefoucauld. Quo of nor aphorisms is something liko this: "Poo- plo who my they aio tired of Ufo moau oniy tiiat tuey are tired of themselves.' • Here is another: "A \cifetnust haveVir- tue enongh for two." Another! "There is only one happiness—dttty." The most plausible theory about the newly discovered element in the atmosphere, if there feally Is "any sioh pus- son," is that it is nitrogen existing in another form, allotropio nitrogen, as science \vonld call it. The new element composes only 1 per cent of the nir. Much closer investigation will be necessary, however, to demonstrate fully the existence of tin's third element t- Sheriff's Sale. Notice 13 horebr given that by virtue of a general execution, to me directed by tbo clerk of ibe district court of Carroll comity, town, ngalnst the goods, chattels, tanas, tenements, etc., of w. H- Rlckerson, Mne J, Ktckornon and H. J. P. Ml a'.ler doConrtantB, la favor of T , h ? ..» < l ed ?F, » Hivplrts National Bun* plaintiff, I will offer at puollo Bttlii to the hlgliunt nhd best bidder foro'isb, at the door of the i-ourt hnuse, In tho town of can-oil, county o£ Carroll, Iowa, on the 24th dny of December, 1894, between tbe hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock i;.m,aii Baldriay, all of auld defendants, II. 3. P. Mueller right, title and Interest In and to tbe following do- scribed real estate, sltUftted In Carroll county, to-wlt: Southeuat quarter of the southeast ?JL"'%) r > 8ectloo , t ? l F ty ' 3lx (30 >- township eighty- two (82i.range thlrty-four (S4;,and nortn half Of tbe southwest quarter and northwesfqnarter of the southeast quarter mid sou«h half ot the southeast quarter section thirty-one (81), township elghti-two (8?), rangfl thirty-throe (!)3), and soniliweat quarter of section ninp.tee township eighty two i82),r«nge thirty three (33),In Carroll connty IOWA. * ,n s ,«' e , ; to , commence at the hour of 10:15 o'clock a. m. of said day. /, Witness my hand this 23d day of November, 18 9*-, . R. T. JKFFKEY, .|?' T .. Sheriff Carroll county, lows. W. H., attorney for plaintiff. Seine of the electric light companies are making a great row about tesuWl- tatiug a dead murderer after be hM been executed by electricity. They ettf in effect that the murderer executed by electricity is not dead at all, but can be brought back to life by careful manipulation. They want, moreover, experiments made to resuscitate dead murder* era in New York. Why do not these electric light companies bring back to life a few of their own linemen who are annually killed by the deadly current? Baron Hirsch writes to tho United States bureau of immigration that the stream of destitute Russian Hebrews will bo diverted from this country to the Argentine Republic, where there is plenty of room for thorn, and they will bo welcome. Thanks awfnllyl Boston is going to have a bicycle track where only whcelnipu may exorcise and rnce. The track will be a third of a mile long. A bicycle track in every largo city of the Union would pay as well ns a football ground or a horse racing track. Claude H. Johnson, chief of the government buronu of engraving and printing, has his opinion of American art. He says the designs our native American artists have been furnishing for bank notes are "wholly lacking in artistic merit-" TIMES ARE -IMPROVING 1 Tliis is tlie begiiiuiii^ of onr Tenth year in the grocery traOe in Carroll. l[MOt^^ AHD ARE HEBE TO STAY W E \vill let our friends and patrons judge of our popularity, .and we wish to extend to them our sincere thanks for their liberal patronage during the past nine years and ask for a continuance of the same which we will try to merit by fair dealing and liberal prices. We have the largest stock of groceries ever brought to Carroll. They were bought at the lowest prices. We intend to give our customers part of the bcnuttt. «0? Look at cur Prices. xj> We Always Lead. Never Follow, Colorado Potatoes, per bushel $ 90 TWENTY pounds Granulated Sugar 1 00 Best Minnesota Patent Flour, per sack 1 00, Best Kansas Patent Flour, per sack 80 NINE cans Baltimore Peaches 1 00 EIGHT " Red Cherries i 00 SEVEN " Best California Apricots 1 00 SEVEN " EgffPlums i op ELEVEN " Gooseberries i 00 TEN " Blueberries i 00 TEN " Strawberries i 00 SEVEN " GreeuGages ....100 B«st Lemon Cling Peaches, per can 18 Best Bartlett Pears, per can 18 Queen Olives, per quart 30 We are Agents for Chase & Sanborn's Celebrated Coffees. WE solicit your trade and will sell you what you want at prices that will defy competition. Our canned goods are the best standard packed goods in the market. Give us a trial and you will come again. ISITWe wau| your trade and with liberal prices and fair dealing' we hope to obtain it. Yours truly, E. N. MERCHANT. HOLIDAY GOODS Open all the Time. do not intend this year to have a formal opening, but we have been at work for several days and by tomorrow hope to have everything in shape to AS FINE A LOT OF GOODS- As was ever brought to Carroll, aud from now ou our Christmas Novelties will be open for your inspection, We bave purchased as many goods as we ever did aud at about OIVfc> HALF THE PRICE, w * bftve elegant presents for youth and maiden, toys, etc., itt greif variety for the little folks, handsome and substantial gifts for father and mother, In short something to please everyone, 411 at prices that will more than please you; they will astonish you. THE "UAO£H" IN HOLIDAY GOODS, ^^ ^ w » ** W^WB M^IW I^»P ^PMP VRIPW* mp^pp ^nnpi^^ VAMP ^B •f

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